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Yah's ProtectionWrench

You can have the perfect but uncomfortable protection of the Creator, OR you can have the spotty and insane protections offered by man's 666 systems: your choice.

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163 SCRIPTURE SECTIONS on the theme of Yah's Protection

    Interactive Timeline
  1. Nothing Can Separate us From Christ's Love
  2. The Most Famous Psalm: The 23rd Psalm
  3. Cast All Your Cares On YAH: He Cares For You
  4. YHVH Scares Off Syria's Army With War-Noise
  5. You Are Extremely Precious To YAH
  6. An Angel Jailbreaks The Apostles
  7. YAH Protects His People In The West
  8. YAH's Angel Saves Daniel's Friends From Fire
  9. Confide In YAH Who Gives You Everything Good
  10. EliShua Strikes The Syrian Army Blind
  11. YAH Drowns The Egyptian Army
  12. Hebrew Orphan and Widow Protection Statutes
  13. Angels Save ELiShua From Syria's Army
  14. YAH's Angel Massacres 185K Assyrian Soldiers!
  15. The Emperor Promotes Daniel's God & Friends
  16. Moses Parts The Red Sea For Faithless Israel
  17. Jesus Will Kill People Who Entrap Innocents
  18. Jacob Lavishes Blessings On Joseph
  19. Never Fear Military Force
  20. The Promised Land Promise Is Finally Reality
  21. YAH Will Blast Your Persecutors With Pain
  22. Dying Joshua Commands Israel To Stay Separate
  23. The Praise-Battle Utterly Destroys The Enemy!
  24. YAH Is Our Shelter And Security
  25. Yah Supernaturally Kills 185000 Soldiers!
  26. YAH Will Stay With You When All Humans Flee
  27. Wisdom Keeps You From The Terror Of The World
  28. King Ahab Dies A Well-Deserved Bloody Death
  29. YAH Straps On Armor To Fight Evil-Doers
  30. The Emperor Throws Daniel Into The Lion's Den
  31. Your Hope In YAH Is Your Tunnel To Salvation
  32. Never Lie; Turn From Evil; Pray In Purity
  33. Jacob Foresees War For The Troop-Tribe
  34. The Song Of Moses (At The 'Red' Sea)
  35. YHVH Crushes Sisera's Hordes Before Praisers
  36. Eleazar & David Massacre Palestinian Invaders
  37. The Seer Denounces Asa For Allying With Syria
  38. Ezra Refuses Imperial Military Protection
  39. YAh Begs Us To Abandon War & Return To Him
  40. YAH Promises To Rescue His Pure Spokesmen
  41. Stanza 3: Global Indictment & Punishment
  42. YAH Promises To Destroy All Your Enemies
  43. YAH Again Promises To Comfort His Obeyers
  44. YAH Warns Aaron & Moses To Be Patient
  45. Blessings Promised For Obedience
  46. David Condemns Atheist Thugs Who Hurt Saints
  47. YAH Promises To Kill Your Oppressors
  48. YHVH Promises Angelic Protection For Obeyers
  49. Stanza 1: Yah's Love For Israel
  50. 4 Lepers Defect To Surrender To The Syrians
  51. David Raves About YAH's Helping Him
  52. 2 Angels Rescue Lot From Sodom's Perverts
  53. You'll Conquer Giant Nations If You Obey YAH
  54. David Sings Of YAH's Protection From Enemies
  55. YAH Guards You From Now To Eternity
  56. YAH Is On Your Side, Snatching You From Death
  57. Avoid Reliance On Symbolic Or Actual Egypt
  58. YAH Stamps A 5-Sided Star On Ken's Forehead
  59. Rain Floods The Land!
  60. Abram's 318 Praise-Warriors Evict Millions!
  61. Jacob The Cheater Sees An Army Of Angels
  62. Moses Says 'Joshua, Let YAH Fight Your Wars'
  63. Yah Helps Evil North Israel Rout Evil Syria
  64. YHVH Fights Off 1 Million+ Enemies Of Judaea
  65. YAH Gets You Out Of The Death-Squeeze
  66. Kneel To YHVH Who Alone Rescues Kings
  67. YAH Promises To Redeem & Protect Us Saints
  68. Lean On YHVH's Everlasting Arms
  69. YAH Protects We Who Trust Him
  70. Balaam Sings Another Hymn Praising Israel
  71. Spies Evade The Cops To Run Back To Joshua
  72. Gideon Leads Israel Against Brawler-Nations
  73. Gideon's 300 Praise-Men Evict 15000 Warriors
  74. David & King Saul Temporarily Reconcile
  75. EliJAH Fries Evil Israel's Royal Battalion
  76. YAH Dooms Emperor Sennacherib Of Assyria
  77. YAH Sends An Angel To Destroy The Invaders
  78. David Begs YAH To Defend His Praise-Warriors
  79. Isaiah Predicts Zion's Coming Flourishing Joy
  80. Moses Recounts The Promised Land Spy Debacle
  81. Lepers Tell The Israelis ‘The Siege Is Over!’
  82. David Sings of Hope Of Your Salvation (1Ki 2)
  83. YAH Eventually Saves All Believers From Evil
  84. YAH Promises To Save Judea From Assyria
  85. The Philistines Attack David's Judea
  86. YAH Empowers Evil Ahab To Defeat An Empire
  87. The Prophet Predicts Victory For Judea
  88. With YAH On Our Side, No One Can Beat Us
  89. David Thanks YAH For Bread For His Loyalists
  90. Israelis Move, Led By Paranormal Fire & Cloud
  91. Hannah Sings As She Dedicates Her Baby
  92. YAH Refuses To Let David Build Him A Temple
  93. King Sennacherib Retreats His Army From Judea
  94. King David Begs YAH To Fight off His Killers
  95. YAH Will Soon Destroy The Enemies Of The Just
  96. Trust YAH, Do Good, Live Forever, Protected
  97. Ezekiel Foresees YAH's Judgment Upon Gog
  98. Jacob's Family Flees, Protected By YAH
  99. Again Praise-Power Defeats Philistine Armies
  100. David Sings To YAH, His Rescuer & Stronghold
  101. David Begs YHVH For Help Against Bad Bigwigs
  102. Isaiah Foresees YAH Fighting Israel's Enemies
  103. 4 Spirit-Horses Race Chariots Through The Sky
  104. YAH Comes To Defend His People vs. The World
  105. Entranced Balaam Sings A 3rd Praise To Israel
  106. Moses Recounts Tornado's Fight To The Death
  107. Jephthah Evicts The Inbred Ammonites
  108. King David's Song of Deliverance
  109. YAH Is Your Only Refuge And Hope
  110. Pray For YAH To Erase Evil From Existence
  111. David Begs YAH To Protect His Life From Evil
  112. YAH Promises To Forever Safeguard Us Hebrews
  113. YAH's Supernatural Fire-Fighter Protects The Hebrews
  114. YHVH Recounts The Exodus
  115. Moses Recounts YAH's Exodus Miracles
  116. 5 Western Tyrants Attack JAHshua
  117. YAH Throws The Enemy Into Suicidal Confusion
  118. David Begs YAH 'Protect Me From Persecutors!'
  119. Rave-Praise, Echoing YAH's Protective Powers
  120. YAH Saves Us From Deadly Attacks
  121. The Israelites Prepare To Leave Bush Mountain
  122. Pagan Nations Shake In Terror Of The Israelis
  123. Deborah & General Lightning's Rap Dance Song
  124. YAH Smashes The Attackers With A Voice-Bomb
  125. YAH Helps Young King David Grow In Power
  126. Ezra And Friends Arrive Safely In Jerusalem
  127. Nehemiah Prays For Yah's Protection
  128. David Remembers That YAH Will Save Us
  129. David Begs YHVH To Rescue Him Like A Fortress
  130. Solomon Recounts The Miracles Of The Exodus
  131. David Begs YAH To Rescue Him From Evil People
  132. SuperAngel Predicts The Persian Empire's Fall
  133. Moses Warns: YAH Will Destroy Israel's Foes
  134. AbiYah Defeats Jeroboam With Praise Power
  135. David Prays For YAH To Kill His Oppressors
  136. ZacharYAH Sees Angel-Man Measuring Jerusalem
  137. YHVH Will Restore Judea's Humble Society
  138. The Flood Begins To Dissipate
  139. Moses Reunites With His Spicy Wife (& Family)
  140. YAH's Subsequent Sweep To The Promised Land
  141. Joshua Allots Land To Caleb, The Brave Spy
  142. David Cries For Refuge From Deadly Forces
  143. YAH Used To Make Israel Triumph
  144. David Begs YAH To Save Him From Attackers
  145. Asaph Cries Out For Salvation From World War
  146. YHVH Destroys All Of Israel's Enemies
  147. Moses Recounts Crossing Amonite Territory
  148. YAH's Strength Fuels Kingdoms
  149. Judah Evicts The Demon-Worshippers From Judea
  150. Judea Prays For YAH's Supernatural Rescue
  151. David Cries For Help From YHVH
  152. Eliphaz Keeps Bragging About His 'Experience'
  153. YAH Tramples The World Beneath His ‘Feet’
  154. Young King David's Family Grows
  155. David Begs YAH To Rescue Him From Enemy Hate
  156. A Song About The People Who Annoy You
  157. Pray For Protection & Power For Gospel Work
  158. David Begs YAH's Help Against His Rebel Son
  159. Asaph Recounts David's Conquest Of Jerusalem
  160. Connect To Yahshua; He'll Get You Through It!
  161. King David Begs For Yahweh's Help
  162. Gen. Georgias Leads 6000 Men In Night Ambush
  163. YAH Declares Ownership Of The Promised Land


1005 SCRIPTURES on the theme of Yah's Protection

  1. Psalms 23:4 Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I'll never fear evil, because You're with me, [YHVH]. Your ‘rod’ [of discipline] and your ‘staff’ [of support] comfort me.
  2. Psalms 23:1 YHVH is my shepherd, 😇. I won't want.
    note: That means stop wanting stuff. Stop looking at advertisements that stimulate your buying lust. YAH gives you what you need. Materialism is the opposite of spirituality.
  3. Psalms 27:3 Though the [world's] armies erect war-camps to fight me, my heart [stands] unafraid, 😇. Even though [empires] rise over me in battle, I fly to triumph [in YHVH].
    note: See awesome Psalm 27:3 Song.
  4. Luke 12:7 😇, [YAH] numbers every single hair on your head. So never fear. You're worth more than many sparrows.
  5. Romans 8:28 And we know, 😇, that everything co-energizes to benefit beings who love [YHVH] the Eloah and [who] fulfill the purposes for which [He] calls them.
    note: Even the worst disaster morphs into a blessing in the end, at least for we who love YAH and who answer His call by living out His commands. See Ro 8:28 scripture song: All Things Work Together.
  6. Romans 8:35 What can separate us from the love of [the] Messiah? [Nothing, 😇! Not] tribulation, nor distress, nor persecution, nor famine, nor nakedness, nor peril, nor sword!
    note: See Ro 8:35-37 song (More Than Conquerors).
  7. Romans 8:38 For I stand convinced, 😇, that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come—
  8. Romans 8:39 —nor height, nor depth, nor anything in creation, can ever separate us from the love of [YHVH] the Eloah, [as long as we, 😇, stay connected to] our Master YahShua, [YAH's] Messiah.
  9. Exodus 3:16 Go [back East to Egypt]. Gather the elders of Israel together. Then say to them, “YHVH, [the] Elohim of your fathers, the Elohim of Abraham {Father-Of-Billions}, of Isaac {Laughter}, and of Jacob {Heel-Grabber}, appeared to me, saying, ‘I've been closely watching you, noting every [damage your oppressors] do to you in Egypt:
  10. Exodus 23:20 😇, watch: I send an Angel before you, to keep you [safe] on the path, to bring you into the place I've prepared [for you].
  11. Joshua 1:5 😇, no man will be able to stand against you all the days of your life. As I was with Moses, so I will be with you: I will never fail you, nor forsake you.
  12. 1st Samuel 17:45 David {Lover} answers the Philistine, “You come at me with a sword, and with a spear, and with a shield. But I come to you in the Name of YHVH-Commander-Of-Angel-Armies, the Elohim of the armies of Israel! You challenge [YAH]!
  13. 2nd Kings 6:17 Then EliShua prays, saying, “YHVH, please, open [my helper's] eyes, so he can see.” So YHVH opens the [spiritual] eyes of the young man. Wide-eyed, he sees the mountain full of [angelic] horses and chariots of fire surrounding EliShua!
  14. 2nd Kings 6:18 Then the [Syrian army] charges down to [kill EliShua]! So EliShua prays to YHVH, “Please strike these [soldiers temporarily] blind.” So [YHVH] honors EliShua's request. He strikes the [Syrian army] with blindness, 😇!
  15. Psalms 18:3 😇, I always call YHVH. He's [the saviour] worthy of raves. [He] rescues me from my enemies.
  16. IsaiYAH 37:36 Immediately [that night,] the angel of YHVH [flies] out into the Assyrian war-camp. [He] strikes [down] 185000 [invaders]. The [Israelis] rise early in the morning. They look out [from Jerusalem's walls]. They see dead [pagan] corpses [stretched to the horizon, 😇]!
  17. IsaiYAH 54:17 😇, no weapon [anyone] forges to fight you prevails [in the end]. You [eventually] refute every tongue that rises against you in judgment. [Victory] is the heritage of YHVH's obedient-ones. I give [you perfect] justice,” promises YHVH.
  18. Daniel 3:27 The [Babylonian] princes, governors, captains and royal counselors crowd around the [3 Hebrew] men, upon whose bodies the fire had no power. Not one hair of the [Hebrews’] heads appears singed, 😇! Nor are their coats damaged at all! The smell of fire taints neither the [Hebrews’ clothes nor bodies]!
  19. Luke 21:18 But not one hair on your [immortal] head perishes, 😇.
    note: You die. But YAH raises you 100% intact. The only way to be resurrected is to die first.
  20. Romans 8:31 What, then, should we say in response to these [truths], 😇? If [YHVH] the Eloah is for us, [no one] can [prevail] against us!
  21. 1st Peter 5:7 😇, cast all your cares upon [YHVH The Eloah]. [He] cares for you.
    note: Pray your worries away.
  22. Apocalypsis (Revelation) 12:14 [YAH] gives the woman two wings of a great eagle, 😇, so she can fly into the wilderness, into her place, where [YAH] nourishes her for a ‘time, and times, and half a time’: [1260 ‘days,’ hidden] from the face of the serpent.
    note: The Ekklesia has been fleeing from ‘Babylon’ (the United Satan-Nations) ever since Noah's great Grandson ('Ever', from whom we get the word ‘Hebrew’) left the tower of Babel. One of the countless wilderness-places the Ekklesia fled to was the continent named after the plumed-serpent: America. Now the Babylon-System (the Dragon/beast) has eaten America. So the Ekklesia has been fleeing AmeriKa for some time. But as the beasts grow in power, there are fewer habitable locations on earth outside of the beast's reach. For many hundreds of years, YHWH's people have lived and raised holy children in remote lands in peace and independence from Satan's world-system. Those days are over.
  23. Genesis 7:1 So YHVH says to Noah {Rest}, “You and all your [close] family, come into the ark. For I've seen that among your contemporaries, [only] you are [living] righteously before me.
  24. Genesis 19:16 Lot hesitates, 😇. The angel-men grab Lot's hand, and the hand of Lot's wife, and the hands of Lot's two daughters. [Showing] YHVH's mercy to Lot, they bring [his family] out. The [angels] set the [family] outside the city.
  25. Genesis 28:15 You watch: I'm with you. I guard you everywhere, wherever you go. I eventually bring you back into this [promised] land. I never leave you. I do exactly what I've promised you.”
  26. Exodus 4:12 So go. ‘I [AM]’ will be right there [helping] your mouth [speak], teaching you what to say.”
  27. Exodus 14:13 Moses [shouts back] to [his] people, “Never fear! Stand still. See the salvation YHVH shows to you today! These Egyptians you see today—you never again see them, forever.
    note: Salvation = Strong's #3444: Y'shua.
  28. Exodus 14:16 Lift up your rod. Stretch out your hand over the sea. Then [I] divide it [in two]. The children of Israel [skip] on dry ground through the middle of the sea.
  29. Exodus 14:25 The captains drive their chariots so madly that the wheels break off, 😇! The Egyptians scream, “[Pharaoh,] let's flee from the face of Israel! YHVH is fighting for the [Hebrews] against us Egyptians!” [Yet Pharaoh ignores his military advisers.]
  30. Exodus 14:27 So Moses stretches out his hand over the sea, 😇. As the morning [sun] rises, the [invisible sea-dams explode] with shattering power! The Egyptians flee against [the raging waters]. But YHVH sweeps them into the middle of the sea.
  31. Exodus 14:28 The waters flow back to cover the chariots, the horsemen, and all the forces of Pharaoh who'd raced into the sea chasing the [Hebrews, 😇]. Not one [attacker] survives, [not even Pharaoh].
    note: Pharaoh's death is an assumption.
  32. Exodus 22:23 😇, if you in any way afflict [a widow or orphan], and they cry [one tear] to me, I always hear their call. [I avenge the helpless.]
  33. Numbers (Journeys) 14:9 Just don't rebel against YHVH. Never fear the people of the [promised] land. They're bread for us! [Yahweh] has removed [his] umbrella of protection over them. YHVH is with us. Never fear the [pagans]!”
  34. Deuteronomy 3:22 Never fear [your enemy, 😇]: for YHVH your Elohim himself fights for you.
    note: Again, YHVH does the fighting. He never orders his pure-ones to kill people.
  35. Deuteronomy 20:4 [You won't have to raise one weapon!] YHVH your Elohim goes with you. [He] fights for you against your enemies. [He'll] save you, 😇.”
    note: YHVH fights. You praise.
  36. Joshua 10:42 In one campaign, JAHshua exiles all those kingdoms, 😇. [So Israel gains] their land. [The Israelites praise] YHVH, Israel's Elohim. [YHVH] fights for Israel. [So the Israelites themselves don't have to fight.]
  37. Joshua 23:10 One of your men chases 1000 [fleeing soldiers], because YHVH your Elohim is [the One] who fights for you, as He promised you [He would. So you never have to fight anyone, 😇.]
  38. 2nd Kings 6:16 [EliShua] answers, “Never fear. There are more [angels fighting] for us than there are [demons fighting for our enemies].”
  39. 2nd Kings 6:19 Then EliShua [sends a telepathic message] to the [Syrian General], “This isn't the road [you're looking for]! The city isn't here! Follow me. I'll take you to the man you seek.” Then [EliShua] leads the [blind army 12 miles south across north Israel] to Samaria!
    note: Presumably speaking with a supernaturally loud voice, or with telepathy.
  40. 2nd Kings 7:6 Flashback to the night before: YHVH makes the Syrian army [soldiers] hear a huge army of [racing] chariots and [stampeding] horses. So the [soldiers scream] to one-another, “Look! The king of Israel hired the [12 confederated] kings of the Hittite {Sons-Of-Terror}, and the kings of the Egyptians, to rush on us and murder us!”
  41. 2nd Kings 7:7 So the [Syrian soldiers] jump up. They flee in the twilight. They abandon their tents, their horses, their donkeys! They leave their [war] camp untouched. [Across the hills] they flee [northeast toward Syria] for their lives, 😇!
  42. 2nd Chronicles 20:17 —You won't need to fight in this [battle]. Station yourselves [and sing]. Stand still and see the salvation of YHVH. [He sticks] with you, Judaea and Jerusalem. Never fear. Never get depressed. Tomorrow go out and face [your enemy]. YHVH will be with you.”
  43. Ezra 8:22 I [refuse] to incur the shame of petitioning the Emperor for a band of soldiers and horsemen to help us [Hebrews] fight our enemies on the road[s]. [We go without military support because] we had [boasted about YHVH's power] to the Emperor. We said, “The hand of our Elohim is upon all who seek Him, to do [them] good; but [YAH's] power and his fire-rage [fly] against everyone who forsakes Him.”
    note: Ezra correctly turns down offers of worldly military assistance, as we do, and as all Christians should.
  44. Job 1:10 —Haven't you built a hedge around Job, and around his house, surrounding all he has on every side? You always bless the work of his hands. So his wealth piles up on the earth.
  45. Psalms 23:5 In the face of my enemies, you prepare a table [of power and provision] before me. You royally-rub my head with oil. [You fill] my cup [of blessing to] overflowing.
  46. Psalms 91:1 😇, he who dwells in the secret [heart] of Ha-Elyon {The-Most-High} lives [forever] in the [protective] shadow of Almighty [power].
    note: This may be another song by Moses.
  47. Psalms 108:13 Through Elohim, we'll perform valiant feats, 😇. For it's [YAH, not us, nor any worldly ‘government’,] who treads down our enemies.
  48. Psalms 118:6 YHVH is on my side, 😇. I'm done with fear. What can mud-men do to [harm] my [eternal spirit]? [Nothing!]
  49. IsaiYAH 41:11 Watch, 😇: [I] eventually shame and disgrace everyone who fumes against you. [I] reduce [your foes] to nothing. Everyone who fights you eventually perishes.
  50. Daniel 3:29 So I decree this commandment: That every people, nation or language-group who speak any charge against [YHVH] the Elah {Oak-Power} of Shadrach, Meshach and Abed-Nego will be cut in pieces, and their houses [crushed] into dunghills: because there is no other Elah {Everlasting-Supreme-Power} who can save like [YHVH] saves!”
    note: See 2 Sam 6:7. This command, issued by the world-system's ancient ‘golden head’ is still law in today's cracking-toes global government. No modern human can lawfully speak against Yahweh.
  51. MicaYah 4:4 [See the future, 😇! After the final judgment,] every man sits under his [own] vine and fig tree. No one makes [families] tremble in fear. [Your redemption] is a promise [direct] from the mouth of YHVH-commander-of-armies.
    note: Private property. Peaceful agrarian life. Family gardens.
  52. Luke 10:19 See, 😇! I give you power to trample down serpents and scorpions. [I've given you authority] over all the power of the enemy. Nothing can hurt you in any [eternal] way.
  53. Acts 5:19 But at night, YHVH's angel, [in open contempt of the sham court, illegally] opens the prison doors, 😇! [He] lets the apostles out!
    note: Adonai's angel breaks the apostles out of prison, where they are being held pursuant to a legal court order. Factor that jailbreak into your understanding of Romans 13.
  54. Hebrews 13:6 So we [saints], 😇, boldly declare, ‘YHVH helps me. I never [need] fear. What can mere men do to me?’
    note: Ps 118:6
  55. 1 Maccabees 3:19 For the victory of battle stands not in the size of an army. Rather, strength comes from heaven.
    note: The United States needs to remember that.
  56. Genesis 49:24 But [Joseph's] bow stays strong, his arms [and] hands made powerful by the fists of the mighty [One] of Jacob: [YHVH] the shepherd, the Rock of Israel.
  57. Exodus 2:9 Pharaoh's daughter says to [JahKebed], “Take this child away. Nurse [him] for me. I'll pay you the going wage [due a wet-nurse].” So [JahKebed] takes baby [Moses home again]. She nurses him.
  58. Exodus 6:7 I take you to Me as [My] people. I am Elohim to you. Eventually you realize that I am YHVH, your Sovereign, who brings you out from under the [crushing] burdens the Egyptians [lay on you].
    note: The current world-system is ‘spiritual Egypt.’ So these promises are for you.
  59. Exodus 12:7 Take blood. With it, strike [the] two side-posts and the upper doorpost of the houses where you eat the lamb.
  60. Exodus 13:21 By day, YHVH's [angel] goes before the Israelites in a cloud-pillar, to lead them [on] the way. Then by night [YHVH's angel leads them] in a pillar of fire, to give them light. So, 😇, day and night, they [remain comforted by the constant angelic presence].
    note: YAH's angel-agent symbolizes YHVH. YHVH was not literally contained in the cloud nor the fire.
  61. Exodus 14:26 YHVH says to Moses, “Stretch out your hand over the sea. Then [watch] the waters [rush] back [down to] cover the Egyptians, their chariots and their cavalry.”
  62. Exodus 14:29 Yet the descendants of Israel walk on dry land in the middle of the sea, 😇. [YAH] builds the waters into walls [protecting] them on their right and left sides.
  63. Exodus 14:30 Thus, 😇, that day YHVH rescues Israel out of the fists of the Egyptians. [The people of] Israel [stand on the far shore in shock,] watching [thousands of] dead Egyptian [soldiers wash up] on the sea shore.
  64. Deuteronomy 1:30 YHVH your Elohim goes before you! He'll fight for you, just like [he performed] all the [miracles] he did for you in Egypt, [right] before your eyes.
    note: Again, it's YHVH doing the fighting. You don't have to lay a finger on a weapon. Just praise Yah.
  65. Deuteronomy 32:30 How, 😇, does one [Hebrew] chase 1000 [pagan soldiers], and two [Israelis] put 10 thousand [idolaters] to flight, unless the [pagans'] “god-Rock” sells the [pagans into slavery], and YHVH surrenders them?
  66. Joshua 21:44 YHVH gives the [Israelites] rest all around, 😇. He makes reality of every word He swore to their fore-fathers. Of all [their] enemies, not one man stands before [Israel]. YHVH delivers all [his peoples'] haters into their hand[s].
  67. Joshua 21:45 Not one good thing which YHVH predicted to the family of Israel fails, 😇. It all comes to pass!
  68. Joshua 23:5 YHVH your Elohim, He, [not you,] will expel the [pagans] from before your [stunned, singing faces]. He, [not you, will] drive the pagans [screaming] out of your sight. Then you'll possess their land, as YHVH your Elohim always promised you.
  69. Joshua 23:14 Look. Today I go the way of all the earth. You [Israelites] know, in all your hearts and in all your souls, that not one thing has failed of all the good things YHVH your Elohim predicted concerning you. All [YAH's promises] came true for you. Not one atom [of his commitments] has failed.
  70. Joshua 24:12 Then I sent the “hornet” ahead of you, 😇. [It] drove the [panicked pagans] out before your [stunned, singing faces. I chased out] the two kings of the Amorite {Mountaineers}, but not with your sword, nor with your bow.
    note: How much plainer could it be said? The pagans were evicted from the promised land by YHVH's supernatural protection, not by military weapons! Yet so many warmongering [biblical] movies and illustrations show Joshua and his minions brutally stabbing thousands of people.
  71. Judges 7:21 The Israelites stand their ground all around the [enemy war-camp. They watch] all the [hundreds of thousands of pagan attack] warriors run, crying, fleeing [like scared little girls]!
  72. Judges 7:22 As the 300 [Israelis] blow their trumpets, YHVH sets every [pagan] warrior's sword against his fellow, throughout the entire coalition [of armies]. They all flee to Beth-Sheetah {Acacia-House} in Zererath {Pierce}. [They scramble on] to the border of Abel-Meholah {Meadow-Of-Dancing} near Tabbath.
    note: YAH makes your enemies kill each other. All you have to do is serve YAH.
  73. 1st Samuel 17:46 —Today YHVH delivers you into my hand. I strike you! [I] take your head from you! Today I [feed] the carcasses of the Philistine army to the sky-birds, and to the wild beasts of the earth. Then all the earth comes to know that there is an Elohim in Israel.
  74. 1st Samuel 25:29 —Even when [evil] men rise to chase you, to hunt your life, [YAH your Elohim] will wrap your soul, my lord, in the bundle of life [next to his heart,] while [He] flings the souls of your enemies out [into the fires of annihilation] like [a warrior flinging a rock] out of the middle of a slingshot.
  75. 2nd Samuel 5:20 So David [rides out] to the battleground. There David strikes the [Philistines with praise-power]. [In triumph, David shouts], “Before my [stunned] face, YHVH burst forth over my enemies , like a water [dam] bursting!” So [David] calls the name of that [battleground:] ‘Baal-Perazim {Lord-Of-The-Breakthrough}.’
    note: There is no indication that David used any military force. David told you what happened: YHVH supernaturally flooded the enemy with his power.
  76. 2nd Kings 7:15 The [spies] follow the [Syrian army's trail all the way northeast ~25km] to [the] Jordan [river]. The [spies] see the road strewn with clothes and containers the Syrians threw off as they rushed [away from YAH's supernatural attack-noise]. So the messengers return [southwest to Samaria. They gallop into the capitol city. They run to the palace throne-room.] They yell to the king, [“The Syrians are gone!”]
  77. 2nd Kings 19:35 Then that night, YHVH's messenger-angel [flies] out [from heaven]. [The angel] strikes 185 thousand Assyrian [soldiers] dead in their camp! Early in the morning, [the Judaeans] get up. All they see are dead [Assyrian] corpses, 😇!
    note: You don't need to borrow money to fight wars when you have YHVH as your protector.
  78. 2nd Chronicles 13:15 Then the men of Judah give a shout [of praise]. As the men of Judah shout, suddenly Elohim strikes Jeroboam {Nation-Wrangler} and all [his north] Israeli [attackers] before [the stunned faces of king] AbiYah {Father-YAH} and [his] Judaeans!
    note: YAH fights for his people who SHOUT praise to him. Just sitting in a pew isn't gonna cut it.
  79. 2nd Chronicles 32:21 So YHVH sends a [destroying] angel. The [angel] chops down all the [invading] mighty, valiant [soldiers], including all the commanders and captains in the Assyrian Emperor's war-camp! So [Sennacherib trudges back ~650km northeast]. He returns shamed-faced to his own land. He enters the temple of his demon-gods. There his [princes, brats] who sprang forth from his own heart, murder him with their sword[s], 😇!
  80. Psalms 9:12 [YAH] avenges blood. He remembers [your pain], 😇. He never forgets the cry of humble [beings].
  81. Psalms 18:30 Elohim's way is perfect, 😇. The Word of YHVH is proven. YAH is a shield to all [beings] who flee-for-protection in Him.
  82. Psalms 24:8 Who [is the] King of glory, 😇? YHVH strong and mighty! YHVH, master of [spiritual] battle!
  83. Psalms 40:2 [Eventually YAH] lifts me up out of horrible [slimy] pits, out of the miry clay. [He] sets my feet up on rock-ledge[s]. [He raises me tall & strong enough to] walk [forward].
  84. Psalms 46:1 [YHVH] Elohim is our refuge and strength, 😇. [He's] always powerfully with us [saints], helping [us out of] tight-squeezes.
    note: A song meant for Jerusalem's temple music director to arrange for the priestly descendants of (ancient rebel) Korah to sing. [To be played] on ‘alamot [high-pitched musical instruments?]. See the Cool French / Spanish / Haitian song setting of Ps. 46:1. For context, see 2Ch 32. Martin Luther penned the famous song, "A Mighty Fortress is our God" based on this chapter.
  85. Psalms 47:9 Leaders of the nations, gather together with the people of the Elohim of Abraham {Father-Of-Billions}. For every defense-shield on the earth belongs to [YHVH] Elohim. He towers above [everything and everyone].
  86. Psalms 121:8 YHVH defends you coming and going from now to eternity, 😇.
  87. Psalms 125:2 As the mountains surround Jerusalem, YHVH surrounds his people from now on into eternity, 😇.
  88. Psalms 145:20 YHVH preserves [and protects] everyone who loves Him, 😇. But [He] destroys all wicked [beings].
    note: Universal salvation is a lie.
  89. IsaiYAH 25:4 You're the stronghold for [we saints who] dangle [by a thread]. [You're] the fortress for [us] crushed, needy [refugees]. [You're our] shelter from floods [of evil]. You're [our] shadow from [life's] heat. [You preserve us, though] tyrants' blast[s crash] like hurricane[s] against [our] wall[s].
  90. IsaiYAH 41:12 You'll look for [your persecutors, 😇]. But you won't find one being who combatted you. The [aggressors] who war against you end up as nothing, nothing at all.
    note: Again, the scripture teaches Annihilation, not Conscious Eternal Torment, for the wicked.
  91. IsaiYAH 45:2 I go before you. I level [your crooked, hilly] road. I break in pieces the gates of brass [that block your advance]. [I] cut in two the bars of iron [that hold you back, 😇].
  92. IsaiYAH 49:25 YHVH decrees: “I snatch captives from bulletproof [rulers]. I rescue prey from [the mouths of] predators. I fight whoever fights with you, 😇. I save your children.
  93. IsaiYAH 59:17 [YAH] straps on the breastplate of righteousness, 😇. [He dons the] helmet of salvation on his head. For clothing, [YAH] straps on the avenger's armor. He wraps himself with the cloak of zeal.
    note: Great Armor Of God SONG. This is the foundation of The Armor Of God concept from Ephesians 6.
  94. JeremiYAH 20:11 But YHVH, the [ultimate] mighty, terrifying [champion], sticks with me, 😇. So my persecutors eventually stumble into defeat. [Floods] of shame overwhelm them. Prosperity evades them. [History] never forgets their everlasting confusion.
  95. Ezekiel 36:24 So I take you [repentant Hebrews] from among the beast-nations. I gather you out of all [earth's] countries. I bring you into your own land, 😇.
    note: Fulfilled in 1949, despite massive sin within the modern “state of Israel.” Rampant Israeli sin is nothing new. This could also be a reference to the mass Christian migration to America in the 1600s-1700s.
  96. Daniel 3:25 Nebuchadnezzar shouts [to his advisers], “Look: I see 4 men loose, walking in the middle of the fire, totally unhurt! And the 4th [man] looks like [the] Son of [YHVH] the Eloah {Supreme-Being}!”
    note: Presumably Yahshua, raised from the dead and passed back through time.
  97. Daniel 6:22 [YHVH] my Elohim sent his angel, who shut the lions’ mouths, so they didn't hurt me, because [YHVH saw] innocence in me. I've never done any damage [to] you, Emperor.’
  98. Daniel 6:23 The Emperor [jumps for joy, overwhelmed] for DaniEl {El-Judges}. The Emperor commands [his soldiers] to lift DaniEl up out of the den. So the [soldiers] lift DaniEl out of the cave [with ropes]. [The royal doctors inspect DaniEl.] They find no damage of any kind upon him, because his faith in [YHVH] his Elohim [protected him, 😇].
  99. Daniel 6:24 At the Emperor's command, [the soldiers] drag up the conspirators who had accused DaniEl. [The soldiers] throw the [conspirators,] their children and their wives into the lion's den! The lions dominate the conspirators. The [cats] break all the [liars'] bones in pieces before the [traitors] ever touch the floor of the pit.
  100. Matthew 10:30 And [YHVH] has counted and numbered every single hair on your head, 😇.
  101. Luke 4:10 —For it is written, [YHVH] commands his angels to protect and guard you:
  102. Luke 17:2 😇, if someone offends [harms, ensnares or corrupts] even one of the least [of my disciples, the punishment I smack down on the offender] is even worse than having [my biggest killer angels] chain a millstone around the offender's neck and throw him into the sea.
    note: Yahshua is reminding everyone on earth to respect his disciples, though they are ‘small’ in worldly power. Yahshua is not primarily talking about people who abuse children. Child abuse is an obvious crime. Everybody knows it's wrong. Yahshua does not waste his time reminding people of the obvious.
  103. John 10:29 My Father, who gave my ‘sheep’ to me, is greater than everyone [else put together]. So no man is able to pluck my ‘sheep’ out of my Father's hand, 😇.
  104. John 17:15 [Abba,] I don't pray for you to take my disciples out of the world. But [I do pray] that you'll keep my disciples from [all the world's ruinous] evil.
  105. Acts 2:25 [Ancient king] David predicted YahShua's [reign]: ‘YHVH stands always [holding my] right hand. So nothing can shake me.
    note: The Greek is a paraphrase based on Hebrew Psalm 16.
  106. 2nd Thessalonians 1:6 Elohim is fair. He eventually pays back tribulation to everyone who troubles you, 😇.
  107. Apocalypsis (Revelation) 12:6 The ‘woman’ flees into the wilderness, 😇. There she [enjoys] a [hiding] place prepared by [YHVH] the Eloah. [He] nourishes her there for 1,260 [symbolic] ‘days.’
    note: After Christ dies, the Ekklesia flees into earth's deserts. “The [disciples] go out, taking nothing from the nations.” Some go to cities to witness. Others retreat to secluded places in the mountain wildernesses where they raise righteous children for YHVH. You too are called to ‘Secede from Babylon’ (see Rev 18:4). YHVH and his angel-servants supernaturally feed, protect and sustain us in earth's rough spots. 1260 ‘days’ is the same amount of time that the 2 ‘witnesses’ ‘walk’ the earth: when the Older and Newer Testaments traveled to and influenced much of earth's population. Those days are gone, not because of lack of access to scriptures, because propaganda and bad translation have destroyed the world's interest in the bible.
  108. 1 Maccabees 2:61 So consider [this universal lesson] of all ages: No one who puts their trust in YAH can [ultimately] be overcome.
  109. 1 Maccabees 3:22 So [YHVH] the Adonai himself will overthrow the [pagans] before our face[s]. So you [Hebrew] men, never be afraid of [attackers].”
  110. 1 Maccabees 4:9 Remember how [YAH] delivered our fore-fathers via the ‘Red’ Sea, when Pharaoh pursued them with an army.
  111. Genesis 4:15 YHVH answers Ken, “So whoever slays Ken, vengeance will be taken on him sevenfold.” So YHVH sets a mark upon Ken, [to warn] anyone who finds Ken [not to] kill him.
    note: So the Mark was not a curse, but a blessing for Ken's (Cain's) protection. It was likely a 5-sided star (pentagram) on his forehead, the universal symbol of military vengeance. It was certainly NOT black skin. Some reputable theories suggest it was a red cross within a circle. This protection survives today in all societies' veneration of soldiers and hatred for cop-killers.
  112. Genesis 7:7 [As the] floodwaters [rise,] Noah {Rest} runs into the ark with his sons, his wife, and his sons’ wives.
  113. Genesis 7:17 The flood [keeps rising] for 40 days, 😇. [Torrents] submerge the earth. As the waters increase, they carry up the ark, lifting it high above the earth.
  114. Genesis 7:18 The waters conquer the earth, 😇. They grow deeper and deeper. Meanwhile, the ark floats on the face of the [endless] waters.
  115. Genesis 7:23 Every living-creature on the face of the ground lies destroyed: man, cattle, creeping animals, and birds of heaven, erased from the earth. Only Noah {Rest} and his companions on the ark survive.
  116. Genesis 9:9 [YAH] says, “Watch! I, [YHVH, am] establishing my covenant with you, and with your seed-children after you;
  117. Genesis 17:7 I establish my [unconditional] covenant between me and you and your seed after you [for countless] generations: an everlasting compact! I stay Elohim {Sovereign} to you, and to your seed-children after you.
    note: ‘Seed’ here is plural. However, in Gen 21:12, ‘seed’ is singular, referring to the Messiah, as Paul points out in Gal 3:16.
  118. Genesis 19:10 [Suddenly, 😇,] the angels stretch out their hands. They pull Lot into the house with them. [The angels] slam Lot's door.
  119. Genesis 19:11 [Blinding light flashes from the angels' hands, 😇.] At the door of the house, the angels strike all the perverts [both small and large] with blindness. The perverts wear themselves out [bumping around and falling down in the street] trying to find Lot's door.
  120. Genesis 19:23 The sun rises upon the earth, 😇. Lot enters Zoar {Tiny-Town}.
  121. Genesis 22:11 Then YHVH's angel calls out of heaven, 😇. He [screams], “Abraham {Father-Of-Billions}! Abraham! [What are you doing? Are you nuts!?”] Abraham answers, “I'm here! Look!”
  122. Exodus 2:5 [Suddenly, Miriam sees] Pharaoh's daughter walking down to bathe herself by the river, 😇. Flanked by her maidens, [the princess] strolls [laughing] along the riverbank. [The eyes of the princess grow wide.] She sees the ark [rocking] in the reeds, [radiating the sound of a baby's cry]. The princess shouts to her slave-girl, “Run and get that little boat!”
  123. Exodus 3:8 So I've come down to rescue the [Israelites] out of the grip of the Egyptians, to bring them up [north] out of that [pagan] land to a huge, good land — a land gushing milk and honey — the place [previously controlled by] the Canaanite {Mercenaries}, the Hittite {Sons-Of-Terror}, the Amorite {Mountaineers}, the Perizzite {Villagers}, the Hivite {Campers}, and the Jebusite {Grain-Threshers}.
    note: 6 nations named, signifying the number of man (6).
  124. Exodus 6:6 So [relay this message] to the descendants of Israel: ‘I am YHVH {The-Eternally-Existent-One}. I come to rescue you out from under the burdens of the Egyptians. I soon free you out of your bondage. I stretch out my arm to redeem you with mighty vengeance. [I inflict great punishment on your oppressors.]
    note: Redeem = g'aal = pay your debts, purchase your slave contract, buy you back.
  125. Exodus 12:42 [On that 15th] night [of the 1st month of Spring,] YHVH keeps watch over millions [of his people] as he brings them out of [slavery in] the land of Egypt. So, 😇, through all Generations, the descendants of Israel must celebrate this same “WatchNight.”
    note: Forget Easter. Passover MUST be celebrated by all Christians.
  126. Exodus 14:17 I'm [allowing] the hearts of the Egyptians to petrify. Pharaoh, his forces, his chariots and his horsemen then chase [you Hebrews into the water. Then they] sink [to their deaths].
  127. Exodus 14:24 Just before dawn, YHVH [shines light from his face] out onto the Egyptian army through the column of fire and cloud. [This unapproachable fire from YHVH's face] throws the [soldiers and horses] into a panic, 😇.
  128. Exodus 15:4 Pharaoh's chariots and his army: [YAH] hurls [them] into the sea, 😇! [Pharaoh's] finest captains: [YAH] drowns them in the ‘Red’ Sea!
  129. Exodus 15:6 Your right hand, YHVH, majestic in power! Your mighty strength, YHVH, shatters the enemy!
  130. Exodus 15:14 The nations [tremble] in terror [when they] hear [of YAH's power, 😇]. Seizures [of sorrow] grip the [Philistine] tenants of Palestine.
  131. Exodus 15:16 Dread and awe smother [earth's sinners]. [Crushed] by the greatness of your arm, the [pagans] lie still as stones, trampled under Your nation's feet — stomped down by the people You purchased.
  132. Exodus 15:19 Pharaoh's [priceless] horse charges with his chariots and his horsemen. [Down they rush] into the sea. But YHVH floods the waters of the sea back on them. While [they die, we] children of Israel cross on dry land through the middle of the sea, 😇!”
  133. Exodus 22:24 —My fire-rage [flames extremely] hot. I kill [oppressors] with the sword, 😇. [Tyrants'] wive[s] become widow[s], their children fatherless.
  134. Exodus 34:24 For I come to cast out the [pagan] nations before you. I enlarge your territory, 😇. No man will [scheme to steal] your land, as long as your [men all] travel up to appear before [me,] YHVH your Elohim, 3 times every year.
    note: The nations of the world (except Israel) are doomed because they have never once held (and never will hold) national celebrations of the 3 major Hebrew feasts. If you obey YAH's simple, joyous instructions, you don't need a standing army, codes-nazis, nor a “homeland security” surveillance network to protect your borders.
  135. Leviticus 26:6 [Obey.] Then I bestow shalom [peace, healing & prosperity] in the earth. You lie down [calm], 😇. No one ever makes you afraid. I rid evil beasts from the land. No [more does] the sword slice through your country.
    note: Peace comes from obedience to YHVH. Not from a large standing army. A permanent military is forbidden by the Bible.
  136. Numbers (Journeys) 20:6 [A gang of snot-nosed brats in the crowd sling rocks at Moses & Aaron.] So Moses & Aaron sprint away from the [screaming mad] faces of the assembled [mob]. [Moses & Aaron careen up to] the entrance to the [Meeting] Tent. There they fall on their faces. [Their noses pound the dust.] THEN, 😇, the glory of YHVH appears to them.
    note: When people start attacking you, fall on your face and pray.
  137. Numbers (Journeys) 23:22 Elohim brought [His people] out of Egypt, rampaging with the [towering] strength of a rhinoceros!
    note: Ancient kings pictured themselves with horns.
  138. Numbers (Journeys) 24:8 Elohim [shoots Israel] up out of Egypt, 😇! [Israel charges] with the strength of a [million-man] rhinoceros! He eats up his enemy nations. [He] breaks their bones! [He] pierces them through with his arrows!
  139. Numbers (Journeys) 31:49 The men rave to Moses, “Your [government] servants have counted the 12000 men we led. Not one of us is missing, [after returning from defeating 5 kingdoms]!
    note: Clearly, they didn't fight with weapons. They fought with praise, the ultimate super-weapon.
  140. Deuteronomy 2:25 —Today I begin to put the dreadful fear of you [Hebrews] upon all nations under the whole heaven. Everyone who hears reports of you will tremble in anguish because [they fear] your [approach, 😇].”
  141. Deuteronomy 4:37 Because YAH loved your fore-fathers, He chose their seed-child who [will descend from] them [to be Messiah]. [That's why YAH] brought you out of Egypt, watching over you with His mighty power.
    note: Seed (singular) = the Messiah.
  142. Deuteronomy 7:18 Never be afraid of [evil people], 😇. Rather, remember clearly what YHVH your Elohim did to Pharaoh, and to the whole [nation of] Egypt:
  143. Deuteronomy 7:21 So never be frightened by the [pagans], 😇. For YHVH your Elohim, [the] mighty and terrifying El {Power}, is among you.
  144. Deuteronomy 12:29 Before your [singing] faces, YHVH your Elohim will slice the [evil] nations off [the face of the earth, 😇]. You'll dance into their homes. [You'll] own their possessions. [You'll] dwell [happily] in their land.
    note: YHVH will fight your enemies. You need only be still.
  145. Deuteronomy 20:1 😇, when you venture out to [praise while YHVH] battles against your enemies, when you see war-horses, and chariots, and a horde far outnumbering you, never be afraid of them. For YHVH your Elohim is with you. He brought you up out of the land of Egypt!
  146. Deuteronomy 28:7 YHVH makes your enemies who rise up against you get struck [dead] before your face, 😇. They march out against you as one [coordinated attack-force]. But [they] flee from your [laughing] face in 7 directions, [completely disorganized]!
    note: Your enemies march in like Caesar's armies and scatter like the 3 stooges.
  147. Deuteronomy 31:8 YHVH, the One [and only Sovereign], advances [against your enemies] before your [stunned] faces. YAH will stay with you. YAH will never fail you, nor forsake you. Never fear. Never get depressed.”
  148. Deuteronomy 33:27 The eternal Elohim is your refuge, 😇. [His] everlasting arms lie underneath [you. He carries you through the struggles of life. YAH] drives out your haters in front of your [delighted] face[s]. He shouts, “Die, [enemies of the righteous]!”
  149. Joshua 2:24 The spies rave to JAHshua, “YHVH has truly delivered the whole [promised] land into our hands! All the inhabitants of the country faint [in terror at the thought] of us!”
  150. Joshua 10:8 Then YHVH says to JAHshua, “Never fear the [pagans]. I've delivered them into your hand. Not one man of them [will] stand before you.”
  151. Joshua 23:9 For before your [stunned singing faces], YHVH [keeps] driving out huge, powerful nations. While as for you, no man has been able to stand before you to this day.
  152. Judges 4:15 Then, [before the stunned] face of Barak {Lightning}, YHVH crushes Sisera {Servant-Of-Ra}, and all his chariots, and all his host, with the [supernatural] mouth-sword. So [General] Sisera jumps down off his chariot, 😇. He flees away on foot.
    note: YHVH did the crushing. General ‘Lightning’ and his forces did the singing.
  153. Judges 7:20 All 3 [Israelite] groups blow their trumpets! They break their pitchers! They lift their lamps in their left hands. They blow the trumpets in their right hands as hard as they can. They scream, “For YHVH and for Chopper!”
  154. 1st Samuel 17:37 [Young] David {Love} adds, “YHVH rescues me from the paw of the lion, and out of the [claws] of the bear. He will rescue me from the hand of this Philistine.” So [king] Saul says to David, “Go. [I pray] YHVH goes with you.”
  155. 1st Samuel 17:47 —And this whole assembly comes to see that YHVH saves [with His Spirit,] not with sword and spear. The battle is YHVH's. He will give you into our hands.”
  156. 2nd Samuel 5:24 Then when you hear the sound of [angels] marching in the tops of the balsam trees, jump up [and shout praises,] as [I,] YHVH, [rush] out before your [stunned, singing] face to defeat the Philistine armies.”
    note: Again, praise power triggers a supernatural victory, without the use of military force.
  157. 2nd Samuel 22:4 [YAH] deserves Halal {Rave-Praise-Shows}! I [always] call on YHVH. That's how I get saved from my enemies.
    note: Far beyond mere poetry, David here literally explains how he won many battles by singing and dancing.
  158. 2nd Samuel 22:8 Then the earth rocks and trembles. The foundations of heaven move and quake in [YAH's] anger.
  159. 1st Kings 5:4 Now YHVH my Elohim has given me rest on every side. I'm facing no adversary and no disaster.
  160. 1st Kings 20:28 Then a man of Elohim [walks up]. He speaks to the king of [north] Israel, prophesying, “YHVH says, ‘Because the Syrians [bragged], “YHVH is Elohim of the hills, but he is not Elohim over the valleys”, I'll hand this whole huge horde into your fist. Then you'll know that I am YHVH, [The Eternal One].’”
    note: YAH is not pleased with Ahab, but he's REALLY displeased with Syria.
  161. 1st Kings 20:29 So the [armies] pitch war-camp facing each other. [They wait] for 7 days. Then, on the 7th day, the [armies lock swords] in battle. The sons of Israel slay 100,000 Syrian footmen in one day!
    note: This supernatural support does not imply that Israel is holy, only that Syria is worse.
  162. 2nd Kings 7:5 So, in the [evening] twilight, the [lepers] get up. They [sneak] over to the Syrian army-camp. They reach the edge of Syria's [barricade-line]. They see no people [anywhere] inside!
  163. 2nd Kings 7:10 So the [4 lepers] run [across the battlefield]. They call to the [Israeli General] guarding [Samaria's] city gate. [They yell], “We [just] came [from] the Syrian War-Camp. Look! There's not one man there! Not even the sound of anyone talking! The horses and donkeys stand tied-up. The [Syrians'] tents lie untouched!”
  164. 1st Chronicles 11:14 So [Eleazar and David] drive [their horses] into the middle of the [occupied] field. They snatch it [from the enemy soldiers]! They [sing praises while YAH] massacres the Philistine [attackers]. YHVH saves [Eleazar and David] with an amazing [miraculous] rescue.
    note: Presumably a miracle of spirit-battle, not physical warfare.
  165. 2nd Chronicles 16:9 —The eyes of YHVH run back and forth throughout the whole earth, to show He protects the [people] whose heart[s] [stay] completely [turned] toward him. [By seeking non-Hebrew alliances] you've committed foolish [crimes]. So from now on you'll [suffer] wars.”
    note: That's your world today.
  166. 2nd Chronicles 18:31 Soon the [Syrian] chariot-captains see [Judea's royally-robed king] JAHoshaphat. The [Syrians mistakenly scream], “It's king [Ahab] of [north] Israel!” So they surround [JAHoshaphat] for the kill. But he cries out [a prayer]. So YHVH helps him: Elohim moves the [Syrians] to flee from [JAHoshaphat].
  167. 2nd Chronicles 20:23 The [inbred] spawn of Ammon and Moab rear up, 😇. They attack [their allies], the inhabitants of Mount Seir {Rough}. [The inbreds] utterly murder and destroy [Seir's soldiers]! And when the [mutants] finish [killing] the inhabitants of Seir, every one of the Ammon-Spawn and Moab-spawn massacre each other!!
    note: You don't have to fight evil with force. You praise your Creator while your evil enemies destroy each other.
  168. Ezra 8:23 So we [traveling Hebrews] fast. We beg our Elohim to [provide us with supernatural angelic-military protection]. And [YAH] answers our prayer, 😇!
  169. NehemiYAH 9:12 —Plus, you led the [Israelites] during the day via a column of cloud, and during the night by a pillar of fire. You shone light on the way [you wanted them] to travel.
  170. Psalms 9:9 YHVH [always] remains a refuge for oppressed [beings, 😇]. [He's our] stronghold in times of trouble.
  171. Psalms 9:13 Have mercy on me, YHVH. See the trouble I suffer from everyone who hates me. Lift me up from the gates of death.
  172. Psalms 17:8 Protect me as you would the pupil of your eye! Hide me under the shadow of your wings!
  173. Psalms 18:17 YAH rescues me from my unbeatable enemy, from the [persecutors] who hate me. They're too strong for me [to fight, 😇].
  174. Psalms 35:4 Dry-up and shame the [pigs] who chase me down like [I'm] a panting-animal. Flip back the [thugs]. Confuse [them] for scheming my harm.
  175. Psalms 35:5 YHVH, [blow my enemies away] like chaff before a tornado. Unleash your [destroying] angel to chase the [villains into oblivion].
  176. Psalms 37:2 In a flash, [YAH] mows down [all evildoers] like a [blade] snips grass. [Earth's worst tyrants] wither like green herb[s].
  177. Psalms 40:13 YHVH, please rescue me! Hurry, YHVH! Help me!
  178. Psalms 47:3 [YAH] subdues [all] people under [us Hebrews], 😇. He [smashes] the nations under our feet. [So when you praise him, stomp so loud you terrify the pagans.]
  179. Psalms 55:18 [YAH] rips my body out of battle. [He sets me down] whole, 😇, even when hordes [of assassins] assault me.
  180. Psalms 55:23 You, Elohim, throw the liars down into the well of ruin. [Cut] the bloodsucking mortals' lives in half. [They're] chasing me into refuge in you.
    note: The ‘modern’ human's typical healthy lifespan is around half the biblical measure of a full life (120 years). The average medical Doctor dies at 55 years old.
  181. Psalms 91:11 For [YHVH] keeps ordering his angels to [watch] over you, 😇, to guard you wherever you go.
  182. Psalms 91:14 [YHVH promises you, 😇,] “Because [you] cling to me, I'll keep [enabling you to] escape [destruction]. I'll lift [you] high [like an impregnable fortress], because you recognize my Name-authority.
    note: lit. ”because you know my name.” The Creator's name is not "God" and it's not "The Lord". It's YHVH.
  183. Psalms 91:15 [You] call me. I see [and answer] you, 😇. I glorify [you]. I rip [you] out of [death's suffocating] grip. [I lift you to glorious] honor.
  184. Psalms 121:2 From where does my help come, 😇? My help comes from YHVH, [the eternal Creator] who made heaven and earth.
  185. Psalms 121:4 Watch, 😇. [YAH secures] the [people] who will rule with him. He never [gets] lazy, never sleeps, [never gets old].
    note: Israel = those who will rule with El.
  186. Psalms 121:7 YHVH protects you from [the ultimate effects of] all evil, 😇. He'll [always] safeguard your life-breath, [even when you die].
  187. Psalms 124:7 Our souls escape like bird[s] out of hunters' snares. [YAH] breaks the trap[s], and we [repenters] fly free, 😇.
  188. Proverbs 3:26 For YHVH is your ‘muscle’, 😇. He keeps your feet from being caught [in the world's traps].
  189. IsaiYAH 10:26 😇, yHVH-Commander-Of-Armies stirs up a scourge to [scorpion-whip your enemies] just like [Gideon's band] slaughtered [the armies of] Midian {Brawler} at Oreb {Raven} Rock. [YAH is about to kill your attackers. They soon fall] like [when Moses lifted] his rod over the [‘Red’] Sea, when [YAH] hurled [Pharaoh and his army to death's depths].
    note: Midian: Judg 7:25.
  190. IsaiYAH 30:25 [YAH's] day of crushing slaughter [arrives]. [YAH] knocks down [all your enemies'] towers. [Then] every high mountain and lofty hill runs with rivers of water [to refresh you and your families and your herds].
  191. IsaiYAH 43:2 When you pass through [tormentous] waters, I always stay with you, 😇. [Charge] through [life's] rivers. They won't overwhelm you. Walk through [time's] fire, 😇. [I won't let] it burn you [to death]. The flames won't set you [forever] ablaze.
    note: Physically, you die for your faith. But death is your portal to eternal life.
  192. IsaiYAH 51:12 [YAH promises,] “I, [only] I, am he who comforts you, 😇. [Remember] who you are, [my child]. Why should you live in fear of any dying mortal, a ‘brat of Adam’ whom [I] will compost into grass?
  193. IsaiYAH 59:1 Look, 😇! Nobody ever amputated YHVH's arm. He can still save [you]. YHVH's ears are not stopped up. He still hears [you when you call].
  194. IsaiYAH 63:5 😇, I look [to earth]. I see no one to help [my people. I feel] devastated [to see] no one to prop [them] up. So, fueled by rage, [I swing down] my own arm to achieve salvation [for my humble children].
  195. JeremiYAH 15:21 “I rescue you from the evil-ones' power-hand[s]. I redeem you out of [all] terrorists' fists.”
  196. JeremiYAH 30:11 For I stick with you, 😇,” says YHVH. “I save you. Even when I completely terminate all [the] beast-nations where I scatter you, I still avoid completely terminating you. I correct you in a measured [way]. I can't leave you completely undisciplined.”
  197. Ezekiel 39:9 [When I consume Gog,] Israel's city dwellers [rush] out [of hiding]. They kindle a flame [so huge it can be seen from space]! They burn [Gog's] weapons, including their shields and their breastplates, their bows and their arrows, and clubs, and lances/spears. For 7 years the [Israelis] consume the [invaders' abandoned weapons] with fire!
    note: 7 years of repurposing NWO explosives as energy-generators. Talk about green-power!!
  198. Daniel 6:20 The Emperor falls down at the den's mouth. He cries, wailing, “DaniEl!” The Emperor moans, “Oh DaniEl, servant of [YHVH] the living Elohim! Was your Elohim, whom you serve continually, able to rescue you from the lions?”
  199. Jah-El 3:16 YHVH roars out of [bright shining mout] Zion. His voice [of thunder] shoots forth from the City of Peace. [The sound] shakes the heavens and earth. Yet YHVH remains the refuge for His people, the stronghold for His children like you, 😇, who [rise to] rule with Him.
    note: Israel in this sense means “those who will rule with El.” Israel does not necessarily refer to a certain genetic lineage or political grouping.
  200. ZechariYAH 2:8 For YHVH-King-Of-All-Beings certifies, [My] glorious remnant, I come to pull you out of the nations [that continue to] spoil & loot you. [It's like they're] stabbing out the pupil of my [own] eye! I retaliate against anyone who violently strikes you, 😇!
    note: Any version of the bible you are likely to find (KJV, NIV, NRSV, NASB, etc.) will have this verse, and many others, translated poorly, usually as nonsense, and always boring.
  201. Luke 4:11 [YAH's angels] lift you up in their hands. So you never [even] strike your foot against a stone.”
    note: Psalm 91:11,12 You won't even stub your toes.
  202. Luke 12:6 Don't [vendors] sell 5 sparrows for 2 [copper coins, 😇]? Yet [YHVH] the Eloah never forgets even one [‘worthless’] bird.
  203. John 8:29 And [YHVH] who sent me sticks with me, 😇. The Father [YHVH] never leaves me alone. For I always do the things that please Him.”
  204. John 17:12 While I [walked] with [my disciples] in the world, I kept them within your name-authority. I've guarded the disciples you entrusted to me. None of them is lost, except [K'riot-spawned Judas,] the ‘son of destruction’ predicted in the scriptures.
    note: Isa 57:4
  205. Romans 8:34 Who is the [only human] who [has a right to] condemn [people]? [The] Messiah who died — and more than that, who lives risen [from the dead]: YahShua [sits on a judgment throne] at the right hand of [YHVH] the Eloah. YahShua [has the power to condemn us]. But instead YahShua prays for us, 😇!
  206. 2nd Timothy 4:17 But [YHVH] the Adonai stood with me. He empowered me to persuasively proclaim [his] full message for all the nations to hear, 😇. And [He] rescued me out of the ‘mouth of the lion.’
  207. 1st Peter 3:13 If you zealously [live doing] good, no one can truly harm you, 😇.
    note: In the blink of an eye, YHVH will raise you from the dead. So you can never be in danger.
  208. Apocalypsis (Revelation) 12:16 But the earth helps the woman, 😇. The earth opens its mouth. It swallows up the flood [of lies] the dragon sprays out of his mouth.
    note: Thousands of years ago, YAH destroyed the communication tower of Babylon to prevent Nimrod from Uniting the Nations. [YAH] had to destroy the tower[s], because with global communication in one unified language, evil power flows unchecked. So for thousands of years, until the invention of modern media technology, the land-mass of earth was too large for Satan's propaganda to physically reach into the wilderness to poison and destroy the Ekklesia. For many years, if Satan wanted to spray poison "word-water," he had to physically send one of his limited number of evil spirit beings inside one of his religious or political deceivers. But with the invention of the printing press, radio, television, internet, and communications satellites, Satan floods the entire earth with propaganda (poison "word-water") to deceive the Elect Lady (us, the Hebrew Ekklesia), to steal the minds of our children, and to stir up murderous rage against us.
  209. Genesis 14:16 Abram {High-Father} recovers all the [plunder], including his nephew Lot, Lot's wealth, Lot's women, and the [other] people [the Overlord's armies had captured].
  210. Genesis 21:17 Elohim hears the boy [IshmaEl's] voice, 😇. Elohim's messenger-angel calls from heaven to Hagar: “What's wrong with you, Hagar? Stop being afraid. Elohim hears the voice of [your] boy where he [lies screaming].”
  211. Genesis 32:1 Jacob travels [further south] on his way [back to his Dad's land]. The angels of Elohim meet him, 😇!
  212. Genesis 35:7 There Jacob builds an altar [for cooking holy feasts]. He [shouts to his assembled tribe], “This place is called El-Beth-El {Mighty-Temple-Of-El}, because here ELohim appeared to me, when I fled from the [raging] face of my brother [the Red-man].”
  213. Genesis 39:21 But [even in prison on a bogus rape conviction], YHVH [sticks] with Joseph {Increaser}. [YAH] shows [Joseph] mercy, 😇. [YAH] gives [Joseph] favor in the eyes of the prison warden.
  214. Genesis 49:19 Gad {Troop}, [the War-God's] raiding party comes to raid you. But in the end you [grab their] heel.
  215. Exodus 2:24 [YHVH] Elohim hears [his people] groaning [under the heaviest torture humans can endure, 😇]. Elohim remembers the covenant [he made] with Abraham {Father-Of-Billions}, with Isaac {Laughter}, and with Jacob {Heel-Grabber}.
  216. Exodus 3:12 [Elohim] replies, “I stay constantly with you. [My miraculous presence] remains a sign for you, [proving] that I'm sending you. After you bring [my] people up out of Egypt, you come [again] to worship [Me, YHVH] The Eloah, upon this mountain.”
    note: The ELoah = ‘Ath ha Elohim’ = emphatic, denying the possibility of worshiping any other gods.
  217. Exodus 3:20 So I stretch out my hand. I strike Egypt with all my wonders. I [throw death & fire miracles] in the middle of their land. After that, [Pharaoh] lets you go.
  218. Exodus 9:4 YHVH distinguishes between Egypt’s livestock and Isra’el’s livestock. Nothing belonging to the people of Isra’el will die.”
  219. Exodus 15:5 Deep waters bury the [infidels], 😇. They sink to the shadowy bottom like rocks!
  220. Exodus 17:11 Moses holds up his hand. Then Israel prevails, 😇. But when [Moses] lets down his hand, [the army of] Amalek {Blood-Licker} starts [kicking Israeli tail]!
  221. Exodus 23:27 I send terror of Me before you, 😇. [I] throw into confusion all the people to whom you journey. I make all your enemies turn their backs. [They run away from] you.
    note: YAH fights your enemies for you. You do not have to fight.
  222. Deuteronomy 7:19 The great ordeals which your eyes saw [Egypt go through]—the signs, the wonders, the almighty hand and outstretched arm with which YHVH your Elohim brought you out [of Egypt]: YHVH your Elohim soon does the same to all the people you fear.
    note: The Israelites did not kill a single Egyptian. Yet YHVH conquered the entire Jew-hating nation. That's exactly the way YHVH conquered the pagans in the promised land: miraculously, not through military force!
  223. Deuteronomy 7:23 But YHVH your Elohim will deliver the [pagans] to you [dead]. [All by Himself, with no military action whatsoever from you, 😇, YAH] will rout the [perverts] with mighty disaster[s], until they're destroyed.
  224. Deuteronomy 7:24 YHVH will even hand the [evil] kings to you [already dead]. [He'll] wipe out their name[s] from under heaven. No man who stands [against your praise-marches] will survive, 😇. [YAH] will overthrow them all.
  225. Deuteronomy 11:4 [You saw] what YAH did to the army of Egypt, to their horses, and to their chariots — how he made the water of the Red Sea deluge them while they chased you — how YHVH destroyed them [so terribly that today, 40 years later, they still haven't recovered].
  226. Deuteronomy 32:11 Like the eagle, YAH rouses up his nest. [He] flutters over [you,] his fledgelings. [He knocks you out of the nest! You fall, 😇! Then he catches you. Soon you learn to use your wings. Then YAH] spreads wide his wings. [He] takes [you flying in ever expanding upward spirals toward the sun]!
    note: If you're not falling, you're not learning.
  227. Deuteronomy 32:36 YHVH eventually corrects [and vindicates] His people, 😇. He relents [from destroying] His servants, when He sees that their power is gone, that they [lie] eliminated, unsheltered, forsaken [by the world].
    note: If you don't use the Mark Of The Beast, the world abandons you. Relent: Num23:19, Ps135:14.
  228. Deuteronomy 32:43 Nations [of the world], shout [HalleluYah]! [Join YAH's] people. For YAH always avenges the blood of His servants! [YAH] boomerangs vengeance to His foes. [But] He covers [& cleanses] His land and His people with forgiveness.”
    note: Or, ‘rejoice with him, heavens; all the angels of Elohim, worship him.’
  229. Joshua 14:10 —So now look: YHVH kept me alive, as he promised, these 45 years, ever since YHVH spoke that promise to Moses. Meanwhile Israel's brats wandered [to their deaths] in the wilderness. So now look: today I'm 85 years old!
  230. Joshua 23:3 —You've seen everything YHVH your Elohim did to all these nations [to help] you. YHVH your Elohim is [the One] who fought for you. [That's why you never had to use military force to conquer scores of kingdoms.]
  231. Judges 5:20 [While we Hebrews peacefully praise,] the [angels] fight from heaven [for us]! The stars in their courses devour Sisera {Servant-Of-Ra}.
    note: The weapons of our warfare are not carnal. But they are so mighty, they tear down fortresses.
  232. Judges 7:19 So, 😇, in the beginning of the midnight watch, Gideon {Chopper} and the 100 men with him sneak up to the edge of the [enemy war camp]. They [see] the [enemy guards] change watchmen. [Then the Israelites] blow their trumpets! Then they smash the pitchers from their hands!
  233. Judges 8:12 [King] Zebah {Slaughter} and [king] Zalmunna {Cold-Heart} flee. Chopper chases them. He seizes the two Brawler-kings: Zebah and Zalmunna. The entire [multi-army enemy] host [lapses] into panic.
    note: 300 men chasing 15000 = no ordinary battle. This was like Jericho: men praising, singing, blowing trumpets, then YHVH doing the fighting.
  234. 1st Samuel 7:10 While SamuEl {Heard-By-El} smoke [roasts] the ascension-gift, the Philistines march up to battle against Israel. But this day, YHVH crashes a thundering [supernatural] voice-bomb on the Philistines. [The sound of YAH's word] crushes them! [YAH] smites the [enemy] while Israel [stands there with their jaws hanging open, praising Him].
  235. 1st Samuel 12:11 So YHVH sends Jerubbaal {Baal-Grappler} [aka Gideon], and Bedan {Worker}, and Jephthah {Wide-Open}, and [me,] SamuEl. [We all] rescue you [ingrates] out of the power-fist of your enemies on every side. We secure your homes.
  236. 1st Samuel 14:6 So JAHnathan {JAH's-Gift} says to his young armor-carrier, “Come. Let's invade the garrison of these ‘un-trimmed’ [pagans]. Maybe YHVH will work for us. It's just as easy for YAH to rescue [His people] using [2 men as 2 million].”
  237. 1st Samuel 25:39 Soon David hears that Nabal {Fool} died [naturally]. David says, “Kneel [and adore] YHVH. He took my side when Nabal hurled insults at me. [YAH] kept [me,] his servant, from [committing] evil [murder]. YHVH boomeranged Nabal's wickedness on his own head.” Then David sends [soldiers to fetch] AbiGail {Daddy's-Joy} so [David] can propose marriage to her.
    note: YAH will fight your enemies for you. He'll eventually give you all their riches. David apparently has no time for marriage counseling and a 'get to know you' period.
  238. 2nd Samuel 7:9 —And I've been with you wherever you went. I've cut off all your enemies from your sight. I've made you a great name, like the name of the great[est] men who [ever walked] the earth!
  239. 2nd Samuel 22:30 By your [power] I smash through battalion[s]. By [the strength of] my ELohim I leap over wall[s].
  240. 1st Kings 20:13 Meanwhile, [north] Israel's king Ahab sees a prophet walking up to him. [The prophet] says, “YHVH says, ‘Have you seen that huge [imperial invasion force]? Watch: today I deliver it into your hand. Then you realize I am YHVH {The-Eternally-Existent-Sovereign}.’”
  241. 2nd Kings 1:10 EliJah {JAH-Is-El} answers the captain of [the] 50 men, “If I'm a man of Elohim, then [I pray that] fire shoots down from heaven to consume you and your 50 men.” Immediately fire shoots down from heaven. It eats the captain and his 50 men, 😇!
  242. 2nd Kings 19:7 Watch me spirit-blast [Emperor Sennacherib]: He [soon] hears a rumor. Then he retreats to his own land. Then I make him fall by the sword in his own country.’”
  243. 2nd Kings 19:19 —So now, O YHVH our Elohim, I beg you. Save us out of [the Emperor's] fist, so all the kingdoms of the earth can know that you and only you, YHVH, are Elohim.”
    note: Sincere appeals to YAH's reputation are often successful, because our fortunes are insignificant, but YAH's reputation is important.
  244. 1st Chronicles 16:22 [YAH] says, ‘Never lay a finger on my anointed [people]. Do my prophets no harm, [or else]!’
  245. 2nd Chronicles 14:11 So [king] Asa cries to YHVH his Elohim. [Asa] prays, “YHVH, it's no [trouble] for you to help us, though millions [come against us] and [we lie] powerless. Help us, O YHVH our Elohim. We rest on you. In your name we go against this multitude. O YHVH, you are our Elohim. Never let man prevail against you.”
  246. 2nd Chronicles 16:8 —Didn't the Ethiopians and the Libyans {Dry-Landers} [invade Judea with] a huge host, [led] by masses of chariots and horsemen? Yet, you relied on YHVH. So [YAH] handed those [enemies] into your fist.
  247. 2nd Chronicles 17:10 So, 😇, the fear of YHVH falls on all the kingdoms of the lands surrounding Judaea. So they make no war against [king] JAHoshaphat {JAH's-Judgment}.
    note: If you teach the Laws of YHVH to your nation, you don't have to borrow your nation into bankruptcy to fight your enemies.
  248. 2nd Chronicles 20:24 The Judaeans hike up to the desert watch-tower. They look at the enemy-horde. They see nothing but dead bodies fallen to the earth [as far as the eye can see]. Not one [of the invaders] escapes!
  249. 2nd Chronicles 25:9 [King] AmaziYah {YAH's-Alertness} replies to the man of Elohim, “But how will we [recoup] the [3.3 tons of silver] I paid to [hire north] Israel's army?” The man of Elohim answers, “YHVH is able to give you much more [money] than that!”
    note: 3.3 tons of silver would buy you about 12 mansions, or about 5000 working cars. YAH can give you much more money than that.
  250. NehemiYAH 4:14 I look [over Jerusalem]. I rise up [in courage]. I say to [my fellow Hebrew] nobles and leaders and the rest of [Judea's] people, “Never fear the [pagans]. Remember [our] great and terrifying Adonai [YHVH]. [He'll] fight for your relatives, your sons, your daughters, your wives and your houses.”
    note: So the Hebrews didn't need those weapons after all.
  251. NehemiYAH 9:10 —You flashed signs and wonders against Pharaoh, and all his servants, and all the people of his land, because you saw them arrogantly abuse our fore-fathers. So your fame [grew to fill the earth], as it does today.
  252. Psalms 18:2 YHVH, [you're] my rock, [my] fortress, [my] deliverer. [You're] my Elohim, my strength. I'll [always] flee-for-protection [to you,] my shield, my horn of salvation, [my] high tower.
  253. Psalms 18:15 YHVH, your rebuke lays bare the foundations of the earth. Channels of waters appear [on dry land]. The blast breathing from your nostrils [blows away nations].
  254. Psalms 18:31 For who is Eloah except YHVH? 😇, who is a rock but our Elohim?
    note: See great scripture song: He Is The Rock.
  255. Psalms 18:47 Elohim avenges me, 😇. He subdues [rioting] people under my [hand].
  256. Psalms 37:40 [In the end,] YHVH [always] helps and rescues justice-makers. He delivers [us] from [all] evildoers. He saves us [saints], 😇, because we run-for-refuge in him.
  257. Psalms 46:7 [Yet] YHVH-Commander-Of-Angel-Armies [stays] with us [believers], 😇. Jacob's Elohim is our impregnable-retreat. Selah {Dramatic-Break}.
  258. Psalms 59:16 [As my assailants aim crossbows to murder me, every] morning I stroll around [in public]. I scream-sing in your strength. [I'm] safe as [an eagle] in a cliffside fortress. I hug your merciful neck [as you get me out of] death-squeezes day [after day].
  259. Psalms 62:3 [Enemy,] how long will you scheme to assault [me]? I'm [YAH's] man! [YAH advances to] dash you in pieces like a leaning wall, [you] tottering fence!
  260. Psalms 73:20 [YAH's justice] wakes us from [this] nightmare [life], 😇. YHVH opens [his vengeful eyes]. [He] blows the vile scum away like phantoms [made of morning mist].
  261. Psalms 107:6 Then, in [our] tightest [squeeze], [we] shriek to YHVH. [Wham!] He snatches [us] out of [our] anguish, 😇.
  262. Psalms 110:5 YHVH [stands] at your right hand, 😇. On the day of His fire-rage, [you watch him] strike through [and shatter] kings.
    note: YHVH, not 'Adonai'.
  263. Psalms 121:3 [YAH] won't let your foot slip [into the chasm of eternal death], 😇. He who guards you never gets drowsy, ever.
  264. Psalms 124:1 Israel, shout, [right] now, “If YHVH wasn't [the leader of] our team, [we'd be dead]!”
    note: A "song of ascents."
  265. Psalms 141:8 My eyes [focus] on you, YHVH Adonai. I run-for-refuge in you. Don't pour out my life.
  266. Psalms 144:1 😇, kneel [and adore] YHVH my rock. [YAH] teaches my hands to [make praise] war. [He trains] my fingers to fight [spiritual battles].
    note: Wave your hands in the air in wild, foolish praise. This fights off demons. Thwack guitar strings in praise. Despite pervasive warmongering historical revisionism perpetuated by bad bible translations, praise-war music is the usual method by which the great Biblical heroes vanquished armies. This is not a military verse.
  267. Psalms 144:10 Only [you, YAH,] rescue kings. [Only you] snatch [me,] your servant, David {Love}, from the stabbing sword.
  268. Proverbs 14:26 Awe of YHVH [gives you] unbeatable security. YAH shelters his children.
    note: True faith eliminates the need for insurance, security systems, bodyguards, ‘Social Security’, etc.
  269. Proverbs 21:31 [Men] train horses for the heat of battle, 😇. But safety [comes not from military might, but] from YHVH.
  270. Proverbs 23:11 The orphans' redeemer [towers] mighty, 😇. He always defends their cause.
  271. IsaiYAH 17:13 Empires crash [down on us believers] like a flood of all [earth's] waters, 😇. But Elohim shouts the [oppressors] down. They flee to the [4 winds]. [YAH's breath] chases [our persecutors away] like trash [flies] from the face of a mountain wind, like a [tumbleweed] rolls before a tornado.
  272. IsaiYAH 31:4 YHVH says to me, [I'm] a snarling violent lion roaring over its live-prey. Crowds of 'shepherds' rush screaming to attack [Me]. But [I stand] unfazed by their voice[s]. No matter how much noise the [false pastors] make, I charge at them [in triumph].” So, 😇, YHVH-Commander-Of-Armies [swoops] his angel-masses [to earth. They fight] for mount Zion, and its foothill, [Jerusalem].
  273. IsaiYAH 31:5 Just as a bird hovers [over its nest to protect its young], so YHVH (commander-of-angel-armies) shields, spares, patrols-over and rescues the-city-of-peace.
    note: Lit: Jerusalem. Patrols/passes refers to the PassOver.
  274. IsaiYAH 32:18 My people come to dwell in peaceful homestead[s], in quiet resting places, in safe [rural] communities, 😇.
  275. IsaiYAH 38:6 And I'll rescue you and this city out of the hand of the Assyrian Emperor. I'll defend this city.’
  276. IsaiYAH 43:16 😇, that's [your] promise [and demand] from YHVH. [He] makes a way through [your] sea [of persecution. He] carves a path through [your life's] thrashing waters.
  277. IsaiYAH 43:17 [YHVH] lures [out your enemy] chariots and horsemen, their armies and [spirit] forces. [YAH] hurls [them down, 😇]. They lie extinct at the [bottom of the ocean,] never again to rise. [YAH] snuffs out [the pagans] like [a priest douses] a candle-wick.
  278. IsaiYAH 49:26 I feed your oppressors with their own flesh, 😇. I get them drunk on their own blood, like it's sweet-wine. Eventually all meat-people realize that I, YHVH, Jacob's mighty [deliverer], am your Savior and your Redeemer.”
  279. IsaiYAH 51:13 [😇, you] forget YHVH your maker, who stretches forth the heavens, who lays the foundations of the earth. [You] live in constant daily terror of the oppressors' fire-fury. Yet [all worldly powers lie] impotent. [They] can't destroy [your eternal essence]. Where is the rage of the oppressor? [Constrained to a tiny blue dot in a vast, dying universe.]
  280. IsaiYAH 52:12 Leave [Babylon in confidence, 😇], not in terror. [For] YHVH advances before you. The Elohim of Israel [marches as] your rear-guard.
  281. IsaiYAH 59:19 So [all humanity] eventually fears the name and glory of YHVH, from the west-setting to the east-rising of the sun, 😇. [Though] enemies rush in like a flood, the Spirit of YHVH chases [the enemy] to nothingness.
  282. IsaiYAH 63:12 [YAH] leads [us] by the right hand of Moses. With his glorious arm, [YAH] divides the water before us, to build his everlasting Name!
  283. JeremiYAH 15:20 To this populace, I make you a copper fortress wall, 😇. They fight against you. But they never [ultimately] prevail against you. For I stay with you, to save you, to rescue you,” promises YHVH.
    note: The world-system may kill you, but your mortal martyrdom is your crowning victory.
  284. JeremiYAH 39:18 I lift you to absolute safety. You never fall by the sword. Your life escapes [destruction] like treasure-rescued [from war], because you run for refuge in me,” promises YHVH.
  285. JeremiYAH 51:36 So YHVH responds, “Watch me defend your cause, 😇. I soon vent vengeance for you. I come to drain [Babylon's] sea. I dry up her springs.
    note: Sea of people. See Revelation.
  286. Ezekiel 39:3 But then I strike your bow out of your left hand. I make your missiles fall from your right [power] hand.
  287. Daniel 6:16 So the king commands [soldiers] to take DaniEl {El-Judges}. They cast him into the lion's den. But the king [yells] to DaniEl, “[YHVH,] your Elohim whom you serve continually, He will rescue you.”
  288. Amos 5:9 [YAH] makes [weak oppressed people] smile, 😇. YAH breaks off the violence of mighty, [powerful, harsh oppressors. YAH] invades and knocks down the fortresses of [greedy rich robbers. YAH's coming!]
    note: With blinding speed and power YAH destroys the strong, crushing all their defenses.
  289. MicaYah 5:9 YAH lifts the hands of you [heroes who will rule with him]. [You tower] high above your adversaries, 😇. [In time, YAH] cuts off all your enemies.
  290. MicaYah 7:7 [No one, not even family members, are trustworthy, 😇. So] I look to YHVH. I wait for Elohim [to send] my salvation. My Elohim hears me.
  291. Nahum 1:15 [Finally, on the] mountains, [you, 😇, come to see the] feet [of the trumpeter of] Good News who heralds peace! Celebrate! Keep [YAH's] feasts. Fulfill [your] promises, 😇. [All] wicked [beings end up] completely destroyed, never again to invade [your land].
    note: Celebrate is literally “Judah.”
  292. ZechariYAH 1:21 I ask, “What are these [4 hammersmiths] coming to do?” The angel answers, “Tell [everyone that] the 4 horn-powers scattered Judea so [brutally] that no [Jew] could [open his mouth nor] raise his head. So [YAH's 4 carpenter-blacksmith-powers] come to shake [& terrify] the horn-powers. [Conquerors] throw out the horn-powers, the beast-nations who lifted up their goring-tusks over the land of Judaea, to winnow her.”
    note: The horns vs. hammersmiths may also refer to demonic vs. angelic powers.
  293. ZechariYAH 6:5 [The angel] answers me. [He] explains, “The [chariots and horses represent] the four spirit-winds of the heavens. They charge forth [with judgment orders] from their station before [YHVH], the sovereign over all the earth.”
  294. ZechariYAH 9:16 YHVH [our] Elohim saves [us saints] in the day [of war] as the flock of his people, 😇. [We] become gemstones of [His] holy crown. [YAH] lifts [his peaceful people] up as a banner bearing [His] insignia. [We] wave ourselves over YAH's land.
  295. Luke 1:52 —YAH throws down the mighty [rulers] from their thrones, 😇. YAH exalts [us] lowly [people]. [He lifts us] out of the mud.
  296. John 18:9 [YahShua's concern for his followers' safety] fulfills his previous statement to [YHVH], “I lost none of the [disciples] You gave me.”
  297. Acts 18:10 —For I'm [always] with you. No man is going to attack and harm you [here]. For I have many people [on my side] in this city.”
  298. 2nd Thessalonians 1:7 [Our] Master YahShua is [soon] to appear from heaven with his mighty angels. Then YHVH provides [eternal] rest for you, 😇, along with us persecuted [apostles].
    note: After you die, the first thing you experience is the Messiah's 2nd coming. Judgment day is no more than 120 years away for any human.
  299. 2nd Timothy 4:18 Adonai [YHVH] continues to rescue me from every evil attack. He's safely bringing me into his heavenly Kingdom. [There I'll] give glory to Adonai for ever and ever. [Nothing can change] that fact.
    note: Amén.
  300. Hebrews 11:29 By faith, the Hebrews [fleeing Pharaoh's army] pass through the ‘Red’ Sea like it's dry land! When the Egyptians ride into [the Reed Sea] to kill the Israelites, the waters rush back. So the killers all drown, 😇!
  301. Hebrews 11:30 Later Israelites, filled with faith, march around the city of Jericho {Moon-Spirit}. They praise YAH for 7 days, [instead of attacking the city with military force]. So [YAH himself] knocks the walls of Jericho down, 😇!
    note: Despite widespread religious propaganda to the contrary, praise warfare is the only warfare YAH wants his people involved in. We have spirit-weapons that are more powerful than any bombs or guns.
  302. 1st Peter 1:5 You, 😇, live [by] trusting Elohim. So [YAH] continues to protect you in His mighty power until, on the final Day of judgment, [He] gives you the full effect of your salvation.
  303. 1st Peter 3:12 For [YHVH] Adonai's eyes watch over [all] righteous [beings, 😇]. [YAH's] ears stay open to their prayers. Meanwhile, the face of YHVH [rails] against [everyone] who wreaks ruin.”
    note: Psalm 34:12-16
  304. Apocalypsis (Revelation) 3:10 You, 😇, keep obeying my command to persevere. So I keep you from the ‘hour of temptation’ that's coming on the whole world, to test the earth-dwellers.
    note: Tentative but inconclusive support for the pre-tribulation rapture theory.
  305. Bel and the Dragon 1:38 DaniEl prays, “You've remembered me, O Elohim! You've never forsaken anyone who seeks you and loves you!”
  306. 1 Maccabees 3:18 Judah the Hammer answers, “It's no hard matter for the hands of a few [soldiers] to trap many [warriors]. With [YHVH] the Elohim of heaven it's no different to rescue [His people from oppression using] a huge [military] multitude, or a tiny [praise-band].
  307. Genesis 35:5 [Jacob's caravan] journeys on. The [supernatural] terror of Elohim falls upon the cities all around them. So the [natives hide, shaking behind their walls, too terrified to] chase down [and kill and plunder] Jacob's [family in revenge for the Shechem-Neck Massacre].
  308. Exodus 7:4 So Pharaoh [refuses to] listen to you, [Moses]. Then, through great acts of judgment, I lay my hand upon Egypt. I bring my multitudes—my people, the descendants of Israel—out of Egyptian territory.
  309. Exodus 7:5 Then the Egyptians recognize me as YHVH {The-Eternally-Existent-One}, when I stretch out my hand upon Egypt, to bring the children of Israel out from among the [pagans].”
    note: In our time, we are experiencing the same plagues, for the same reason. See Rev 16:5-7.
  310. Exodus 9:26 But in the land of Goshen {Cultivated}, where the children of Israel live, [the sky shines clear and sunny, 😇]. Not a drop of hail falls.
  311. Exodus 33:2 I send [my] angel before you. I drive out the Canaanite {Mercenaries}, the Amorite {Mountaineers}, the Hittite {Sons-of-Terror}, the Perizzite {Plainsmen}, the Hivite {Villagers} and the Jebusite {Grain-Threshers}.
    note: YHVH drives out the pagans. He doesn't need or want the Israelites to use military force to drive out the pagans.
  312. Deuteronomy 1:31 [Remember how] in the wilderness you've seen how YHVH your Elohim carried you like a man carries his boy, on the entire journey you've traveled, up to the day you came into this territory.
  313. Deuteronomy 3:2 So YHVH says to me, “Never fear [this giant]. I soon deliver him, and all his troops, and his land, into your hand. You [succeed] him as you did Sihon {Tornado} king of the Amorite {Mountaineers}, who ruled from Heshbon {Central-Intelligence}.”
  314. Deuteronomy 3:21 Right then I commanded JAHshua, saying, “Your eyes have seen all [the destruction] that YHVH your Elohim [wreaked on] these two [satanic] kings [Og and Sihon]. That's [just a taste of] what YHVH comes to do to all the kingdoms where you're going.
  315. Deuteronomy 7:17 [😇, stop] whining in your hearts, “These nations are [so much] bigger than us! How could we [conquer] them [and seize their territory]?”
  316. Deuteronomy 8:4 In 40 years [of trudging through the desert], your clothing stayed new on you[r backs]! Your feet never swelled up!
  317. Deuteronomy 9:3 So understand today, 😇, that YHVH your Elohim is [the SuperPower] who goes over [into pagan territory] before you. Like a consuming fire, YAH destroys [the satanists]. He brings them down before your [stunned singing] face[s]. So you possess their [land]. Be quick to ban the survivors who wander back, as YHVH ordered you.
    note: YHVH ‘shamads’ (destroys) the pagans. You ‘abad’ (rid yourselves of) the pagans. #8045 ‘Shamad’ is violent killing, a job only the Almighty qualifies for. #6 ‘Abad’ in this case refers to you nonviolently shunning sinful influences. It's a major translational error to equate the two words. YHVH never commands his holy ones to kill people.
  318. Deuteronomy 11:25 [If you obey YAH,] no man will be able to stand in your face, 😇. YHVH your Elohim lays the terror of you — [severe, pants-wetting, trembling] panic [at the thought of] you — on the entire land wherever you tread, as he promised you.
  319. Deuteronomy 31:3 YHVH your Elohim soon crosses over before you. HE, [not you,] destroys the beast-nations before your [singing] faces. So you come to own their [countries]. JAHshua, [not me,] is going over [the river] leading you, as YHVH predicted.
  320. Deuteronomy 32:12 YHVH alone carries [you, his people,] on his [mighty] wings. YAH gets no help from non-Hebrew powers.
    note: God here = el. Uniqueness and separateness go together.
  321. Joshua 6:2 Then YHVH says to JAHshua, “Watch: I've given Jericho {Moon-Spirit} and its king, and [its] mighty, valiant men, into your hand.
  322. Joshua 24:7 Then [your ancestors] cried, “YHVH, [help!” So, 😇, I] put darkness between you and the Egyptians. I pulled the sea over them. I covered them. So your eyes saw what I did in Egypt. Then you lived in the wilderness [for] a long time.
  323. Joshua 24:11 Then you crossed [the] Jordan [river]. You marched to Jericho {Moon-Spirit}. There the men of Jericho fought you, [as did] the Amorite {Mountaineers}, and the Perizzite {Plainsmen}, and the Canaanite {Mercenaries}, and the Hittite {Sons-Of-Terror}, and the Girgashites {Wanderers}, and the Hivite {Villagers}, and the Jebusite {Threshers}! But I, [not you,] delivered [all those criminal pagans] into your hand[s].
  324. Judges 2:18 [Yet] YHVH relents, 😇. [YAH hears] the [Israelis] moan [and sob] because the [pagans] oppress and vex [them]. Every time YHVH raises up a leader-judge, YHVH sticks with the judge throughout his full lifespan. [YAH helps the judge] deliver the [Israelis] out of the fists of their enemies.
  325. Judges 6:9 I rescued you out of the Egyptian power-fist. [I snatched you] out of the hand[s] of everyone who oppressed you. I drove them out before your [stunned, singing faces]. I gave you their land.
  326. Judges 6:16 YHVH responds to [Gideon], “I'll be right with you. [So] you'll cast out the Midianite [Brawlers like they were] one man.”
  327. Judges 7:7 So YHVH says to Gideon {Hacker}, “I'll save you[r nation] using only the 300 men who lapped [water cupped from their hands]. [That way it'll be obvious that I supernaturally] delivered the Midianite {Brawlers} into your hand[s]. So let all the other people go back to their [homes].”
  328. Judges 7:8 So, 😇, the [Israelites] take food and their [praise] trumpets in their hand[s]. Gideon {Chopper} keeps the 300 [lapper] men. He sends all the rest of [the] Israel[is] to their tents. [Chopper looks down. He sees] the coalition-armies of Midian {Brawler} beneath him in the valley.
  329. Judges 7:18 When I blow [my] trumpet, and all the [men] with me [blow their trumpets], then you blow your trumpets on every side of the [attackers'] camp. Then [shout], ‘For YHVH, and for Chopper!’”
    note: Gideon here reveals a hint of his dark-side, a narcissistic bent.
  330. 1st Samuel 2:4 The bows of the mighty [worldlings lie] broken. [YAH lifts up his] fallen [separatist-saints]. He arms us with strength!
  331. 1st Samuel 2:9 YAH guards the steps of His separatist-saints. [He] silences wicked [beings. He cages them] in darkness. No man prevails through [human] strength.
  332. 1st Samuel 14:15 Panic breaks out in the [Philistine] army, both in the camp and in the field, including even the outposts and raiding parties. Then an earthquake strikes! [Everyone screams in] terror.
  333. 1st Samuel 14:16 [King] Saul's watchmen in Gibeah look. They see the [enemy] horde melting away, trampling each other, [running in every direction]!
    note: Original text: …Gibeah [in the land of the tribe] of Benjamin…
  334. 1st Samuel 19:8 [Soon] war [breaks out] again. So David [rides] out. He overthrows the Philistines. He evicts them [from Israel] with a great blow [of YAH's Spirit-Power]. So [the pagans] flee from [David].
    note: As normally translated, this appears to be a standard military conquest. But the underlying Hebrew words suggest a Jericho-like praise-warfare in which YAH supernaturally fights Israel's enemies.
  335. 2nd Samuel 22:15 [YAH] shoots out arrows. He scatters [my foes]. [YAH shoots] lightning. He crushes [my challengers].
  336. 2nd Samuel 22:18 [YAH] rescues me from my mighty adversary, from the [powers] who hate me, who prove too strong for me.
  337. 2nd Samuel 22:31 The way of the El {Power} is perfect. The word of YHVH is proven. He's a shield for everyone who flees-for-protection in Him.
  338. 2nd Samuel 22:35 [YAH] trains my hands for [praise] warfare. My arms break bows of steel.
    note: This is not recommending physical warfare. Hands = what plays musical instruments, and what you throw into the air in thankful praise. Music is the saints' true mode of battle.
  339. 1st Kings 20:14 Ahab asks, “Who [is YAH going to use to beat that unbeatable army]?” [The prophet] says, “YHVH answers, ‘The young men who [obey north Israel's] regional chiefs.’” [Ahab] asks, “Who will lead the battle?” [The prophet] answers, “You.”
  340. 2nd Kings 13:17 Then [Elishua] says, “Open the east window.” So [the king] opens the [window]. Then EliShua says, “Shoot.” So the [king] shoots [an arrow]. Then [ELisha] prophesies, “[This arrow represents] the ‘arrow’ of YHVH's deliverance; [specifically,] the ‘arrow’ of [your] deliverance from [Highland] Syria. You will strike the Syrians in Aphek {Fortress}, until you've consumed them.”
  341. 2nd Kings 18:7 So YHVH sticks with [HezekiYah]. [HezekiYah] prospers wherever he goes. He rebels against the Assyrian Empire. He stops serving [the pagans].
  342. 2nd Kings 19:32 So YHVH decrees: ‘This Assyrian Emperor fails to come into [Jerusalem] city. He shoots not one arrow there. He fails to march [his armies] to face [Jerusalem's walls] with shield[s]. He [abandons his plans] to erect earth-works to besiege [you].
  343. 2nd Kings 19:33 [Sennacherib soon] returns by the way he came. He never invades [Jerusalem],’ decrees YHVH.
  344. 2nd Kings 19:34 ‘For I defend this city. I save it to [guard] my own reputation, and to [fulfill my promises] to my servant David {Love}.’”
  345. 2nd Kings 20:6 ‘I add 15 years to your lifespan. And I rescue you and this city [Jerusalem] out of the fist of the Assyrian Emperor. To [guard] my own [reputation], and [to keep the promises I made to] my servant David {Love}, I defend this city.”
  346. 1st Chronicles 5:20 [Elohim] helps [Reuben's clans]. [He] delivers Hagar's spawn and their allies into [Israeli] hand[s]. [Reuben's clans] cry to Elohim in the battle. He hears their [prayer], because they put their trust in Him.
    note: YHVH doesn't command the war, but he uses it for his purposes.
  347. 1st Chronicles 14:15 Then, when you hear the sound of [angels] marching in the tops of the balsam trees, run your [singers] out to engage the enemy [in praise-warfare]. The Elohim will have [rushed] out before you to evict the Philistine [armies].”
  348. 1st Chronicles 16:21 [YAH] lets no man do [true Israel] wrong. [YAH] even shouts-down kings to help [his people]!
  349. 2nd Chronicles 6:34 If your people go out to [wage praise] war against their enemies by whatever way you send them, as the [hebrews] pray to you, facing this city you've chosen, [facing] the temple I've built to [glorify] your Name, [help them].
  350. 2nd Chronicles 13:14 The Judaeans look back. [Shocked,] they see the battle [raging] in front and behind. So they cry to YHVH. The priests sound their [praise] trumpets.
    note: Righteous people respond to attack by praising and praying, not by slashing and shooting.
  351. 2nd Chronicles 13:16 So the [rebel] brats of [north] Israel flee before [the] Judaeans. Elohim delivers [north] Israel into Judea's hand.
  352. 2nd Chronicles 14:13 Then [king] Asa and the [Israelis] with him chase the Ethiopians [~30km south] to Gerar {Rolling-Pastures}. There [YAH] overthrows the Ethiopians. So they can't recover. They [fall] destroyed before YHVH, and before [the stunned, singing faces of YAH's praising] masses. So Judah carries away tons of [the invaders' abandoned] treasure, 😇.
    note: Asa's army did not have the military might to defeat the Ethiopians. This was a supernatural victory.
  353. 2nd Chronicles 18:32 So suddenly the captains of [Syria's] chariots see that [JAHoshaphat] isn't [north] Israel's king [Ahab]. So they turn back from chasing [JAHoshaphat].
  354. 2nd Chronicles 32:7 [The king shouts,] “Be strong and courageous! Never be afraid nor dismayed over the Assyrian Emperor. Never [fear] the [huge] horde [of killers] who [flank] him. For there are more [protectors] with us than there are with him.
    note: No matter what, heaven always has more power to protect you than evil has power to destroy you.
  355. NehemiYAH 6:14 [So I pray, ] “My Elohim, remember TobiYah and Sanballat {Bramble-Bush}. [Pay them] what their [evil] actions deserve. And [punish] the [false] prophetess NoadiYah {Convened-by-YAH}, and the rest of the [false] prophets who tried to trap me in fear.
  356. NehemiYAH 9:9 —You saw the affliction our fore-fathers [suffered] in Egypt. [You] heard their cry [for help when they stood trapped at] the ‘Red’ Sea.
  357. NehemiYAH 9:11 —And you divided the sea before the [Israelites]. So they passed through the middle of the sea on dry land! Then you hurled their persecutors into the depths! Like stones, [the Egyptians plunged down] through the mighty/turbulent waters.
  358. Esther 6:13 Haman [sobs & screams] to his wife Zeresh and all his friends. He tells them how [Mordecai humiliated him]. Then Haman's advisers and his wife Zeresh [mock] Haman, “If Mordecai {Pure-Myrrh}, one Jew-seed, can knock you down, then [the entire Jew-tree] will fall on you and smash you, while those big-nosed Jews stand over you, laughing in your crying, dying face.”
    note: paraphrase
  359. Psalms 3:7 Rise [up,] YHVH! Save me, O my Elohim! Strike all my enemies on their cheek-bone[s]. [Keep] breaking the teeth of [all] wicked [beings].
  360. Psalms 10:12 [Please] rise-up, YHVH! Oh Elohim, lift up your hand. Don't forget [us] humble [people].
  361. Psalms 18:14 YAH shoots out his arrows. He scatters [his enemies]. He shoots out lightning-bolts. [Heaven-fire] destroys [my persecutors].
  362. Psalms 32:7 You, [YHVH], are my hiding place. You [always] preserve my [life] from tight-squeezes. You [always] completely surround me with [angelic] anthems of victory. (Selah {Dramatic-Break}.)
  363. Psalms 34:19 [A] righteous being [suffers] many tribulations, 😇. But YHVH [eventually] delivers [all saints] from all [their problems].
  364. Psalms 34:20 [YAH] guards [the righteous man's] every bone, 😇. [In the end,] not one of them [will lie] broken.
    note: Despite taking one of the worst beatings in history, all the Messiah's bones stayed intact.
  365. Psalms 35:2 Grab [your supernatural] shield and armor. Stand up in my defense!
  366. Psalms 35:9 [Every time you destroy my attackers], I spin my body around [in wild dancing emotion], lit up by your victory.
    note: It's scary to see how weakly the bookstore translations render these visceral, cinematic Hebrew words. For instance: #1523 Giyl = histrionic whirling, not merely, 'rejoicing'.
  367. Psalms 50:3 Our Elohim is coming, 😇! He won't stay silent. A fire devours before him. Tempest surrounds him.
  368. Psalms 53:5 [Today,] fearless evildoers [rule the world, 😇]. But [in our future,] sudden alarm terrifies [all criminals]. Elohim scatters the bones of everyone who encamps against you [believers]. You put the [miscreants] to shame. Elohim spits the [pigs out of his universe].
  369. Psalms 57:3 [YAH] deploys [angels] from heaven. He saves me from getting [my skin] stripped-off by all these [pigs] who rush to swallow me up. Selah {Dramatic-Break}. Elohim bows down to give me stability, 😇.
  370. Psalms 63:10 A hand bearing a sword will flow [my enemies' blood onto the earth]. The [jerks] will be meal[s] for jackals.
  371. Psalms 68:23 😇, your feet [will dance] in the ‘blood’ of your enemies. The tongue[s] of your dogs [will lick up your persecutors' blood]!”
    note: Metaphorically speaking. Hebrews do not actually dance in human bodily fluids.
  372. Psalms 71:24 My tongue keeps talking about your righteousness all day long. I [rave] about how you shame and confuse the [jerks] who seek my hurt.
  373. Psalms 78:65 Finally YHVH's [rage] wakes, like a [dreamer] rising from sleep. [He] screams [against our oppressors,] like a mighty man [drunk] on wine.
    note: 'YHVH', not 'adonai'.
  374. Psalms 89:18 YHVH is our defense, 😇. The sacred Sovereign of Israel is our king. [We will overcome.]
  375. Psalms 91:3 😇, [YAH] will rescue you from the snare of the trapper, and from every [rushing] plague.
    note: In the 21st century, antibiotic-resistant bacteria will kill most everyone who doesn't have supernatural protection. Medical science cannot keep pace with the rising plagues the pharmaceutical complex keeps breeding.
  376. Psalms 92:11 You [help] my eyes spy my ambushers. You [help] my ears hear the [whispers of] evildoers rising up to fight me.
    note: Or, ‘My eyes eventually watch you [attack] my ambushers. My ears eventually hear you [destroy] the evildoers who rise up [to attack] me.’ Nothing resembling 'my desire' appears in the Hebrew for this verse.
  377. Psalms 119:114 You're my cover, my shield. Your word is my [only rope of] hope.
  378. Psalms 139:5 You [guard] in front of me and behind me [all around]. You hold me in your [protective] power.
  379. Psalms 141:9 Keep me out [of] the snares [which your enemies] keep laying for me, the traps [set by] the workers of evil.
  380. Psalms 144:7 Reach [down] your hand from above. Open [the monster's maw]. Snatch me out of the overwhelming flood of fists the hebrew-haters [rain on me].
  381. Proverbs 15:25 YHVH destroys the house[s] of [all] arrogant [egotists, 😇]. But YAH establishes the territory of [humble] widow[s].
  382. IsaiYAH 9:4 [YAH] breaks the slave-yoke that burdens [us believers, 😇]. [He smashes] the sticks that [Satan's servants use to beat our] shoulders[s]. [YAH] snaps the oppressor's scepter, as he did on the day [Gideon destroyed the army of] Midian {Brawler}.
  383. IsaiYAH 12:2 [Everybody,] look how El {Higher-Power} lifts me [out of danger when I] run [to him] for refuge. I'm done with fear! YAH is my strength. [He's my] striking-song. YHVH sets me [in the wide open plains of safety]!”
    note: YHVH is my y'shua. This is one of 4 passages where the KJV correctly used "Jehovah" instead of the placeholder, "THE LORD", which they used over 7000 times to smother Yahweh's name.
  384. IsaiYAH 29:7 Crowds of nations fight against Ariel {Lion-Of-El}. They war against [Jerusalem's] walls, 😇. Then all her distressors [fade] like a dream, a night-vision.
  385. IsaiYAH 35:9 Lions vanish from [our land], 😇. [We walk up and down our country] free of violent creatures. We never see any [tyrants] there. Only redeemed [people] walk [among us].
    note: This prophecy is yet to be fulfilled.
  386. IsaiYAH 37:20 So now, YHVH our Elohim, please save us [Hebrews] from [Sennacherib's] hand, so all the kingdoms of the earth will know that you alone are YHVH, [the eternally-existent Almighty Creator].”
    note: A good prayer focuses not on your needs, but what's more important: YAH's reputation.
  387. IsaiYAH 37:32 —The zeal of YHVH-Commander-Of-Armies sends a remnant [nation streaming across the earth] from Jerusalem. Survivors [of the Assyrian siege flow] from mount Zion [to bring the Hebrew scriptures to the globe].
  388. IsaiYAH 41:16 You fan the [world's dust, 😇]. The wind carries the [proud pigs] away. [YAH's] whirlwind scatters the [high & mighty]. You spin around in the glorious [spirit] of YHVH. You shout wild-praise to Israel's Sacred [monarch].
  389. IsaiYAH 50:7 [Yet] the Adonai YHVH always helps me, 😇. So I don't get depressed [or confused]. I set my face like flint. I know [YAH always eventually] rescues me from shame.
  390. IsaiYAH 51:10 —You, [YHVH], are the One who drains the sea waters [down to the] abyss. You [erase] vast ocean depths to make a road for [us] redeemed [saints] to pass.
    note: The 'sea' and 'Egypt' refer to the sinful worldly nations who surround you today. Without YAH's supernatural protection, there is no way to pass through life while obeying the bible. You will either disobey the bible or live by miracle-power.
  391. IsaiYAH 59:16 YAH sees no man [able to fight the global tide of evil], 😇. [He feels emotionally] devastated that no [human] steps between [the warmongers and their innocent victims]. So [YAH lifts] his power-arm. [He] brings salvation to [the poor]. [YAH's] righteousness props up [us faltering saints].
  392. IsaiYAH 60:12 Every nation and kingdom that fails to serve you, 😇, eventually perishes. Yes, [I] totally waste every populace [who fails to help My people].
  393. IsaiYAH 63:1 [Watchmen shout:] “Who is that [colossus] stalking [north] from the city of Bozrah {Fort} in Edom {Southladnd}? Who is this [supernatural warrior] so splendidly dressed in red, marching, [shaking the earth] with his power and strength?” [Answer:] It's [YHVH]! [He] shouts victoriously, [armed] with power to save [us Hebrews].
    note: Either a metaphorical description of YHVH's power, or a literal image of YHVH's angel.
  394. IsaiYAH 66:6 [😇, see earth's future:] Uproar! Noise in the city! From the temple, a voice [thunders] — the sound of YHVH paying back his enemies!
  395. JeremiYAH 30:8 [Judgment] day rapidly approaches,’ promises YHVH-Commander-Of-Armies. ‘Then I break [Babylon's] yoke off your neck, 😇. I rip [apart] your slave-chains. Strangers never again serve themselves with [your labor].
  396. Ezekiel 38:18 Simultaneously, on the day Gog {Caucasian-Powers} smashes [down] on the land of Israel,” Adonai YHVH warns, “my chemical-fury-heat ascends in my fire-spitting nostrils.
  397. Ezekiel 39:4 You [globalist attackers] come to fall upon the mountains of Israel, you, and all your bands [of combatants], and the [mercenary] peoples with you. I give you as food to the ravenous birds [of prey] of every wing. The beasts of the field [devour you].
  398. Ezekiel 39:17 And, you ‘son of Adam’,” Adonai YHVH commands, “Speak to every feathered fowl [in the sky], and to every beast of the field. [Shout,] ‘Convene yourselves! Come. Gather yourselves on every side to my slaughter-party! I butcher [Israel's enemies] for you [to munch. Consume] a great killing-feast upon the mountains of Israel. Eat flesh! Drink blood!
  399. ZechariYAH 2:5 For YHVH promises, ‘I become an encircling wall of fire all around the City-Of-Peace. I fill the [redeemed] city with [My] glorious radiance!
  400. ZechariYAH 2:13 Be silent, all flesh-creatures, before the face of YHVH! His eyes are [wide] open! He rises from His sacred dwelling space [to destroy the oppressors of His humble people].
  401. ZechariYAH 12:9 [See] the [coming] day, 😇, [when] I [YHVH] seek and destroy all [invading] nations who come against the City Of Peace.
    note: exterminate
  402. Luke 1:71 [YAH fulfills His promise to] save us [believers] from our enemies, from the hand of everyone who hates us, 😇.
    note: The Jews imagine that Jesus is going to kill the Roman invaders.
  403. John 7:30 Then, 😇, the [murderous officials, the mob, and the guards spring into action] to seize YahShua. But no one lays a hand on him. [YahShua passes through the crowd in lightning-fast super motion. The sprinting murderers grab and stab the air]. Because YahShua's time [to finish his work on earth] remains yet to come.
    note: Soon he lays down his super-powers to let the religionite rats kill him.
  404. Acts 7:20 During this [holocaust], Moses is born, an exceptionally [beautiful baby]. Moses nurses [at his mother's breasts] in his [Hebrew] father's [hut] for 3 months.
  405. Acts 13:17 [Look back to antiquity, when YHVH], the Eloah of this nation of Israel, chooses our fore-fathers. [YAH] exalts [our] people as they dwell as strangers in the land of Egypt. With a mighty arm YAH brings the Israelites out of Egypt.
  406. Romans 8:33 [No] one can lay any accusation against Elohim's elect, 😇. Only Elohim [can say who is] just.
  407. Philippians 1:19 You keep on praying, 😇. I know the Spirit of YahShua the Messiah stays forever flowing. So soon even these false ‘Christians’ working to get me killed will be shocked to see YAH turn their malice into my deliverance!
  408. 2nd Timothy 3:11 [You, 😇, must know what] persecutions and afflictions [attacked] me at [Syrian] Antioch, Iconium {Idol-Town} and Lustra. What sufferings I endured! But Adonai [YHVH] delivered me out of them all.
  409. 2nd Peter 2:9 Adonai [YHVH] knows how to rescue righteous [beings] out of trials, 😇. [Meanwhile, YAH] grips unjust [beings] until the day of judgment, while he continues to punish them.
  410. Judith 5:12 Then the Hebrews cried to [YHVH] their Elohim. So he struck the whole land of Egypt with incurable plagues. So the Egyptians cast the Hebrews out of their sight.
  411. Susanna vs. The Elders 1:45 So as the guards lead Susanna {Lily} to [the public stoning area to wrongly] put her to death, the Adonai [YHVH] raises up the holy spirit of a young boy named DaniEl:
  412. Genesis 6:18 But with you, [Noah,] I come to establish My covenant. So you'll come into the ark: you, your sons, your wife, and your sons’ wives with you.
  413. Genesis 7:14 Noah's family, and every animal of every species: livestock ground-creepers, birds, winged creatures, all [sit rocking back and forth, singing songs, arguing, mating, and waiting for the rain to stop].
  414. Genesis 8:22 As long as the earth lasts, seed-[planting]-time and harvest-time, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night will never cease.”
  415. Genesis 19:1 Two of [YAH's] messenger-angels approach Sodom at evening, 😇. Lot sits [as a judge] at the city-gate of Sodom. Lot sees the [angels]. [Lot] rises up to meet them. Lot bows himself down. His nostrils touch the ground.
    note: These angels are not necessarily two of the '3 men' in the previous chapter.
  416. Genesis 31:42 If the Elohim of my father, the Elohim of Abraham {Father-Of-Billions}, the [Almighty] feared by Isaac {Laughter}, hadn't been on my side, by now you would certainly have already sent me away empty-handed. [But] Elohim saw [how you] afflicted [me and stole] the labor of my hands. [So He] rebuked you last night.”
  417. Genesis 32:2 Jacob sees the angels. [So] he [shouts], “Our campsite is [the encampment of] Elohim's army!” So [Jacob] coins the name of that place ‘Mahanaim {Double-Camp}.’
    note: But his family and friends think he's crazy!
  418. Genesis 46:4 I go down with you into Egypt. Then, after Joseph {Increaser} lays his hand on your eyes, [to close them at your funeral], I lift you high [at the resurrection].”
    note: ‘Lift you up’ can also mean, “I'll bring you[r descendants and your body] up [to Caanan].”
  419. Genesis 48:21 Israel [prophesies] to Joseph {Increaser}, “Look. I'm dying. But Elohim stays with you. He eventually brings you back [north] to the land of your fore-fathers.
  420. Exodus 14:18 [All] Egyptians will acknowledge [that I,] YHVH [rise in] glory, while Pharaoh, his chariots, and his horsemen [sink into the mud].”
  421. Exodus 14:19 So the angel of Elohim, [who] had been traveling in front of the camp of Israel, moves to [guard] the rear of the [Hebrew] camp, 😇. The pillar of the cloud [does the same].
  422. Exodus 15:10 You, [YAH,] blow a hurricane. The sea covers the [aggressors]. They sink like lead in the mighty waters.
  423. Exodus 18:4 [Gershom runs to tell his brother. Moses had named this brother] Eliezer {El's-Aid}, because Moses said, “the ELohim of my father is my helper! He rescued me from Pharaoh’s sword!”
  424. Exodus 18:9 Jethro {Superior} rejoices, [hearing about] all the good YHVH did for Israel by saving them out of the Egyptian power-fist.
  425. Exodus 23:28 And I send ‘hornets’ before you. The [stingers] come to drive out [every] Hivite {Villager}, Canaanite {Mercenary} and Spawn Of Het {Terror} before your [singing] faces.
    note: YHVH is not calling the Israelites to drive out the pagans. YHVH is offering to supernaturally clear out the pagans. ‘Hornets’ can mean stinging wasps or some other scourge.
  426. Exodus 23:29 [But] I won't drive the [heathen] out from before you in one year; lest the land become desolate, and the beasts of the field multiply against you.
  427. Exodus 23:31 I'll set your [western] boundary from the Red Sea [to the northern extent of] the Palestinian [Mediterranean] seacoast. [On the east, your land will span] from the desert [of Shur up north to] the [Syrian leg of the Euphrates] river. I'll deliver the inhabitants of the land into your hand. So divorce the [pagans] from yourselves, 😇:
    note: This promise has only had brief and limited fulfillment, for instance during Solomon's reign.
  428. Exodus 29:45 I'll dwell among the children of Israel. [I] become their Elohim.
  429. Numbers (Journeys) 14:38 Yet JAHshua (Nun's son) and Caleb {Battle-Cry} the son of Jephunneh, the [brave] men who went to search the land, live [unharmed].
  430. Numbers (Journeys) 20:16 —And when we cried to YHVH, he heard our voice. He sent an angel. He's brought us forth out of Egypt. Surprise! We're in Kadesh {Sanctuary}, a city in your farthest outlying border.
  431. Deuteronomy 2:22 [YAH] similarly helped the tribe of Esau {Rough-Red} to advance into Seir {Rough}. [Esau] wiped the [evil] Horite {CaveMen} off the face [of the earth], 😇. So the [Red-Men] succeeded the [CaveMen]. The [Edomites] live in [Caveman] cities to this day.
  432. Deuteronomy 2:30 Yet Sihon {Tornado} king of Heshbon {Central-Intelligence} refuses to let us travel past him, 😇. YHVH your Elohim [allows Sihon's] spirit to harden—his heart [grows] obstinate. [This gives YHVH the legal] right to deliver [Sihon and his land] into your hand, [where they lie] today.
    note: Travel-restrictions are an offense against YHVH. Now, globally on planet earth, through cleverly-disguised contra-scriptural regulations, true Hebrews are forbidden to cross national borders. You are faced with a hard choice: disobey the scriptures, or you can't get a job, a bank account, a passport, a driver's license, a professional license, or even a hunting and fishing license.
  433. Deuteronomy 2:31 So YHVH says to me, ‘Watch! I've gone ahead of you, [Moses]. I've already started giving Sihon {Tornado} and his land to you. So [go in and] receive his land.’
  434. Deuteronomy 2:33 Then, before our [stunned singing] faces, YHVH our Elohim pays back [king Tornado's violence]. [YAH] kills [Sihon], his sons, and all his troops!
    note: The 8th-century AD Masoretic pointings (which most translators blindly follow) indicate that the Hebrews did the killing. But Masoretic markings are mere human interpretations of pronouns in defense of a bogus militaristic tradition. The scripture clearly states in many other places that YHVH did the killing, because only YAH knows who needs to die.
  435. Deuteronomy 2:36 From Aroer {Exposed}, on the edge of the Arnon {Raging} [river] Valley, [up] from the city, all the way to Gilead {Monument-Mound}, not one city stands impregnable to us, 😇. YHVH our Elohim hands all [the pagans] to us [without us having to raise one weapon]!
  436. Deuteronomy 26:8 Finally YHVH brings us up out of Egypt with [His] mighty hand. [His] outstretched arm [performs] great, terrifying [miraculous] signs and [paranormal] wonders, 😇!
  437. Deuteronomy 33:12 Then, [to bless the tribe of] Benjamin {Right-Hand-Son}, [Moses sings], “YHVH safely-shelters his beloved [child]. [So] keep trusting [YAH]. YHVH spreads his [protection] over his darling all day long. [The faithful] live between [YAH's] wings.”
    note: Jerusalem sits as if between the shoulders of two ‘wings of YHVH’. These wing-mountains are in the territory of the tribe of Benjamin. "By him" is not in some texts.
  438. Joshua 2:10 —We heard that YHVH dried up the water of the Red Sea for your escape from Egypt. And [we know] what you [Israelis] did to the two kings of the Amorite {Mountaineers} across the Jordan [river]: (Sihon {Tornado} and Og {Round}). You utterly doomed them!
    note: Doomed = #2763 charam; to seclude; specifically (by a ban) to devote.
  439. Joshua 6:27 So YHVH stays with JAHshua. [YAH's] fame spreads throughout the whole country.
    note: Or "Joshua's fame..."
  440. Joshua 8:1 Then YHVH says to JAHshua, “Never fear! Never [fall into] despair. Pack up. Travel to Ai. Take all the [praise] warriors with you. Watch! I've given into your hand the king of Ai, and his people, and his city, and his land.
  441. Joshua 10:10 [As morning dawns,] Israel [shout-sings praises to YAH. Their hands wave in the sky above their heads.] Suddenly YHVH's [supernatural energy waves] crush the [5 armies]. YAH slays the marauders with a torrential slaughter at Gibeon {Flower-Hills}. YAH chases the [pagans] along the road that leads up to Beth-Horon {Cave-House}. [YAH] strikes the [federated armies all the way] to Azekah {Farms}, and to Makkedah {Herd-Mark}.
    note: Notice that YHVH himself does the killing.
  442. Joshua 10:11 As the [inbred attackers] flee before Israel to Azekah {Farms}, on the descent to Beth-Horon {Cave-House}, YHVH casts great stones down from heaven on them, 😇. The [mutants] die [by the thousands], killed by the hailstones. [And some renegade] sons of Israel strike some of the [attackers] with their swords.
    note: Or: ‘YHVH kills the attackers for striking Israelites with the sword.’
  443. Joshua 11:6 [Meanwhile, 😇,] YHVH says, “JAHshua, don't be afraid of these [millions of pagan attack troops]. Tomorrow about this time I deliver them up all pierced before Israel. You snatch up their horses. You burn their chariots with fire.”
    note: #6131 `aqar = pluck up, often translated ‘hamstring’. YHVH never wants his holy people to damage innocent animals.
  444. Joshua 24:8 Then I brought you into the land of the Amorite {Mountaineers} who lived on the [East] side of [the] Jordan [river]. So they fought you. But I gave them into your hand, so you could own their land. I, [not you,] destroyed them before your [stunned, singing] faces.
  445. Joshua 24:17 For YHVH our Elohim is the One who brought us and our fathers out of the land of Egypt, from the slave-jail, 😇. YAH performed those great signs in our sight. He preserved us throughout the entire 40-year journey we took, among all the [slutty, idolatrous warlike] populations we passed in transit.
  446. Judges 5:31 But [in reality,] all your enemies perish, YHVH, while [we] who love [you shine] like the sun racing out in its might!” [From the day Deborah and the General sing this song,] the [Promised] land enjoys rest [for] 40 years.
  447. Judges 7:9 That same night, YHVH says to Gideon {Chopper}, [Wake] up. March down to [face the countless enemy] hordes. I've delivered [their multi-nation army] into your hand.
  448. Judges 7:14 The [dreamer's] fellow [soldier] answers, “Your dream must symbolize the [imminent conquest of the] sword of Gideon {Chopper} the son of JAHoash {JAH-Fired}, a man of Israel. Chopper's Elohim has handed Midian and [our] whole coalition of armies into [Chopper's] hand!”
  449. Judges 7:15 As soon as Gideon {Chopper} hears [the enemy soldiers] recounting the dream, and interpreting it, [Gideon falls on his knees]. He worships [YAH]. Then Gideon returns to the [300 men] of Israel. He [shouts,] “Arise! YHVH has delivered the host of the Brawlers into your hand!”
  450. Judges 7:16 Gideon {Chopper} divides the 300 men into 3 groups. He puts a [praise] trumpet in every man's hand. [They carry] empty pitchers with lamps inside.
    note: Trumpets = weapon of spiritual warfare.
  451. Judges 11:21 So YHVH Elohim of Israel [supernaturally] delivered Sihon {Tornado} and all his people into the hand of Israel. So the [Israelites] evicted [Tornado]. That's how Israel [got lawful] possession of all the land of the Amorite {Mountaineers}, the inhabitants of [Tornado's] country.
    note: Evicted = #5221 nakah.
  452. Judges 11:23 So YHVH (Israel's Elohim) kicked out the Amorite {Mountaineers} [to move in] His people Israel. What [right do you have to] take [that land back]?
    note: This land dispute goes on today in the form of Arab-Israeli wars.
  453. Judges 11:32 So Jephthah {Wide-Open} crosses over [the Jordan river] to overcome the [inbred] spawn of Ammon [through praise-power, like at the battle of Jericho]. So YHVH hands the [inbreds] over to [Jephthah].
  454. 1st Samuel 10:18 [SamuEl shouts] to the ‘sons of Israel’: “YHVH Elohim of Israel says this: ‘I brought Israel up out of Egypt. I rescued you out of the power-fist of the Egyptians, and out of the fists of all [the] kingdoms who oppressed you.”
  455. 1st Samuel 12:8 Jacob emigrates into Egypt. [Centuries later,] your fore-fathers cry to YHVH. So YHVH sends Moses and Aaron. They bring your fathers up out of Egypt. So [YAH] enables [Israel] to dwell in this [wonderful land].
  456. 2nd Samuel 4:9 David [screams at] Rechab {Rider} and his brother Baanah {Force}, the sons of Rimmon {Pomegranate} from Beeroth {Wells}. [David] says, “YHVH, [not violence,] has saved my life from every adversity [I've ever faced]!
  457. 2nd Samuel 5:25 So David [sneaks his praise-team behind the Philistines,] as YHVH commanded him. [YHVH] strikes the Philistines from Geba {Hillock} [5.5 miles north of Jerusalem] all the way to the entrance to Gezer {Portion}, [halfway to the Mediterranean sea-coast]!
  458. 2nd Samuel 7:11 [Your foes have periodically tormented you,] my people Israel, since the time I commanded judges to oversee you. But [I soon] give you rest from all [the attacks and threats of] your enemies.’” [Nathan continues,] “Also, YHVH tells you, [I] am establishing you, [David, at the head of] a [royal] dynasty.
  459. 2nd Samuel 7:23 —What other nation on the earth is comparable to your people, [unique] like Israel? [You,] Elohim venture to redeem [us jerks] as [your] own people! To [fame your] name, [you] perform unprecedented, terrifying wonders for [us,] your country. Before [the stunned faces of us,] your people who you buy-back-from-slavery, [you snatch us back] to yourself from Egypt! [You continually rescue us] from the beast-nations and their idol-gods!
  460. 2nd Samuel 22:2 David sings, “YHVH is my shelter, my fortress, my deliverer!
  461. 2nd Samuel 22:3 [My] Elohim [is] my rock-cliff, [my immovable defense]. I [forever] trust In him. [YAH] is my shield. [YAH] is the goring-horn who saves me. [YAH is] my high tower, my refuge, my savior. You, [YAH,] save me from violence.
  462. 2nd Samuel 22:11 [YAH's angel] mounts a winged-creature. [They] fly. People [look up. They see Yah's angel riding] on the wings of the wind.
  463. 2nd Samuel 22:16 At the rebuke of YHVH, the blast of the breath of His nostrils exposes the channels of the sea, baring naked the foundations of the globe.
  464. 2nd Samuel 22:32 For who is El {Strength} except YHVH? Who is an [immovable] rock [defense] like our Elohim? [No one!]
  465. 2nd Samuel 22:34 [YAH] makes my feet [fast and sure] like deer-hooves. He lifts me up onto my highest-heights.
  466. 2nd Samuel 22:47 YHVH lives, 😇! Kneel [before] my ‘high-cliff-refuge’. Exalt the Eloah, the rock to [whom] I [cling] for salvation.
  467. 2nd Samuel 22:48 [YHVH] the El {Power} is [the one] who avenges me. He brings [evil] people down under me.
  468. 2nd Samuel 22:49 YAH [flies] me out of [the ambush set by] my competitors. You, [YAH,] lift me up on high above the [fiends] who rise up against me. You rescue me from violent men.
  469. 1st Kings 20:20 The [Israelis] kill every man [they hit]. So the Syrians flee. Israel chases them. Syria's Emperor (Ben-Hadad {Son-Of-Ferocity}) escapes on a horse with [his] horsemen.
  470. 1st Kings 20:21 Then [northern] Israel's king [Ahab rides] out [of Samaria city]. He attacks [invading] Syria's horses and chariots. He massacres their [Empire's army] in a colossal slaughter.
    note: Totally impossible for 7232 men without supernatural support to defeat a 33-nation empire. However, that does not imply that Ahab was righteous. This is one bad nation defeating an evil empire. No righteousness involved on either side.
  471. 1st Kings 20:30 But the rest [of Syria's troops] flee to Aphek {Fortress}, into the city. There a wall falls. [It kills] 27 thousand of the [Syrian] stragglers. [Emperor] Ben-Hadad {Son-Of-Ferocity} flees into that city. [He ducks] into an inner chamber.
  472. 2nd Kings 13:4 So [king] JAHoahaz {JAH-Siezed} begs YHVH [for help]. So YHVH listens to [JAHoahaz], because [YAH] sees the oppression Israel [suffers] under abuse from Syria's Emperor.
  473. 2nd Kings 13:5 So YHVH gives Israel a savior who liberates them out from under the Syrian fist. So the sons of Israel dwell in their tents, as before.
    note: Savior: maybe an angel, or Elisha, or a general.
  474. 2nd Kings 19:30 You few remaining Judean people who escape [Sennacherib's siege eventually] yet again shoot down roots and bear fruit up into the [sky].
  475. 2nd Kings 19:31 [My] remnant shoots forth from Jerusalem. [Your little band of] survivors [flows to populate the globe], starting at mount Zion.’” The zeal of YHVH-Commander-Of-Armies makes this [prophecy a reality].
  476. 2nd Kings 19:36 So Assyria's Emperor Sennacherib retreats [from Jerusalem]. He marches back [~750km northeast] to live at Nineveh [Mosul, Iraq].
  477. 1st Chronicles 11:9 So David {Love} grows greater and greater, because YHVH-Commander-Of-Armies stays with him.
  478. 1st Chronicles 14:11 So [David marches] his [praise-singers] up to [nearby] Baal-Perazim {Lord-Of-The-Breakthrough}. There David evicts the [Philistines]. Then David cries, “By my hand, Elohim broke through my enemies like a breakout of flood-waters.” That's why people call the [battle] site ‘Lord-Of-The-Breakthrough.’
  479. 1st Chronicles 14:14 So [king] David again inquires of Elohim. [YHVH] the Eloah answers [David], “Do not go up to [confront this enemy]. Turn back. [Circle] around the [invading army]. [Position your praise-warriors] opposite the balsam trees.
  480. 1st Chronicles 17:21 What one nation on the earth is like your people (Israel)? What [nation’s] Elohim rushes [down from heaven] to redeem his own people?! You spiral your reputation [up] to terrifying [heights]. [You] drove out [whole] nations before [the stunned singing] faces of your people who you bought out of Egypt!
  481. 2nd Chronicles 13:18 So the brats of [north] Israel bend their knees. The people of Judaea prevail, because [they] rely [not on weaponry, nor the art of war, but] on [praising] YHVH, [the] Elohim of their forefathers.
  482. 2nd Chronicles 14:12 So YHVH strikes the Ethiopians before [the stunned singing] faces of [king] Asa and [his fellow] Judaeans. So the Ethiopians flee [back south toward Egypt], 😇!
    note: Or: ‘YHVH banishes.’
  483. 2nd Chronicles 20:15 [Jahaziel shouts], ‘Listen, all you Judaeans, including you inhabitants of Jerusalem, and you king JAHoshaphat {JAH's-Judgment}! YHVH says this to you, “Be neither afraid nor distressed because of this huge attack-force!’ The battle is not yours, but Elohim's!
    note: Let YAH fight the battle you're fighting to survive separated from the evil world-system.
  484. 2nd Chronicles 20:29 So the terror of Elohim [falls] on all the kingdoms of the [nearby] countries, when they hear how YHVH devours the adversaries of Israel.
    note: YVHH devoured the enemies. The Jews didn't devour anyone.
  485. 2nd Chronicles 32:8 [Our enemy has] only the arm of flesh, 😇. But YHVH our Elohim stands by us to help us [Hebrews]. [He] fights our battles.” So [Jerusalem's] people rest their [hearts] upon the words of Judea's king HezekiYah {Strength-From-YAH}.
  486. 2nd Chronicles 32:22 Thus YHVH saves [king] HezekiYah {Strength-From-YAH} (and the [other] inhabitants of Jerusalem) from the fist of Emperor Sennacherib of Assyria, and from the fists of all [Israel's] other [enemies]. [YAH] guides [Judea] on every side.
  487. Ezra 8:31 Then, on the 12th day of the 1st month [of the Hebrew year], we [exiles] journey [southwest] from [Iraq's] Ahava River toward Jerusalem. The hand of our Elohim stays upon us. Along the [~700KM] road, [YAH] delivers us from the hand[s] of [our] enemies, including all the robber-barons and [petty thieves who try to steal our vast sacred wealth].
  488. NehemiYAH 4:4 [Meanwhile, I, Nehemiah, pray,] “Hear our [prayer], Elohim. [The evil world] despises us [Hebrews]. Boomerang the insults [of our enemies] back on their own head[s]. Make them [into] prey [for predators] in the land of slavery.
  489. NehemiYAH 4:20 —So, from wherever you hear the sound of the trumpet coming, run there! Our Elohim will fight for us!”
    note: If the Creator is going to fight for you then you don't need weapons.
  490. Job 35:10 Yet no one asks, ‘Where is [YHVH the] Eloah, my Maker?’ He [can turn] our [darkest] nights [into festivals of] song.
  491. Psalms 3:3 Yet you, YHVH, form a shield around me. You honor me. You lift up my head [in victory].
  492. Psalms 4:8 I keep lying down and sleeping in peace, only because you, YHVH, make me dwell in safety.
  493. Psalms 18:1 I love you, YHVH. You're my strength.
    note: A Psalm by king David, servant of YHVH, wrote for Jerusalem's chief temple Musician to arrange and present at sacred festivals. "On the day when YHVH delivered David from the hand of all his enemies, especially from the hand of king Saul, David sung to Adonai the words of this song ." This is an edition of the same song in 2nd Samuel 22.
  494. Psalms 18:7 Then the earth shakes and trembles, 😇. The foundations of the hills move, shaken by YAH's anger!
  495. Psalms 18:9 YAH spreads the heavens, 😇. He rushes down. Darkness [covers the planet] under his feet.
  496. Psalms 18:12 Brilliant [light flashes, 😇]! Thick clouds cover the [earth]. Hail stones [rain]. Fireballs [fly]!
  497. Psalms 18:16 YAH sends [angels] from above. He catches me, 😇. He draws me out of overwhelming waters.
  498. Psalms 18:19 YAH brings me out into a huge, open, amazing zone [of safety, 😇]. YAH rescues me, because he delights in me.
  499. Psalms 18:33 [YAH] makes my feet [fast and strong] like deer-hooves, 😇. [He] sets me standing on my highest-heights.
  500. Psalms 18:39 You, [YAH,] armor me with strength for [spiritual] battle. Beneath me you subdue the [thugs] who rise up against me.
    note: The "Armor of God," not physical armor. Remember David & Goliath. David refused physical armor.
  501. Psalms 21:12 Upon your strings, you, [YAH,] ready your arrows [pointed] at the enemy's faces. You make [pagan assassins] turn their backs [and run away]!
  502. Psalms 22:20 Rescue my soul from the sword. Save my precious life from the power of the dog.
  503. Psalms 30:3 O YHVH, you keep hauling up my life-breath up from [its fall to] Sheol {The-Unseen-Grave}. You keep me alive. You block [my enemies when they rush to] hurl me down into the abyss [of death].
  504. Psalms 31:4 Pull me out of the net[s my enemies] secretly lay to [trap] me. You're my [only] strength.
    note: Obi-Wan is not your only hope. Obeying YAH is your only hope.
  505. Psalms 31:20 Conceal [us saints] in your mysterious presence. [Hide us] from the snares of man. Keep [us] secluded in a sanctum far from warring tongues.
  506. Psalms 33:19 [YAH] delivers our souls from death. He keeps [us] alive in famine, 😇.
  507. Psalms 35:8 Without warning, rain down devastation on [my enemy's head]. Catch him in the net he buries [to kill me]. Drop him into destruction.
  508. Psalms 35:24 Avenge me, YHVH. Execute [divine] justice, my Elohim. Blacken [my enemies'] bright-lit [celebrations of my looming death].
  509. Psalms 35:25 Stop [my enemies] from bragging, ‘Aha! We got what we wanted!’ When they boast, “We swallowed up that [Hebrew]”, rip the words out of their [mouths].
  510. Psalms 37:10 In the blink [of an eye] the criminal vanishes [from existence], 😇. You look at the spot [where he stood ready to kill you,] and he's gone!
  511. Psalms 37:28 For YHVH loves justice, 😇. He never forsakes his kind-ones. [He] guards them through [all] ages. Meanwhile, [YAH] whacks [down] the weed-seed-children of wicked [crooks].
  512. Psalms 37:39 YHVH saves all right-makers, 😇. He is [our] strength to [get through] death-squeezes.
  513. Psalms 40:14 Shame and confound all the [enemies] who chase [me]. [Stop] them from scraping my flesh [off the planet]. Boomerang them backward. Ruin all these evil, [scheming] manipulators.
  514. Psalms 41:11 This is how I know you favor me, [YHVH]: my enemy never [permanently] triumphs over me.
  515. Psalms 44:5 [When we sing to you,] your power gores our enemies. Through your name-authority we trample the [pigs] who rise up against us.
  516. Psalms 46:11 YHVH-Commander-Of-Armies [stays] with us [saints all the time], 😇. The Elohim of Jacob is our stronghold. Selah {Dramatic-Break}.
  517. Psalms 48:6 Fear takes hold on [our pagan attackers, 😇. They groan in] pain, like women struggling [to give birth].
  518. Psalms 54:5 [YAH] boomerangs evil back on my ambushers, 😇. YAH, consume [my attackers] in your eternal [flames].
  519. Psalms 62:2 [YAH] alone is my rock, my rescuer. He's my defense, 😇. So no [force in the universe] can shake me [to bits].
  520. Psalms 62:6 [YAH] alone is my rock, 😇. [He's] my freedom-fighter. He's my cliffside-fortress. [So no force] can shake me [to bits].
  521. Psalms 66:6 [YAH] turns the sea into dry land, 😇! [We Hebrews] pass through [earth's waters on foot]. There [on the shore, as we watch our enemies' bodies float to the surface,] we shine, [praising] YAH.
  522. Psalms 68:14 [The girls sing:] “The Almighty scatters [our enemy] kings like a [winter] storm [flings] white [snow down from] Zalmon {Black-Phantom} Mountain!”
  523. Psalms 83:10 [As Sisera and Jabin] perished near Endor {Forever-Fountain}, [smash our foes] like poop that [falls to fertilize] the earth.
  524. Psalms 83:14 [Torch the tyrants] like fire burns wood, like flame sets mountains ablaze.
  525. Psalms 91:7 A thousand [people] will fall at your side, 😇. 10 thousand [sinners will die] at your right hand. But [eternal death] won't come near you.
  526. Psalms 92:4 [I sing because] you, YHVH, brighten me [up] by your actions. I keep triumphing because of the operations your hands perform.
  527. Psalms 94:22 But YHVH is my defense. My Elohim is the rock [fortress where] I [run for] refuge, 😇.
  528. Psalms 105:24 [There YAH] mushrooms his [Hebrew] population, 😇. [YAH] makes the [Israelites] stronger than their enemies.
  529. Psalms 106:11 Waters cover the [Israelites'] adversaries, 😇. [YAH] leaves not one [Egyptian soldier] alive.
  530. Psalms 116:9 [So, 😇, dodging assassins' weapons,] I keep walking [before] YHVH's face in the land of the living.
  531. Psalms 118:5 In my death-squeeze, I call on Yah. Yah answers me by [setting] me [high and dry] in a huge [safe-zone].
    note: #3050 “YAH” appears here as a contraction for “YaHWeH”. Uses the unusual construction: Bammerchab Yah.
  532. Psalms 118:23 YHVH slings these marvelous miracle[s] [before] our [stunned] eyes, 😇!
  533. Psalms 124:2 If YHVH wasn't on our side when men rise up against us, [we'd die, 😇].
  534. Psalms 124:6 😇, kneel [and adore] YHVH, who refuses to [permanently] surrender us [believers] as prey to [be ripped by our enemies'] teeth.
  535. Psalms 126:3 YHVH keeps doing great things for us [believers], 😇. [After he purges us with suffering,] he lights up [our hearts with joy].
  536. Psalms 136:15 [YAH] overthrows Pharaoh and his massive-forces in the Red Sea, because [YAH’s] compassion [for his people] lasts forever.
  537. Psalms 136:17 [YAH] strikes [the] great sovereigns [who fight us Hebrews], 😇. [YAH's] grace [outlasts] eternity.
  538. Psalms 136:18 [YAH] slaughters famous kings [for us believers, 😇]. His mercy [rolls on] forever.
  539. Psalms 140:1 YHVH, [please] rescue me from evil men. Protect me from violent humans.
    note: A song which king David prepared for the Music Director at Jerusalem's tent sanctuary to arrange and perform at sacred festivals.
  540. Psalms 141:10 Let [all] criminals fall into their own noose-nets, while I escape [to safety].
  541. Psalms 143:9 YHVH, [please] rescue me from my enemies. I flee to you! Hide me.
  542. Proverbs 11:8 [YAH] rescues the righteous [man]. Meanwhile, death's squeeze [pops] the lawbreaker [like a pimple].
  543. IsaiYAH 7:16 For before the [“Immanuel”] boy learns to spurn evil, and select what's right, [YAH] strips the countries you dread [Syria and northern Israel] of both their kings.
  544. IsaiYAH 14:25 Likewise, I break the Assyrian [king for trampling] my land. [My] feet smash him upon my mountains. Then his yoke flies off [my people]. His burden [falls] off their shoulders.”
    note: Assyrian = antichrist
  545. IsaiYAH 14:32 When any nation [attacks YAH's people,] the [invaders'] messengers end up fleeing home, [screaming] this warning: “YHVH has [permanently] established [mount] Zion. There his oppressed people run [to hide in] his [invincible] protective [fortress-arms].”
    note: Don't mess with true Israel.
  546. IsaiYAH 25:5 Non-hebrews [burn] us [believers] like desert heat. But you, [YAH,] quell their roaring [wars]. You send in a cloud to [cool our] scorching dryland. You silence the terrrorists' taunting-songs.
  547. IsaiYAH 27:4 I [let] no fury [permanently rage against my ‘garden’], 😇. [Enemies] array thorns and briers against me. [They] war [to destroy my garden. Yet in the end] I burn the [attackers] up in a flash!
  548. IsaiYAH 33:23 Your ‘ropes’ [fly loose], pounding [the sides of your society's ‘boat’]. Your mast totters [in the storm], 😇. You can't even spread your sails [to flee the hurricane of invasion]. Then, [suddenly] you're dividing massive plunder. Even cripples grab their share of loot [left behind by your dead attackers].
  549. IsaiYAH 35:4 😇, tell [Judeo-Christianity's] hasty-hearted [cowards], “Be strong. Never fear. Watch: Your Elohim comes with vengeance. Elohim brings payback. He's coming to lift you to safety.”
  550. IsaiYAH 37:27 [It's because of Me that your target] populations [cower,] powerless, confused, depressed. I make your enemy nations [helpless] as sod, as [easily trampled] as tender green shoots, [trivial to scorch,] like grass seeds sprouting on a housetop.
  551. IsaiYAH 37:33 So YHVH promises, “This Assyrian Emperor [never] enters [Jerusalem] city. He never shoots [one] arrow there. He fails to [attack] it with shields. He [neglects to] erect a siege-ramp against it.
  552. IsaiYAH 43:14 YHVH, your redeemer, Israel's Sacred Sovereign, predicts: “To save you, 😇, I send [angel armies] to hurl Babylon down [to the dust. Babylon's partying nobles flee as] fugitives. Chaldean [conquerors] wail in their [burning] ships.
    note: YAH destroys Babylon past, present and future. The world-system you live among today = Mystery Babylon. It will soon burn.
  553. IsaiYAH 44:27 [YAH] says to the sinkhole [of tyranny], “Drain! I'm drying up your rivers.”
    note: Persian Emperor Cyrus' General Gobryas literally dried up the Euphrates river to defeat the Babylonians, which conquest led to the repatriation of the Jews.
  554. IsaiYAH 45:17 But YHVH always and eternally saves the [people] who will rule with [Him]. Throughout [all] ages, [YAH] rescues us [saints] from shame and confusion, 😇.
    note: Israel = “those who will rule with El”. Spiritually-speaking, true Israel is only loosely associated with the U.N. member-state that calls itself 'Israel'.
  555. IsaiYAH 48:15 “I — I [YHVH] speak [your future, 😇]. Yes, I call [my avenger]. I bring him. I straighten the road [before] him.”
  556. IsaiYAH 50:9 Watch, 😇! The Adonai YHVH helps me. If [you] dare condemn me [as lawless], look out! [My accusers] fall apart like clothes. The moth eats them up.
    note: You don't have to retaliate against your enemies. Just please YAH. He'll get rid of your enemies.
  557. IsaiYAH 51:16 I put my words in your mouth, 😇. I cover you in the shadow of my hand. I plant the heavens. I lay the foundations of the earth. I say to [you] shining, towering [saints], ‘You are my people.’”
    note: Lit: Zion, the bright shining mountain. Our job is to shine YAH's love to the world, like a bright, towering mountain gleaming in the sun. That's what 'HalleluJah' means.
  558. IsaiYAH 54:15 You watch your [enemies] amass [around you, 😇]. But I don't [send them]. Everyone who gathers against you [eventually] falls. [I bash your foes down to protect] you.
  559. JeremiYAH 17:18 Shame the [beings who] persecute me. Never let [them] dry me up. Discourage them. Encourage me. Rain the day of evil on them. Destroy them with double annihilation!”
  560. JeremiYAH 30:16 Yet [despite your sin, 😇, I] eventually devour everyone who devours you. All your adversaries, every one of them, pass into slavery. Whoever spoils you becomes plunder. I make prey of everyone who preys on you, 😇.
  561. JeremiYAH 30:20 [Your] children [dance, happy] like before, 😇. I establish their communities [under my watchful] gaze. I punish everyone who oppresses [you].
  562. JeremiYAH 39:17 Yet I save you from the day [of wrath],” promises YHVH. “I never surrender you into the fist[s] of the mortals from whose faces you shrink [in fear].
  563. Ezekiel 11:16 So proclaim, ‘Adonai YHVH decrees, “Although I hurl [Judeo-Christian exiles] far off into the beast-nations, — although I scatter them among [many] countries, I still [form] little sanctuaries [protecting them] in the lands wherever they go.”
  564. Ezekiel 34:28 [My people] never again serve as prey for the beast-nations. No land-beast ever [again] devours them. They dwell safely, 😇. In the end, no one makes them afraid.
  565. Ezekiel 39:13 Yes, it takes the [effort] of all the land's people to bury [Gog's armies]. This [victory] brings [such overwhelming] renown to [Israel] that in those day[s] the [whole world] glorifies me,” predicts Adonai YHVH.
  566. Daniel 1:9 [YHVH] the Eloah {Supreme-Being} brings DaniEl {El-Judges} into [the] favor and sympathy of the chief of the eunuchs.
  567. Daniel 11:1 [The superman continues,] “I also came here [to earth] in the 1st year when [Cyrus {Sun}, aka] Darius the Mede, [your Emperor,] gained control of the Babylonian Empire. I confronted [the demon-lord who wanted to possess Cyrus {Sun}]. I withstood [the demon-lord until YAH] established Darius {The-Mantainer} as a strong [Emperor].
    note: Or: “I stood with Michael, to strengthen Michael, who was protecting the Emperor.” ‘Darius’ is a title meaning ‘Maintainer’.
  568. Hosea 1:7 But [for now] I'll continue to embrace the House of Judah. [Watch] Me save Judea. It'll be [me] (YHVH their Elohim) who rescues them, [not their armaments and armies, not their manpower,] not their bows, swords, battles, horses and horsemen.”
  569. Habakkuk 3:16 Hearing [of YAH's vengeance,] bellies tremble; lips quiver. [At YAH's] voice, worm-rot invades [the violaters'] bones. [Criminals] shake with violent fear. [They fall to] rest [in death at their] appointed time [of] tribulation [when YAH sends] in [His] attack troops.
  570. ZechariYAH 6:1 I turn [around, 😇]. I look up. Suddenly [I] see four chariots. They race out from between two mountains — looming mountains made of brass/copper/bronze.
    note: YAH is constantly involved in world affairs. He is not a mere clock-maker god who wound up the mechanism of the universe and then went to sleep.
  571. ZechariYAH 9:14 [See, 😇!] YHVH appears. [He guards] over [His people. YAH's] arrow shoots forth like lightning! Adonai YHVH blows [His] trumpet! He rides out south [to fight for his people]. [He wins tempestuous] tornadoes [of war] in [Egypt, Edom and Africa].
    note: Yah's arrow is the Messiah, whose humble message of love disarms the world-destroying nonsense of the Greco-Roman-Babylonian war-gods.
  572. ZechariYAH 14:13 [See] the coming day, 😇: A great [riotous] panic from YHVH [spreads like a killer mind-virus] among the [opponents of the City Of Peace]. [See] every [pagan] man grab the hand of his neighbor, who turns and attacks his neighbor [in a mass suicidal orgy of senseless violence. Soon all the attackers of YAH's people lie dead.]
    note: 2020's global psychotic virus-hysteria fueled a violent breakdown of the world's pagan societies.
  573. Luke 1:51 —YAH's mighty arm works tremendous miracles, 😇! [Like a hurricane,] YAH scatters [all] arrogant [beings]. [He shatters] the [vain] fantasies of [mans' evil] hearts.
    note: Yah rocks you like a hurricane.
  574. Luke 1:74 😇, [YAH is fulfilling His promise] to grant us freedom. [He's snatching us] out of the hand of our enemies. [He enables us to] serve Him without fear.
    note: Everybody thinks Jesus is going to massacre the Romans. But instead, Jesus is going to love the Romans.
  575. Acts 12:11 Peter {Rock} [realizes he's awake]. He says, “Now I know without a doubt that the Adonai [YHVH] sent His angel to rescue me from Herod's clutches, and from all the [tortures] the Judaean people are [foaming at the mouth to inflict on me].”
  576. Acts 26:17 I'll rescue you from [your Jewish] people and from the beast-nations. I'm sending you to [confront] them.
  577. Acts 27:44 Next the [non-swimmers] float on boards or broken pieces of the ship. So, 😇, we all escape safe to land.
  578. Prayer of AzariYAH 1:26 But the angel of Adonai [YHVH] descends into the oven, and joins AzariYah and his fellows, and swats the flames of the fire out of the oven.
    note: Possibly the Messiah coming back through a time-portal.
  579. Genesis 31:3 So YHVH warns Jacob, “Return to the land of your fathers, to your [real] family. I'll stick with you.”
  580. Genesis 35:6 So Jacob and his whole tribe [miraculously] safely arrive at Luz aka Beth-El {House-Of-El}, in the land of Canaan {LowLand}.
  581. Exodus 15:12 You stretch out your right hand — the earth swallows the [aggressors].
  582. Exodus 19:4 ‘You've seen what I did to the Egyptians, how I carried you on eagles' wings, [how I] brought you to Myself.
  583. Exodus 23:23 My Angel will go before you. [He'll] bring you in to [the land of] the Amorite {Mountaineers}, the Hittite {Sons-Of-Terror}, the Perizzite {Plainsmen}, Canaanite {Mercenaries}, Hivite {Villagers} and the Jebusite {Threshers}. Then I'll cut them off [from any connection to you].
    note: Notice YAH is promising to himself cut the pagans off. He is not commanding the Israelites to slaughter anyone. (Note: ‘6 nations’, numerologically symbolizing fallen mankind in general.)
  584. Exodus 23:30 Little by little I, [not you,] drive out the [heathen] before you, 😇, until you multiply [your population enough to] possess the land.
  585. Exodus 34:11 Obey everything I command you today. Watch me drive out before you the Amorite {Mountaineers}, the Canaanite {Mercenaries}, the Hittite {Sons-Of-Terror}, the Perizzite {Plainsmen}, the Hivite {Villagers}, and the Jebusite {Grain-Threshers}.
    note: First you obey. Then YHVH protects you. Disobey his commands, and you lose his protection.
  586. Numbers (Journeys) 23:21 [YHVH] isn't [hiring you to judge] the unfairness of [the descendants of] Jacob. Nor [is he at this time eyeing the] perversity in [the nation of] Israel [for immediate punishment]. YHVH, [Israel's] Elohim, is with [them]. They shout [the spirit-battle cry of] their [Almighty] King! [Their God will murder you all!]
  587. Numbers (Journeys) 24:9 [Israel] crouches, 😇… he lays down [to pounce] like a lion—a huge papa man-eater! What [fool] wants to stir him up? Kneel [and adore YAH] who blesses you, [Israel]. Cursed is [everyone] who curses you!”
  588. Deuteronomy 6:19 [If you obey YAH, He will] expel all your enemies before your faces, as YHVH predicted [that HE, not you, would do].
    note: This is not a command to expel the enemies. YHVH will expel whatever enemies need expelling.
  589. Deuteronomy 23:5 Yet YHVH your Elohim refused to listen to Balaam {Ammon-Is-Lord}. Instead, YHVH your Elohim turned the curse into a blessing on you [Israelites], because YHVH your Elohim loves you, 😇.
  590. Deuteronomy 30:7 Meanwhile, YHVH your Elohim inflicts all the [aforementioned] curses on your enemies, on everyone who hated you [and] persecuted you, 😇.
  591. Joshua 5:1 Soon all the kings of the Amorite {Mountaineers} (west of [the] Jordan [river]) and all the kings of the Canaanite {Mercenaries} (by the [Mediterranean] sea) hear that YHVH dried up the waters of [the] Jordan [river] before us children of Israel, until we passed over. Immediately the hearts [of the pagans] melt, 😇. All spirit [courage] leaves them, for [fear of us] children of Israel.
  592. Joshua 10:2 [So, 😇, everyone in Jerusalem] quakes [in their boots for] fear, because Gibeon {Flower-Hills} was a great city totally [filled with] mighty men, like one of the royal cities, even greater than Ai {Ruin-Heap}.
  593. Judges 2:1 Then YHVH's [Commanding] angel-messenger [flies] up from Gilgal {Wheel} to Bochim {Weepers}. [The angel] says, “I [lifted] you [Hebrews] up out of Egypt. I've brought you to the land I swore to [give] your fore-fathers. I promised, ‘I will never break my covenant with you.’
  594. Judges 4:23 So, 😇, on that [one] day, before the [stunned, singing faces of the] people of Israel, Elohim subdues Caanan's king Jabin {Smarty}.
  595. Judges 5:4 YHVH, you storm out of [evil] Seir {Roughland} [to kill our enemies]. You march out of [murderous] Edom's south-lands [to destroy the northern invader]. The earth quakes. [The] Heavens fall. Thick [thunder] clouds dump torrents [of paranormal punishment on the pagans]!
  596. Judges 5:21 The Kishon {Hard-Ground} river swings his fist, [sweeping away] the [pagan invaders]! The ancient watercourse of Kishon stomps down the strong bodies [of the enemy fighters].
    note: YHVH miraculously causes a flood that kills Israel's enemy.
  597. Judges 10:12 —And [didn't I save you when] the Sidonian {Fish-Fighters} and the Amalekite {Blood-Lickers}, and the descendants of Maon {Abode} oppressed you? You cried to me. So I snatched you out of the [pagans'] clutches.
  598. Judges 11:24 You [pagans] need to [be happy] with whatever your god Chemosh {Crusher} gives you to own. Because when YHVH our Elohim drives out [a pagan nation] before us, we're gonna occupy their [land].
  599. Judges 11:33 With a very great blow [of YAH's Spirit wind], Jepthah casts out the [pagans] from Aroer {Exposed} all the way to Minnith {Harmony}: 20 cities, [plus the land stretching] to Abel Keramim {Vineyard-Meadows}. So [finally] the [inbred] spawn of Ammon bend their knees before the people of Israel.
  600. 1st Samuel 7:12 Then [the prophet] SamuEl {Heard-By-El} [and his men] lift a boulder. [They] anchor it between Mizpah {Watch-Tower} and Shen {Crag}. [Samuel] shouts, “This place is named ‘Eben-Ezer {Stone-Of-Protection}’, [because] YHVH [has always] helped us [Israelis, from the beginning of our nation] to this very day!”
    note: Or: ‘Samuel lifts the boulder by supernatural means.’
  601. 2nd Samuel 5:19 So David consults YHVH, asking, “Shall I go up to [face] the Philistines [with praise-warfare]? Will you deliver them into my hand?” YHVH responds to David, “Go up. Never doubt. I will deliver the Philistines into your hand.”
    note: YAH intended for David and his men to praise him while He himself supernaturally eliminated the foe.
  602. 2nd Samuel 22:13 From the brightness before [YAH,] coals of fire flame out [to kill the wicked].
  603. 2nd Samuel 22:14 YHVH thunders from heaven. The ElYón {Most-High} sounds his [universe-shattering] voice.
  604. 2nd Samuel 22:19 They block my [escape] in my day of disaster. But YHVH supports me.
  605. 2nd Samuel 22:36 You, [YAH], give me the shield of your salvation. You stoop down to [lift] me to greatness.
  606. 2nd Samuel 22:41 You make my enemies turn their backs [and flee]. [You root out] and eliminate [everyone] who hates me.
  607. 2nd Samuel 22:42 [My opponents] look everywhere [for help]. But no one [comes] to save them. They even [cry] to [you,] YHVH. But [You refuse] to answer them.
  608. 2nd Samuel 22:44 And You, [YAH,] rescue me from contentions among my [own] people. You preserve me. You make me [the] head over the beast-nations. Populaces I've never known serve me.
  609. 2nd Kings 14:27 Yet YHVH [keeps his] promise to never blot out the name of Israel under heaven, 😇. [YAH] saves [the Hebrews] through the power-hand of [evil] Jeroboam {Nation-Wrangler} [#2], (the son of JAHoash {JAH-Fired}).
  610. 1st Chronicles 14:16 So David {Love} does as Elohim commands him. Thus [YAH] evicts the Philistine armies from Gibeon {Flower-Hills} all [the way 20km due west] to Gezer {Portion}!
  611. 2nd Chronicles 6:35 From the heavens, hear [your peoples'] prayer[s] and pleas. Uphold their [righteous] cause.
  612. 2nd Chronicles 20:16 —Tomorrow you hike down to confront the [invaders with your praise-power.] Watch them [march] up by the cliff of Ziz {Bloom}. You'll find them at the end of the brook, facing the desert [of] JeruEl {Founded-By-El}.
  613. Psalms 3:5 [Even in peril,] I lay down, sleep and awake [to new life, 😇,] because YHVH sustains my [life].
  614. Psalms 5:12 For you, YHVH, always bless righteous [beings]. You [always] surround [righteous people] with favor like a shield.
  615. Psalms 7:6 Oh YHVH, rise [up] in your fire-snorting-fury. Lift yourself high. [Confront] the rage of my enemies. Awake for me. [Execute] the [death] sentence you've decreed [against your rivals].
  616. Psalms 7:13 YAH prepares the instruments of death to [annihilate all unrepentant beings, 😇]. YAH ordains his arrows [to strike all] persecutors.
  617. Psalms 9:3 My enemies turn-[tail] and run! They fall and perish at [the blast of] Your presence.
  618. Psalms 9:6 [My] enemies lie dead, their destruction forever accomplished. You, [YAH] uproot the [infidels'] cities. All memory of the [evil ones] dies as their [infrastructure burns].
  619. Psalms 10:14 You, [YAH,] see [everything. Your eyes] scan [the world of] abusive-toil and oppression. [We know you'll] repay [our persecutors] with your power-fist. [We] beaten-down [victims] commit [ourselves] to you, [the] helper of fatherless [orphans].
  620. Psalms 14:5 [But soon] the [wicked will shake,] overwhelmed with terror, 😇. For Elohim [stands] present in the company of righteous [people].
  621. Psalms 17:7 Show your marvelous loving-kindness. [Only] Your right hand saves us [believers]. [We keep] scrambling-for-refuge. Rebel [forces from earth and heaven keep attacking us]!
  622. Psalms 17:9 [Save me] from the ruin-wreakers! They oppress me! My deadly enemies completely surround me!
  623. Psalms 18:8 Smoke shoots up out of YAH's nostrils, 😇. Fire shoots from his mouth, devouring [my enemies] into flaming coals.
  624. Psalms 18:10 YAH's [power] flies, riding on an angel, 😇. He darts [and soars] on the wings of the wind.
  625. Psalms 20:9 Save [us], King YHVH! Answer us [believers] when we call [for help].
  626. Psalms 22:21 Save me from the lion's mouth. [Yet] again, [snatch] me [up] from the horns of the wild-beast.
  627. Psalms 25:15 My eyes always [stare] toward YHVH. He frees my feet from [every] net.
    note: Including the world-wide-web of surveillance.
  628. Psalms 27:2 Wicked haters squeeze [out my lifeblood]. They rush upon me to eat up my flesh. [But YAH makes] them stumble and fall [to their deaths, 😇].
  629. Psalms 27:5 For in the time of trouble, [YAH] hides me in his shelter, 😇. He hides me safe in his home. He sets me up [high and dry] on a rock.
  630. Psalms 31:8 You [spring] me out of my enemy's hand-lock. You stand my feet in a wide-open zone [of safety].
  631. Psalms 34:4 I seek YHVH, and he hears me. He delivers me from all my fears.
  632. Psalms 35:1 Take [up] my cause, YHVH. [Challenge] everyone who grapples [with] me. Devour everyone who devastates me!
  633. Psalms 36:11 Stop the foot of pride from stomping me [to death]. Block [all] lawless hands from thrashing me.
  634. Psalms 37:24 [We believers] might fall, 😇. But YAH never hurls us down [to eternal death]. YAH holds [us] up with his hand.
  635. Psalms 37:36 But [every criminal] passes away, 😇. I look, and they're gone. I search for [my evil enemy]. But no one can find him.
  636. Psalms 38:15 So you're my [only] hope, YHVH. You contradict the [slanderers], Adonai Elohim.
  637. Psalms 43:1 Vindicate me, Elohim. Champion my cause against [this] cruel beast-nation. Rescue me from deceitful and unjust man.
  638. Psalms 44:2 With your [mighty] hand, you evicted the beast-nations. You planted us [Hebrews]. You smashed the beast-peoples. You hurled their [fragmented survivors] out of the [Promised land].
  639. Psalms 48:5 The [world's kings] see [the city of peace]. They marvel [at how YAH miraculously protects us]. Agitated [in fear], the [aggressors] rush away.
    note: YAH, not the secular ‘government’, is our protector.
  640. Psalms 48:7 You, [YAH,] break the ships of Tarshish {Gem} with an [eerie] east wind.
  641. Psalms 53:6 —From his bright-shining-mountain, [YAH rains] salvation [down] on Israel. Elohim reverses the oppression of his people. [Our] foes become [fertilizer]! [In heaven, our ancient Patriarch] Jacob spins around [so hard he looks drunk]! Israel lights up with joy!
    note: lit: Zion.
  642. Psalms 54:4 Yet watch, 😇. Elohim surrounds me [with aid]. YHVH props up my [collapsing] body.
    note: This is one of 134 verses where arrogant Sopherim translator/interpreters long ago substituted ‘Adonai’ in place of ‘YHVH’.
  643. Psalms 54:7 [YAH] rescues me out of every tight-squeeze, 😇. My eye[s] watch [YAH obliterate] my enemies.
  644. Psalms 56:12 Your promises shelter me, Elohim. [While my enemies rain down arrows at me,] I safely throw my hands in the air [to thank you for protecting me].
  645. Psalms 59:9 You guard me with your strength. ELohim is my cliffside-fortress, 😇.
  646. Psalms 59:10 I hug ELohim's neck of mercy, 😇. Elohim projects me high [above the city, so I can] look [down] on my ambushers.
  647. Psalms 60:4 Still, [above the battle], you raise a banner so [we] who fear you [can] escape to your stable [protection].
  648. Psalms 61:3 You've always been a shelter for me. [You're my] “strong tower.” [You protect me] from [my every] enemy.
  649. Psalms 62:7 My wide-open-safe-place of honor rests inside Elohim's [heart], 😇. ELohim's [spirit] is my mountain stronghold, my shelter [from war].
  650. Psalms 63:9 [Evil ones] hunt me for the kill, like [I'm] an animal. But [I know you'll hurl] them down into the depths of the dirt!
  651. Psalms 70:2 Shame and confuse the [evil beings] who chase down my soul. Flip them backward. Throw into confusion the [sickos] who crave my hurt.
  652. Psalms 71:4 [Please,] my Elohim, deliver me out of the fist of all wicked [beings], out of the hand of distorted, acid-hearted [man].
  653. Psalms 78:53 [YAH] carries us [believers] onward, to a refuge free of fear. Meanwhile, [behind us,] the sea overwhelms our enemies, 😇.
  654. Psalms 83:13 Elohim, make the [thugs into] tumbleweeds, [like] chaff flying in the face of the wind.
  655. Psalms 89:17 You, [not weapons,] are [our] shining force. Your smile [eventually] lifts our power-horns high [in triumph] over [all evil empires].
  656. Psalms 89:23 I'll pound [David's] foes before his [stunned, singing] face. I'll plague every [being] who hates him.
  657. Psalms 91:4 [YHVH] will cover you with his [soaring] arms, 😇. Under his wings you'll [find] refuge. His truth will be your shield and tower.
  658. Psalms 91:12 [YAH's angels] will [always] bear you up in their hands, 😇. So you won't dash your ‘foot’ against a ‘stone.’
    note: Best understood metaphorically.
  659. Psalms 97:10 😇, you lovers of YHVH [must] spurn evil. [YAH] preserves the life-breath of his gracious [children]. He rescues them out of the fist[s] of lawless [beings].
  660. Psalms 98:2 [😇, join] YHVH in broadcasting [the news of how] he saves [his people]. He openly displays his [just] payback before the [gaping] eyes of the beast-nations.
  661. Psalms 105:15 [YAH] says, “Don't lay one finger on my chosen [people]. Do my prophets no harm.”
    note: If pagans harm you believers, they'll be sorry!
  662. Psalms 109:28 [As long] as you bless me, [I don't care if my enemies] curse me. When they mount up [against me, please] pale [their faces in dread,] as you brighten-up [the face of me,] your servant.
  663. Psalms 118:13 You, [enemy,] push me [over the cliff] to make me fall [dead]. But YHVH wraps his forcefield around me.
  664. Psalms 136:13 [YAH] divides the Red Sea in two, 😇. He stoops [down to save us] forever!
  665. Psalms 136:14 [YAH] lets Israel escape through the middle of the [sea floor]. His kindness [overflows,] boundless, 😇!
  666. Psalms 140:4 YHVH, [please] keep me from the hands of wicked [beings]. Protect me from violent men. They constantly conspire to trip my feet.
  667. Psalms 140:9 Enemy alpha-dogs surround me on every side. Bury them in the miserable [death which] their own lips [propose for me].
  668. Psalms 142:3 [YAH,] my spirit drowns [in despair]. But you see my path. [Betrayers] secretly lay snares for me. Yet [you light] the road I walk.
  669. Proverbs 1:33 But whoever listens to me [wisdom] eventually dwells safely, 😇. [My disciples] live quiet from fear of evil.”
  670. Proverbs 12:6 Crooks conspire to lie in ambush for blood, 😇. But the mouth [speech] of upright [people] rescues them.
    note: A kind word turns away wrath.
  671. Proverbs 12:21 No evil [eternally] ruins the righteous [man, 😇]. [YAH] overwhelms [all] devastators with disaster.
    note: We experience evil. But evil will not ultimately destroy us.
  672. IsaiYAH 26:1 The day [of restoration finally] dawns, 😇. The land of Judaea rings with this song: “We [finally] have a strong city, placed, built and fortified by [YAH's] salvation.
  673. IsaiYAH 27:5 [My vines] take hold of my strength. Make peace with me, 😇. Then [I'll] make peace [completely envelop you].
  674. IsaiYAH 37:22 —This is the decree YHVH speaks concerning [Sennacherib]: ‘The virgin, Zion's daughter, despises you. [Judea] laughs you to scorn. [YAH's little] daughter-population (Jerusalem) shakes her head at your [shameful arrogance].
  675. IsaiYAH 37:34 [The enemy] returns by the way he came. He never [darkens your] city [gate],” promises YHVH.
  676. IsaiYAH 41:14 Never fear, 😇, you worm-like [child of] Jacob. I [always] help you you mortals who will rule with me,” promises YHVH, your redeemer, the Holy Sovereign of Israel.
    note: Christians are engrafted into Israel. True Israel = those who will rule with El.
  677. IsaiYAH 41:15 Watch, 😇: I morph you [from a worm] into a new, sharp-toothed threshing sledge. You end up grinding down [enemy] mountains. You crush them to soil-powder. You reduce [obstacle] hills to chaff-dust.
  678. IsaiYAH 49:24 [Who] can snatch prey from invincible [predators], 😇? [Who] can [snatch] slaves [from an] exalted [ruler]?”
  679. IsaiYAH 51:5 —In a flash, I [hurl] my justice [to earth]. My saving [power] shoots [down to free you from tyranny, 😇]. My ‘arms’ thunder my verdicts [across your tiny universe]. From coastland to [coastland,] my faithful people [see] my long-awaited power-arm [rush in to the rescue].
  680. IsaiYAH 54:14 [I] set you straight-up on an [everlasting] foundation. Tyranny stays far from you. You live in courage. Terror never [again] comes near you, 😇.
  681. IsaiYAH 63:9 [YAH] is never the oppressor who [causes] our affliction, 😇. The angel of [YAH's] presence saves us innocents. In his love and in his pity he redeems [us]. He lifts us. He's carried [us through] all the ancient days [to this moment. And he's carrying us into the eternal future.]
    note: ‘Innocent’ means ‘harmless’.
  682. JeremiYAH 2:6 [😇, your ancestors] failed to ask, ‘How [can we rediscover] YHVH, who brought us up out of the land of Egypt, who led us through the wilderness, through a land of deserts and of ravines, through a land of drought, [dominated by] the shadow of death — through a land that no man passed through, and where no man lived?’
  683. JeremiYAH 50:34 [Israel's] Redeemer is [infinitely] strong, 😇! YHVH-Commander-Of-Armies is his name! He completely [perfectly] defends the cause of [his saints]. He gives rest to the [promised] land. But [he gives] unrest [to] the denizens of Babylon.
  684. JeremiYAH 51:24 But [now, Israel,] I'm paying back Babylon {Iraq} and all the denizens of Chaldea for all the wreckage they wreaked before your [crying] eyes in Zion,” promises YHVH.
  685. Ezekiel 28:24 Never again does pricking-brier [Sidon] poke thorn-holes into the palm(s) of the house of Israel. [I eventually kill] the festering-sore-producing spikes all around Israel. [Her enemies die] realizing that I, YHVH, am [the universal] Sovereign.”
  686. Ezekiel 34:22 So I come to save my flock. Eventually the [saints] never again fall prey, 😇. I judge between [bad] goats and [good] sheep.
  687. Ezekiel 34:30 So, 😇, [my people] come to know that I, YHVH, their Elohim, am with them, and that they, the [true] family of Israel, are my people,” promises Adonai YHVH.
  688. Ezekiel 36:5 Adonai YHVH says, ‘In the burning-fire of my jealous [zeal] I come to rally against the surviving beast-nations, [especially against] Edom's entire [southland, because they] hand my land into the [United-Nations'] clutches with wholehearted joy, with spiteful minds [bent] to hurl [Israel] away as a preyed-on [victim].’
  689. Ezekiel 36:6 So, [prophet,] prophesy [recovery] for the land of Israel. Announce [my salvation] to the [people of her] mountains, hills, canyons and valleys! Adonai YHVH proclaims, ‘Watch me [fling my] verdicts [at your enemies] in passionate heat, 😇. You [believers] have [too long] borne the shame of the beast-nations!
  690. Ezekiel 36:7 So Adonai YHVH says, ‘I lift up my hand [to] guarantee that the beast-nations who surround you [Israelites] soon come to bear their shame, 😇.
  691. Ezekiel 36:15 ‘I finally silence the slander [spouted against you] by the beast-nations. People-groups no longer strip [your dignity]. You, [land of Israel,] finally stop toppling the nations [who rest on you].’” predicts Adonai YHVH.
  692. Ezekiel 38:8 Many days from now [I] come to muster you [northern world-order armies for my service]. In the latter years you [march south] into the [Israeli] land [I] restore from the sword [in 1948]. I gather you out of [earth's] many people to march on the long-destroyed mountains of Israel, so [I can show how I] lift all [my people] out from the world's [vicious] nations, to dwell safely.
  693. Ezekiel 39:5 You [caucasian-Globalists] fall upon the open field. I speak [your future],” declares Adonai YHVH.
  694. Ezekiel 39:6 “I send fire on Magog {Asian-Powers}, and among [marauders] who dwell carelessly in [earth's] coastlands [e.g. the U.S. and U.K.]. Finally the [infidels] grasp that I am YHVH {the-eternity-maker}.
    note: Careless coastland dwellers = Americans, Brits, Europeans, etc.
  695. MicaYah 5:6 [See the future, 😇! YAH's disciples] rule the land of Assyria the ex-destroyer. [Saints] guard the gates of the land of [ancient King] Nimrod {Rebel}. [The Messiah] rescues [YAH's people] from [ravaging] success-addicts. [Pagans never again] invade our land. [No marauders] march within our borders.
    note: Assyria represents the evils (and false-happiness) of insurance and success-worship.
  696. ZephaniYAH 3:15 YHVH king of Israel overturns all verdicts [against His people]. YAH casts out [all] adversaries [who hate His beloved]. YHVH [lives] within [His people, 😇]. The sight of evil never again frightens [YAH's people].
  697. ZechariYAH 2:9 Watch me sift & shake & saw & strike [the oppressors] in & with my hand. I make the [pigs] the prey [& plunder] of their slaves. [Then] you finally grasp that YHVH-Commander-Of-Armies reaches out [to rescue His people].
  698. ZechariYAH 8:4 YHVH-Sovereign-Of-All foretells, [See the day when] old men and old women recline in the street-squares of [the] City-Of-Peace. [Instead of invading soldiers continuing to kill babies, envision the] ancient man with his walking-staff in his hand, [enjoying] his overflowing days [of life].”
  699. ZechariYAH 8:5 YHVH-Master-of-all-masses says, [😇, envision your] city-squares full of boys and girls playing sports in the streets.”
  700. ZechariYAH 9:13 [Watch] me bend Judea as my bow [of power]. I set [North Israel's fruitful leading tribe of] Ephraim [as an arrow on my string]. [Mount] Zion, watch me brandish your sons against [the hot-headed, war-mongering, hedonistic, alcohol-sucking] sons of Greece. [Watch] me lift you like a mighty [warrior] lifts his sword [to strike].”
  701. ZechariYAH 10:3 [Yah decrees,] “My anger [falls] hot upon [all selfish] shepherds, 😇! I punish the [Satanic] he-goats [who lead nations & religions off cliffs of sin].” YHVH-Commander-Of-Armies [is nothing like the world's phony ‘authorities’. YAH diligently] oversees his celebrated family-flock. He appoints [us saints] as His royal [spiritual] war-horse[s].”
    note: Judah = celebrated. Shepherds refers to governmental, educational and religious leaders.
  702. ZechariYAH 12:2 😇, watch Me turn the City-Of-Peace into a cup of strong [intoxicating] drink. Jerusalem comes to make all invading nations [tremble and] stagger in a drunken stupor [when they try to] set siege to Judea.
    note: light paraphrase
  703. ZechariYAH 12:3 See the [coming] day, 😇: I [YHVH] set the City Of Peace [in place as] a massive stone [which no human strength can move]. Watch all [nations] who burden themselves with [attempting to plunder the City of Peace get] cut in pieces, lacerated, [even though] all the people of the earth gather together against her.
    note: Referring to the coming Gog and Magog battle described in Ezekiel 39.
  704. ZechariYAH 12:5 [Watch] the governors of Judea [finally] acknowledge in their hearts that the inhabitants of Jerusalem [draw their] strength [not from money nor military power, nor from their own cunning, but] from their Elohim {Sovereign}: YHVH-Commander-Of-All-Masses.
  705. ZechariYAH 14:3 [Then see] YHVH go forth. He fights [for his exiled remnant people trapped as slaves] in [oppressor] nations. [Watch YHVH battle for His saints] as fiercely as [Israel's oppressors] fight on the day they attack [Jerusalem].
  706. Matthew 2:20 The dream-angel says, [Joseph,] get up! Take [YahShua] the child and [Mary] his mother. [Gallop north] into the land of Israel. [YAH] has killed everyone who sought the child's life.”
  707. Luke 1:72 YAH now shows the mercy He promised to our fore-fathers. [YAH] remembers His holy covenant.
  708. 1st Corinthians 10:1 Brothers, I want you to remember what happened to our ancestors [who followed Moses]. They all [traveled] under [the protection of YAH's supernatural] cloud, 😇. [So] they all passed [safely] through the [Red] Sea.
    note: Paul is talking to the Corinthians, who are not necessarily Jews. The ancient Hebrews are the ancestors of all people who have the Faith of Abraham, regardless of their genetic ancestry.
  709. Wisdom of Solomon 3:1 But the souls of all righteous [people rest secure] in the hand of Elohim. No [lasting] torment will ever touch them.
  710. Prayer of AzariYAH 1:27 [Then Yah] makes a moist whistling wind [rush] out of the middle of the furnace, so the fire doesn't touch [AzariYah and his friends] at all. It doesn't hurt even bother them!
  711. Prayer of AzariYAH 1:66 AnaniYah, AzariYah, and MisaEL, kneel [beneath] the Adonai. Praise and exalt him above all for ever. For he's delivered us from the grave. [He's] saved us from the fist of death. [He] rescued us out of the middle of the furnace's burning flame. He snatched us right out of the middle of the fire!
  712. 1 Maccabees 4:30 Hammer sees the mighty [Greek] army. He prays, saying, “[I] kneel [beneath] you, O Savior of Israel, who quelled the violence of the mighty man [Goliath] by the hand of your servant David {Love}. You handed the host of foreign [killers] into the fist of JAHnathan (the son of Saul) and [JAHnathan's] armor bearer.
  713. Genesis 7:13 [But Noah and his family sit relatively warm and dry. Because] on the day [the flood began,] Noah and his sons (Shem {Name}, Ham {Hot-Head} and Japheth {Clear}) had entered the ark with their wives.
  714. Genesis 7:15 Of every animal-type bearing the breath of life, a [loving] couple [sits there, grouchy to be caged but happy that] they'd gone in to [float with] Noah {Rest} in the ark.
  715. Genesis 7:16 No animal inside the ark is [homosexual, 😇]. Rather, they're the males and females of every [type of] flesh-creature, as Elohim had commanded [Noah. With the people and animals all safe inside,] YHVH [slams] the [huge] door [shut]!
  716. Genesis 8:1 Yet Elohim remembers Noah {Rest} and all [earth's] living creatures, including all the livestock with [Noah] in the ark. So Elohim [blows] a spirit-wind. It passes over the earth. [Whoosh, 😇!] The waters [start to] drain down.
  717. Genesis 8:2 [YAH supernaturally] stops up the springs of [earth's] deep abyss[es]. He closes the ‘windows of the sky.’ So the rain stays [up] in the atmosphere.
  718. Genesis 8:3 The waters steadily recede, 😇. [The ark descends closer to] the [submerged] soil. 150 days elapse. [Noah sees] the waters far below [their prior peak level].
  719. Genesis 8:14 By the 27th day of the 2nd month [of that year,] the earth [lies completely] dry, 😇.
    note: Completing one solar year since Gen 7:11.
  720. Genesis 9:17 And Elohim says to [me,] Noah {Rest}, “This [rainbow] is the token of the covenant I've established between myself and all flesh-creatures on the earth.”
  721. Genesis 16:7 An angel (sent by YHVH) finds [the pregnant] Hagar by a fountain of water in the wilderness, by the fountain on the road to Shur, [the great fortified wall that shuts off Egypt from Palestine].
  722. Genesis 19:29 [So] Elohim destroys the cities of the plain. But Elohim remembers Abraham's [prayer]. [ELohim] rescues Lot from his home in the doomed metroplex.
  723. Genesis 28:21 —if I come back to my father's house in peace, then YHVH will be my [Sovereign] Elohim…
  724. Genesis 35:3 Let's pack up and travel uphill [south] to [the place I called] ‘Elohim's sanctuary.’ There I'll make an altar to [honor YHVH,] the Elohim who [always] answers me in my day of distress. [YAH] stuck with me on every path I've taken. [Only YAH can save us from Shechem's avengers!]
    note: Trouble is there to drive you to rock-bottom, where you realize that nothing can save you except the love of your Maker.
  725. Exodus 18:8 Moses tells his father-in-law everything YHVH did to Pharaoh and to the Egyptians to help Israel, and about all the hardships the [Israelis] suffered while traveling, and how YHVH [keeps on] rescuing them.
  726. Exodus 29:46 The [Israelis eventually] come to realize that I am YHVH their Elohim, who brought them up out of the land of Egypt, in order to live with them. I am YHVH, their Sovereign.”
  727. Leviticus 8:34 YHVH commanded us to perform today's [rituals] to cover you [from the power of the sin-punishing devil].
  728. Numbers (Journeys) 16:43 Moses and Aaron [run to stand] in front of the Meeting Tent, [seeking YAH's protection from the assassination mob].
    note: or: Moses & Aaron courageously run to face the mob.
  729. Numbers (Journeys) 21:34 So YHVH says to Moses, “Never fear! I've delivered [Og] into your hand, along with all his people, and his land. You'll do to [Og] as you did to Tornado, king of the Amorite {Mountaineers}, who lived at Heshbon {Intelligence}.”
    note: Even if YHVH predicts that the Israelites will fight, they fight without cause, because YAH promises to expel the enemy himself.
  730. Numbers (Journeys) 22:12 Elohim answers Balaam {Ammon-Is-Lord}, “Don't go with the [Moabites]. Never curse [YAH's] people; they're blessed.”
    note: Curse=arar=execrate.
  731. Deuteronomy 2:24 [Similarly, YHVH ordered you Israelis:] [Get out of bed!] Pack up! Take your journey. Cross over the Arnon {Raging} River. Watch! I've given into your hand Sihon {Tornado} the Amorite king of Heshbon {Intelligence}. Go in and occupy the land [he claimed]. Confront [those perverts] in [spiritual] battle [by blowing trumpets, marching and shout-singing praise].
    note: Similar praise-battle occurs later at Jericho.
  732. Deuteronomy 7:1 When YHVH your Elohim brings you into the land you're going in to possess, he'll cast out many nations before you: the Hittite {Sons-Of-Terror}, the Girgashites {Wanderers}, the Amorite {Mountaineers}, the Canaanite {Mercenaries}, the Perizzite {Plainsmen}, the Hivite {Villagers}, and the Jebusite {Threshers}: 7 nations greater and mightier than you [Hebrews].
    note: Cast out: #5394 nashal; to pluck off, i.e. divest, eject or drop:--cast (out), drive, loose, put off (out), slip. YHVH ousted over 14 million entrenched, fortified indigenous people: many more than the Israelites could have possibly killed by military invasion.
  733. Deuteronomy 7:20 [You'll watch, stunned, as] YHVH your Elohim sends [swarms of] ‘hornets’ among the [pagans], until the [satanists] who remain, hiding themselves from you, lie destroyed.
    note: or: plague, panic. Sim. to ex 23:28.
  734. Deuteronomy 11:2 Face the facts today. I'm not speaking with your children who haven't known and who haven't seen the discipline of YHVH your Elohim: His greatness, His mighty hand, His outstretched arm.
  735. Deuteronomy 11:5 And [you see] how YAH [cared] for you in the wilderness, bringing you [safely] here.
  736. Deuteronomy 29:7 Then you arrived here [at the Promised Land]. Sihon {Tornado} the king of Heshbon {Intelligence} and [fat giant] Og, the king of Bashan {Fruitful}, came out against us to battle. So we defeated them [with praise-power].
  737. Deuteronomy 31:4 YHVH is about to do to these [pagans] what HE, [not you,] did to Sihon {Tornado} and to [fat giant] Og, [the] kings of the Amorite {Mountaineers}. YAH, [not you,] destroyed [Og & Sihon]. [So YAH gives you] their land.
    note: YHVH destroyed the pagans. The Israelites banned the survivors. YHVH does not order his holy ones to commit violence.
  738. Deuteronomy 33:29 You happy [blessed] people will rule with El {Power}! No [nation] compares to you, the people saved by YHVH. [He's] your shield, your rescuer, the sword of your superiority. [YAH] exposes all the lies your enemies tell you, 😇. [So in time they submit to your authority.] You stomp down their high [occult shrines].”
  739. Joshua 3:10 JAHshua says, “Here's how you'll know the living Elohim is among you: without fail, He will drive out from before you the Canaanite {Mercenaries}, Hittite {Sons-Of-Terror}, Hivite {Villagers}, Perizzite {Plainsmen}, Girgashites {Wanderers}, Amorite {Mountaineers} and Jebusite {Threshers}.
  740. Joshua 8:18 Then YHVH says to JAHshua, “Stretch out the spear in your hand toward Ai {Ruin-Heap}. Then I'll give the [city] into your hand.” So JAHshua stretches out the spear in his hand toward the city, 😇.
  741. Joshua 9:24 The [spies] answer JAHshua, “We (your servants) lied because [eyewitnesses] clearly warned us that YHVH your Elohim commanded His servant Moses to give you the whole earth, and to overthrow all the inhabitants of the earth before you. So we were scared to death because of you!
  742. Joshua 10:1 [Time passes, 😇.] Adoni-Zedek {Lord-Of-Justice}, king of [the city of Jebus, soon to be renamed] Jerusalem, hears how JAHshua took Ai {Ruin-Heap}, then [crucified] her king, and utterly banned its [people], as [JAHshua banished the people of] Jericho {Moon-Spirit} and [dispatched with] her [evil] king. [And Adoni-Zedek learns] that the inhabitants of Gibeon {Flower-Hills} have made peace with Israel, and are [living as servants] with the [Israelis].
    note: Banned = #2763 charam. The bible doesn't explicitly state that Joshua killed Jericho's king.
  743. Joshua 13:6 Before the [stunned singing faces of] the [nonviolent] children of Israel, I'll drive out all the inhabitants of the hill country from Lebanon to Misrephoth-Maim {Fire-Water}, including all the Sidonian {Fishermen}. [All you have to do is] apportion [the pagans' land] by lot to the Israelites as an inheritance, as I've commanded you.
  744. Joshua 14:12 So now [please] give me the hill YHVH promised me that day [45 years ago,] back when you heard that the Anakim {Strangler-Spawn} infested [the promised land], and that [their] cities towered huge and fortified. If YHVH [stays] with me, then I'll be able to banish [the evil ones], as YHVH predicted.
  745. Joshua 17:18 You'll own the hills, full of wood you'll cut down. Then [the open land] will be yours, because [with praise-power] you'll drive out the Canaanite {Mercenaries}, [even] though they wield iron chariots, even though they're strong.”
  746. Joshua 24:18 And before our [faces] YHVH drove out all the beast-people, [including] the Amorite {Mountaineers} who infested the [promised] land. So, 😇, [our generation] will also serve YHVH; for he is our Elohim.”
  747. Judges 1:1 After JAHshua dies, the sons of Israel ask YHVH, [using the sacred stones], “Who'll be the first [tribe to send a praise-team] up for us against the Canaanite {Mercenaries}, to overcome them?”
    note: "Judges" is an incomplete and somewhat misleading translation of "Shophetim". The word means "people who set things right and then govern, making decisions". Governors, overseers, leaders, managers, would all be closer to the mark. Asking, "Who" was a way of letting 11 tribes off the hook. ALL the tribes were commanded to work together to evict the pagans. Getting out of YAH's work is job#1 for religionists who want blessings without hard work.
  748. Judges 1:2 YHVH answers, “Judah {Celebrated} will go up. Watch: I've delivered the land into Judah's hands.”
  749. Judges 1:22 [Meanwhile, 😇,] the families descended from Joseph {Increaser} rise up [to praise-attack the city of] Beth-El {House-Of-El}. YHVH sticks with [Joseph's descendants].
  750. Judges 3:15 Finally, 😇, the brats of Israel cry to YHVH. So YHVH raises them up a Benjamite deliverer: Ehud {Unity}, a left-handed man, the son of Gera {Grain}. The people of Israel send Ehud {Unity} to Eglon {Calf-Jump} the king of Moab, with a [deceitful] present [in his battle-hardened hands].
    note: Presumably YHVH wanted Ehud to kill these Moabites. However, we have no information to suggest that Ehud was destined for heaven. These killings no more justify Judeo-Christian participation in war than do YHVH's uses of pagan kings to kill people he wants dead. YAH does not ask his holy ones to kill people.
  751. Judges 5:2 "HalleluYAH! [Make a loud scene. Praise YAH] for avenging Israel. [His unarmed, singing] people risked [their lives to face an unbeatable foe]!
    note: Or “Commanders, command! People, get up and [make a loud scene]! Praise YAH [for saving] Israel!” This verse is a translation challenge due to textual differences, but the basic idea is: “Throw your hands in the air! Get up out of your seats! Get this place jumping! YAH saved us!”
  752. Judges 5:22 [YAH's heavenly] horse-hoofs hammer the mighty warriors to bits, galloping, stomping [the pagans' terrified faces into the mud].
    note: Or, "Sisera's mighty horses hammer their hooves into the ground galloping, galloping [to murder Israel]."
  753. Judges 10:11 So YHVH answers the brats of Israel, “Didn't I rescue you from the Egyptians, and from the Amorite {Mountaineers}, from the [inbred] spawn of Ammon, and from the Philistines?
  754. Judges 11:22 So [YHVH gave Israel] ownership [of] all the lands of the Amorite {Mountaineers}, from [the] Arnon {Rushing} [river] all the way [north] to [the] Jabbok {Gushing} [river], and from the [eastern Arabian] deserts all the way [west] to [the] Jordan [river].
    note: The enemy king is not interested in hearing this line of logic.
  755. 1st Samuel 2:1 Hannah [breaks out in] prayer, singing, “YHVH makes my heart jump-for-joy! YHVH lifts high my horn! My mouth opens wide. [I sing] over my enemies. [YAH,] I brighten-up as you lift me [out of danger]!
    note: Horn may in this case refer to part of a female headdress/bonnet.
  756. 1st Samuel 7:13 So the Philistines retreat. They stop entering the territory of Israel. The ‘fist’ of YHVH goes on to [fight] against the Philistines all the days of SamuEl's [life].
  757. 1st Samuel 14:19 Later, while Saul talks to the priest, the noise in the Philistine army [camp] continues. It grows [deafeningly] loud. [So] Saul says to the priest, “[Never mind,] let go [of the ark].”
  758. 1st Samuel 14:23 So YHVH saves Israel that day, 😇. The battle spreads all the way to Beth-Aven {House-Of-Vanity}.
  759. 1st Samuel 20:14 [JAHnathan continues in prayer,] “YHVH, keep showing me your kindness in this life [and the next]. Keep me alive.
  760. 1st Samuel 22:20 But one of [priest] Ahimelech's sons (named Abiathar {Generous-Father}) escapes. He flees to David.
    note: original text: Ahimelech {Brother-King} the son of Ahitub {Brother-Goodness}
  761. 1st Samuel 23:4 So David consults YHVH yet again. YHVH answers him, “Mount up. Go down to Keilah {Citadel}. I'll put the Philistines in your hand.”
  762. 2nd Samuel 7:1 [Time passes, 😇.] YHVH gives David {Love} rest from all his surrounding enemies. David sits [enthroned] in his palace.
  763. 2nd Samuel 22:10 [YAH] lowers the sky. He comes down, dark [storm clouds] under his feet.
  764. 2nd Samuel 22:12 [YAH's angel] makes canopies of darkness surround him, gathering waters, thick sky-clouds.
  765. 2nd Samuel 22:20 [Then YAH] flies me out into wide-open [safety]. He saves me. He delights in me.
  766. 2nd Samuel 22:33 [YHVH] the El is my strong-fortress, my power. He opens wide my path [to safety].
  767. 2nd Samuel 22:37 You widen the steps beneath me, so my feet don't slip, [so my ankles don't shatter].
  768. 2nd Samuel 22:40 For you strap me with strength for [spirit] battle. [My foes] rise up against me. But you subdue [them] under [my feet].
  769. 2nd Samuel 22:51 [YAH] is the tower of salvation for his king. [YAH] shows mercy to his chosen-one[s], [including me] (David) and [my] seed-children, forevermore.”
  770. 1st Kings 5:3 [The envoys deliver this] message [from Solomon]: “You know that because of the wars which beset my dad David on every side, he couldn't build a temple to honor the name of YHVH his Elohim. [But now] YHVH has put the [pagans] under the soles of [my] feet.
  771. 1st Kings 8:44 —If your people (wherever you send them) go out to battle their enemy, and [your people] pray to [you,] YHVH, [when they] face [this] city you've chosen, [this] temple I built [to glorify] your Name, [give them supernatural victory without them having to raise a weapon, as at Jericho].
  772. 2nd Kings 3:18 —From the view of YHVH, this is a mere easy miracle. He'll deliver the Moabites into your fist.
  773. 2nd Kings 7:11 [The General] sends [his] gate-guards to report [the Syrian surrender] to [the king's officials] in [north Israel's] royal palace.
  774. 1st Chronicles 14:17 So [king] David's fame rushes out into all [earth's] lands. Thus YHVH brings the fear of [himself] upon all nations, 😇.
  775. 1st Chronicles 18:13 Then [General] Abishai appoints [Israeli government] posts in Edom {Southland}. So all the Edomites become David's subjects. Thus YHVH preserves David wherever he goes.
  776. 1st Chronicles 21:27 Then YHVH [issues a] command [to] the [destroying] angel [who fills the sky above Jerusalem]. So [the angel] puts his [giant] sword back into its sheath.
  777. 1st Chronicles 22:18 [David] says, “Is YHVH your Elohim not with you? Has He not given you rest on every side? He's handed the inhabitants of the [promised] land into my palm. Finally the land lies subdued before YHVH, and before his people.
  778. 2nd Chronicles 13:12 —So look: Elohim himself is with us [Judaeans]. He's our captain. His priests hold trumpets to cry [the] alarm [to draw heaven's spirit-attack] against you. [Retreat, or we'll] sound [our praise-war-horns]. Children of [north] Israel, don't fight against YHVH Elohim of your fathers; for you will not succeed.”
  779. 2nd Chronicles 13:17 Then [king] AbiYah {Father-YAH} and his people strike Israel with a great blow [of Jericho-like praise-power]. 500000 of [north] Israel's choicest men fall, pierced [by spirit-swords from heaven]!
    note: Nothing in this text indicates that any carnal weapons were used. This was apparently a praise-war, fought in the spirit-realm, not with a military.
  780. 2nd Chronicles 20:4 So [the] Judaeans gather themselves together to ask YHVH for help. From every last city of Judaea people flock to seek YHVH.
  781. 2nd Chronicles 20:7 —Aren't you our Elohim, who drove out the inhabitants of this [promised] land before your people Israel? You gave it forever to the [spiritual] seed-children of your friend Abraham {Father-Of-Billions}.
  782. Ezra 5:5 But the eye of [YHVH] their Eloah stays [watching] the [brave] grey-haired Jewish [elders]. So the [corrupt pagan government] can't make the [Hebrews] stop [building,] pending the case reaching [Emperor] Darius, and him returning a decree with his verdict.
    note: Whose eye is watching over you? The loving eye of YHVH, or the "all-seeing-eye" of the pagan world "order"?
  783. Ezra 7:9 [Ezra] leaves Babylon on the 1st day of the 1st month of [that year of Hystaspis’ reign]. Ezra {Aid} journeys for exactly 5 months. Finally, thanks to the kind hand of [YHVH] his Elohim upon him, [Ezra rounds the mountains. He sees] Jerusalem. [Ezra drops to his knees. He kisses the ground.]
  784. NehemiYAH 4:5 —Never cover over their crimes. Never let anyone blot out their sins from your face. Let the [abuse and fear they've heaped on your] builders whip up your fire-rage!”
  785. NehemiYAH 9:24 —So [Israel's] descendants came in. They possessed the [Promised] land. You subdued the inhabitants of the land before them. You dumped the Canaanite {Mercenaries}, their kings, and their countrymen into the [Israelis'] hands, to do with as [Israel] wished.
  786. Job 5:15 Yet [YAH] saves poor [people] from the knife-words [of their enemies], from the fist[s] of mighty [attackers].
  787. Job 5:22 You laugh at violence and hunger-pangs. You [walk] unafraid [among] the beasts of the earth.
  788. Job 29:3 [YAH's] lamp radiates [light] over my head. By his [brilliance,] I walk through [life's] darkness.
  789. Job 29:4 [Flash] back to my youthful days, when [the] ELoah's intimate friendship shelters my home.
  790. Job 29:5 … the Almighty sticks with me… my children surround me.
  791. Psalms 4:3 Remember, 😇, that YHVH sets [all] righteous [beings] apart for himself. YHVH [always] hears [me] when I call to him. [So He'll hear you too.]
  792. Psalms 6:4 Turn [back to me], YHVH! [Please] rescue my soul. Please save me, to show [the world] how merciful you [are].
  793. Psalms 6:10 [So YAH eventually shames and terrifies] all my enemies. They retreat in sudden disgrace!
  794. Psalms 7:10 My defense is Elohim. He saves [everyone who lives] upright in heart, 😇.
  795. Psalms 12:5 But YHVH says, "[I hear my] needy [people] gasping [for their last breaths]. So I now arise to [stop] oppression from [squishing] the poor [man]. I'll set [you] in safety, 😇, [far] from [the enemy] who puffs [fire] at [you].”
  796. Psalms 12:7 Guard us, YHVH. Forever preserve us from this [evil] spawn.
  797. Psalms 18:13 YHVH thunders in the heavens, 😇. Ha'Elyon {The-Highest-Power} blasts His voice. Hail stones and fireballs [crack the earth]!
  798. Psalms 18:18 [Killers] confront me in my day of disaster, [when I'm at my weakest, 😇]. But YHVH [gives] me support.
  799. Psalms 18:35 You, [YAH,] give me the shield of your salvation. Your right hand [always] holds me up. Your gentleness make me great.
  800. Psalms 18:36 You widen my path, [so] my feet don't slip [into the chasm].
  801. Psalms 18:40 You give me the necks of my enemies, so I can root out everyone who hates me.
  802. Psalms 18:41 My enemies cry, 😇. But no one [comes] to save them. They even [cry] to YHVH. But He [refuses] to answer them.
  803. Psalms 18:48 YAH delivers me from my enemies. Yes, you, [YAH,] lift me up above the [fiends] who rise up against me. You keep rescuing me from violent men.
  804. Psalms 20:6 I know YHVH rescues his chosen [ones, 😇]. From his holy heaven, [YAH] answers [us believers] with [the] saving strength of His right hand.
  805. Psalms 21:8 [YAH's] hand searches out all [his] enemies, 😇. [His] right hand rousts out everyone who hates [him].
  806. Psalms 21:9 In the time of [his] anger, [YAH bakes] the [enemy] like a [frog in a] fiery oven, 😇. YHVH swallows up [all villains] in his hot-rage. Fire [eventually] devours [all YAH's enemies].
  807. Psalms 25:2 Elohim, I rush-for-refuge in you. Never let me [suffer] disgrace. Don't let my enemies triumph over me.
  808. Psalms 25:19 Watch [how] my many enemies despise me with cruel hatred.
    note: Working for your Creator is a ticket to undeserved abuse from the people who should be helping you. They don't tell you that when they ask you to join their church.
  809. Psalms 25:20 YHVH, [please] guard my life-breath. Rescue me. Never let me [suffer] shame. I scramble-for-refuge in you.
  810. Psalms 27:13 [I'd die] if I didn't believe I'd see the goodness of YHVH in the land of the living, 😇.
  811. Psalms 28:8 YHVH is the strength, the stronghold of salvation for his anointed [people], 😇.
  812. Psalms 31:3 Be my craggy [mountain] lair. [Protect] your name. [Don't just] guide me. Transport me with your shiny [armored warrior-angels] surrounding [me].
  813. Psalms 31:19 Before the [watching world,] shelter us (your seekers) in your overwhelming goodness that you've built and reserved for we who fear you.
  814. Psalms 35:6 Make [my tormentors'] paths dark and slippery. Angel of YHVH, persecute them.
  815. Psalms 37:23 YHVH orders the steps of a valiant [believer], 😇. [YAH] bends down [to protect the good man's] path.
  816. Psalms 44:3 [Our ancestors] didn't take the [promised land] by [force of] their swords. Their arms didn't save them. [They thrived by the power of] your right hand, by your [mighty] arm, by the light of your face [shining] favor on them.
    note: Again, the bible dispels the myth of Hebrew wars of conquest.
  817. Psalms 44:7 You've always saved us [Hebrews] from our enemies. You, [YHVH], put our haters to shame.
  818. Psalms 48:3 😇, know that Elohim is the [real] refuge who [protects] our fortified-city.
  819. Psalms 48:8 YHVH-Commander-Of-Armies, we [believers love] hearing [of how your protected our ancestors]. And we see you [continuing to] protect [us Hebrews]. Our city is your city, ELohim. 😇, elohim will establish [the city of peace] forever. Selah {Dramatic-Break}.
  820. Psalms 48:13 Take note of [Jerusalem's] fortified walls, 😇. Tour all her citadels, so you can describe to future generations [how YAH miraculously establishes and preserves the city of peace].
    note: YAH protects not the physical land of Jerusalem, but the "city of peace", that is, his peaceful populace. If the people of Jerusalem are not people of peace, they don't get protected by YAH. Warmongers have to fend for themselves.
  821. Psalms 57:1 Bend low to me, O Elohim. Stoop-down [in mercy] to [help] me. My life-breath scrambles for shelter inside your [spirit]. Yes, in the shadow of your wings, I take refuge until [life's] calamities pass.
    note: In response to the trials described in 1Sa 22, David wrote this psalm to be arranged and conducted by the skilled music director of Jerusalem's temple. To the tune of, or in the style of an earlier piece called “Do Not Destroy”.
  822. Psalms 59:1 My Elohim, snatch-me-away from my haters. Lift me high above the [murderers who keep] rising up [to kill] me.
    note: David wrote this song (mikhtam) to the tune of, or in the style of another song called, ‘Do Not Destroy’. The lyrics refer to David's pain when evil king Saul sent assassins to spy on David’s house, to kill him. (See 1Sa20.) The song requires a skilled music director to arrange and conduct it.
  823. Psalms 61:4 I'll live forever in your home, [YHVH]. I run for refuge in [my] hiding-place, in your ‘wings.’ Selah {Dramatic-Break}.
  824. Psalms 61:7 Let [me] live facing [you,] Elohim, forever. Appoint [angels of] kindness and stability to guard [me].
  825. Psalms 64:10 YHVH brightens up [us] righteous [people] who run-for-refuge in him, 😇. Everyone who is upright in heart [eventually basks in YAH's] splendor.
  826. Psalms 66:9 [YAH] holds our life-breath in [the palm(s) of his hands, 😇]. He never lets our feet slip [into oblivion].
  827. Psalms 68:7 O Elohim, [I love how] you fly out [in victory] before [the stunned, singing faces of us,] your people. You march through the wilderness [to defend and guide us]. (Selah {Dramatic-Break}.)
  828. Psalms 71:1 YHVH, I flee-for-protection in you. [Guard me] forever. Keep [my enemies] from shaming [me].
    note: ’Insurance‘ policies are the world's counterfeit of the assurance that comes from true faith.
  829. Psalms 71:2 [In] your justice, snatch me [away from my attackers]. Help me escape. Bend [down] your ear to [hear] my [prayers]. Save me.
  830. Psalms 71:3 Be my cliffside stronghold, where I can always retreat. Give [your angels the] command to save me. You're my rock, my fortress.
  831. Psalms 76:3 [In Jerusalem, YAH] shatters the [pagans'] bows & arrows, their shield[s], their sword[s]. All [their weapons of] war [lie broken in the trash heaps of the city of peace]. Selah {Dramatic-Break}.
    note: Referring to the fall of Jebus, which became Jerusalem.
  832. Psalms 76:5 Bravehearted [soldiers] lie looted, sleeping in death. Not one of [YAH's] mighty [enemies] finds the strength to lift his hand [from the grave].
  833. Psalms 76:6 Elohim {Sovereign} of Jacob, your rebuke stuns chariots and horses.
  834. Psalms 76:7 You're terrifying, [YAH]! Who can stand in your sight when you [jet out] your fire-breathing-fury?
  835. Psalms 78:66 [YAH] strikes our tormentors backward, 😇. He throws the [pigs] into eternal shame.
  836. Psalms 79:9 Help us [believers]. [Preserve] the glory of your reputation. [You're the only] Elohim {Sovereign} [who can] free [us]. Deliver us. Purge away our sins, to [protect] your name-fame.
  837. Psalms 80:15 [Save] the vineyard your power-hand planted, the branch you made strong [to bring honor to] yourself.
  838. Psalms 81:14 I want to rush [down to] subdue [your] enemies, 😇. I'll turn my hand against [your] adversaries, [if you repent].”
  839. Psalms 83:9 [Destroy the evil empires] as you [destroyed] the Midianite {Brawlers}, as you [impaled the brain of genocidal General] Sisera {Servant-Of-Ra}, as you [killed his tyrant-king] Jabin {Smarty} at the Kishon {Hard-Ground} River.
    note: See Judges 4:15, 4:23.
  840. Psalms 83:11 Make the [conspiratorial] nobles [into headless corpses] like [the bloodthirsty princes of Midian]: Oreb {Raven} and Zeeb {Wolf}. Yes, [kill] all their princes [dead as Gideon killed cold-blooded butcher-lords] Zebah {Slaughter} and Zalmunna {Cold-Heart}.
    note: Judg. 7:25, Judg 8:5,21.
  841. Psalms 83:15 Chase the [terrorists down] with your tempest. Shake them [to bits] in the sweeping-whirlwind [from] your [nostrils].
  842. Psalms 83:16 Fill the [killers'] faces with shame, 'til they grovel to your name-authority, YHVH.
  843. Psalms 86:2 Guard my life-breath! I've [been] good! Free me, Elohim! I'm your servant. Let me run-for-refuge into your [invincible spirit-fortress].
  844. Psalms 86:17 YHVH, show me a sign of [your] favor. Make my haters see [your power]. Shame them [for fighting someone whom you] help. Comfort me.
  845. Psalms 89:26 [All his life, David] will cry to me, ‘You're my father, my El {Power}, my rock-fortress [in a zone of] wide-open [safety].’
    note: Salvation = Y'shua.
  846. Psalms 91:9 [You'll live forever, 😇,] because you've made my refuge, YHVH Ha-Elyon {The-Most-High} [Creator], your refuge.
  847. Psalms 91:10 No evil will conquer you, 😇. No strike will come near your [eternal] dwelling.
  848. Psalms 94:1 Oh YHVH, El {Power} [who owns] vengeance, El [who owns all jurisdiction to] punish [evil], shine!
  849. Psalms 94:17 If YHVH didn't surround me [like a forcefield], my life-breath would lie [dead] in silence, 😇.
  850. Psalms 94:18 I [scream], “My foot's slipping!” [Instantly] YAH's mercy holds me up, 😇.
  851. Psalms 98:3 [Elohim] never forgets [to show] his kindness and his reliability to [his] family who will rule with him, 😇. All the ends of the earth watch our Elohim free us.
    note: Israel = those who will rule with El.
  852. Psalms 103:7 [YAH will guide you, 😇, as he] made known his ways to Moses [by performing] feats to [rescue] the children of Israel.
  853. Psalms 105:14 [Yet YAH] allows no man to oppress [our Red-Sea-pedestrian ancestors]. To help the [Israelites, YAH] rebukes kings.
  854. Psalms 105:38 [Anti-Hebrew terror] falls on [the Egyptians, 😇. Then] Egypt brightens-up, [seeing] the [dreaded Hebrews dance] out [of their country].
  855. Psalms 106:10 So [YAH] frees [his people] from the fists of their haters, 😇. [YAH] redeems the [the Israelites] from the enemy's power-hand.
  856. Psalms 109:21 Accomplish [miracles] for me, Adonai YHVH. [Protect] your reputation. [Show] your wonderful mercy. Rescue me.
  857. Psalms 118:7 Yes, 😇. YHVH [commands a battalion of angels] to surround me. So I [eventually] look in triumph on the [beings] who hate me.
  858. Psalms 118:14 YHVH is my strength and striking [song], 😇. He's my deliverer.
    note: Zimrath = music made by striking instruments.
  859. Psalms 118:21 [YAH], I throw [my hands in the air to thank] you for hearing me. You lift me into wide-open spaces [of freedom].
  860. Psalms 119:122 I'm your servant. Pay my ransom. Don't let those braggarts squeeze out my [life-blood].
  861. Psalms 119:175 Keep my breath alive to [rave] hallaluYAH! Rule for me! Help me!
  862. Psalms 121:1 [😇, instead of looking at the mess of human evil around me,] I lift up my eyes [past] the hills…
    note: A song of ascension.
  863. Psalms 121:5 YHVH is your bodyguard, 😇. YHVH is your defense-shield, your right hand [hero].
    note: #6751 shade
  864. Psalms 121:6 [The sun will never watch anyone permanently] strike you [down] by day, 😇. The moon at night [won't see you suffer any lasting harm].
  865. Psalms 123:3 Have mercy on us [believers], YHVH. Stoop to help us. We're filled to [overflowing] with [other peoples'] contempt.
  866. Psalms 129:4 Destroyers [tie me up], 😇. [But] YHVH the builder cuts apart the cords!
    note: evil/wickedness = soiling by breaking to pieces (ra).
  867. Psalms 129:6 Let [our persecutors] wither [to death] like house-top weeds that never grow up.
  868. Psalms 129:7 [Shred the bad-guys] like dead short grass that never fills the reaper's hands, like [chaff] that [slips through] the arms of the sheaf-binder.
  869. Psalms 136:12 With [His] strong hand, with [His] outstretched arm, [YAH] saves [us] forever, 😇!
  870. Psalms 136:19 [YAH killed evil] Sihon {Tornado}, king of the Amorite {Mountaineers}. [YAH's] compassion [for us] never dies, 😇.
  871. Psalms 136:20 [YAH annihilated fat giant] Og, the [child-sacrificing] king of Bashan {Fruitful}. [YAH's] pity [for us] never dies, 😇.
  872. Psalms 138:7 [YAH,] I walk in the middle of [a] vice-grip [every day]. Yet you revive me. You stretch forth your hand [to extinguish] fire-rage from my haters. Your power-hand [lifts me up out of danger and sets me] high-and-dry.
  873. Psalms 139:3 You envelop my path. [You shield] my [bed when I] lie down. You know all my life-roads.
  874. Psalms 139:10 Your hand leads me [every] where. Your power-fist holds me [tight].
  875. Psalms 139:11 Sometimes [in desperation] I [cry], “I know the [world's] darkness descends to smother me.” But [you, YAH, make] even the [darkest] night into a forcefield of light [surrounding] me.
  876. Psalms 140:7 Oh YHVH Adonai, my strong savior, [thank you] for [always] shielding my head in the hot [day] of battle.
  877. Psalms 142:7 Bring my soul out of prison. [Give] me [a reason to] throw my hands [in the air to praise] your name. [Send] righteous [partners to] completely surround me. Help!”
  878. Psalms 143:12 And in your mercy, cut off my enemies. Destroy everyone who squeezes [out] my life-breath. I'm your servant.
  879. Psalms 144:2 [YAH is] my goodness, my fortress, my high tower, my deliverer, my shield, 😇. [YAH is] the [only] one to whom I run-for-refuge. He subdues people-groups under me.
  880. Psalms 144:14 Make our oxen strong for work. Don't let [any attacker] break into [our walls, nor] drag away [our people]. [Take away all cause for] protest in our streets.
  881. Psalms 147:13 For YAH keeps strengthening the bars of your gates, 😇. He keeps blessing your children within your [zone of peace].
  882. Psalms 148:14 [YAH] lifts up the power-horn of his people. [He eventually] brings adoration [to] all his compassionate-ones, the [spiritual] ‘sons of Israel,’ [the] populace near his [heart]. 😇, go crazy praising YAH! [HalleluYAH!]
    note: Halal = wild, mad, foolish-looking praise that clearly shines. Proper praise is exciting and provocative, yet coherent and law-abiding.
  883. Proverbs 10:30 Nothing ever shakes a righteous [being from existence, 😇]. Delinquents can't [long] inhabit the earth.
  884. Proverbs 11:21 Fools join hand-in-hand. [They conspire to] draw punishment [on themselves]. Yet the seed-children [of] law-abiders escape [the conspirators' schemes].
    note: Hand-hand may alternatively mean "certainly". Shaking hands is a pagan custom. Hebrews hug instead of handshaking.
  885. IsaiYAH 37:35 —“For my own reputation, and to [honor my promises to] David {Love}, I defend and save the City-of-Peace.”
    note: If you advertise yourself as YAH's servant, he might just save you to protect his own reputation.
  886. IsaiYAH 44:2 YHVH who made you, who formed you in [your mother's] womb, always helps you, 😇. “Never fear, [descendants of] Jacob, my obedient Yeshurun {Upstanding-One}, my select [child].
  887. IsaiYAH 46:3 Listen to me, family of Jacob, everyone who's left from the family of Israel. I've borne you since you emerged from [the earth's] belly. I've hauled you [since you left history's] ‘womb.’
  888. IsaiYAH 63:8 YAH decrees, “You [do-gooders] are my [eternal] people, my children who refuse to deal-falsely.” So [YAH], our [only] Savior, comes [to help us].
  889. JeremiYAH 5:29 YHVH asks, 😇, how can I stop from swooping down [to punish such crimes]? Can a living [Creator] justify failing to avenge a beast-nation who [savages poor people] like this?
  890. JeremiYAH 31:11 YHVH always [eventually] redeems Jacob's [spiritual descendants]. [YAH] ransoms [us believers] from the grip of all [our] overwhelming [opponents], 😇.
  891. JeremiYAH 31:36 YHVH promises, “Only after the laws [of nature] flee from my face, will the seed-children of Israel cease forever to be an [earthly] flock under my gaze.”
  892. JeremiYAH 31:40 The whole [south] valley of dead bodies and ashes, and all the fields to the Kidron {Ash} brook, to the corner of the eastern horse gate, become YHVH's sacred [inviolable possession, 😇]. In the end, no one ever again uproots [Jerusalem] nor throws it down, forever.”
  893. JeremiYAH 51:10 YHVH charges out [to] vindicate us [saints], 😇! Come on! Shout from [Mount] Zion, “YHVH our Elohim wins [again]!”
    note: History's Scorecard: YHVH: ∞; Mankind: 0. YAH is the undefeated champion of the universe and beyond.
  894. Jah-El 2:20 I remove the northern [U.N. aggressors] far from you, 😇. [I] drive [warmongers] into the land of arid barren desolation. The [invading troops] in the rear [fall] into the Dead Sea. The [invaders] at the front [flee] into the Mediterranean Sea. The stench of [your attackers'] rotting bodies rises over the land. [I] end the assailant's boasting of his great exploits!”
    note: Paraphrase. All of the United Nations permanent Security Council members are northern powers: U.K., U.S., Russia, France, China. As of 2020, all these powers have undergone de-facto Communist revolutions.
  895. Jah-El 3:20 Still the people of YAH's Name dwell forever in the City of Peace. [Their endless] generations [rise to fill the universe and beyond].
  896. Jah-El 3:21 “I YHVH cleanse [Israel]. I take revenge on [all marauders who spill innocent] blood, 😇. [I] dwell [forever] on the shining mountain of the City of Peace.”
  897. MicaYah 5:5 The Messiah rises [as earth's King of] peace. [Yes, for now] the Assyrian (success-hunting) [army] enters our [promised] land. [The pigs] tread down our palaces [and citadels]. Yet we [saints] rise again! [The land comes to shine,] full of shepherds, plump with princes.
  898. MicaYah 7:14 [Envision YHVH] shepherding [His] flock of heritage people via [the Messiah,] YAH's correcting branch. [See YAH's flock] dwell in the middle of fruitful plentiful fields, separated [from the evil world] by an encircling forest. [Saints come to] graze in Bashan {Fruitful} and Gilead {Monument-Mound}, as in the days of old, 😇.
  899. Nahum 1:7 [Yet] YHVH [is] good, 😇. [He's our] strong-hold [in the] day [of] trouble. [YAH] knows [who] trusts [Him].
  900. Habakkuk 3:8 YHVH blazes up rivers [in his] anger, 😇. Streams [of judgment] rage. [To] save [us saints, Yah sends waters to] roar over [our attackers'] horses & chariots, 😇.
  901. Habakkuk 3:10 Earth, streams [and] mountains see [YAH]. They tremble. Water-tsunamis inundate [violators! The] Abyss screams out as it lifts towering hands [of fire to grab the wicked dead and drag them down to annihilation in eternal flame].
  902. Habakkuk 3:11 Sun & moon stand [still in the] sky, [obscured by YHVH's] brilliant arrows [and] flashing glittering [spirit] spear(s).
  903. Habakkuk 3:14 [With their own] spears, [YAH] impales [the hearts of the world's] leading chiefs [who] secretly enjoy scattering [the] poor [like a] devouring whirlwind.
  904. Habakkuk 3:15 [YAH] tramples war-horses into the sea, piling mighty waters high, 😇.
  905. Habakkuk 3:17 [Payback time, 😇! As] the wicked [heathen] blossom on their vines, [like] fig tree[s] full of fruit, [YAH shakes them! Their fruit falls into the mouths of their attackers! Their] oil crop fails. [Their] fields yield [dead bodies as] meat [for scavenger birds and wolves. Their] flocks [of corrupted followers run and die,] cut off [from their] safe-pens. [The brainwashed] herds [can't reach shelter in their] stalls.
    note: Reversing the attack on the fig-like Israelites mentioned in Nahum 3:12.
  906. Habakkuk 3:19 YHVH Elohim [is] strength, 😇! [He] makes [your] feet [swift & sure-footed like a] deer striding [& leaping on mountain] heights!” [The preceding song is to be performed by a] master singer [accompanied by] stringed instruments.
  907. Haggai (Dancer) 1:13 YHVH's messenger (Haggai {Dancer}) speaks YHVH's message to [YAH's] people: “'I [am with] you,’ says YHVH!”
  908. ZechariYAH 1:14 The angel who speaks in me says, “Cry, [Zechariah]. Say, ‘YHVH-Commander-Of-Armies declares, ‘I'm extremely zealous on behalf of the City-Of-Peace! [I guard] the mountain [of my temple] with mighty jealousy.
    note: Jerusalem means ‘City-of-peace.’ Zion = temple mountain; which primarily refers to YAH's shining people whose love lights the earth, rather than a specific slab of hotly-contested Middle-eastern real estate which at this moment holds a Muslim mosque, not a Jewish temple.
  909. ZechariYAH 8:2 YHVH-Commander-Of-Armies declares, “My passion for Zion exceeds the most violent jealousy [you humans can feel]. [My people serve as a bright shining guiding pillar for the world.] I roar in zealous fire to [save the City-of-Peace].”
    note: “Shining Mount Zion” is a concrete expression of the abstract phrase “Light Of The World.” Zion does not refer to a genetic line, nor primarily to a mountainous area of land, but to we saints who shine heaven's guiding light for all nations. #6725 tsiyuwn from #6723 conspicuousness (compare #5329); a monumental or guiding pillar, sign, title, way, mark. True believers light ‘the Way’. ‘The Way’ is the term Christ's disciples used to describe the Messiah's teachings and example. The world religions, including ChristenDumb, Islam, and modern Zionism, obscure Christ's Way.
  910. ZechariYAH 8:6 YHVH-Commander-Of-Armies says, [My prophecy] seems amazing in the eyes of [you] remnant [Hebrew] people in these [dark] days, 😇. But [your eventual success brims] ever-present in My [eternal, all-seeing] eyes.”
  911. ZechariYAH 9:8 I [YHVH] encamp about my family-house. [I destroy the invading] army who [attempts to] come and go, [plundering my children at will. Eventually I finish allowing mankind to freely experience the pain of its evil choices.] I forever stop the taxing [oppressor from] passing through [my people's homeland]. [But even] now, [during mankind's painful learning-phase,] my eyes keep constant watch [over you, my beloved family].”
  912. ZechariYAH 10:11 [Watch My people] rush through their ocean[s] of distress. They smack [back] the [billowing] waves of humanity's ‘sea’. [See] all the shadowy-depths of [mankind's obstructing] river [waterways] dry up, 😇. [Watch] the [pompous] pride of Ashur {Assyria} collapse. [See] Egypt's [royal] ‘scepter’ vanish away.
    note: Ashur's wickedness survives today as the Insurance industry, one of the 3 commanding heights of the evil world economy.
  913. ZechariYAH 12:4 [See] the coming day [of heat],” says YHVH. “I strike every [invader's] horse with astonishment, and its rider with madness. Watch Me open my [watchful] eyes over the House of Judah {Celebrated}. I strike blind every [war] horse of [every invading] tribe.
  914. ZechariYAH 12:6 [Look forward to] the day, 😇, when I preserve the leadership of Judea like a firepot in a woodpile, like a blazing torch [that lights] sheaves [of grain. Watch my chosen leaders] devour all the [invading] tribes surrounding [Judea,] on the right [hand] and on the left. Watch the People-Of-Peace return to inhabit [their] own place: Jerusalem.”
    note: Not necessarily describing conquest by military force.
  915. ZechariYAH 12:8 [See] that day, 😇, [when] YHVH defends [& protects] the inhabitants of the City Of Peace; the day when feeble, stumbling [peacemaking] people become [mighty] like [king] David; when the descendants of David {Love} [become] like Elohim {Heavenly-Authorities}, with [the] angel/messenger of YHVH before their faces.
    note: Or "like a messenger of YHVH before peoples' faces."
  916. Matthew 10:29 Don't [bird-sellers] sell sparrows for a [little piece of copper, 😇]? Yet not one [bird ever] falls to the ground apart from the will of your Father [YHVH].
  917. Luke 20:43 [watch me bury] your enemies under your feet.’
    note: Psalm 110:1 Yahshua eventually grinds his enemies to powder under His feet.
  918. Acts 4:23 [The police] release Peter {Rock} and JAHn. So [Peter & JAHn run] to their friends. They report everything the chief priests and elders [yelled] at them, 😇.
  919. Acts 20:32 Finally now, brothers, I commit you to [YHVH] the Eloah, and to the divine expression of His graciousness. [He's] able to build you up. [He wants to] give you enjoyment of [His limitless] inheritance among [his] holy [saints].
  920. 2nd Corinthians 1:10 [YAH freqeuently] delivers us [apostles] from great [peril] of death. [He] continues to rescue [his believers]. In [YAH] we trust, 😇! He'll rescue us yet!
  921. Ephesians 1:19 [I pray that you, 😇, continually experience] the all-surpassing greatness of YAH's power. It energizes to [save] us believers. [Encounter] the mighty resurrection power [that saves us from every form of death].
  922. 2nd Thessalonians 3:2 And pray that [YHVH] rescues us [believers] from [unreasonable,] wicked, evil humans. For not everyone has faith, 😇.
  923. 2nd Thessalonians 3:3 Yet Adonai [YHVH] is faithful. He establishes you, 😇. [He keeps] protecting you from evil.
  924. Judith 5:21 But if there is no evil in the [Hebrew] nation, let [you] my lord now pass [them] by. Because if [YHVH] their Adonai defends the [Hebrews], if their Elohim [fights] for them, we [Hebrews] will be the laughing-stock of the entire world.
  925. Wisdom of Solomon 3:9 Everyone who puts their trust in YAH will [come to] understand the truth. Everyone who lives faithfully in love will live [forever] with [YAH]. [YAH sends] grace and mercy to his separatist-saints. He [always] cares for his elect.
  926. Epistle of JeremiYAH 1:7 For My angel is with you, and I Myself am caring for your souls.
  927. Bel and the Dragon 1:40 On [Daniel's] 7th day [with the lions], Emperor [Cyrus {Sun}] runs [toward the lion's den] to mourn and wail [for] DaniEl. When the Emperor arrives at the den, he looks in. He sees DaniEl sitting [petting the lions, happy and smiling, whistling a HalleluYah song.]
  928. 1 Maccabees 4:31 Shut up this [huge Greek] army in the hand of your people Israel. Let their power [weapons] and [their] horsemen [malfunction in a breakdown of confusion].
  929. 1 Maccabees 4:32 Make them lose all their courage. Cause the boldness of their strength to fall away. Let them quake at their destruction.
  930. 1 Maccabees 4:33 Hurl them down with the sword of the [people] who love you. [YHVH,] let everyone who knows your Name praise you with hands thrown high [in thanksgiving].”
  931. 2 Maccabees 1:12 [YAH] cast out the [Imperialists] who fought [us] within [our] holy city.
  932. 2 Esdras 1:10 I destroyed many kings to help the [Israelis]. I struck down Pharaoh with his servants and all his power.
  933. Exodus 33:22 When my glorious [light] passes by, I'll put you in a hollow in the rock. I'll cover you with my hand while I pass by.
  934. Deuteronomy 2:18 [YAH's angel] says, “Today you'll cross the border of Moab, near Ar {Watch-Fortress}.
  935. Deuteronomy 11:3 [You Israelites saw YAH's] miracles, [the] actions He executed in the middle of Egypt, [how he punished] Pharaoh, Egypt's king, along with his whole country, [for murdering millions of Israelites].
  936. Deuteronomy 29:2 Moses summons [the whole assembly of the elders of] Israel. He [shouts] to them, “You've seen all the [wonders] YHVH [performed] before your eyes. In the land of Egypt, [YAH overthrew] Pharaoh, and all his servants, and his whole country, [without us Israelites firing one shot]!
  937. Joshua 3:11 The ark of the covenant of the Sovereign over all the earth passes before you across [the] Jordan [river].
  938. Joshua 9:10 —and [we heard about] everything YAH did to [destroy] the two kingdoms of the Amorite {Mountaineers} beyond [the] Jordan [river]: to Sihon {Tornado} king of Heshbon {Intelligence}, and to [fat giant] Og {Round}, king of Bashan {Fruitful}, [who reigned from] Ashtaroth {Easter}.
  939. Joshua 10:28 That [same] day JAHshua captures [the fortress of] Makkedah {Herd-Mark}. [JAHshua] casts out [its people] with the [supernatural] mouth-sword [of YAH's Word]. He irrevocably banishes [Makeddah's] king and everyone in [Makeddah's] kingdom. [JAHshua] lets no [unrepentant pagan] stay [in the promised land. JAHshua eliminates] the king of Makkedah as [JahShua banished] the king of Jericho {Moon-Spirit}.
  940. 1st Samuel 12:7 So now hold still, so I can confront you [with evidence] before YHVH, [whom you're betraying. I'll summarize] all the righteous acts which YHVH performed for you and for your ancestors:
  941. 1st Kings 8:45 —In heaven, hear [our] prayers and pleas. Defend [our] causes.
  942. 1st Kings 8:57 [I pray that] YHVH our Elohim stays with us, as he stuck with our fathers. [May] he never leave us, nor forsake us.
  943. 2nd Chronicles 19:1 So Judea's king JAHoshaphat {JAH's-Judgment} [rides for home] in peace. (He launches out [to head ~65km southwest] toward his Jerusalem palace.)
  944. 2nd Chronicles 26:7 Elohim helps [UzziYah defeat] the Philistines and the Arabians living in Gur-Baal {Baal's-Home}, and the Mehunim {Residents}.
    note: When [UzziYah's] praise-teams sing, YAH sends supernatural destruction against his enemies.
  945. Job 5:20 [Confession is your key to a future where everyone around you starves from] famine, while [YAH] redeems you from death. In war, [YAH snatches] you from the power of the sword.
    note: Eliphaz presents a simplistic view of morality: do good and you will live free from trouble. In fact, trouble comes upon all people, to test and purify us all.
  946. Job 5:21 [YAH] hides you from the lash of the [serpent's] tongue. So you [stand] fearless when destruction comes.
  947. Job 5:23 You [enjoy a non-aggression] treaty with the [soil-wrecking] stones of the field. The beasts of the wilds live at peace with you.
  948. Job 5:24 You know that your [camping] house rests at peace. You survey your [main] property. [You find] nothing missing.
  949. Job 22:30 [YAH always] rescues his [stranded] innocent [people]. You escape [disaster] through the purity of your hands.”
  950. Psalms 6:8 Get away from me, all you workers of evil! YHVH hears my weeping voice.
  951. Psalms 9:19 Arise, YHVH. Don't let man prevail. Surveil the beast-nations. Judge [them].
  952. Psalms 10:15 [YAH], break the arm of [every] damaging wrongdoer. Root out their wickedness 'til you find no [evil in the universe and beyond].
  953. Psalms 17:13 Arise, YHVH. Disappoint [the evil one's] face. Hurl him down. Deliver my life-breath from the wicked sword.
  954. Psalms 18:32 Elohim arms/wraps/clothes me with strength, 😇. He makes my way perfect.
  955. Psalms 31:21 Blessed YHVH, [thank you] for your marvelous acts of kindness you've shown me by [rescuing me] from cities under siege.
  956. Psalms 44:4 You, my King, [my] Elohim, [repeatedly] order [your angels to] save [us descendants of] Jacob.
  957. Psalms 63:8 I cling to you for my every life-breath. Your right hand holds me up as I [struggle to] follow you.
  958. Psalms 68:35 Elohim's terrifying [power flashes] from His sacred home. [YHVH], Israel's El {Power}, is who gives mighty strength to his people. Kneel [and adore] Elohim, 😇.
  959. Psalms 81:7 [YAH says,] “You call in trouble, and I rescue you, 😇. I answer you from where I hide thunder. I test you in the waters of Meribah {Wrestling}. Selah {Dramatic-Break}.
  960. Psalms 94:16 Who will rise up for me [against] the smashers, 😇? Who will stand up for me [against] the workers of evil?
    note: Workers = practicers. Practicers of medicine = sorcerers. Practicers of Law = law-twisters.
  961. Psalms 102:13 [One day] you'll arise. [You'll] have mercy on [Israel, the land capped by mount] Zion. The time to favor her is now. In fact, it's [way past] time!
  962. Psalms 108:7 Elohim replies in his splendor, “I, brim over with joy as I make you a present of [enemy-occupied] Shechem {Neck}. Then I hand you the valley of Sukkot {Tent-Town} as a gift.
  963. Psalms 108:10 [King David replies,][I know you own everything. But] who [will] usher me into fortified cities? Who's [gonna] lead me [south] into [the war-zone of] Edom?
  964. Psalms 136:10 [😇, thank YAH] who struck [down] Egypt's firstborn. [YAH's] mercy endures forever.
  965. Proverbs 2:8 [YAH] guards the courses of justice. He protects the paths his kind-ones [walk].
  966. 1st Corinthians 1:8 YahShua keeps you strong to the end, 😇. So you come to [shine,] blameless on the day of [the visible return of] our Master YahShua, [YAH's] Messiah.
  967. 1st Corinthians 1:9 [YAH] is faithful. He [continues to] call you, 😇, into the fellowship of his Son, YahShua [the] Messiah, our Master.
  968. Jude 1:24 [😇, I pray for you] to YHVH, who is able to keep you from falling, and to present you faultless with overwhelming joy before the presence of His glory.
  969. Prayer of AzariYAH 1:28 Then, in the furnace, the 3 [young men] kneel to Elohim, and as one voice, praise, glorify [Him]:
  970. 1 Maccabees 4:25 [They thank YHVH for] rescuing them that day with such great power.
  971. 2 Esdras 1:11 I destroyed all the nations confronting [Israel]. In the east I scattered the [marauders] of two provinces: Tyre {Rock-Port} and Sidon {Fish-City}. I slew all [Israel's] enemies.
  972. 2 Esdras 1:13 I led you through the sea. From the beginning [of your nation, I] gave you a wide, safe passage. I gave you Moses as a leader, and Aaron as a priest.
  973. Deuteronomy 31:5 YHVH hands the [pagans] over before your [stunned faces], so you can [banish] them in accordance with all the orders I've commanded you.
  974. Ezra 7:8 [Ezra] arrives in Jerusalem in the 5th month of the [Emperor Hystaspis'] 7th year of [reign].
  975. Job 5:19 [YAH] rescues you from [the following] 6 troubles —[all the trouble man can give]. [YAH] will completely keep evil from touching you, [if you repent].
    note: 6= the number of man. 7 = perfection, completeness. The 6 evils are named in the following verses.
  976. Psalms 16:8 I always set YHVH before my [thoughts, 😇]. He [guides] my right hand [of choice]. So [the evil powers] can't shake me [to bits].
  977. Psalms 76:10 Mankind's fire-rage [peters out], leaving [our] hands thrown [high in thanks] to you, [YAH]. You strap the survivors of [man's] furious [wars onto yourself. You rocket us believers to safety.]
  978. Psalms 89:21 My hand establishes [David]. My arm [forever] strengthens him.
  979. Psalms 108:11 Please, Elohim. You cast us off [for good reason], Elohim. Please march out with our [praise-war] masses.
  980. JeremiYAH 15:11 YHVH replies, “Don't worry, 😇. I'll [set you] free. I'll stand between you and your enemy in the [coming] evil times, [your] tight-spot days.
    note: Translations differ wildly on this verse.
  981. Romans 16:25 Now, as the awesome message I herald about YahShua [the] Messiah proclaims: [YHVH] has power to establish you, 😇. [Your courage under fire] fulfills the revelation of mysteries [which ignorance] has kept secret since the world began.
  982. Wisdom of Solomon 2:18 For if the just man is [a] son of Elohim, [Elohim] will help him, and rescue him from the power-fist of his enemies.”
  983. Ecclesiasticus (Sirach) 15:19 [YAH's] eyes stay upon all who fear him. He knows every work of man.
  984. Ecclesiasticus (Sirach) 51:12 For you save me from destruction, and rescue me from evil times. So I throw [my hands in the air] and [lose myself in wild] praise to you, and kneel to your authority, YHVH.
  985. Bel and the Dragon 1:39 [Habakkuk drops the food package.] So DaniEl jumps up [to catch it]. Ravenous, he eats [the miraculously-delivered soup & bread]. The hungry lions look on, licking their lips. [Their saliva drips from their fangs to smack the rock floor.] Then the angel of Adonai [YHVH] immediately sets Habbakuk back at home in Judaea!
  986. 2 Maccabees 7:17 But wait a while, and see his great power. How he will torment you and your seed-children!”
  987. Psalms 25:3 Let none [of us believers] who join with you [wallow] in shame. Instead, shame the [beings] who commit wanton treachery.
  988. Psalms 129:5 [YHVH], throw back into confusion everyone who hates Zion.
    note: Not a 'Zionist' verse in the modern sense.
  989. Judith 13:17 Then all the people, wonderfully astonished, bow themselves and worship Elohim, and say in harmony, “Bless you, [YHVH] our Elohim, who today reduced the enemies of your people to nothing.”
  990. Judith 16:12 The [little] sons of [Israeli] girls pierce the [pagans] through, wounding [proud soldiers] like fugitives’ children. The pagans perish when [YHVH our] Adonai battles them.
  991. Prayer of AzariYAH 1:20 And rescue us with your marvelous miracles, to give glory to your name, Adonai [YHVH], so shame [fills] everyone who hurts your servants.
  992. Prayer of AzariYAH 1:21 Trap everyone [who hurts your people] in their own power and might. Break their strength.
  993. 2 Maccabees 1:11 "Since Elohim has delivered us from great perils in battle against a king, we thank him highly.
  994. 2 Maccabees 1:28 Punish those who oppress us and arrogantly do us wrong.
    note: Pray FOR those who persecute you.
  995. Psalms 3:8 Salvation belongs to YHVH. [His] blessing [rests] on [his] people, 😇. Selah {Dramatic-Break}.
  996. JeremiYAH 18:5 So the word of YHVH comes [alive in] me:
  997. ZephaniYAH 3:16 It's time, 😇! Jerusalem shouts! Zion reveres [YAH who] consumes [all Evil] powers.
    note: Don't be afraid! Don't let the pigs make your hands hang down limp!
  998. ZechariYAH 14:10 All the land [of the oppressor nations] everywhere around [YAH's people] becomes an Arabian plain, from Geba {Hillock} [in Palestine,] to [the land of Syrian sham-god] Rimmon {Pomegranate}, to the [parched land south of Jerusalem. The City Of Peace shines] high [and exalted]. She dwells in her place, from the Gate of Benjamin to where the 1st gate [now stands], to the “Gate of the Corners” and from the tower of HananeEl {El-Favors} to the [king's] royal wine-press [vats].
  999. Ecclesiasticus (Sirach) 36:7 Raise up indignation, and pour out fire-rage: take away the adversary, and destroy the enemy.
  1000. Leviticus 16:17 No human is to be present in the tent of meeting from the time [the high priest] enters the Holy Place to [pray for YAH's] covering, until the time [the priest] comes out [after praying for] covering for himself, for his household, and for the entire community of Isra’el.
  1001. Psalms 122:2 Our feet stand [established] within the gates of [the] City Of Peace.
  1002. Psalms 129:8 YHVH, never let passersby congratulate [our persecutors,] saying, “We bless you [thugs] in the name of YHVH.”
  1003. ZechariYAH 4:7 Who are you, great mountain [adversary]? Before [the people whom YAH] brings out of Babylon, you [big obstacles] become plains. [YAH] brings forth the headstone [of his temple] with [people] shouting, [praising YAH's] grace, [his] beautiful [unmerited favor]!
    note: The literal text probably refers to governor Zerubbabel rebuilding a Jewish temple. Figuratively, the headstone refers to the Messiah.
  1004. 2 Maccabees 1:17 Kneel [and adore] our Elohim in all things. He has handed over the wicked!
  1005. Judith 16:3 For Elohim breaks the battles: for among the camps in the midst of the people he has delivered me out of the hands of they who persecuted me.


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