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YAH's Sacred Spirit is the way we refer to YHVH when he fills people. He's not a "2nd person" of a Roman Catholic "Trinity." He's YHVH, but YHVH living inside of you.

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15 SCRIPTURE SECTIONS on the theme of YAH's Spirit (Holy Spirit)

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  1. John Baptises Yahshua The Messiah
  3. Sacred Spirit Fire Descends At SummerFest
  4. The Religionists Commit The Unforgivable Sin
  5. Humble Spirit-Power Beats Worldly Eloquence
  6. The Bogus Jews Of Antioch Get Paul Deported
  7. Christ Gives His Final Pre-Ascension Commands
  8. Simon the Sorcerer Tries To Buy Sacred Spirit
  9. Yahshua Warns That He's Leaving For Heaven
  10. Paul Hikes To Bring Sacred Spirit To Turkey
  11. Young Saul Gets Born Again
  12. EliSha Begs For Double Of EliJah's Spirit
  13. Mary Goes To Stay With John The Baptist's Mom
  14. YAHshua Promises To Send The Advocate Spirit
  15. The Angel Shows Zechariah Heaven's Menorah


126 SCRIPTURES on the theme of YAH's Spirit (Holy Spirit)

  1. Galatians 5:22 Conversely, 😇, the fruit[s] of [YAH's] Spirit [are]: love, joy, peace, patience, gentleness (kindness), goodness, faith—
    note: Great Fruit Of The Spirit Song. ‘Hesed’ is such a rich Hebrew word that it takes 10 English words to describe it: mercy, steadfast love, faithfulness, loving kindness, faithful love, pardoning grace, covenant faithfulness, goodness, and loyalty.
  2. ZechariYAH 4:6 [The angel] answers. He instructs me, revealing, “This is the word YHVH speaks to [people] descended from Babylon: “[You win in life, 😇,] not by might [nor valor], nor by power [nor vigor], but by my Spirit,” says YHVH-Commander-Of-Armies.
    note: Lit. Zerubbabel = descended from Babylon. (The name of Jerusalem's governor.) We live in a world controlled by the thought-process of ancient Babylonians. Worldlings rule by force, not by love. Oil, the fuel/power source, represents YAH's Spirit. Not by petroleum, nor by hydro-electric turbines, nor by nuclear reactors, but by YAH's Spirit the earth thrives.
  3. Matthew 12:31 So I warn you, 😇: [YAH] forgives humans for all kinds of sin and blasphemy. But [YAH] never forgives humans for blaspheming against [YAH's Sacred] Spirit.
  4. Matthew 12:32 And [YAH] forgives whoever speaks a word against [me,] the ‘Son of Adam.’ But whoever speaks against Spirit (Sacred Spirit), [YAH] NEVER forgives, 😇, neither in this world, nor in the [age] to come.
    note: Accuse one of YAH's Spirit-filled prophets of channeling a demon, and you go straight to the fire pit of annihilation.
  5. Luke 12:12 For [YAH's] Sacred Spirit at that time teaches you what you should say, 😇.”
  6. John 3:8 The wind blows where it wishes. You hear the wind's sound [whispering through the trees, rushing in a storm]. But [even your best weather-forecasters, your chief meteorologists,] can only make educated guesses as to where wind comes from, and where wind goes. Likewise, [you can only guess who will get born by YAH's Spirit-wind, how that rebirth happens, and what a reborn man will do next].”
    note: Spirit-winds flow through people. One day a friend of yours may be your best helper in serving YAH. The next day your friend may have a different spirit, and totally betray you. People are not statically ‘good’ or ‘bad.’ People are vessels for spirits that flow in and out like the wind. A ‘friend’ or even ‘Christian brother’ can be like a golden goblet of fine wine dumped out and re-filled with poison. And an enemy can be like a barrel of poison that gets completely washed out and filled with life-giving olive oil.
  7. John 6:63 —Only [YAH's] Spirit gives life, 😇. Flesh counts for nothing. The words I speak to you are Spirit and life.
    note: I wasn't talking about Cannibalism, you meat-heads. And I wasn't talking about miracle-wafers some Catholic priest lays on your tongue.
  8. Galatians 5:23 —meekness (gentleness), temperance (self-control). Against such [virtues] there is no law, 😇.
    note: If anyone tries to stop you from doing the works of the fruit of the Spirit, they have no authority to do so, no matter what worldly authority they claim.
  9. Mark 1:10 Immediately, 😇, as YahShua rises out of the water, he sees the heavens open. [YAH's] Spirit descends upon him like a dove!
  10. Luke 12:10 If anyone speaks a word against [me] (the ‘Son of Adam,’) [YAH] forgives that, 😇. But [YAH] never forgives anyone for blaspheming against [YAH's] Sacred Spirit.
    note: In the Greek, there is no definite article (‘the’) before ‘Holy Spirit’. Holy Spirit refers to YHVH, the Spirit who exemplifies holiness.
  11. John 7:38 For the Scriptures declare that rivers of living water will flow out from the heart of anyone who truly [builds their life on faithful obedience to] me, 😇.”
    note: You can experience one fulfillment of this when you praise in certain spontaneous Pentecostal-type singing-dance worship meetings, you can feel the Spirit moving from your belly out through your mouth as if rivers of clear, blue, clean water were flowing through you. You will know it's the Holy Spirit if afterward you feel sustained unconditional love for everyone you see.
  12. Romans 8:14 For the sons of Elohim are the beings led by the Spirit of Elohim.
  13. 1st Corinthians 6:19 Don't you know, 😇, that your body is a temple of Sacred Spirit? [YAH's Spirit] lives in you. You have [sacred spirit as a gift] from Elohim. You, 😇, are not your own.
  14. Galatians 5:25 If we [truly] live [in] Spirit, 😇, we also ‘walk’ [talk, act in] Spirit.
  15. 1st John 2:27 Yet the [spiritual] ‘oil’ [which YAH] ‘rubs’ on you lives in you, 😇. So you don't need any mortal to teach you. Rather, [YAH's] ‘inner oil’ teaches you about all things. [YAH's Sacred Spirit] is truth. [He] never lies. Live with [YAH's Spirit] teaching you. Then you grow and thrive in YAH.
    note: If you're in touch with YAH's Spirit, you need no mortal pastor, not even a Bible. However, if you're not in touch with the Spirit, you need something to guide and confirm your path, or you will stumble. A spirit-less ‘Christian’ is a dope with boogers hanging out of his nose, badly in need of a mirror.
  16. Numbers (Journeys) 11:25 [Suddenly the angel of] YHVH descends in a cloud, 😇. [He] speaks to Moses. [He] takes [some] of the spirit [resting] on [Moses], and gives it to the 70 elders. Then amazingly, when [YAH's] Spirit rests on them, they prophesy non-stop.
  17. 1st Samuel 19:20 So [king] Saul sends [police] to arrest David. But when the [police] see the band of the prophets prophesying, and SamuEl {Heard-By-El} standing, leading them, the Spirit of Elohim [falls] on Saul's [policemen]! They [break out in a Pentecostal frenzy! They tell the future. They] speak [YAH's word]!
    note: Naioth was a college for the instruction of prophets.
  18. Ezekiel 1:20 Wherever [YAH's] spirit goes, the spirit-creatures move with [YAH's] spirit. The wheels rise with the creatures, because the spirit of the creatures lives inside the wheels.
  19. Matthew 10:20 For it won't be you doing the talking, 😇 — it'll be the Spirit of your Father speaking through you.
    note: Comforting. The Holy Spirit = the Spirit of your Father. Not a 3rd person of a 3-headed god.
  20. Mark 1:8 —I baptize you with water, 😇. But [YahShua] comes to immerse you in [YAH's] Sacred Spirit.”
  21. Mark 3:29 But anyone who blasphemes against [YAH's] Sacred Spirit never ever gets forgiveness, 😇. They're guilty [of a crime for which YAH has decreed the irrevocable, zero-tolerance, first-offense death sentence of] eternal damnation.”
    note: People cannot be forgiven if they accuse YAH's servant who has the Holy Spirit of having a demon. That's calling the Holy Spirit a demon, and that just won't fly. Curiously, only religious people would think to accuse Holy-Spirit filled people of having a demon. You don't hear drunkards down at the bar accusing holy people of having demons. Religious hypocrites often make holier-than-thou judgements against saints who are obeying the Bible.
  22. John 1:32 [Later] JAHn gives this testimony: “I saw [YAH's] Spirit [fly] down like a dove from heaven. [It] rested on YahShua!
  23. John 20:22 Then YahShua blows with force on his disciples. [He] says to them, “Receive Sacred Spirit!
  24. Acts 2:17 “In the last days,” promises [YHVH] the Eloah, “I pour out my Spirit upon all flesh. Your sons and your daughters prophesy, 😇. Your young men see visions. Your old men dream [prophetic] dreams.
    note: Joel 2:28-32
  25. Acts 4:31 The believers pray. [YAH's power] shakes the place where they're assembled together, 😇. So the believers all fill up with Spirit, [not just enthusiasm, but] Sacred Spirit. So they boldly speak the word of YHVH.
  26. Acts 11:16 Then I remember the word(s) Master [YahShua] said, 'Yes, JAHn baptized with water. But [I] immerse you in Sacred Spirit.’
  27. Acts 19:6 Paul lays his hands upon the disciples. Immediately the Sacred Spirit floods into them. So they speak [intelligibly] in [discernible] languages [they never knew before]! They prophesy. [They explain cryptic scriptures, 😇. They foretell future events!]
  28. 1st Corinthians 3:16 Don't you know that you [believers] are the temple of Elohim, and that the Spirit [of YHVH] the Eloah dwells in you, 😇?
  29. Judges 15:14 SunRay [straggles in ropes] to Lehi {Jawbone}. The Philistines shout [insults] against him. So the Spirit of YHVH comes mightily upon him. The [strong, new ropes] on his arms [disintegrate] like flax burnt with fire! His restraints fly off his hands.
    note: The Spirit of Yah gives you righteous indignation. What you do with that anger shows your level of spiritual maturity. Samson had a lot of spirit, but very little maturity. That's a dangerous combination. A mature leader responds to abuse with kindness.
  30. Matthew 3:16 JAHn dunks YahShua's head under the [cold river] water. Immediately, [as] YahShua comes up out of the water, he sees the heavens opening, 😇. YahShua sees the Spirit [of YHVH] the Eloah descending like a dove. [It] settles upon him!
  31. Mark 3:30 [So, 😇, these phony religious Law-experts buy a one-way ticket into the trash-fire of the universe] when they [lie], saying, “YahShua has an unclean spirit.”
  32. John 14:26 But the advocate, the sacred spirit [whom YHVH] the Father soon sends in my name, teaches you all things, 😇. [The advocate] brings back to your minds everything I said to you.
    note: The plain text of this verse describes 3 entities:
  33. (1): ‘The Comforter / Holy Spirit’ is sent by
  34. (2): ‘the Father’ in the Name of
  35. (3): ‘Me’ (Yahshua).
  36. This is a very monotheistic verse.
  37. Acts 1:5 JAHn immersed people in [mere] water. But in a few days [YAH] immerses you in Spirit: Sacred Spirit.”
    note: It's good to get dunked in water. But the real power is in being continually filled with the Holy Spirit.
  38. Acts 2:2 The disciples sit [crying]. Suddenly a sound like a mighty wind roars down from heaven, 😇! Rushing [rumble] fills the whole building.
  39. Acts 2:3 The disciples’ [wide-open] eyes see tongues of [spirit] fire slicing [through the air], 😇. Then these tongues of wildfire [fly] to rest on each of the disciples!
  40. Acts 8:17 So Peter {Rock} and JAHn lay their hands on the Samarians. [Suddenly] the Samarians receive Sacred Spirit, 😇!
  41. Acts 13:52 [Despite suffering intense persecution and rejection,] the [deported] disciples overflow with joy and Sacred Spirit, 😇.
  42. 1st Corinthians 2:11 For who knows the inner workings of a man except the man’s own spirit inside him, 😇? Likewise, no one knows the inner workings of [YHVH] the Eloah except the Spirit of [YHVH] the Eloah.
  43. 1st Corinthians 2:15 But the human who has [YAH's] Spirit can evaluate everything, 😇. No [carnal man] is in a position to judge [a saint].
    note: Only spiritual, regenerate, supra-carnal people can see reality. So never submit your grievances to a worldly court.
  44. 1st Thessalonians 5:19 Never quench [YAH's] Spirit, 😇.
  45. 1st Samuel 10:10 Saul's [group] approaches the hill [of Elohim in Gibeah (Flower-Hills)]. [Saul] sees a band of prophets. [They dance up] to meet him. The Spirit of Elohim [floods] upon [Saul]! So he [jumps off his horse. He starts shouting YAH's Revelations] among the [whirling, dancing prophets].
  46. 1st Samuel 19:21 [A rat] tells [king] Saul [his cops are now prophets]. So [Saul] sends [a SWAT Team]. But [instead of arresting David,] they prophesy too! So Saul sends [attack soldiers] again. And for the 3rd time, they prophesy too!
  47. Luke 4:1 YahShua, filled with [YAH's] Sacred Spirit, traces his path back from the Jordan River, 😇. [YAH's] Spirit leads YahShua into the wilderness.
    note: Sometimes YAH leads you into deserted and hostile places where terrible tests purify you like fire.
  48. John 15:26 But [soon, 😇,] the Advocate (I'll send you from [YHVH] the Father) comes and testifies for me. [The ‘Advocate’ is] the Spirit of the truth. [He] proceeds from [YHVH] the Father.
    note: 3 unified yet differentiated beings here:
  49. 1: Father,
  50. 2: Yahshua, the Father's Son,
  51. 3: Spirit Of Truth who proceeds from the Father.

  52. Acts 2:4 The disciples all fill with Spirit (Sacred Spirit). [They] start speaking in other languages [they've never spoken before]! [YAH's] Spirit gives the [believers] the [exact, accurate foreign] words!
    note: ‘Speaking in tongues’ means to make sense in a foreign language, not to babble nonsense.
  53. Acts 2:18 And in those days, I pour out of my Spirit on my obeyers. Male and female, they prophesy.
  54. Acts 5:32 We [believers] are YAH's witnesses to these facts. Another [witness] is the Spirit, [not mere enthusiasm, but] Sacred Spirit, whom [YHVH] the Eloah keeps giving to [people] who obey Him.”
    note: Pentecostals, take note: Receipt of the Holy Spirit is tied to obedience. No obedience = no Holy Spirit. If you're disobedient, that buzz you get in church is not Sacred Spirit, it's just enthusiasm.
  55. Acts 10:46 The [stunned] Jews hear the beast-nationals speak in other languages, exalting YHVH.
    note: Not babbling in some incomprehensible “spirit language,” but spontaneously speaking intelligibly in languages they'd never learned.
  56. Romans 5:5 And hope doesn't let us [do-gooders] down, 😇. Because [YHVH] the Eloah pours His [feast of] love into our hearts through the Sacred Spirit [he] gives us.
  57. Romans 8:26 Yet YAH's Spirit helps us in our weakness, 😇. We don't know what we should pray for. But [YAH's] Spirit himself intercedes for us with sighs that words can't express.
  58. 1st Corinthians 2:10 Yet to us [believers], [YHVH] the Eloah reveals the [eternal] wonders through His Spirit, 😇. For Spirit probes all things, even the deepest depths of [YHVH] the Eloah.
    note: Through Spirit, you can learn things scientists will never figure out through empirical physical tests.
  59. 1st Corinthians 2:14 Yet the natural man rejects the wonders of the Spirit of [YHVH] the Eloah. [YAH's thoughts] seem like foolishness to meat-people. Merely-physical people can't know [YAH's mind], 😇. [YAH's thoughts must be] discerned spiritually.
  60. 2nd Corinthians 3:6 YAH converts us [believers into] able New Covenant workers. That [covenant's] essence is not a written [text]. [The New Covenant is written] by [YAH's] Spirit. Yes, 😇, the letter [of the Law] kills [sin]. But [only YAH's] Spirit gives life.
    note: Legalism kills.
  61. Galatians 5:16 So I say: Walk in [YAH's] Spirit, 😇, so you'll never fulfill the lust[s] of your sinful flesh.
  62. Apocalypsis (Revelation) 4:5 Lightning and thunder and voices blast from the throne, 😇. 7 lamps of fire burn before [the throne]. (These are [the] “7 Spirits [from YHVH] the Eloah.”)
  63. 1st Samuel 19:24 [There mighty Saul] strips off his [royal] clothes. Like [the other prophets, Saul] prophesies before SamuEl. Then [Saul] falls down naked, [lost in a vision-trance. He lies there] all that day and all that night. [Saul's behavior] gives further strength to the [popular Jewish] saying, “Is Saul a prophet too?”
    note: You can get the Holy Spirit, and then get possessed by a demon. You're like a cup. Pour one liquid out, and another will fill it. Constantly fill yourself with living water from heaven, or a demon might fill you. Saul may have merely stripped down to his under-clothes. Saul's being in Samuel's presence appears to be (but is not) a contradiction of 1st Samuel 15:35.
  64. Psalms 139:7 Where could I go to [escape] your Spirit? Where could [anyone] flee to [evade] your face?
  65. ZechariYAH 4:2 [The angel] asks me, “What do you see?” I answer, “I'm looking… I see a candlestick/lampstand/menorah of solid gold. A globe-bowl lies atop the menorah. 7 glistening lamps [shine] atop the lampstand. 7 tube-pipes [feed oil] to the 7 high lamps.
    note: “This [heavenly] lampstand is identical to the lampstand in the Hebrew tabernacle, and has the same meaning. It is a symbolic representation of Christ, the Light of the world (see book, The Tabernacle: God’s Portrait of Christ).”—J. Vernon McGee
  66. Luke 4:14 [Nearly dead from 40 days without food,] YahShua returns, by the power of [YAH's] Spirit, to [the] Heathen-Circle.
    note: Galilee = Heathen Circle. Returns: possibly teleports.
  67. John 14:16 [After you obey me,] THEN I pray to [YHVH] the Father. Then he gives you another Advocate, who stays with you, 😇, forever.
    note: ‘Comforter’ is old-lady church translator talk. The word is Parakletos, someone who counsels you and fights your cause.
  68. John 14:17 [😇, this advocate is] the spirit of the truth. The world can't receive [truth]. [Truth] is invisible to the world-system. [The worldlings] fail to recognize [YAH]. But you know [truth]. For [truth] dwells with you, 😇. So [truth continues to thrive] in you.
  69. John 16:13 However, [the Advocate, YAH's] Spirit of truth, soon comes and guides you into all truth, 😇. For ‘he’ speaks not from [his own authority]. Rather, the Advocate Spirit repeats to you everything he hears from [YHVH The Father]. ‘He’ shows you the events of the future.
    note: 'He' is a guess. 'It' is more literal. Spirits have no sex organs. And again, this spirit is differentiated from the Father.
  70. Acts 9:17 AnaniYah [runs down the street, 😇. He] enters the house, puts his hands on Saul, then says, “Brother Saul, Master YahShua sent me. He appeared to you on the road as you journeyed [here]. So see again! Fill up [with] Sacred Spirit!”
  71. Acts 19:2 Paul asks the disciples, “Have you received Sacred Spirit since you put your faith [in YahShua]?” The disciples answer, “We haven't even heard that Sacred Spirit exists.”
    note: Sacred Spirit not only feels better than anything the world can offer, ‘it’ fills you with unconditional love for everyone. If you don't have it, get it! Nothing else comes even close.
  72. 1st Corinthians 2:4 My speech and my heraldry avoided enticing [you with] wordy human ‘wisdom.’ Instead [I functioned as a lowly channel for] manifestations [of YAH's] Spirit and power.
    note: When was the last time you saw a manifestation of spiritual power during a sermon? Paul probably fasted to near the point of death, rendering him too weak to give long lectures.
  73. 1st Corinthians 12:3 I want you to know, 😇, that no one speaking by Elohim's Spirit can call YahShua “accursed.” And no one can confess: “YahShua is Sovereign,” without being guided by Sacred Spirit.
    note: This is often used as a test of whether someone has an evil spirit inside them.
  74. 1st Samuel 19:23 So [king Saul whips his chariot-horses up the hills] toward Naioth {Rest} in Ramah {Heights}. [There] the Spirit of Elohim [falls] on [Saul] too! He drives uphill, prophesying [involuntarily]. Finally [his horses stop] at Naioth in Ramah.
  75. 2nd Samuel 23:2 [David] sings: “The Spirit of YHVH speaks through me. His decree[s] [sing] on my tongue.
  76. Ezekiel 2:2 As [YAH] speaks to me, [YAH's] spirit enters me, 😇! It sets me on my feet. I hear [YAH] speak to me.
  77. Ezekiel 3:24 Then, 😇, [YAH's] spirit enters me. He sets me upon my feet. He speaks with me. [He] says to me, “Go [home]. Shut yourself inside your house.
  78. Ezekiel 43:5 So [YAH's] spirit lifts me up. [He flies] me into the [vision-temple's] inner court. There I see the glory of YHVH fill the temple.
  79. Luke 1:15 —For JAHn [proves] great in the sight of [YHVH] Adonai. JAHn drinks neither wine nor hard liquor. [Instead of alcohol,] JAHn lives filled with [YAH's] Sacred Spirit, right from his mother's womb.
    note: Intoxicants are a poor substitute for the Holy Spirit. If you have YAH's Holy Spirit, you don't need intoxicants. However, some intoxicants have good uses. Rum is good for clearing coughs. Cannabis seeds are excellent food. And so on.
  80. Luke 24:49 Watch! I soon send [the Spirit-and-fire baptism my] Father promised to send upon you. So stay [here] in the city of Jerusalem until [YAH] endows you with power from on High.”
    note: At Pentecost, spirit-fire comes and lands on the disciple's heads.
  81. Acts 8:29 [YAH's] Spirit says to Philip {Horse-Lover}, [Run] over. [Shadow] that chariot.”
  82. Ephesians 4:30 😇, never grieve the Sacred Spirit of [YHVH] the Eloah, the Spirit who has stamped you as His sealed property [which he'll claim] on the day of [final] redemption.
  83. Titus 3:6 Through [our connection to] YahShua the Messiah our Savior, YAH generously pour[s] out [His] Spirit on us [believers], 😇.
  84. Numbers (Journeys) 24:2 Balaam scans [the valley] with his eyes. He sees Israel camping in their tents, arrayed in tribal groups. [Suddenly] the spirit of Elohim comes upon [Balaam].
  85. 2nd Kings 2:9 On the [east] side of the river, EliJah {JAH-Is-El} says to EliShua {El's-Salvation}, “Ask me for whatever you want me to do for you before [YAH] takes me away from you.” Elisha answers, “Please, let a double dose of your spirit [rest] on me.”
  86. Esther 6:1 That night the Emperor [tosses and turns on his giant bed]. Sleep [evades him. Moved by YAH's Spirit,] the Emperor commands [his attendants] to bring the [Imperial] book of daily records. The historians recite the [Imperial] chronicles to the [Emperor].
  87. Luke 1:41 At the sound of Mary's greeting, Elizabeth's baby [JAHn] jumps within Elizabeth's womb! [YAH] fills Elizabeth with [his] Sacred Spirit.
  88. Luke 1:44 —For look! [Feel baby JAHn jumping in my belly!] As soon as the voice of your greeting sounded in my ears, baby [JAHn] leaped for joy in my womb!
    note: JAHn was prenatally clairvoyant.
  89. Luke 2:25 In Jerusalem lives a righteous and devout man named Simeon {Listener}. He eagerly waits for [YAH] to comfort Israel [by killing their corrupt politicians, Roman oppressors and criminal religious rulers]. [YAH's] Sacred Spirit rests on Simeon.
  90. John 7:39 (YahShua mentions [‘Living Water’] referring to the spirit that the believers in YahShua will later receive. [Soon YAH will] glorify YahShua [by raising him from the dead]. Then [YAH will give] Spirit (Sacred Spirit) [to the disciples at Pentecost].)
    note: Apparently YAH wanted to wait until Yahshua had ascended (to heaven,) before filling the believers with Sacred Spirit. A lot of words are usually added to this verse by translators wishing to 'personalize' this spirit as a 3rd member of an Athanasian trinity.
  91. John 16:8 The advocate soon comes to you, 😇. [Through] righteousness and judgment, [he] exposes the world's sin-guilt.
    note: paraphrase
  92. John 16:14 [The Advocate Spirit] comes to bring glory to me. [YHVH] gives [the Advocate Spirit wisdom, prophecy, counsel, strength, etc.]. [The Advocate] delivers [these powers] to you, [my obedient disciples].
  93. Acts 8:15 Peter & JAHn arrive, 😇. They pray for the Samarians to receive Sacred Spirit.
  94. Acts 8:18 Simon {Listener} [the sorcerer] sees that [YHVH gives His] Holy Spirit [to people] when the apostles place their hands [on people's heads or bodies].
  95. Acts 8:19 So Simon [the Sorcerer] offers the apostles money, saying, “[Sell] me this power! Then whoever I lay hands on will receive Sacred Spirit!
  96. 1st Corinthians 12:1 Now about spiritual gifts, brothers, I don't want you to be ignorant.
  97. Ephesians 1:14 [YAH's Sacred Spirit of love] is the guarantee that we [believers] will receive the inheritance [which] YAH promised his people. YAH acquired us as his own possession[s], 😇. [YahShua] completely redeemed [us from the power of evil]. So the heavens ring [with] praise to YAH's glory.
    note: Stop doing evil things, even when no one's looking. Start doing things that show the fruits of the Holy Spirit. Your behavioral change is proof that you are in touch with heaven. Loving your enemies is not natural. If you love everyone unconditionally, you have YAH's spirit. If you don't love everyone, you don't have YAH's spirit in you. Radical character improvement doesn't happen by itself. People sometimes clean up their lives. But they don't morph blatant sin into righteousness without some miraculous help.
  98. Ephesians 3:16 I pray that from [YHVH the Father's] glorious, unlimited resources, he [forever] gives you, 😇, mighty inner strength, through His Spirit.
  99. Exodus 30:25 Combine the spices and the oil into a sacred anointing ointment. Blend it and perfume it as would an expert perfume-maker. It will be [the] holy consecration liquid.
    note: Oil symbolizes the holy spirit.
  100. Leviticus 14:28 Then the priest dabs a bit of the oil in his hand onto the tip of the right ear of the patient being healed, and on the thumb of his right hand, and on the big toe of his right foot, covering over the [earlier dabs of] blood from the repentance-gift.
    note: Signifying YAH's Spirit covering over your errors: in what you pay attention to, what you do, and where you go.
  101. Leviticus 14:29 The priest pours the rest of the oil in his hand onto the head of the patient being healed, to [symbolically call down on the patient the] covering [of] YHVH's [sacred Spirit].
  102. Judges 13:25 And, at times, the Spirit of YHVH begins to stir Samson [with trouble while he grows up] in the camp of [the tribe of] Dan {Judge} between Zorah {Wasp} and Eshtaol {Prayer}.
  103. 1st Samuel 10:11 Saul's acquaintances see Saul [telling the future] with the prophets. So they ask each other, “What [spirit] has come to Kish's boy? Is Saul [now] a prophet?”
  104. 1st Samuel 10:13 [Saul] finishes prophesying right as he arrives at the ‘high-place.’
  105. 2nd Kings 23:19 And in the cities of Samaria, JosiYah removes, then defiles, all the [occult] high-shrine temples the kings of Israel had made to whip up YHVH's fury. [JosiYah smashes and burns] these temples as he did at Beth-El {House-Of-El}.
  106. ZechariYAH 4:12 And I ask [the angel], “What are these two limb-branches from the olive trees which pour out golden [oil] through the two golden pipes?”
  107. Luke 1:67 And [YAH] fills JAHn's father ZachariYah with the Sacred Spirit.
  108. John 16:7 Yet I tell you the truth: It's good for you that I go away. For if I stay [physically here], the [spirit] advocate won't come to you. But when I depart, I send the advocate to you.
  109. Acts 1:4 Finally YahShua commands [us,] his assembled apostles, “Stay in Jerusalem. Wait for [YHVH] the Father [to fulfill] his promise which you've heard me repeat:
  110. Acts 2:13 Others mocking say, “These [heathen drunkards bubble] full of sweet new wine.”
    note: Drunk; Because alcohol (spirits) make a cheap substitute for Sacred Spirit. Literally: ‘they're on drugs.’
  111. Acts 2:15 These [disciples] are not drunk, as you suspect. Look, it's only 9 in the morning!
  112. Acts 4:8 Spirit ([not just enthusiasm but] Sacred Spirit) fills Peter {Rock}. He declares to [the judges], “You rulers of the people, and elders of Israel —
  113. Acts 21:4 In Tyre {Rock-Port}, we find [some] disciples, 😇. We stay with them [for] 7 days. [Warned] by [YAH's] spirit, they urge Paul not to set foot in [assassin-controlled] Jerusalem.
  114. 1st Corinthians 2:12 Now we [believers] receive not the spirit of the world-system, but the Spirit of [YHVH] the Eloah. So, 😇, we [believers] have the potential to understand the marvels [YHVH] the Eloah so freely gives us.
  115. 1st Corinthians 12:7 Now, 😇, [YAH] gives each [of us] a manifestation of [His] Spirit, for the common good.
  116. 1st Thessalonians 1:5 For we [missionaries] carried the Good News to you [new believers], not in mere words, but in power. Sacred Spirit put energy in your conviction that what we said was true. And you know that the way we lived among you was further proof of the truth of the Gospel.
    note: Paraphrase.
  117. James 4:5 😇, do you think it's for no reason that the scripture says, “YAH's Spirit, who dwells in us, [feels] fiercely jealous?”
  118. 1st John 2:20 But you, 😇, have [your spirit] rubbed-with-healing-oil from [YHVH] the Holy One. So you're aware of [life's] overall [big picture].
    note: Anoint=rub.
  119. 1st John 4:13 Here's how we know that we live inside of YHVH, and YHVH lives inside of us: YHVH keeps giving us [the infilling of] His [own loving] Spirit.
  120. Leviticus 14:26 [Next,] the priest pours [a bit] of the oil into the palm of his own left hand.
  121. Leviticus 14:27 [Then,] with his right finger, the priest sprinkles some of the oil in his left hand 7 times before [the altar of] YHVH.
  122. 2nd Chronicles 20:14 Then, in the midst of the congregation, the Spirit of YHVH comes alive in Jahaziel {EL-Stomps}. ([JahaziEl] is the son of ZechariYah {YAH-Remembers}, the son of BenaYAH {YAH-Built}, the son of JeiEl {Carried-Away-By-El}, the son of MattanYah {Gift-Of-Yah}, a Levite descendant of Asaph {Gatherer}.)
  123. Acts 8:16 (For as of this time [Sacred Spirit] has not fallen on any of the Samarians, 😇. They simply get baptized in the name of Master YahShua.)
  124. Romans 8:27 And [YahShua] (who searches [all] hearts) knows the mind of [YAH's] Spirit, 😇. So [YahShua] prays for [YAH] to bless us separatist [saints in ways that are] compatible with [His will].
    note: "He" could refer to Yahshua, but is usually attributed to the Holy Spirit.
  125. 2nd Timothy 1:14 😇, guard that good “deposit” [of treasure which the] Sacred Spirit [of YHVH] (who dwells in us) entrusted to you.
    note: This could refer to any spiritual gift, or just the presence of the Spirit. See note.
  126. Exodus 30:26 With this oil, [sacramentally] anoint the congregational tent and the ‘Testimonial Ark.’
  127. Exodus 30:27 [Also pour the sacred oil on] the [sanctuary] table and all its utensils, and on the menorah and its accessories, and on the incense altar.
  128. Exodus 30:28 [Pour the oil on] the smoke [roasting] altar and [on] all its [cooking] utensils, and [on] the washbasin and its base.
  129. Acts 19:7 In all, about 12 [of these Ephesian] men [gain these spiritual powers], 😇.
    note: Make a big history-shaking impact with just a few believers.
  130. Wisdom of Solomon 12:1 For your incorruptible Spirit is in all things.
  131. 2nd Chronicles 15:1 [Time passes, 😇.] The Spirit of Elohim comes upon [Judean prophet] AzariYah {YAH-Helps} (the son of Oded {Testifier}).
  132. 2nd Corinthians 13:14 [😇, I pray that] the unmerited-divine-influence of Master YahShua the Messiah, and the love-feast [YHVH] the Eloah [lavishes on his chidren], and the fellowship of Sacred Spirit, stay with you all. [And that's the way] it is!
    note: Amén. Love is a feast.
  133. Hebrews 10:15 [YAH's] Sacred Spirit confirms all of this, 😇:


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