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7 SCRIPTURE SECTIONS on the theme of Preparedness

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  1. Put On The Whole Armor YAH Supplies You With
  2. Stay Awake! You Will Soon Stand For Judgment
  3. Joseph Saves Egypt With His Stockpiled Food
  4. Christ Finds His Helpers All Asleep
  5. Stay Alert, Sober, Pure, Loving, Faithful
  6. Stay Totally Diligent, Patient, Sacred, Kind
  7. Israel Prepares To Be invaded


74 SCRIPTURES on the theme of Preparedness

  1. Mark 14:38 —Watch and pray so you won't fall into temptation, 😇! The spirit truly stands ready [and willing]. But [your] fleshly [human nature] lies weak!”
  2. Apocalypsis (Revelation) 16:15 [YahShua says,] “Look [out, 😇]! I approach like a thief!” [You'll] be blessed [if you] watch [out], and keep [your] clothes [on]. Don't walk [around] naked while [beings] gawk [and jeer at your shameful] indecency.
    note: This is the classic naked/underwear-at-school nightmare verse. Don't involve yourself in porno. Trillions of angels see everything you do in private.
  3. Ephesians 6:13 So find and put on the whole armor of [YHVH] the Eloah now, 😇! As the evil days increase to the final battle, you'll have power to resist, to stand your ground against Satan's attack. At the end, having obeyed your Commanding Officer's every order, you'll rise, standing over the dead bodies of YAH's enemies, [watching the buzzards carry away the sightless eyes of the disobedient].
    note: Paraphrase.
  4. Ephesians 6:11 😇, put on the whole armor of [YHVH] the Eloah, to empower you to stand against the machinations of the devil.
    note: We face the schemes (deceptive strategies) of the most intelligent evil being in existence. Real Christianity is spiritual war. For a look at the kinds of tricks the devil is pulling on you, read Sun Tsu's The Art Of War, and Machiavelli's The Prince. Great Armor Of God SONG.
  5. Luke 22:46 YahShua says to his disciples, “Why are you sleeping? Get up! Pray you won't fall into [sin when evil] tempts you.”
    note: Good question for church-goers. Why are you asleep? Because that preacher drones on like a ceiling fan. Get up and pray. Otherwise temptation will overpower you.
  6. Mark 13:37 So what I say to you, 😇, I say to everyone: Watch!”
    note: Stay at your post. Stay alert!
  7. Luke 12:40 So you stay ready too, 😇. For [I] (the ‘Son of Adam’) [come] when you least expect [me].”
  8. Luke 14:28 For, 😇, which of you, when he wants to build a tower, fails to first sit down and calculate the cost to see if he has enough [resources] to complete [the project]?
  9. Luke 14:31 Or suppose a king is about to go to war against another king, 😇. Will he not first sit down and consider whether he is able with 10000 men to oppose the [army] coming against him with 20000?
  10. Mark 13:33 Stay alert, 😇! [Wake up! Stake vigilant!] Be on your guard! For you never know when ‘the time’ will come.
    note: Most churches and bible translations put you to sleep, when their job is to wake you up!
  11. Proverbs 31:15 😇, the virtuous wife rises while it's still night to give food to her household. She [even brings] portions[s] to her worker girls.
    note: Harness the power of your circadian rhythms by rising to see the sunrise every day.
  12. Proverbs 31:21 The virtuous wife never fears that her family [will freeze] in snow, 😇. Every person [in] her household [shines,] clothed with [royal-quality] scarlet [coats]!
  13. Mark 13:34 For [I,] ‘the Son of Adam,’ resemble a [rich and powerful] man traveling far away. I put my servants in charge, 😇. I delegate to each worker his own task. I command my gate-watchmen to stay vigilant.
    note: Yahshua spoke (for humility) in the 3rd person.
  14. Genesis 41:57 So [food buyers from] all [the region's] countries flock to Egypt to Joseph {Increaser} to buy corn, 😇, because the famine rages severely in every [nearby] land.
  15. Proverbs 31:27 The virtuous wife diligently analyzes the habits of her household, 😇. She never eats the ‘bread of idleness.’
    note: A good wife will not willingly take free handouts, socialist welfare (the bread of idleness). "Feed me; I'm not working" is not a phrase that comes out of the mouth of the virtuous woman.
  16. Romans 13:11 Love [people. But] understand the [dangerous] time [you're living in]. Now it's high time to wake out of sleep, 😇. For now our salvation is nearer than when we first entrusted [our lives to YahShua].
    note: Wake up, statist Christians! And wake up, anarchist rebel Christians, equally in error!
  17. Luke 21:36 So, 😇, constantly watch and pray that [YAH] counts you worthy to escape all these coming [disasters]. [Be worthy] to stand [and be judged] before [me,] the ‘Son of Adam.’”
  18. Genesis 41:56 [Soon] the famine covers the whole the face of the [Middle-East], 😇. So Joseph {Increaser} opens all the storehouses. He sells [food] to the Egyptians. Still the famine grows disastrous throughout the land of Egypt!
    note: Erets technically means "Earth" but it can refer to a region of the planet.
  19. Genesis 41:55 But later, 😇, the whole land of Egypt becomes famished. So the people cry to Pharaoh for bread. So Pharaoh says to all the Egyptians, “Go to Joseph {Increaser}. Do whatever he tells you to do.”
  20. Luke 12:39 Know this, 😇: if the house-owner knows at what hour the thief is to come, the [house-owner] watches, then stops [the thief] from breaking into his home!
    note: If the house owner knew what night the burglar was coming, he wouldn't stay out late, leaving his place unlocked.
  21. Luke 12:38 The longer [you] servants prop [your] eyes open, the more [YAH] blesses [you], 😇. The reward [YAH] gives you is worth the struggle [you endure]. Remain diligent, watchful, prepared, 😇. Stay awake through [the world's dark] night.
    note: paraphrase
  22. Genesis 41:54 The 7 years of scarcity begin, just as Joseph {Increaser} predicted. The [famine] fills all lands, 😇. Yet, [because of Joseph's foresight and preparation, people eat] bread throughout the entire land of Egypt!
  23. NehemiYAH 7:3 And I say to these [governors], “Don't let the [gatekeepers] open the gates of Jerusalem until the sun [shines] hot. Then, while the gatekeepers stand by [waiting for travelers], have them shut and bar the gates. And appoint inhabitants of Jerusalem as watchmen [round the clock] in duty shifts at watch[towers] near their homes.”
  24. Mark 13:36 😇, you don't want me to come suddenly and find you sleeping.
    note: Don't let me catch you with your pants down, sleeping at guard duty. Napping right through that preacher's awful sermon at church, asleep with that boring commercial bible translation on your chest.
  25. Mark 13:35 So you watch, 😇! You never know when [I] the Master of the house [will show up. I could surprise you] at evening, at midnight, at the [sound of the] rooster crowing, or at the morning-light.
    note: Keep your spiritual lookout sharp.
  26. Genesis 41:48 So [Joseph] gathers up all the food [grown] in the land of Egypt [during] the 7 years. [His workers] store up the food in the cities. [Joseph resists the pressure to centralize the food storage in the Capitol, or near the rich people's homes, 😇. Instead, in fairness to the poor, Joseph] stores the food [products] from each field in the closest city to each field.
  27. Genesis 6:21 Also find and store all the food that you and [all] the animals will need to eat [on the long journey].”
  28. Luke 22:36 Then YahShua says to his apostles, “But [this situation is different]. Now, if you have a bag or a backpack, take it. If you don't have a machete, sell your clothes. Buy a machete. [You're going to hide in the sticks.]
    note: A machiara is a short machete: a utility knife, NOT a fighting sword. Misunderstanding this is the foundation for history's ‘Christian’ involvement in the horror of war. Fighting is completely forbidden to any true disciple. Wake up! Sometimes a disciple must have nothing but pants and a shirt. At other times you carry a few essential tools and perhaps even maintain an efficient gospel-serving work facility. But true disciples are NEVER authorized to keep personal possessions that are not being used in important Kingdom work. Sell that personal house, personal car, and personal stuff. Get rid of that employee job you got to pay for all of that personal stuff. Lighten your load so you can be effective. If your lifestyle makes you spiritually fruitless, you perish forever.
  29. 1st Thessalonians 5:6 So, 😇, stay on your guard. Don't [stumble though life] asleep like the other [humans]. Let's stay alert, on watch, sober.
  30. 1st Peter 1:13 So put on your spiritual armor. Prepare your minds for action. Be sober. Control yourselves. Persevere to the end, 😇. [Live] energized by the hope of the unmerited power and gifts that YahShua comes to bring you when [YAH] physically reveals [him] to the world.
    note: You very soon see Yahshua, the moment you die.
  31. Mark 13:15 People on rooftop [patios] lack [time to drop] down to enter their house[s] to salvage anything, 😇.
    note: In the year AD70, the Romans only withdraw for a short time, just barely enough time for the Christians to get out of Jerusalem. In a flash, the Romans march back. They flatten the city.
  32. Matthew 25:10 So the [foolish maidens run] to buy oil. Meanwhile, the groom arrives. The wise maidens [who'd stayed prepared] go into the wedding feast [arm-in-arm] with the groom. The door slams shut. It locks behind them.
  33. Matthew 24:44 So you, 😇, stay constantly ready: because [I,] the ‘Son of Adam,’ come [to judge the world] at an unexpected hour.
    note: The moment you die, you enter judgment. And you never know when you'll die.
  34. Matthew 24:43 But know this, 😇: if the owner of the house knows at what hour the thief is coming, [the owner] watches. He prevents [the thief from] breaking into his house!
  35. Luke 1:80 [JAHn] the child grows [physically and] spiritually strong, 😇. JAHn lives in the wilderness until the time comes for him to appear in public to Isra’El.
    note: John gets tough through survival training. He endures pain, cold, heat and deprivation of comfort. Are you that tough? Most churchgoers won't even attend church unless its pews are well-padded!
  36. 2nd Chronicles 11:11 [King] Rehoboam {Nation-Builder} fortifies [Judaea's] strongholds. He stations captains in them. He stocks them with provisions, including oil and wine.
  37. 2nd Chronicles 8:16 All [of king] Solomon's projects run in [this] organized [fashion], from the day of the foundation of the temple of YHVH, until its completion. [Solomon's well-oiled production machine] perfects the [construction of] YHVH's temple, 😇.
  38. 1st Timothy 4:15 Meditate upon [these scriptural commandments, 😇]. Give yourself wholly to [obeying scriptural commandments,] so that everyone sees your shining progress.
  39. Mark 13:23 But you, 😇, watch out! I've told you all [these facts about the fall of Jerusalem and the end of the world] in advance!
  40. Nahum 2:1 [The] nation-shatterer rises up [in the] face [of the war-state]. Guard [the] fort! Watch [the] road. Strengthen [your] back. Stay alert [and firm]. Marshal your strength!
    note: This condemns any war-state that attacks YAH's people. It initially referred to Assyria.
  41. 2nd Peter 3:17 You, beloved 😇, know these truths in advance. So guard yourselves. [Never] let [Satan] lead you away with the error[s] of wicked [mankind]. [Never] fall from your [current] secure footing.
  42. Matthew 24:42 So, 😇, keep watch! For you never know at what hour [I,] your sovereign, [visibly] return [to earth].
  43. 2nd Peter 1:5 So give total diligence [to actively living your faith], 😇. Stack knowledge on top of your virtue, on top of [your] faith.
  44. 1st Peter 4:7 Yet the end of all things looms at hand, 😇. So be clear-minded and self-controlled so you can pray.
    note: You fast-forward to the end of all things the moment you die.
  45. 1st Chronicles 22:5 And David {Love} concludes, “My son Solomon {Peace-Man} is young and tender. Yet the temple [he'll] build for YHVH must be beyond magnificent. [It must spread YAH's] fame and glory throughout all countries. So I'll make preparation[s] for it now.” So, before he dies, David prepares abundant [building supplies for the future temple].
  46. Acts 13:40 So watch out that [the doom of which] the prophets warned does not [crash down] on you, 😇:
  47. Judges 19:19 [The priest answers,] “We brought straw and feed for our donkeys. And we have bread and wine for me [and my concubine] (your handmaid) and for this young workman accompanying [us]. We're here to serve you. We've got everything we need, [except a roof to lay down under tonight].
  48. 2nd Chronicles 23:10 Then [YAHoyada] stations all [his] men [throughout the temple grounds]. Every man holds his weapon in his hand. [They deploy] from the temple's [inner] right and left sides, [and] along the [cooking] altar, [and outside] the temple, and around the boy-king.
  49. 2nd Chronicles 26:9 Plus, in Jerusalem, UzziYah {YAH's-Strength} fortifies and builds towers at the corner gate, the valley gate, and the wall's angle-bend.
    note: Are you building spiritual walls to protect your family?
  50. 2nd Chronicles 31:11 So [king] HezekiYah {Strength-From-YAH} commands [workers] to prepare storerooms in the temple of YHVH. [The workers] prepare the [rooms].
  51. NehemiYAH 4:22 So right then I say to the people, “All you foremen and workers, stay in Jerusalem. Help guard the city at night. Work in the day.”
  52. NehemiYAH 4:23 So neither I, nor my brothers, nor my servants, nor the men of the guard who follow me, none of us take off our clothes [to sleep at night, 😇].
  53. Matthew 24:18 If you're out in the field, 😇, don't go back and get your coat.
  54. NehemiYAH 7:1 So finally [Jerusalem's city] wall stands built. I [supervise the men who] hang its gates. The [high priests] appoint the [temple's] gatekeepers, singers and Levites.
  55. Proverbs 4:26 [😇, mark out a] level path for your feet. Only take [life's morally] stable roads.
  56. Proverbs 30:26 The conies are soft [footed] animals, 😇. Yet they make their houses in rock [cliffs].
    note: Rabbits, unlike conies, sport tough feet for digging. We, like conies, are weak creatures who must make our home in the Rock of Ages.
  57. Nahum 3:14 [Defenders] draw water [to prepare for the] attack. [They] strengthen the walls. They work clay, tread mortar, pack the clay into bricks.
  58. Mark 13:16 People in the fields lack [time] to return [home] to grab [their] coat[s].
  59. Ezekiel 38:7 Get ready, [northern-Empire Gog]! Prepare yourself, you, and all your hordes amassed around you. Be their guard.
  60. IsaiYAH 18:3 All you worldlings and earth dwellers, [crawl out of your homes]. Watch [YAH's destroying angel] lift up a banner on the mountains, 😇. Hear [the archangel] blow the trumpet [of war].
  61. 2nd Chronicles 31:12 Then the [priests] faithfully bring the donations and tithes and consecrated [gifts] into [the temple]. A Levite [named] ConaniYah {YAH-Sustains} serves as head-steward. His brother, Shimei {Famous}, [serves as] deputy-steward of the [temple's warehouses and inventories].
  62. JeremiYAH 32:14 I [Jeremiah] tell Baruch {Blessed}, “YHVH-commander-of-armies (Israel's Elohim) says this: ‘Take these bills of sale, the sealed and the unsealed copies. Put them in a clay jar so they'll last for a long time.’
  63. 1st Chronicles 22:4 Also [David cuts] thousands of cedar trees. The Sidonian {Fish-Fighters} and the [wood-workers] of Tyre {Rock-Port} ship tons of cedar wood to David.
  64. Judith 4:7 [The High Priest] urges the [Israelis] to block their hill country roads because they lead into Judaea, and because the passages were [in places] wide enough for two men at most to pass.
  65. 2nd Chronicles 17:18 Beside [ELiada], JAHozabad {JAH-Endows} leads 180000 men prepared and ready to amass [in times of emergency].
    note: Not a standing army. A large network of emergency work teams.
  66. Luke 9:52 YahShua sends messengers on ahead to a Samaritan village, to get [lodging, food, etc.] ready for YahShua.
  67. 1st Chronicles 22:3 And David {Love} prepares tons of iron for the nails, [fittings, hinges,] and locks for the [temple's] gate-doors, plus countless tons of brass.
  68. 2nd Chronicles 8:5 And in Upper & Lower Beth-Horon {Cave-House}, [Solomon] builds-up fortified cities with walls, gates and bars.
  69. Judith 1:3 [Arphaxad] builds the gate-flanking towers of Ectabane [fortress] 100 cubits [150 feet] high, on 60 cubit [90 feet] wide foundations.
  70. Judith 4:5 The [Israelis] rush ahead to occupy the tops of all their high peaks. They fortify their villages. They lay up food for war-rations from their recent harvest.
  71. 1 Maccabees 13:33 Then Simon {Listener} builds up Judea's strong holds. [Simon's workers] fence the [fortresses] all around with high towers, and great walls, and gates and bars. Inside [these fortresses Simon's men] lay up [survival] food.
  72. 1 Maccabees 4:19 As Judah the Hammer speaks these words, a party of enemy spies appear, looking out from the mountain.
  73. 2nd Corinthians 9:4 For if some Macedonians were to [hike for months south across Greece] with me, only to find you [Corinthians] unprepared to [give to the needy believers], we [apostles] would be humiliated at having been so confident—and you would feel [worse].
  74. 2nd Corinthians 9:3 Still, I'm sending the aforementioned brothers just to be sure that you [Corinthians] really stand ready, as I told the [Macedonians] you would, [with your relief-money all collected]. I don't want it to turn out that I was wrong in recommending you.


2 SONGS on the theme of Preparedness

  1. Armor Of God (Eph 6:10-17)
  2. Everybody's Amish When The Power Goes Out


2 CHAPTERS on the theme of Preparedness

  1. Timeliness
  2. Preparation


1 ARTWORKS on the theme of Preparedness

  1. Preparedness Icon