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We must always seek to be counted as YAH's people, not as the world's human inventory. You cannot be both.
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OppositeBeing Marked/Numbered as the Beast's
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7 SCRIPTURE SECTIONS on the theme of Being Marked/Counted as YAH's

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  1. The Beast-People Overcome The Saints
  2. Baalam Sings A Song Praising Israel
  3. Genetic Israel Always Leaves A Saved Remnant
  4. Moses Counts Israel's Sacred Firstborn Males
  5. YAH Culls 144000 Righteous People From Earth
  6. Moses Counts & Tasks The Levite (Priests)
  7. Assigning Tent-Carrying Duties


67 SCRIPTURES on the theme of Being Marked/Counted as YAH's

  1. Exodus 11:7 But against Israel's children, not one dog moves his tongue, not against man or beast. Then you see that YHVH differentiates Egyptians from Israel.”
    note: If you are a true believer, there are major, obvious differences between you and your worldly neighbors. Not just the fact that you go to church.
  2. Apocalypsis (Revelation) 13:8 And, 😇, everyone living upon the earth comes to worship the beast, except [the few saints] whose names [YAH] wrote (before the foundation of the world) in the Book of Life of [YahShua,] the Lamb [whom humanity] murdered.
  3. Apocalypsis (Revelation) 14:3 [This great choir and orchestra] join the 4 [flying] creatures and the [24] ancients in singing a magnificent new song before YAH's throne. No man can learn that song, 😇, except the 144,000 [separatist-saints] whom [YahShua] redeemed from the earth.
    note: The Creator wants you to create, or support the creation of, new pure worship songs every day from now throughout eternity. Do you?
  4. Apocalypsis (Revelation) 15:2 And I see [what looks] like a sea of glass mixed with fire, 😇. [There I see] the [holy people] who won the victory over the Beast, its image, its mark, and the number of its name-authority. [They] stand on the sea of glass, holding harps [from YHVH] the Eloah.
    note: Playing, not just holding harps.
  5. Apocalypsis (Revelation) 7:3 [The angel shouts], “Wait to hurt the earth, the sea, and the trees, until we [finish] sealing [marking, branding] the servants of [YHVH] our Eloah in [or on] their foreheads.”
    note: Mark = brand, seal of your owner's authority. Forehead = your conscious choices.
  6. Apocalypsis (Revelation) 7:4 I hear the number [of YAH's servants] whom [angels] seal: 144 thousand [people] from all the tribes of the [natural and engrafted] children of Israel.
    note: Highly symbolic. The seal signifies people who live solely under the authority of YHVH, who obey Him and are bound in no master-slave agreement with, and owe neither debt nor allegiance to any man, corporation, nation or devil. The ‘children of Israel’ mentioned here are the people who will rule with Elohim, not necessarily genetic descendants of the ancient man named Israel. A true Christian is engrafted into Israel. The 144,000 is possibly a symbolic term for ‘many.’ Every cult claims itself to be the 144,000. It is possible, given the extreme scarcity of true believers who are 100% obedient to YAH's commands, that 144,000 will be the literal number of YAH's true servants left alive by Armageddon. Even that number seems incredibly high if extreme obedience is the criteria. How many people do you know who even come close to obeying James 5:12, for instance, the absolute command to make no oath of any kind? Or who sell all their possessions to give to the poor? No one, right?
  7. Apocalypsis (Revelation) 20:4 Then I see thrones. [Saints] sit on them. [YAH] gives the [saints] authority to judge [humankind]. I see the souls of the people whom [murderers] beheaded for witnessing about YahShua, and for [spreading] [YHVH] the Eloah's word. These martyrs never worshiped the beast, nor his image. They refused to receive [or give] the beast's mark in [or on] their foreheads and [in or on] their hands. These martyrs live and reign with Messiah for 1,000 ‘years.’
  8. Exodus 30:12 [YAH's angel] says, “When you take a gross head-count of the children of Israel, simply note the sum [of the members of each tribe]. As you count them, [invite each man to donate a] per-person payment to [fund the work of] YHVH. [Do not go beyond this simple head count. Never force taxation. Never number individual people, or] plagues [will strike] the enumerated people.
    note: Very important: the money was a voluntary contribution, not a mandatory tax. And this was NOT a registration census, because human inventory enumeration systems (SSN's, national I.D. numbers, etc.) are forbidden throughout scripture. It was simply a rough head count. See Rev 16:2, which is in effect today, where plague[s] (cancer, etc.) descend on the whole world because [almost] everyone has participated in the inventorying of human flesh: ...disgusting and painful sore(s) fall upon the people who have the mark of the Beast.
  9. 1st Corinthians 7:24 All [you] brothers, give yourselves completely to your calling. Stay with the Eloah, 😇.
    note: Never allow human master-servant relationships to dilute or contradict your steadfast adherence to YAH as you walk out your calling hand-in-hand with Him. Let no other hands (the state, bankers, employers, sexual partners, addictions) grab onto you.
  10. Malachi 3:16 [But you world-worshipers are dead-wrong.] YHVH speaks to the people who fear Him, to humans who associate with Him, who pay Him attention, who hear Him. YHVH causes [angels] in His presence to write, on a memorial scroll [of heroes,] the names of all [beings] who revere Him and honor His Name-Authority, 😇.
    note: Being listed on that scroll gives you more net worth than the richest man who ever lived.
  11. Numbers (Journeys) 23:11 So [king] Balak {Annihilator} [screams at] Balaam, “What have you done to me? I bought you to curse my enemies, and boom! You totally blessed them!”
  12. Apocalypsis (Revelation) 14:12 [Avoiding the mark, name and number of the beast (in all its deceptive forms) shows supernatural] patience [that distinguishes false believers from us] separatist-saints, 😇. [True believers face abandonment and death to] keep the commandments of [YHVH] The Eloah. [True believers exercise] the [same] faith [that sustained] YahShua [through death threats, starvation, ridicule, betrayal and torture].
    note: It takes supernatural patience and faith to avoid the world's traps. It's inconvenient and humiliating to waive privileges that everybody else takes for granted. If you copy Yahshua's behavior, you will endure many forms of abuse: social, psychological, physical, religious, emotional, financial, etc. It's no fun when everyone in the hysteria-fed hive-mind around you demands that you get injected with aborted-human fetal cells and RNA-tweaked monkey-pus so that some idiot billionaire searching for the fountain-of-life can track the damage his ‘vaccine’ does to your body.
  13. Exodus 28:38 Aaron will wear on his forehead [the medallion with the holiness inscription]. By [sincerely bringing] the holy [donations] before YHVH's face, Aaron will lift the guilt of the descendants of Israel. With holiness [rather than the mark of the beast] marked on the head of [the peoples' representative,] YHVH will always accept the gifts that they consecrate to Him.
    note: Difficult translation. The idea is that your mind and will should be dedicated to YHVH, not to the beast who puppets you on his devil-strings.
  14. Romans 11:5 Now, like then, 😇, [YAH has], in his gracious favor, chosen a remnant [few people to survive into eternity].
  15. Genesis 21:4 Isaac {Laughter} turns 8 days old, 😇. So Abraham [ceremonially] cuts off [Isaac's umbilical stump,] just as Elohim commanded.
    note: True Circumcision, according to the Apostle Paul, is NOT cutting penises, but cutting out the weed of fleshly, sinful control of your spirit. Heart-circumcision starts as a commitment of the parents expressed at baby dedication by the ritual removal of the loose umbilical stump. ‘Heart-circumcision’ continues into the man's old age.
  16. Ezekiel 9:4 YHVH says to the [writing-man-angel], “Go throughout every part of the city of Jerusalem. Set a mark upon the foreheads of the people who cry and groan over all the abominations [people] commit there.”
    note: Do you cry and groan over the abominations committed in your country? Do you even know what YHVH condemns as abominations? Here are a few: paying or receiving interest on loans, national I.D. numbers, believers swearing binding oaths, etc.
  17. Apocalypsis (Revelation) 22:4 And YAH's servants [morph into immortal bodies that allow them to] see YAH's face. YHVH's Name-Authority lives in their foreheads.
    note: For you to see YAH's face, YAH must first convert your flesh into an immortal, imperishable, indestructible spirit body.
  18. Haggai (Dancer) 2:7 I shake all nations [like trees]. Out of [the pagan empires] come [my] desired [good, fruitful] nation. [Saints come to] fill [My] Temple with glory," says YHVH-controller-of-armies.
  19. Romans 9:27 IsaiYah also cries concerning Israel, “The children of Israel [bloom] as numerous as the sand of the sea, 😇.” But [YAH] saves [only] a [small] remnant [of them]. [The bulk of Israelis die forever.]
  20. Acts 19:5 When the disciples hear this, they become immersed in the name-Authority of Master YahShua.
  21. Numbers (Journeys) 26:4 [Moses says,] “Take a representative head-count of the whole population, [including males] from 20 years old & up, just like YHVH commanded [me,] Moses [to count] the sons of Israel who emigrated out of the land of Egypt.”
  22. Numbers (Journeys) 26:51 The tally of the [able-bodied] sons of Israel totals: 600730.
  23. Numbers (Journeys) 23:10 Who can [bewitch Israel by] counting the dust [of the children] of Jacob? Who can number the ashes of [the descendants of] Israel? [YAH], let me die the death of [a] righteous [man]! Let my final destination be like [Jacob's]!”
    note: Dust is used in magic rites in Mesopotamia.
  24. ZechariYAH 6:14 The Robust one[s] who have YAH's goodness in their hearts, who know YAH, (these gracious remnant children of YAH) come to receive crowns, to mark them [as living stones in] YHVH's temple.
    note: Literally: “Helem {Robust}, TobiJAH {YAH’s-goodness}, ZephanYAH {YAH's-Secret-Treasure}, Jedaiah {YAH-knows}, and Chen {grace} the son of Zephaniyah will receive crowns to be stored as memorials in YAH's temple.”
  25. Romans 11:1 So I ask you, 😇, “Has [YHVH] the Eloah cast away His people?” Never! For I myself am an Israelite, a seed-child of Abraham {Father-Of-Billions}, [a member] of the tribe of Benjamin {Right-Hand-Son}.
    note: YAH's remnant people always exist. But most people who claim to be “YAH's chosen” are just cultural Jews, Christians, Muslims or whatever, pretending to be children of Abraham for the money.
  26. Numbers (Journeys) 3:40 [Next] YHVH says to Moses, “Visit all the firstborn males (of the people of Israel) from 1 month old and up. Count the total [number] of their names.
    note: In contrast to pagan nations with their military drafts, YHVH sets up a spiritual service draft. Every firstborn son goes into full-time educational, musical, health and spiritual work. However, words like ‘register’ and ‘list their names’, ‘enroll’ are all horribly misleading bad translations. This head-count is totally different from a Roman-style census (aka National I.D. system). Human-inventorying systems are consistently forbidden by scripture because they bring tyranny, debt, war and destruction, eventually of the whole earth.
  27. 2nd Corinthians 1:22 YAH sets his seal of ownership on us [believers, 😇]. [He] put[s] his Spirit in our hearts as a deposit, guaranteeing [the spiritual eternity we've got] coming.
    note: When you feel YAH's supernatural spirit of love pervading your life, you realize that nothing this world offers could ever compare with that love. You long to enter heaven, where YAH's love fills everything and everyone. Everything you do, and all you have, and all your talents, are just pipes to bring heaven's love to other people.
  28. Numbers (Journeys) 3:16 So, 😇, Moses counts the [Levites] in the manner dictated by YHVH's mouth.
  29. Numbers (Journeys) 3:15 [YAH's angel] says, [Take a head-count] of the descendants of Levi {Uniter}. Group them by ancestral clan and family. Count every male from 1 month old up.”
  30. Numbers (Journeys) 4:2 [YAH says], “Count the total number of the [male] descendants of Levi's son Kohath {Ally}. Sub-total [the count] by clans and families.
    note: Simply a head-count for historical record-keeping. Not an individual registration and enumeration for human-collateralization against a national debt to buy military weapons. Big difference.
  31. Romans 11:17 [YAH] broke off some [Israelite] branches [from the tree of life]. Then he grafted you, 😇, a wild [Gentile] olive tree, in among his people. So [you] partake with [Jews] from the root and nourishing sap of [YAH's] ‘olive tree.’
  32. Acts 7:8 Then [YHVH] gives Abraham {Father-Of-Billions} the Covenant of cutting [the Hebrews off from the pagan world]. Then Abraham fathers Isaac {Laughter}. Abraham [dedicates the baby to YHVH] when he's 8 days [old]. Then Isaac fathers Jacob {Heel-Grabber}. Jacob goes on to father the 12 patriarchs [of Israel].
    note: Circumcision, in the sense YHVH intends, means to cut off from your fellowship people who aren't serious about discipleship. And to stop letting your ‘little head’ think for your ‘big head.’ Cutting baby foreskins is a satanic idea that came from Egypt and is still wildly popular in backward, deluded cultures, such as the United States.
  33. Numbers (Journeys) 3:42 So, 😇, following YHVH's command, Moses counts, [but does not ‘number’], all the firstborn [males] among the descendants of Israel.
  34. Numbers (Journeys) 4:34 So Moses and Aaron and the community leaders count the sons of the Kohathite [clan]. [Moses and Aaron] group the subtotals by family and ancestral clan.
  35. Numbers (Journeys) 3:43 The total number of named firstborn [Israelite] males, from 1 month old and up, tallies to 22,273, 😇.
    note: 20+2000+200+60+13.
  36. Numbers (Journeys) 26:63 That, 😇, completes the tally made by Moses and [high] priest ELeazar {El's-Aid}. They [personally supervised] the counting of the [able-bodied] sons of Israel in the plains of Moab by [the] Jordan [river], near [the fortress of] Jericho {Moon-Spirit}.
  37. Numbers (Journeys) 26:2 [YAH's angel] says, “Take a head-count representing the whole population of the nation of Israel, subtotaled by ancestral clan. Count every [male] in Israel (from 20 years old up) who can travel [unaided on his own two feet].”
    note: This has nothing to do with counting military soldiers, nor is it a ‘census.’ It's a historical record.
  38. Numbers (Journeys) 4:22 “Take a gross head-count of the male descendants of Gershon {Refugee}. Sub-total [this count] by clan and family.
    note: Again, not a human enumeration census but a historical tally.
  39. Numbers (Journeys) 1:19 Moses counts the [men] in the wilderness of Sinai {Bush}, just as YHVH commanded him.
    note: NOT ‘numbers’: Counts. Serial-numbering of human flesh is always a sin.
  40. Numbers (Journeys) 4:29 Take a head-count of the sons of Merari {Bitter}. Sub-total [this count] by family and ancestral clan.
  41. 1st Chronicles 23:3 [King David orders his scribes to] head-count all Levites 30 years old and up, man by man. The record lists them at 38000 [men].
    note: This is a "skull-count". Not human enumeration. Big difference.
  42. 1st Chronicles 23:27 So, by the final commands of [king] David, [scribes] head-count the Levites 20 years old and above.
  43. Numbers (Journeys) 4:35 [Moses counts all the men] from 30 years old up to 50 years old, [assuming] they'll enter into the [sacred government] service, [to help in] the work in the congregational tent.
  44. Numbers (Journeys) 3:19 —and [here are] the clans [named after] the sons of Kohath {Ally}: Amram {High-People}, Izehar {Lamp-Oil}, Hebron {Society} and UzziEl {El's-Strength}.
  45. Apocalypsis (Revelation) 7:5 [Angels] seal 12,000 [saints] from the tribe of Judah {Celebrated}, 12,000 from Reuben {Look-a-Son}, 12,000 from Gad {Troop};
    note: Here are the original 12 sons of Jacob, listed by birth order, with mother noted: 1: Reuben (Leah); 2: Simeon (Leah); 3: Levi (Leah); 4: Judah (Leah) ; 5: Dan (Bilhah, Rachel's slave); 6: Naphtali (Bilhah, Rachel's slave); 7: Gad (Zilpah, Leah's slave); 8: Asher (Zilpah, Leah's slave); 9: Issachar (Leah); 10: Zebulun (Leah); Dinah (Daughter, Leah); 11: Joseph (Rachel); 12: Benjamin (Rachel). Dan, the first child of Jacob's adultery, is not listed in the 144000, fulfilling Jacob's curse on Dan; see Genesis 49:17.
  46. Numbers (Journeys) 3:22 [Moses and his assistants] count a total of 7500 [Gershonite] males from 1 month old and up.
  47. Numbers (Journeys) 4:30 Count the [Merarite men] who are from 30 years old up to 50 years old, who will enter the [sacred government] corps to do the work of [operating] the congregational tent.
  48. Numbers (Journeys) 3:17 Levi's three sons (named Gershon {Refugee}, Kohath {Ally} and Merari {Bitter}) become the ancestors of the clans bearing their names.
  49. Numbers (Journeys) 3:18 These are the clans named after the sons of Gershon {Refugee}: Libni {White} and Shimei {Renowned}.
  50. Apocalypsis (Revelation) 7:6 [Angels] seal 12,000 [saints] from the tribe of Asher {Happy}, 12,000 from Naphtali {Wrestler}, 12,000 from [the tribe descended from Joseph's older son] Manasseh {Sweet-Forgetting};
    note: Manasseh was NOT one of Jacob's sons. Manasseh was ceremonially adopted by Jacob in Gen 48:5, and is inserted in the 144,000 [world's-end saints] to fill the place later vacated by Dan's idolatrous tribe, echoing the ousting and replacement of Judas Iscariot from Christ's 12 original apostles.
  51. Numbers (Journeys) 3:20 —and [here are] the clans named after sons of Merari {Bitter}: Mahli {Sickly} and Mushi {Sensitive}. That completes the list of the [founding] families of the Levites (classed by ancestral clan).
  52. Numbers (Journeys) 3:21 Gershon {Refugee} fathered the clans of Livni {Whitey} and Shim‘i {Famous}; that's why they're called the Gershonite clans.
  53. Numbers (Journeys) 4:36 The [total] count of [Kohathite] clan [government workers] tallies to 2750, 😇.
  54. Numbers (Journeys) 4:40 —the tally of all [such Gershonite men from every] family of every ancestral clan sums to 2630, 😇.
  55. Numbers (Journeys) 4:41 This is the number of [men] from the families of the sons of Gershon {Refugee} eligible to do service in the congregational tent. [The scribes of this text hereby certify that] Moses and Aaron counted the [Gershonites] just as YHVH commanded.
  56. Numbers (Journeys) 4:1 Then YHVH commands Moses and Aaron:
  57. Apocalypsis (Revelation) 7:7 [Angels seal] 12,000 [people] from [the tribe of] Simeon {Listener}, 12,000 from Levi {Uniter}, 12,000 from Issachar {Reward};
  58. Apocalypsis (Revelation) 7:8 [Angels seal] 12,000 [saints] from Zebulun {House}, 12,000 [more] from Joseph {Increaser} [via his younger son Ephraim {Double-Fruit}], 12,000 from Benjamin {Son-Of-Strength}.
    note: There never was a ‘tribe of Joseph.’ But Ephraim's tribe arguably qualifies as Joseph's tribe. Levi's tribe was dedicated to the temple and therefore not listed as one of Israel's tribes in Num 14:1-6. Still Levi shows up in this list. Dan does NOT show up, because, amongst their other sins, the tribe of Dan used military force to murder separatist pacifist farmers and steal their green land.
  59. Numbers (Journeys) 4:42 The total head-count from all the families of the sons of Merari {Bitter}, subtotaled by ancestral clan and family—
  60. Numbers (Journeys) 4:44 —tallies (including all Merarite families) to 3200.
  61. Numbers (Journeys) 4:45 That's the number of [men Moses counted] from the families of the sons of Merari {Bitter}. [The scribes of this text hereby certify that] Moses and Aaron counted the [Merarites] just as YHVH commanded Moses.
  62. Numbers (Journeys) 4:46 The total head-count of all Levites, which Moses, Aaron and the community leaders sum and subtotal by ancestral clan and family—
  63. Numbers (Journeys) 4:48 —tallies to 8580.
  64. Numbers (Journeys) 4:37 That's the total number of men from the Kohathite clans [enrolling to] serve in the Tent of Meeting. Moses and Aaron count the [sons of Kothath] just as YHVH had commanded through Moses.
  65. Numbers (Journeys) 4:38 [Next Moses sums] the total count of the sons of Gershon {Refugee}, subtotaled by family and ancestral clan.
  66. Numbers (Journeys) 4:39 — from 30 years old up to 50 years old, every one who enters [sacred government] service, to work in the congregational tent —
  67. Numbers (Journeys) 4:43 [including only men from] 30 years old up to 50 years old, [ready to] enter [sacred government] service, to [execute] the [ordained] work in the congregational tent—


3 CHAPTERS on the theme of Being Marked/Counted as YAH's

  1. Naturalization Declaration
  2. Who You Are
  3. How to Prove Who You Are Without a State Birth Certificate


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