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The Word of the Creator is available in written form in the Hebrew scriptures, older and newer testaments. The commercial/politicized translations and interpretations are horribly perverted, but with sincere daily systematic study, you can glean the truth.

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33 SCRIPTURE SECTIONS on the theme of Yah's Word

    Interactive Timeline
  2. Mary Births Yahshua The Messiah (aka Jesus)
  3. We're Grass-Flowers. YAH's Word Is Eternal
  4. YAH's Word-Water Gives Life To All Reality
  5. Never Twist Nor Misquote Scripture
  6. A Prophet Makes His Fellow Punch His Face
  7. John's Eyes Saw YAH's Light In Human Form
  8. The Greeks Commit Unspeakable Mass-Torture
  9. The World Tramples On The Bible & Murders It
  10. Ezra Reads the Law To Ex-Exiles in Jerusalem
  11. John Predicts The Bible's Brief Popularity
  12. YAH's Laws Are Simple, Logical & Accessible
  13. YAH Will Destroy & Remake The Universe
  14. YAH Promises To Redeem & Use Israel Forever
  15. When Good People Go Bad, They Burn Like Twigs
  16. Study The Old & New Testaments Every Day
  17. Jews Are Special; They Preserve The Scripture
  18. YAH Gives Moses The TEN COMMANDMENTS!
  19. Purify Yourself Of All Evil; Drink YAH's Word
  20. The Maxims Of Agur The Gatherer
  21. Samuel Grows Up; Prophesies Israel's Doom
  22. John's Vision Begins With A Trumpet-Voice
  23. Yahshua Tells The Slut-Lady He's The Messiah!
  24. The Apostles Appoint Welfare-Fund Managers
  25. Zechariah Sees The Flying Scroll Of Doom
  26. While Herod Rots, The Gospel Spreads Global
  27. Rave About YHVH's Majestic Creative Power
  28. The High Priest Finds The Lost Law Of YHVH
  29. Jeremiah Tells Judeans Babylon Will Soon Fall
  30. YAH's Insights Dwarf All Human Science
  31. Moses & Christians Agree: Faith Saves You
  32. Hosea Prophesies To Evil North Israel
  33. Baruch Reads This Book To Judea's King et al


342 SCRIPTURES on the theme of Yah's Word

  1. IsaiYAH 40:8 The grass withers; the flower fades, 😇. But the Word of our Elohim stands forever.
    note: See great Isaiah 40:8 song.
  2. Mark 13:31 Sky, outer space, and earth are passing away, 😇. But my Words never pass away.
    note: Sky and earth will wear out [and be regenerated]. Yahshua's words won't wear out. His Words are the stuff that made the universe. His words are indestructible. That's why the bible is, 2000 years later, still the biggest-selling book worldwide.
  3. Luke 4:4 YahShua answers the devil, [Moses] writes, ‘Man lives not by bread alone, [but by YHVH's every word].’"
    note: Deuteronomy 8:3. The exact words of a scriptural quotation may differ, as long as they preserve the same meaning.
  4. Luke 21:33 [This present] celestial-sky and earth eventually [wear out], 😇. [The universe] passes away. But my words never pass away.
    note: Creation implodes. Then YAH rebuilds it.
  5. John 1:1 [😇, when you time-travel] to the beginning [of the universe, you see YAH's] Logic existing [not as mere words, but as an immortal human]. [YAH's living] Logic is [there at the Creation, inextricably linked] with [YHVH] the Eloah. [YAH's] Logic is elohim: [mighty, in charge of everything. This book is the story of that elohim's incarnation on planet earth].
    note: Elohim here is used in its superlative, not personal, sense. Bookstore translations of John 1:1 omit the crucial definite article '*THE*' [ton]. It's in the Greek wherever the New Testament refers to YHVH: GREEK: en arche was the logos, and the logos was beside Ton Theon, and the logos was theos. HEBREW: In the beginning was the Ma'amar and the Ma'amar was beside The Eloha and the ma'amar was elohim (superlative). The ‘Word’ (Yahshua) = theos (elohim), not ‘*Ho* Theos’ (the Eloha, YHVH). ‘Word’ here means: thoughts, logic, plans, reasoning, motives, intent. ‘YHVH’ means: The One Father, the Eloha, the Most High Elohim. ‘Elohim’ here means something or someone supreme but beneath YHVH. Elohim does NOT mean that Yahshua (Jesus) is YHVH. YHVH is the Creator of many ‘elohim’, all inferior to Him. Deut.10:17 YHWH your Eloha is Eloha of Elohim. J.W.'s insert the indefinite article ‘a’. It's not in the text. Greek has no indefinite article.
  6. Proverbs 30:6 Never add to Elohim's words, 😇, or he [might] rebuke you, and expose you as a liar.
    note: Bible translators add lots of extra words, particularly to Hebrew verses, with no indication of the subterfuge. Insertions change meaning. Wordy rendering makes verses impossible to sing using oral tradition, which is the way the scriptures were meant to be transmitted. Verbosity gives rise to a written scriptural pedagogy, dependent on books, schools, projectors, and lecturers (preachers, seminary professors, sunday-school teachers) who [wrongly] explain the scriptures. Strip away the added words. Get back to singing the scriptures in their pure, brief, hit-song rhyming, dancing, shouting, singing style, as they were composed and intended to be passed down the generations.
  7. Amos 8:11 Adonai YHVH warns, 😇, see the coming days: I send a famine on the land: not a famine of bread, nor a thirst for water, but [a lack] of hearing the words of YHVH.
    note: We are now in the crippling end-stages of that famine now. Gross Biblical illiteracy is an unchecked rampant worldwide epidemic, even in churches and synagogues.
  8. Matthew 24:35 Sky & earth pass away, 😇. But my Words never die.
  9. John 1:4 [YAH's] Logic is [the repository of all] Life, 😇. [That] Life is the light-fire [that fuels] mankind.
  10. Ephesians 6:17 Strap on the helmet of salvation, 😇. Brandish the sword of the Spirit: the Word of Elohim.
    note: The world-system has its weapons: guns, bombs, tanks. Our weapons are love, song, YAH's word, etc. Know the bible. Study it, sing it, become it.
  11. Hebrews 4:12 For YHVH's logic is alive, 😇. It's powerful. It's sharper than any two edged sword. It pierces [the universe]. YAH's reasoning cuts right through to where [physical life] meets spirit, [where] “joints” meet “bone-marrow.” YAH's Word discerns [& judges] the thoughts [and intentions & attitudes] of [your] heart, 😇.
    note: word=logos=reason/logical argument
  12. Hebrews 10:16 [In Jeremiah 31:33,] YHVH pre-declares, “This is the Covenant I come to make with [my people (spiritual Israel)] after [the exile]: I put my laws into their hearts, 😇. I write my guidelines in their minds.”
  13. Apocalypsis (Revelation) 19:21 The rest [of the evil ones] get killed by the ‘sword’ [flying] out of the mouth of YahShua, who sits on the [white] horse. All the birds gorge themselves on the flesh of [fallen mankind], 😇.
    note: The sword is YAH's Word.
  14. Psalms 12:6 The words of YHVH are pure words, 😇, like silver fire-tested in an earthen furnace, purified 7 times.
  15. Psalms 119:105 Your word is [the] lamp for my feet — [the] light on my path.
  16. IsaiYAH 8:20 [Check everything anyone says against the Mosaic] Law and the [Sacred Hebrew scriptural] records, 😇. If [anyone] fails to speak according to [YAH’s] word, it's because their [hearts and minds are black holes] devoid of light.
    note: It's ridiculous for 'Christianites' to assert that Christ in any way overturned anything Moses said. If he had, he wouldn't be the Messiah.
  17. IsaiYAH 55:11 My word [works] just like [life-giving] water. [It] shoots out of my mouth [like rain], 😇. It never returns to me fruitless. It always accomplishes what I intend. [My word] succeeds in whatever I send it [to do].
  18. Luke 8:11 Here is the decoded symbology of the ‘seed’ parable, 😇: The ‘seed’ symbolizes the Word of [YHVH] the Eloah.
  19. John 1:2 [YAH's] Logic existed in the beginning with [YHVH] *THE* Eloah.
    note: Not yet "He," because the text is still referring to 'Word/Logic'. Later 'the word' becomes flesh and becomes a "He". The Messiah is a time-space traveler. Logos [usually translated "Word"] means "reasoned discourse", therefore the only true church is the Church Of Common Sense. Nonsensical doctrines are heresies.
  20. John 1:14 So, 😇, [in the year A.D. Zero, YAH] makes [His] Logic into a [human] body, [a man named YahShua]. [YahShua] lives among us. (We [stand] gawking at [YahShua's] glory, the glory of the only [child ever born from a human egg fertilized directly by the Spirit of YHVH] the Father). [YahShua] overflows with [YAH's glorious] grace and truth.
    note: YAH's Word became a flesh-and-blood man whom YHVH in a sense ‘fathered’. YHVH did not literally incarnate in the form of Jesus. To understand the distinction, you must include the (often omitted) necessary definite article ‘THE’.
  21. John 4:14 But whoever drinks of the water I give him never thirsts [again]. Rather, the water I give him becomes a flowing spring inside him, welling up into eternal life!”
    note: “The word of El Shaddai on high is the fountain of wisdom.” Ecclesiasticus (from Latin Vulgate) 1:5 “Wisdom is poured forth like water.” Enoch 48A:1 "all the thirsty drink. They fill with wisdom. [They gain a home] with the righteous, the elect, the holy.” (Enoch 48:1) “A wise man's knowledge wells up in a flood, and his counsel, like a fountain of life.” Sirach 14:13 “The words of a man's mouth are deep waters; a flowing brook, a fountain of wisdom.” (Prov.18:4 JPS)
  22. Ephesians 5:26 The Messiah gave himself to cleanse the Ekklesia, to separate [her from the world-system, 😇]. He washes her with [YAH's Living] Water.
  23. 1 Maccabees 1:56 The Greeks tear in pieces any books of [YAH's] law they can find, and burn them with fire.
    note: The ‘Bibles’ most people read look whole, but are in fact torn in pieces: the order of events is so messed up, and the translations are so bad, that nobody really reads the Bible, except as a sleep-aid. And the religionists love it that way. The Bible Societies are run by high-level occultist freemasons who deprive you of decent translations and explanatory comments.
  24. Deuteronomy 8:3 How [YAH] humbled you. He let you hunger. He fed you with mysterious [white] manna-stuff, [a food] unknown to you and your ancestors, to get you to realize that man does not live by food alone. Rather, men survive [only] by [listening to and obeying] every word that proceeds out of the mouth of YHVH.
  25. NehemiYAH 8:9 All the people stand there weeping when they hear the words of [YAH's] Law. NehemiYah {YAH's-Comfort} (the governor) and Ezra {Aid} the priestly scribe, and the Levites teaching the people, say to all the people, “This is the Holy-Day of YHVH your Elohim. So don't mourn. Don't weep.”
  26. Psalms 119:11 I store your directions in my heart. [You] keep me on-target [and on time].
  27. Proverbs 30:5 😇, every word of Elohim [shines] pure. [YAH's Law is your] shield. Flee-for-protection [in] Him.
  28. JeremiYAH 20:9 So I say, ‘I'll stop thinking about YHVH. I'll avoid speaking in his Name.’ But his word burns in my heart like a fire caged in my bones, 😇. Holding [YAH's word back] exhausts me. I can't stop [prophesying].
  29. JeremiYAH 23:29 My word is fire,” warns YHVH. “It's a sledgehammer that shatters rocky-crags.
  30. Ezekiel 3:3 Then [YAH] says to me, “‘Son of Adam,’ swallow [my word] into your belly. Fill your insides with this scroll I'm [feeding] you.” So I eat [the scroll], 😇. It floods my mouth like sweet honey.
  31. Matthew 4:4 YahShua answers the Tempter [by quoting scripture], [Moses] writes: ‘Man lives not by food alone, but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of YHVH.’”
    note: (Deuteronomy 8:3)
  32. John 6:68 Simon-Peter {Rock} answers YahShua, “Master, to whom would we go? [Only] you have the Words of eternal Life.
    note: Good answer, Peter. We don't like being murdered. But we have no 2nd option. Jesus is the only way. No other wisdom source even comes close. Jesus is 3D. Every other source of wisdom is 2 dimensional.
  33. John 8:55 Yet you've never known YAH. But I know Him. If I said, ‘I don't know YAH,’ I'd be a liar like you. But I know YAH. And [I] keep His Word.
  34. John 17:17 [Father,] sanctify [my disciples] through Your truth. Your Word defines truth.
    note: That's the answer to Pilate's question: What is truth? YAH's Word is Truth.
  35. Acts 22:7 I fall to the ground. I hear a voice asking me, ‘Saul, Saul, why do you [keep] persecuting me?’
  36. Romans 15:4 For the ancient [Hebrew prophets] write their every [word] to teach us, 😇. So, through the encouragement of the Scriptures, we can cheerfully-endure [life's trials with] hope.
    note: The only scripture Paul had available was what we call the ‘Old Testament’. Study it!
  37. 1st John 1:1 😇, we [apostles] have heard, we've seen with our eyes, we've looked upon, and our hands have handled [YAH's Living] Word of life which existed from the beginning [of creation]!
  38. Apocalypsis (Revelation) 10:9 [So] I [fly] to the [rainbow] angel. [I] say to him, “Give me the little book.” The angel answers me, “Take [the book]. Eat it up. It'll make your belly bitter. But in your mouth it'll [taste] sweet as honey.”
  39. Apocalypsis (Revelation) 11:9 The people, kindreds, language groups and nations see the dead bodies of [these 2 ‘witnesses’] for 3.5 [symbolic] ‘days.’ Yet [the worldlings] refuse to permit [anyone] to bury the [witnesses'] dead bodies in graves.
    note: The religious world, centered at Jerusalem, boasts their bible colleges, universities, ministries, missions, churches, synagogues, mosques, with their huge gold-leafed bibles on their pulpits. Yet they lie dead to YAH's Word. The religious world has left the old and new testaments for dead. Judeo-Christian hypocrites use their pseudo-biblical scams to net themselves vast piles of ill-gotten money.
  40. Apocalypsis (Revelation) 11:10 The earth-dwelling people [and demons] rejoice over [the carcasses of] these [2 ‘witnesses’]. [The worldlings] make merry. They send gifts to each other. [They celebrate,] because these two ‘prophets’ tormented the [people and devils] who lived on the earth.
    note: Everyone hates the Bible. Just quote it in reference to anyone's sins. They'll chase you out of their houses, whether they're churchgoers or atheists.
  41. 1 Maccabees 1:57 Obeying the Emperor's orders, [the soldiers and traitors hunt down] anyone with a Book of the Testament and anyone committed to [YAH's] law. [Executioners] put these [saints] to death, 😇.
    note: Persecution today is often much more subtle: Deluded preachers say that the Old Testament has been done away with, and that it's evil to read the Apocrypha. Jews say the New Testament is a lie. The endgame is the same: the devil gets you to ignore YAH's Holy Word and ignore the tools you need to understand it, resulting in your eternal death.
  42. Deuteronomy 30:14 Rather, [YAH's] Word is very close to you, 😇. [It's] in your mouth, and in your heart. You CAN obey it [if you so choose]!
    note: Memorize the scriptures using songs. Just having the scriptures in a book on your shelf, and hearing a sermon once a week does you little to no good. The scriptures must flow from your heart to the tip of your tongue.
  43. 1st Kings 20:35 Immediately the word of YHVH [comes upon Micah, a] 2nd-generation prophet-man [who sees Ahab make this forbidden league with Syria]. [Micah] says to his fellow [prophet], “Punch me [in the face]. Quick!” But the [other prophet refuses to] punch [Micah].
    note: Sometimes the word of YHVH tells you to do strange stuff. Josephus identifies this prophet as MicaYah (Micah).
  44. 2nd Kings 10:10 —Now [you] know that not one [letter] of the word of YHVH ever falls to the earth. YHVH decreed the [demise] of Ahab's dynasty. YHVH accomplished everything he prophesied through his servant EliJah {JAH-Is-El}.”
  45. NehemiYAH 8:3 There, facing the street by [Jerusalem's] Water Gate, Ezra {Aid} loudly heralds the Torah from the morning until midday. [He] faces the men, women and [children who are] capable of comprehending [the words]. The ears of all the people listen attentively to the book of [YAH's] Law.
    note: This was not a sermon, but a special event in which the people re-discovered their lost holy books. Possibly the words were sung. The word is not "read" or "preached" but cried, called out, heralded.
  46. NehemiYAH 8:12 All the people [run] to the feast to eat, drink, share food [with the poor], and joyously celebrate, because [Ezra] declares [YAH's] Word to them [in a way] they understand [for the first time in their lives].
    note: That's our job: to help bring joy to the earth by helping people understand YAH's Word. YAH's Law brings joy, not restriction.
  47. NehemiYAH 9:13 —Then, from heaven, you came down onto Mount Sinai {Bush-Mountain}. You spoke with the [Israelites through your angel]. You gave them right rulings, and true teachings: good Laws and instructions.
  48. Psalms 29:7 YHVH's yell hews [through] blazes of fire, 😇.
  49. JeremiYAH 5:14 So YHVH, commander-in-chief-of-all-armies, decrees: “Because the [unbelievers] declare [war on my prophets], watch, 😇! I make My words into fire. It spews from your mouth, 😇. [I morph the fools] into human firewood. [My Word from your mouth] devours the [villains]!
  50. Ezekiel 2:9 I look, 😇. Suddenly I see [YAH] send a [mysterious spirit-]hand. [It floats in a vapor-cloud] toward me. I see that the hand holds a scroll.
  51. Amos 8:12 See [earth's people] rove [the four winds] from sea to sea, 😇. From the north to the sunrise, they run back and forth to seek the word of YHVH. Yet they fail to find it.
    note: lit: from the Dead Sea to the Mediterranean. All that air, land, sea and internet traffic holds so little meaning.
  52. ZechariYAH 14:8 [See] the coming Day, 😇: living waters flow out from the City-Of-Peace. Half of the [waters flow] east to the [now Dead] sea. [The other] half of the [waters flow] west to the [Mediterranean] sea. [This river flows all year long,] in [sunny harvest] summer as much as in [rainy, fallow] winter.
    note: Figuratively, the Living Word of the Messiah spreads through the earth from the People Of Peace. If this is literal, a new waterway forms through New Jerusalem, making it a seaport city, connecting the Dead Sea in the East to the Mediterranean sea in the West.
  53. John 1:9 [So, 😇,] the true Word-Light that gives light to every man enters the world [at the time of JAHn].
    note: Through a baby named Yahshua, born 6 months after John's birth.
  54. John 4:13 YahShua answers [the loose woman], “Whoever drinks of this [Israeli] water thirsts again.
  55. John 8:47 Whoever is from [YHVH] the Eloah hears YHVH's words. So [the reason] you fail to hear YHVH's words is because you are not from YHVH.”
    note: Wanna' find out who around you is from YAH and who is from the devil? Just say some rare commonly-taught truth from the scripture. Condemn fiat currency or interest charges or premarital sex or secular public education or elective surgery. People will polarize. Most will scoff. But once in a while, someone will listen with deep serious interest.
  56. 2nd Timothy 3:16 Elohim inspired all [true Hebrew prophets to write down the] scriptures, 😇. [The Hebrew bible is] valuable for teaching [people], for convicting [them] of sin, [for] correcting [their] faults and training [them] in right living.
    note: At this point the New Testament was just being written. So this is an endorsement of the Hebrew Canon. It's also tacitly a recommendation to search for continuing inspiration in the New Testament scriptures and beyond.
  57. Apocalypsis (Revelation) 10:10 I take the little book out of the angel's hand. [I] eat it up, 😇. In my mouth it [tastes] sweet as honey. But as soon as I eat it, my belly [grows] bitter.
    note: It's sweet to hear and understand prophecies. But it's nauseating to tell the truth to a fallen world and a fake church who kill you for being honest.
  58. Apocalypsis (Revelation) 11:5 And if any man hurts the [2 ‘witnesses,’] fire shoots out of the [witnesses'] ‘mouth[s].’ [Flames] devour the [bible's] enemies, 😇. This is how anyone who wants to harm the [2 ‘witnesses’] must die.
    note: ‘Hurts the witnesses’ probably refers to hurtfully misrepresenting Biblical teachings.
  59. Apocalypsis (Revelation) 11:7 (When these [2 ‘witnesses’] finish their testimony, the beast that ascends out of the bottomless pit makes war against them. [It] overcomes them. [It] kills them.)
    note: True biblical knowledge has perished from the earth. Most people who claim to be Bible students are as clueless as the pagans who ignore it.
  60. Apocalypsis (Revelation) 22:18 For I [YahShua] testify to every man who hears the words of the prophecy of this [revelation] book, 😇: When any man adds to these [truths,] [YHVH] the Eloah adds to him the plagues written in this book.
    note: Never add nor subtract words from the scripture. That's why we [strive to] put our explanatory notes in [brackets].
  61. Apocalypsis (Revelation) 22:19 Likewise, 😇, whenever any man takes away from the words of the book of this prophecy, [YHVH] the Eloah takes away [the lying scribe's] share of the Book of Life, and of the Holy City, and of the [promises] written in this book.
    note: Pick up any common Bible translation you want, and it will have thousands of words dropped, changed and added, with no warning and no clues to the unsuspecting reader.
  62. 1 Maccabees 2:58 [Ancient prophet] EliJah {Jah-Is-El} zealously and fervently [suffered] to [promote YAH's] Law. So [YAH] took him up into heaven.
  63. Deuteronomy 4:2 Never add to the word I command you, 😇. And never subtract anything from it, so you can keep the commandments of YHVH your Elohim, [because] that's [all] I'm commanding you.
    note: Jesus didn't invent any new theology. He taught you how to live the principles embodied in the Mosaic code. Christians have no right to ignore Hebrew principles of Law on the supposed grounds of New Covenant supremacy. Rather, the Holy Spirit gives you the power to keep the Law.
  64. NehemiYAH 8:1 As one man, all [Jerusalem's] people assemble in the street facing the Water Gate. [They] ask Ezra {Aid} (the scribe) to bring the book of the Law (of Moses) which YHVH commanded Israel [to obey].
  65. NehemiYAH 8:5 Ezra {Aid} stands above the whole throng. He opens the book in the sight of the [countless people]. All the people stand up.
  66. Psalms 119:103 [Your laws taste sweeter] than honey in my mouth! My tongue loves your words more than [sugar candy].
  67. Proverbs 19:21 [Every] man's heart devises endless [schemes]. But [only] YHVH's counsel stands [the test of time, 😇].
  68. IsaiYAH 29:18 [After YAH exterminates Judeo-Christian hypocrites,] the day dawns when deaf people hear the words of the [Bible], 😇. The eyes of blind people emerge from darkness to focus on [YAH's light].
  69. IsaiYAH 34:16 😇, seek out YHVH's bible. Read it. Not one of these [predictions] fail [to come true]. Every [bird and animal] I've mentioned [infests the destroyed land] with her mate. [YHVH's] mouth commands [our future]. His spirit brings everything together.
  70. IsaiYAH 59:21 YHVH says, “This, 😇, is my covenant with [you Israelites]: My spirit that [I've laid] upon you, and my words I've put in your mouth, will never leave your mouth[s], nor leave the mouth[s] of your seed-children, nor leave the mouth[s] of your seed-children's seed-children, from now on, forever.” [That's a] promise from YHVH.
    note: Israel still preserves the holy Hebrew scriptures. However, few Israelis obey those scriptures.
  71. Ezekiel 3:1 Then, 😇, [YAH] says to me, “‘Son of Adam,’ eat what you see [in front of you]. Eat this scroll. Then go address the house of Israel.”
  72. Hosea 6:5 So I split up [your fake-religious society]. My prophets' [revelations swing like deadly axes chopping firewood]. I kill [hypocrites] with the words of My mouth. Your death-sentence shines down [on you] like a search-light breaking out [from heaven. Truth exposes you naked earth-crawlers. You scurry like cockroaches running from the light.]
    note: Or, "I perform spiritual surgery via my prophets."
  73. Mark 4:4 As the planter plants, some seeds fall [out of his hands and from his sack, 😇. The stray seeds bounce] onto the path. Birds [swoop down] and devour those [stray] seeds.
  74. Acts 12:24 [While Herod rots,] the word of YHVH continues to increase and spread, 😇.
  75. Romans 3:2 [YHVH] the Eloah has given every kind of advantage to the Jews, 😇. First and foremost, He entrusted His oracles to them.
    note: Of all the people on earth, ancient Jews did by far the best job of recording and preserving the Creator's communications with humans. Set at the “center of the world,” Jerusalem is the perfect publishing headquarters to spread YAH's oracles to every continent. From Judea, you have a straight shot across the Mediterranean to the Americas, and a direct path to Africa, Europe and Asia. Judea was specifically created to be the planet's publishing nexus.
  76. 2nd Timothy 3:17 [😇, scripture is an essential tool. It helps] the [man or woman] of [YHVH] the Eloah be perfect and fully equipped for every good work.
  77. 1st Peter 2:2 Like newborn babies, crave and thirst for the pure [spiritual] milk of YAH's Word. [Scripture] makes you grow, 😇.
  78. 1st John 1:2 (‘The Life’ manifested [on earth]. We [apostles] saw ‘The Life.’ We bear witness, and announce to you, 😇, [that] the Eternal Life that pre-existed with [YHVH] the Father, appeared to us.)
  79. Apocalypsis (Revelation) 11:6 These [2 ‘witnesses’] have power to shut heaven, so that it won't rain during the days of their prophecy. The [witnesses] have power over waters, to turn them to blood, 😇, and (as often as they want) to strike the earth with every kind of plague!
  80. Apocalypsis (Revelation) 11:8 Then the dead bodies of [these 2 ‘witnesses’] lie in the street of the ‘Great City,’ where our Master was crucified: [Jerusalem,] which, spiritually speaking, is ‘Sodom’ and ‘Egypt.’
    note: The word of YHVH, both Old and New testament, lies abused, trampled, left for dead at the center of world religion. All Hebrews come out of Egypt. Look at the 6-sided stars and the pyramid on the back of a U.S. Dollar bill.
  81. Apocalypsis (Revelation) 11:11 After 3.5 ‘days,’ the Spirit of life from Elohim enters the [2 ‘witnesses’]. They stand up on their feet. Great fear falls upon the [people and demons] who see the ‘prophets.’
    note: A revival of the knowledge of YAH's Word puts terror in the hearts of men and demons. They call it ‘religious fundamentalism.’
  82. Deuteronomy 5:4 YHVH taught you “face to face” on the mountain, [via] His [angel's voice flaming] from [heaven's] fire.
    note: Hebrew: ‘face-in-face’, telepathically, more intimate and penetrative than “face to face”. Mortals didn't literally see YAH's face or hear his actual voice, because that would kill them.
  83. 2nd Chronicles 34:14 In the process of doling out the silver [which worshippers] bring into the temple of YHVH, high-priest HilkiYah {YAH's-Inheritance} finds a book of the law which YHVH gave [to the world] through Moses.
  84. NehemiYAH 8:2 So on the 1st day of the [year's] 7th month [September], [high] priest Ezra {Aid} presents [YAH's] Law before the congregated men, women and [children old enough] to hear with understanding.
  85. Job 38:1 Then a whirlwind [descends]. Out of it, YHVH answers Job:
  86. Psalms 119:97 I adore your living-water-words. I think [and talk your thoughts] all day, [every day].
  87. Psalms 119:130 Your words form the doorway to enlightenment. [Scripture] gives understanding [even] to simple-minded [people].
  88. Psalms 119:157 Millions of malefactors chase me down because I refuse to turn aside from your [extra-terrestrial] communiqués.
  89. Psalms 119:162 I light up brighter over your words than [the imperialists light up] over seizing mountains of plunder.
  90. Ezekiel 3:2 So, 😇, I open my mouth. [YAH] feeds me the scroll.
  91. John 12:48 Whoever rejects me (by failing to receive my words) has one who judges him, 😇. The Word I've spoken judges [the unbeliever] on the [world's] Last Day.
  92. John 15:3 You, 😇, have [already] been cleansed by the Word I've spoken to you.
  93. Acts 6:4 [While you pass out perishable food,] we [apostles] will [keep on] devoting ourselves continually to prayer, and to serving [people real nutrition: YAH's] Word.”
  94. Acts 10:44 While Peter {Rock} is still speaking these words, the Sacred Spirit floods over everyone hearing this message, 😇.
  95. 2nd Peter 3:7 YAH's Word preserves today's galaxies and earth, 😇, until the Day YAH comes to consume [them] in fire, when [He] judges and destroys [all] wicked men.
  96. Exodus 20:1 [Then] Elohim speaks [the following 10] Commandments: א
    note: YAH's angel spoke. YAH's actual voice created the Big Bang. One word from YHVH himself would destroy the universe. Like Islam's Koran, the Mosaic Law comes from Arabia. See the amazing children's musical that teaches the 10 Commandments: God's Top 10!.
  97. Numbers (Journeys) 23:5 [Ignoring Balaam's insanity,] YHVH pops a Message into Balaam's mouth. [YHVH] says, “Return to [king] Balak. Speak [the Message I just fed you].”
  98. Numbers (Journeys) 23:16 [Up higher on the mountain] YHVH meets Balaam {Ammon-Is-Lord}. [YAH] puts a Message in [Balaam's] mouth. [YAH] says, “Hike back to [king] Balak. Say this.”
  99. Deuteronomy 30:13 [YAH's Law] is not beyond the sea, 😇. You can't say, “Who'll cross over the sea for us, and bring [YAH's Law] to us, so we can hear it, and live it?”
  100. 2nd Kings 20:16 So IsaiYah says to [king] HezekiYah {Strength-From-YAH}, “Hear the word of YHVH:
  101. 2nd Chronicles 34:30 Then king [Josiah] hikes up into the temple of YHVH with all the men [who represent] Judaea and the inhabitants of Jerusalem, including the priests, the Levites, and all [manner of] people, great and small. There [Josiah] reads in their ears all the words of the covenant-book [which the high-priest] found in YHVH's temple.
  102. NehemiYAH 8:18 Day by day, from the 1st day to the last day [of the Tent Festival], [Ezra] shouts, [sings, reads and acts out dramatizations of] the book of the law of [YHVH] the Eloah. The [Israelites] celebrate the Tent Festival for 7 days. Then [as, Moses instructed,] on the 8th day [they hold] a sacred assembly.
  103. Psalms 1:2 [A righteous man's] delight is in the law of YHVH. He studies [and ponders YAH's] law day and night, 😇.
  104. Psalms 29:5 The voice of YHVH breaks [the tallest] cedars, 😇. YHVH's tiniest [whisper can] fell every tree in Lebanon's [white mountains]!
  105. Psalms 89:34 I'll never break My covenant. [I] never alter any word that goes out of my lips.
  106. Psalms 119:14 Your histories [and ethical principles] light me up brighter than all the riches [in the world].
    note: This spoken by an incredibly wealthy, powerful man.
  107. Psalms 119:140 [The idiots poison] your perfectly pure word, the [one thing that I,] your servant, cherish.
  108. JeremiYAH 23:36 [Jeremiah turns to the angry crowd. He shouts,] “Stop blabbing about YHVH's ‘burdensome’ [messages]. Every man [carries] his own burden of [blab]. You keep overturning the words of the living Elohim, of YHVH-Commander-Of-Armies, our Sovereign.
  109. JeremiYAH 43:1 JeremiYah finishes telling all the [Jewish ‘repenters’] every word from YHVH their Elohim. [Jeremiah] echoes the verbatim message YHVH their Elohim sent [him] to [tell] them.
  110. Ezekiel 2:10 [The paranormal hand] spreads [out the scroll] before me. It's written inside and out, 😇: a doom-tale of death-dirges, mourning and wailing.
  111. Mark 4:14 [I] the farmer plant [YAH's] Word, 😇.
  112. John 17:8 I've given [my disciples] the words You gave me. They've received your Word. [My disciples] know for certain that I came out from You, [YHVH]. They continue to believe that you really sent me.
  113. Acts 6:2 The 12 [apostles] call a crowded meeting of the disciples. The [apostles] say, “It's illogical for us to leave the [job of teaching and heralding the] word of YHVH to run the food bank.
    note: ‘Serve tables’ is an incorrect translation. The word ‘table’ also means ‘bank,’ as in where money or goods are stored. Here the disciples are running a large, complex, costly welfare system, similar to that of the Levites, replacing all Jewish and Roman social welfare systems. Most such missionary efforts attract ‘rice-Christians’ and ‘cargo-converts.’ Welfare administration is a big job. It would have taken all of the time of the 12 apostles, who already had a bigger, more important job.
  114. Acts 7:31 When Moses sees [the flaming bush], he's amazed at the sight. As Moses draws near to see the fire, he hears the voice of the [angel of] Adonai [YHVH].
    note: Literally, YHVH's angel, since the actual voice of YHVH would destroy any mortal.
  115. Romans 10:8 What does Moses say? ‘[YAH's] Word lives near you, 😇. [It's] in your mouth and in your heart.’ [Moses is talking about] the same word of faith we [Christians] herald.
    note: (Deuteronomy 30:14)
  116. 2nd Timothy 3:15 Since childhood you've known the holy [Hebrew] scriptures. They're able to make you wise. They'll lead [you] to salvation through faith in YahShua, [YAH’s] Messiah.
    note: In Timothy's childhood, there was no "New Testament." So this verse strongly endorses the ‘Old’ Testament.
  117. 1st Peter 1:25 —But the Word of [Adonai] YHVH endures forever.” [YAH's universe-creating] Word is what [the Messiah's] Amazing Revelations herald to you, 😇.
    note: Isaiah 40:6-8
  118. 2nd Peter 3:6 [YAH's Word] deluged and destroyed the world-system of [Noah's] time with water, 😇.
    note: kosmos
  119. Apocalypsis (Revelation) 1:11 The trumpet-voice [blares YAH's declaration], [“I am Alpha & Omega, the first and the last…] What you see, write in a book. Send it to the 7 Ekklesiae [in Western Turkey]: to Ephesus, Smyrna {Myrrh-City}, Pergamos {Fort}, Thyatira {Daughter-City}, Sardis [Turkey], Philadelphia {City-Of-Brotherly-Love}, and Laodicea {Democracy-Land}.”
    note: Laodicea = City of the People's Rights. "Alpha & Omega" is absent in many ancient manuscripts of Rev 1:11.
  120. Joshua 3:9 So JAHshua [shouts] to the children of Israel, “Come here. Hear the words of YHVH your Elohim.”
  121. 1st Samuel 3:21 So YHVH [continues to] ‘appear’ in Shiloh {Tranquil}. Via [His] Word, YHVH reveals himself to SamuEl at [the Sanctuary-Tent in] Shiloh.
  122. 1st Kings 21:17 Then the word of YHVH comes [alive] in EliJah {JAH-Is-El} the Traveler [prophet].
  123. 1st Kings 22:5 Then [Judea's king] JAHoshaphat {JAH's-Judgment} suggests to [north] Israel's king [Ahab], “Please seek the advice of YHVH today.”
  124. 2nd Chronicles 34:15 So HilkiYah {YAH's-Inheritance} [yells] to [royal] scribe Shaphan {Secret-Keeper}, “I found the book of [YAH's] law in YHVH's temple!” HilkiYah [runs down the temple hallway. He hurdles over carpenters and tools. He] hands the book to Shaphan.
  125. Psalms 29:4 The voice of YHVH defines power, 😇. YHVH's song is majesty [itself].
  126. Psalms 119:160 [I stand in defense of] your word: its every perfect, eternal verdict, its infinitely stable whole.
  127. Psalms 119:167 I guard your heavenly-messages with [all] my heart-and-soul. I love them more than [life].
  128. Psalms 147:15 [YAH] sends forth his commandment[s] upon earth. His word sprints faster [than a leopard, 😇].
  129. IsaiYAH 28:23 Unstop your ears, 😇. Hear my call. Prick up your ears. Understand [YAH's] plan [for humbling and purifying mankind]:
  130. IsaiYAH 46:8 Remember this, men. Burn [my word] into your hearts, you rebels.
  131. JeremiYAH 15:16 I gobble up your words [wherever I] find them. Your word is my elation, [my light,] the energy in my heartbeat. [For better or worse, people] call [me] by your name, oh YHVH, Elohim over armies.
  132. JeremiYAH 36:2 [YAH] says, “Grab a book-scroll. Write in it all the messages I've spoken to you confronting [north] Israel, confronting Judea, and confronting all the beast-nations, from the day (during JosiYah's reign) when I [started] speaking to you, to this day.
  133. JeremiYAH 36:4 So JeremiYah summons Baruch {Blessed} (the son of NeriYah {YAH's-Light}). Baruch [opens up] a scroll-book. Right from [Jeremiah's] mouth, [Baruch] transcribes all the words YHVH [ever] spoke to Jeremiah.
  134. JeremiYAH 36:18 Baruch {Blessed} answers the [leaders], “[Jeremiah] dictated all these [invasion] predictions to me [straight] from his mouth. So I inscribed them with ink into this scroll.”
  135. JeremiYAH 36:27 After the [evil] king burns the scroll bearing the words Baruch {Blessed} wrote from Jeremiah's mouth, YHVH's word returns to Jeremiah:
    note: Persecution precedes prophetic insight.
  136. JeremiYAH 36:28 [YAH says,] “Grab another scroll. On it, write the words from the 1st scroll, which [evil] Judean king JAHoiakim burned.
  137. JeremiYAH 51:60 In a book, JeremiYah {YAH-Rises} describes all the disaster about to [rain] on Babylon, including the [above] prophecies written against Babylon.
  138. Ezekiel 3:22 Then and there the hand of YHVH [grabs] upon me, 😇! He says to me, “Get up, [Ezekiel]. [Hike] out into [Babylon's] plain. I'll talk with you there.”
  139. John 4:11 The [slut] answers YahShua, “Sir, you have nothing to draw with—[no rope, no bucket]—yet the well is deep. So where would you get this ‘living water’?
  140. Acts 7:38 Moses [led YAH's] ‘Ekklesia’ [the called-out assembled nation] in the wilderness. The angel spoke to Moses on Mount Sinai {Bush-Mountain}. Moses [lived] with our fore-fathers. Moses received [YAH's] living oracles to give to us.
  141. Acts 19:20 So the word of [YHVH] the Adonai spreads widely. It prevails in power, 😇.
  142. Philippians 2:16 Keep on holding out [your hands, offering] the Word of Life [to everyone, 😇]. Then, on the ‘[Judgment] day of the Messiah,’ I [dance and shout] for joy. Because it wasn't in vain that I ran [across the Eastern hemisphere], toiling [to bring you the gospel].
  143. Exodus 12:1 Then YHVH speaks to Moses and Aaron in the land of Egypt:
  144. Exodus 24:4 So Moses writes [down] all the words YHVH [told him]. [Moses] gets up early in the morning, 😇. At the base of [Bush] mountain, [Moses] builds an altar with 12 [rough stone] pillars, symbolizing the 12 tribes of Israel.
  145. Deuteronomy 31:24 Then Moses writes all the words of this law in a book, all the way to the end, 😇.
  146. 1st Samuel 3:4 [Back in SamuEl's room,] YHVH's [angel] calls SamuEl. [The boy] answers, “Here I am.”
  147. 1st Samuel 3:17 Eli asks, “What did YHVH predict to you? Please, don't hide it from me. [May] Elohim punish you even worse [than whatever He threatened last night], if you hide from me one [word] of every [prediction YHVH] spoke to you.”
  148. 1st Samuel 3:19 [Time passes, 😇.] SamuEl {Heard-By-El} grows. YHVH sticks with him. [YHVH] lets none of his predictions ‘fall to the ground.’ [YAH fulfills Samuel's every word.]
  149. Job 22:22 Please! Receive the law from [YAH's] mouth. Lay up his words in your heart.
  150. Psalms 29:6 [YAH's call] makes [the peaks of] Lebanon and Sirion {Sheeted-With-Snow} skip like calves, like wild oxen toddlers.
  151. Psalms 29:8 The voice of YHVH shakes [earth's] desert[s], 😇. [With one word,] YHVH twists [mountain ranges throughout] the wilderness of Kadesh {Sanctuary}.
  152. Psalms 93:5 So YHVH's word is [your] sure-foundation, 😇. [Build your life on it. Come] home to [YHVH's] sacred family. [Live] for days without-end.
  153. Psalms 119:13 My lips tally up the verdicts from your mouth.
  154. Psalms 119:43 Stop [evil from] snatching [your] words of integrity from my tongue. Your mandates are my [only] hope.
  155. Psalms 119:50 Your word[s] bring me back to life. They [give me a] sigh-of-relief. [Your reassurance eases my] oppressive [suffering].
  156. Psalms 119:57 [Pagans steal all my wealth.] Yet I inherit [a relationship with] you, YHVH. So I keep issuing [decrees] that form a thorny-hedge around your principles.
  157. Psalms 119:89 YHVH, [make me stable, like] your word [that] lives forever enthroned in heaven.
  158. Psalms 119:128 I uphold your principles as the right [standards] for every [human decision]. I hate every false path.
    note: פ (Peh)
  159. Psalms 119:169 I'm screaming [for help]. Let my appeal[s] reach your face, YHVH. Help me figure out [the actions I should take in response to your] message[s].
  160. Psalms 139:17 El {Strength}, your thoughts are priceless to me! [Your words] sum into an infinite [5D panorama of awareness].
  161. JeremiYAH 22:29 [Jeremiah replies,] “O earth, earth, earth, hear the word of YHVH:
  162. JeremiYAH 23:18 For who stands in the counsel of YHVH? Who sees and hears [YAH's] word? Who pays attention [to YAH]? Who listens to [him], 😇? [I do!]
  163. JeremiYAH 23:34 I come to punish the family of every ‘prophet,’ and every priest, and every layman, who demeans [my word as] a ‘burden.’
  164. JeremiYAH 36:17 The [leaders] ask Baruch {Blessed}, “Tell us now, how did you transcribe all these prophecies from [Jeremiah's] mouth?”
  165. JeremiYAH 36:21 So the king sends Jehudi to fetch [Jeremiah's] scroll. [Jehudi] snatches it out of the chamber of Elishama {El-Hears} the scribe. Then Jehudi reads it into the king's ears, and into the ears of all the officials standing beside the king.
  166. JeremiYAH 39:16 [YAH] says, “Go speak to Ebed-Melech {Worker-King} the Ethiopian. Say, ‘YHVH-commander-of-armies (Israel's Elohim) says this: “Watch me bring my words upon this city to crush it, not to beautify it. Soon, before your face, [judgment] day comes to fulfill my predictions.
  167. JeremiYAH 44:24 Then JeremiYah {YAH-Rises} says to all the people, especially to all the women, “Hear the word of YHVH, all [you] Judeans [shacked up] in Egyptian territory:
  168. JeremiYAH 45:1 In the 4th year of [the reign of] Judea's king JAHoiakim {YAH-Raises}, the prophet JeremiYah {YAH-Rises} speaks the [following] message to Baruch {Blessed}. [Baruch] writes these prophecies in a book [dictated from] Jeremiah's mouth:
    note: lit: Baruch the son of NeriYAH / Jehoiakim the son of JosiYah.
  169. JeremiYAH 51:63 Then, when you finish reading this scroll [to the crowd], tie a stone to it. Then throw the [bundle] into the middle of the Euphrates [river].
  170. Ezekiel 16:35 So, you harlot [religionists], hear the word of YHVH:
  171. Ezekiel 20:2 As the elders sit facing me, suddenly the word of YHVH comes [alive in] me.
    note: YAH's word comes to you when you do spiritual battle for him. You often have to go through struggles to perceive the Spirit.
  172. Ezekiel 24:20 So I answer the [angry mob], “The word of YHVH comes to me:
  173. Ezekiel 36:1 [YAH says,] “Next, you ‘son of Adam’, prophesy [restoration] for the mountains of Israel. Say, ‘You [people of] Israel's [looming] highlands, hear the word of YHVH:
  174. Amos 3:1 😇, hear the word YHVH speaks against you brats of Israel. [YAH] indicts the whole [rotten] family he brought up from the land of Egypt.
  175. ZechariYAH 4:3 —And [I see] 2 olive trees standing above [the lampstand], one [tree] on either side of the bowl-globe.”
    note: See Revelation 11:3-12.
  176. ZechariYAH 5:1 I turn. I lift up my eyes, 😇. I'm shocked to see a flying scroll.
  177. ZechariYAH 5:2 [The angel] asks me, “What do you see?” I answer, “I see a flying scroll 20 cubits [30 feet] long by 10 cubits [15 feet] wide.”
  178. ZechariYAH 7:7 [This is] the same message YHVH cried through the former prophets, 😇, when [Hebrews] inhabited Jerusalem and her surrounding cities, in prosperity, [at ease], when [Israelites] inhabited the Negev [south desert] and [Judea's] plain [western foothills].’
  179. Matthew 13:3 YahShua speaks many truths to the multitude. [He never sermonizes.] He only uses mind-movies. He says, 😇, picture [in your mind's eye] a farmer, [me. I walk] out [of my house]. I plant [seeds].
    note: Parables are short visual stories, movies for your mind.
  180. Matthew 24:45 😇, a Master puts one faithful & wise servant in charge of the other servants in his house. [One good supervisor] keeps the entire operation running smoothly. That household manager must feed the workers on time each day.
    note: Give out the Word, which is food for believers.
  181. John 4:15 The [slut] answers YahShua, “Sir, gimme this [living] water, so I never again grow thirsty! Then I won't have to keep slogging [buckets] here to haul water!”
    note: Probably thinking Yahshua was nuts or joking.
  182. Ephesians 4:21 I assume that you, 😇, have listened to YahShua, that he taught you from the truth that fills him.
  183. 1st Thessalonians 2:13 When you [new believers] received the Word of [YHVH] the Eloah (which we [apostles] spoke to you,) you received it not as the word of men, but as it truthfully is: Elohim's Word, which powerfully works in you who believe. For this, we [apostles] thank YHVH non-stop.
  184. 1 Maccabees 3:48 They lay open the book of [YAH's] law. [They read about an earlier time when] the beast-nations sought to paint images of their demon-idols [in YAH's temple].
    note: The image of the beast entices you to obey man's ‘laws’ instead of YAH's Law.
  185. Numbers (Journeys) 29:40 Thus Moses tells the children of Israel exactly all that YHVH commanded him [to say, 😇].
  186. Numbers (Journeys) 33:50 [There,] in the plains of Moab by [the] Jordan [river,] near [the fortress of] Jericho {Moon-Spirit}, YHVH commands Moses:
  187. 2nd Samuel 7:4 But, 😇, that night the word of YHVH comes [alive] to Nathan {Gift}.
  188. 1st Kings 16:1 Then the word of YHVH comes [alive] in [a prophet named] JAHu {JAH-Is-He} (the son of Hanani {Gracious}). [YAH's word] condemns [north Israel's evil king] Baasha {Stink}:
  189. 2nd Kings 22:15 [The priestess] says to the [king's envoys], “YHVH Elohim of Israel decrees: ‘Tell the man whom sent you to me:
  190. 2nd Chronicles 6:17 —YHVH Elohim of Israel, fulfill your word you promised to your servant David {Love}.
  191. Psalms 147:19 [YAH] reveals his word to Jacob's [spiritual descendants]. El {Power} [provides] his [wise] laws and verdicts to help [us] people who will rule with him, 😇.
    note: Israel = people who will rule with El.
  192. IsaiYAH 39:5 Then IsaiYah says to [king] HezekiYah {Strength-From-YAH}, “Hear the word of YHVH-Commander-Of-Armies:
  193. JeremiYAH 7:2 YHVH says, “Stand in the gate of [My] temple. There proclaim the [following] message. Say, ‘Hear the word of YHVH, all you Judeans who enter these gates to worship YHVH.
  194. JeremiYAH 10:1 Hear the word YHVH speaks to you, house of Israel:
  195. JeremiYAH 25:1 It's the 4th year of [the reign of] Josiah's brat (Judea's [evil] king JAHoiakim). This is simultaneously the 1st year of Babylonian Emperor Nebuchadnezzar's [reign]. [YHVH's] word comes [alive] inside [the prophet] JeremiYah {YAH-Rises}. [This word condemns] the whole [wicked] populace of Judea:
  196. JeremiYAH 44:1 Then [YHVH] sends a message to JeremiYah concerning all [his fellow] Judeans living in the land of Egypt, [including the refugees] staying at Migdol {Tower}, at Tahpanhes {Suez-Canal}, at Noph {Memphis}, and in the land of Pathros {Upper-Egypt}.
    note: Tahpanhes, including the Jews' brickwork, was discovered by Sir William Matthew Flinders Petrie in 1886; it was known by natives as the "Castle of the Jew's Daughter".
  197. JeremiYAH 51:59 In the 4th year of the reign of Judea's king ZedekYah {YAH's-Right}, the prophet JeremiYah sends the [following] message [~650 desert kilometers northeast] (to [Judea's ex-king] in Babylon) via [Judea's royal travel-coordinator] SeraYah {YAH-Wins}.
    note: lit: [Baruch's brother] SeraYah son of NeriYAH son of MaaseiYAH.
  198. Ezekiel 12:8 Then in the morning YHVH's Word comes [alive] in me:
    note: Revelation follows obedience.
  199. Haggai (Dancer) 1:3 YHVH's Word [comes alive in the] hand of the prophet Haggai {Dancer}, challenging:
  200. Galatians 1:11 But I certify to you, brothers, that the “Good News” I herald is not from man.
  201. Colossians 1:6 [This Good News] has come to life among you. In all the world, the Good News produces fruit, as it continues to fruit in you, 😇, ever since the day you heard it and recognized the truth of [YHVH] the Eloah's graciousness.
  202. Exodus 35:4 Moses speaks to the whole community of the people of Israel, shouting, “Here is what YHVH commands: I quote:
  203. 1st Kings 17:8 Again the word of YHVH comes [alive] in [EliJah]:
  204. JeremiYAH 32:6 JeremiYah reponds, “A prediction from YHVH [is] coming [alive] in me:
  205. JeremiYAH 34:12 So YHVH sends his thoughts [to earth]. YHVH's word comes [alive] in JeremiYah {YAH-Rises}:
    note: ‘YHVH's word’ appears twice in this verse.
  206. JeremiYAH 35:1 During the reign of JosiYah's brat (Judea's [evil] king JAHoiakim {YAH-Raises}) the [following] message from YHVH comes to [the prophet] JeremiYah {YAH-Rises}:
  207. JeremiYAH 42:7 10 days pass. Then the word of YHVH comes [alive] in JeremiYah {YAH-Rises}.
    note: Sometimes you have to wait for YAH's word.
  208. Ezekiel 3:16 Then, 😇, at the end of 7 days, the word of YHVH [again] comes [alive in] me.
    note: Silent meditation precedes messages from heaven.
  209. Hosea 1:1 [😇, look back] to the days when UzziYah {YAH's-Strength}, JAHtham {JAH-Is-Perfect}, Ahaz {Possessor} & HezekiYah {Strength-From-Yah} [take their turns as] kings of Judea. Jeroboam {Nation-Wrangler} (son of JAHoash {JAH-Fired}) [reigns as] king of [north] Israel. YHVH's Word comes alive to [the prophet] Hosea {Deliverer}, the son of Beeri {Fountain}.
    note: Hosea's name flows from the root of the Savior's name: YASHA 3467 yaw-shah': open, wide, free, safe, freed, rescued, avenged, defended, delivered, helped, preserved, etc. Hosea mentions the four kings of Judah first and the one king of north Israel last, yet he was a prophet to the northern kingdom. Hosea was contemporary with Amos, another prophet to north Israel, and also contemporary with Micah and Isaiah, prophets to Judea. Hosea's ministry extended over half a century. He lived to see the fulfillment of his prophecy that Israel would be captured and enslaved.
  210. ZephaniYAH 1:1 [😇, look back to the] days of Judea's king JosiYah {Founded-By-YAH} (son of Amon {Skill}). [Around 600BC, about 3 years before Babylon conquers Nineveh,] YHVH [reveals the following] word-pictures [to] ZephanYah {YAH's-Secret-Protected-One} son of Cushi {Ethiopian}, son of GedaliYah {YAH-Is-Great}, son AmariYah {YAH's-Promise}, son of HezekiYah {Strength-From-Yah}.
  211. ZechariYAH 7:4 The Word of YHVH-King-of-all-beings comes [alive in] me [Zechariah].
  212. 2nd Thessalonians 3:1 Finally, brothers, pray for us [missionaries. Pray] that the word of Adonai [YHVH] takes off and races through the world to a glorious response, as it did among you, 😇.
  213. Numbers (Journeys) 3:11 YHVH further instructs Moses:
  214. Numbers (Journeys) 16:44 YHVH speaks to Moses:
  215. Joshua 4:15 YHVH speaks to JAHshua:
  216. 1st Samuel 15:10 So the word of YHVH comes to SamuEl {Heard-By-El}:
  217. 1st Kings 6:11 Then [as the temple nears completion,] the word of YHVH comes to Solomon {Peace-Man}.
  218. 1st Kings 17:2 Then the word of YHVH comes [alive] in [EliJah]:
  219. 1st Kings 21:28 Again the word of YHVH comes to EliJah {JAH-Is-El} the Traveler.
  220. 1st Chronicles 17:3 Then the same night, the word of Elohim comes [alive inside] Nathan {Gift}:
  221. IsaiYAH 8:5 [Later,] YHVH speaks to me again, 😇:
  222. JeremiYAH 13:8 Then, 😇, the word of YHVH comes [alive in] me.
    note: AFTER you obey, YAH's word comes alive in your heart.
  223. JeremiYAH 18:2 [YAH] says, “Get up, [Jeremiah]. [Walk] down to the potter's house. There I'll cause you to hear my words.”
    note: Action precedes prophecy.
  224. JeremiYAH 30:1 [Again] YHVH's Word comes [alive] in JeremiYah {YAH-Rises}:
  225. JeremiYAH 32:1 In the 10th year of [the reign of] Judea's [evil puppet] king ZedekYah {YAH's-Right}, that is, the 18th year of [Emperor] Nebuchadnezzar's [reign], YHVH's word again comes [alive] in JeremiYah {YAH-Rises}:
  226. JeremiYAH 39:15 [Flash back to before the invasion:] the word of YHVH comes to JeremiYah {YAH-Rises}, while he [starves], shackled up in [Jerusalem's] prison-yard:
  227. Ezekiel 6:1 Again, 😇, YHVH's word comes [alive] in me.
  228. Ezekiel 17:1 Again, 😇, the word of YHVH comes [alive in] me:
  229. Ezekiel 24:1 Then, 😇, on the 10th day of the 10th month of the 9th year [since Babylon captured Judea's evil king Jehoachin], YHVH's Word again comes [alive in] me:
  230. Ezekiel 26:1 On the 1st day of the [5th] month in the 11th year [of evil Judean king Jehoachin's exile], YHVH's Word comes [alive in] me:
  231. Ezekiel 27:1 Again, 😇, the word of YHVH comes [alive] in me:
  232. Ezekiel 28:11 [Yet] again, 😇, the word of YHVH comes [alive in] me:
    note: It's a safe assumption, based on these verses, that Tyre's king was possessed by Lucifer, the Nachash.
  233. Jah-El 1:1 YHVH's Word comes [alive inside] JAHel {JAH-Is-El} (son of PethuEl {Enlarged-By-El}):
    note: Joel is actually YahEl, meaning “Yahweh (is his) God.”
  234. Jonah 1:1 [Around 690BC, 😇,] YHVH's Word [comes alive inside] Jonah {YAH's-dove} son of Amittai {Truthful}.
  235. Jonah 3:1 [There on the Assyrian sand,] YHVH's Word comes [alive inside] Jonah a second time, 😇:
  236. ZechariYAH 8:1 Again the word of YHVH-King-of-all-beings comes [alive] in me:
  237. Acts 2:16 Ancient prophet JAH'El predicted this [miracle]:
  238. Genesis 8:15 Elohim speaks to Noah:
  239. Exodus 7:8 [On the way into the palace,] YHVH speaks to Moses and to Aaron.
  240. Leviticus 1:1 [From this supernatural cloud,] YHVH calls Moses. [Then, 😇,] from the meeting tent, [YHVH] speaks to [Moses].
  241. Leviticus 23:23 YHVH continues to speak to Moses:
  242. Numbers (Journeys) 20:7 YHVH commands Moses [to solve his nation's problems through calm, nonviolent, counter-intuitive obedience], 😇:
  243. Numbers (Journeys) 26:52 YHVH further commands Moses:
  244. Numbers (Journeys) 35:9 YHVH further commands Moses:
  245. Deuteronomy 2:2 [Finally, 😇,] YHVH speaks to me:
  246. Deuteronomy 32:48 That same day YHVH instructs Moses:
  247. Joshua 1:1 After YHVH's servant Moses dies, YHVH speaks to Moses’ aide: JAHshua (son of Nun {Eternity}):
  248. 2nd Chronicles 13:22 (The rest of the actions of [Judean king] AbiYah {Father-YAH}, recounting his course of life, and his sayings, lie inscribed in the histories of the prophet Iddo {Timely}.)
    note: The Book Of Iddo is lost.
  249. JeremiYAH 2:1 [Later, 😇,] the word of YHVH [again] comes [alive in] me.
  250. JeremiYAH 2:4 Family of Jacob, and all the families of the clan[s] of Israel, hear the word of YHVH:
  251. JeremiYAH 7:1 YHVH's Word [again] comes alive in JeremiYah {YAH-Rises}:
  252. JeremiYAH 11:1 The following Word comes [alive in] JeremiYah {YAH-Rises}:
  253. JeremiYAH 27:1 In the beginning of the reign of JAHoiakim {YAH-Raises} (the son of Judea's king JosiYah), YHVH transmits the [following] word to JeremiYah {YAH-Rises}:
  254. JeremiYAH 29:30 Then YHVH's Word comes [alive] in JeremiYah {YAH-Rises}.
  255. JeremiYAH 33:19 Later, YHVH's word [again] comes [alive] in JeremiYah {YAH-Rises}:
  256. JeremiYAH 36:1 In the 4th year of [the reign of] JosiYah's brat (Judea's king JAHoiakim {YAH-Raises}) the [following] message comes from YHVH to JeremiYah {YAH-Rises}:
  257. JeremiYAH 37:6 Then the word of YHVH comes [alive] in the prophet JeremiYah {YAH-Rises}:
  258. JeremiYAH 43:8 There in Tahpanhes {Suez-Canal} the word of YHVH comes [alive] in JeremiYah {YAH-Rises}:
  259. Ezekiel 12:1 Again, 😇, [back in Jerusalem] YHVH's Word comes [alive in] me.
  260. Ezekiel 12:17 Later, YHVH's word again comes [alive in] me, 😇.
  261. Ezekiel 20:45 Later, 😇, YHVH's Word [again] comes [alive in] me:
  262. Ezekiel 22:1 Again, 😇, YHVH's word comes [alive in] me.
  263. Ezekiel 28:1 Again, 😇, the word of YHVH comes [alive] in me:
  264. Ezekiel 30:1 Again, 😇, YHVH's Word comes [alive] in me.
  265. Ezekiel 30:20 [Later, 😇,] on the 7th day of the 1st month of the 11th year [of Israel's exile,] the word of YHVH [again] comes [alive in] me.
  266. Ezekiel 31:1 On the 1st day of the 3rd month of the 11th year [of Israel's exile,] the word of YHVH comes [alive in] me:
  267. Ezekiel 32:1 [In late winter,] on the 1st day of the 12th month of the 12th year [of Israel's exile], the word of YHVH [again] comes [alive in] me.
  268. Ezekiel 32:17 [Two weeks pass.] On the 15th day of the [12th] month of the 12th year [of exile], YHVH's word [again] comes [alive in] me.
  269. Ezekiel 37:15 [Again] the word of YHVH comes [alive] in me, 😇.
  270. Haggai (Dancer) 2:10 [2 months Later,] on the 24th day of the 9th month in the 2nd year of [Emperor] Darius' [reign over Persia], YHVH's Word [again comes alive in the] hand of the prophet Haggai {Dancer}.
  271. ZechariYAH 1:1 😇, it's the 8th month of the 2nd year of [the reign of Persian Emperor] Darius {Maintainer}, [around 520BC]. YHVH's word comes [alive] in the prophet ZecharYAH {YAH-Remembers} (son of BerechYAH {YAH-Blesses}, son of Iddo {Timely}).
    note: Zechariah means: ‘whom Jehovah remembers.’ Berechiah means: ‘Jehovah blesses.’ Iddo means: the ‘appointed time.’ Put these names together: ‘Yah remembers and blesses in the appointed time.' He may seem slow but he's never late. The historian Josephus and the Jewish Targum state that murderers slew priest-prophet Zechariah in [Jerusalem's] sanctuary. Christ mentions such a martyr in Matthew 23:35. Zechariah was a younger contemporary of Haggai (Ezra 5:1, 6:14). Zechariah offers more messianic prophecies than any of the other ‘minor’ prophets.
  272. ZechariYAH 6:9 Again, 😇, the word of YHVH comes [alive] in me.
  273. ZechariYAH 7:1 On November 4 in the 4th year of [the reign of Persian] Emperor Darius {Maintainer}, the Word of YHVH comes [alive inside] ZechariYah {YAH-Remembers}.
    note: The Hebrew year starts in the spring, representing new life. The Roman year starts at the Winter solstice, around Christmas, reflecting Babylonian sun worship. So all of our modern month-names are two months off. SEPT = 7. Yet SEPTember is Roman month 9. OCT = 8. Yet OCTober is Roman month 10. NOV = 9. Yet NOVember (~Kislev/Chisleu) is Roman month 11. DEC = 10. Yet DECember is Roman month 12.
  274. ZechariYAH 7:8 [Later] the Word of YHVH [again] comes [alive] to [me,] ZechariYah {YAH-Remembers}.
  275. ZechariYAH 8:18 [Again] the word of YHVH-Commander-Of-Armies comes [alive] in me:
  276. Apocalypsis (Revelation) 2:12 And to the angel of the ekklesia in Pergamos {Fort} write: “These things say [YahShua] who [shoots] the sharp two-edged sword [from his mouth]:
    note: Pergamos was a center of Babylonian pagan priesthood and a center of worship of Æsculapius, called ‘Savior,’ whose symbol was a serpent.
  277. Baruch 1:3 And Baruch {Blessed} read the words of this book in the hearing of JechoniYah {YAH-Establishes} the son of Judea's king Joachim, and in the ears of all the people who came to hear the book,
  278. Exodus 14:1 Again YHVH speaks to Moses, 😇:
  279. Exodus 25:1 Then YHVH speaks to Moses:
  280. Exodus 31:1 YHVH further commands Moses:
  281. Leviticus 11:1 Soon YHVH further instructs Moses and Aaron:
    note: Animals whose lives (or deaths) involve terror and/or putrescence are off-limits for human consumption. For instance, the lion terrifies its prey. Despite massive pro-pig propaganda (Babe, Charlotte's Web, etc.) the pig is a terrifying cannibalistic attack-animal, exceeding its violence only in its nastiness. Animals that eat rotten, fetid food are out. The rat is both vicious and filthy. Even peaceful, clean animals are out if they are raised in squalor or butchered in terror. In short, only by uniting food-preparation with congregational spirituality could you ever reliably find healthy meat to eat. And that's what Leviticus does: move meat preparation into the Sanctuary: the rarest of places on earth where Grade A meat was properly selected, butchered, cooked and shared with the poor, for the right reasons.
  282. Leviticus 23:26 YHVH further commands Moses:
  283. Leviticus 23:33 YHVH further commands Moses:
    note: Sukkoth means “a lodge in a garden”. It can mean a 'cottage'. It represents going back to humble, natural settings. It's something you should do every year, with your family.
  284. Leviticus 27:1 YHVH further commands Moses:
  285. Numbers (Journeys) 8:23 So YHVH instructs Moses:
  286. Numbers (Journeys) 13:1 Again YHVH commands Moses, 😇:
  287. Numbers (Journeys) 16:23 So YHVH answers Moses:
  288. Numbers (Journeys) 16:36 Then YHVH instructs Moses:
  289. Numbers (Journeys) 25:10 YHVH continues to speak to Moses:
    note: This is a bit of a chastisement against Moses, for being passive while Phinehas took action.
  290. Numbers (Journeys) 28:1 YHVH further commands Moses:
    note: Red meat-eating is supposed to be reserved for special spiritual feasts. This idea angered the ancient Israelites just as much as it angers your neighbors.
  291. Joshua 4:1 YHVH speaks to JAHshua, saying, “[Take] the whole nation across the Jordan [River].
  292. Joshua 20:1 YHVH further instructs JAHshua, 😇:
  293. JeremiYAH 18:1 The word from YHVH again comes [alive] in JeremiYah {YAH-Rises}:
  294. JeremiYAH 24:4 Again, 😇, the word of YHVH comes [alive in] me:
  295. JeremiYAH 33:23 Again the word of YHVH comes [alive] in JeremiYah {YAH-Rises}:
  296. Ezekiel 7:1 [Again, 😇,] the word of YHVH comes [alive in] me:
  297. Ezekiel 11:14 Again, 😇, the word of YHVH comes [alive in] me.
  298. Ezekiel 12:21 Again, 😇, the word of YHVH comes [alive in] me.
  299. Ezekiel 12:26 YHVH's Word comes [alive in] me again, 😇:
  300. Ezekiel 13:1 Again, 😇, the word of YHVH comes [alive in] me:
  301. Ezekiel 14:12 Again, 😇, the word of YHVH comes [alive] in me:
  302. Ezekiel 16:1 Again, 😇, the word of YHVH comes [alive in] me:
  303. Ezekiel 17:11 Then, 😇, the word of YHVH comes [alive in] me. [YAH explains the previous vision.]
  304. Ezekiel 21:8 Again, 😇, YHVH's word comes [alive in] me:
  305. Ezekiel 21:18 The word of YHVH comes [alive] in me again, 😇:
  306. Ezekiel 22:17 Again, 😇, the word of YHVH comes [alive in] me:
  307. Ezekiel 22:23 Again, 😇, the word of YHVH comes [alive in] me:
  308. Ezekiel 23:1 The word of YHVH again comes [alive] in me, 😇.
  309. Ezekiel 24:15 Again, 😇, the word of YHVH comes [alive in] me:
  310. Ezekiel 25:1 Again, 😇, the word of YHVH comes [alive] in me:
  311. Ezekiel 28:20 Again, 😇, the word of YHVH comes [alive in] me:
  312. Ezekiel 33:1 Again, 😇, the word of YHVH comes [alive in] me:
  313. Ezekiel 33:23 Then, 😇, the word of YHVH comes [alive in] me:
  314. Ezekiel 35:1 Again, 😇, the word of YHVH comes [alive in] me:
  315. Ezekiel 36:16 Again, 😇, the word of YHVH comes [alive in] me:
  316. Haggai (Dancer) 2:20 [Later] that [same day, (the] 24th day of the month,) YHVH's Word [again comes alive in] Haggai {Dancer}.
  317. ZechariYAH 4:8 The word of YHVH [again] comes [alive] in me:
  318. Exodus 30:11 YHVH further instructs Moses:
  319. Exodus 31:12 YHVH further commands Moses:
  320. Exodus 40:1 Then, 😇, YHVH speaks to Moses:
  321. Leviticus 6:1 YHVH further commands Moses:
  322. Leviticus 14:1 Soon YHVH [further] instructs Moses:
  323. Leviticus 22:1 YHVH further commands Moses:
  324. Leviticus 22:17 Soon YHVH [further] instructs Moses:
  325. Numbers (Journeys) 3:44 YHVH further instructs Moses:
  326. Numbers (Journeys) 8:1 YHVH instructs Moses:
  327. Numbers (Journeys) 17:1 Soon YHVH [further] instructs Moses [on how to quell the democratic rebellion]:
  328. Numbers (Journeys) 22:9 So Elohim comes to Balaam {Ammon-Is-Lord}, saying, “Who are these men with you?”
    note: Of course, Elohim knows the answer.
  329. JeremiYAH 13:3 Then the word of YHVH comes [alive in] me a second time:
  330. JeremiYAH 16:1 The word of YHVH comes [again] to me [Jeremiah]:
  331. JeremiYAH 32:26 Again the word of YHVH comes to JeremiYah {YAH-Rises}:
  332. JeremiYAH 35:12 Then the word of YHVH comes to JeremiYah {YAH-Rises}:
  333. Ezekiel 15:1 Again, 😇, the word of YHVH comes [alive in] me:
  334. Ezekiel 18:1 The word of YHVH comes [alive] in me again, 😇.
  335. Ezekiel 21:1 Again, 😇, the word of YHVH comes [alive in] me:
  336. Ezekiel 38:1 Again, 😇, the word of YHVH comes [alive in] me:
    note: This prophecy primarily describes an end-times (modern) event.
  337. Haggai (Dancer) 2:1 [Then about a month later,] on the 21st day of the 7th month [in the 2nd year of the reign of Persian Emperor Darius], YHVH's [Living] Word [again] comes alive in the hand of Haggai {Dancer} the prophet:
  338. ZechariYAH 1:7 On the 24th day of the 11th month (Sebat) in the 2nd year of [the reign of Persia's Emperor] Darius, the word of YHVH comes [alive again] to ZechariYah {YAH-Remembers}, son of BerechYah, the son of Iddo {Timely} the prophet:
  339. Exodus 30:17 YHVH further instructs Moses:
  340. Leviticus 19:1 YHVH further commands Moses:
  341. Numbers (Journeys) 25:16 Then YHVH instructs Moses:
  342. Ezekiel 14:2 Again, 😇, the word of YHVH comes [alive in] me:


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