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58 SCRIPTURE SECTIONS on the theme of Paranormal Phenomena

    Interactive Timeline
  1. Moses Lifts A Snake On A Pole To Heal People
  2. EliJah's Prayer Shoots Fire Down From Heaven
  3. YAH Fills The Region With Quail
  4. An Angel Feeds EliJah For His 40 Day Fast/Run
  5. YAH Meets EliJah On Mount Sinai
  6. Explosions, Fire & Smoke Rock Bush Mountain
  7. Darkness Covers Land; Yahshua Cries To YAH
  8. YAH Sends A Hurricane, Earthquake & Fire
  9. Heaven's Finger Writes On Babylon's Wall
  10. Elisha Miraculously Floats an Ax-Head
  11. YHVH's Glorious Fire Shoots Out
  12. Jacob Wrestles A Supernatural Being All Night
  13. Destroyer-Angel Terrifies The Talking Donkey
  14. Joshua Meets The Captain Of The Angel Armies
  15. YAH Promises Hagar Billions Of [Muslim] Kids
  16. Zeke Sees The 4-Faced Flying Spirit-Creatures
  17. Moses Sees YAH's Angel As A Burning Bush
  18. A Mystery Prophet Warns Of Human Sacrifice
  19. Visiting His Slut, SunRay Rips Apart A Lion
  20. ELiShua Ruins Syria's War-Maneuvers
  21. The Angels Enter Sodom To Extract Lot
  22. Noah & Family Enter The Ark
  23. Philistines Pass Around The Hot-Potato Ark
  24. Yahshua Transfigures Into Celestial Glory
  25. Trumpets Blow; City Fortress Walls Fall Flat!
  26. YAH Teleports Ezekiel To The Tel-Aviv Slaves
  27. Moabites Attack, Thinking Red Water Is Blood
  28. YAH Sends Rain To End Israel's Drought
  29. YAH's Spirit Flies Ezekiel Back To Babylon
  30. Moses Gives YAH's Laws To The Israelites
  31. Moving On, Led By Supernatural Fire & Cloud
  32. Glowing, Moses Again Hikes Down Bush Mountain
  33. The Messiah Ascends To Heaven
  34. Ezekiel Sees The Gyroscope Creatures Fly On
  35. YAH Strikes People For Looking Inside The Ark
  36. EliJAH Fries A 2nd 50-man Royal Battalion
  37. Moses And The Leaders See A Vision Of Heaven
  38. YAH Redeems & Protects His People Of Peace
  39. 2 Million Israelites Migrate, Led By Miracles
  40. Judea Battles More Philistine Mutant Giants
  41. YAH Opens A Water-Spring For Samson To Drink
  42. The Angel of YAH Appears To Gideon
  43. Gideon Gets A Sign From A Wet Sheepskin
  44. YAH's Glory Fills Solomon's Temple
  45. Moses Gets The 10 Commandments Tablets
  46. Daniel Sees His Supernatural Guardian Angel
  47. The Angel Gabriel Again Appears To Daniel
  48. The Israelites Agree To Perfectly Obey YHVH
  49. ELiJah Prepares Altar For A Sacred Fire-Show
  50. Boy Samuel Hears YAH's Audible 'Voice'
  51. YahShua Clairvoyantly Plans His Last Supper
  52. The Angel Again Visits Samson's Mom-To-Be
  53. WarLords Send Ark Home w/ Gold Tumors & Mice
  54. The Israelites Migrate To Mount Paran
  55. YAH's Presence Fills The Sacred Tent
  56. In Fire, YAH's Angel Rises From Samson's Dad
  57. Thru The Lands Of Perverts, Giants & Red-Men
  58. Ezekiel Kills A Religionist With YAH's Word


356 SCRIPTURES on the theme of Paranormal Phenomena

  1. 1st Kings 19:11 So [YHVH's angel] replies, “Go out [of this cave]. Stand upon the mountain. Face YHVH.” Then [EliJah] sees YHVH's [power] pass by. A huge, powerful strong spirit-wind rips the mountains. [The gale force] breaks the rocks into pieces before YHVH. But YHVH is not in the wind. After the wind, an earthquake [rocks the landscape]. But YHVH is not in the earthquake.
    note: See amazing song dramatizing this event: Whisper.
  2. Exodus 3:2 [There] the angel of YHVH appears to Moses in a flame of fire. [It blazes] from the middle of a bush, 😇! Moses looks. He sees the bush burning with fire. But the bush stays intact. [Its leaves gleam, but they don't die.]
    note: The following conversation with YHVH takes place through a mediating angel. The angel passes on the words of YHVH to Moses.
  3. Joshua 6:20 The priests blow their trumpets. The [2 million Israeli] people shout! When the people hear this trumpet-blast, and the people shout this great shout, the [city] wall falls down flat! So, 😇, the [Israelites] rush up into the city. Every man [runs] straight before his [neighbor]. They capture the city.
  4. 1st Kings 18:38 Then the fire of YHVH falls! It consumes the ascension-gift, and the wood, and the stones, and the dust. [The fire even] licks up the water from the trench!
  5. Daniel 4:33 Immediately [DaniEl's prophecy] fulfills upon [me,] Nebuchadnezzar! [Angels] drive [me] away from [all] humans, [including my] wives & children. [I] eat grass like an ox. [My] body stays wet with the dew of heaven. [My] hairs grow like eagles’ feathers. [My] nails [sprout] like birds’ claws!
    note: A rare but real disease: Lycanthropy : Lukos-anthropos = wolf-man.
  6. Daniel 5:5 Immediately, out of nowhere, [the] fingers of a man's [spirit] hand [appear] near the [banquet hall's giant] chandelier. The fingers write upon the [priceless oil-paintings of idols on the] plaster of wall of the Imperial palace. The Emperor [stands there, his jaw hanging open,] watching [heaven's] hand writing.
  7. Mark 15:33 At noon, [the 6th hour of daylight], darkness falls over the whole land, 😇. [Blackness covers the earth] for 3 hours!
    note: Perhaps a solar eclipse.
  8. Genesis 32:24 Jacob [stands] alone [on the riverbank, 😇. He steps forward to cross to his family. Suddenly] a [mysterious wrestler] man [appears. He blocks Jacob's path! The man roars, “You're not gonna cross until you wrestle me!” The wrestler slams his elbow down on a boulder. Jacob jumps into the fight. He arm-wrestles the angel. Leah {Weary} and Rachel {Ewe} and the servants and the children stare across the river, their jaws hanging open. Their boys rush to cross back over the river to help their dad fight the wrestler. But the mothers hold the boys back. They watch Jacob fight for hours. All night long, the women and children cheer for Jacob and boo the mystery wrestler. Jacob grabs the angel from behind in a full nelson, holding both his arms under the angel's arms. The wrestler passes one arm under Jacob's arm from behind (to hold Jacob in a half-nelson). Jacob twists the angel's arm behind his back, in a hammer-lock! The angel grabs Jacob's head, encircles it, locks it under his angel-arm (in a headlock). As the moon races across the sky, Jacob & the wrestler fight freestyle, glima, Greco-Roman (body holds), sambo, schwingen, sumo, yagli: they do it all.] Jacob goes [point for point] against the wrestler all night long, 😇!
  9. Genesis 32:25 Finally the [wrestler] man sees that [without using supernatural force] he's not going to win the [wrestling match] against Jacob {Contender}. So the [angel-man] touches Jacob's thighbone. The angel's power strains and twists Jacob's thighbone out of joint! But Jacob [fights back the pain, 😇]. He keeps on wrestling the [mystery] man!
  10. Exodus 4:9 Yet some [unbelievers] will disregard the [snake sign and the leprosy] sign. [They'll] stubbornly refuse to listen to your voice. Then you'll scoop out some water from the [Nile] river. [You'll] pour it out on the ground. The water you take from the river will morph into blood on the dry land.”
  11. Exodus 7:10 So Moses & Aaron march into Pharaoh's [throne-room, 😇]. They do as YHVH commanded: Aaron throws down his staff in front of Pharaoh and Pharaoh's servants. The staff morphs into a [wriggling, hissing, biting, poisonous] serpent!
  12. Exodus 9:24 —Not just hail, 😇, but firebombs—[huge] heavy [incendiary] hailstones never [seen] in the entire land of Egypt since it became a nation!
    note: Literally, "fire chained to hailstones."
  13. Exodus 19:16 [Just as YAH predicted,] on the morning of the 3rd day, [Bush Mountain erupts] with thunder and lightning, 😇! A thick cloud covers the mountain. The blast of a trumpet shatters the air. All the people in the camp tremble. [Children wet their pants!]
  14. Exodus 19:18 Bush Mountain [glows, 😇]. Smoke envelops its peak. YHVH descends upon it in fire. The smoke rises like the holocaust of a furnace. The whole mountain quakes [like it's about to smash the whole nation who huddle below, staring up in terror].
  15. Exodus 20:18 All [Israel's] people see the thundering, the lightning, the noise of [heaven's] trumpet, the smoking mountain, 😇. Immediately they stampede back! [They trample all over each other in terror.] They stand far away, [gawking].
  16. Exodus 40:38 So, 😇, the cloud of YHVH rests on the Sanctuary [tent] every day. And [a pillar of] fire stays above [the sanctuary] by night, [lighting] the eyes of the whole family of Israel, throughout all their journeys.
    note: After Moses dies, the ark goes before the Israelites, signifying that we must be led by YAH's Law.
  17. Numbers (Journeys) 11:31 [Then] YHVH sends out a wind [from heaven]. The [hurricane] blows in quail from the sea. It drops the [birds] around the camp. The birds [hop up to] 3 feet over the earth, covering an area it would take a day to walk in every direction, 😇!
    note: Mosaic law forbids eating eating animals found dead. So the birds were not dead, not piled 3 feet deep. (u·k·amthim ol-phni e·artz.) The swarming birds could hop 3 feet high, thus were difficult to catch.
  18. Numbers (Journeys) 21:9 So Moses sculpts a [shiny] serpent from brass. He mounts it upon a pole. The snakebitten people look up at [the snake]. Instantly they leap up, alive [and well]! [They jump up and down hugging each other, shouting, “HalleluYah! Moses saved us again!”]
  19. Deuteronomy 34:7 Moses dies at 120 years old — his eyes still clear, his body as strong as when [he came kicking out of his mother's womb, 😇]!
    note: Paraphrase. Like Sarah, Moses had his youth regenerated when he was exposed to YHVH's presence.
  20. 1st Kings 19:12 After the earthquake, a fire [ravages the mountainside]. But YHVH is not in the fire. Then, after the fire, a gentle, quiet voice [reassures EliJah].
    note: Literally: the sound of stillness.
  21. Ezekiel 37:1 The hand of YHVH comes upon me. YHVH carries me out in his Spirit. He [hovers] me over the middle of [a] valley full of bones!
  22. Ezekiel 37:8 As I look, my eyes stun [to see human] ligaments and muscle grow up on the bones, 😇. Skin covers over them. But no spirit [yet breathes in the bodies].
  23. Apocalypsis (Revelation) 5:11 I look [across heaven], 😇. I hear the [united] voice of over 100 million angels, plus the beasts and the elders, encircling [YAH's] throne: 10 thousand times 10 thousand angels and more!
  24. Genesis 32:32 That's why, to this day, the children of Israel [traditionally] refuse to eat the tendon attached to [any animal's] hip socket, 😇, because [the mystery wrestler] touched and numbed Jacob's hip socket [where the thighbone attaches].
    note: NOT a binding commandment. Just a cute tradition.
  25. Leviticus 9:24 [WHAM!] A fire [shoots] out from YHVH's presence, 😇! It eats the [remaining] ascension-gift-meat on the altar, including the choice-cuts. The watching people shout [in terror]! They fall on their faces!
    note: In a flash, far away, a huge plate of choice cooked meat appears before the stunned faces of a poor starving family. They gobble up the meat with delight!
  26. Numbers (Journeys) 17:8 Later the next day Moses enters the [10 commandments] tent. [His jaw drops, 😇.] He sees Aaron's ancestral Levitical staff covered with buds. [Then it] sprouts more buds! It blooms blossoms. It yields almonds!
  27. Numbers (Journeys) 21:6 So YHVH [drops] fire-poison serpents [from the skies, 😇! The snakes hit the ground. Then they slither] into the crowd. [They seek out the grumblers.] The [snakes] bite [the complainers]! So [thousands] of [ungrateful] Israelite people die.
    note: fire-serpents: Nacheshím saráphím. Shiny serpents with a fire bite. Probably winged. May have been some kind of angel-spirit, seraphim.
  28. Numbers (Journeys) 22:22 Elohim sees Baalam [ride off with evil intent to curse Israel for money]. Elohim's anger flares, 😇! So the angel of YHVH stands in [Balaam's] way like Satan [fighting] him. [Balaam bucks] on his donkey. [The donkey's hooves slam into Balaam's] two servants [walking behind] him.
  29. Numbers (Journeys) 22:25 The donkey sees the angel of YHVH. [Terrified,] she thrusts herself into the wall. She crushes Balaam's foot against the [stones]. So Balaam [screams. He] beats her again, 😇!
  30. Numbers (Journeys) 22:27 The donkey, [terrified] at the sight of the [killer] angel of YHVH [towering over her], collapses under Balaam {Ammon-Is-Lord}. Balaam's anger explodes, 😇. He bashes the donkey's [head] with [his] staff!
    note: [Bad donkey!]
  31. Numbers (Journeys) 22:28 [Then] YHVH [supernaturally] opens the mouth of the donkey, 😇. She asks Balaam {Ammon-Is-Lord}, “What have I done to you to make you beat me these 3 times?”
    note: If you're skeptical, you don't have to interpret this talking animal idea literally. Luzzato and others posit that the Donkey was not speaking literal words but merely making animal sounds that Balaam understood.
  32. Numbers (Journeys) 22:29 So Balaam {Loner} screams at the donkey, “[I beat you] for making a fool out of me! I wish I had a sword in my hand. I'd kill you right now!”
  33. Numbers (Journeys) 22:31 Then YHVH uncovers Balaam's [spiritual] eyes, 😇. Balaam {Ammon-Is-Lord} sees the [terrifying] angel from YHVH standing in the road, his sword drawn in his hand. So [Balaam] bows down his head. He falls flat on his face, [begging for mercy].
  34. Joshua 6:5 The [priests] will sound a long blast on the rams' horn[s]. When you hear the sound of those trumpet[s], all the people will yell with a [deafening] shout. Immediately the wall of the city will fall down flat. Then the [Israeli] people will run up [into it,] every man straight ahead, [from every angle. The city will lie totally defenseless].”
  35. Judges 14:6 The Spirit of YHVH [pours] mightily on [SunRay]. So he tears [apart] the lion with his bare hands, like he's ripping up a baby goat, 😇! [It's normal for SunRay to do these feats of strength. So he forgets] to tell his father or his mother about it.
  36. 1st Kings 13:4 There (in Beth-El {House-Of-El}) King Jeroboam {Nation-Wrangler} hears the man of Elohim denouncing [the pagan] altar. [The king] reaches out his hand from [burning incense on] the altar. He screams, “[Guards,] seize [that false prophet]!” [Immediately] Jeroboam's hand, pointing at [the prophet], withers up. It [freezes]! Jeroboam can't retract his [arm to his body]!
  37. 1st Kings 19:8 So [EliJah] gets up. He eats. He drinks. Then he [travels south] on the strength of that [miracle] food for 40 days and 40 nights, [180 miles] to [Mount] Horeb {Desolation}, the mountain of Elohim, [where Moses got the 10 commandments]!
  38. 2nd Kings 6:6 So [EliShua] the man of Elohim asks, “Where did [the ax-head] fall?” The [chopper] points [ELishua] to the [middle of the river]. Then [EliShua] cuts down a stick. He throws it into the [river]. Suddenly the iron floats [to the surface]!
    note: Not one concern of ours is small if we belong to him. To show us this, the Lord of all, once made iron swim!
  39. Ezekiel 1:5 Out of the middle [of the fiery whirlwind] fly 4 [beings! They resemble] living creatures, with some humanoid features.
  40. Ezekiel 1:13 The living-creatures look like burning coals of fire. Between the creatures, lamp-like light (brilliant as fire) shoots back and forth, then bursts out like lightning, 😇!
    note: or "up and down on the creatures". Imagine a Tesla-coil.
  41. Ezekiel 1:18 The wheel-rings tower so high [over my head that I shake in] dread, 😇, seeing the 4 wheel-rims full of eyes all around.
  42. Ezekiel 1:24 As the [creatures] fly, I hear the noise of their wings. It rushes like massive waters, like the voice of the Almighty, like the tumultuous noise of a shouting army, 😇. Finally the [creatures] stand. They let down their wings.
  43. Ezekiel 1:27 I see [energy] gleaming like amber-coloured fire surrounding and inside of the [man-like being, 😇]. From his waist down, flame-like [spirit] radiates brilliant light all around him.
  44. Ezekiel 1:28 The brightness surrounding the [man-like being] radiates like a rainbow in a cloud on a rainy day, 😇. [I realize] I'm looking at an apparition of YHVH's glory! As soon as I see it, I fall upon my face. Then I hear the voice of a heavenly [speaker].
    note: Humility comes before hearing heaven's voice.
  45. Ezekiel 3:13 Then I hear the noise of the wings of the [four-faced] living creatures brushing against each other, and the noise of the wheels under the [creatures], and the sound of a great rushing [angel army, 😇]!
  46. Ezekiel 3:14 So [YAH's] spirit lifts me up. [He] takes me away. But I go in bitterness, 😇, my spirit on fire [to stay in the vision]. Yet the hand of YHVH stays strong upon me.
  47. Ezekiel 11:24 Then [a] spirit lifts me up, 😇. It brings me [~650km northeast] into Babylon via a vision [powered by] the Spirit of Elohim. I see [my fellow] captive [Israeli] exiles. So I leave the vision [of Jerusalem] I'd been experiencing.
  48. Ezekiel 37:7 So, 😇, I prophesy as [YAH] commands. And as I prophesy, a noise [rumbles]. I see [earth] shaking. Then the bones come together! Each bone connects to its [proper neighboring] bone!
  49. Daniel 5:6 The [Mighty] Emperor's face changes [from shiny glee] to [pants-pooping terror]. Tormented by fearful thoughts, [knowing all his power is totally useless,] his knees [audibly] knock together. His hip joints give way. [He falls, helpless.]
  50. Daniel 10:6 The [superman's] body shines like [dazzling] beryl-gems. His face [flashes] like lightning, 😇! His eyes [radiate light like] torches of fire. His arms and his feet sparkle the color of polished brass. Every word from his voice blares like the roar of a crowd.
  51. Luke 4:30 But YahShua [supernaturally] passes [right] through the middle of the [religious] mob, 😇! [He] goes [on] his way. [He leaves the murderous congregation on the cliff's edge. [The goons] grab at thin air, screaming curses, “Where'd that blasphemer go?!”]
  52. Luke 24:51 While YahShua blesses his disciples, he [levitates above] them. Then [YAH's supernatural power] carries [YahShua] up into heaven, 😇!
  53. John 6:19 YahShua's disciples row about 25 or 30 stadium-lengths, 😇. [YahShua teleports his body down from the mountain to the lake-surface.] The [disciples] see [an eerie figure. They fail to see that it's] YahShua. [He] struts on the water. He races near the ship. The disciples [scream,] terrified!
  54. John 8:59 Then the Jews pick up stones to hurl at YahShua. But YahShua [supernaturally] hides himself. He [teleports] away from the temple. [He zooms right through the middle of the murderous congregation. He totally evades their weapons, 😇.]
    note: If you say the truth, sometimes you have to hide from people who try to kill you. Again Yahshua tele-ports his body, makes himself invisible, changes his appearance, and moves at superhuman speeds while his confused attackers try to swipe their slow-motion swords at the blur of him flying right through them. What is so amazing about his death is that he resisted the urge to use these superpowers to defend himself.
  55. John 20:26 8 days later, YahShua's disciples, including [doubting] Thomas {Twin}, [still sit huddled] in their hiding house. YahShua [supernaturally] floats right through the shut and locked doors. [He] stands in the middle of the group. [He shouts], “Shalom, friends!”
    note: Shalom aleikhem!
  56. Genesis 7:8 [Through the porthole, Noah watches] clean beasts, unclean beasts, birds, and every [kind of] creature that creeps upon the earth [come running up to the ark]!
  57. Genesis 7:9 Male & female pairs [of every imaginable creature rush] in two-by-two to Noah {Rest} in the ark, right on the schedule ELohim set for Noah.
  58. Genesis 19:2 Lot says, “Look now, my lords, I beg you, [get out of this dangerous street]. [I'm your servant]. Come into [my] house. Wash your feet. Stay the night. Then you can rise up early, and go on your ways.” The angels reply, “No. We intend to stay in the street all night.”
  59. Genesis 32:31 The [desert] sun beats down on [Jacob] as he limps away from PeniEl {Face-Of-El}. [Jacob's] hip [throbs in pain, 😇].
    note: Humbling comes before blessing. When Yahweh smacks you down, he may be about to lift you up higher than ever.
  60. Exodus 24:17 The people of Israel look up, 😇. Their eyes glow with the sight of the glory of YHVH. [It radiates] like fire devouring the mountain summit!
  61. Exodus 34:30 Soon Aaron and all the descendants of Israel see Moses. They're [shocked to] see the skin of his face radiating [light]! So they [shrink back, shaking,] afraid to come near him.
  62. Numbers (Journeys) 9:15 The day the [Levites] erect the ‘Dwelling’ [inside of which sits the Ark bearing the stone tablets that] record [the 10 commandments, YAH's supernatural] cloud covers the [most sacred] Dwelling [area] of the Sanctuary-Tent. At evening, something [paranormal] resembling fire hovers over [YAH's] ‘Dwelling’ until morning.
  63. Numbers (Journeys) 9:17 Then, whenever [YHVH] lifts the cloud up from the [Meeting] Tent, the people of Israel journey [on, 😇]. Wherever the cloud stops, there the people of Israel pitch their tents.
  64. Numbers (Journeys) 22:23 [The] donkey sees the [destroying] angel of YHVH stationed [for battle] in the road, his sword drawn in his [mighty, radiating] hand, 😇! So the donkey careens off the road into the field. So Balaam {Loner} beats the donkey, to turn her back into the road.
    note: See 1 Chr 21:16. Balaam was intending and attempting to stab Israel with sorcery.
  65. Numbers (Journeys) 22:30 So, 😇, the donkey [brays] at Balaam {Ammon-Is-Lord}, “Am not I your donkey, on whom you've ridden from the day you [bought me] to this day? Did I ever [buck] you and [thrash] you before?” Balaam answers, “No.”
  66. Numbers (Journeys) 22:33 Your donkey saw me. So [she] turned away from me these 3 times [to save your life]. If she hadn't run from me, I definitely would have slain you. But [I'd have] kept [your donkey] alive.”
  67. Deuteronomy 4:11 [In terror] you [Israelites] approached and stood under the mountain — the mountain burning with fire to the heart of heaven, [swarmed in] black clouds, and thick darkness.
  68. Judges 16:12 So Delilah {Dry-Heart} grabs new ropes. She ties up [SunRay]. She yells to him, “The Philistines are attacking you, SunRay!” Again, the attack-warriors hiding in the bedroom closets [drop their jaws,] seeing SunRay rip the ropes off his arms like threads.
  69. Judges 16:29 So Samson {SunRay} grips the two central foundational pillars that hold up the temple, one [pillar] with his right hand, and the other [pillar] with his left [hand].
  70. 1st Samuel 17:4 Out of the Philistine war-camp stalks a [demon-spawned] champion from Gath {Wine-Press}. [The Palestinians chant his] name: “Goliath! [Goliath! Goliath!][His name means ‘Stripper’, as in ‘he who strips his victims' flesh.’ He stands] 6 cubits [9 feet] plus a hand-span [9 inches] tall, 😇!
    note: The number “6” is stamped on Goliath, like on Nebuchadnezzar in Dan 3. Champion = man between the armies.
  71. 1st Samuel 26:12 So David steals the spear and the jug of water from [king] Saul's [sleeping] head. Then David and his [General] run away. None of [Saul's 3000 warriors] see, or realize or even wake up. They all [stay fast] asleep, because YHVH sends a deep [supernatural spirit of] slumber to [blanket] them.
  72. 1st Kings 13:5 Then [some angelic force] rips apart the [pagan] altar, 😇! The ashes gush out of the altar, just as the [mystery] man of ELohim predicted through the Word of YHVH!
  73. 1st Kings 18:46 Suddenly the hand of YHVH [falls] on EliJah {JAH-Is-El}. So he belts in his cloak. He sprints ahead of Ahab's [chariot-horses] all the way [east ~20km from mount Carmel] to JezreEl {El-Plants}!
    note: Trained athletes can run long races at about 6 miles per hour. Horses at 20 to 30. So Elijah was presumably running at about 4 to 8 times the naturally possible speed.
  74. 1st Kings 19:5 [EliJah] lies asleep under the juniper tree. Suddenly an angel touches him. [It] says, “[EliJah,] get up. Eat.”
  75. 1st Kings 19:7 A second time, the angel of YHVH comes [to EliJah]. It touches him. Then [it] says, “Get up. Eat. [Tomorrow's] journey is too big for you [to take without nutrition].”
  76. 1st Kings 22:20 —Then YHVH asks, ‘Who will entice [evil king] Ahab to march up and fall [dead] at Ramoth-Gilead {Witness-Heights}?’ One [angel] voices [his plan]. Then another [voices his].
  77. 2nd Kings 6:7 So [EliShua] says, “Pick it up.” The [chopper] reaches out his hand. He grabs [the floating ax-head], 😇!
  78. 2nd Kings 6:10 So the king of Israel sends [his spies] to the places the man of Elohim warns him [to avoid]. This saves [the Israeli king's life] again and again.
  79. 2nd Kings 6:12 A servant of [Syria's king] says, “There's no [spy here,] my lord, O king. EliShua {El's-Salvation}, the prophet in Israel, tells Israel's king the words you speak in your bedchamber!”
    note: Mental telepathy in the bible.
  80. 1st Chronicles 21:16 [King] David lifts up his eyes. He sees the angel of YHVH floating between the earth and the heavens. The [angel's] drawn sword in his hand stretches out over Jerusalem. Immediately David and the elders of Israel, all clothed in sackcloth, fall on their faces.
  81. NehemiYAH 9:19 —Yet, in your manifold mercies, you stuck with the [Israelites] in the wilderness. Your cloud-column never strayed from them by day. It led them down the [right] path. You kept alive the pillar of fire by night, to shine light on the way [our ancestors] needed to travel.
  82. Job 40:6 Then, out of the whirlwind, YHVH answers Job.
  83. IsaiYAH 4:5 And over every dwelling place on [or under] mount Zion, and over her assemblies, YHVH creates a [supernatural], smoking cloud by day, and a shining flaming fire by night, 😇. [YAH's] glory comes to rest over [Jerusalem] like a canopy.
  84. IsaiYAH 6:6 Then one of the seraphim grabs the tongs off the altar. He drops a live coal into his hand, 😇. He flies at me!
  85. IsaiYAH 6:7 [The seraphim] lays [the live coal] on my mouth. He says, “Look, [Isaiah]. [As] this [coal] touches your lips, [YAH] strips away your evil. He covers your sin.”
    note: Covering sin is like burying poop. Soil-microbes destroy fecal pathogens. As long as your sin is 'covered', you're ok. But sin left out in the air to fester draws fly-like demons who spread the sin around, causing disease and death.
  86. IsaiYAH 38:8 Watch me reverse the shadow that's fallen on the sun dial of Ahaz {Possessor}. [I'll] bring it 10 degrees backward.’” So, 😇, the sun reverses by 10 degrees! It re-traces the path it had shadowed [on the palace's sundial]!
  87. Ezekiel 1:6 Each of the 4 creatures have 4 faces, and 4 wings, 😇!
  88. Ezekiel 1:15 Now as I look at these four-faced living creatures, 😇, I see wheels [spinning] on the ground under the creatures.
  89. Ezekiel 1:16 All four wheels look the same, 😇: their inner parts sparkle like diamonds [in the sun], each beautifully structured as a wheel within a wheel, [i.e. gyroscopes].
  90. Ezekiel 1:19 Wherever the living creatures go, the wheels [roll] under them. Then the living creatures lift up off the ground, 😇. So the wheels lift up [with the creatures]!
  91. Ezekiel 1:21 When the wheels stand still, the creatures stand still. When the wheels lift off, the creatures lift off with the [wheels], proving that the spirits of the creatures live in the wheels.
  92. Ezekiel 1:26 Above the Sacred-Sky over the [creatures'] heads, something like a throne appears, gleaming like sapphire-stones. Above this throne-like apparition a man-like being appears.
  93. Daniel 8:15 Having seen the vision, I [stand, gasping for breath,] grasping for the vision's meaning. Suddenly before me stands the [mighty, warlike] apparition of [the angel] Gabriel.
  94. Jonah 1:15 So the men pick up Jonah. They throw him overboard into the sea. Immediately the sea stops raging!
  95. Mark 16:5 The [terrified] women enter the tomb. They [jump back in] shock, 😇, seeing a young [angel] man sitting on the right side [of the tomb]. [The angel radiates,] clothed in a long white robe.
  96. Genesis 7:19 The waters overpower the earth. All the high hills under the entire sky disappear, 😇, covered by water.
  97. Genesis 16:13 Then Hagar calls by name to [YHVH] (who speaks [through a messenger] to her), “YHVH, you [are the] El’ who sees me [all the time]!” Hagar exclaims, “Have I really seen the One who sees me, [and lived to tell about it]?!”
    note: Actually, she had only seen YAH's Messenger angel, but since the angel was so grand, she figures the angel was actually YHVH. Mankind's modern surveillance networks aim to duplicate YAH's power to see everyone all the time. But that ‘Total Information Awareness’ breeds more net tyranny.
  98. Genesis 32:29 Jacob asks the [wrestler], “Please tell me your name.” The [wrestler] replies, “Why do you need to know my name? [You're on a need-to-know basis.]” Then, [there by the river,] the [wrestler] blesses Jacob.
    note: This episode is cryptically referenced in Hosea 12:4-5. Possibly, the wrestler gives Jacob money. Probably Jacob kneels before the wrestler and the wrestler pronounces some encouraging words guaranteeing Jacob's success.
  99. Exodus 16:24 So, 😇, [the Israelites] set [manna] aside [to eat on Sabbath] morning, as Moses orders. [The Sabbath manna miraculously] preserves itself, free of rot and worms!
  100. Numbers (Journeys) 9:16 These [paranormal phenomena] repeat [day after day, 😇]: the [supernatural] cloud covers [the tent] by day. Then at night the fire-like [phenomenon] shines [over the tent like a UFO].
  101. Numbers (Journeys) 13:33 There we saw the Nephilim {Fallen-Prisoners}—the spawn of Anak {Long-Neck}—the giant-spawn! We saw ourselves as grasshoppers. And that's what we looked like to them!”
  102. Numbers (Journeys) 16:30 But if YHVH creates a new phenomenon, and the earth opens her mouth, and swallows up the rebels with everything, [every animal and everyone who] belongs to them—if the [rebels] careen down alive into the grave, then you'll understand that these [voting-rights activists] provoked YHVH.”
  103. Numbers (Journeys) 16:48 Aaron stands between the dead and the living. [Suddenly] the plague stops [killing people]!
  104. Deuteronomy 3:11 [Fat giant] Og {Round}, king of Bashan {Fruitful}, was a spectacle, 😇—the last of the Rephaim {Supernatural-Giants}. His bed is made of iron, 9 cubits [13.5 feet] long by 4 cubits [6 feet] wide, using the [common peoples'] cubit. [You can see Og's giant bed] in [the Great city of] Rabbath {Abundance} [which belongs to] the descendants of Ammon, [if the bed's still there].
    note: Roughly 3x the area of a modern Queen-Sized bed.
  105. Joshua 5:13 [Time passes, 😇.] JAHshua travels near [the city of] Jericho {Moon-Spirit}. He lifts up his eyes. He looks. Suddenly opposite him stands a [celestial] man—sword drawn in his hand! JAHshua walks up to the [angelic] man. [Joshua] asks him, “Are you [here to fight] for us [Hebrews,] or for our adversaries?”
  106. Joshua 5:14 [The angelic ‘man’] replies,” I [work for] neither [you nor your enemies]. I've come to you as the captain of the [angelic] armies of YHVH.” So, 😇, JAHshua falls on his face to the earth. He worships [the angel], crying, “What does my Sovereign command his servant?”
  107. Joshua 5:15 The captain of YHVH's [angelic] host commands JAHshua, “Drop your shoe[s] from your feet. The place on which you stand is sacred.” So JAHshua [kicks off his shoes, 😇].
  108. Judges 6:21 Then the angel of YHVH sticks out the end of the staff [he holds] in his hand. He touches the meat and the unleavened cakes. A fire shoots up out of the rock! [The fire] devours the meat and cakes! Then the angel of YHVH vanishes from [Gideon's] sight.
    note: Far away, the meat and matzot appear on the table of a poor starving orphan who just lost his parents.
  109. Judges 15:15 SunRay sees a fresh jawbone [from the skeleton of a recently dead] donkey. He reaches out his hand. He grabs it. Then he kills 1000 men [by smacking their heads and hacking their guts out] with [the jawbone]!
    note: Some scholars say "1000" (Eleph) actually meant 20 to 30.
  110. Judges 16:3 SunRay lays [in the whore's bed, enjoying her forbidden fruits again and again. Finally,] at midnight, [the whore passes out in exhaustion]. Then Samson jumps up. He [runs out of the whorehouse to the] locked city gates. He grabs the [huge iron] gate-doors, posts, bars and all. He runs away with them. [The soldiers stand there, stunned, grabbing for their arrows.] Samson [throws] the iron [gates] onto his shoulders. He carries them up to the top of a hill facing Hebron {Society}. [Arrows whiz past SunRay's head. He looks down. He sees Palestinians chasing, shooting arrows at him. So he hurls the gates down the hill. The gates bowl over and smash the Philistine warriors to death. SunRay laughs in triumph!]
  111. 1st Samuel 6:19 But many of Beth-Shemesh's [arrogant miscreants lift the cover]. They spy into YHVH's ark. Immediately [it shoots out fire]! [Flames] strike [the peepers]. The people wail [in sorrow], because YHVH beats so many of their [nosy snoops] with this great blow.
    note: #5221 nakah = banish, or strike. Normally taken to mean YAH killed the men, but could merely mean that flames chased them out of the area. Variant readings of this number produce figures of 50070, 70, 1170, and 5070 people struck.
  112. 1st Kings 18:45 Soon spirit-wind [howls]. The sky fills with black clouds. Torrential rain dumps [over Israel]. Meanwhile, [king] Ahab rides on toward [his palace in] JezreEl {El-Plants}.
  113. 2nd Kings 3:22 The [Moabite soldiers] rise up early in the morning, 😇. They [see] the sun shining on the [miracle flood] water[s]. To the Moabites, the water in the distance looks red as blood!
  114. 2nd Kings 6:20 [The sightless Syrian army] enters Samaria {Sanctuary}. EliShua prays, “YHVH, open the eyes of these [soldiers], so they can see.” So YHVH opens their eyes. They see, drop-jawed, they're in the middle of Samaria!
  115. 2nd Chronicles 5:14 The glory of YHVH saturates Elohim's sanctuary. [His supernatural] cloud [floods] the room, making it impossible for the priests to stand up to serve [food and music]!
  116. IsaiYAH 60:19 [In the end, you need] no sun to light your days, 😇. The moon's brightness [pales] to [heaven's] glow. [I,] YHVH shine as your everlasting light, your radiant power-source.
  117. Ezekiel 1:7 The creatures' legs stand straight, 😇, [like human legs]. But their feet look like calves' hooves that sparkle like burnished bronze.
  118. Ezekiel 1:14 The living creatures speed to-and-fro like flashes of lightning, 😇.
  119. Ezekiel 1:25 As the [creatures] stand and let down their wings, a voice [booms] from the Sacred-Sky above their heads.
  120. Ezekiel 3:15 [YAH's hand] takes me to the [Israeli] exile slave-camp at Tel-Aviv {Spring-Hill}, by [Babylon's] Chebar river. So I sit where the [slaves] sit. I stay there among them, stunned, for 7 days.
    note: Teleportation in the bible.
  121. Ezekiel 10:12 Then [I see] the entire bodies of the four [gyro-cherubs] (including their backs, hands, wings and gyroscopes) covered with the [same] eyes [I saw before on their outer] wheel-rims!
  122. Ezekiel 11:13 As I prophesy, 😇, [the hypocrite-leader] PelatiYah {YAH's-Rescuer} the son of BenaYAH {YAH-Built} [falls over] dead! So I fall down on my face. I shriek, screaming, calling, [moaning,] “Oh Adonai YHVH! Will you completely destroy every last scrap of Israel?”
  123. Daniel 5:9 Emperor Belshazzar [shakes,] terrified. His face turns pale [as death]. His nobles [and princes run around yelling at each other] in confusion.
  124. Daniel 10:13 But the [demon-angel] Czar-Prince [who controls] the Persian Empire stood confronting me [in spirit-battle] for 21 days. But suddenly MichaEl {El-Is-Incomparable}, one of [YAH's] chief [angelic] princes, came to protect me [from the demon-lord]. So I left MichaEl there [battling] the [demon-lord who manipulates the] kings of Persia [like puppets on his string].
    note: See the connection: Daniel fasted for 21 days. The Angel battled the demon for 21 days. Abstinence and prayer yield spiritual power.
  125. Daniel 10:20 Then [the superman] says, “You know I came to [help] you. But now I [must] return to fight [against] the [demon] chief of Persia. And when I leave [earth, having conquered the Persian-arch-demon,] the [demon] prince of [the] Grecian [Empire] comes [to enslave the Medo-Persian Empire].
  126. Mark 9:2 Six days later, YahShua privately takes Peter {Rock}, James {Heel-Grabber}, and JAHn. He leads them up a high mountain, 😇. There YahShua transfigures! [He changes form.]
  127. Mark 9:3 YahShua's clothes shine dazzling white, like snow [in the sun, 😇,] whiter than anyone in the world could bleach [anything].
  128. Luke 2:9 Suddenly, Adonai [YHVH's] angel appears to the shepherds, 😇. The glory of [YHVH] Adonai radiates [from heaven]. [Supernatural light] encircles the shaking, terrified shepherds.
  129. Luke 5:22 YahShua reads the hypocrites’ minds, 😇. [He] asks them, “Why are you [nursing such twisted evil] ‘logic’ in your hearts?
    note: Why do you think my forgiving sins is blasphemy?
  130. Luke 24:4 The women [stand there confused and amazed,] clueless of how to explain YahShua's disappearance. Suddenly two [angelic] ‘men’ in shining garments appear standing next to the women.
  131. John 4:29 'Come and see a man who told me everything I ever did! [I think he's] the Messiah!’
  132. John 12:29 The people who stand nearby, hearing [the effect of YAH's voice], exclaim, “[Wow!] What thunder!” But other people say, “[That loud booming wasn't thunder.] That was [YAH's] angel speaking to YahShua.”
    note: It was the angel [messenger] of YAH speaking YAH's message. If it had been YAH's literal voice, everybody would have died. YAH's voice creates and destroys universes.
  133. John 20:14 Then Mary turns around. [She] sees YahShua standing [there in front of her]! But [YahShua has shape-shifted, 😇]. So Mary fails to recognize him.
  134. Acts 1:9 YahShua says this, 😇. Then, while the disciples watch [with their jaws hanging open, YAH's power] lifts YahShua up [into the sky]! An [army of angels form a] ‘cloud’ that hides YahShua from the [disciples'] eyes.
    note: The Messiah's ascension was pre-symbolized by smoke in all of the Old-Testament smoke-roasts, which were NOT burnt offerings, but, literally, ‘Ascensions’ (Strongs# 5927 & 5930.) Cloud of angels: ps 24:7-10, 47:5.
  135. Genesis 19:3 But Lot keeps intensely begging the angels, 😇. So they turn home with Lot. [They] go into his house. There Lot prepares a feast for the angels. [Lot] bakes unleavened bread. And the angels eat it!
  136. Genesis 28:17 Jacob [shakes,] afraid. He cries, “This awesome [ominous, terrifying hill] is Elohim's sanctuary! This is the gate of heaven!”
  137. Exodus 7:9 [YAH] says, “When Pharaoh taunts you, saying, ‘Show [me] a miracle [to prove] yourselves,’ then you say to Aaron, ‘Take your staff. Throw it [down onto the ground] before Pharaoh. It'll morph into a serpent!’”
    note: Literally, a crocodile (thaunín).
  138. Exodus 16:18 But when the [Israelites] go to measure [the amount they've gathered,] they all have exactly [2 quarts], 😇! People who hoard more [manna] wind up with only 2 quarts, just like those who gather less, even though each collect varying amounts according to their various appetites!
    note: 2 quarts ~= 1 omer. It's possible that this verse simply says that everybody was satisfied.
  139. Exodus 19:13 If so much as their hand touches the mountain, rocks [will pelt them to death], or [arrows will] shoot right through them. No man or beast who touches Bush Mountain [during my appearance] survives. Only when [heaven's] ram's horn sounds a long blast may they go up to the mountain.”
  140. Exodus 24:10 [Suddenly, 😇,] these [leaders] see the [angel of the] Elohim of Israel! Under his feet, [the angel stands on] something like a sapphire-stone pavement, clear as the sky!
    note: Hazah: they see in a spiritual sense, as in the mind's eye. Sea of glass.
  141. Exodus 24:16 For 6 days the [supernatural] cloud covers Bush Mountain. From there the glory of YHVH [radiates across the desert]. [Finally, 😇,] on the 7th day, out of the middle of the cloud, YHVH calls to Moses.
  142. Exodus 34:33 But until Moses finishes speaking with the people, he puts a veil over his [radioactive] face.
  143. Exodus 34:35 So when the children of Israel see the face of Moses, they see his facial skin beaming [rays of light]. So Moses puts the veil over his face again, until he goes [back] in to speak with [YAH].
  144. Numbers (Journeys) 9:18 At the commandment of YHVH, the children of Israel journey [on]. Then, at the commandment of YHVH, they pitch [camp]. As long as [YAH's supernatural] cloud stays down on the [sacred] ‘Dwelling', the [Hebrews] rest in their tents.
  145. Numbers (Journeys) 22:26 So the [giant terrifying destroying] angel of YHVH [stomps closer]. He keeps blocking the narrow opening, [giving Balaam's donkey] nowhere to turn either to the right hand or the left, 😇.
  146. Deuteronomy 4:33 Has any population ever [survived] hearing the voice of Elohim speaking out of the heart of [heavenly] fire, as you [Israelites] heard and lived?
    note: The voice of YHVH's angel spoke.
  147. Deuteronomy 6:22 YHVH cast signs and wonders, great and severe, on Egypt, on Pharaoh, and on all his household, before our eyes:
  148. Judges 6:11 Simultaneously, in Ophrah {She-Fawn}, an angel of YHVH [descends] to sit under an oak [on the land] of JAHoash {JAH-Fired} son of Abi-Ezra {Father-Of-Help}. Nearby, [JAHoash's] son Gideon {Chopper} threshes wheat in a wine-press, to hide it from the Midianite {Brawlers}.
  149. Judges 6:40 And that night Elohim does [just] that, 😇: the dew covers the ground, while the wool-fleece stays perfectly dry!
  150. Judges 15:19 So Elohim splits open the rock basin in Lehi {Jawbone}. Water gushes out. SunRay drinks until his spirit revives. He feels alive again. So [SunRay] names the place Eyn-Hakkore {Caller's-Spring}. It's still there at Lehi today, 😇.
  151. 1st Samuel 5:11 So the [people of Ekron] send [messengers west to Palestine]. The Philistines [again] gather together all their [War] Lords [to hear Ekron's report]. The [men of Ekron cry,] “Send away the ark of the Elohim of Israel! Let it go back to his own place, so it doesn't kill us and our people. [YAH's] deadly destruction [is ravaging our] entire city! The fist of YHVH [is demolishing us]!”
  152. 1st Samuel 12:18 So SamuEl {Heard-By-El} calls to YHVH. [Immediately] YHVH sends thunder and rain. [Clouds blacken] that [clear, dry] day. [Mud drenches the celebrants.] So all the people [quake with] fear [of] YHVH and SamuEl.
  153. 2nd Samuel 21:20 Yet another battle [rages] in Gath {Wine-Press}. There [the Israelites fight] another huge giant-spawn mutant man. He [boasts] 6 fingers on every hand, and 6 toes on every foot: 24 digits!
  154. 2nd Samuel 21:22 These four [mutant] giant-spawn from Gath {Wine-Press} fall by the hand of [king] David, and by the hand[s] of David's loyalists.
  155. 1st Kings 8:10 The priests exit the holy place, 😇. Then [a supernatural] cloud fills the temple of YHVH.
  156. 1st Kings 8:11 The cloud [billows so thick] that the priests can't stay and minister. YHVH's glory saturates the temple of YHVH.
  157. 1st Kings 14:17 So Jeroboam's [furious, crying Queen] gets up. She [storms] away from [the prophet]. [She rides back home ~5 miles north] to Tirzah {Delight}. She walks [on] the threshold of [her palace] door. Immediately [her] boy [prince AbiYah] dies, 😇!
    note: She either disbelieved the prophecy, or didn’t care about her son. She could have stayed away from the palace.
  158. 2nd Kings 6:9 So [EliShua] (the man of Elohim) sends [his helper] to Israel’s king [JAHoram], warning, “Watch out. Don't approach [such and such secret location], because the Syrian [hordes] invaded [and camped there].”
  159. Psalms 34:7 The angel[s] of YHVH encamp around [us believers, 😇]. [Heaven] rescues every [being] who fears [YAH].
  160. Psalms 68:8 The earth shakes, 😇! The heavens fall before Elohim's face. The Sinai {Bush} [desert mountain range] rocks at the presence of [YHVH] Elohim, Israel's Sovereign.
  161. Psalms 105:30 Then [YAH makes Egypt's] land burp out [billions] of frogs. [Frogs hop around] even Pharaoh's bedchambers, 😇!
  162. IsaiYAH 6:2 Above [YHVH] hover [mighty ‘angel’] seraphim. Each seraph [flaps] 6 wings: 2 wings cover its face. 2 wings cover its feet. They fly with their middle pair of wings.
    note: Perhaps related to the Islamic concept of the Jinns, smokeless fire-spirits. Generally, angels do not have wings.
  163. IsaiYAH 37:7 —Watch me send a blast [of spirit-power] upon [the Emperor]. He soon hears [troubling] news. He [rushes] back to his home country. I [then] cause him to fall by the sword in his own land.’”
  164. Ezekiel 1:23 Under this Sacred-Sky, each creature stretches out his two wings straight toward his fellow-creature. [Beneath these wings,] each creature uses his other two wings to cover the two sides of his own body.
  165. Ezekiel 8:2 Then I look. I see a being who looks like fire, 😇. From his waist down he looks like flames. From his waist up he gleams like brightly-colored amber!
  166. Ezekiel 10:2 Then, 😇, [YAH] addresses the linen-clothed angel-man. [YAH] says, “Go in between the gyro-wheels under that cherub. Fill your hand with the coals of fire [that shoot] between the cherubim. Scatter the [coals] over [Jerusalem] city.” Then the [angel-man vanishes] before my eyes.
  167. Ezekiel 10:4 Then, 😇, the glory of YHVH rises above the [gyro] cherub[s]. [The glory comes] to stand at the [upper] threshold of the temple. The temple fills with [YAH's] cloud. The courtyard fills with the [infinite] brightness of YHVH's glory.
  168. Ezekiel 10:5 The rush of the cherubims' wings sounds all the way to the outer courtyard, 😇. [Their wings roar] like the voice of the Almighty Eloah [YHVH] when he speaks.
  169. Ezekiel 10:16 As the cherubim fly, their gyro-wheels fly with them. As the cherubim lift up their wings to mount up above the earth, the gyroscopes stay right with them.
  170. Ezekiel 10:17 When the [cherubs] stand [still], the [gyroscopes] stand [still]. And when [YAH] lifts the [cherubs], the [gyros'] lift themselves too. For the spirit of the living creature[s] inhabits the [gyroscopes].
  171. Ezekiel 10:21 Every [creature] has four faces apiece, and every one four wings. Appendages resembling man's hands [gleam] under their wings.
    note: Human hand = Adam Yad, literally ruddy (and presumably male) hand.
  172. Daniel 9:21 I'm talking [to YAH] in prayer. It's about the time of the evening [feast] offering. The angel-man Gabriel (whom I had seen in the original vision) swiftly swoops down [out of heaven], 😇! He touches me!
    note: See Dan 8:15 for the earlier vision. Sermons are a mostly wastes of time. But feasting together as believers is critical. Important miraculous events often happen when repentant people gather to share their best food in a communal love feast in obedient honor of YHVH. See 2 Sam 24:15, 1Ki 18:29, Ezra 9:5.
  173. Matthew 28:3 The angel's face [and body] shine like [flashing] lightning, 😇. His clothing [gleams] white as snow!
  174. Mark 11:2 YahShua commands his 2 disciples, "Go into the village ahead of you. As soon as you enter the village, you'll find a [wild, kicking] colt tied [to a pole]. No one has ever sat on this colt. Untie [it]. Bring [it] to me.
    note: Yahshua knows this through paranormal clairvoyance.
  175. Mark 11:4 So, 😇, the 2 disciples hike to the village. They find the [wild] colt tied outside a door at the intersection of 2 streets. The disciples untie the colt. [It nearly kicks them to death!]
  176. John 6:21 So the disciples joyously welcome YahShua onto the boat. Instantly their boat reaches land, 😇. [Some angelic power brings them to dock] at the exact spot where they'd headed [before the storm blew them off course]!
  177. Genesis 18:2 Then Abraham {Father-Of-Billions} lifts up his eyes. He looks. He sees 3 [paranormal] ‘men’ standing near him. When Abraham sees the [men,] he runs out the tent door to meet them. He bows his [body] to the ground.
    note: There are 6 characters in this chapter: Abraham, 3 'men', Sarah, AND YHVH, a supernatural, unseen being, speaking through his [also unseen] messenger angel. If you envision YHVH as one of the 3 'men,' you encounter all kinds of problems, like YHVH eating, etc.
  178. Genesis 32:30 So Jacob names the place [of the midnight wrestling match] Peniel {Face-Of-El}, meaning “I've seen elohim face-to-face, and lived [to tell about it]!”
    note: Jacob beat someone he calls an ‘elohim’ in a wrestling match. That does NOT guarantee that the wrestling man was a manifestation of YHVH the Eloah, or Yahshua the Messiah, or an angel. In Hosea 1:4-5, this same ‘wrestling man’ is called ‘the messenger.’
  179. Exodus 3:3 Moses says, “I'm going over to see that mind-twisting spectacle! [I gotta'] figure out why that bush isn't burning up!”
  180. Exodus 4:17 You take [to Egypt] this staff [you hold] in your hand. [With it, you soon] perform [miraculous] signs.”
  181. Exodus 16:10 Later, 😇, as Aaron speaks to the whole community of the people of Israel, they look toward the wilderness. They see the glory of YHVH appear in the [pillar of] cloud!
  182. Exodus 19:17 Moses leads the [million-man] horde out of the camp to meet with Elohim. They stand [shaking] at the base of [Bush] Mountain, 😇.
  183. Exodus 20:21 [Still, 😇,] the [terrified] people stand far away. So, [all alone], Moses [climbs up the mountain]. He approaches the thick darkness from which [flashes the mouthpiece-angel of YHVH] Elohim.
    note: Yahshua came speaking softly and closely to these people who could not bear YHVH's presence.
  184. Exodus 24:11 The nobles representing the descendants of Israel [cower, 😇, expecting the angel to smash them in vengeance for their sins]. But instead of smashing his hand down on them, [the angel of] ELohim [feeds] them food and drink [from heaven]!
    note: The angel loves his enemies.
  185. Exodus 24:15 So Moses ascends the mountain, 😇. [YAH's supernatural] cloud covers the summit.
  186. Exodus 34:29 Then Moses hikes down Mount Sinai {Bush-Mountain} with the two “tablets of testimony” in his hand[s], 😇. He reaches the bottom of the mountain, unaware that the skin of his face is [still] glowing from [YHVH] talking with him.
  187. Numbers (Journeys) 9:22 Whether the [miracle] cloud stays down over the [sacred tent] for 2 days, or a month, or a year, the people of Israel live in their tents, refraining from travel, 😇. Then, [as soon as YHVH] lifts [the cloud], the [Hebrews] journey [on].
  188. Numbers (Journeys) 11:8 The people run around gathering up the [miracle] manna, 😇. They grind it in mills. [They] beat it into pastes. [They] bake it in pans. They make it into loaves that taste like cakes baked with olive oil.
  189. Judges 6:22 [Suddenly] Gideon {Chopper} realizes [the visitor] was an angel of YHVH. Gideon gasps, “[Save me] Adonai YHVH! I've seen an angel of YHVH face to face!”
  190. Judges 6:37 Watch: I'll put a [sheepskin] wool fleece on the floor. Then, if dew collects only on the fleece, while all the nearby soil stays dry, then I'll know that you'll save Israel by my hand, as you promised.”
    note: An odd miracle to ask for. But dew would normally collect on both the ground and the wool.
  191. Judges 13:6 The woman runs [from the angel]! Crying, she tells her husband, “A man of Elohim came to me! His face was terrifying, like the face of an angel of Elohim. But I didn't ask him where he came from. And he didn't tell me his name.
  192. Judges 13:20 Flame rises up toward heaven from off the rock-altar. The angel of YHVH ascends [to heaven] in the flame from the rock. [Stunned,] Manoah and his wife see [the angel rising]. So they fall on their faces to the ground.
  193. 1st Samuel 3:6 Then YHVH calls yet again, “SamuEl.” So SamuEl gets up [again]. He walks to [groggy old] Eli {Lofty}. [Samuel] says, “Here I am; you did call me.” But Eli answers, “I didn't call, my son. Lie back down.”
  194. 1st Samuel 5:10 So [Gath's elders] send the ark of Elohim [a few miles southeast] toward Ekron {Eradication}. The ark of Elohim reaches Ekron. Immediately the Ekronim {Eradicators} cry out, “The [Philistines] brought the ark of the Elohim of Israel to us to murder us and our people!”
  195. 1st Samuel 6:12 [The men slap the cows' butts.] The cows take off. They run straight [east] to the road [that leads] to Beth-Shemesh {House-Of-The-Sun}. The cows [prance] along the highway, mooing as they go. Not once do they turn aside to the right nor the left. The Philistine [War] Lords follow the [cows] to the border of Beth-Shemesh.
  196. 1st Kings 13:3 That same day, the [mystery prophet] gives [a miraculous] proof [to confirm his prediction]. [He] says, “YHVH has promised to give the following sign: [YAH] will split this altar apart, then pour its ashes out on the ground.”
  197. 1st Kings 18:23 [So you, Baal's prophets,] bring up two oxen. Choose one [ox]. Butcher it. Lay [the unused portions] on an altar on firewood. But don't put fire under the [altar]. I'll take the other ox. I'll cut it up. Then [I'll] lay [the unused portions] on the wood. None of us will light the fire.
    note: It's possible that the meat was burned up in this unusual demonstration. But normally you would eat the meat, then burn the refuse for sanitary reasons and to make ash (as alkaline soil amendment).
  198. 1st Kings 18:36 Then, at the time [Hebrews normally] cook the evening meat [for sacred feasts], the prophet EliJah {JAH-Is-El} approaches [the dead ox's remains]. He prays, “YHVH (Elohim of Abraham {Father-Of-Billions}, Isaac {Laughter} and Israel), today let [everyone on earth] know that you're [the only true] Elohim in Israel, and that I'm Your servant, and that I've done all these things at Your command.
    note: Again, the crowd probably ate the meat, thus EliJah was only burning up the unused remains.
  199. 2nd Kings 1:12 EliJah {JAH-Is-El} answers, “If I'm a man of Elohim, [I pray] fire shoots down from heaven to eat you and your 50 [killers]. So the fire of Elohim shoots down from heaven. It devours the 2nd captain and his 50 soldiers, 😇!
  200. 2nd Kings 6:11 So the heart of Syria's king gets panic-stricken over [his failed war-plans]. So he summons his servants. He asks them, “Can [none] of you [worthless advisors] expose the [spy working] for the king of Israel?”
  201. 1st Chronicles 21:20 Meanwhile, Ornan {Strong} turns from threshing wheat. He sees the [destroying] angel [in the sky]. He and his 4 sons run and hide.
  202. 2nd Chronicles 7:2 The priests can't enter the temple of YHVH, 😇, because YHVH's crushing-splendor fills YHVH's temple!
  203. Psalms 68:17 —YHVH [thunders] from [the] Sinai [Bush-desert ~200km north] to [his] sanctuary [on shining Mount Zion]. [He flies, surrounded] by his chariots, [carrying] infinite thousands upon thousands of angels, 😇.
  204. Psalms 104:4 [YAH] makes spirit-winds his messengers, 😇. His servants [are] blazing [supernatural] fire-creatures.
  205. Psalms 106:17 [So] the earth opens [up its ‘mouth’]. It swallows up [rebel rogue] Dathan. [Dirt] covers the [democracy-pushing political] party [led] by AbiRam {High-Father}.
  206. IsaiYAH 4:6 This [paranormal umbrella] forms a tent-shadow to [protect us believers] from the daytime heat, 😇: a place of refuge, a cover [that shields you] from storm and rain.
    note: chuppah = marriage canopy
  207. Ezekiel 3:12 Then, 😇, [YAH's] spirit lifts me up. I hear behind me the sound of mighty rushing [angels. They sing,] ‘Kneel [and adore] the glory of YHVH [as it beams here to earth from heaven].’
  208. Ezekiel 3:23 So, 😇, I get up. I [hike] out onto the plains. There [I] see the glory of YHVH stationed [in the air], like the glory I saw by the Chebar river. So I fall on my face.
  209. Ezekiel 10:3 [Suddenly, 😇,] the gyro-cherubim stand on the right [south] side of [YHVH's] temple [in Jerusalem]. The angel-man enters [the temple]. A [supernatural] cloud fills the [temple's] inner court.
  210. Ezekiel 10:7 Then one gyro-cherub stretches out his hand between [his fellow] cherubim. He grabs the fire [arcing] between the cherubim. [He] puts [the fire] into the hands of the linen-clothed angel-man, who takes the fire, then rushes out [of the temple].
  211. Ezekiel 10:11 Then the gyro-cherubs rush off ahead in all 4 directions. They never veer off-course. They fly straight where their head[s] look.
    note: Translations of this verse differ wildly.
  212. Ezekiel 10:14 Now [I see that] each creature has 4 faces: the 1st face the face of a cherub, the 2nd the [face] of a man, the 3rd the face of a lion, and the 4th the face of an eagle.
  213. Ezekiel 10:15 The cherubim lift off [the ground, 😇,] just as I saw the same living-creatures [lift off] by [Babylon's] Chebar River.
  214. Ezekiel 10:18 Then YHVH's glory [flies] off of the temple threshold. [YAH's shining splendor flies to] station above the gyro-cherubim.
  215. Ezekiel 10:22 The [gyro-cherubs'] faces look just like the faces I saw by the Chebar river, 😇, identical in appearance. And again they rush straight forward [chasing YAH's spirit].
  216. Ezekiel 11:23 Then, 😇, YHVH's glory rises up from [Jerusalem's] core. [The supernatural splendor sails to] stand on the mountain east of the city.
  217. Ezekiel 33:22 Flash back to the evening before the escaped [survivor's] arrival, 😇: The hand of YHVH [comes to rest] upon me. [YAH] opens my mouth [to speak prophesies] until the [refugee] straggles up to me in the morning. [Words] flow from my lips. [My tongue] lies mute no longer!
  218. Ezekiel 43:2 Then [I] see the glory of the Elohim of Israel approach from [Jerusalem's] east highway. [Elohim's] voice [thunders] like the noise of many waters, 😇! The earth shines with his glory.
  219. Ezekiel 47:4 As the [angel] measures [another] 1000 [cubits], he [flies] me through the knee-high waters. As he measures [another] 1000, he brings me through waters that now rise up to [my] waist, 😇.
  220. Ezekiel 47:5 As he measures [another] 1000 [cubits], the water grows into a river I can't pass over. The waters swell past swimming depth. [They become] a river that no [mortal] could cross, 😇!
  221. Daniel 5:10 [Outside, Belshazzar's mother,] the queen, hears [her son] the Emperor [shouting]. [She hears] the [Empire's] “lords” [screaming and fighting like crazy. She runs] into the banquet hall. The queen says, “O Emperor, live for ever: don't let your thoughts trouble you. Never let your face [tremble and frown, pale as a ghost].
    note: Queen=Nitocris, Belshazzar's Grandma, mother of Emperor Nabonidius, and daughter-in-law of Nebuchadnezzar.
  222. Daniel 8:18 Now as [GabriEL] speaks with me, I fall into a deep trance. My face [falls] toward the earth. But [GabriEL] touches me. [His touch mysteriously] sets me standing up.
    note: This same GabriEL reappears to Mary in Luke 1:19, 26.
  223. Daniel 10:7 I DaniEl alone see the vision. The men with me remain blind to the apparition. But a great quaking [terror] falls upon them. So they race away to hide.
    note: Same thing happens at Paul's vision. Spiritual sight requires fasting & praying.
  224. Daniel 10:8 As I stand alone, [jaw-dropped,] staring at this amazing vision, the grandeur [of my royal clothing (my handsome, dignified appearance)] corrupts [into rags. Decrepit, deathly ashen pallor covers my skin.] All strength flees [from my body, 😇].
  225. Matthew 28:4 The [armed] guards startle, terrified at the angel. They tremble. They [faint] like dead men, 😇.
  226. Mark 5:30 YahShua immediately perceives inside himself that [YAH's] power has gone out [through] him, 😇. He spins around in the crowd. [He grins.] He asks, “Who touched my clothes?”
    note: Likely knowing the answer.
  227. Mark 14:13 YahShua sends out 2 of his disciples. He says, “You [hike] into the city. There you'll see a man carrying a jar of water. Follow him.
    note: Christ is clairvoyant.
  228. Luke 23:44 Right then, at about [noon], darkness [falls. Black] covers the whole Land until [about] 3PM, 😇.
  229. John 1:48 NathaniEl {Gift-From-El} asks YahShua, “From where do know you me?” YahShua answers NathaniEL, “Before Philip called you, you [sat] under a fig tree. I [tele-ported my consciousness there. I] saw you.”
    note: Clairvoyance.
  230. John 4:39 Many of the [idolatrous] Samaritans of Drunk-Town believe in YahShua after hearing the slut testify: “YahShua is [a mind-reader! He] told me everything I ever did.”
  231. Prayer of AzariYAH 1:1 [In Babylon, in the fiery-furnace, AzariYah and his two Hebrew friends] walk in the middle of the fire, praising Elohim, kneeling to the Adonai [YHVH].
    note: This is probably a man-made work of fiction, but it is lovely, and it expresses wholly biblical themes.
  232. 2 Esdras 14:40 So I take [the cup]. I drink [the fire-water.] As soon as I swallow it, my heart utters understanding. Wisdom grows in my chest. My spirit strengthens my memory.
  233. Genesis 7:6 Noah {Rest} reaches 600 years old, 😇. Then the flood of waters [rains] upon the earth:
  234. Genesis 7:20 The cascades continue to deluge [earth], 😇. Finally the [ark floats] 15 cubits higher than the [highest] mountain.
    note: Roughly 30 feet. This may not necessarily mean that the waters were higher than the highest mountain on planet earth. But it at least means that the waters were higher than the mountains near the ark.
  235. Exodus 9:8 So YHVH says to Moses and to Aaron, “Grab handfuls of ashes from a [human sacrifice] furnace. Then [you], Moses, sprinkle [the ashes] toward the sky, before Pharaoh's watching eyes.
    note: These ashes may have been used as an alkaline base for concrete mixtures, or for fertilizer.
  236. Exodus 24:18 Then, 😇, Moses walks straight into the center of the cloud! He hikes up [to the top of Bush] mountain. He stays atop the summit for 40 days and 40 nights [with no natural food nor water].
    note: On the 20-25th & 26th days of the month of Sivan (early June).
  237. Exodus 40:34 Suddenly, 😇, a [supernatural] cloud covers the meeting tent. The glory of YHVH fills the Sanctuary!
    note: Finish the work YAH commands, and you get to experience his presence.
  238. Numbers (Journeys) 10:11 [Time passes, 😇.] On the 20th day of the 2nd month of the 2nd year [of the Israeli Migration, YHVH] lifts the [supernatural] cloud off of [the Holy Place inside the Meeting Tent,] the Resting-Place of The [10] Commandments.
    note: Chronologically between v.10 and v.11 comes the account of Jethro, see Ex 18.
  239. Numbers (Journeys) 22:24 But the angel of YHVH [is so huge that he] blocks [Balaam's] narrow path through the vineyards. A wall blocks [Baalam's] right side, and a wall blocks [his left] side.
  240. Deuteronomy 2:21 [The Zamzummim {Giants}] were numerous, 😇. [They stood] tall as the Anakim {Stranglers}. But YHVH [used] the [inbred spawn of Ammon] to destroy and succeed the [Giants]. [The Ammonites] settled in the [giants' towns].
  241. Judges 6:38 And thats what happens, 😇: [Gideon] gets up early the next day. [His feet step on dry ground.] He presses the fleece together. [His hands] wring a whole bowlful of dew out of the fleece!
  242. Judges 6:39 Then Gideon {Chopper} says to Elohim, “Don't let your fury fire out against me… I'll ask just one more [thing]: please let me safety-check once more with the [wool] fleece. Tonight [please] dry only the [wool] fleece, while [you] wet the ground all around it.”
  243. Judges 13:10 So the woman [Ame] hurries [away from the angel]. She runs [down the road] to tell her husband. [Jumping up and down, she] shouts to him, “Hey! The [angel] appeared to me — the [same angel] who came to me the other day!”
  244. 1st Samuel 3:3 There in YHVH's Sanctuary-Tent, [well before sunrise, in the ever] burning [glow] of the [Menorah] Lamp Of ELohim where Elohim's Ark rests, Eli falls asleep.
  245. 1st Samuel 3:5 So SamuEl {Heard-By-El} runs [from his room]. [His little feet patter down the stone hallway] to [old] Eli {Lofty}. [Samuel] says, “Here I am. You called me.” Eli responds, “I didn't call you. Lay back down.” So SamuEl shuffles back [to his mat]. He lays down.
  246. 1st Samuel 3:8 Then YHVH calls SamuEl again, a 3rd time. So SamuEl gets up. [He] tiptoes to Eli {Lofty}. [Samuel] says, “Here I am. You must have called me [in your sleep].” Finally Eli perceives that YHVH is calling the child.
  247. 1st Samuel 3:9 So Eli says to [little] SamuEl {Heard-By-El}, “Go, lay down. Then, if [YAH] calls you, you'll say, ‘Speak, YHVH; your servant hears.’” So SamuEl [runs back down the hallway]. He lays down in his [resting] nook.
  248. 1st Samuel 5:8 So [coastal Ashdod's city leaders] send messengers [throughout coastal Palestine]. The [messengers] gather all the Philistine [War] Lords to [Ashdod fort. Ashdod's leaders] ask [the warlords], “What should we do with the ark of the Elohim of Israel?” The [warlords] answer, “Get [some slaves to] carry [it] out to Gath {Wine-Press}.” So [the slaves] carry the ark of Israel's Elohim [~20 miles northeast] to Gath.
  249. 1st Samuel 10:20 SamuEl gets all the [leaders of the] tribes of Israel to approach [him. Then he pulls the supernatural Urim {Flame-Light} and Thumim {Innocence} stones from his breastplate. The glowing Urim stone levitates to point at] the tribe of Benjamin {Right-Hand-Son}.
  250. 1st Kings 18:25 Then EliJah {JAH-Is-El} says to the prophets of Baal {Demon-Master}, “You choose one young bull for yourselves. Cook it [and eat it], to [feed] your many [hungry people]. Then call on the name of your god. But put no fire under [the wood on which you lay the unused remains].”
  251. 1st Kings 18:34 Then [EliJah] says, “[Pour on the water] again.” So again the [workers pour water all over the bones and hide]. Then [ELiJah] says, “[Pour the water on] again!” So, a 3rd time, [the workers pour water all over the ox's bones and hide].
  252. 1st Kings 18:35 So the water runs down, 😇. It surrounds the altar. Water fills the trench.
  253. 2nd Kings 3:16 Then [EliShua] says, “YHVH says, ‘Dig this dry watercourse full of [deep] trenches.’
  254. 2nd Chronicles 7:1 Solomon {Peace-Man} finishes praying. Immediately, [holy] fire shoots down from heaven, 😇! It consumes the ascension-smoke and the [remains] of the slaughtered [and cooked animals]. YHVH's glory fills the temple.
    note: The fire shoots down from heaven and burns up the unused parts of the animals. The meat itself gets eaten at the feast.
  255. 2nd Chronicles 7:3 All the descendants of Israel see the [amazing] fire shoot down, 😇! [Stunned, they watch] YHVH's glory [overshadow] the temple. They rush to bow themselves. Their faces smack the dust on the pavement, 😇! They lay there, [singing], “Throw [your hands in the air to thank] YHVH. He's so wonderful. His mercy endures forever.”
    note: Great song on this verse: His Love Endures Forever.
  256. NehemiYAH 7:65 So the [Persian] Governor instructs the [wanna-be priests] to refrain from eating the most-sacred [food donations] until [YAH] establishes a [high] priest [to read] the Urim {Light-Emitting-Rock(s)} and Thummim {Truth-Divulging-Stone(s)}.
  257. IsaiYAH 41:3 [Abraham] chased [down his millions of enemies]. He passed by [them] unscathed. His feet barely touched the road [as he flew, 😇].
  258. Ezekiel 1:8 On their four extremities, the [creatures] have human-like hands. [Now I'll describe] their 4 faces and their wings, 😇:
  259. Ezekiel 1:9 Each of the creatures' wings touch the wings of the next creature. They fly straight forward, 😇, never turning.
  260. Ezekiel 1:17 This four-creature [coalition] jets straight ahead, never swerving, just moving [fast].
    note: Most translations of this verse imply that the wheels never turn. To be specific, they turn only when the Spirit leading them turns. As we should.
  261. Ezekiel 9:2 Then, 😇, I see 6 [supernatural beings manifesting like] mortals approach [Jerusalem's temple] from its north-facing higher-gate road. Each of the [6] wield an instrument of shattering in his hand. One man among them, clothed in linen, holds a writer's inkhorn by his side. The [men] enter [the temple]. They come to stand beside its brass altar.
  262. Ezekiel 10:6 As soon as [YAH] commands the linen-clothed man, “Take [coals] from the fire [that shoots] between the gyroscope-cherubim,” the angel-man [flies] into [the temple]. He stands beside the [whirling] gyroscopes.
  263. Ezekiel 10:8 Then, 😇, under the gyro-cherubs' wings, the form of a human hand appears.
  264. Ezekiel 10:9 I gape, 😇. I see the four wheels joined to the cherubim, one wheel joined to [each] cherub. The wheels [shine with] the [transparent pale green, blue or yellow] colors of a beryl stone.
    note: Joined by energy-force, not by mechanics; electromagnetically or supernaturally linked.
  265. Ezekiel 10:10 All four gyroscopes look the same, 😇: a wheel within a wheel.
  266. Ezekiel 10:13 My ears ring with someone calling, “Whirling wheels!”
  267. Ezekiel 10:19 Then the gyro-cherubim lift up their wings, 😇. They mount up from the earth. I watch [jaw-dropped] as they fly with their [mysteriously] attached wheels. The [gyro-angels] all pause at the entrance to the east gate of YHVH's temple. The glory of the Elohim of Israel [shines] over the [gyro-cherubs from] above.
  268. Ezekiel 44:4 Then, 😇, [the angel-man flies] me [up] the road that leads to the [temple's] north gate. [I] face the [massive building]. I look. I see the glory of YHVH fill YHVH's temple. So I fall [down] on my face.
  269. Daniel 9:22 GabriEl explains and discusses [mysteries] with me. He says, “DaniEl, I [flew from heaven tonight] to give you [intelligent] skill and understanding.
  270. Daniel 10:10 Suddenly a [supernatural] hand touches me. The hand picks me up. [It] sets me on my knees and on the palms of my hands. [I totter like a drunk animal!]
  271. Mark 9:8 Suddenly Peter {Rock}, James {Heel-Grabber} & JAHn look around, 😇. [They] see only YahShua.
  272. John 1:50 YahShua laughs, “NathaniEL, you believe [in me just] because I told you, ‘I [supernaturally] spied you under a fig tree?’ You'll see greater miracles than that!”
  273. Judith 5:13 [YHVH] Elohim dried the Red Sea before the [emigrating] Hebrews.
  274. Genesis 16:14 So [Hagar's] well (between Kadesh {Sanctuary} and Bered {Hail}) comes to be called Beer-Lahai-Roi {Well-of-the-One-who-lives-and-sees}.
  275. Genesis 18:16 The angel-men stand up to leave [Abraham's camp]. They look toward [the sinful city of] Sodom. Abraham goes with the [men], to see them on their way.
  276. Exodus 19:9 So YHVH says to Moses, “Watch: I'm going to come to you in a thick cloud. The people [below] will hear me speaking with you. [My power will give them visible grounds to] permanently trust you.” Moses [hikes back down Bush Mountain, 😇]. He tells the people [to get ready for this awesome spectacle] predicted by YHVH.
  277. Exodus 19:11 [You've got just under] 3 days to get ready. For on the 3rd day [from now, I,] YHVH, descend [in a supernatural cloud] in the sight of all the people, [here] on Mount Sinai {Bush}.
    note: 3rd day being a prefiguration of Jonah's 3 day stint in the fish belly, and the Messiah's 3 day stay in the tomb.
  278. Exodus 19:12 Set limits for the people all around [Bush Mountain]. Warn them, ‘Watch out - don't wander up on the mountain. Don't even touch its base. Whoever touches [Bush] mountain dies—DEAD!
  279. Exodus 20:22 YHVH's [angel] says to Moses, “Say this to the children of Israel: ‘You've seen me talk with you from heaven.
  280. Exodus 33:10 All the people see the pillar of cloud standing at the door of the meeting-tent, 😇. So all the people jump up [from their chairs and beds]. Every man [bows his face to the dirt] in his tent's doorway.
  281. Exodus 33:21 Then YHVH says, “Watch, [Moses]. Stand here on this rock beside [my angel].
  282. Exodus 34:31 So Moses beckons the [Israelites. Cautiously,] Aaron and all the rulers of the congregation slink back up to [Moses]. So Moses talks with them.
  283. Exodus 40:35 [YAH's presence is so powerful, 😇,] that Moses can't enter the meeting tent, because the cloud stays on it. The glory of YHVH saturates the Sanctuary!
  284. Exodus 40:36 Subsequently, 😇, when [YAH] lifts the cloud up above the Sanctuary, the people of Israel travel onward on their [many] journeys.
  285. Leviticus 8:8 Then Moses puts the breastplate on Aaron. Then [Moses] puts the Urim {Light-Emitting-Rock(s)} and the Thummim {Truth-Divulging-Rock(s)} in [a pouch inside Aaron's] breastplate.
  286. Numbers (Journeys) 9:21 So, 😇, sometimes the cloud only stays [down] from evening to morning. Then [YHVH] lifts the cloud at sunrise. Then the [Hebrews] move out. Whenever, by day or by night, [YHVH] lifts the [supernatural] cloud, the Hebrews journey on.
  287. Numbers (Journeys) 10:34 The [miracle] cloud of YHVH flies over the [Israeli nation] by day, [as they move] from one campsite to the next.
    note: This verse is said to properly follow v36.
  288. Numbers (Journeys) 11:7 [The complainers point at] this stuff that looks like coriander seed, 😇, [whitish to the] eye like gum resin [bdellium].
  289. Numbers (Journeys) 11:9 Every night, 😇, the miracle-manna falls with the dew that settles on the camp.
  290. Numbers (Journeys) 16:29 If these [rebels] die the common death all men [face in old age], or if they merely experience the normal kinds of problems all men grapple with, then YHVH has not sent me.
  291. Deuteronomy 2:10 (Note to 😇: the Emim {Terrors} used to live near [Ar {Watch-Fortress}]. The [Terrors] were a huge population, as tall as the [giant] Anakim {Stranglers}.
  292. Deuteronomy 2:11 The [Emim] are also classed as Rephaim {Giants}, like the Anakim {Stranglers}. But the Moabites call them “Emim {Terrors}.”
  293. Deuteronomy 2:20 ([Note to 😇: Lot's region] is also called a “land of giants,” because giants long ago lived there. The spawn of Ammon call the [giants] “Zamzummim.”
  294. Deuteronomy 31:15 Then YHVH appears in the tent in a pillar of cloud, 😇! The pillar of cloud stands above the entrance to the [big] tent.
  295. Judges 6:17 [Gideon] replies, “[YHVH], if now I've found grace in your sight, then show me a sign that [this angel really is] Your [representative] talking with me.”
  296. Judges 6:20 The angel of Elohim says to [Gideon], “Take the meat and the unleavened cakes. Lay them on this rock. Then pour out the broth.” So [Gideon] obeys.
  297. Judges 6:36 Then Gideon {Chopper} prays to Elohim, “Please save Israel by my hand, as you promised.
  298. Judges 13:9 So Elohim listens to the voice of Manoah {Rest}. The angel of [YHVH] the Eloah comes back to the woman as she sits in the field, while Manoah (her husband) isn't with her.
  299. Judges 13:11 So Manoah [jumps up]. He runs [back to the field, chasing] his wife. [They] arrive at the [angel] man. [Manoah] asks him, “Are you the [angel]-man who spoke to [this] woman?” [The angel] replies, “I am.”
  300. Judges 13:21 Finally Manoah realizes that [the mystery man] was an angel of YHVH. But the angel of YHVH never again appears to Manoah nor to his wife.
  301. Judges 13:22 Manoah [cries] to his wife, “For sure we're gonna’ die, because we've seen Elohim!”
    note: They didn't see YHVH Elohim. They saw His angel.
  302. Judges 13:23 But [Manoah's] wife corrects him, “If YHVH wanted to kill us, he wouldn't have received an ascension-gift and a grain-donation from our hands. And he wouldn't have revealed to us all these wonders, nor [taken his] time to predict [Samson's birth].”
  303. 1st Samuel 3:7 SamuEl's [face contorts in confusion, because he's] never experienced YHVH's [paranormal activity], 😇. To this moment, YHVH has never [directly] revealed his Word to SamuEl.
  304. 1st Samuel 6:9 Watch [the ark travel]. If [the cows drag] it up by the road [to Hebrew] territory, to Beth-Shemesh {House-Of-The-Sun}, then [YAH] has [punished] us with this massive disaster. But if [the cows don't go to Hebrew territory,] then we'll know that it's not [YAH's] hand striking us; we're just falling victim to random chance.”
  305. 1st Samuel 6:10 So the [Philistine] men [obey their sorcerers]. They fetch two milk cows. They tie the [cows] to the cart. They pen the [cows'] calves in the [cow] shed.
  306. 1st Samuel 6:11 Then the [Philistine men] set the ark of YHVH on the cart. [To the ark's side, they tie] the box with the golden-mice and the models of the [Philistines' anal-genital] tumors.
  307. 1st Samuel 9:14 [So Saul & his worker ride] up into the city. When they get into the city, SamuEl {Heard-By-El} [rides] right out opposite them to travel up to the ‘high-place.’
  308. 1st Samuel 12:16 So now stand and see YHVH perform the [following] great [sign] before your eyes:
  309. 1st Samuel 23:9 But David [hears] that Saul [is] secretly plotting [an attack] against him. So [David] asks Abiathar {Generous-Father} the priest, “Bring [YAH's mysterious fortune-telling] ephod-vest here.”
  310. 1st Kings 13:11 Meanwhile, there in Beth-El, some boys [see the pagan altar break apart]. They run [home in terror]. They tell their Dad (an old [local] prophet) all the wonders the [mystery] man of Elohim did that day at [the pagan sanctuary]. And they tell their Dad all the predictions [the mystery prophet] spoke to [evil] king [Jeroboam].
  311. 1st Kings 18:30 So EliJah {JAH-Is-El} [shouts] to all the people, “Come near to me.” So all the people approach him. Then he repairs YHVH's broken down altar.
  312. 1st Kings 18:33 Then [ELiJah] lays the firewood in order. He cuts the young bull's [uneaten parts] into pieces. He lays them on the wood. He says [to his helpers], “Fill 4 barrels with water. Then pour it on the ascension-gift, and on the wood.” [His helpers pour the water over the bones, the bull's hide and the wood.]
  313. 2nd Kings 8:4 Meanwhile, the king chats with Gehazi {Vision-Valley} the servant of [EliShua] (the man of Elohim). The king [asks], “Please tell me all the great [miracles] EliShua has performed.”
  314. 1st Chronicles 13:12 [All] that day, David {Love} [shakes] in fear of Elohim, asking, “How can I bring the [deadly] ark of Elohim home to [Jerusalem with] me?”
  315. 1st Chronicles 16:12 Remember the marvelous feats [YAH] performs, His wonders, and the judgments [he thunders] from His mouth.
  316. Ezra 2:63 So the [Persian] governor instructs the [questionable priests] not to eat any of [Israel's] super-sacred [food donations] until a priest stands [consulting the] Urim {Flame-Lights} and the Thummim {Perfection-Stone(s)}.
  317. Job 4:15 A spirit passes before my face. The hair on my skin stands up!
  318. Job 4:16 [The spirit] stands still. I can't make out its form. An image [flashes] before my eyes. Silence [like dread covers the room]. Then I hear a voice:
  319. Job 21:4 My quarrel isn't with [you mere] mortals. [I'm being attacked by supernatural forces!] How could I not feel shaken-to-bits?
  320. Job 31:3 What inheritance does [the] Almighty on high give wreakers of ruin? Mysterious [horror]!
  321. Psalms 78:14 In the daytime, [YAH] leads us with [his spirit] cloud, 😇. All night long [we look up to see] a [supernatural pillar of] fiery light [illuminating our footsteps through the treacherous desert].
  322. Psalms 103:20 Kneel [and adore] YHVH, you, his messenger-angels, you overwhelmingly powerful [spirit-warriors] who execute his commandments, who listen to the voice of his word.
  323. Ezekiel 9:3 The glory of the Elohim of Israel rises up from its place on the [Ark Of The Covenant's] cherubim. [The glory ascends] to the top of the Temple's [doorway]. Then [YHVH] calls to the linen-clothed man who holds the writer's inkhorn by his side.
  324. Ezekiel 10:20 I recognize the [composite] living creature[s] [hovering] under the Elohim of Israel as the same cherubim I saw by the Chebar river.
  325. Ezekiel 11:1 Then [YAH's] spirit lifts me up. [He flies] me to the east gate of YHVH's temple, 😇. I look eastward. At the gate-entrance I see 25 men. Among them I see JaazaniYah {Heard-By-YAH} (the son of Azur {Helpful}), and PelatiYah {YAH-Rescues} (the son of BenaYAH {YAH-Built}), the leaders of [Judea's] people.
  326. Ezekiel 44:1 Then, 😇, [the angel-man flies] me back through the sanctuary's outer gate which looks toward the east [highway]. [Some power] shuts the gate [behind me].
  327. Ezekiel 46:21 Then, 😇, the [angel-man flies] me out [of the temple] into the outer courtyard. [He flies] me around its four corners. I see in every corner of the courtyard lies another [smaller] courtyard.
  328. Daniel 4:13 Upon my bed, I keep looking into the visions of my head. Suddenly I see a Watcher (a Holy One) [fly] down from heaven.
  329. Daniel 10:5 I lift up my eyes. Suddenly I see a [supernatural] ‘man’ clothed in linen. Around his waist wraps a belt made of fine gold [like gold from] Uphaz {Gold-land}.
    note: This man matches the description of the Messiah in Revelation ch.1, leading to the possibility that this might be the Messiah resurrected and passed back through time.
  330. Daniel 10:9 Still I hear the sound of the [superman's roaring] words. At the thundering of his speaking, I faint. [I fall down.] My face [smacks] the dust.
  331. Daniel 10:17 —I am your servant, master. How can I speak with you, my Adon {Lord}? No strength remains in me. My life-breath [lies knocked] out…”
  332. Daniel 10:21 I'll show you [more secrets] written in the scripture-Book of Truth. I [know all about the supernatural realities that control the wicked Empire you govern]. I am the only [being] whom [YAH lets fight against the Persian demons,] except MichaEl {El-Is-Incomparable}: your [angelic] prince.”
  333. Daniel 12:5 Then I (DaniEl) look. Suddenly there appear two other [angels]! One [angel floats] above [my] side of the [Tigris] river. The other [angel floats] over the far river-bank.
  334. Daniel 12:6 One [angel] asks the super-man clothed in linen who [hovers] on the waters of the river, “How long will it be until the end of these marvels?”
  335. Hosea 12:4 [But] the [wrestling] messenger overpowered Jacob and prevailed, 😇. [Then] Jacob wept and begged [Elohim for help]. Jacob found [help] at Beth-El {house-of-ELohim}. [There Jacob saw the Stairway To Heaven]. There [ELohim {God}] spoke with Jacob.
    note: Pronoun confusion typically hamstrings this verse. It's a common mistake to say that Jacob beat the wrestling messenger. The messenger beat Jacob. Some manuscripts say: ‘at Beth-El, ELohim speaks/spoke to us.’ Note the irony: the 'House of God' (Beth-El) is now a house of idolatry. Very fitting. Most churches and synagogues are centers of misinformation: the Jews misinterpret the Old Testament while the Christians ignore it.
  336. ZechariYAH 6:4 I call the angel who speaks inside my [head]. [I] ask him, “What do these [horses and chariots represent], my lord?”
  337. Matthew 17:8 [Peter, James & JAHn] lift up their eyes. They see no one but YahShua.
  338. Mark 14:14 [You'll see] the [water-carrying-man] enter a house. Say to the house's owner, ‘The Teacher asks, “Where is the guest room where I can eat the Passover meal with my disciples?”’
  339. Luke 1:12 ZachariYah sees the angel. [ZachariYah] startles, 😇! Fear overwhelms him.
  340. Luke 1:26 In the 6th month [of Elizabeth's pregnancy, YHVH] the Eloah sends His [arch]angel GabriEl to a town named Nazareth in the Heathen-Circle [Galilee].
    note: Nazareth means ‘Consecrated, separated, Holy’.
  341. Luke 19:32 So, 😇, the 2 disciples hike to the village. They find the [wild] colt just as YahShua [supernaturally] predicted.
  342. Luke 19:35 The disciples [drag] the [wild, kicking] colt to YahShua. The [disciples] throw their cloaks on the [back of the] colt. [Then] they lift YahShua onto its [bucking] back.
    note: A colt that had never ridden would be bucking hard enough to kill any man. But YahShua's power makes this colt mysteriously calm.
  343. John 20:12 Mary sees 2 angels in white. [They] sit, one at the head, the other at the feet, of where YahShua's corpse lay [just hours before].
  344. John 21:1 Then, 😇, at Lake Tiberias, YahShua again appears to his disciples:
    note: Tiberias Caesar apparently renamed Lake Galilee (Heathen-Circle Lake) after himself.
  345. Hebrews 1:14 Are not all angels spirits who serve, sent out [by YAH] to help to [people who will] become heirs of salvation, 😇?
  346. Joshua 11:22 [JAHshua allows] none of the [demon-spawn] Anakim {Stranglers} [to] stay [to ravage] the land of the people of Israel. [But the Anakim] still lurk in Gaza {Strength}, in Gath {Wine-Press}, and in Ashdod {Ravager-City}.
  347. Joshua 12:4 And [Israel gains] the territory of [fat giant] Og {Round}, king of Bashan {Fruitful}. ([Og] was one of the last remaining Rephaim {Giants}. He lived at Ashtaroth {Easter} and at Edrei {Power-Arm}.)
  348. Judges 6:18 [Gideon continues,] “Please stay right here, [angel,] until I come back carrying my gift [I'll] set before you.” [YAH's angel] responds, “I'll stay here ‘til you get back.”
  349. Judges 13:17 So Manoah asks the angel of YHVH, “What's your name, so when your predictions come true, we can [give you the] honor.”
  350. 1st Samuel 6:2 So the Philistines summon [their] priests and diviners. The [people] ask, “What can we do with the ark of YHVH? Tell us how we can send it back where it belongs.”
  351. 1st Samuel 14:18 Knowing the ark of Elohim is [back] with the people of Israel, [King] Saul says to AhiYah {Kin-Of-YAH}, “Bring the ark of Elohim here.”
    note: Again, Israelis try to use the ark as a talisman.
  352. 1st Kings 18:32 With these [12] stones, [EliJah] builds an altar. [He dedicates it] to the name-Authority of YHVH. [Then] around the altar [EliJah] digs a trench big enough to hold 2 seahs [3+ gallons] of seed.
  353. Ezekiel 43:1 Then the [angel-man flies] me to the gate, (the [temple] gate that faces east).
    note: This long section of temple reform instructions indicates YAH's intent to rid the Judeo-Christian religion of commercial and pagan corruption. You are similarly designed to fit into YAH's human temple in a specific way. If you're a believer participating in worldly commerce, you're like a Satanic shrine on Jerusalem's temple mount.
  354. Ezekiel 43:4 Then the glory of YHVH [flies] me into the [vision] temple via the [high]way [that leads to] the [temple's] east-facing gate.
  355. Ezekiel 46:19 Then, 😇, the [angel-man flies] me through the entrance beside the [vision-temple] gate into the holy chambers of the priests. I look [out the window] to the north. I see a [courtyard] at the extreme west [of these rooms].
  356. Luke 1:21 The crowd [outside the temple] waits for ZachariYah. [They] marvel that he's taking so long to come back outside.


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