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Yahshua of Nazareth, aka Jesus Christ, is the Hebrew Messiah. Religionists murdered him, but he rose from the dead. He is literally, physically alive and present with believers.

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91 SCRIPTURE SECTIONS on the theme of The Messiah

    Interactive Timeline
  1. Following Yahshua Is The Only Path To Heaven
  2. Peter Risks Death Before A Killer Court
  3. Imitate Good Leaders, Especially Yahshua
  4. Defend Christ's Honor & He'll Defend Yours
  5. Jerusalem Turns Against Their Own Messiah
  6. John the Baptizer Prepares the Way
  7. YAH's Word Shows Everything & Can Fix Us All
  8. The Universe Erupts in Praise To YAH
  9. Yahshua Is The Ultimate Human: The Uber Lord
  10. Yahshua is YAH's Unique Prince & Special Son
  11. The Hosts Of Heaven Praise Yahshua, The Lamb
  12. Religionists Drag Christ To Tax-Court
  13. Peter Says Yahshua is YAH's Messiah
  14. Yahshua Perfectly Reflects YAH's Light
  15. Isaiah Predicts Messiah's Suffering & Death
  16. Gabriel Predicts Christ's Life & Israel's War
  17. All Beings Everywhere Will See Messiah Return
  18. Help YAH's Hated Servants & You Go To Heaven!
  19. Yahshua Takes The 7-Seals Book From YHVH
  20. Isaiah Prophesies The Birth Of The Messiah
  21. The Messiah Is All Powerful, 2nd Only To YAH
  22. Jacob Blesses (Now Repentant) Judah
  23. Eat Christ's ’Flesh’ And Drink His ‘Blood’
  24. Yahshua Grows Up In Nazareth
  25. Don't Believe Reports of Christ's Appearance
  26. All Must Acknowledge Yahshua's Supremacy
  27. YahShua Shape-Shifts, Talks W/ Moses & Elijah
  28. Christ's Home Church Chunks Him Off A Cliff
  29. Yahshua Is YAH's King Of All Universes
  30. John The Immerser Baptizes YAHshua
  31. Isaiah Predicts The Birth Of The Messiah
  32. The Religionites Killed Their Own Messiah
  33. YHVH Shows Isaiah The Coming Gentle Messiah
  34. YAH Promises To Send Us The Messiah Yahshua
  35. Christ Boots The Free-Handout Welfare Crowd
  36. Yahshua Transfigures w/ Moses & Elijah
  37. Yahshua Is The Mirror-Image Of YHVH
  38. YahShua Claims To Be God's Gift To Mankind
  39. True Believers Are Outcasts From The World
  40. Peter Heralds The Good News in Court
  41. John Sees Yahshua Amidst A Giant Menorah
  42. The Messiah Is Knocking On Your Heart's Door
  43. Jesus Uses Scripture To Denounce His Killers
  44. How Could Jesus Be David's Master & Grandson?
  45. Yahshua Plainly Predicts His Ascension
  46. Yahshua's Hometown Rejects Him
  47. The Messiah Triumphantly Enters Jerusalem
  48. Wake Up! Shake Off Your Dust! Free Yourself!
  49. YAH's True Temple Is Us Believers
  50. The Messiah Defends His Hard-Core Followers
  51. The Sham Church Court Wrongly Convicts Christ
  52. Believers Pray To Beat The Evil World System
  53. David Sees A Vision Of The Future Messiah
  54. Messiah Praises/ Rebukes Christian 'Thyatira'
  55. The Boy Yahshua Grows Up Strong
  56. YAH Predicts The Messiah's Global Dominion
  57. Biblical Truths Are Realities, Not Myths
  58. JAHn The Immerser Sees His Cousin, Yahshua
  59. Yahshua Is The Time-Travel Messiah
  60. YAH Promises To Forever Bless David's Lineage
  61. Isaiah Depicts The Messiah Restoring Israel
  62. Yahshua Is The Ultimate Hebrew High Priest
  63. Struggle To Bring The Truth To The Globe
  64. Yahshua Stumps The Religionists
  65. The Coming Cosmos Will Belong To Saved Humans
  66. Isaiah Foretells The Messiah's Noble Reign
  67. John's Interns Ask If Jesus Is The Messiah
  68. Everything Belongs To YAH; No One Can Brag
  69. Christ's Spirit In You= Proof Of Eternal Life
  70. The World Thinks We Follow A Dead Loser
  71. YAH Calls Us On A Glorious Sacred Mission
  72. Philip Saves An Ethiopian Queen's Treasurer
  73. Jailed On An Island, John Sees Your Future
  74. Throw Your Hands Up To YAH Your Savior
  75. Hebrew Scripture ForeTells Yahshua's Reign
  76. Jesus Shows John's Disciples He's The Messiah
  77. Yahshua's Return Looms Very Near: Get Ready!
  78. Simeon Blesses Yahshua & Predicts Crucifixion
  79. Zechariah Predicts The Murder Of Christ
  80. YAH Predicts The Rise Of YahShua The Messiah
  81. Ezekiel Predicts Israel's Unity Under Messiah
  82. Yahshua Is The Super-Moses
  83. Satan Stops Fellowship, So Treasure Scripture
  84. Nathan Predicts The Messiah And His Kingdom
  85. YAH Orders Zechariah To Crown Priest Jahshua
  86. Peter Identifies Yahshua As YAH's Messiah
  87. Yahshua Is The Universal Eternal High Priest
  88. Paul Recounts How True Believers Repent
  89. We No Longer Need A Mortal Jewish High Priest
  90. Yahshua's Spirit, Baptism & Blood Prove Him
  91. The Physical Genealogy Of The Messiah


532 SCRIPTURES on the theme of The Messiah

  1. John 14:6 YahShua answers Thomas {Twin}, “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. No one comes to [YHVH] the Father, but through [following] me.
    note: This is not arrogance. Yahshua is the Living Word of YHVH. To connect to real Life you must connect with YHVH's Word. Simply identifying yourself as ‘Christian’ as opposed to ‘Buddhist’ or whatever, will not help you at all in the final judgment. On the contrary, ‘God’ judges ‘Christians’ MORE severely than he judges Buddhists, Muslims, etc. John Stott says, “a striking feature of the teaching of Jesus is that he so frequently talks about himself.” This sets Jesus apart from other great religious figures who were self-effacing. Yahshua was often self-advancing. Other teachers direct people away from themselves and to ‘the truth.’ They couch their teachings in such phrases as, ‘From my understanding, x is the right thing to do.‘ In contrast, Jesus says, ‘I AM the truth, follow me.’ If Jesus is not the Messiah, YAH's son, as he claimed, he was the most arrogant and blasphemous rabbi of all history, worthy of death.“ See song quoting John 14:6: John 3:16.
  2. Luke 9:35 From the cloud, [YAH's] voice [thunders] words: “This [YahShua] is my beloved son. Listen to him.”
    note: ‘Stop running your foolish mouth about building churches, Peter! Listen to Jesus!’ Good advice for wordy preachers pushing building debt.
  3. John 10:30 I [YahShua] and [YHVH] the Father are one, 😇.
    note: As in English, there are many senses to the Greek word: #1520: heis (hice); a primary numeral; one. Here ‘heis’ does not mean ‘one literal being’. It means ‘one’ in unity: unified, undivided, in complete agreement and cooperation, a Father and son with a perfect relationship. Likewise, a husband and wife are ‘one.’ (Matthew 19:6.) YHVH is not Yahshua. Similarly, John 17:11 says: ‘Father, I pray that the disciples will be ONE, just as you and I are ONE.’ The disciples' identities don't merge. The disciples must be totally unified, cooperative, communicative.
  4. Hebrews 13:8 YahShua the Messiah is the same yesterday, and today, and forever, 😇.
    note: Yahshua is the Living Word of YAH. His core essence cannot change.
  5. Apocalypsis (Revelation) 19:11 I see heaven open. (See, 😇!) A white horse. YahShua sits on it. [YAH and his angels] hail, [“YahShua] is Faithful and True!” [Then] in righteousness, [YahShua] passes judgment [against the world. Then he rides down] to battle [the devil and his satanic armies].
  6. Apocalypsis (Revelation) 19:15 Out of YahShua's mouth shoots a sharp sword. With this sword, YahShua comes to strike [down] the [beast] nations. YahShua comes to rule all nations with a rod of iron, 😇. YahShua treads the wine-press of the fierceness and wrath of [YHVH] the Eloah, The Almighty.
    note: Rod of iron = firm guidance, not tyrannical violence.
  7. Apocalypsis (Revelation) 19:16 On YahShua's clothes and thigh [YAH has] written a Name: “King over kings; Master Over Lords.”
    note: This (of course) does not make Yahshua king over his own father, YHVH the Eloha, reality's Absolute Almighty Sovereign.
  8. Daniel 2:34 As you watch, [some unseen force,] without hands, cuts a stone [out of the earth. The unseen force hurls the stone at the statue]. [The rock] strikes the statue on its iron-clay feet. The [impact bursts the feet] into pieces.
    note: The stone is Yahshua, the Hebrew Messiah, who destroys the evil human empire to which your neighbors pledge allegiance: the revived Roman Empire. No human being contributes to YAHshua's rule. It is YAH's work alone. We believers are kids whom Daddy lets come to work and mess up the office.
  9. Daniel 7:13 I look in the night visions. [Suddenly I] see [YahShua,] a [being] like [a] son of [a] mortal. [He flies on] the clouds of heaven. [YahShua] comes to [YHVH] (the Ancient of days). The [angels] usher [YahShua] close before [YHVH].
  10. Daniel 7:14 [YHVH] gives [his Messiah YahShua comprehensive] dominion and glory, and a kingdom [so vast that] that all [surviving] people, nations and language-groups come to serve [YahShua]. [YahShua's] dominion is an everlasting empire. It never passes away. [YahShua's] kingdom is the [only Kingdom] which [YAH] will never destroy.
  11. MicaYah 5:2 “But you, Bethlehem-Ephrathah {Fruitful-House-Of-Bread}, you inferior [humble, ignoble runt] among the thousands [of towns] in Judea, out of you comes forth my [Messiah], Israel's One ruler, who springs from the ancient days of eternity.”
    note: YHVH's most pitiful sentient creature [Jesus, a man], comes (from the most humble town on an insignificant tiny planet) to become ruler of the universe, subject only to YAH's over-arching dominion. Meanwhile, YAH's most amazing, beautiful and talented creature, Satan, falls from heaven through pride, thrown down to the lowest fire-pit. YAH is dramatic. YAH favors the cosmic underdog. Apparently upon Yahshua's ascension he became able to travel through time. Thus he appears throughout and beyond the history of the universe into which Mary birthed him 2000 years ago.
  12. Matthew 26:26 [YahShua & his disciples] continue eating, 😇. YahShua grips bread, blesses it, breaks it, gives it to the disciples, then says, “Take. Eat. This [bread symbolizes] my body.”
  13. Matthew 26:64 YahShua says to the High Priest, “You said it. But I tell you that later you see [me,] the son of Adam, enthroned [as the crown prince of the universe] at [YHVH's] Right Hand of Power. [I soon sit in YAH's position of ultimate authority over every being everywhere. You come to shake in terror as you see me] descend [to earth] on the clouds of heaven.”
    note: ‘You said it’ can be interpreted as, ’Your words are your own.’ OR ‘I refuse your command swear an oath to you. You can't force your evil words to come out of my mouth.’ OR ‘You yourself say [that] I am the Messiah.’ OR ‘You, High Priest, are filled with a demon spirit. You know that you yourself have said that I am YAH's Messiah, the Son of YHVH.’ Great Matthew 26:64 Song.
  14. Mark 14:62 YahShua answers, [Yes.] I am [YAH's son, His Messiah]. And you come to see [me] the ‘Son of Adam’ sitting at the Right Hand of [YHVH's] power. [I'm] coming [back] on the clouds of heaven [to rule the earth].”
    note: Mark 1:62 Song.
  15. Luke 12:8 And I tell you, 😇, that whoever acknowledges me before men, [I] (the ‘Son of Adam’) come to likewise acknowledge him before the angels of [YHVH] the Eloah.
  16. Luke 20:18 [YAH] shatters everyone who ‘stumbles’ over [me]. [I'm] the cornerstone [of His living temple]. [I, YAH's] Cornerstone, grind to powder whomever [I] fall on.”
    note: This is not gentle Jesus away in a manger. This Jesus is a tough killer.
  17. Luke 23:38 [On a board above] YahShua's [head, soldiers] write a sign in Greek, Latin and Hebrew letters: “THIS IS THE KING OF THE JEWS.”
    note: Yahshua really is the King, and Pilate knows it.
  18. John 1:17 For [YAH] gave the [Torah] law [to the Israelites] via Moses. But [YAH sent perfect, complete] grace and truth in [a man]: YahShua, [YAH's] Messiah.
    note: The law [Torah] given by Moses here refers to the Sinai contract, discussed extensively in Galatians. Of course, in the larger context, the ‘Law’ means every Word that comes from YHWH's mouth. All YHWH's words are full of grace and truth, [unfailing love and faithfulness].
  19. John 3:13 No man has [ever physically] ascended up to heaven, except [me]. [I] came down from heaven. [I am the Being whom the ancient Hebrew prophets call] the ‘Son of Adam.’ [Unlike most people, I'm not merely here on earth as a physical piece of walking meat. I exist outside of space-time as YAH's eternal Word] in heaven.
    note: We assume that Moses and EliYah were resurrected, since they appeared and spoke with Yahshua on a mountain. However, they apparently did not ‘ascend‘ to heaven. They were presumably just ‘popped‘ into heaven by YAH's thought-power.
  20. John 6:35 YahShua answers the [hungry, selfish] crowd, “I am the bread of life. Whoever accompanies me never never, ever, at any time starves from [lack of spiritual food]. And whoever [builds his life on faithfully emulating] me never, ever, at any time [spiritually] dehydrates.
    note: This is a parable. Yahshua is talking about hungering and thirsting for wisdom and every other virtue. If you have those virtues, getting your belly fed is no problem. If you don't have virtues, no one cares if you die. Once you find the fountain (words of Yahshua) you have wisdom, which is more valuable than gold. The more you study, and obey in action, the deeper the wells of the fountain become, and the sweeter the waters. Yet if you follow Yahshua, you will sometimes go physically hungry.
  21. John 6:56 Whoever ‘eats’ my ‘flesh’ [devours my Word] and ‘drinks’ my ‘blood’ [unites with me at the deepest level, 😇]. He lives in me. I [live] in him.
    note: He who eats my wisdom-food, and drinks my righteous-action-blood dwells in me, and I in him.
  22. John 8:58 YahShua answers the Jews, “I tell you the rock-solid truth, 😇: I existed [as YAH's Word] before Abraham {Father-Of-Billions} was [even born]!”
    note: Yahshua appears here to claim pre-existence, at least in the form of the Creator's Word.
  23. John 21:25 And YahShua [has been] performing many other feats [since before the dawn of time, 😇]. If writers retold all YahShua's actions, I suppose not even the cosmos itself could contain the books [they] would write! Amén.
    note: YAH's Word made everything that has ever been made. So in that sense, a complete description of everything Yahshua has ever done would be nearly infinitely long. Yahshua is not some bearded pulpit-parrot in a dress and sandals. Yahshua is the time-travel Messiah, the king of all reality.
  24. Acts 2:36 So let the whole [nation] of Israel know for sure that YHVH has [crowned] that same YahShua, whom you impaled, [universal] Sovereign and Messiah.”
  25. Acts 5:30 [YHVH,] the Eloah of our fathers, [resurrected] YahShua, whom you killed and hung on a tree.
    note: Peter refers not to a cross, but a tree/pole.
  26. 1st Corinthians 15:27 For [in reality,] YahShua has [already] put everything [in the universe] under his [own] ‘feet.’ But when [YAH] says, [I'll] put everything under [YahShua],” it's obvious, 😇, that YHVH, who put[s] all things under YahShua, is [still in charge of YahShua. YHVH will never be under YahShua's feet.]
    note: (Psalm 8:6) Yahshua is and always will be subordinate to His Father, YAH. Despite unbiblical creeds to the contrary, YHVH and Jesus are not ‘co-equal.’
  27. 1st Corinthians 15:28 Even when all things are subject to YahShua, [YAH's] ‘son,’ [YahShua] himself will [always] be subject to YHVH who put all things under [YahShua], 😇. YHVH will always be ‘all in all.’
    note: For all eternity Yahshua will be subordinate to YAH. YHVH is the unbegotten source of all life.
  28. Philippians 2:10 So, 😇, every knee in heaven, in earth, and under the earth, [eventually] comes to bow to YahShua's name-authority.
    note: See great Phil 1 song. YahShua means “YAH SAVES.” See also the great song: The Humbling.
  29. Colossians 1:15 YahShua is the [mirror-like] image of [YHVH] the invisible Eloah. YahShua is [YAH's] ‘first-born.’ He [rules] over all creation.
    note: Image = Strongs Greek #1504 eikon i-kone' from 1503; a likeness, i.e. (literally) statue, profile, or (figuratively) representation, resemblance, image. A mirror makes a perfect reflection of your face. But the reflection is not literally you. Yahshua is not to be confused with His Father YHVH. But many translations make that mistake. Yahshua is the Living Word of YHVH. As such, YahShua always existed. Yahshua is the only man who has ever obeyed the complete the letter and Spirit of Yah's commands. YahShua is a perfect, walking-talking time-traveling bible in a body.
  30. Apocalypsis (Revelation) 19:12 YahShua's eyes [shine] like flames of fire. On YahShua's head sit many crowns. [On YahShua, YAH has] written a Name that no man except YahShua himself has [ever] perceived.
  31. Apocalypsis (Revelation) 19:13 YahShua [rides on the clouds,] arrayed in a cloak dipped in blood. [The angels shout] his name: “The Word of [YHVH] the Eloah!”
    note: Yahshua is YAH's Word in living form. But Yahshua is NOT YHVH.
  32. Genesis 22:18 Through your seed [the Messiah, I eventually] bless every nation on earth, because you obey my voice.”
  33. Genesis 49:10 The [royal] scepter [over Israel] never departs from [the tribe of] Judah {Celebrated}. The lawgiver's staff rests between [Judah's] feet until the coming of ‘Shiloh {Tranquil},’ [the Peacemaker, the Messiah], the One [whom] all nations eventually come to obey.
    note: The tribe of Judah lost their headship when they rejected their Messiah. The Messiah is called: Seed, Shepherd, Shiloh (Peacemaker), Star, Stone, and Scepter. YahShua is the sovereign whom all nations hope for.
  34. IsaiYAH 9:6 [YAH] bears a child to [help] us, 😇. [YAH] gives us [his] ‘son.’ The government [of the universe] comes to rest upon [YahShua's] shoulder[s]. [YAH] calls [YahShua] by the titles: Marvellous-one, Counselor, masterful El {Power}, chief of [the] future, Prince of Peace.
    note: Nothing in this verse indicates that Jesus is co-equal with, nor a member of a trinity with YHVH. "Masterful Power (Gibbor El)" does not necessarily mean "mighty god". El is a title used to denote superlative strength. ‘El’ does not uniquely identify the supreme being. "Ab" can mean "father" or "chief".
  35. IsaiYAH 9:7 The zeal of YHVH-Commander-Of-Armies [installs and establishes the Messiah]. [The Messiah's] government increases endlessly. From the throne of David {Love}, eternal peace [flows to fill the universe]. [Messiah] orders [the heavens]. Through righteous-actions, [Messiah] establishes [YAH's] kingdom. [Thus YAH eventually] secures justice [for all beings] from now on into forever, 😇.
  36. IsaiYAH 53:3 [YAH's Messiah] lives despised and rejected by men, 😇. [The Messiah is] a man of sorrows. He knows all about grief. [People] hide their faces from [YahShua]. He [endures life] hated, [marginalized, ignored]. We humans fail to value [Christ].
    note: Mega-preachers get famous and rich pushing the parts of the bible that make people wealthy. Preach the Creator's full message, and everybody hates you, in and out of the church.
  37. IsaiYAH 53:4 [The Messiah] bears our diseases. He carries our sorrows, 😇. Yet we [mortals mistakenly] look at [the Messiah] as someone punished, struck by Elohim, afflicted, [cursed].
    note: Jesus did not bear the wrath of YHVH. Jesus bore the wrath of the devil and of the devil's subjects.
  38. Malachi 3:1 “Watch, 😇! I'm sending my messenger [JAHn the Immerser] to surface the road before my face, [to shout my hammer-words to smack down every self-exalting bump in the road to heaven]. Then [YahShua the Messiah,] the Sovereign-Master whom you seek, the messenger of the covenant [in which] you take pleasure, suddenly arises to [reform] His [human] temple! Watch out! [YahShua] comes!” warns YHVH commander-of-armies.
    note: The first part of this verse is quoted in Matthew 11:10, Mark 1:2 and Luke 7:27 as fulfilled by John the Baptist. The last part of the verse refers to Christ. (See Habakkuk 2:20.)
  39. Malachi 3:2 But who can endure the heat of [YahShua's] coming, 😇? Who will stand when [the Messiah] appears [in his full glory]? He scans [worldlings] with his all-seeing-laser-burning-eyes! For [The Messiah] is a refiner's fire. Like a caustic industrial disinfectant, [Christ] burns [sin away].”
  40. Matthew 8:27 The [sailing men and disciples] marvel, asking, “What kind of man is this [YahShua]? Even the winds and the sea obey Him!”
  41. Matthew 24:27 For when [I] ‘the Son of Adam’ [visibly] return [to earth], [I stun humanity] like lightning flashing out of the east. [I] fill the sky to the western horizon, 😇.
    note: Big explosion of light.
  42. Matthew 26:27 YahShua takes a cup [of wine]. He gives thanks [to YHVH]. YahShua gives [the wine] to his disciples, saying, “All of you, drink from this.
  43. Matthew 27:54 A centurion & his guards watch YahShua's crucifixion. They see the earthquake, [thunder, eclipse, boulders splitting, etc.] They shake, scared to death. They cry, “Truly this [YahShua] was the Son of God.”
  44. Mark 12:37 [Ancient king] David thus calls [me,] the Messiah, ‘Master!’ So how is it, 😇, that [I,] the Messiah, [am] David's ‘son’? The large crowd listens to YahShua. [They smile and gasp, intrigued and filled with] with delight.
    note: The crowd bristles, hyped by the skin-tingling drama of this ongoing testosterone-heated, demon-fueled battle between the religionists and Yahshua, a battle which everyone knows will end in spectacular violence and bloodshed.
  45. Mark 13:26 Then, 😇, [all living beings] see [me] the ‘Son of Adam’ [visibly return to earth] in the clouds, suffused in great power and glory.
  46. Luke 9:26 For, 😇, if [you] stay embarrassed about me and my words, [I] the ‘Son of Adam’ will be ashamed [of you] when [I] come [to judge the world, radiating my] glory, [wrapped] in [my] Father's [splendor], [surrounded] by [YAH's magnificent] sacred angels.
  47. Luke 11:23 Whoever is not with me stands against me. Anyone who fails to gather [sheep] with me scatters [my sheep].
    note: If you're not helping, you're making things worse. Morality is more than just ‘minding your own business, not hurting anyone, believing in God and being a good person’. You have to actually help Yahshua if you want to go to heaven. Discipleship is war. There is no neutral ground.
  48. Luke 17:24 😇, when [I] the ‘Son of Adam’ [enjoy my] Day [of visibly returning here, galloping on my white stallion to bathe the earth in the blood of the wicked, starting with the religious hypocrites, I'll] flash like lightning across the sky. [I'll] light heaven up from one side to the other. [Everyone in heaven or earth will see my return to earth. It'll be the hottest event in the history of the universe.]
  49. Luke 20:13 The lord [owner] of the vineyard says, “I know what I'll do. I'll send my beloved son. Maybe, when the sharecroppers see my [own] son [face-to-face, in the flesh,] they'll [come to their senses. They'll] respect him.’
  50. Luke 20:17 YahShua looks at the crowd [as they reject him to side with his murderers]. YahShua asks, “Why, then, do you think [David] wrote this?: ‘The very rock which the builders reject becomes the [principal] cornerstone.’
    note: [or capstone] Psalm 118:22
  51. Luke 21:27 And then, 😇, the [human race] finally sees [me,] the ‘Son of Adam,’ coming [to earth] on a cloud, [ablaze] in tremendous power and glory.
  52. Luke 22:69 —But soon [I,] the ‘Son of Adam,’ sit [enthroned] at the Right Hand of the power of [YHVH] the Eloah.”
  53. Luke 23:3 Pilate asks YahShua, “Are you the King of the Judaeans?” YahShua answers Pilate, “You say.”
    note: Meaning: “Pilate, You know that you already go around telling people that Herod is a fake and I'm the rightful King of the Judeans. And by your actions today, you prove it.”] Yahshua deftly avoids self-testimony and self-incrimination while pointing out that Pilate himself already knows that Yahshua is King. The answer may mean: ‘The words are yours.’ ‘Those are your words, not mine’, ‘So you say’, ‘You said it.’
  54. John 1:15 JAHn [the Immerser] witnesses about [YahShua]. [JAHn] cries, “[YahShua] is [the man] I told you about, 😇. I said: ‘[YahShua] who is coming after me has [already] surpassed me. For [YahShua] is superior to me!’"
    note: Or ‘Yahshua existed [as YAH's Word] before I existed.’
  55. John 6:33 For [I am] the bread of [YHVH] the Eloah. [I] come down from heaven. [I] give life to the world.”
    note: The food I made for you people is irrelevant. But you can't look past eating and pooping to see what real nutrition is.
  56. John 6:48 —I am the bread of life, 😇.
  57. John 6:50 [My life] is true ‘bread’ coming down from heaven, 😇. A man can eat this ‘bread’ [by emulating my thoughts and actions], and never perish.
  58. John 6:58 [I, YAH's Word] am the bread who came down from heaven, 😇. I'm superior to your dead [worm-food] fore-fathers who scarfed manna-wafers. Whoever ‘eats’ [my nutritious commandment] ‘bread’ lives forever.”
  59. John 7:29 —But I know YAH, because I'm from YAH. YAH sent me [here, 😇].
    note: Yahshua both went to heaven and came back. He was in a sense ‘begotten’ by YAH.
  60. John 8:24 That's why I warned you that you'll die in your sins. If you fail to believe that I am [the Messiah YAH sent from above], your errors [drown] you.”
    note: Your response in this life to the Messiah (the eternally existing Living Word of YAH) is the test of whether you perish or live eternally. This verse is NOT Christ claiming to be YHVH, the ‘Great I AM’.
  61. John 15:4 Live united with me, 😇. Then I [live connected to] you. No branch bears fruit by itself. (It must stay connected to the vine.) Unless you stay connected to me, you can't live.
    note: We are ‘branches’ that bear fruit. Yahshua is the ‘vine.’ YHVH is the sun, the earth, the water, and the mysterious supra-intelligent life-energy-source who makes the whole system exist and function.
  62. Acts 2:22 [Peter continues:] You men of Israel, hear these words: YahShua the Nazarene [is] a man proven by YHVH among you by miracles and wonders and signs. [YHVH] the Eloah performed these [feats] through YahShua in your midst, as you know.
  63. Acts 4:10 Know this, you and all people of Israel, that by the Name-Authority of [the] Nazarene, YahShua, [YAH's] Messiah (whom you crucified, [and] whom YHVH raised from the dead) — through YahShua's [power] this [ex-cripple] stands here before you healed!
  64. Acts 5:31 With His right hand [of power and freedom, YHVH] the Eloah has exalted YahShua [to the position of heavenly] Prince and Savior, to give reformation to Israel, and [to give the world] forgiveness of sins.
    note: Yahshua is not YHVH. Yahshua is YHVH's Prince (archegos).
  65. Acts 17:31 YAH has established a day when He will judge the world's [actions. He comes to compare our sin to the perfect] righteousness of [YahShua,] the man He ordained [Messiah]. YAH gave proof of this to all men by raising this man [YahShua] from the dead.”
  66. Philippians 2:11 [To bring] glory to YHVH the Father, every tongue [that ever existed] eventually confesses that YahShua, [YAH's] Messiah, is [the] Master [of the universe and beyond, 😇].
  67. Colossians 1:17 YahShua is superior to all things, 😇. YahShua [as YAH's Word] holds the universe together.
    note: “Yahshua esti pro all things” can also translate to: Yahshua, as “YAH's Word pre-existed everything,” or the even more mind-blowing paradox: “Yahshua existed before anything else.”
  68. 1st Timothy 2:5 For there is One Eloah [YHVH], and one Reconciler between YHVH and mankind: the man-Messiah: YahShua.
    note: This verse must be interpreted so as not to deny the Hebrew concept that you can speak to your Creator directly, without a Mediator. No one, not Jesus, not Mary, nor an angel, nor a guru, is necessary for you to speak with YHVH. However, the human race had sold itself to the devil, and Yahshua got the human race back. In that sense, he reconciled the human race to YHVH.
  69. Hebrews 13:13 So, 😇, let's venture forth to YahShua, outside the [safe, warm] camp [of civilization]. [Let's get politically banished, religiously rejected.] Let's share the abuse YahShua endured for us.
    note: Let's go outside, where Yahshua is, where YAH's Spirit is. Quit trying to be privileged insiders. Let's take our share of the abuse Yahshua suffered.
  70. Apocalypsis (Revelation) 3:20 Look, 😇! I'm standing at [your] door. I'm knocking! If anyone hears my voice, and opens the door, I come in to him. I eat [food] with him. And he [comes to eat royal food] with me.
    note: Great Rev. 3:20 song.
  71. Apocalypsis (Revelation) 5:12 Millions of angels shout with a loud voice, “[YahShua,] the ‘Lamb’ whom [the devil] murdered, is worthy to receive [unlimited] power, riches, wisdom, strength, honor, glory and blessing.”
  72. Apocalypsis (Revelation) 12:5 The woman brings forth a man-child [YahShua]. He is to rule all nations with a rod of iron, 😇. YHVH snatches [the woman's] child up to [sit with Him on] His throne.
    note: Yahshua now rules all nations. The nations rage in rebellion against Yahshua only for this moment in history. ‘Rod of iron’ signifies that the power of Rome (the iron Kingdom) will fully rest in Yahshua's hands. The mortal Yahshua walked the earth only about 33 years. (33 (3+3) is a code for 6, the number representing mankind, who conspired with Satan to kill Yahshua to extend their power.) Yahshua went immediately from his death to the place of highest power in and beyond the Universe.
  73. Apocalypsis (Revelation) 19:14 Following YahShua in heaven [ride] armies upon white horses. [These spirit-soldiers shine,] clothed in fine linen, white and clean.
  74. Genesis 49:11 [The Messiah's] ‘vines’ [eventually grow thick & strong, like tree trunks you can] tie young horses and donkeys to! [The Messiah] washes his garments in ‘wine,’ [i.e. the blood of all nations]. His clothes [come to drip] with the blood of [human] ‘grapes.’
    note: This double-reference also predicts Judah's descendants beating their Messiah so badly his blood covers his clothes. Yet the vine of his connection to his believers never breaks.
  75. Psalms 110:1 [In Jerusalem's market square, king David dances in ecstatic worship. He whirls around so hard people laugh at his royal robes flying off. The jeering mob fade from David's vision. He sees a vision of heaven. Here, 😇, is how David describes what he sees:] “YHVH says to my Master, [the coming Messiah], “Sit at my right hand. [Watch] me make your enemies into a platform for your feet.”
    note: Master (Hebrew 'Adon') refers to Yahshua the Messiah, David's 14th generation Grandson. “Footstool” is a goofy, wooden translational mistake. The Messiah isn't some old Grandpa who needs to rest his swollen feet. Loving enemies is the Messiah's political platform.
  76. IsaiYAH 11:4 Rather, [the Messiah] adjudicates with laser-straight [justice]. [He pulls poor people up from] dangling [by their fingernails from the cliffs of injustice]. He [provides long-awaited] fairness for earth's meek [saints]. [The Messiah] strikes the [evil] world with the ‘rod’ of his mouth. [YahShua] slays wicked [criminals] with the breath of his lips!
    note: That's true law enforcement. If you want to prevent crime, teach the Messiah's parables to children. You'll stop more criminals than does the Police Department.
  77. IsaiYAH 11:8 [When the world finally accepts YahShua as their king,] the suckling child [safely] plays over the hole of the asp. The weaned child sticks his hand into the den of [then-harmless] viper[s].
    note: In the beginning, there were no poisonous animals on earth. Man bred the black-widow and the cobra as biological weapons. Witness the lack of poisonous animals on islands.
  78. IsaiYAH 53:2 [The Messiah] comes to grow up before [YHVH] as a tender plant, a root springing from dry ground, 😇. [The Messiah] is neither well-formed nor especially handsome. When we see [the Messiah], no beauty makes us desire him.
    note: No movie has ever had the guts to portray Jesus as he was: at best average-looking.
  79. IsaiYAH 53:8 [Soldiers drag the Messiah] from prison. [Religious hypocrites deny him] justice [in trial]. No one in [the Messiah's] generation protests when [Satan's servants] sever him from the land of the living. [Soldiers] beat [him] bloody for [and by] the sins of my people.
    note: Or, "No one can list the Messiah as having any physical offspring; he died childless."
  80. IsaiYAH 53:9 [The Messiah] makes his grave with rich dead criminals. [Yet the Messiah] never once does violence [or wrong], 😇. Never is there [a word of] deceit in his mouth.
    note: In a rich man's tomb [the tomb of Joseph of Arimethea].
  81. Daniel 9:25 So acknowledge and [intelligently] understand, that from the broadcasting of [the Persian Emperor's] commandment to restore and rebuild Jerusalem, until [YahShua, YAH's] Messiah [becomes] Commander [of the Universe,] 7 * 7 [49 years], plus another 62 * 7 [434 years] pass. During this [time the Jews come to] reconstruct [Jerusalem's] street[s] and its [temple] wall. But [the era between 483B.C. to 1 A.D. holds] turbulent times.
    note: 483 years = A.D.30 (454BC + 30AD = 484 (less 1 ‘year 0’ for going from BC years to AD) = 483. This clearly states that the Messiah would be born at exactly the time Yahshua was born. Why the Jews don't get this, I have no idea. This indisputable fact was thoroughly addressed by Sir Isaac Newton, Ussher, many of the Reformers, and even 2nd centuryAD Julius Africanus. For the exact decree of Artaxerxes, see Nehemiah 2:1-8. ‘Wall’ may mean trenches for a water system.
  82. Daniel 9:26 [Soon] after [that] 62 * 7 [434 years, the crypto-Satanic religionists] cut off [YAH's Anointed Royal] Messiah [from the land of the living. These religious servants of Satan assassinate their innocent Messiah. This crime fulfills the Messiah's plan to convict the devil of unprovoked murder. So YAH lawfully reclaims the Messiah's followers from Satan's slave-hold.] Then the [Roman] people of the coming Czar destroy the city [of Jerusalem] and [its] sanctuary. [Jerusalem's] end comes [as] an [overwhelming] flood [of violence. From now] until the end [of the world, the powers-that-be] decree that desolating wars [will consume the world].
    note: In 27 A.D, exactly 483 years after ArtaXerxes issues the commandment to rebuild Jerusalem, John the Baptist baptizes Jesus. (Matthew 1:15.) 3.5 years later (in the middle of Daniel's '70th week' of years) Jerusalem's false-priests crucify Jesus. In 70AD, the Romans flatten Jerusalem. Roman general Vespatian Titus loots and destroys Jerusalem. Titus burns the temple and the city. He kills and/or sells into slavery all of the Israelites who fail to flee into Africa or Asia.
  83. MicaYah 5:4 [See the future, 😇! See reality as it exists outside of time!] [The Messiah] stands in YHVH's strength. [YahShua] feeds [the flock] he shepherds! [We humble lambs] live [forever] wrapped in the majesty of the Name-authority of YHVH, [YahShua's] Elohim. [YahShua's] greatness overflows to the ends of the earth.
    note: True. Today, the whole earth counts time from the date of Yahshua's birth. History revolves around the Hebrew Messiah.
  84. ZechariYAH 9:9 Spin around with overflowing emotion, daughter-people of [mount] Zion! Lift [up joyful] shout[s], daughter-population [descended] from [ancient] Jerusalem! See [your future:] your King comes to you, [not as a military destroyer, rather as an] innocent man. He avenges [evil not by force, but] through due process of Law. [The Messiah is] lowly, [beaten-down]. He [demonstrates his] humility by riding [not on a priceless trained royal war-horse, but] on [a poor man's untrained] beast-of-burden: [specifically,] a colt, the [wild, kicking] foal of a [docile] female donkey.
    note: Most Jews want a military redeemer to revenge-murder history's long string of anti-semitic imperial oppressors: Persia's Haman, Greek Emperors, Roman Caesars, Hitler, etc. Instead, Yahshua comes humbly, riding on a poor man's donkey, walking into a murder trap. This was Yahshua's genius. As punishment, the murderers (Satan and his henchmen) become Lawfully divested of all authority on planet earth. This slow, perfect justice is still working out as people make their choice of whether to follow Yahshua or to follow the dethroned devil. Human beings have limited patience for judicial process. However, the Rule of Law eventually wins over the Rule of Force.
  85. Matthew 3:11 Yes, I immerse you in water to [demonstrate your] repentance. But [YahShua], who comes after me, towers over me in [spiritual] might. I'm unworthy to carry YahShua's shoes, 😇. YahShua comes to baptize you with Sacred Spirit, and with fire!
  86. Matthew 11:27 [YHVH] my Father has handed everything [in the universe and beyond] to me, 😇. No man knows [me, YAH's] Son. Only the Father [knows Me]. And no man knows [YHVH] the Father. Only I, the Son, know [YAH]. But I, YAH's Son, reveal YAH to whomever I choose.
  87. Matthew 17:2 [Right] in front of Peter {Rock}, James {Heel-Grabber}, & JAHn, YahShua changes form! He transfigures, 😇! YahShua's face shines like the sun. His clothing flashes white as [pure] light.
  88. Matthew 17:5 While Peter {Rock} blabs [his un-biblical, nonsensical proposal for constructing Christian church buildings], suddenly a bright cloud overshadows the [group]. Suddenly [YAH's] voice [thunders] from the cloud, “This [YahShua] is my beloved son. He totally pleases me. [You, not so much.] So [be quiet]. Listen to him!”
    note: In other words, “Shut it, Peter. If I had wanted anyone to build church buildings, I would have told my son to command you to build church buildings. I don't want you to build church buildings. I want you to meet in houses, and camp out together, and meet in synagogues, and meet in the public squares, just like the Messiah. The last thing you mess-ups need is to be saddled with debt for building and maintaining church buildings!”
  89. Matthew 21:44 [YahShua points to own chest.] “Whoever stumbles on this ‘Stone’ gets broken, 😇. Whoever [I] fall on, [I] grind to powder.”
    note: Christ is good. But he's not ‘nice.‘ ‘Gentle Jesus away in the manger’ comes to stomp the evil world to bits. Avoid having his feet burst you like a grape!
  90. Matthew 27:37 Eventually [the soldiers] nail up over YahShua's head a hand-written sign [echoing] the ‘accusation’ [the Jews made up, that YahShua was conspiring to oust Herod and Ceasar from power over Judaea]: “THIS IS YAHSHUA, THE KING OF THE JEWS.”
  91. Mark 1:11 From heaven, [YAH's] voice thunders down, saying, “You [YahShua] are my beloved Son, my complete delight!”
  92. Mark 9:7 A cloud overshadows [& envelops YahShua, the resurrected prophets, and the 3 goons, 😇]. [YAH's] voice [thunders] out of the cloud, [Shut it, Peter!] This [YahShua] is My beloved Son. [Stop bleating about building church buildings!] Listen to YahShua!”
  93. Mark 11:10 —Blessed royal [son] of our ancestor [king] David {Love}! You come in the name of YHVH! Save us, Highest [King]!”
    note: The people see that Yahshua is royalty. So they expect him to take military command and immediately kick out the Romans. When Yahshua instead allows the Romans to beat him, the people logically assume that Yahshua is a fake.
  94. Mark 15:2 Pilate asks YahShua, “Are you the King of the Jews?” YahShua answers Pilate, “You say it.”
    note: [i.e. ‘The words are yours.’ or ‘You yourself go around telling people that I am the true King of Israel.’] Clever answer, avoiding legal joinder.
  95. Mark 15:39 A Roman centurion stands [trembling,] facing YahShua, marveling [at the Messiah's superhuman dignity, passion and bravery]. [Having witnessed YahShua] crying out and giving up His last breath, the centurion gasps, “Truly this man was the Son of God.”
  96. Luke 1:32 —YahShua [grows] great. [The angels] call him ‘Son of the Highest [Ha'Elyon].’ Adonai YHVH gives YahShua the throne of [king] David, [YahShua's] fore-father!
  97. Luke 2:52 YahShua grows in wisdom, [in] stature, and in favor with Elohim and man, 😇.
  98. Luke 3:22 Upon YahShua, [YAH's] Sacred Spirit descends in a form [resembling] a dove's body, 😇. [YAH's] ‘voice’ [thunders] from heaven, saying, “You [YahShua] are my beloved son. You [are the] delight of [my life]!”
  99. Luke 8:25 YahShua asks his disciples, “Where is your faith?” Awestruck, the disciples marvel, 😇. They ask one another, “What kind of man is [YahShua]?! He commands even the winds and water. And they obey him!”
  100. Luke 9:22 YahShua foretells, [I] (the ‘Son of Adam’) must endure much suffering. [Israel's] elders, chief priests and law-experts soon reject [me]. [They] murder [me]. But [YAH] raises [me from the grave] 3 [full] days [72 hours] later.”
    note: Correct Chronology of Christ's Death & Resurrection:
  101. In the grave Wed. night, Thu. (Passover), Fri., Sat. until sundown.
  102. Out of the tomb Sat. night.

  103. Luke 9:29 As YahShua prays, the appearance of his face changes. His clothing shines, dazzling white.
  104. Luke 10:22 My Father [YHVH] has given me authority over everything, 😇. Only [YHVH] the Father knows who [I, YAH's] son, am. And [no man knows] who [YHVH] the Father is, except [me] the son, and others to whom [I,] the son, reveal [YHVH] the Father.”
  105. Luke 12:9 But, 😇, whoever denies me before men, [I] disown [him] before the angels of [YHVH] the Eloah.
  106. Luke 13:17 YahShua shames all his adversaries with these words, 😇. The [rest of the] crowd rejoices. [They jump up and down, cheering] at all the wonderful [miracles] YahShua keeps doing.
  107. Luke 20:14 But when the sharecroppers see the owner's son, they scheme together, saying, ‘This is the [landowner's] heir! Come on, let's kill him! Then the inheritance will be ours!’
  108. Luke 22:20 Likewise, after supper, [YahShua lifts] the [wine] cup [which the apostles just shared. YahShua] says, [Your drinking from] this cup [signifies your acceptance of YAH's] New Covenant. [Tomorrow I seal that agreement with] the blood I pour out to [ransom] you [from Satan], 😇.
  109. Luke 22:70 The [religionists and their puppets] all ask, “So are you the son of [YHVH] the Eloah?” YahShua answers, “You yourselves show that I am.”
    note: This response means many things. First, Yahshua is being legally clever by not directly answering his accusers' question. Yahshua's response can be taken as, ‘You said it.’ OR ‘You know I am Yah's Messiah.’ OR ‘You show by your actions that I am the Messiah, because the scriptures predict that you religionists will assassinate the Messiah in exactly the way you're killing me.’
  110. Luke 24:27 Then, beginning at Moses and [proceeding through] all the prophets, YahShua explains to the 2 men the [myriad predictions and declarations] concerning himself that weave through all the scriptures.
    note: Yahshua here affirms the great and wondrous blessing that comes to us in the Old Testament Hebrew scriptures, which are alive and vital today for our enrichment and wisdom. A strange demonic religious spirit invades some groups like the U.S. ‘Church of Christ’, and some Mennonites. These people get deceived into thinking that the Old Testament is passed away and discounted and that only the New Testament contains instructions for the Ecclesia of today. Have no agreement with people so deceived. Such people are brazen enough to say that musical instruments should be banned from worship, on the false grounds that musical instruments do not appear in worship in the New Testament. Yahshua's words repel such lies. The Old(er) Testament is wonderful!
  111. John 3:35 —The Father [YHVH] loves [His] son [YahShua. YAH] has placed everything into [YahShua's] power-hand.
    note: YAH awards Yahshua authority over everything.
  112. John 5:23 [YAH made me chief judge of every being in the universe. So] all men come to honor [me, YAH's] son, just like they honor [YHVH my] Father. Any being who fails to honor [me, YAH's] son, is guilty of dishonoring [YHVH, my] Father, who sent [me, His] son.
  113. John 5:36 But the witness [who really confirms my authority] far exceeds JAHn. The workloads the Father gives me to accomplish are the exact tasks I execute. [I'm doing exactly what your scriptures predict the Messiah would do.] These [miraculous death-defying] actions [like smashing up your chamber of commerce in front of all your armed killer soldiers yet living to tell about it] bear witness about me. [My deeds prove] that [YHVH my] Father sent me [here to earth].
    note: Your works prove what's inside of you. Talk is cheap.
  114. John 6:46 —Not that any [mortal] human beside [me] has seen [YHVH] the Father. [I came] from [YHVH] the Eloah. [Only I] have seen the Father.
  115. John 6:55 For my flesh [Word] is true food, 😇. And my life-blood, [my death-defying obedience,] is genuine drink.
    note: For my words are food, and my wisdom is drink.
  116. John 10:14 I am the [ultimate] good shepherd, 😇. I know my ‘sheep.’ And my ‘sheep’ know me.
  117. John 12:45 And whoever experiences me, experiences [the living walking thoughts of YHVH] who sent me, 😇.
  118. John 14:7 If you knew me, you also would know [YHVH] My Father. So by now you know [YHVH]. And you've experienced Him.
    note: Yahshua is not ‘the Father.’ Rightly divide this word of truth: No mortal has seen the Father. But by knowing Yahshua you experience the Spirit of the Father. Seen = 3708 horao hor-ah'-o to stare at (compare #3700), i.e. to discern clearly (physically or mentally); to attend to; by Hebraism, to experience; passively, to appear: behold, perceive, see, take.
  119. John 15:23 😇, whoever hates me hates [YHVH] my Father.
  120. John 17:24 Father [YHVH], I want [my disciples whom] you've given me to live with me wherever I exist, so that [they] will experience my glory, which you've given me. For you loved me before the foundation of the kosmos.
  121. Acts 13:23 Using the seed of this man, David {Love}, YAH keeps his promise. [YAH] raises for Israel a Savior [named] YahShua.
    note: Everyone in the ‘church building’ starts bristling with hatred, furious, about to kill Paul.
  122. Ephesians 1:22 So YAH has put everything [in the universe and beyond] under YahShua's feet. [So obviously] YAH gives YahShua authority to be the Head over everything pertaining to [our] Ekklesia, 😇.
  123. Colossians 1:18 YahShua is the head of the [Christian political] ‘body,’ the Ekklesia. YahShua is the beginning, the firstborn from the dead. So YahShua holds preeminence over everything.
  124. Colossians 2:3 Inside the Messiah lie hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge, 😇.
    note: Get into Yahshua, and you get the treasure.
  125. Hebrews 2:9 The [only completed man] we [humans have ever] seen is YahShua. [YAH] brought YahShua down a bit below [the status of] the angels. For a brief time, [YahShua even] suffered death, 😇! By YAH's grace, YahShua tasted mortality [to keep eternal death from swallowing] every man. But now, YahShua is [eternally alive,] crowned with glory and honor.
  126. Hebrews 4:15 For we [believers] have a High Priest who is able to empathize with our weaknesses, 😇. [The devil] tempted YahShua in every respect, just as [evil] tempts us. The difference is: YahShua NEVER sinned.
    note: Yet, contrary to Merovingian fiction, Yahshua didn't have children with Mary Magdalene, and he didn't have lustful fantasies about her.
  127. Hebrews 5:9 [YAH brought YahShua] to perfect [complete obedient maturity, 😇]. Then YahShua became the author of eternal salvation for everyone who OBEYS him.
    note: Yahshua never sinned. But Yahshua learned techniques of obedience. Finally Yahshua was able to refuse to use His unlimited superpowers to rescue himself, even in the face of the most horrible deadly attacks imaginable.
  128. Hebrews 10:37 For in just a little while, 😇, the Coming One [YahShua visibly] arrives. He never delays.
    note: This was written 2000 years ago. So atheists claim that the Bible is lying, that our hope of Yahshua's return is in vain. Yet when you die, the next thing you see is Christ's 2nd coming. Death rockets you into your final trial the minute your heart stops beating. Are you ready? The <100 years you have remaining flashes by in the blink of an eye. You stand at judgment day before you realize what hit you.
  129. Hebrews 12:2 [We persevere by] looking to YahShua, the author and finisher of our faith. For the joy [YAH] set before Him, [YahShua] purposefully endured the shame of execution on a stake [as a criminal]. So now YahShua sits [established] at the right hand of the throne of YHVH.
  130. 1st John 2:23 Whoever denies [the authority of YahShua,] YAH's son, lacks [YHVH] the Father. But whoever [dutifully] acknowledges [the Sovereignty of YahShua] YAH's Son, has [a relationship with YHVH] the Father.
    note: You don't have anything to do with YHVH if you don't recognize that Yahshua of Nazareth is YHVH's own Son, and live out that recognition in righteous action.
  131. 1st John 4:2 Here, 😇, is how you recognize the Spirit of [YHVH] the Eloah: Every spirit is from YHVH if it reasons that YahShua [is YHVH's] Messiah, [the unlimited universal Sovereign who] came [to earth] in a physical body.
    note: ‘Jesus is Christ‘ means: “Jesus is every human's sovereign judge, lawgiver and king: the power to whom all authorities must bow, today.” Satan would admit that “Jesus came in a physical body.” So the test is: what authority do you follow? Jesus says to swear no oaths. So do you raise your right hand to a judge? The savior of all mankind, the Messiah sent by the Creator, the Savior spoken of in the scriptures of all religions, already came in a physical body. Christ liberated mankind from bondage to Satan, so that anyone who wants to be free to serve only YAH can now be free from the domination of all worldly powers. For instance, therefore we never need to pray a rosary or say ‘hail Mary.’ We don't have to bind ourselves into the Sinai covenant; nor get a passport (permission from one's worldly Sovereign) to travel internationally, nor swear forbidden oaths to get a driver's license to use a car on public roads, nor use a biblically-cursed national I.D. number.
  132. 1st John 5:12 Whoever has [a direct connection to YAH's] son has [Eternal] Life. Whoever lacks [a direct connection to] the ‘son’ of YHVH, has no life, 😇.
    note: Apostate Jews, listen up! If you're plugged into heaven's power, you shine heaven's light by doing good deeds for horrible people here on earth.
  133. Apocalypsis (Revelation) 5:5 One of the ancients says to me, “Stop crying! Watch. [YahShua,] the Lion of the tribe of Judah {Celebrated}, the Root of [king] David, has triumphed! [YahShua] is able to open the book. [He can] break its 7 seals.”
  134. Apocalypsis (Revelation) 5:6 I look, 😇. I see [YahShua,] a Lamb apparently murdered. [Yet he] stands in the midst of the throne, encircled [by] the 4 beasts and the [24] elders. The Lamb has 7 horns and 7 eyes. These [represent] the 7 Spirits [whom] [YHVH] the Eloah sends forth into all the earth.
  135. Psalms 110:3 [YAH continues speaking to the Messiah,] “On the day of your power, your people mobilize [to support you. You, arrayed in sacred majesty, descend] from the morning's womb [to rule the cosmos]. [You shine] in the dew of your [eternal] youth.”
  136. Psalms 118:22 [😇, never fear rejection.] The stone the builders refuse becomes the head cornerstone!
    note: You should want to be rejected by the world. The Creator loves us saints whom the world hates.
  137. IsaiYAH 9:1 Yet [Israel's] years of darkness and despair eventually pass, 😇. Yes, the [north Israeli] lands of Zebulun {House} and Naphtali {Wrestler} have suffered [pagan] beatings since birth. Yet the era approaches when Galilee, the pagan-infested [wasteland] lying along the road between the Jordan river and the [Mediterranean] sea, fills with [the Messiah's] glory.
    note: Early on, north Israel was attacked by Ben-Hadad, Syria's demon-possessed dictator.
  138. IsaiYAH 9:2 [Our] people stumble in darkness. But [in the future, they] see a great light, 😇. On the survivors in the land of the shadow of death, [YAH's son] shines bright.
  139. IsaiYAH 11:1 [But 732 years after Assyria destroys the Middle-east,] a ‘rod’, [the Messiah,] shoots forth from that old stump, [king David's Father,] Yashai (Jesse). A ‘Branch’ grows up from [Jesse's] roots:
    note: Yahshua.
  140. IsaiYAH 11:2 The spirit of YHVH comes to rest upon [the Messiah. YahShua walks in] the spirit of wisdom and understanding, the spirit of counsel and might, the spirit of [the] knowledge and awe of YHVH.
    note: Fulfilled in Luke 4:16-21. The Messiah lives in awe of YHVH, not the other way around.
  141. IsaiYAH 40:3 A [prophet's] voice cries [out] in the wilderness, “You, 😇! Prepare YHVH's road. Make a straight highway through the wilderness for our Sovereign!
  142. IsaiYAH 42:4 [The Messiah] never fails. He never cracks up [into despair]. He establishes Justice on earth. The furthest-flung coastlands: [the Americas and China, come to] trust in [YahShua's] Torah [Instruction].”
    note: A very impressive prediction. No historical figure can boast anything like Christ's scope of modern global influence. Christ's (estimated) birth year marks time on virtually every clock in the world! In contrast, Julius Caesar, Alexander, Napoleon, Muhammad, Socrates, Nebuchadnezzar, etc. are mere blips on history's radar.
  143. ZechariYAH 12:10 [Watch] Me pour out upon the house of David {Love}, and upon the inhabitant[s] of the City-Of-Peace, the spirit of graciousness and of earnest prayer. [Envision the Jews] looking upon & to me whom they have ‘stabbed’. [They] mourn over [YahShua the Messiah], as one mourns over his only son, in compassionate bitterness, like [a father drowns] in bitter [grief] over his [dead] firstborn.
    note: Penitent Jews look at the nail-prints in the resurrected Yahshua's hands. They realize that ‘Yeshu’ whom they rejected and sent to be crucified was and is their Hebrew Messiah: a sinless, loving man so close to YAH's heart that stabbing Yahshua is *like* stabbing YHVH himself. This does not mean, as some ill-informed Athanasian apologists clumsily deduce, that YahShua and Yahweh are the same being.
  144. Matthew 3:17 [Then YAH's] voice [thunders] from heaven, “This [YahShua] is my beloved son. I'm fully pleased with him.”
    note: Implying, ‘But I'm not pleased with the religionists who run Judea and north Israel.’
  145. Matthew 10:40 Whoever receives you, [my disciple,] receives me, 😇. Whoever receives me receives [YHVH] who commissions me.
  146. Matthew 13:54 YahShua travels to his own country [hometown of Nazareth]. There YahShua teaches the [people] in their synagogue. His [wisdom] mega-stuns them. So they ask, “From what [demonic devil-deal, what sorcerer's spell,] did this man [YahShua] get this wisdom? [How does he] perform these mighty miracle powers?”
    note: Yahshua's hometown-locals suspect that Yahshua has accepted the devil's offer, that Yahshua has sold his soul in exchange for massive occult powers.
  147. Matthew 14:33 So the men in the ship [stagger] forward. They prostrate [themselves on the deck at] YahShua's [feet]. They [gasp], “Truly you are Elohim's son.”
  148. Matthew 21:42 YahShua asks the religionists, “Do you never read the scriptures?: ‘The rock [which incompetent] builders reject becomes the corner-stone! [YHVH] the Adonai performs this marvel before our eyes!’”
    note: (Psalm 118:22,23)
  149. Matthew 24:23 😇, if someone says to you, ‘Look! Here’s the Messiah!’ or, ‘There's [Jesus]!’, don’t believe [the liar]!
    note: For instance, Gurus say that we are ‘the Christ,’ or they are ‘the Christ’.
  150. Matthew 25:13 So, 😇, watch [out]. [Stay alert.] For you know neither the day nor the hour when [I] the ‘Son of Adam’ come to [visibly] return [to smash the world-system].
  151. Matthew 26:28 —For this [wine symbolizes] my blood of the New Covenant, which [I] pour out to help many [people], to [buy them] freedom from sins.
    note: Aphesis = freedom, figuratively pardon.
  152. Mark 4:41 YahShua's disciples shake in [pants-wetting] terror, 😇. They ask each other, “Who [or what] is YahShua? Even the wind and the waves obey Him!”
  153. Mark 8:38 So, 😇, whoever is embarrassed about me and my words in this adulterous and sinful [human] race, [I] the ‘Son of Adam’ stand ashamed of him, when [I] reappear in the glory of [YHVH my] Father, [surrounded] by [his] holy angels.”
    note: For humility, Yahshua actually spoke of Himself in the 3rd person here.
  154. Mark 12:8 So, 😇, the bad stewards seize the landowner's son. They kill him. They hurl [his carcass] out of the vineyard.
  155. Mark 12:10 Have you [hypocrites] not read this scripture: ‘The rock the [mortal] builders reject becomes [heaven's] corner-stone:
  156. Mark 14:22 YahShua & his disciples continue eating. YahShua takes bread. He blesses it. He breaks it. He hands it to his disciples, saying, “Take, eat, 😇. This [bread represents] my body.”
  157. Luke 2:47 So everyone who hears YahShua [stands jaw-dropped], knocked-out by his insight and answers, 😇.
  158. Luke 3:16 JAHn answers the whole throng, “Yes, I baptize you with water. But [YahShua] comes. He is [the only man] mightier that I [am]. I'm not worthy to unlatch [YahShua's] sandals. [YahShua] soon immerses you in [YAH's] Sacred Spirit. [He baptizes] with fire, 😇.
  159. Luke 20:44 [14 generations ago, king] David calls the Messiah ‘Master.’ How could David's [14th-generation] grandson be David's Master, 😇?”
    note: A father doesn't call his son ‘Lord’. But Yahshua travels freely through time, making him existent before David was born.
  160. Luke 23:15 — Herod [also found YahShua innocent]. I sent you [religionites] to Herod [to prove YahShua's innocence]. Look, YahShua never did anything worthy of death!
  161. John 1:16 So from [YahShua's] generous completeness, 😇, all us [humans] receive one unmerited blessing after another.
  162. John 1:30 —This, 😇, is YahShua of whom I said, ‘After me comes a man whom [YAH] prefers [over] me. For [YahShua, as YAH's Word,] existed [long] before I [did].’
    note: Or, ‘Yahshua is superior to me.’
  163. John 1:33 —I didn't know [for sure that] YahShua was the ‘One.’ But [YAH's angel] (who sent me to baptize with water) said to me, ‘The [man] on whom you see [YAH's] Spirit descending and remaining, this is the One who immerses in Spirit: Sacred Spirit.’
    note: As usual, there is no ‘the’ before ‘Holy Spirit’ here.
  164. John 1:45 Philip {Horse-Lover} finds NathaniEl {Gift-Of-God}. [Philip runs up.] He says to [NathaniEl], “We've found [the Messiah], who the prophets, including Moses (in the Torah) wrote about! [He's] YahShua Josephson, from Nazareth!”
    note: Again, New Testament leaders confirm the Old Testament's validity.
  165. John 1:51 Then YahShua says to NathaniEL, “Yes, I tell you the rock-solid truth: one day you'll see heaven opening, and the angels of [YHVH] the Eloah ascending and descending upon [me] the [ultimate] ‘Son of Adam.’ [I'm the Stairway To Heaven!]
    note: Yahshua is the Stairway To Heaven.
  166. John 3:31 [YahShua,] the One who comes from above, towers high above anyone [ever born on earth]. We, 😇, are of the earth. So our understanding [& speech are] limited to earthly [trifles]. But YahShua comes from heaven. So we're all beneath YahShua.
  167. John 3:34 —For [YahShua,] whom [YHVH] the Eloah sent, speaks the Words of YHVH. For YHVH gives [His] Spirit to [YahShua] without measure or limit, 😇.
    note: Ho Theos (Hebrew: "The ELoha", meaning YHVH,) appears 3 times in this verse.
  168. John 3:36 —Everyone who [actively, fruitfully] believes in [YahShua, YAH's] son, has everlasting life, 😇. But anyone who remains stubborn toward [YahShua, (YAH's] son) fails to experience [eternal] life. The wrath of [YHVH] the Eloah stays on [everyone who fails to live out real belief in YahShua].”
    note: Abstractly ‘accepting Jesus as your lord and savior’ does not remove anyone's wrath from you. Belief is something you LIVE, not just something you think and say. Stubborn = (Greek) #544 ApeithOn + #3588 Un-persuading.
  169. John 4:26 YahShua says to [the slut], “I, the man talking to you, am [YAH's Messiah].”
    note: The first recorded instance of Jesus revealing himself as the Messiah takes place in despised Samaria, to a slutty despised woman from drunk-town. Jesus thus turns the conventional religious system on its head.
  170. John 4:42 These [despised Samaritans] say to the [slutty] woman, “Now we believe. But not because of your word. We heard YahShua ourselves. So we know he is indeed the Messiah, the Savior of the world.”
  171. John 5:41 I [YahShua] never receive [nor accept] glory, [honor, praise, prayer nor worship] from ANY human [anthropods].
    note: Why do deluded church people pray to Jesus? Jesus never asked for praise or honor or glory from people. Jesus doesn't accept human praise. It's offensive to him. It's like if somebody bowed down to you in a restaurant and called you ‘God.’ Embarrassing. Praising Jesus just means you didn't listen to what Jesus said. Jesus said to praise YAH only. It's not “HaleluJesus.” It's “HaleluYAH!”
  172. John 6:32 [The people's stomach-gods growl, thundering, demanding a sacrifice.] YahShua answers the [hungry] people, “I tell you the rock-solid truth: Moses did not give [your forefathers] the bread from heaven. [YAH did. And today] my Father YAH is giving you [me,] the True Bread from heaven.
  173. John 6:69 —We believe. We're sure that you are that [one promised ultimate] Messiah, the son of [YHVH] THE Eloah, the living Elohim.”
    note: All the church-lady translations lie riddled with lots of missing words and changed words. The text reads: the <3588> Son<5207> [of] THE<3588>THEOS<2316> THE<3588>living<2198> THEOS<2316>.
  174. John 7:46 The guards, [huffing and puffing, embarrassed to admit YahShua moved too fast for them,] answer, “No one ever spoke the way this man speaks.”
  175. John 8:14 YahShua answers the [phony] Pharisees, “I bear witness about myself. Yet my testimony remains accurate. For I [am the only mortal who] knows [heaven]. [It's] where I came from, and where I'm going. You can't [even] tell where I come from, and where I go.
    note: —not even moment to moment, when I'm standing right in front of your faces! You keep trying to murder me. But I vanish when your soldiers jump to grab, shoot or stab me. I leave you with clueless stares on your rat-faces. Ale-ale-lu-Yah; you can't catch me!
  176. John 12:32 Soon [Romans] lift me up from the earth. [Then I] draw all people to me.”
  177. John 14:11 Believe me, 😇: I live in [YHVH] the Father. And [YHVH] the Father [lives] in me. Or at least believe me on the evidence of the miracles [I manifest in front of you].
  178. John 16:28 From [YHVH] the Father I issued forth to enter the world, 😇. [Similarly] I soon leave the world, to return to [YHVH] the Father.”
  179. John 16:30 —Now we're sure that you know everything! [You know how to answer us before we even form the questions in our minds.] By this we believe that you issued from Elohim.”
  180. John 17:5 So now, Father [YHVH], glorify me alongside yourself with the splendor I shared with You before the world existed.
    note: This clearly demonstrates Yahshua's pre-existence, at least as YHVH's thoughts. Once you enter eternity, you can go anywhere in time and beyond time, like skipping around within your movie collection.
  181. John 18:6 As soon as YahShua says to the [mob], “I'm [YahShua from Nazareth]," the police and soldiers move, [stagger, trip, retreat] backward. They fall to the ground.
    note: ‘Ego Eimi’ (‘I am’) is a standard Greek phrase meaning ‘that's me.’ This verse does not prove that Yahshua was claiming here to be the ‘GREAT I AM’ of the Old Testament. Athanasians speculate that the power in the phrase ‘I AM’ pushed the soldiers back as if by a forcefield. The soldiers may have tripped, may have become emotionally overcome, scared because Yahshua had miraculously escaped many such attacks, etc. Who knows exactly in what manner and why the soldiers fell down. Of course, Yahshua has never been, is not now, and never will be Yahweh (aka Jehovah).
  182. John 19:5 YahShua [staggers] out [into the courtyard]. The crown of thorns [pierces his head]. [His blood drips] from his [tattered] purple robe. Pilate shouts to the [Judaean mob], “Behold the Man!”
    note: As portrayed in many famous paintings normally titled ‘Ecce Homo’.
  183. John 20:31 But [I] write these [accounts] so that you, 😇, will believe that YahShua is the Messiah, the son of [YHVH] the Eloah, and that [by] trusting [him] you come to [obtain] life, through [active, lifelong obedience] to YahShua's Name-Authority.
    note: Eternal life comes from obedience to Yahshua's authority, not merely praying ‘in the name of Jesus.’
  184. Acts 4:11 [YahShua] is the stone you builders rejected. [YAH] has made this [rejected stone] the cornerstone [of His Living Temple]!
    note: There is ZERO need to rebuild any temple in Jerusalem!
  185. Acts 4:27 Indeed: Herod and Pontius Pilate and their allies the beast-Nations [conspired] together with the people of Israel to fight Your holy child YahShua, whom You made Messiah.
  186. Acts 7:56 Stephen [cries], “Look! I see the opened heavens. [YahShua,] ‘the Son of Adam,’ stands at the right hand of [YHVH] the Eloah!”
  187. Acts 8:32 The eunuch reads [Isaiah 53:7-8], a passage from the Tanakh: ‘[Soldiers] lead [YAH's messenger] like a sheep to the slaughter. Like a lamb, silent facing the shearer, he refuses to open his mouth.
  188. Acts 9:4 Saul falls to the earth, 😇. He hears a voice saying, “Saul, Saul, why do you keep persecuting me?”
  189. Acts 10:43 All the prophets bear witness about YahShua, that through YahShua's Authority, whoever [bases his life of radical obedient action on] faith in YahShua will receive forgiveness of sins.”
    note: Belief in Jesus means DOing what he commands.
  190. Acts 22:8 I answer, ‘Who are you, Master?’ The voice answers me, ‘I am [the] Nazarene, YahShua, whom you [keep] hunting [like a rabid dog]!’
  191. 1st Corinthians 3:11 For no one can lay any foundation other than the one [YAH] already laid, which is YahShua, [YAH's] Messiah.
  192. 1st Corinthians 3:23 😇, you belong to [the] Messiah. And [the] Messiah belongs to YHVH.
    note: Yahshua is the property of YHVH. They are not co-equal.
  193. 1st Corinthians 15:57 But thank YAH, 😇. [He] gives us [believers] victory [over sin] through our [connection to] Master YahShua, [the] Messiah.
  194. 2nd Corinthians 5:16 So, 😇, from now on we [believers] don't look at anyone from a ‘fleshly’ viewpoint. Yes, we too once thought of the Messiah as just a ‘good man, [a wise prophet].’ But now we see YahShua is infinitely more: [YahShua is in a sense YAH's ‘son,’ the Eternal Word of YHVH.]
    note: Paraphrase
  195. Galatians 3:16 So YAH made promises to Abraham {Father-Of-Billions} and to Abraham's “seed.” (Singular.) YAH didn't say ‘seeds,’ as in ‘many seeds.’ Seed means just one seed, 😇. And that one seed-child is the Messiah.
    note: The primary object of the blessing of Abraham was Yahshua and the true (political) vine attached to Him, not the genetic Israelites in general. (Genesis 12:7; 13:15; 24:7)
  196. Ephesians 1:10 This is YAH's long-range plan, 😇: to unite everything in heaven and everything in earth [under the authority of] the Messiah, [who is YAH's heavenly thoughts in a human body].
  197. Hebrews 1:3 YahShua is the brightness of YAH's glory, 😇. [He's] the exact reflection of YAH's essence. [YahShua] upholds all that exists by YAH's powerful Word. YahShua purged our sins. Then he sat down, [enthroned] on the right hand of [YAH's] Majesty on high.
    note: An image in a mirror is not the same as the being the mirror reflects.
  198. Hebrews 7:24 But this man [YahShua], because He continues forever, holds an unchangeable priesthood.
  199. 1st John 4:9 This is how YHVH shows His Love to us, 😇: YHVH sent [YahShua], YHVH's only begotten son, into the world, so we could live through [our connection to] YahShua.
  200. 1st John 4:15 If anyone acknowledges that YahShua is the son of YHVH, [and thus actively obeys YahShua as the heir to all power in the universe,] YHVH lives in [the believer], and the [believer] lives ‘in’ YHVH.
    note: ‘Acknowledges’ means more than a simple verbal confession. To have the Creator live within you, you must actually obey Yahshua as the bearer of full authority of the Almighty Creator of the universe. Obeying YahShua often means disobeying the commands of tainted cops, judges, presidents, governors, officials, neighbors, clergy and family.
  201. 1st John 5:1 😇, all [of us] who [actively] believe that YahShua is YAH's [Sovereign] Messiah [have been] re-birthed by [the spirit of YHVH] the Eloah. And everyone who loves YHVH (YahShua's father) also loves YahShua, YHVH's son.
    note: If you love YHWH, you automatically love Yahshua, and vice versa.
  202. Apocalypsis (Revelation) 1:7 Watch, 😇! YahShua approaches [earth] in [a hurricane of] clouds! Every eye soon sees YahShua, even [the eyes] of the [murderers] who pierced him. All nations of the earth finally wail [for having ignored] YahShua. Guaranteed! [That's a] fact!
    note: (Amén!)
  203. Apocalypsis (Revelation) 1:14 [YahShua's] head and hair [shine] white like wool, white as snow, 😇. [YahShua's] eyes [flash] like flames of fire!
    note: Woolen hair implies an Afro. Presumably ‘head and hair’ means head-hair and other hair, such as arm-hair.
  204. Apocalypsis (Revelation) 1:16 [YahShua] holds 7 stars in his right hand, 😇. Out of his mouth [flies] a sharp two-edged sword. His face radiates [blinding light] like the [full] strength of the sun shining [in my eyes]!
  205. Apocalypsis (Revelation) 1:17 When I see [YahShua], I fall at His feet like a dead man. He lays His right hand on me. [He] says, “Fear not. I am the First [resurrected man] and the Last, [that is, the ultimate, man].
    note: Last = #2078 eschatos = uttermost. When YahShua uses the title ‘Alpha And Omega,’ it's in a less absolute sense than when YHVH uses it to refer to himself. YahShua is not the ‘prime mover.’ He is the ultimate human.
  206. Apocalypsis (Revelation) 1:18 - I [YahShua] am he who lives, yet was dead. See, 😇! I am the one [man] who lives for ages and eons, firmly [established by YAH]. I hold the keys of the Unseen [place of departed souls] and of death.
    note: Hades (#86) does not mean ‘hell,’ as in ‘place of conscious eternal torment.’ Hades literally means ‘the Unseen’. Hades equates to Hebrew ‘Sheol.’ Yahshua died, whereas YHVH can never die. What we call reality is YHVH singing.
  207. Apocalypsis (Revelation) 5:8 The Lamb holds the book. Then, 😇, the 4 [flying] creatures and [the] 24 ancient-ones fall down before the Lamb. Every one of [the elders] holds harps and golden vials full of aromas [incense]. [The smoke represents] the prayers of [us people whom YAH] separates [from the world-system].
  208. Apocalypsis (Revelation) 14:14 I look, 😇. I see a white cloud. Upon the cloud sits [YahShua. He] resembles [a] “son of Adam.” On [YahShua's] head [shines] a golden crown. In his hand [flashes] a sharp sickle.
    note: Daniel 7:13
  209. Leviticus 17:11 For the life of every creature is in its blood, 😇. So on the altar, I use [blood] to symbolize [my] covering [of mercy and protection] over your lives. For [in the future,] the [Messiah's] blood [will in a sense] protect the life [of everyone who comes to him].
    note: A prefiguration of Satan's murder of Christ, which provides the lawful grounds for our liberation from Satan's control. This and many other scriptures invalidate the myth of transubstantiation (drinking Christ's blood).
  210. Job 19:25 For I know that my redeemer lives. At last the [Messiah] will rise to stand on the dust [of this earth].
    note: He'll buy back my soul from the devil.
  211. Psalms 110:2 From [Mount] Zion, YHVH deploys [the Messiah, our] overpowering [royal] scepter, to rule [our] enemies all around [the universe], 😇:
  212. IsaiYAH 11:3 [The Messiah] lives-and-breathes reverent [obedience] to YHVH. [The Messiah] never judges by [merely] what his meat-eyes see. He never convicts [people] based on aural hearsay.
    note: Jesus fears YHVH. YHVH does not fear Jesus.
  213. IsaiYAH 11:10 [Armageddon passes, 😇.] Then [YahShua,] the “root” from [the stump of old dead] Yashai (Jesse), stands as a banner for [all] people. The beast-nations seek [YahShua. He gives] glorious rest [to mankind].
    note: Yahshua's ‘yoke’ is easy. His burden is light. Come to Yahshua, all you heavy burdened people, and he will give you rest. Alternate translation: "the place of Yahshua's rest (New Jerusalem) will shine glorious."
  214. IsaiYAH 32:2 This man [the Messiah] is [your] hiding place from wind[s of torment], 😇. [He's humanity's] storm-shelter in [life's] hurricane. [He's your] irrigation channel in this desert-world. [He's your] massive overshadowing crag in the [thirsty] land of heat-exhaustion.
    note: The Messiah's true disciples copy Christ by providing refuge and refreshment to the weary lives they touch.
  215. IsaiYAH 42:2 [The Messiah] never shrieks. He never raises [a rebellion], 😇. He never bleats [like a preacher or a peddler] in the street.
  216. IsaiYAH 42:3 [The Messiah] never snaps a bruised [human] ‘reed’, 😇. He never snuffs out anyone's smoldering ‘wick’ [of hope]. He brings [all] facts into [the stabilizing light of] justice.
  217. IsaiYAH 52:15 Yet [the Messiah] makes thousands of beast-nations jump for joy, 😇. Kings shut their mouths in awe of the untold visions and unheard-of thoughts [the Messiah reveals].”
    note: jump = nazah, not zarak (sprinkle). This also refers to how YHVH's people bless the world.
  218. JeremiYAH 23:5 Watch, 😇: the days come,” YHVH foretells, “when I raise for David {Love} a righteous Branch, a King who reigns using intelligence. [The Messiah comes to] execute justice and fairness [throughout] the earth.
    note: #6780 Branch = Zemach = the brightest star in the constellation called ‘Virgo.‘ ‘Branch’ here means a core sprout from the root, not a minor branch. The Messiah's government is the only lawful power on earth right now. However, mankind rejects Christ's government in favor of democracy.
  219. JeremiYAH 23:6 In [the Messiah's ultimate] days, [I] save [the tribe of] Judah {Celebrated}. Finally Israel comes to dwell in safety. So [Israelis] call [the Messiah], ‘Yhovah-Tsidqenuw {YHVH-is-our-righteousness}.’
    note: #3072 (Ye-Ho-VaW' tsid-kay'-noo) is a pseudonym for Jerusalem, and for the Messiah. It is based on the name of YHVH. This name is not, contrary to Catholic dogma, an indication that Jesus and YHVH are the same being. This verse (with the preceding verse 5) is used by Jews to discredit Jesus, because from Christ's birth to this day, Israel has remained a hotbed of violence. However, the Jews do not realize that the Messiah is still alive. His lifespan is not over. Therefore, this is a valid prophecy yet to be fulfilled in Christ's ongoing life. In well-meaning attempts to discredit strict monotheists like the Jehovah's Witnesses, countercult ministers misread this verse to imply that the Messiah IS Yahweh. This mistake is one of the fundamental errors of the "Oneness" Pentecostals.
  220. Ezekiel 21:27 Overthrow! Ruin! Destruction! [Now Israel's] kingdom dies until its rightful judge, [the Messiah] comes. I award him [the kingdom].
  221. Ezekiel 34:23 [Soon,] over [my flock] I set up one shepherd: my obeyer, [the son of] David {Love}. [The Messiah] comes to feed [my people, 😇]. He shepherds them.
  222. Ezekiel 34:24 I YHVH will be Elohim [over my flock,] with my obeyer, [Loving] ‘David’ as prince at their core. I YHVH speak [your future, 😇].
    note: Again demonstrating that the Messiah and YHVH are distinct beings, not parts of one 3-headed Trident god.
  223. ZechariYAH 3:9 See the stone I lay before JAHshua's face: a united stone with infinite wide-open eyes. [On the stone lie] engraved the oracles of YHVH-King-Of-All-Beings. Watch [the stone] remove the punishment ([for the] world's immorality) in one day.’
    note: Or 1 stone with 7 eyes. A reference to the Messiah destroying Satan's power by allowing Satan to murder him.
  224. Matthew 12:18 [YHVH says,] 😇, look [to YahShua] my servant. He's my chosen [one,] my Beloved [son], [the] delight of my life. I put my Spirit upon [YahShua]. [He] proclaims [my] judgment to [all] nations.
  225. Matthew 16:16 Simon-Peter {Rock} answers YahShua, “You are [YAH's] Messiah, the son of [YHVH] the Eloah, [the] living Elohim.”
    note: Jesus is YHVH's son. Jesus is not YHVH.
  226. Matthew 24:26 So, 😇, if people say to you, “Look, Christ is in the desert!”, don't you go look. If anyone says, “Look! The Messiah is in a secret room!”, don't believe them.
  227. Mark 14:23 YahShua takes a cup [of wine, 😇]. He gives thanks [to YAH]. Then he hands the cup to his disciples. They all drink from it.
    note: Possibly non-alcoholic juice.
  228. Luke 2:34 Simeon {Listener} blesses [Joseph &] YahShua's mother [Mary]. [Then he] warns Mary, “See [your future]! This child [YahShua] comes to cause many [people & spiritual powers] in Israel to fall. And [he makes others] rise. [YahShua] becomes a [symbol of YHVH]. Many people speak against [your son].
    note: This child will be rejected, misunderstood and contradicted by many in Israel, to their destruction. But Yahshua will be the greatest joy to many others.
  229. Luke 2:40 The child [YahShua] grows [taller, 😇]. He becomes strong in Spirit, filled with wisdom. Elohim's [favored divine] influence [rests] upon YahShua.
    note: Grace.
  230. Luke 9:20 YahShua asks his disciples, “But who do you say I am?” Peter {Rock} answers, “[You are] the Messiah of [YHVH] the Eloah.”
  231. Luke 9:31 Moses & EliJah speak about YahShua's ‘Exodus’ [from life,] which YahShua is soon to accomplish in Jerusalem.
    note: Yahshua, by dying, led YAH's people out of the devil's nations, just as Moses led the ancient Israelites out of pagan Egypt. Think of your own death as an Exodus from ‘Egypt life’ through a scary ordeal that (hopefully) moves you to the ‘Promised Land’.
  232. Luke 17:22 YahShua predicts to his disciples, “The days [rapidly] approach when you [cry for me, desperately homesick for] of one of these [glorious] days [you spent with me,] the [ultimate] ‘Son of Adam.’ But [physically, I'll be invisible]. You won't see [me with your meat-eyes, 😇].
    note: To find me, you have to journey deep inside your heart to where [hopefully] YAH has Dominion.
  233. Luke 20:42 [Ancient king] David {Love} himself says in the book of Psalms, “YHVH says to my Master, ‘Sit at my Right hand—
  234. John 1:34 —I saw [the ‘Spirit-dove’ choose YahShua]. So, 😇, I testify that [YahShua] is the ‘son’ of [YHVH] the Eloah.”
  235. John 1:41 First thing, Andrew {Manly} tracks down his own brother Simon {Listener}. Andrew says to Simon, “We've found [YAH's] Messiah!” [The closest Greek can get to Messiah is:] “the Christ.”
    note: ‘Messiah’= ‘One whom [YAH] has anointed / chosen.’
  236. John 1:49 [Gasping, slack-jawed], NathaniEl answers YahShua, “Rabbi, you're the son of [YHVH] the Eloah! You're the King of Israel!”
    note: No one far away could have seen NathaniEl where he had, hours earlier, been sitting alone. So Nathaniel realizes that Yahshua has super-powers.
  237. John 3:2 Nike-Man tells YahShua, “Rabbi, [even though most of my fellow paid-preacher Pharisees are conspiring to assassinate you,] we know you're a teacher sent by Elohim, for no man can do these miracles you do, unless [YHVH] the Eloah is with him.”
  238. John 4:10 YahShua answers the [slut], “If you knew what [YHVH] the Eloah gives, and who is asking you for a drink, you would've asked [me]. [I] would've given you Living Water.
  239. John 11:27 Martha answers YahShua, “Yes, Adoni. I believe that you are the Messiah. You're the son of [YHVH] the Eloah. [All the ancient Prophets predicted you] would come into the world.”
  240. John 14:9 YahShua answers Philip {Horse-Lover}, “I've been with you such a long time, and yet you haven't known me, Philip? Whoever sees me experiences [YHVH] the Father! How can you then say, “Show us the Father?”
    note: #3708 horao = to stare at; by Hebraism, to experience.
  241. John 18:38 Pilate asks YahShua, “What is truth?” Then Pilate, [without waiting for an answer, turns from the Living Truth. Pilate stomps] out again to [face] the Jews. [He] declares to them, “I find no fault at all in YahShua.
  242. John 19:33 The soldiers stomp [through the blood-mud] to YahShua. [They swing their clubs to break his legs. But they stop,] seeing he's already dead, 😇. So they don't break his legs.
  243. Acts 10:36 [YAH] sent [the Good News] message to the children of Israel. [He] heralded peace through YahShua, the Messiah (who is Sovereign over everything [in the universe and beyond].
    note: Except that Yahshua is subordinate to YHVH, of course.
  244. 1st Corinthians 2:2 I decided that among you I would ‘forget’ all [my Doctoral expertise]. I'd focus [everything I said on] YahShua the Messiah, a [man whom religionists] impaled on a stake!
  245. 1st Corinthians 15:25 For YahShua reigns [forever in both directions, past and future, 😇]. [YAH] puts all [YahShua's] enemies under his feet.
    note: paraphrase.
  246. Colossians 2:9 YahShua permanently embodies the complete spectrum of divine qualities.
    note: Yahshua is not the same being as YHVH. YHVH is still superior to Yahshua. Yahshua is a “chip off the ol' block.”
  247. Colossians 2:10 And you, 😇, live complete in [union with] YahShua. [As crown prince under YHVH, YahShua] is the head of all rule and authority [principality and power].
  248. Colossians 3:17 And whatever you say or do, 😇, do everything in the Name-Authority of Master YahShua. [Constantly] thank [YHVH, our] Eloah and Father, for [sending YahShua].
    note: ‘Dia’ can mean ‘through’, ‘via’, or ‘for’. This verse is normally translated into church-speak gobbledygook, suggesting wrongly that you have to pray ‘through’ Jesus to speak to YHVH. In fact, you can pray directly to YHVH.
  249. Hebrews 2:7 [Yet] You [YAH] took [YahShua, the Son of] Adam, [who, physically speaking, was a] little [worm temporarily] beneath [the feet of] your [servant] angels. [You] crowned [him] with glory and honor, and set [him] over [all] the works of Your hands.”
  250. Hebrews 7:26 YahShua is the kind of high priest we need, 😇. He [shines] holy and blameless, unstained by sin. [YAH] has forever set YahShua apart from sinners. YAH [permanently] awarded [YahShua] the highest place of honor in heaven.
    note: We humans are the lowest form of spiritual life in the universe. Anything less would be a brute beast. We are the one-celled amoebas of the spirit realm. So YAH chose the most humble one of us humans to be the king of the universe and beyond! What makes us so important is that we are so UNimportant.
  251. Hebrews 7:28 The Torah [of Moses] makes men with weaknesses into priests, 😇. So, long after Moses gave [the Israelites] the Sinai {Bush} Code, YAH swore an oath to consecrate his perfected son (YahShua) [as our] permanent and ultimate High Priest.
  252. 1st Peter 2:22 YahShua committed zero sins, 😇. No deceit ever lived in YahShua's mouth.
    note: (Isaiah 53:9) Yahshua didn't even lust at the sight of any of the thousands of beautiful ladies who would have given him their bodies at his slightest wink.
  253. 1st Peter 3:22 YahShua has entered Samayim [heaven]. He [sits enthroned] at the right hand of YHVH. [YAH has permanently rendered all] angels and authorities and powers subject to YahShua.
  254. 2nd Peter 1:17 [Atop a mountain, I saw] YahShua receive honor and glory from YHVH the Father. [The amazing] voice [of YAH's angel] rained down on YahShua from the Majestic [Sh’khinah] Glory, [declaring,] [YahShua] is my beloved son, the focus of my delight!”
    note: Yahshua is in a sense the son of YHVH, although not a clone nor persona nor a triple Siamese-twin of YHVH, which as the Jews and Muslims point out, would violate the basic principles of monotheism [the Shema]. (Matthew 17:5; Mark 9:7; Luke 9:35)
  255. 1st John 2:22 Who is [the great] liar? Whoever denies that YahShua is [YAH's] Messiah. An ‘Anti-Messiah’ is anyone who denies [the authority of YHVH] the Father and [His] son.
    note: Every Jew has a big decision to make. Believing in Jesus is not enough. If you disobey Christ, you're an antiChrist.
  256. Apocalypsis (Revelation) 1:15 YahShua's feet [glimmer, 😇,] like fine brass, as if burned in a furnace. YahShua's voice [rushes] like the sound of many waters.
    note: Burned brass is the color of African skin, suggesting that Jesus was darker and more African than generally assumed. Since Yahshua's foot-skin is burnt bronze, we assume his facial skin is also colored burnt bronze, like an African-American. Of course, YahShua can shapeshift, as shown in the gospels' post-resurrection accounts.
  257. Apocalypsis (Revelation) 2:18 And to the angel of the Ekklesia in Thyatira {Daughter-City} write, “YahShua, (the son of YHVH), has eyes like a flame of fire. YahShua's feet [shine] like fine brass, 😇. YahShua decrees the following:
    note: Thyatira = another center of worship of pagan gods: Apollo and Artemis.
  258. Exodus 12:47 The whole Community of Israel must [celebrate the Passover Feast].
    note: That means now, in the New Covenant, Christians (engrafted into Israel) are commanded to keep the Passover Feast in honor of Yahshua, the ultimate Passover Lamb.
  259. 1st Chronicles 17:12 [The Messiah comes to] build Me a dynasty. I establish his throne forever.
  260. IsaiYAH 9:3 [YAH] multiplies [Israel's] population. [He] spirals their joy from [the grave to the sky]. The [Messiah reaps his] harvest [of souls. His disciples] radiate elation before [YAH's] face, 😇, like men light-up [in triumph] as they divide their [enemy's] spoil.
  261. IsaiYAH 28:16 So Adonai YHVH decrees, “Watch, 😇! On [bright, shining mount] Zion, I lay a structural stone [to support all humanity. The Hebrew bible is] a tested, [proven] rock-base, a valuable cornerstone [for the world to build on]. So construct [your life on my] sure foundation, 😇. Then you won't [have to] flee [from your enemies].
    note: Ultimately a reference to the Messiah YahShua (Jesus). From Israel, the tiny sliver of land smaller than southern California, YAH spreads his unique blueprint for human life to the ends of the earth.
  262. IsaiYAH 42:1 [YAH continues,] “Look [forward through time], 😇. See [the Messiah,] my servant. [I] hold [him in the palm of my hand]. [He's] my elect, my life's delight. I put my spirit upon him. He brings justice out to [all] beast-nations.
  263. IsaiYAH 52:13 [YAH foretells,] [The world] watches my obeyer prosper, 😇. I lift him high, soaring above [the evil world].
  264. Ezekiel 17:22 Adonai YHVH predicts, “I grab [a shoot] from the highest branch of the highest cedar. I take it. I crop off the topmost young tender twig. I plant it on a high, prominent mountain.
  265. Ezekiel 17:23 I plant [coming Christ] on the highest mountain of Israel. Soon he shoots out branches. He bears fruit [like] a robust cedar. Under [him] come to dwell all birds of every wing. They thrive in the shadow of the [Messiah's] ‘branches.’
  266. Matthew 10:32 So whoever acknowledges me before men, I [stand up for and defend] him, facing [the Judgment throne of YHVH] my Father in heaven.
    note: ‘Acknowledging Yahshua’ means more than just calling yourself a Christian. Acknowledging Yahshua means to trumpet to other people that Yahshua is YAH's Messiah, YAH's Crown Prince over the entire Universe, and that all (including ‘Christians’) who disobey Yahshua's commands get burned up and destroyed. Stand up for Yahshua against world opinion. Then he stands up for you on Judgment day.
  267. Matthew 10:33 But whoever denies me before men, 😇, I deny him before [YHVH] my Father in heaven.
  268. Matthew 11:6 [YAH] blesses everyone who [resists the urge to get] offended by My [radical behaviors and teachings].”
  269. Matthew 12:6 I reveal to you that in this [field right in front of your blind religious faces] is [me,] a [being] greater than the [Jewish] Temple.
  270. Matthew 12:23 And all the people [gawk, 😇,] amazed. They exclaim, “Could this [YahShua] be the [long-awaited Messiah — the] ‘Son of David?’”
  271. Matthew 22:44 [David says,] “YHVH says to my Adon, ‘You, [Messiah,] sit [enthroned] at My right hand. [Watch Me] put your enemies under your feet.’”
    note: ‘Footstool’ is a wooden, silly translation.
  272. Matthew 25:31 Finally [I], the ‘Son of Adam’ appear in [my] glory. All [heaven's] holy angels surround me. [I] sit upon [my] splendid throne.
    note: Yahshua, being humble, in the original text refers to Himself in the 3rd person.
  273. Mark 1:28 Immediately YahShua's fame spreads [like wildfire] throughout the whole countryside around Heathen Circle [Galilee].
  274. Mark 6:2 Sabbath day comes. YahShua starts to teach in the synagogue [where he grew up]. Crowds stand astonished when they hear him [speak], 😇. They rave, “Where did this man get all this [insight and talent]? What wisdom has been given to him! What [makes] such miraculous powers flow from his hands?
  275. Mark 12:6 The “landowner” [YHVH] has only 1 son: [the Messiah], his dearly-beloved. So, finally, the landowner sends His son to the bad stewards, reasoning, “They'll respect my boy.”
  276. Mark 12:36 For [king] David himself, [inspired by YAH's] Sacred Spirit, said, ‘YHVH [the Father] says to [YahShua] my Master, ‘[Messiah,] you sit at My Right Hand. [Watch] Me bury your enemies under your feet.’
    note: (Psalm 110:1)
  277. Mark 15:9 Pilate answers the multitude, “Do you want me to release to you [YahShua Josephson], the King of the Jews?”
  278. Luke 2:32 [YahShua is] a fire to enlighten all Nations. [YahShua is] the glory of your people Israel.”
  279. Luke 4:20 YahShua rolls up the scroll, 😇. [He] hands it back to the attendant. Then [YahShua] sits down. Everyone in the synagogue fastens their eyes on him.
  280. Luke 4:22 Everyone [in the congregation] flatters YahShua. [They're] amazed to hear such appealing words coming from his mouth, 😇. But they [make light of him, saying,] “Isn't YahShua [merely that old handyman] Joseph's son?”
  281. Luke 20:41 YahShua interrogates the [religionists], “How can people call [the] Messiah the ‘son of David {Love}’?
  282. Luke 23:8 [False transvestite-king] Herod sees YahShua. [Herod] immediately [bubbles over in gay-glee,] extremely glad: “For years I've craved to see you. I've heard many [rumors] about you. Please let me watch you do a miracle!”
  283. John 1:36 JAHn and his 2 disciples watch YahShua walking [beside the river]. JAHn [shouts], “Look, 😇! [That guy walking is my cousin YahShua,] the Lamb of [YHVH] the Eloah!”
  284. John 4:25 The woman says to YahShua, “I know that [YAH's anointed] Messiah (a.k.a. ‘Christ’) is coming. When [the Messiah] gets here, he'll tell us the whole truth. [Then we won't be struggling in quicksand-lies from fake preachers in stone temples.]
  285. John 8:42 YahShua answers the Jews, “If [YHVH] the Eloah were your Father, you'd love me. For I was conceived [by] and came from [YHVH]. I did not come on my own [authority or power]. Rather, YHVH sent me.
  286. John 13:3 ([YHVH] the Father has given everything into [YahShua's] power-hands, 😇. YahShua knows this, because he flows from Elohim, and is returning to [YHVH] the Eloah.)
  287. John 15:1 I'm the true vine, 😇. [YHVH] my Father is the [ultimate] vine-grower.
    note: vine ≠ farmer. So obviously YHVH and Yahshua are not the same being.
  288. Acts 13:25 As JAHn [the Baptizer] completes his work, he says, ‘Who do you think I am? I'm not [the Messiah]. No. [The] coming [Messiah] supersedes me. I'm not worthy to untie his sandals.’
  289. Romans 15:12 Then later, Isaiah announces: ‘The Root of Yashai (Jesse) comes to spring up [on earth]! [The] One [Messiah] arises to rule over [all] nations. [Even] beast-nations [eventually put their] hope in [YahShua]!’
  290. 1st Corinthians 1:23 Yet we [believers], 😇, go on proclaiming a Messiah [whom religionists] executed on a stake [as a criminal]! To Jews the [messiah message] is an obstacle. And to Greeks it's nonsense.
  291. Ephesians 1:20 [YAH vitalizes us, 😇, with the same power] he [used to] energize the Messiah, when He raised YahShua from the dead and [then] seated YahShua at His right hand in the heavenly realms!
  292. Colossians 1:19 It pleases [YHVH] the Father to permanently house full [Dominion over everything] in YahShua's [power].
    note: The word ‘his’ is usually inserted by Trinitarian translators to imply that YAH lives completely inside of Yahshua. The text does not say this.
  293. 1st Timothy 3:16 The formerly hidden mystery of [YAH's] sacred Amazing Revelation is vast, beyond all investigation, 😇. [YahShua] Emmanuel shone physically. He proved [himself] spiritually righteous [by loving his murderers]. Angels saw him [rise from the dead]. [Thousands of people have already] heralded [YahShua's reign] among the nations. [People] throughout the world continue to trust [their lives to him]. [So YAH] raised [YahShua] up in majesty.
    note: EmmanuEL = Elohim with us. Yet Yahshua is not YHVH. Theorists such as the Oneness Pentecostals erroneously derive their false Sabellian-style Modalism from this verse.
  294. Hebrews 1:8 But to [his] son, [YAH says], “Your throne, O elohim, [lasts] for ever and ever. The rod [with which you rule] your Kingdom is [not the fasces of military force, but] the scepter of righteousness.
    note: A rare example of "ho theos" referring to anything other than YHVH the Father. Note that the article "the" does not appear in the Hebrew text of the bridal Psalm 45:6, which this verse is quoting out of context.
  295. Hebrews 1:13 And 😇, to which of the angels did YAH ever say, “Sit at my right hand, until I put your enemies under your feet”?
  296. Hebrews 2:8 Note, 😇, that YAH gave dominion over everything to [YahShua, the ‘Son of Adam’]. [YAH] excludes nothing from [YahShua's] authority. However, we [mortals] are yet to see the full completion of [YahShua's] control. [Mankind has yet to get control of himself.]
    note: (Psalm 8:4-6), making a dual reference to Yahshua and to mankind, in their respective capacities.
  297. Hebrews 2:16 So, 😇, YahShua truly did not come [to earth] as an angel. [Instead,] YAH's Word became a man, a “seed [child]” from Abraham's body.
  298. Hebrews 4:14 We, 😇, have a great High Priest: YahShua, YHVH's son. YahShua has risen into the heavens. Seeing that, let's hold firmly to what we SAY we believe.
    note: It's easy to spout a doctrinal statement of beliefs. That talk saves no one. Walking in obedient faith: that's what saves.
  299. 1st Peter 1:11 The Spirit of the Messiah lived inside the [ancient Hebrew] Prophets, predicting the sufferings the Messiah would go through, and the glorious cascade of miraculous events that would follow [YahShua's] life, death and resurrection. The prophets searched to know the time and circumstances of these incredible events that are happening in our lifetimes, to us, 😇!
  300. 1st Peter 2:6 [YahShua is who Isaiah 28:16 talks about:] “Look, 😇! In Zion I, [YAH,] lay a Chief Cornerstone. [He is my] chosen, precious [one]. Whoever [bases his life on YahShua] never [stays permanently] put to shame.”
  301. 1st John 4:14 We [apostles] have seen and we testify that [YHVH] the Father sent His son [YahShua to earth] to be the Savior of the cosmos.
  302. Apocalypsis (Revelation) 5:7 [YahShua, the Lamb] comes and takes the scroll out of the right hand of YHVH who sits upon [heaven's supreme] throne.
  303. Deuteronomy 10:15 Yet YHVH held [so tightly] to your ancestors, he loved them above all people, enough to choose their seed-child, [the Messiah yet to be] descended from you [Israelites]. [That's why you're still YAH's chosen people] today.
    note: Literally, seed (singular) = the Messiah.
  304. 1st Chronicles 17:13 I father [the Messiah]. [The Messiah] is my son. I never take my mercy away from [YahShua], as I took it from [Saul,] who [I de-throned] before you, [David].
  305. Psalms 2:12 Kiss [YAH's] ‘son’, or his anger [fires] into a raging blaze. You die on your [wicked] path. Everyone who flees to [YAH's ‘son’] for protection gets blessed.
  306. Psalms 89:36 [David's] seed [the Messiah] will endure forever. His throne [will shine] like the sun before my face.
  307. Psalms 89:37 I'll establish [the Messiah's] throne [to endure] for eon[s], like the moon. [YahShua will be my] faithful [stable] witness, like [the north star] in [your] sky.” Selah {Dramatic-Break}.
  308. IsaiYAH 42:6 “I (YHVH) call you, 😇, to [set the world] right. I hold your hand. I guard you. I give you to [earth's] people as a covenantal-bridge [back to me]. [I shine you as a] light to [illuminate reality for] the beast-nations.
    note: Luke 2:32 quotes this verse. ‘Light to the nations’ especially refers to Christ. This verse also applies to all believers, as agents of the Messiah.
  309. IsaiYAH 52:14 [Thousands of people stare] dumbstruck [as soldiers beat my servant's body until he's] more disfigured than any man, [looking more like a monster than] a son of Adam, 😇.
    note: Simultaneously a prediction of the Messiah's crucifixion, and the repeated history of YAH's people getting beat up by the world-system.
  310. JeremiYAH 33:15 In the [coming] days, in [earth's final] era, from David's [descendants], I raise [YahShua] the [Messiah, the] ‘Root-Branch of righteousness’. [YahShua comes to] execute justice, to fix the world.
    note: The Messiah's earthly government has been in place for 2000 years. But the world's political systems continually rage in rebellion against him.
  311. ZechariYAH 6:12 Speak to [JAHshua]. Say, “YHVH-Commander-Of-Armies decrees: ‘Behold [heaven's] man! His name is [the] BRANCH. He soon sprouts out from his lowly position. He rebuilds the temple of YHVH.
    note: “The Branch” here refers ultimately to YahShua (Jesus) the Messiah building a temple made of living stones: people.
  312. ZechariYAH 6:13 [Together you] reconstruct YHVH's sanctuary! [It returns to] bear glory [& splendor]! [See the future: JAHshua] sits and rules upon his throne! [He] becomes a priest covered in authority. [He] harmoniously combines [the positions of king and priest] in unity with [YHVH's] plan of peace.”
    note: Refers primarily to Yahshua of Nazareth, the Messiah, a ruler of a kingdom with no separation between ‘church’ and state. The ultimate temple is the body of all cooperative saints.
  313. ZechariYAH 13:7 [See the pattern, 😇: The religion-backed] sword [of military force] awake[s] against my Shepherd, against my companion, the valiant Master,” says YHVH-Commander-Of-Armies. [Evil people] strike the Shepherd. So [his] sheep-flock scatter. [Then] I [smack] my back-hand against the ignoble [small-minded hypocrites who hurt My true prophet and his humble followers].
    note: Refers obliquely and ironically, to all of Yahshua's disciples leaving him on the night he was arrested and beaten.
  314. Matthew 2:11 The wise men [race their camels to the town. Finally,] they enter [Joseph's] house. They see [YahShua] the young child [playing] with his mother Mary. The wise men fall down. They worship YahShua. They open their treasures. They present YahShua [with] gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh.
    note: The wise man saw a boy, not a baby. Jesus had long ago left his birth-cave and grown up. He was in a house, not a nativity scene. Giving gifts (such as gold and valuable spices) to royalty is the expected custom when appearing before a king. Jesus alone was the recipient of the gifts. Others did not exchange gifts among themselves.
  315. Matthew 11:3 JAHn's 2 followers [travel far. Finally they arrive.] They ask YahShua, “Are you [the Messiah] whom [YAH promised would] come [to earth]? Or should we look for another [Messiah]?”
    note: Jews, take note.
  316. Matthew 13:37 YahShua [smiles], 😇. He answers his disciples, “The ‘farmer’ who plants the Good Seed is [me,] the ‘Son of Adam'.
  317. Matthew 13:56 And YahShua's sisters, aren't they all [here] with us? So where could YahShua have gotten all of this [so-called power and wisdom? YahShua must be some kind of warlock!]
    note: Who does Yahshua think he is? What makes Yahshua so great?
  318. Matthew 16:13 YahShua [travels] into the territory around Caesarea Philippi {Horse-City}. YahShua asks his disciples, “Who do men say that [I,] the ‘Son of Adam,’ [am]?”
    note: Yahshua constantly refers to himself as a mortal anthropod (son of Adam), so that people will understand that Yahshua was not a literal incarnation of YHVH the Father.
  319. Matthew 16:14 YahShua's disciples answer, “Some people say [you're] JAHn the Immerser. Some say [you're] EliYah. Others say [you're] JeremiYah {YAH-Rises}, or some other prophet.”
    note: But nobody of that time called Jesus, ‘God.’
  320. Matthew 21:10 YahShua's [triumphal] ride into Jerusalem rocks the whole metropolis. [Amazed,] everyone asks, “Who is this [king]?!”
    note: #4579 seio = rock, agitate, shake, quake. Jesus never bores you. He rocks you. Jesus has nothing in common with a snooze-inducing lecture-preacher.
  321. Matthew 22:42 YahShua asks, “What do you think about [YAH's] Messiah? Whose son is he [supposed to be]?” The Pharisees answer, “[The Messiah is] the ‘son’ [i.e. descendant] of David {Love}.”
  322. Matthew 22:43 YahShua asks the [know-it-all] Pharisees, “How is it then that [in Psalm 110:1, ancient king] David, speaking by [YAH's] Spirit, calls [his own unborn great grandbaby] the Messiah, ‘Sovereign’?
    note: Not “Adonai”, the term reserved solely for YHVH, but Adonai's diminutive: #113 'adown / adon; (meaning to rule); sovereign, i.e. controller (human or divine), lord, master, owner.
  323. Matthew 22:45 Since David calls [the] Messiah ‘Adon {Lord}’, how could the Messiah be David's descendant?”
    note: People don't call their children ‘Lord’. How could someone be your Lord/Master and your unborn grand-kid at the same time? Only if your descendant was resurrected from mortality and exalted into eternity, outside of time.
  324. Matthew 22:46 No man can answer YahShua one word. From that day until [his trial], no [antagonistic] man dares ask YahShua one single question, 😇.
    note: Knowing they can't beat him or buy him, the Satan-serving religionists throw their full effort into murdering their Messiah, as Christianites do to true prophets today. The entire establishment class of politicians, lawyers, doctors, judges, kings and priests of the Judeo-Roman empire could not answer Yahshua's wisdom, no matter how hard they tried. So instead of recognizing that Yahshua was their King, they all teamed up to kill him. That's human nature.
  325. Luke 3:21 [But one day, before Herod throws JAHn into prison,] JAHn works [all day], baptizing whole crowds of people [one by one. That day] YahShua [humbles himself by wading into the river]. [JAHn] baptizes [YahShua]. YahShua [comes up out of the water,] praying. The heavens open, 😇.
  326. Luke 4:21 YahShua starts to reason with the congregation: “You've just heard Scripture make history. IsaYAH's prediction came true just now, right here as you heard me read it.”
  327. Luke 4:37 YahShua's fame spreads, 😇. [It saturates] the whole countryside surrounding [the Heathen Circle].
  328. Luke 23:47 The [Roman commander] centurion sees all this. [Terrified,] he praises [YHVH] the Eloah. The [commander gasps, “Oh no!] This [YahShua] was an innocent man!”
  329. John 7:40 The crowd hears YahShua's words. Immediately many of the people conclude: “Truly, this [YahShua] is ‘[Our long-awaited Hebrew savior] Prophet.’”
  330. John 8:49 YahShua answers, “I am not [possessed by] a demon. I'm honoring my Father. But you dishonor me.
  331. John 9:37 YahShua answers the [ex-blind] man, “You've seen the ‘Son of Adam:’ [me,] the man talking with you!”
  332. John 13:31 Then YahShua says, “Now [YHVH] the Eloah glorifies [himself] by glorifying [me,] the [ultimate] ‘Son Of Adam.’”
    note: Yahshua sees past the problem to the light at the end of the torture-tunnel.
  333. John 19:14 (It's about noon on [Wednesday,] the day of Preparation of Passover Week, 😇.) Pilate [shouts] to the Jews, “Behold your King!”
    note: The Procurator of Rome several times declares Yahshua to be King. Jesus died on Wednesday, not Good Friday, despite much deluded Christianite mis-teaching.
  334. Acts 2:33 So [YahShua sits] exalted at the right hand of YAH. [YahShua] received from [YHVH] the Father the promised Sacred Spirit. [YahShua] now pours out this [miracle of supernatural languages,] as you see and hear today!
  335. Acts 4:28 [Yet] You, [YHVH], arrange [world-affairs] to accomplish everything Your hand and Your will predetermine [we earthlings] do.
  336. Acts 9:5 Saul asks, “Who are you, Adoni?” Master [YahShua] replies, “I'm YahShua, the [guy] you keep persecuting.”
    note: Some manuscripts also say: ‘It is hard for you to kick against goads.’
  337. Acts 10:38 [You know] how YHVH anointed YahShua of Nazareth [with] Sacred Spirit and power, and how YahShua traveled around doing good [deeds] and healing everyone oppressed by the devil, because YHVH stuck with YahShua.
  338. Acts 26:23 [Moses & the other Hebrew Prophets predict] that [YAH's] Messiah will suffer, and that he [YahShua] will be the first to rise from the dead, and [that] he will show light to [Israel's] people and to the beast-nations.”
  339. Romans 1:4 With power, by resurrecting [YahShua] from the dead, Elohim declared [YahShua] to be His Sacred-Spirit [born] ‘son’, 😇.
  340. Romans 11:26 And so, 😇, [YAH] eventually saves all [true spiritual] Israelis. As [Isaiah and Jeremiah] write: “Out of Zion comes [YahShua] the Deliverer: he banishes all unholiness from Jacob's [lineage].
    note: True Israel are the people with the FAITH, not necessarily genetics, of Abraham. Do-gooders are the people who live forever.
  341. Galatians 6:14 [I pray] I never brag, 😇, except about the impaling-stake of our Master YahShua the Messiah, through whom the world-system has died to me, and I [died] to the world-system.
    note: Christianity's goal isn't to make you popular, rich, powerful or respected. It's to get you killed and resurrected.
  342. 1st Thessalonians 1:10 [Believers tell us how] you, 😇, [patiently] wait for YAH's Son [to visibly return] from heaven: YahShua, whom YAH raised from the dead; YahShua, who delivered us [believers] from the wrath that's coming [to consume all unrepentant sinners].
  343. 1st Thessalonians 3:13 [I pray that] Adonai [YHVH], our Eloah and Father, strengthens your hearts so that you'll [stand] blameless and holy in His presence, when Master YahShua (the Messiah) physically, visibly returns [to earth] with all his [saints] whom he separated [from the world-system].
  344. 2nd Timothy 1:10 And now, 😇, YAH publicly proclaimed His will through the appearance of our Savior, YahShua the Messiah, who abolishes death. [YahShua's] amazing revelation[s] bring life and immortality to light!
  345. Hebrews 1:12 [YAH] eventually folds up the [universe] like a coat. Yes, [YAH] re-makes the [cosmos] like [humans put on a new set of] clothes. But you, [YahShua,] remain the same. Your years never end.”
  346. Hebrews 3:3 For [YAH decrees that] this man [YahShua] is worthy of more glory than Moses, just as the builder of the house deserves more honor than the house.
  347. Hebrews 5:5 That's why [YahShua] the Messiah didn't exalt himself to the position of High Priest. YAH chose YahShua, saying, ‘You're my son. Today I've begotten you.’
    note: (Psalm 2:7)
  348. Hebrews 9:28 So [the] Messiah offered [his physical life] once to drive [away] the sins of billions [of people]. To [we believers] who look for YahShua, he will [visibly] appear the 2nd time, sinless, [having conquered death, cleansed his followers from sin,] and saved [us, 😇].
  349. 1st Peter 2:4 😇, come [join with] YahShua, the Living Cornerstone [of YAH's temple]: YahShua, rejected, [broken and killed] by men, but precious, chosen by YHVH.
  350. 1st Peter 2:7 Therefore, 😇, to you [true] believers, YahShua [shines] precious. But to [the humiliating, enraging shame of] disobedient [fools, YahShua,] (the ‘stone’ which [corrupt] builders [continue to] reject) has become the ‘Corner-Stone’ [in YAH's living ‘temple’].
    note: The most important stone of all.—(Psalm 118:22)
  351. 1st John 5:6 [YahShua] is the [Messiah]. He came [to us from heaven] via water [birth. Then his river baptism brought Sacred Spirit to earth. He returned to us after spilling his] blood [for us on a Roman impaling stake]. YahShua passed not merely through water-birth [and water-baptism], but [through torture that made his body spill out] water and blood. [YAH's] Spirit bears [unrebuttable] witness [to these facts], because [YAH's] Spirit defines Truth.
    note: By water, John may be referring to YAH's Word. ‘Water’ may also refer to the moment when John the immerser baptized Yahshua and YAH's spirit descended upon Yahshua like a dove.
  352. Apocalypsis (Revelation) 1:5 [And I pray that you, 😇, receive grace and peace from] YahShua [the] Messiah, who is the Faithful Witness, the first-begotten from the dead, YAH's Prince over [all] kings of the earth. [I pray YAH always gives] glory and power to YahShua, who loves us [so much he] washed us from our sins in his own ‘blood.’
  353. Apocalypsis (Revelation) 3:7 And to the angel who [guards] the called-out [saints] in Philadelphia {City-Of-Brotherly-Love} write, “[YahShua], the holy [man], is the [one human] who is true. [He] holds the key of David {Love}. [YahShua] opens what no man [can] shut. [He] shuts what no man [can] open.
  354. Apocalypsis (Revelation) 22:20 [YahShua] (who testifies [to] these realities) promises, 'Yes, 😇, I quickly approach!’ [I, John, answer,] ‘Amén! Come [save planet earth], Master YahShua!’
    note: Soon = the moment you die you will appear at Judgment Day.
  355. Genesis 49:12 [The Messiah's] eyes will be dark-red with ‘wine,’ and his teeth white with ‘milk.’
    note: Judah will have plenty of grape juice and milk. But more importantly, the Messiah will have the wine of the Holy Spirit, and the milk of compassion.
  356. 2nd Samuel 7:12 —Eventually your days come to an end. You sleep [in death] beside your fore-fathers. Then I establish your ‘seed’ after you. A [Messiah] man proceeds out of your body. I [permanently] establish his kingdom.
  357. 2nd Samuel 7:14 —I am [the Messiah's] father. And [the Messiah] is for me a son. Depraved [people come to] convict [the Messiah]. [They punish him with] the club[s] of mortals and with the whip-stripes of the nations of man.
    note: Often misinterpreted as "When Solomon commits iniquity, I punish Solomon with a rod such as mortals use, with blows inflicted by human beings." As far as we know, Solomon was never beaten.
  358. 2nd Samuel 7:27 —The only way I found [the courage] in my heart to ask this [grand favor] of you is that you, YHVH-Commander-Of-Armies, Elohim of Israel, revealed [the future] to [me,] your servant. You prophesied, ‘I'll build you a dynasty!’
  359. 2nd Samuel 23:5 [YHVH] El is making my dynasty into [humanity's light and life]. He made an everlasting covenant with me, an unbreakable agreement, an unchangeable [guarantee]. This [promise] is my only salvation and desire. How could [YAH] not make [my family] grow?
    note: This prophecy finds its greatest fulfillment in the Messiah.
  360. 1st Chronicles 17:11 [See the future:] When your days expire, you must go to [sleep] with your fore-fathers. Yet after you I raise up your seed-child, one of your [grand] sons. I establish his kingdom.
  361. 1st Chronicles 17:14 So I [eventually] settle [the Messiah] in my family, [to lead] my Kingdom for ever. His throne remains established for evermore.’”
  362. Psalms 89:4 [YAH] swore to his obeyer David {Love}, “I'll establish your seed-child [the Messiah] for ever. I'll build up [his] throne to [rule] generation [after] generation [to the end of time].” Selah {Dramatic-Break}.
  363. Psalms 132:18 I clothe [true Israel's] enemies with shame. [My] crown [eternally] shines from [the head] of [the Messiah].
  364. IsaiYAH 32:3 The eyes of the [Messiah's] seers shine [with vision], 😇. Hearing ears prick up [at the sound of the Messiah's voice].
  365. IsaiYAH 53:12 [Christ] pours out his soul to death. So to [the Messiah, YHVH] allots [history's] greatest reward. [To his followers, the Messiah] divvies out the plunder [of all of history's dead] mighty [rulers. The evil world] counts [YahShua] among sinners. [Yet in fact] he bears the sin of many [people. The Messiah] comes between [sinners and their punishment].
    note: Traditional Judaism counts Jesus as the father of all holocausts, much worse than Hitler.
  366. IsaiYAH 59:20 YHVH promises, “The Redeemer comes soon to Zion, 😇, to [save] the [people] in Jacob's [family line] who turn from treachery.”
  367. JeremiYAH 22:30 YHVH decrees, ‘Write: JeconYah [dies] childless, a man [stripped of] prosperity. [JeconYAH's] days pass without any [of his] man-seed advancing to sit ruling Judea [upon the] throne [of] David {Love}.’”
    note: Jews misuse this verse to disqualify Jesus [aka 'Yeshu'] as the Messiah, since Jesus descended from Jeconiah. However, that anti-Christian mistake rests on two misunderstandings:
  368. ‘in his days’ limits the time-frame of Jeconiah's curse to Jeconiah's lifetime,
  369. Jeconiah's repentance gained him a full pardon, as attested in many authoritative Jewish sources and explicitly stated in Haggai 2:23, where Jehoachin's grandson Zerubbabel prospers and rules.
  370. The same phrases Jeremiah used to reject Jeconiah are used by Haggai to accept Jeconiah's son Zerubbabel. The Jewish Encyclopedia says: “Jeconiah's sad experiences changed his nature entirely: he repented of the sins he committed as king. He was pardoned by God. God revoked the decree which had indicated that none of Jeconiah's descendants should ever become king (Jer. xxii.30; Pesik., ed. Buber, xxv. 163a, b). Jeconiah even became the ancestor of the Messiah (Tan., Toledot, 20 [ed. Buber, i. 140]).”
  371. JeremiYAH 33:17 For YHVH foretells: [From the time the Messiah is born,] David will always [have] a man-king [descended from him] seated upon the throne of the house of Israel, 😇.
    note: The Messiah has been alive and installed as Earth's king for 2000 years. Even most churchgoers fail to recognize this fact.
  372. Ezekiel 37:24 My obeyer David {Love} [reigns as] king over [my united people]. All [believers] share one shepherd. They walk in my judgments. They observe my statutes. They execute [my law].
    note: David here = the Messiah.
  373. Ezekiel 37:25 [My believers return] to dwell in the land I awarded to Jacob my servant, where your fore-fathers dwelt, 😇. [My people] thrive there, they, and their children, and their children's children for ever. My servant David {Love} forever [reigns as the Hebrews' invincible] prince.
    note: David [Love] here = the Messiah.
  374. ZechariYAH 9:10 [Watch me] cut off [invading] chariots, 😇. [I prevent them] from [attacking northern Israel's fruitful region of] Ephraim! [Watch me stop] war-horse[s] from [terrorizing] Jerusalem. See me break [your enemy's] battle-bow. [See the future: the Messiah] speaks peace to [all] beast-nations. [YahShua's] dominion [comes to stretch] from sea to sea, from [the New-Jerusalem] river to the ends of the earth.
    note: Judea's (Greco-Roman-controlled) ‘King’ Herod sends soldiers to kill Baby Yahshua. However, Yahshua's family escapes to Egypt. Yahshua's dominion rapidly spreads throughout the earth. Within a few centuries after his crucifixion, the entire world uses Yahshua's birth-year to count history (B.C./A.D.)! However, not everyone consents to Yahshua's authority, because his message is PEACE, that is, ‘love your enemies’. The world and its churches worship War-Gods.
  375. Matthew 9:15 YahShua answers JAHn's disciples, “Do you expect the guests at a wedding festival to sit in depression while the groom [parties] with them? [Of course not!] But the day comes when [YAH] takes [me,] the groom, away from [my disciples]. Then [my disciples] fast.”
  376. Matthew 13:55 The Nazarenes ask, “Isn't this [YahShua Josephson,] the son of [our local] carpenter? Isn't [YahShua's] Mom called Mary [the Rebel]? And aren't [YahShua's] brothers [named]: James {Heel-Grabber}, Joseph {Increaser}, Simon {Listener} and Judah {Celebrated}?
    note: Mary evidently copulated with Joseph at least 4 times. She birthed many children. Mary, though blessed above all women, apparently did not long remain a virgin.
  377. Matthew 16:15 YahShua answers his disciples, “But who do YOU say that I am, 😇?”
  378. Mark 1:7 JAHn heralds, “After me, [YahShua] comes. [YahShua] is more powerful than I am, 😇. I’m not worthy even to bend down & untie [YahShua's] sandals!
  379. Mark 9:15 As soon as all the people see YahShua, they run to greet him, overwhelmed with wonder, 😇.
  380. Luke 2:48 When Joseph & Mary see YahShua, their [mouths gape open in] shock, 😇. YahShua's mother scolds him, “Son, why have you done this to us? Look! Your ‘father’ [Joseph] and I have been frantic! We've been searching for you everywhere!”
    note: Yahshua's real Father [YHVH] never gets frantic.
  381. Luke 9:18 Time passes, 😇. YahShua [kneels]. He prays [to YHVH] in private (with only his disciples). YahShua asks his disciples, “Who do the people [in the crowds] say I am?”
  382. Luke 22:17 YahShua [grabs] a cup [of wine]. He gives thanks [to YAH]. Then [he] says [to his apostles], “Take this [wine]. Share it among yourselves. [Each of you take a sip.]
  383. Luke 22:67 The [mad leaders scream], "Are you [YAH's] Messiah? Tell us.” YahShua answers, “If I tell you, you won't believe.
  384. Luke 24:19 YahShua asks the 2 [arguing] disciples, “What events [are you talking about]?" The 2 disciples answer, “The [whole] life of YahShua of Nazareth, [the] prophet who did powerful miracles and spoke world-shattering words in plain sight of [YHVH] the Eloah and all the people.
  385. John 1:26 JAHn answers the [preacher-police] Pharisees, “I baptize [people] with [mere] water. But the ‘One’ exists. [The Messiah] stands among you. Yet you fail to recognize him.
  386. John 9:24 Then, 😇, the Jews call the ex-blind man back [to court]. They [scream] at him, “[You're lying!] Give [YHVH] the Eloah the true account. [Swear under penalty of perjury.] We know this man [YahShua] is a sinner.”
  387. John 9:33 —If this man [YahShua] was not from Elohim, [YahShua] could do nothing.”
  388. John 19:38 Then Joseph {Increaser} of Arimathaea arrives, 😇. Joseph has, for fear of the Jews, kept secret the fact that he is a disciple of YahShua. Joseph begs Pilate to let him take [and bury] YahShua's body. So Pilate gives Joseph permission. Joseph [rides his horse to Skull-Mountain,] to recover YahShua's [corpse].
  389. Acts 2:30 David {Love} was a prophet. He knew that YHVH had sworn on oath to him, that from the physical ‘fruit’ of his [reproductive organs], YAH would raise up the Messiah to sit on his throne.
  390. Acts 3:18 But [through your murdering YahShua, YAH] fulfilled everything [He] foretold via the mouths of all His prophets. They predicted that the Messiah [would not militarily fight the pagans, but would rather] suffer [and die].
  391. Acts 3:24 Yes, every one of [YAH's] prophets who [ever] spoke, from SamuEl {Heard-By-El} on, likewise predicted the days [of YahShua's life, and the subsequent global spread of YahShua's teachings, 😇].
  392. Acts 8:33 [The human race] humiliates [YAH's messenger]. They deprive him of justice. [No one] can name his [physical] descendants. Because [his killers] rob his life from the earth.’
    note: Isaiah 53:7,8 Contrary to the absurd and blasphemous Merovingian myth, Yahshua had no physical children.
  393. Acts 13:29 The [Jews] fulfill everything [the prophets] wrote predicting [how religionists would torture] YahShua. Then [believers] take YahShua down from the tree. They lay him in a tomb.
  394. Acts 17:3 Paul explains and proves that [the] Messiah had to suffer, and rise again from the dead, 😇. [Paul says,] “This YahShua, whom I herald to you, is [YAH's] Messiah.”
    note: Paul did not say that Jesus was Jehovah/God in the flesh, nor any other such nonsense.
  395. Romans 1:3 [The news, 😇, is that] through [ancient king] David's baby-seed[s], YAH physically procreated a ‘son’: YahShua [the] Messiah, our Master.
  396. 1st Corinthians 1:24 But to [people whom YAH] calls, both Jews and beast-nationals, [this murdered] Messiah is [the living, breathing] power and wisdom of [YHVH] Elohim, 😇.
  397. 1st Corinthians 15:48 [Adam] was a man of dust. So, 😇, [physically speaking, we mortals] are dust-people. [But YahShua], the Man of heaven, is like the beings of heaven.
    note: All fallen men are dust in the wind.
  398. Ephesians 4:10 YahShua [YAH's Living Word] descended to earth. Then [he] ascended far above all heavens, 😇. So [YahShua's spirit comes to] fill the whole universe [with the presence and authority of YAH's Living Word]).
  399. Colossians 3:4 The Messiah, who is our life, [is soon to visibly] appear. Then you [the trans-dimensional real you, 😇,] also appears with YahShua, in glorious splendor.
    note: No human lies more than 120 years away from Judgment day.
  400. Hebrews 1:4 So, 😇, YahShua [has] become as far superior to the angels as the Name-authority YahShua has inherited is superior to the names [& ranks] of the angels.
  401. Hebrews 6:20 YahShua, our forerunner, entered [Heaven's] Most Holy Place on our behalf, 😇. [YAH has permanently appointed] YahShua as [eternity's high] priest, in the [royal] order of Melchizedek {King-Of-Right}.
  402. 1st John 5:20 We [believers] know that the son of [YHVH] the Eloah has come [to earth]. [YahSHua] has given us [believers great] understanding. So we, 😇, can know [YHVH], who is true. We live within YHVH. YAH is genuine. [And] we live [connected to] YHVH's son: YahShua, the Messiah. YahShua is genuinely elohim, [our sovereign chief]. YahShua IS Eternal Life.
    note: This odd sentence structure (badly translated by the KJV) leads many people to wrongly conclude that Yahshua (Jesus), an elohim, is YHWH, the Eloha Most High. In the KJV's ‘this is the true god’, the word 'the' is an insertion, not in the Greek. The CJB, NIV, NLT, NRSV, GNT, and NASB copy this KJV error. Peterson's Message Bible fixes this error. The sentence says, "He is truthful [theos], and eternal life.’ That's hard to render into English. At any rate, scripture always differentiates Yahshua from Yahshua's Father, YHVH.
  403. Apocalypsis (Revelation) 1:13 In the midst of the 7 lampstands [stands YahShua, a] man-like ‘Son of Adam.’ [He's] clothed with a robe down to His feet. A gold band surrounds his chest.
    note: Robe = purity. Gold band = integrity of heart.
  404. Apocalypsis (Revelation) 5:3 But [YAH finds] no one in heaven, nor in earth, nor under the earth, who is able to open the book, or even look into it, 😇.
    note: Obviously YHVH could open the scroll, but he chooses to allow Yahshua to open it.
  405. Apocalypsis (Revelation) 22:16 I YahShua sent my angel to testify these prophecies to all you called-out [believers], 😇. I am the Root and the Offspring of David {Love}. I am the bright Morning Star.”
  406. Exodus 12:46 Eat [the entire Passover meal] in one house. Do not carry any [Passover] meat out of the house. And don't break a single bone [of the Passover animal].
    note: Foreshadowing the Messiah being bludgeoned and stabbed to death, without a single broken bone!
  407. Numbers (Journeys) 24:19 [The ruler descended] from Jacob holds [universal] dominion, 😇. From his [royal] city, he destroys [every] surviving [wicked enemy].”
    note: Ultimately referring to the Messiah.
  408. 2nd Samuel 7:13 [The Messiah] builds a [living] dynasty [bearing] my Name-Authority. I stabilize the throne of [the Messiah's] kingdom forever.
    note: Solomon built a temple. But his throne fell.
  409. 2nd Samuel 7:15 —But my mercy never departs from [the Messiah], as I took [my mercy] from Saul, whom I deposed before you, [David].
    note: Solomon descended into addiction and idolatry. So his kingdom shattered.
  410. 2nd Samuel 7:19 —Yet making [me (a little shepherd boy) a great king] was nothing in your sight, Adonai YHVH. [Now] you've even predicted [that you'll establish a] dynasty for [me,] your servant, for ages to come! Adonai YHVH, is [my line] leading [to] THE man, [the Messiah]?
    note: This is David realizing with shock that his sperm will produce much of the Messiah's DNA. All the commercial translations convert this world-changing moment to silly gobbledygook, dropping the “Ha” (the) in "Ha Adam," (The man).
  411. 2nd Samuel 7:25 [So please] now, O YHVH Elohim, as you promised, [inscribe into the fabric of the universe] this prediction you've spoken concerning [me,] your servant. [Realize] your prophesy [that my children will grow into an everlasting] dynasty [of kings]!
  412. 1st Chronicles 22:10 [Solomon] eventually builds a temple to [honor] my Name-Authority. He becomes my ‘son.’ I become his Father. And [through the Messiah,] I [eventually] establish the throne of [Solomon's] kingdom over Israel forever.’”
    note: Jews cannot object to the Messiah calling himself YAH's ‘son’, since YAH himself called Solomon, a notoriously flawed man, his ‘son’.
  413. Job 16:21 Oh [I wish I] had a valiant-master [of law] to plead [my case against YHVH the] Eloah, like [a father] argues [with] his neighbor [in defense of his] son!
  414. Psalms 89:29 I'll make [David's] seed-child [the Messiah] endure for ever. His throne [will last through all] the days of [all] heavens.
  415. Psalms 110:4 YHVH swears this irrevocable [oath], “You, [Messiah,] are [the] eternal priest, the [ultimate] prototype of Melchizedek {King-Of-Right}.”
  416. Psalms 110:7 [The Messiah] drinks from the brook of [living water] on the Way [of righteousness]. So [YAH] lifts [the Messiah's] head [above all powers].
  417. Psalms 118:26 😇, blessed [saint] who comes in the name-authority of YHVH, we [believers] welcome you into YHVH's family-home.
    note: This verse continues the theme of the chapter: inviting and inciting you to join a praise celebration. This verse is, in most translations, a most awful piece of tortured, nonsensical english. Hebrew transliteration: being-blessed the·one-coming in·name-of Yahweh we-bless·you from·house-of Yahweh
  418. IsaiYAH 11:5 [The Messiah] ties Justice [like] a belt around his waist. Faithfulness [hangs like] a sash around his hips.
  419. IsaiYAH 16:5 —In [His] mercy, [YAH eventually] comes to establish a throne [to rule the world], 😇. [In the future,] an honest judge at last sits in David's tent. [The Messiah] seeks justice. He speeds righteous [action against our common oppressor].”
    note: I read this as the Moabites quoting hebrew scripture to the Jews, in an attempt to gain shelter from the Assyrian invaders.
  420. IsaiYAH 32:1 See [the future], 😇: a king, [the Messiah, reigns in righteousness. His] princes rule with justice.
  421. IsaiYAH 40:5 YHVH eventually reveals his splendor, 😇. [In the end,] all meat-men see [YAH's power]. YHVH's mouth foretells [Earth's future].
  422. IsaiYAH 53:11 My righteous servant [the Messiah] experiences misery that snuffs out his life-breath. Yet his cunning [defeat of Satan] repairs [the doomed lives of] many [people. The Messiah] bears humanity's perversities.
  423. ZechariYAH 3:8 Hear now, JAHshua, high priest, and your associates who sit facing [these angelic] Miracle-Men: Watch me sprout [forth My] servant: the BRANCH [the Messiah].
    note: Branch = 6779 tsamach tsaw-makh' = to sprout, bear, bring, bud, grow, spring (forth, up). Apparently, previously-unmentioned associates of Joshua now appear beside Joshua, watching the vision with him.
  424. ZechariYAH 13:6 Someone will ask [the prophet], “What are these wounds in your hands?” [The prophet] will answer, “I got those wounds [not in a bar-fight but] in the house of my loved-ones.”
    note: The immediate context of the verse refers to false prophets getting beaten-up for lying. This verse is quoted in the New Testament as an oblique, ironic reference to Yahshua getting beaten up on the accusation that he was a false prophet. Whereas people stabbed false prophets for telling lies, Yahshua's contemporaries sliced Yahshua for telling the truth. But Yahshua holds no ill will against the Jews. He forgives them. He smiles and calls them his attackers ‘friends’ & ‘loved-ones’.
  425. Matthew 21:11 The crowds answer, “That's YahShua, the prophet from Nazareth, [a town] in the Heathen-Circle.”
    note: Galilee
  426. Matthew 21:18 The next morning, on YahShua's way back to the city, YahShua feels hungry. [His stomach growls.]
  427. Matthew 23:39 For I tell you [Judeo-Christianites,] I'm gone. [You soon spit in my face and kick my butt out the door of life.] But the next time you see me, you [collapse on your begging faces. You actors break your noses falling to the floor, crying to me, ‘Forgive us,] blessed [Messiah, angel sent from heaven] by the Name-Authority of YHVH!’”
    note: Psalm 118:26
  428. Matthew 25:6 At midnight the bridesmaids wake up, startled by this shout: ‘Look! The groom is coming! Come out and welcome him!’
  429. Mark 1:1 😇, here begins the Awesome News about YahShua [the] Messiah, the son of [YHVH] the Eloah.
  430. Mark 3:7 But YahShua [escapes with] his disciples back to lake [Heathen-Circle] Galilee. Huge crowds from Galilee & Judaea flock behind YahShua.
  431. Mark 6:15 Other people say, “YahShua is EliYah.” And others say, “YahShua is a fortune-teller, like one of the [great] prophets of long ago.”
  432. Mark 8:29 YahShua asks his disciples, “But who do YOU say I am?” Peter {Rock} answers, “You are [YAH's] Messiah.”
  433. Mark 11:12 In the morning, YahShua & his disciples set out from Bethany {Date-House} [for Jerusalem]. YahShua's [stomach growls in] hunger.
  434. Mark 12:35 [While all of Jerusalem's religious & financial leaders fume and tear-about trying to hire a hit-man to assassinate YahShua,] YahShua continues teaching in the temple [courts]. He asks, “Why do the scribes call [YAH's] Messiah the ‘Son of David’?
    note: Good teaching is mostly asking, not lecturing.
  435. Mark 14:25 I tell you the rock-solid [Truth]: I drink no more of the ‘fruit of the vine’, until that day that I drink new [wine] in the Kingdom of [YHVH] the Eloah.”
    note: Possibly fulfilled by Christ's drinking vinegar on the execution stake.
  436. Luke 2:33 Joseph {Increaser} & YahShua's mother [Mary] marvel at the miraculous future [the priests] predict for YahShua.
  437. Luke 2:38 Anna [hobbles] in [to the temple court] at the instant [of Simeon's prophecy]. [Like Simeon,] Anna gives thanks to Adonai [YHVH]. Then [she] prophesies about YahShua to [the crowd] who are [dying] for [YAH] to redeem Jerusalem [from Roman oppression].
    note: Christianity begins as a religion of equality between men and women. The Messiah's temple-blessings come from both a man and a woman.
  438. Luke 7:19 So JAHn calls 2 of his disciples. [He] sends them to ask YahShua, “Are you [YAH's Messiah] whom [YAH promised] would come? Or should we look for someone else?”
  439. Luke 7:20 JAHn's 2 [disciples] travel to YahShua. [They] ask [him,] “JAHn [the Baptiser] sent us to ask you, “Are you [YAH's promised] coming [Messiah]? Or should we look for someone else?”
  440. Luke 7:23 —And [tell John] how [richly YAH] blesses these [happy people] who refuse to scandalize me!’"
  441. Luke 9:9 Herod [whimpers], “I beheaded JAHn. So who is this [YahShua] man about whom I hear such [strange] stories?” [Curious,] Herod looks [for a chance] to see YahShua [in action].
  442. John 1:31 —Even when I couldn't see [my dear cousin] YahShua, I [started] coming [out here] baptizing with water, in order to make YahShua known to the people of Israel.”
    note: John gets the people into a repentant, faithful state to facilitate Yahshua's ability to work with those people. Other translations imply that Yahshua and John had never met, which is absurd because Elizabeth and Mary were close relatives & friends, and their boys, the cousins John and Jesus, were by this time 30 years old!
  443. John 1:38 YahShua turns, 😇. [He] sees JAHn's 2 disciples behind him. YahShua asks them, “What are you seeking?” JAHn's disciples answer, “Rabbi (Teacher), where are you staying?”
  444. John 6:62 [Will you believe me] if you see [me] (the ‘Son of Adam’) ascend up [to heaven] where [I] lived before [this life]?
  445. John 7:33 Then [YahShua pops up somewhere unexpected, to the total surprise of the murderous temple guards chasing him]. YahShua shouts to the crowd, [Enjoy this game of hide-and-seek while it lasts. I don't have much more time for your games!] I'll only be with you a little while longer. Then I'll go away to [YHVH], the Sovereign who sent me [here]!
  446. John 7:41 Other [reasonable people] say, “This [YahShua] is the Messiah.” But some [clue-less yakkers] scoff, “[No way! The scriptures don't say] the [Jewish] Messiah will come from the Heathen-Circle! [Blasphemy!]
    note: Galilee.
  447. John 7:42 - Didn't the scripture predict that Messiah would come from the ‘seed’ of David {Lover}, and from the town of Bethlehem {Bread-House}, where David {Lover} lived?”
    note: Yes.
  448. John 8:8 YahShua stoops down again, 😇. [He] writes [another phrase] in the dust [with his finger].
    note: Probably clarifying some lost key to understanding the Mosaic Code.
  449. John 8:25 Then, 😇, the Jews ask YahShua, “Who are you?” YahShua replies, “I am exactly who I've been telling you I am from the beginning.
  450. John 8:48 Then these [apostate] Jews answer YahShua, “Aren't we right when we say you're a demon-possessed [witch from] Samaria?”
  451. John 8:53 —Are you greater than our dead fore-father Abraham {Father-Of-Billions}?! [Are you greater] the [ancient Hebrew] prophets [who] also died?! Who do you make yourself out to be?”
  452. John 9:17 The Pharisees ask the ex-blind man, “What do you say about [YahShua] who ‘opened your eyes?’” The ex-blind man replies, “[YahShua] is a prophet.”
  453. John 10:41 Many [people track down YahShua. They] flock to him, exclaiming [to one another], “JAHn [the Immerser] did no miracles. But every word JAHn said about this man [YahShua] proved true.”
  454. John 11:29 As soon as Mary hears YahShua is near, she jumps up. She sprints to [YahShua].
  455. John 12:34 The people ask YahShua, “We've learned from the [Torah] law that [the] Messiah remains [living] forever. So how can you say, ‘The Son of Adam must be lifted up [on an impaling stake]?’ Who is this ‘Son of Adam?’”
  456. John 13:13 You call me ‘Master’ and ‘Adoni.’ You're right, 😇. That's what I am.
  457. John 16:15 Everything [YHVH] the Father has belongs to me. That's why I say the Advocate Spirit takes [wonders/blessings, etc.] from my [domain], and [gives/shows/delivers & reveals them] to you, 😇.
  458. John 18:7 YahShua again asks the [mob], “Whom do you seek?” The [soldiers bark], “YahShua from Nazareth.”
  459. John 18:33 Then Pilate returns to the judgment hall. [He] summons YahShua, then asks him, “Are you the King of the Jews?”
  460. John 18:34 YahShua answers Pilate, “Did you independently realize [that I'm the King of the Judeans], or did other people tell you [I'm the true King]?”
    note: Yahshua wisely answers interrogation with questions.
  461. John 19:36 The soldiers avoid breaking YahShua's bones, 😇, because the ancient scriptures predict, “Not one of [the Messiah's] bones will be broken.”
    note: (Exodus 12:46; Numbers 9:12; Psalm 34:20)
  462. John 19:37 And [the spear in YahShua's side fulfills] another scripture which predicts, “The [killers] come to look upon [the Messiah,] whom they pierced [with torture weapons].”
    note: Zechariah 12:10
  463. Acts 1:11 The [angel] men say, “Why are you men from Heathen-Circle [Galilee] standing there gazing up into the sky? This same YahShua, whom YAH lifted from you into heaven, comes to return in the same manner you just saw him go into heaven.”
  464. Acts 2:34 For [king] David never ascended into the heavens, 😇. Rather, David himself said, ‘YHVH says to my Master [the Messiah], ‘You sit at my right hand,
  465. Acts 2:35 —until I [smash] your foes under your feet.’
    note: Psalm 110:1. The awkward metaphor ‘footstool’ is not in the original text.
  466. Acts 3:20 YHVH [again] comes to send YahShua, the Messiah whose [royal reign prophets] have long heralded to you, 😇.
  467. Acts 13:33 By resurrecting YahShua, YAH fulfilled His promise to our fore-fathers, [Israel's] children. [David] writes [YAH's declaration about YahShua] in Psalm 2:7, ‘Today I, [YAH, throw a celebration to] proclaim that you, [YahShua,] are my son!’
  468. Acts 26:15 I answer, “Who are you, Master?” The voice replies, “I'm YahShua, the [guy] you keep persecuting!
  469. Romans 9:33 As [YAH dictates to Isaiah], “Look, 😇! On [mount] Zion I [YAH] set [the misunderstood Messiah,] a stumbling-stone, [a] rock of offense! [I] eventually [rescue] everyone who [actively] trusts in [YahShua].”
    note: Isaiah 8:14; 28:16. The Israelis demand a military Messiah. Yah instead gives them a humble martyr.
  470. 1st Corinthians 15:47 Adam, humanity's prototype, was of the earth, made of dirt, 😇. The [ultimate] Man is [YahSHua,] the Adoni from heaven.
  471. Ephesians 3:11 [Having us worm-people teach lessons to the highest powers, including angels,] is consonant with YAH’s age-old plan, 😇: [YAH always abases prideful beings while he promotes humble beings]. [YAH fully] accomplished [this role-reversal] through [His] Messiah: YahShua, our Master.
    note: Yahshua laid down his near-infinite powers to let brutal Romans torture him to death. You try it if you think it's so easy.
  472. Ephesians 4:9 Notice, 😇, the Psalm says ‘[YahShua] ascends.’ This means that YahShua first came down to the lowlands: earth. [People even entombed the Messiah in a cave!]
    note: But that doesn't mean that Yahshua "went to hell" as some ill-informed theologians imagine.
  473. 2nd Thessalonians 2:2 Never get mentally shaken up or troubled, 😇. Let neither spirits, nor blab, nor [some interpretation of] even our [apostolic] letters lead you into the mistaken assumption that the “Day of the Messiah” has come or is here today.
    note: When Yahshua physically, visibly comes back, EVERYONE in the universe knows it. People claim that Yahshua came back, for instance at the destruction of the Jewish temple in 70AD. No. You will see Yahshua in a future event in the timeline of the earth. You fast-forward to the ‘Second Coming of Christ’ when you die. It's the next thing you experience after death.
  474. 2nd Thessalonians 2:6 Now, 😇, you know [that] we [believers] must wait until [sinful man destroys the earth]. Then, at the proper time, YahShua physically, visibly appears.
    note: Paraphrase. This verse refers to Yahshua's return. It's also commonly supposed to refer to the appearance of an evil superman ‘Antichrist.’
  475. Hebrews 1:5 For to which of the angels did [YAH] ever say, “You're my son. Today I've begotten you.”? Or, “I'll be his Father, and he'll be my son.”?
    note: (Psalm 2:7), (2 Samuel 7:14; 1 Chronicles 17:13)'
  476. Hebrews 1:11 —The [universe] perishes. But you [YahShua] remain. Earth and sky grow old like clothing.
  477. Hebrews 3:1 So, sacred siblings who share in the call from heaven, consider YahShua, the Messiah, whom we [apostles] publicly acknowledge as YAH's emissary and High Priest.
  478. Hebrews 5:6 And YHVH says [to YahShua] in [Psalm 110:4], “You are a priest forever, in the [royal] order of Melchizedek {King-Of-Right}.”
    note: (Malki-Tzedek)
  479. Hebrews 5:10 YAH proclaimed YahShua to be the high priest in the [royal] order of Melchizedek {King-Of-Right}.
  480. Hebrews 7:17 As the Psalmist testifies, “You [YahShua] are a priest for ever, like Melchizedek {King-Of-Right}.”
    note: (Psalm 110:4)
  481. Hebrews 7:21 Only to YahShua did YAH say, [I] YHVH breathe [an] unbreakable oath: ‘You [YahShua] are a priest forever.’”
    note: (Psalm 110:4)
  482. Hebrews 7:25 So, 😇, YahShua is totally able to deliver [us believers] who, through [our connection to] him, come to YAH. YahShua is alive forever. Thus he stands eternally able to intercede on [our] behalf.
  483. Hebrews 10:7 —So I [YahShua] say, ‘Look, I've come to do your will, YAH. I'm fulfilling everything [prophets] wrote about me in the [Hebrew] Scriptures.’”
    note: (Psalm 40:6-8) Mark 12:33.
  484. Hebrews 12:24 And you, 😇, have come to [serve] YahShua, the Mediator of the new Covenant [between YHVH and humans] — to the ‘blood’ of YahShua. [YAH metaphorically] ‘sprinkles’ [that blood on you. Then he] declares [you clean. YahShua's ‘blood’ is the] antidote to the blood of Abel [that cries out from the earth for vengeance against Cain, the father of human violence].
    note: Blood is a metaphor for the effect of the devil murdering the Messiah.
  485. 1st John 5:5 Who overcomes the world-system, 😇, except people who believe that YahShua is the son of [YHVH] the Eloah?
    note: No one.
  486. Apocalypsis (Revelation) 3:14 And to the angel who [guards YAH's] called-out [people] among the [democratic] Laodiceans write: “[YahShua,] the YES, the faithful and True Witness, the beginning of YHVH's creation, decrees these things:
    note: Laodicea = people-judges, meaning nutballs who think that Laws can be made by popular vote.
  487. Apocalypsis (Revelation) 5:4 I [break down] weeping and crying, 😇, because [YAH] finds no one worthy to open and to read the book, nor even to look upon it.
  488. Psalms 132:17 [In the City-of-Peace] I sprout the power-horn of David {Love}. I set-up [Jerusalem as] a lamp [to lead] my anointed [people].
  489. Mark 8:27 YahShua and his disciples travel on to the villages around Caesarea Philippi [Caesar's Horse-Town], 😇. On the way YahShua asks his disciples, “Who do men say I am?”
  490. Mark 14:17 In the evening, YahShua arrives [at the upper-room] with his 12 [disciples].
  491. Luke 3:23 [When JAHn baptizes YahShua,] YahShua is about 30 years old, 😇. Law [and custom] reckon YahShua as the son of the man who adopted him: (Mary's husband) Joseph {Increaser}, son-in-law of Eli {Lofty},
    note: This genealogy, while correct, traces a different line than the genealogy of Matthew 1. As far as David both lists match. In Matthew, after David comes Solomon; while in Luke comes Solomon's elder brother, Nathan. Matthew lists the royal and legal line through Solomon; Luke lists the natural and lineal line through Nathan. Elizabeth is ‘Mary's kinswoman’ (Luke 1:36). Elizabeth was a Levite (Luke 1:5). So Mary was a Levite. Thus Jesus is genetically a Levite. The two genealogies start in the same place, fork, then end in the same place.
  492. Luke 3:38 —son of Enos {Mortal}, son of Seth {Surrogate}, son of Adam [Meat-Man], [whom] Elohim [created from clay].
    note: Or: "Adam who was created by [YHVH] The Eloha."
  493. Luke 9:8 Other people say, “[YahShua is an] apparition of [the ancient prophet] EliYah.” Other people surmise that YahShua is one of various [other] ancient prophets risen from the dead.
  494. Luke 9:19 The disciples answer, “Some people say you're JAHn the Immerser. Others say you're EliYah. And others say you're [some other] ancient prophet risen from the dead.”
  495. John 6:49 —Your dead [rotting] fore-fathers ate manna in the wilderness.
    note: What good did eating heaven's honey-wafers really do your ancestors? They're as dead as if they'd eaten rocks and scorpions instead of miracle-munch.
  496. John 12:23 YahShua answers Andrew {Manly} & Philip {Horse-Lover}, “The time has come for [YAH] to glorify [me,] the ‘Son of Adam.’
  497. 1st Corinthians 10:4 And the [Hebrews] all drank the same spiritual ‘drink.’ They drank from the spiritual ‘Rock’ who accompanied them. That ‘Rock’ was [the spirit of the] Messiah, [the Living Water].
    note: The Living Water = Yahshua. The Messiah often entered time ‘before’ he was born.
  498. Galatians 4:4 But, 😇, when the time came ripe, [YHVH] the Eloah sent his ‘son' [from heaven to be] born from a woman, born under the authority of the Sinai {Bush} code.
    note: Yahshua came from Mary, a descendant of the Sinai-Israelites, thus bound to the Sinai Regulations. Mary and her son (Jesus) were Torah-observant Hebrews.
  499. Hebrews 7:20 YAH took an oath that YahShua would always be a priest, 😇. YAH never [swore an oath conferring eternal authority] on any other priest.
  500. Hebrews 8:1 The sum of what we [apostles] keep saying, 😇, is that we [believers] have a [permanent, perfect] High Priest, [named YahShua]. He sits at the right hand of YAH's throne of Majesty in heaven.
  501. 2nd Peter 3:18 Grow in grace, 😇. And grow in your relationship to our Master and Savior YahShua [the] Messiah, who [thrives in] unshakeable majesty both now and forever.
    note: Amén means ‘firm’.
  502. Apocalypsis (Revelation) 2:8 And to the angel of [my] called-out [assembly] in Smyrna {Myrrh-City} write, “These things say [YahShua,] the first and ultimate [human], who was dead, yet is alive;
    note: Yahshua was born after Adam. But Yahshua came to exist outside of time. He travels through time freely. So he exists before Adam in humanity's timeline.
  503. Mark 8:28 YahShua's disciples answer Him, “Some [people] say you're JAHn the Immerser. Others say you're EliYah. Others say you're one of [various other ancient Hebrew] prophets.”
  504. Luke 3:31 —son of Mal’ah, son of Manah, son of Mattatha {Gift-Of-YAH}, son of Nathan {Gift}, son of [King] David,
  505. John 14:22 [The other] Judas (not [the betrayer] from Keriot) asks YahShua, “Adoni, how will you show yourself to us [disciples], but [conceal yourself from] the world?”
  506. Acts 8:34 The eunuch asks Philip, “Tell me, please, who is the prophet talking about: himself or someone else?”
  507. Romans 15:8 For I tell you, 😇, that YahShua [the] Messiah [proclaimed] ELohim's truth as a service to the [Israelis whom YHVH] cut out [of the world-system]. Thus [YahShua] confirms the promises [YAH] gave the [Israeli] patriarchs.
    note: lit: service to the circumcision
  508. 2nd Timothy 4:1 So I instruct you, 😇, before [YHVH] the Eloah, and Master YahShua, [the] Messiah. [YahShua] will judge all living and dead [people] [in] his royal [Dominion] when he [visibly appears on earth].
    note: YHVH and Yahshua are clearly differentiated here as two unique beings.
  509. Hebrews 1:6 And when YAH brings his Firstborn [begotten] into the world, YAH says, “All Elohim’s angels [must worshipfully bow down and] kiss [YahShua].”
    note: However, humans are only commanded to worship YHVH the Father. This is a quotation from the Greek Septuagint, which differs from Hebrew manuscripts.
  510. Hebrews 7:22 YAH swore that YahShua would never lose His authority, 😇. So YahShua guarantees that [our] New Covenant is better than the Sinai {Bush} Covenant.
  511. Hebrews 10:21 So, 😇, we [believers] have a great priest [who rules] over YAH's [royal] dynasty.
  512. 1st John 5:13 I keep writing these truths to you who [base your actions on] belief in the Name-Authority of [YahShua] the son of YHVH; so that you can know that you, 😇, have eternal life.
    note: You already have eternal life if you truly live out your belief in Yahshua.
  513. Luke 3:15 The people buzz with great expectancy, 😇. Everyone wonders at heart whether JAHn [the Immerser] is [YAH's] Messiah.
  514. Luke 3:34 —son of Jacob {Heel-Grabber}, son of Isaac {Laughter}, son of Abraham {Father-Of-Billions}, son of Terah {Wild-Goat}, son of Nachor {Snorer},
  515. Luke 20:39 Some religion scholars shout, “Well spoken, Rabbi!”
    note: Flattering Jesus. Note that Yahshua's contemporary Torah-scholars considered Yahshua a Jewish Rabbi.
  516. 2nd Corinthians 11:31 [YHVH] the Eloah, [the] Father of our Master YahShua [the] Messiah, who stands blessed for evermore, knows I'm not lying, 😇.
    note: YAH is the ELohim and Father of Yahshua. Here Paul gets close to swearing an oath without actually swearing an oath, by implying: ‘I call God to witness.’
  517. Galatians 1:3 [I pray that] Father YHVH and our Master, YahShua [the] Messiah, send unmerited-favor and peace to you, 😇.
    note: Paul follows the strict monotheist Hebrew model, drawing a clear distinction between son and Father. Scripture never lumps Jesus & YHVH together into a 3-headed God.
  518. Hebrews 8:2 In heaven, YahShua serves in the ultimate Holy Place, in [heaven's] true ‘Tent of Meeting,’ built not by man but by Adonai (YAH).
  519. Hebrews 8:3 [YAH] requires every high priest to submit donations [to YAH's work] and [to manage] smoke-roasts [for communal feasts]. So, 😇, the [Messiah] man (YahShua) offer[ed] something up [to YAH] as well.
  520. John 4:12 Are you greater than our [fore]father Jacob [Israel], who gave us this well, and drank from it himself, as did his children and his cattle?”
  521. Luke 3:32 —son of Yashai (Jesse), son of Obed {Obeyer}, son of [Ruth's husband] Boaz {Stabilizer}, son of Salmon {Cloak}, son of Naasson {Enchanter},
  522. Luke 3:35 —son of Saruch {Tendril}, son of Reu {Friend}, son of Peleg {Earth-Split}, son of Ever [Other-Sider], son of Shelah [Missile],
    note: Eber/Ever/Ibri is from where we get the name Hebrew.
  523. Luke 3:37 —son of [history's oldest man:] Methuselah {Missile-Man}, son of Enoch {Initiate}, son of Jared {Descended-From-Heaven}, son of MahalaleEl {Praise-El}, son of Cainan {Fixed-Nest},
  524. Luke 18:37 The people tell the blind man, “YahShua of Nazareth is passing by.”
  525. 2nd Corinthians 1:20 YahShua confirms every single promise ELohim [ever made, 😇]. When we [believers praise] ELohim's majesty, [we say] "Amén," [meaning ‘it is done.’ YAH has permanently established our salvation] through [YahShua's efforts].
    note: Paraphrase of very difficult Greek.
  526. Galatians 1:19 The only other [original] apostle I saw was James {Heel-Grabber}, Master [YahShua's blood] brother.
    note: Yahshua had a physical blood-brother presumably fathered by Joseph and the ex-virgin Mary.
  527. Luke 3:26 —son of Maath, son of MattathiYah {YAH's-Gift}, son of Semei {Famous}, son of Joseph {Increaser}, son of Judah {Celebrated},
  528. Luke 3:27 —son of Joanna [JAHohannon], son of RephaJAH [YAH-Cures], son of Zorobabel {Born-From-Babylon}, son of SalathiEl {Ask-YAH}, son of NeriYah {YAH's-Light},
    note: This genealogy lists exactly 77 names, with YHVH at the one end, and YAHSHUA at the other, stamping it with the number of spiritual perfection. Yahshua's resurrection confirms him as the terminus of the patrilineal line of Israeli royalty. Yahshua is the King of Israel by right. (Rom 1:4; Psa 2:7; Acts 13:33, Heb 1:5, 5:5).
  529. Luke 3:28 —son of Melchi [King], son of Addi [Dressed-For-Success], son of Cosam [Oracle], son of Almodad {Mighty}, son of Er {Eye-er},
  530. Luke 3:30 —son of Simeon {Listener}, son of Judah {Celebrated}, son of Joseph {Increaser}, son of Jonam [Pierce], son of Eliakim {EL-Raises},
  531. Luke 3:36 —son of Salah/Cainan {Fixed-Nest}, son of Arphaxad, son of Shem {Honored-Name}, son of Noah {Rest}, son of Lamech {Force},
    note: Cainan may have been stuck in the Septuagint by a 4th century scribe, copying an error from the Greek Septuagint. Should probably read ‘Salah.’ See Gen 11:13.
  532. Hebrews 7:15 [YahShua's superiority over Moses and Aaron] shines even more obvious, 😇, [because YahShua fulfills the need for] the appearance of another priest like Melchizedek {King-Of-Right}.
  533. Luke 3:24 —son of Matthat [gift of Jah (MattithJAH)], son of Levi {Uniter}, son of Melchi [king/royal], son of Janna [Thruster], son of Joseph {Increaser},
  534. Luke 3:25 —son of MattathiYah {YAH's-Gift}, son of Amos [Strong], son of Naum [comfortable], son of Esli [ElYAHonai], son of Nagge [Brilliance],
    note: Esli=#454 Elionai=ElYAHonai=towards Jehovah (are) my eyes.
  535. Luke 3:29 —son of Joshua {YAH-Saves}, son of Eliezer {El's-Aid}, son of YAHoram {YAH-Raises}, son of Matthat [Gift], son of Levi {Uniter},
  536. Luke 3:33 —son of Aminadab {Generous-People}, son of Aram {Highland}, son of Hezron {Courtyard}, son of Pharez {Breakout}, son of Judah {Celebrated},
  537. 1st John 5:7 3 ‘witnesses’ exist, 😇:
    note: 1John 5:7-8 in some translations, including the KJV, contains a Trinitarian forgery: (“in heaven: the Father, the Word, and the Holy Spirit; and these three are one. And there are three that testify on earth”). Erasmus admitted adding this text to his Greek New Testament, because he was being pressured by men. The older the Greek Manuscript you have, the closer you get to what the Aramaic & Hebrew manuscripts say. Textual critic F. H. A. Scrivener writes: “the disputed words were not written by St. John: they were originally brought into Latin copies in Africa from the margin, where they had been placed as a pious orthodox gloss on ver. 8. From the Latin they crept into two or three late Greek codices, and thence into the printed Greek text, a place to which they had no rightful claim.”—A Plain Introduction to the Criticism of the New Testament (Cambridge, 1883, 3rd ed.), p. 654.


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  24. As a Jew, I have had nothing but the greatest and most profo
  25. As a child I received instruction both in the Bible and in t
  26. The miracles of the Bible are beyond anything a magician or
  27. I believe Jesus is our Savior. In this land, where we are,

  29. The Outlaw