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Yah's Provision (Assurance)Wrench

You can have the provision of your Creator OR you can be provided for by the 'government', your employer, and insurance companies: your choice.
Class:The Kingdom (Dominion) Of Heaven
OppositeSocial Insurance (Man's Provision)
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86 SCRIPTURE SECTIONS on the theme of Yah's Provision (Assurance)

    Interactive Timeline
  1. Don't Worry At All About Material Provisions
  2. Don't Worry About Food, Clothing Or Shelter
  3. YAH Provides Miracle Daily Food For The Widow
  4. Job Gains Twice As Many Animals As Before
  5. Christ Warns His Disciples To Prepare To Hide
  6. The Big General Laughs At Elisha's Prophecy
  7. YAH Provides For His Humble Poor People
  8. EliShua Multiplies Food During A Famine
  9. EliShua Multiplies The Widow's Olive Oil
  10. Ravens Feed Homeless Hunted Prophet ELiJah
  11. Trumpet The Gospel To The World, Free For All
  12. Joshua & Caleb Confront The Fearmongers
  13. Moses Begs YHVH For Helpers
  14. YAH Lovingly Manages Our Earth's Ecosystems
  15. EliJah Asks A Widow To Give Up Her Last Meal
  16. Yah Gives You Challenges To Perfect You
  17. Righteous People Dance On Slutmongers' Graves
  18. YAH Gives His People Everything They Need
  19. YAH Foretells Judea's Redemption & Regrowth
  20. Huge Wealth Eventually Comes From Obeying YAH
  21. YAHshua Miracle-Feeds 5,000 Men + Families
  22. Only Righteous People Get To Live Forever
  23. YAH Recalls Adopting Abandoned Baby Israel
  24. Never Trust People; Only Trust Your Maker
  25. Repatriated Israelites Fast and Repent Of Sin
  26. YAHshua Feeds 5,000 Men & Their Families!
  27. Mary's Song
  28. Ishmael Thrives & Marries
  29. YAH Blesses Isaac's Peace-Making With Water
  30. Moses Blesses The Tribe[s] Of Joseph
  31. Moses Strikes The Rock! Water Gushes Out
  32. Stay Separated From The Sinful World-System
  33. Judeans Plunder For Days Before They Praise
  34. Pray For What You Need With No Fluff Added
  35. YAH Covers The Land In Quail
  36. Spiritual Israel Will Inherit All The Earth
  37. YAH Promises To Take Care Of Us, His Sheep
  38. YAH Protects His People Like A Walled Garden
  39. YAH Promises To Cleanse The Promised Land
  40. Keeping YAH's Law Makes The Military Obsolete
  41. Joshua Rallies Millions To Cross Enemy Lines
  42. Keep Asking YHVH And He Will End Your Drought
  43. YAH Will Redeem You IF You Turn From Sin
  44. Moses Leaves Israel For Heaven
  45. YAH Tells Joshua To Lead Israel Into The Land
  46. YAHshua Feeds 5000 Men And Their Families
  47. El Gives Us Everything We Need, So Praise Him
  48. Relive Exodus: The Great Slave Emancipation
  49. Asaph Recounts The Ungrateful Exodus
  50. Ruth Sees Boaz, The Nice Rich Man
  51. Keeping The Law Makes You Strong & Prosperous
  52. The Vicious Attack Of Og The Fat Giant-King
  53. Judah Evicts Many Pagans, Then Quits in Fear
  54. Moses Awards Eastern Lands To Cattle-Barons
  55. Joshua Expels The Demon-Spawn Anakim
  56. YAH Keeps His Promises
  57. Moses Briefly Summarizes The Exodus He Led
  58. YAH Specifies Israel's Correct Land Portions
  59. Moses Recounts The Tortured Southland Passage
  60. Description Of The Garden Of Pleasure
  61. JAHshua Sends Explorers To Map More Land
  62. Exiled Jewish Leaders Return To Jerusalem
  63. 1st Passover Feast In The Promised Land
  64. JAHshua Gets His Own Land
  65. List Of Lands Seized East Of The Jordan River
  66. The Angel Specifies Israel's Land Allotment
  67. YAH Promises To Clear Pagans From The Land
  68. Joshua Confirms The Cattle-Barons' Land-Right
  69. The Territorial Borders Of The Promised Land
  70. Joshua Parcels Land To The Tribe Of Ephraim
  71. Joshua Confirms Cattle-Boss Reuben's Cow-Land
  72. Joshua Confirms East Manasseh's Cattle-Lands
  73. Korah's Clan Extol The Beloved City Of Peace
  74. Joshua Awards West-Lands To Manasseh's Tribe
  75. Joshua Parcels Land To The Tribes of Joseph
  76. Joshua Parcels Out Land To The Tribe Of Judah
  77. JAHshua Allots Land To The Tribe Of Simeon
  78. Joshua Confirms The Cow-Towns Of Gad's Tribe
  79. Joshua Allots Territory To Benjamin's Tribe
  80. JAHshua Allots Land To The Tribe Of Zebulun
  81. Joshua Allots The Wrestler-Tribe's Land
  82. JAHshua Parcels Land To The Tribe Of Issachar
  83. Joshua Allots Land To The Tribe of Dan
  84. Joshua Allots Land To Happy Asher's Tribe
  85. Joshua Awards Judah A Massive List Of Cities
  86. Exiled Israelis Re-Settle in Jerusalem


670 SCRIPTURES on the theme of Yah's Provision (Assurance)

  1. Matthew 6:33 You, 😇, just seek [to live within] the Dominion of [YHVH] the Eloah. Be a living [reflection] of his goodness. Then [YAH] gives all you all the [material provisions you need].
  2. Genesis 2:8 YHVH Elohim plants [the first] ancient Pleasure-Garden [in the middle of earth's eastern hemisphere, in North Africa]. There [YAH] places Adam, a living [clay] sculpture.
    note: We are meant to live in gardens.
  3. Matthew 6:11 Give us this day our daily bread.
  4. Matthew 6:25 So I tell you, 😇: Never worry. Don't stress about your life, what you will eat, or what you will drink, nor for your body, what you will wear. Isn't the life more than food, and the body more than clothing?
    note: Get healthy food and clothing suitable to your mission. But don't worry about lack.
  5. Matthew 6:28 Why do you give thought to clothing, 😇? Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow: Flowers don't work. Flowers don't spin thread.
  6. Matthew 6:31 So, 😇, never get anxious, [whining,] “What are we gonna’ eat?” or “What'll we drink?” or “What'll we wear?”
    note: Jesus is sick of hearing that noise your wife whines when you say, “Honey, let's sell all our possessions and go on foreign missions!”
  7. Matthew 14:20 Then the whole crowd eats food until [their bellies bulge,] stuffed, 😇! Then the [people] gather up 12 full baskets of leftover bread fragments!
  8. Luke 12:31 [Never be like any faithless pagan.] Instead, 😇, seek [to live within] the [exclusive] Dominion of [YHVH] the Eloah. THEN [YHVH] gives you everything [your physical body needs].
    note: If you live within the dominion of heaven, you live outside the dominion of all worldly nations, states and regional governments. There is no dual citizenship for Kingdom of heaven nationals.
  9. 1st Kings 17:6 Ravens [miraculously] bring [EliJah] bread and meat [every] morning, and bread and meat [every] evening! He drinks from the brook.
  10. Psalms 23:2 YAH helps me lie down in oases of [tender] green [plants]. YAH leads me beside waters of rest, 😇.
  11. Matthew 6:27 Can any of you [humans] by worrying add a single hour to his life?
    note: Who of you by worrying can add one bit to his height?
  12. Matthew 6:29 And yet I tell you, 😇, that even [king] Solomon {Peace-Man} in all his splendor never dressed better than one [single humble] flower.
  13. Matthew 6:32 ([Beast] nations chase all [these material provisions]. [YHVH] your heavenly Father sees that you need [food, water and clothing], 😇.
  14. Luke 11:3 Give us day by day our daily food.
  15. Luke 11:13 If you then, 😇, through you're hurtful, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your heavenly Father [YHVH] give [His] Sacred Spirit to the [beings] who ask Him?”
    note: Ponerous = hurtful, not essentially evil.
  16. Luke 12:22 YahShua says to his disciples, “So I tell you, 😇, ‘Never be anxious about your life. [Stop being concerned about getting enough food] to eat. Never worry about your body. [Stop thinking about] what you'll wear.
    note: If you own 3 changes of clothes, you have superabundance. Clean out that closet and give all those clothes to people who need them, for instance, Haitians. You should still seek to get the best available nutrition.
  17. Luke 12:27 Think about lilies, [wild irises]. How they grow! They never toil [to grow fiber crops] to spin [into cloth]. Yet I tell you, 😇, that [ancient king] Solomon {Peace-Man} in all his glory never dressed as magnificently as one little wildflower.
  18. Luke 12:28 So, 😇, since [YHVH] the Eloah so [exquisitely] clothes the grass, which grows today in the field, and tomorrow [workers] throw into the oven; how much more will [YAH] clothe you puny-faithed people?
  19. Luke 12:30 For the nationals of the pagan world run around seeking food, drinks, clothes & shelter. Your Father [YHVH] knows that you need [basic] physical provisions, 😇.
    note: The national [subject citizens] of the SataNations also seek insurance, employment, pensions, benefits, investment portfolios, Social Security and welfare, none of which you need, and none of which you should even want.
  20. Genesis 28:13 Suddenly, 😇, YHVH stands there next to [Jacob, beneath the stairway to heaven. YAH] says, [Jacob,] I am YHVH, Elohim of your Grandpa Abraham {Father-Of-Billions}, and Elohim of [your Dad] Isaac {Laughter}. I come to give you, and your seed-children, the land on which you now lie.
  21. Numbers (Journeys) 14:8 If YHVH delights in us, then He'll bring us into that [heavenly] country! [He'll] give us [the] land gushing milk and honey.
  22. 1st Kings 17:16 YHVH fulfills the promise he spoke via EliJah {JAH-Is-El}: the [widow's] barrel of [grain] meal never runs out. And [her] jug of [olive] oil never goes empty, 😇!
  23. 2nd Kings 4:43 But [EliSHua's] attendant objects, “What? This [wouldn't even feed] 100 men!” [EliShua] again says, “Give [that food] to the [region's] populace, so they can eat. For YHVH tells [me], ‘The [whole population] will eat [their fill from this one donkey-load of food]. And they'll leave leftovers!’”
  24. IsaiYAH 45:3 I give you, 😇, the treasures of darkness, including hidden riches [stored] in secret places, so you can know that I, YHVH, who call you by your name, am Israel's Sovereign.
  25. Matthew 6:26 Look at the sky-birds, 😇! Birds never plant nor reap, nor gather [provisions] into barns. Yet [YHVH] your heavenly Father feeds the birds. Are you not much more valuable than birds?
  26. Luke 5:7 The [disciples wave their arms as they scream] to their [fishing] partners in the other boat, “Come help us!” The helpers [row out]. They fill both ships [with so many fish that] the ships start sinking, 😇!
    note: Just obey YAH. Then you'll have plenty to share with others. Disobey and you'll stand in line to share the shortage.
  27. Luke 9:3 YahShua says to his disciples, “Take nothing for your journey, no walking stick, no pack, [no containers, no luggage,] no bread, no money, not [even an] extra shirt.
  28. Luke 12:24 Think about the ravens, 😇! They don't plant. They don't harvest. They have no storerooms. No barns. Yet [YHVH] the Eloah feeds them. You're worth much more than birds!
    note: No retirement pension, no employment contract, no health and dental insurance, no life insurance, no Social Security. Get out of all of that.
  29. Luke 12:29 Stop doubting, 😇! Stop seeking things for yourself to eat and drink!
    note: Stop organizing your life around seeking money to put food on the table.
  30. Luke 21:14 So, 😇, settle in your hearts to avoid premeditating your defense.
    note: Make up your mind not to rehearse your rebuttals to accusations.
  31. John 7:37 [Later, 😇,] on the last day [of the Tent Feast], the greatest day of the feast, YahShua [appears unexpectedly out of nowhere]. YahShua stands [amidst the huge crowd]. He shouts, “If anyone thirsts, come [accompany me through your entire life]. Drink [my life-giving spirit]!
    note: Coming to Jesus is not the one-time-only salvation event that opportunistic paid-preachers so blasphemously hock. Coming to Jesus means accompanying Him through your whole life. You may slip and fall now and then. But if you don't accompany Jesus through your life, in obedience, you did not in any meaningful sense come to Jesus, no matter what pretty lies the paid preacher says at your funeral to make a play to nab part of your estate. The feast day Jesus is celebrating is commanded in Leviticus 23:36, and we should celebrate it as well.
  32. Genesis 2:9 Then out of the ground YHVH Elohim raises all [kinds of] trees [both] pleasing to the sight and good for food, 😇. The Tree of Life [towers] in the center of the garden, [near] the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.
    note: Trees make food.
  33. Genesis 3:21 YHVH Elohim makes coats of skins for Adam and his wife. [Thus YAH] clothes them.
    note: The skins of dead animals: leather, wool, etc., make ideal clothes for people. A surprising number of CRAZY religious people, even in seminaries, posit that God sacrificed the animals to himself to pay for Adam and Eve's sins. The psychos claim that the Creator (who personifies love) can't forgive you until blood is shed. Such nutballs' imaginary God is a Satanic monster. In fact: 1) YHVH can make animal skins just by thinking of animal skins. He made the whole universe by talking! 2) YAH can forgive you without blood being spilled. Hebrews 9:22 only says that ‘most things’ in the context of the Sinai covenant were ritually cleansed by blood. Yet Hebrews 10:4,11 specifically clarifies that the blood of animals can't ever take away human sin. Context is critical. Theologians need to abandon their sick extra-biblical theories.
  34. Genesis 49:25 [You've survived by the protection] of [YHVH], the El {Strength} of your father. [YAH] continues to help you. [YHVH] Almighty blesses you with blessings of heaven above, blessings of the deep that lies below, blessings from the breasts, [children] from the womb:
  35. Exodus 2:16 [Later that day,] the 7 daughters of [Jethro] the Chieftan-priest of Midian {Brawler} come [to the well] to draw water, 😇. The [lovely ladies] fill their troughs to water their father's flock [of sheep].
  36. Exodus 33:14 So [YAH] replies, [Do you really want] my presence to go with you, and [for] Me to give you rest?”
    note: or "How could my presence go with you after your society has completely rejected my authority?"
  37. 1st Kings 17:13 EliJah {JAH-Is-El} responds to [the widow], “Never fear. Go and [fetch your sticks]. But first [use up your last remaining food supplies] to make me a biscuit. Bring it to me. Then make [food] for you and for your son.
  38. 1st Kings 17:14 —For YHVH Elohim of Israel says, [Your] barrel of grain-meal won't go empty, nor will [your] jug of olive-oil [run dry], until the day YHVH sends rain upon the earth.’”
    note: You get the blessing when you give the last thing you have to YAH's work. As long as you have stash, you just squeak by.
  39. 1st Kings 17:15 So [the widow] runs [home]. She does everything Elijah {JAH-Is-El} said. So she, and [EliJah], and her family, eat for many days, 😇!
  40. 1st Kings 19:6 ELiJah looks. By his head, he sees a cake baked on hot stones, with a jug of water! So he eats and drinks. Then he lays back down.
  41. 2nd Kings 4:6 [Miraculously], she fills all [her] containers. She says to her son, “Bring me another container.” [The boy] replies to [his Mom], “There aren't any more containers.” Then the [miracle] oil stops [pouring].
    note: Your miracle expands to the size of your faith.
  42. 2nd Kings 4:7 Then [the widow runs] up and tells [EliShua] (the man of Elohim), [“Your miracle worked!”] So [EliShua] says, “Go, sell the oil. Pay your debt. Then you and your children live on the leftover [money].”
    note: Unlike modern preachers, EliShua didn't ask for a tithe. If you can do miracles, you don’t need donations.
  43. Proverbs 2:21 For [only] upright [people] end up dwelling [safely] on the land, 😇. Perfected [people] remain in [life forever].
  44. Proverbs 10:22 YHVH's blessing makes [you] rich, 😇. And [unlike worldly economic powers, YAH] adds no [troublesome] sorrow to [his pay].
  45. Proverbs 30:8 [1] Remove vanity and lies far from me. [2] Give me neither poverty nor riches. ([Just] feed me healthy food.)
  46. IsaiYAH 40:29 [YAH] gives power to exhausted [people, 😇]. He multiplies the strength of powerless [sufferers].
  47. IsaiYAH 55:10 [My] rain [showers] down, 😇. Snow [falls] from heaven. [Precipitation] waters the earth. [Water] makes [land] shoot out buds that give seed to the planter and bread to the eater. Then [the excess water] evaporates [to repeat the global hydration process].
  48. JeremiYAH 17:7 Blessed [is] the [masterful] human who runs-for-refuge in YHVH — whose security [comes not from mortal society, but from] YHVH {The-Eternal-One}.
    note: man=master
  49. Matthew 7:11 So if you, 😇, even though you're evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will [YHVH] your Father in heaven give good things to everyone who asks him!
  50. Mark 6:8 YahShua commands His 12 disciples to take nothing for their journey, except a staff, 😇. No [wallet, no food pouch], no bread, no money in their belts.
    note: Sometimes you get to keep tools you're using in YAH's service. And sometimes you must go out with nothing but your clothes and a walking stick. But in every case, disciples are never to collect or pack around personal residential baggage. Everything we have is to be used for the Kingdom or sold to benefit the poor, or we are in disobedience.
  51. Mark 6:42 The whole crowd eats until their bellies bulge, stuffed, 😇.
  52. Luke 1:53 [YAH] fills hungry [people] with good [food, 😇]. YAH sends rich [people] away empty [handed].
  53. Luke 9:16 Then YahShua takes the 5 loaves and the 2 fish [from his disciples]. Looking up to heaven, YahShua kneels. [He thanks YAH for] the food. Then he breaks [the food into pieces]. He keeps giving [more and more] pieces to his disciples to distribute to the crowd.
  54. Luke 9:17 The whole crowd eats until [their bellies poke out,] stuffed. The disciples pick up 12 baskets of leftover food fragments.
  55. Luke 11:11 Is there any father here, 😇, who, when his son asks him for a [cooked] fish [to eat], instead gives the boy a [live, wriggling, poisonous] snake?
  56. Luke 11:12 Or if a son asks for an egg, will a father offer the son a scorpion, 😇?
  57. Luke 12:23 [Your] life is more than food, 😇. [Your] body is more than clothing.
  58. Luke 22:35 YahShua asks His apostles, “When I sent you without wallets, containers or shoes, did you lack anything?” The apostles answer, “Nothing.”
  59. Acts 14:17 Yet [YHVH] never left himself without witness! YAH [constantly] does [us] good, 😇! He gives us rain from heaven, and fruitful seasons. [He] fills our [bellies] with food and our hearts with joy!”
  60. Philippians 4:19 [Through your connection] to YahShua the Messiah, [YHVH] my Eloah will give you, 😇, everything you need, from his limitless glorious riches.
  61. Hebrews 6:18 YAH's immutable promise[s] and His oath[s] are unchangeable, 😇. It's impossible for Elohim to lie. So we who flee to YAH for refuge can take renewed courage, and confidently grab onto YAH's promise(s).
  62. Genesis 22:13 Abraham {Father-Of-Billions} lifts up his eyes. He looks [around]. Behind him he sees a ram caught in a thicket by its horns. So Abraham runs. He grabs the ram. In place of his son, he smoke-roasts [it for a feast in honor of YHVH].
  63. Genesis 32:10 I am, [and always have been] unworthy of the least of [the myriad] mercies, and [constant, complete] faithfulness you've shown to [me,] your servant. [I had nothing but my] staff when I fled [north] over this Jordan [river]. Yet [You multiplied my progeny and possessions into] two [huge] hosts!
    note: This is the heart of the history of the people of the Bible: they never merited their blessings. The Israelites were horribly sinful people. Yet YHVH somehow found a way to redeem them. And that redemption is available to us, even though we too are horribly sinful people.
  64. Genesis 35:12 [Look at this amazing] land I [promised to] give to Abraham {Father-Of-Billions} and Isaac {Laughter}! I'm giving it to you. And I [keep on] giving the land to your seed-children after you.”
  65. Exodus 6:8 So I bring you into the land I [lifted my hand and] swore to give to Abraham {Father-Of-Billions}, to Isaac {Laughter}, and to Jacob {Heel-Grabber}. I give [the earth] to you as your inheritance. I am YHVH {The-Eternally-Existent-One}.”
    note: Land = erets = earth. The true sons who carry Abraham's faith eventually rule the whole earth, not just a dusty strip of Mediterranean real estate.
  66. Exodus 16:12 [YAH] says, “I've heard the complaints of the children of Israel. Address them. Say, ‘At evening you'll eat meat. Then in the morning you'll be filled with bread. [Then] you'll know that I am YHVH, your Elohim.’”
  67. Exodus 16:13 Later that evening [delicious] quail [birds] fly up, 😇. They cover the camp. Then, in the morning, a layer of dew glistens all around the camp.
    note: Quail were non-controversial, because birds and fish are exempted from the sacred-slaughter provisions Moses had instituted to keep the camp from turning into a big hot bloody mess of cattle-corpses.
  68. Exodus 33:19 YAH's [angel] replies, “I'll make all my goodness parade in front of you. I'll proclaim the Name-Authority of YHVH before you. I [lavish] mercy on everyone I favor. I [shower] mercy on everyone I love.”
  69. Numbers (Journeys) 11:18 [Moses,] tell the people, “Separate yourselves [from evil. Prepare] for [a day of miracles] tomorrow. Then you'll eat animal-meat, because you cried in the ears of YHVH, moaning, “Who'll give us flesh to eat? We had it so good in Egypt!” So YHVH will give you animal-meat. You'll eat [your fill].
    note: They demanded a government food handout.
  70. Numbers (Journeys) 33:56 When you fail to [ban the pagans from your society], I destroy you, like I destroy [most of] them.”
  71. Deuteronomy 2:7 YHVH your Elohim [says this because] He's blessed you in all the works of your hand[s], 😇. He knows [every step you take] walking through this great wilderness. These 40 years YHVH your Elohim has been with you [every moment]. You've lacked nothing.
    note: Again, the Israelites always had plenty of meat to eat. Moses just told them to eat it at the sanctuary instead of spattering blood and guts all over a 2-million man refugee camp.
  72. 1st Samuel 2:7 YHVH makes [men] poor. And [YAH] makes [men] rich. He brings [us] low, and lifts [us] up.
  73. 1st Kings 17:4 You'll drink from the brook. I've commanded the ravens to feed you there.”
  74. 2nd Kings 4:5 So [the widow runs] out from [EliShua]. [She] and her sons [get lots of containers]. She shuts the door behind herself and her sons. Then she pours [oil] out [of her little flask into the first container].
  75. 2nd Kings 7:1 Then EliShua {El's-Salvation} says, “Hear the word of YHVH. YHVH says, ‘Tomorrow about this time, in the gate of Samaria, 1 measure [6 quarts] of fine flour will sell for one shekel. And 2 measures [1/2 bushel] of barley [will also sell] for a shekel.’”
  76. 2nd Kings 7:16 So the [Samarian] population rush out [of the city]. They plunder the Syrian war-tents. So [that day the Israeli grocers sell] 1 measure [6 quarts] of fine flour for one shekel, and 2 measures [1/2 bushel] of barley for a shekel. This fulfills YHVH's prophecy [to the letter, 😇]!
  77. NehemiYAH 5:18 Every day [Hebrew cooks] prepare one ox, 6 choice sheep and poultry, [all kosher,] to [feed] our [work crew]. And every 10 days [supporters] bring us [Jewish workers] all kinds of juice. Never during the [12 years of rebuilding] do I ever request food from the [pagan regional] governor, because [I don't want to add to] the heavy bondage [the Empire] lays on my [Jewish people].
    note: Nehemiah wouldn't accept government benefits to which he was entitled. He knew that his society would get addicted to handouts. So he paid his workers out of his own pocket. If you are a Christian or Jew who takes worldly government ‘benefits’, you're cheating yourself out of real blessing.
  78. NehemiYAH 9:21 —Yes, for 40 years you [miraculously] sustained the [Israelites] in the wilderness. So they lacked nothing. Their clothes never grew old. Their feet never swelled.
  79. Job 42:12 So YHVH blesses Job's finish more than his start, 😇! [Job] acquires 14000 sheep, and 6000 camels, and 1000 yoke-pair of oxen, and 1000 female-donkeys.
    note: These animals are worth about 72 luxury mansions or 20 thousand working cars.
  80. Psalms 65:11 You crown [our] year with your marvelous [harvest]. You circle [earth, scattering] fat [rich abundance in your every path].
  81. Psalms 105:39 [Then YAH] spreads a cloud to cover [the Hebrews]. [He sends a column of supernatural] fire to give [them] light in the night.
  82. Psalms 105:41 [Then YAH] opens a rock. Waters gush out. [Streams] run like river[s] through dry [desert gullies]!
  83. IsaiYAH 32:20 [Yet YAH] makes [your life a] delight, 😇. You plant [crops] beside never-ending waters. Your [land sprawls out, so huge and protected that] you let the feet of your oxen and donkeys [roam] free.
  84. IsaiYAH 41:18 I open rivers in [barren] hills. [I drill] wells in broad valleys, 😇. I make the wilderness a pool of water. [I morph] dry ground into flooding springs.
  85. IsaiYAH 60:17 I come and trade you gold for your brass, silver for your iron, brass for your wood, and iron for your rocks, 😇. I make peace your governor and righteousness your ruler.
  86. Ezekiel 20:6 Later [the] day [comes when again] I lift up my hand [in pledge] to [help] the [Israelis], to bring them out of the land of Egypt into a country I scouted for them, [a land] gushing milk and honey, the glory of all [the] earth.
  87. Ezekiel 39:10 [For those 7 years,] the [Israelis] take no wood from [their] fields. They cut down no [trees] from their forests. [Instead,] they burn [Gog's] weapons with fire. [The Israelis] loot the [dead invaders] who spoiled them. [Hebrews] rob the [corpses] of their robbers,” foretells Adonai YHVH.
  88. Mark 6:41 YahShua picks up the 5 loaves and the 2 fishes. He looks up to heaven. He [prays to YHVH to] bless [the food]. YahShua breaks the loaves. Then he hands the bread to his disciples to set before the crowd. Then he divides the 2 fish. [His disciples pass out fish pieces to] everyone.
  89. Luke 14:17 [The Man] sends his servant at supper time to say to the invited [guests], ‘Come! Everything is ready!’
  90. John 6:31 [After all,] our fore-fathers ate manna in the desert. It is written, ‘[Moses] gave the [Israelites] bread from heaven to eat.’”
    note: Exodus 16:4; Nehemiah 9:15; Psalm 78:24,25
  91. John 21:6 YahShua shouts to his disciples, “Cast [your] net on the right side of the boat. Then you'll find [what you're seeking].” So the disciples throw their net into [the lake]. Suddenly, 😇, so many fish fill the net that the disciples can’t haul the net aboard!
    note: Are you casting your net on the RIGHT side of the boat?
  92. Romans 8:32 YAH didn't spare his own ‘son.’ [YAH] surrendered YahShua [to ‘buy’] all us [believers back from the devil]. So YAH will freely give us everything else [we need, 😇].
  93. 2nd Corinthians 9:8 And [YHVH] the Eloah is able to shower all kinds of blessings on you, 😇. In all things and at all times you'll have [not everything you want], but everything you need, to enable you to do more and more good works.
  94. Apocalypsis (Revelation) 7:17 For [YahShua] (the Lamb in the center of the throne[room]) feeds the [redeemed ones, 😇]. He leads them to fountains of living waters. [YHVH] the Eloah wipes away every tear from their eyes, 😇.”
  95. Genesis 3:2 The woman answers the dragon-serpent, “We can eat fruit from the garden's trees;
    note: Don't talk to the devil. Don't talk to anyone who accuses you.
  96. Genesis 15:1 After [Abram wisely refuses to make an alliance with the foreign king,] the Word of YHVH comes [alive] to Abram in a vision. [YAH] says, “Never fear, Abram. I am your [sovereign] shield. I am your overflowing, massive reward.”
    note: YAH rewards Abram for refusing to take any benefits from worldly government.
  97. Genesis 15:18 That day YHVH makes a covenant with Abram {High-Father}, promising, “To your seed-children I have given this land, from the river [Vadi/Border] of Egypt to the great waterway: the Euphrates river.
  98. Genesis 24:7 YHVH Elohim of heaven took me from my father's house, from the land of my kindred. He spoke to me, He swore to me, promising, ‘I give this [Caananite] land to your seed-children.’ [So] YHVH will send his angel before you. So you'll retrieve a wife for my son from [the Hebrews].
  99. Genesis 26:19 Isaac's servants dig in the valley, 😇. They discover a spring of running water.
    note: In Hebrew, the word ‘Running water’ here means ‘living water.’
  100. Genesis 26:32 [Amazingly, 😇,] the same day [Isaac makes peace], Isaac's servants rush up to him and shout, “We just dug a well! We found water!”
    note: YAH rewards nonresistance.
  101. Exodus 17:6 Watch. I'll stand in front of you there on the rock in Horeb {Drought-Land}. You strike the rock. Then water shoots out of it, so the people can drink.” [So] Moses [hikes out, 😇. He smacks the rock.] The leaders of Isra’el [see water come rushing out]!
    note: The Rock represents the Messiah, who gives life, salvation, rest, refreshment, honey, oil and living water.
  102. Leviticus 26:5 [Just obey Me, 😇. THEN] your threshing season comes to extend until the grape harvest. Your grape harvest extends until it's time to plant grain again. You eat your fill [of food]. [You] live securely in your land.
    note: Do YHWH's will. Then you reap your harvest right up to planting time. You live well fed and safe. Homeland Security comes from obedience to YHVH, not from borrowing trillions of dollars to fund a socialist police state.
  103. Numbers (Journeys) 11:32 So, 😇, the people stay up all that day, and all that night, and all the next day, gathering [and slaughtering the] quail. The [guy] with the smallest stack gathers 10 heaps! The [Israelites] spread the quail [in piles] for themselves all over and around the camp.
  104. Deuteronomy 26:9 [Then] YAH brings us into this place. He gives us this [awesome] land — a land flowing [with] milk and honey!
  105. Deuteronomy 32:13 YAH takes [you, 😇] riding on the highest of earth's high places. [You] eat the fruit of [earth's] fields. [YAH] enables [you] to suckle honey from [desert] crags, to [draw] oil from [sharp, dangerous] flinty cliffs.
  106. Joshua 1:11 "Pass through the camp. Command the people [of your tribes], ‘Prepare food. For in 3 days you'll [all] cross the Jordan [river from] here, to go in to possess the land YHVH your Elohim gives you as your own.
  107. Joshua 24:13 So I've given you a country for which you never worked, and cities you never built. You thrive in [gifted land]. You eat from vineyards and oliveyards [which] you never planted.”
  108. 1st Kings 17:9 [YAH] says, “Get up. [Hike ~80km northwest] to [coastal] Zarephath {Refinery} in [the land of] Sidon {Fish-City}. Live there. You'll see: I've commanded a widow woman there to provide for you.”
  109. 2nd Chronicles 20:25 So [king] JAHoshaphat {JAH's-Judgment} and his people [run down] to take away the invaders' [wealth]. They find among the dead bodies tons of riches and precious jewels. They strip off for themselves more [loot] than they can carry away. They spend 3 days gathering massive piles of plunder!
    note: YAH will give you the wealth of your enemies, if you praise him in the spirit the Hebrew Torah actually commands, instead of the reserved, plastic, cheesy, churchy ‘praise’ that pusillanimous pastors promote.
  110. 2nd Chronicles 31:10 Chief Priest AzariYah {YAH-Helps} (from the family of Zadok {Righteous}) answers [king HezekiYah], “Since [our] people started bringing these donations into the temple of YHVH, we [priests] have eaten our fill, with plenty left over, because YHVH keeps blessing his people. This great store [of wealth] is just the spillover!”
  111. Psalms 37:25 I was young, 😇. Now I'm old. But I've never seen [YAH permanently] forsake champions-of-fairness. I never see the children of [saints] begging for food.
    note: Saints do not draw welfare handouts from worldly governments.
  112. Psalms 37:29 Defenders-of-equity [eventually] inherit the earth, 😇. They dwell [safely] on it forever.
  113. Psalms 65:10 You soak our [mountain] ridges [with rain]. You smooth our valleys. You dissolve our [rocky ground] with showers. You bless our sprouting [crops].
  114. Psalms 65:12 You make [desert] oases drip [with juicy fruit]. You dress [earth's] hills in joy. Then you spin the [planet around the galaxy dancing in your honor].
  115. Psalms 65:13 [You] clothe [earth's] pastures with flocks. You drape grain across [our] valleys. [Fruit] splits our ears with [shouts of] joy. [Grain] strolls singing [across our beautiful blue planet].
    note: If you listen close when the soil is rich and well watered, you can hear food growing.
  116. Psalms 105:40 Then the [Israelites] beg [for more meat than they need, 😇. So YAH] sends [millions of] quail. [YAH] satisfies [his gripy people] with food from heaven.
    note: YAH satisfies you with food from heaven. The world poisons you with ‘Frankenfood’ from h*ll.
  117. Psalms 145:16 You open your hand to satisfy the desire[s] of every living thing.
  118. IsaiYAH 30:23 Finally [your] day dawns, 😇. [YAH] gives you rain to [water] the seed you plant in your soil. [YAH] makes [your] earth produce bread. Your cattle feed in [your] rich, plentiful, spacious pastures.
  119. IsaiYAH 32:15 [Centuries pass, 😇.] Then, from on high, [YAH's] spirit pours upon us [believers]. [Our] wildernesses morph into fertile farms. Our pastures grow crops thick as forests!
  120. IsaiYAH 33:16 [If you're righteous, YAH eventually] lifts [you] to dwell in an impregnable rock fortress, 😇. [YAH] gives [you nutritious] food and a steady [healthy] water supply.
  121. IsaiYAH 41:17 When poor and needy [people] seek water, and find none, and their tongues fail for thirst, I YHVH answer their [gasping prayers]. I, the Elohim of Israel, never abandon [humble people, 😇].
  122. IsaiYAH 55:1 [YAH continues,] “Oh, all you thirsty [people], walk to [My living] waters. You have no silver. Yet come, buy and eat! [I'll] get [you] ‘wine’ and ‘milk’ without money, for free, 😇!
  123. IsaiYAH 60:5 Your eyes come to sparkle with reverence, 😇. Your heart startles [to life]. It grows. [Pagans] haul the riches of the sea to you. Beast-national forces [march] to [aid] you.
  124. IsaiYAH 60:6 Crowds of camels cover your [land, 😇]. Dromedaries from Midian {Brawler} and Ephah {Darkie}, and everyone from Sheba {South-Arabia} flocks [to Israel]. They bring you gold and incense. [Their] rosy-cheeks flush [with joy as they] applaud YHVH.
  125. IsaiYAH 60:20 Your sun never again goes down, 😇. Your moon never withdraws itself [from your sky]. For [I,] YHVH [beam] your everlasting light. The days of your mourning finally end.
  126. JeremiYAH 17:8 [The heroic human who trusts YAH and distrusts man] thrives like a tree planted by [flowing] waters. He spreads out his roots by the river. [He] never suffers the heat that comes [to ravage the dry-land]. His [every] leaf stays green. [He] never worries in the year of drought. [He] never stops yielding fruit.
    note: We saints go through intense physical struggle without losing our spiritual virtues.
  127. Ezekiel 16:7 I multiply you like the myriad bud[s] of [earth's] field[s]. You increase. You spiral high! You morph into the most beautiful of [all] jewels. Your breasts take shape. Your hair grows [long]. [You] no longer [lie] naked and exposed.
  128. Ezekiel 34:26 I make [my lands] and the places surrounding my [temple] mount [into places of] blessing. I make shower[s] rain down in season. [I come to pour] showers of blessings [on you, 😇].
  129. Ezekiel 36:30 I multiply the fruit of [your] tree[s]. [I bring] produce from [your] field[s]. I stop famine [from starving] you. So the beast-nations stop hurling mockery at you, 😇.
  130. Matthew 10:10 Carry no [traveler's] bag for your journey. Don't take an extra shirt. Wear no shoes. Don't [even] take a walking staff. For the worker deserves his support, 😇.
    note: Yah gives you what you need to do what He wants done.
  131. Matthew 10:11 Whenever you enter a city or village, 😇, search [for like-minds]. [Inquire] for a worthy [deserving / suitable / praise-worthy] man. Stay in his home until you leave for the next town.
  132. Mark 6:43 The [disciples] pick up 12 baskets full of [leftover uneaten bread] and fish fragments, 😇!
  133. Luke 10:4 Don't take a [wallet], bag or sandals [shoes]. [Go right where YAH's Spirit leads you to go.] Don't [even stop to] greet anyone on the road.
    note: Travel light.
  134. John 3:27 JAHn [the Immerser] answers, “No one can receive anything unless [YAH] in heaven gives it to him.
    note: Unless you're washed clean by the Holy Spirit, you're not really washed.
  135. John 6:6 YahShua asks this to test Philip. [YahShua] already knows [he's going to multiply miracle food to feed the crowd].
  136. 1st Corinthians 9:10 [YHVH] is concerned that [you materialistic ‘Christians’] take care of us [spiritual workers]. That's the very reason [Moses] wrote the [anti-muzzling statute, 😇]. Every plowman should plow in hope [of pay]. Whoever threshes expecting reward should get what he rightly hopes for.
  137. James 1:17 Every [truly] beneficial gift, every perfect endowment, comes from above, raining down from [YHVH], the Father of heavenly lights. [Unlike the] shifting shadows [of Satan's world-system, YHVH] never changes, 😇.
    note: Also translatable as the equally true: Every constructive ACT of giving also comes from Yahweh.
  138. James 2:5 Listen, my beloved brothers. Hasn't [YHVH] the Eloah chosen the poor [people] of this world to be rich in faith, heirs of the kingdom He promised to the [beings] who love him?
  139. Genesis 6:20 [Take] a mating-pair of every kind of bird, livestock and animal creeping on the ground. They'll come to you, so that [you] can keep them alive.
  140. Genesis 21:20 [Time passes, 😇.] Elohim stays with the boy IshmaEl. He grows and thrives in the wilderness. He becomes a [master] archer. [He catches all the food he and his mother need to eat.]
  141. Genesis 22:14 So Abraham {Father-Of-Billions} shouts, “The name of this place is ‘YHVH-Jireh.’” [That's why, 😇,] to this day, [people] say, “[You] see [your miracle] on the mountain of YHVH.”
    note: ‘Jehovah-Jireh’ means ‘YHVH sees to it.’
  142. Exodus 16:14 [The sun rises, 😇.] The dew evaporates, revealing on the surface of the desert a fine flaky substance, delicate as frost on the ground.
  143. Exodus 16:15 The people of Israel [run out to the fields, 😇]. They look at [the white flakes]. [They] exclaim to one-another, “What's that stuff?” Moses answers them, “This is the bread YHVH gives you to eat.
    note: ‘Manna (man-hu)’ means “What's that stuff?”
  144. Deuteronomy 8:7 For YHVH your Elohim [comes to] bring you, 😇, into an awesome earth, a land with streams and [fresh] pools of water, with [deep] springs flowing in the valleys and hills.
    note: The New World Order is bringing you into a world of dry, polluted, sterile ground, where if you use the mark of the beast, the ‘government’ will hand you a plastic bottle filled with chlorinated, fluoridated polluted tap-water. And if you don't use the mark of the beast, your slave-masters will watch you die on the poison sand.
  145. Deuteronomy 8:9 [Obey YAH and you get] a land where you, 😇, eat bread in [perpetual] abundance, where you never lack anything—land whose stones [brim with valuable] iron, and out of whose hills you dig [precious] brass.
  146. Deuteronomy 8:15 [YHVH] led you through the great and terrible wilderness, [filled with] fiery serpents, and scorpions, and drought, devoid of water. [YHVH] brought you water out of a flint boulder!
  147. Deuteronomy 11:23 [😇, when you obey,] then YHVH drives out all these [evil] nations before your [stunned] faces. You [come to] own [the land of] nations bigger and stronger than yourselves!
  148. Deuteronomy 33:28 [In YAH's care, you, the people who] will rule with El, dwell in solitude and safety, 😇. Jacob's fountains irrigate [your] land ['til it bursts] with grain and wine. [YAH's] heavens trickle night-mist [to water your plants and leave your days filled with sunshine].
  149. Joshua 21:43 Thus YHVH gives to Israel all the land he swore to give to their fore-fathers, 😇. They possess [the Promised land]. They dwell [happily] in it.
  150. Joshua 23:4 Look: by [sacred] lot, I [preemptively] divvied to you [the land of] the [pagan] nations who remain [near us. These straggling pagans are no different from] all the nations I already cut [out of the promised land. Their territory] is an inheritance for your tribes, from [the] Jordan [river] all the way west to the great [Mediterranean] sea.
  151. 2nd Samuel 7:10 —What's more, I [come to] assign a place for my people who rule with [me]. I plant them. So [if they obey me] they eventually dwell in a home of their own. They never wander again. The spawn of evil never again torment them, as in times past.
  152. 2nd Kings 4:42 Up [rides] a man from Baal-Shalisha {Lord-Of-Triple-Land}. He brings [ELishua] (the man of Elohim) 20 loaves of bread made from the [year's] first yield of [barley], plus a sackful of full ears of grain. [EliShua] says, “Give [that food] to the [starving] population, so they can [finally] eat.”
  153. 1st Chronicles 17:9 Likewise, I [always] provide a home for my people who will rule with me. I [eventually] plant them. They [come to] dwell in their place, never again to be shaken. The [world's] wicked brats never waste [my people] again, as the [pigs] have been doing since the time I commanded judges to lead my people (Israel).
    note: Israel = those who will rule with EL.
  154. 2nd Chronicles 33:8 —Never again will I move the foot of Israel out of the land I assigned to your fore-fathers, as [long as you] attentively obey everything I've commanded [you]. [So] live out [my] whole law, including the statutes and the ordinances [I gave] by the hand of Moses.”
  155. NehemiYAH 9:15 —And [You] gave the [ancient Israelites] bread from heaven [to quench] their hunger. And to quench their thirst, [you] brought forth water for them out of a rock! And you invited them to go in to possess the land you swore to give them.
  156. Psalms 2:8 Ask me, and I'll give you the beast-masses as your inheritance. You'll own the uttermost parts of the earth!
  157. Psalms 72:16 Grain fills the earth's [hands from the valleys] to the mountaintops. Fruit waves [in our orchards] like [the sky-scraping] cedars of the white mountains [of Lebanon]. Cities twinkle [with light,] like grass blossoming over the earth.
  158. Psalms 136:25 [YAH] gives food to all flesh-creatures. His favor [flows] forever.
  159. Psalms 146:9 YHVH preserves [not just Hebrews but] strangers [& foreigners]. He relieves fatherless [orphans] and widow[s]. But He turns the life-path[s] of wicked [lawbreakers] upside down, 😇.
  160. IsaiYAH 27:3 I (YHVH) guard [my ‘garden’], 😇. I water it every moment. I prevent anyone from damaging [my garden]. I protect [my people] night and day.
  161. IsaiYAH 37:31 —The surviving remnant population of Judea once again shoot down roots. They raise fruit.
  162. IsaiYAH 43:20 —Honor me, [you] wildlife, you monsters and mama-ostriches [with your heads in the sand]. I give [you] water in [your] wilderness, 😇. I give my chosen people streams in the desert.
  163. IsaiYAH 48:21 [YAH's ancient people] didn't [die] of thirst in the desert, 😇. [YAH] makes waters gush out of rocks [for us Hebrews to drink]. He splits cliffs. So rivers [of blessing] pour out [on us believers].
  164. IsaiYAH 49:19 Your [current] wastelands, your desolate places, your demolished earth, come to overflow with [happy, well-fed] inhabitants. The [consumers] who swallowed you down end up far away.
  165. Ezekiel 16:12 I place a gem on your forehead. [I clip] earrings on your ears. [I set] a beautiful crown upon your head.
    note: or: a gem-ring on your nose. #639 'aph from 599 (breathe-hard); properly, the nose or nostril; hence, the face,
  166. Ezekiel 16:13 I wreathe you in gold and silver. I adorn you in cambric-linen and [white] satin. I [swathe you] in embroidered [lace]. You eat fine flour, and honey, and [olive] oil. You grow beyond magnificent. You prosper like royalty.
  167. Ezekiel 16:14 So the fame of your elegance marches-out [like wildfire] among the beast-nations, because I drape you in my consummate grandeur,’ recounts Adonai YHVH.
    note: To this point, Israel's history is a Cinderella story.
  168. Ezekiel 34:15 I feed my flock, 😇. I'm leading [you] to [a safe place to] lie down [and rest],” promises Adonai YHVH.
  169. Ezekiel 34:25 And I make a covenant of peace with [my future flock, 😇]. I drive all evil beasts out of the land. So [my people] dwell safely in the wilderness. They sleep in [beautiful] forests.
  170. Ezekiel 34:27 Every tree of [Israel's] field[s] eventually yields her fruit. The earth comes to supply her produce. [My people] then live safe in their land, knowing me (YHVH). I break the straps of their yokes [of slavery]. I eventually rescue [you, 😇,] from the fists of the [bad leaders] who serve themselves [by devouring you].
  171. Mark 6:37 YahShua answers his disciples, “You give the people [food] to eat!” The disciples answer YahShua, “Should we go and buy 200 silver coins worth of bread, to feed this horde?!”
  172. Mark 8:6 YahShua commands the crowd, “Sit down on the ground!” [So down they sit, 😇.] YahShua grabs the 7 loaves. He gives thanks [to YHVH]. He breaks [the bread]. He hands it to his disciples. They set the [broken] loaves before the [crowd of] people.
  173. Luke 1:54 [YAH always] mercifully remembers [us saints, 😇]. He helps his [reformed] slave-brats [who will reign with Him].
    note: Israel = people who will rule with YAH.
  174. Luke 1:55 [YAH] promised [mercy] to our fore-fathers: to Abraham {Father-Of-Billions}, and to Abraham's ‘seed-children’, for ever!”
  175. Luke 14:16 YahShua answers [with another mind-movie]: “A man prepares a great feast, 😇. [He] invites many [guests].
  176. Luke 22:43 An angel from heaven appears to YahShua. The [angel] gives YahShua strength [to resist the urge to use his super-power to fight the religionists and their soldiers].
    note: Yahshua had plenty of physical strength. Yahshua needed YAH's spiritual strength to resist the urge to use his own physical strength to kill his attackers.
  177. Acts 7:17 The time draws near for the fulfillment of the promise YHVH swore to Abraham. Our people multiply and grow [in power as slaves] in Egypt.
  178. 1st Timothy 5:16 Each believing man or woman should directly support their relatives or wards who are widows, 😇. Never let the Ekklesia be burdened [with trying to support people who have other righteous means of support]. That way the Ekklesia [will have resources] to relieve true [helpless] widows.
    note: Christians are supposed to give away all their possessions. Instead, Christians heap up possessions with the real or purported goal of giving to others.
  179. Ecclesiasticus (Sirach) 35:11 For [YHVH] Adonai recompenses. He'll will give you 7 times as much [as you give.]
  180. Genesis 17:8 And to you, and to your seed-children after you, I give the land where you [currently] live as a stranger: all the land of Canaan {LowLand}, for your everlasting possession. I [reign] as Elohim [over your descendants].”
  181. Exodus 15:17 YHVH, You bring [your people] in[to Zion]. You plant them on the mountain of your inheritance, in the site you made for Yourself to dwell in; in the sanctuary Your hands [continually] establish.
  182. Exodus 16:4 So YHVH says to Moses, “Watch: I'll rain bread from heaven for you. The people will venture out and gather their [manna] ration every day. [The way this goes down will] show which people will walk in My Law, and [which ones] will [foolishly try to make democratic human ‘laws’].
  183. Exodus 32:13 —Remember Abraham {Father-Of-Billions}, Isaac {Laughter} and Israel {El's-Deputy}, your servants, to whom you swore by your own Self this promise: ‘I come to multiply your seed like the stars of heaven; I give all this land I promised to your seed. They inherit it forever.’”
  184. Exodus 33:15 [Moses] replies to [YAH], “If your presence won't go with me, don't carry us up from here [into the promised land].
  185. Numbers (Journeys) 18:24 But as your inheritance, I've already given [you] Levite [priests] 10% of everything the nation of Israel produces, assuming the [Israelites do the right thing] and offer [those tithes] up to [Me], YHVH. So it's fair for me to decree that you get no [normal] inheritance-rights.”
  186. Numbers (Journeys) 33:53 Occupy [the cities and territory belonging to the previous satanic] inhabitants of the [promised] land. Live there. I've given you the [whole] country to own.
  187. Deuteronomy 1:25 So [the spies] grab some of the fruit of the land in their hands. They haul it back down to us [Israelis]. They bring [good] news. [They] shout, “YHVH our ELohim is giving us an awesome territory!”
  188. Deuteronomy 3:4 So we immediately occupy all [Og's] cities. [YAH] hands us every single one of the [inbred mutant's] cities, 😇: 60 cities [in all]: the whole region of Argob {Stony}, the kingdom of [fat giant] Og in Bashan {Fruitful}.
  189. Deuteronomy 3:12 Of this land that we took as our own, I gave the Reubenites and the Gadites the area extending from Aroer {Exposed}, near [the] Arnon {Raging} River, plus half [the hill-country around] mount Gilead {Monument-Mound}, including its cities.
  190. Deuteronomy 4:38 [As part of YAH's plan] to bring [some of] you into [heaven when you die, YAH chose] to drive away from your face nations greater and mightier than you are, 😇, to give you their land as an inheritance, as [you see happening] today.
  191. Deuteronomy 8:8 [Obeying YAH gets you, 😇,] a land of wheat and barley and grape-vines and fig trees and pomegranates; a land of olive oil and honey.
  192. Deuteronomy 11:15 [Obey, and] I'll spread [green] grass over your fields for your cattle, so you, 😇, can eat and stay satisfied.’
  193. Deuteronomy 19:1 [Moses continues, “Soon] YHVH your Elohim, [all by Himself, with no military help from you requested or needed,] comes to trim the [leadership of the evil] nations [off the face of the earth]. [Then] YHVH your Elohim awards their land to you [Israelites]. You take their place. [You] settle in their cities. [You live] in their houses.
  194. Deuteronomy 29:5 I led you for 40 years in the wilderness. Your clothes stayed new on your [backs]. Your shoe[s] on your feet never grew old.
    note: See Deu8:4, Neh 9:21.
  195. Deuteronomy 33:13 Then [Moses] prays [for the tribe of] Joseph {Increaser}: “YHVH, bless [Joseph's] land. [Rain] the precious [treasures] of heaven from above [like the dew]. [Bubble up living] waters from [earth's] subterranean canyons.
    note: Blessed: Gen 49:25. Or, ‘protect Joseph's people from [Satan,] the monster of the abyss.’
  196. Deuteronomy 33:15 [Give your servant all the riches of earth,] from the caps of the ancient mountains to the precious treasures [under] the [ever]lasting hills.
    note: Echoing Gen 49:26.
  197. Joshua 11:23 So JAHshua takes the whole land, 😇. He accomplishes everything YHVH predicted to Moses. Then JAHshua gives [that land] as an inheritance to Israel to divvy up [by families], one region per tribe. Finally the land rests from war.
  198. 1st Samuel 2:5 [Men] who brimmed full [now] hire themselves out for bread, while [men] who were hungry [hunger] no more. The barren [woman] births 7 [babies,] while she who [boasts] many sons falls feeble.
  199. 1st Kings 17:5 So [EliJah] goes [northeast]. He executes every word of YHVH. He hikes on [for days]. He lives by Cherith {Cut} brook, facing [the] Jordan [river].
  200. 2nd Kings 4:38 Then EliShua [teleports] back [~50km south from Shunem] to Gilgal {Wheel}. There a famine [ravages] the land. The gathered prophets sit before him. He says to his helper, “Set the huge pot [on the fire]. Boil soup for this brotherhood of prophets.”
  201. NehemiYAH 9:20 —And You provided your good spirit to instruct them. You never withheld your manna from their mouths. You gave them water to [quench] their thirst.
  202. NehemiYAH 9:25 —So [we Israelites] acquired strong cities, and a rich land. [We] possessed houses brimming full of goods, with dug-wells, vineyards, and oliveyards, and countless fruit trees. So we ate our fill. We grew strong. We delighted ourselves in your great goodness.
  203. Job 29:6 …I bathe my feet with [flowing] butter … [even] rocky [dirt] pours me out rivers of oil…
    note: eg: My cows and goats gave plenty of milk, and my olive trees grew in the rockiest soil.
  204. Psalms 34:10 Even young lions lack [food]. [Tigers] suffer hunger, 😇. But [believers] who seek YHVH never lack any good thing.
    note: YAH may let you go hungry for a while to purify you. You may not like what you have, but it's what you need.
  205. Psalms 37:3 Run-for-refuge in YHVH, 😇. Do good. Dwell [on] the land. [YAH] faithfully feeds you.
  206. Psalms 78:15 [YAH] splits the rocks in the wilderness, to give us drinks from inexhaustible depths, 😇.
  207. Psalms 81:10 I am YHVH your Elohim. I bring you out of Egyptian territory. Open your mouth wide, 😇. I fill [you with delicious bounty].
  208. Psalms 103:5 [YAH] satisfies your mouth with good things, 😇. So your youth renews like [an] eagle [takes flight].
  209. Psalms 107:38 YAH blesses [us believers], 😇. So we multiply [like rabbits]! [YAH] keeps our herds from dwindling.
  210. Psalms 114:8 [YAH] turns rock [deserts] into pools of water, 😇. [YAH morphs dry] flint into liquid fountains!
  211. Psalms 136:22 El {Power} [gives the earth as] a heritage to his servants who will rule with him. His [love lasts] forever, 😇.
    note: Israel = those who will rule with El, not any one genetic group.
  212. IsaiYAH 44:3 I eventually pour water over [you] thirsty [believers]. [In time,] I [flood] your dry ground, 😇. I pour my spirit on your seed-children. [I shower] my blessing upon your offspring.
  213. IsaiYAH 60:16 You [eventually] suck the milk of the beast-nations, 😇. You nurse at royal breasts. Then you realize that I, YHVH, am your Savior and your Redeemer, Jacob's mighty Sovereign.
  214. JeremiYAH 31:12 [We Hebrews eventually] run home to shout [songs of joy] on the height[s] of [Mount] Zion. We flow together to the goodness of YHVH. [We] beam over our wheat, our wine, our oil, our sprouting flock[s] and herd[s]. Our life-breath [comes to thrive] like a water-rich garden. Our [bitter dry] pining comes to an end.
  215. JeremiYAH 32:43 Once again [farmers] come to buy fields in this land that you [rightly] denounce as ‘desolate, devoid of man and animal, [crushed] in the Chaldean power-fist.’
  216. JeremiYAH 49:11 Leave your fatherless [orphan children]. I will preserve them alive. Let your widows run-for-refuge in me.”
  217. Ezekiel 16:11 Then I decorate you with [priceless] jewelry. I latch bracelets on your wrists. [I lace] a [gold] chain around your neck.
  218. Ezekiel 34:14 I feed [my people] in good pastures, 😇. Their fold lies on the high mountains of Israel. They lie [peacefully] in a safe enclosure. On fat pastures they feed upon Israel's hills.
    note: A forward-looking promise.
  219. Ezekiel 34:29 I raise up magnificent gardens for [my people, 😇,] so they never again get consumed with hunger in their land. They never again bear the shame of the beast-nations.
  220. Ezekiel 36:28 You [return to] dwell in the land I gave your fore-fathers. You become My people. I [reign as your] Sovereign, 😇.
  221. Ezekiel 36:29 I save you from all your filthiness. I call [the ground to produce] your grain. I multiply it. I send no famine upon you, 😇.
  222. ZephaniYAH 2:7 [On the] seashore, survivors descended from [ancient] Judah [move in to dead-men's abandoned homes]. [Hebrews] feed [in verdant gardens]. Then, in the evening, [we] lie down in the houses of [coastal Palestines'] Ashkelon {Market-Town}. YHVH Elohim cares for [his remnant people]. He reverses [our] exile. [We repenters] capture the [lands of our] captors.
  223. ZechariYAH 10:1 😇, ask YHVH for seasonally [appropriate] spring rain. [Watch] YHVH send flashes of lightning [in your clouds]. He provides rain-showers for his people. He spreads glistening grass through [our] fields.
  224. Matthew 10:9 Do not take along any gold, silver or copper in your belts.
    note: Go with NO money. Then you'll find out who your friends are.
  225. Mark 8:20 “And when I stretched 7 loaves to feed 4000 [men], how many baskets full of broken food pieces did you pick up?” YahShua's disciples answer, “7 baskets.”
  226. Luke 9:4 —Whatever house you enter, 😇, stay there until you leave that town.
    note: When you're touring, don't let various churches and people run you ragged all over town to come visit them one at a time, piecemeal, retail, because they're too lazy to get off their butts and travel across town. If they want to see you because they're truly desperate to hear YAH's Word or to receive a blessing, healing, or counsel from you, they can and will come find you where you are. And when your welcome wears out in that first house (or church), move on to the next town.
  227. Exodus 15:27 [Then the Israelites] journey on to Elim {Strong-Palm-Trees}. There, 😇, [they find] 12 wells of water and 70 palm trees. [So] they camp there by the waters.
    note: Probably the million travelers fight over the trees' limited shade.
  228. Exodus 36:7 [The craftsmen stumble over] the over-abundant work-supplies [donated by the people].
  229. Numbers (Journeys) 24:6 [Israel's tents] spread forth like [earth's] valleys, 😇, like gardens by the riverside, like succulent aloe trees planted by YHVH, like cedar trees encircling [sparkling] waters.
    note: African aloes yield drugs and potions. Indian aloes yield perfume.
  230. Numbers (Journeys) 27:12 Then YHVH [opens a supernatural portal. It shows Moses the nearby mountains. YAH] says to Moses, “You move up onto this mount Abarim {Beyond}, [from where you will move to the regions beyond this world]. Look [out over] the land I give to the children of Israel.
    note: Abarim means "regions beyond".
  231. Deuteronomy 3:10 [YAH gives us Israelis] all the cities of the plain, and all of Gilead {Monument-Mound}, and all of Bashan {Fruitful}, [stretching] to Salchah {Walking-Town} and Edrei {Power-Arm}, [plus the wonderful] cities in Bashan [previously belonging to] the kingdom of [fat giant] Og.
  232. Deuteronomy 11:11 Rather, the land you're going to own, 😇, is a country of [fertile, producing] hills and valleys. It drinks water from the rain of heaven!
  233. Deuteronomy 11:14 [YHVH promises,] [Just obey, 😇, and] I'll give your land its rain at the right seasons, including the early fall rains and the late spring rain, so you can harvest in your grain, and your wine-juice, and your oil.
  234. Deuteronomy 11:24 [If you obey YAH,] every place where the soles of your feet tread becomes yours, 😇: your territory [comes to] stretch from [Edom's hot southern] desert [north] to [the white mountains of] Lebanon, and from the great [Syrian] Euphrates river all the way [west] to the [Mediterranean] sea.
  235. Deuteronomy 28:5 [😇, if you obey, YAH fills] your grain-basket and kneading-bowl [with] blessings [of healthy delicious food].
    note: Your food will be nutritious and tasty.
  236. Joshua 1:2 [YAH] says, “My servant Moses lies dead. So you and all your people, pack up. Cross [the] Jordan [river]. Enter the land I'm giving [to] the descendants of Israel.
  237. Joshua 18:10 There in Shiloh {Tranquil}, before YHVH, JAHshua casts lots [to supernaturally assign land regions] to the [7 slacker tribes]. Thus JAHshua allots the [rest of the promised] land to the descendants of Israel, clan by clan.
  238. Joshua 22:8 [JAHshua sings], “Return to your tents with vast riches, and with hordes of cattle, with silver, gold, brass, iron and loads of clothing. Share with your brothers the treasure [left behind by] your [fleeing] enemies.”
  239. Judges 1:20 [Meanwhile,] the [Israelites] give [the city of] Hebron {Society} to Caleb {Battle-Cry}, as Moses predicted. There [Caleb] expels the 3 [demon-spawn] sons of [giant] Anak {Strangler}.
  240. Ruth 2:3 So Ruth {Friend} leaves [Naomi's house]. She [sneaks] to the field, [avoiding the eyes of gangs of thugs]. There, following the reaper-men, [Ruth scavenges leftover crops] between the [rows of grain]. [Eventually, as the day wears on,] Ruth happens to arrive in a part of the field belonging to Boaz {Stabilizer}, [Naomi's rich] relative from Elimelech's [clan].
  241. 1st Kings 17:10 So [ELiJah] gets up. He hikes [west] to Zarephath {Refinery}. He approaches the gate of the city. He sees the widow woman there gathering sticks. So he calls to her. [He] says, “Please fetch me a little water in a container, so I can drink.”
  242. 2nd Kings 19:29 [King Hezekiah,] here's your sign that [I, YAH, will repel Emperor Sennacherib]: This year, [I make so many] edible [plants] grow wild [that] your [whole nation survives by] eating [wild growth]. Then the next year [you come to eat] what springs from those [plants]. Then, in the 3rd year, you plant and reap [organized crops]. [You finally] plant vineyards and eat their fruit.
  243. 1st Chronicles 17:10 I [eventually] subdue all your enemies. So I, [YHVH], foretell you: I'll build you a dynasty.
  244. Ezra 7:20 —And buy whatever other supplies you are responsible for providing for the temple of your Eloah. You can take [money] from [my] Imperial treasury.
  245. Psalms 34:9 You [people whom] YHVH separates [from the world-system,] fear him. Everyone who fears [YAH eventually] gets all their needs met.
  246. Psalms 36:8 We feast on the abundance of your [family] palace. You give us [all we can] drink from the river of your [Edenic paradise of] delights.
  247. Psalms 69:35 For Elohim keeps saving Zion, 😇. He rebuilds the cities of Judea so [his people] can live there in their own [land].
  248. Psalms 69:36 The seed-children of [YAH's] obeyers [always eventually] inherit [Judea]. [Only] people who love [YAH's] Name-authority can live [permanently] in the [promised land].
  249. Psalms 78:16 [YAH] draws floods out of [rocky] crags. He makes [finger-width] streams cascade down [to us] like rivers.
  250. Psalms 78:23 [Yet] from above, [YAH] commands our clouds [to rain]. He opens heaven's double-doors [to give us Hebrews everything we need, 😇].
  251. Psalms 78:24 [YAH] rains mystery-food down upon us to eat. He gives us celestial grains.
    note: manna
  252. Psalms 78:27 [YAH] rains meat on our [kitchens] like dust, 😇. [He] flies feathered fowls to us like the sand of the sea.
  253. Psalms 84:11 YHVH Elohim is [our] sun and shield, 😇. YHVH gives [us] grace and glory. He never withholds any good thing from [us if we] walk uprightly.
  254. Psalms 104:10 [YAH] sends [earth's] springs into [our] valleys, flowing [life] between [our] hills, 😇.
  255. Psalms 104:14 [YAH] makes grass grow to [feed our] cattle, 😇. [YAH creates] herbs to serve man's [need] to bring food [and healing products] out of the earth.
    note: No scientist can create even a single blade of living grass. Scientists don't even know what makes grass grow!
  256. Psalms 104:28 Whatever you give, [we earth creatures gather]. You open your hand, and fill [us] with good [things].
  257. Psalms 136:21 [YAH] gives the [perverts'] land as an inheritance [to us saints, 😇]. [YAH’s] kindness outlives [the universe].
  258. Psalms 144:15 [We believers want to be your] blessed [nation]. The people who [make] YHVH their Elohim are the only happy people [on earth], 😇.
  259. IsaiYAH 26:12 YHVH, you completely establish us [saints] in peace. Everything we've ever accomplished, you did for us.
    note: It is YAH's power working through you that enables you to be more than a snake.
  260. IsaiYAH 27:2 On [Judgment] day [YAH] sings to [his people], [I love my] ‘vineyard’ of red wine [‘grapes’].
  261. IsaiYAH 44:26 [YAH] confirms his servants' decree[s], 😇. [YAH] fulfills his messengers' predictions. [YAH] promises Jerusalem, [I'll] repopulate you.” [YAH tells] the cities of Judea, [I'll] rebuild you. I'll raise up your decayed ruins.”
  262. IsaiYAH 61:5 Foreigners come to stand and feed your flocks, 😇. Sons of [non-Hebrew] alien[s] enroll as your plowmen and your vinedressers.
  263. IsaiYAH 62:8 YHVH swears by his power-hand, by his mighty arm, [After Armageddon,] never, ever again do I give your grain as food for your enemies, 😇. Foreign brats never [again] suck the wine for which you labor.”
  264. IsaiYAH 66:12 YHVH promises, “Watch, 😇: I [eventually] extend peace to [Jerusalem] like a river. The beast-nations' wealth floods [to her] like a stream. You nurse, carried on her hips. You play on her ‘lap!’
  265. JeremiYAH 11:5 I go on to fulfill the oath I swore to your ancestors: I give them a land that gushes milk and honey — the [land you own] today.” I [Jeremiah] answer, “True, YHVH.”
  266. JeremiYAH 27:6 So now I throw all these [middle-eastern] lands into the fist of Babylon's Emperor Nebuchadnezzar, my obeyer. I even award [him] the beasts of [your] field[s] as his servants.
  267. JeremiYAH 31:5 You come to re-array vines on the mountains of Samaria, 😇. [Your] farmers plant, and eat fruit plentiful [as rocks]!
    note: Samaria = occult rebel north Israel.
  268. JeremiYAH 32:8 So, as YHVH predicted, my uncle's son HanameEl {El-Favors} travels to [visit] me in the prison courtyard, 😇. [HanameEl] says to me, “Please buy my field in Anathoth {Answer-Town}, in the territory of Benjamin {Right-Hand-Son}. You hold both the [long-term] right of inheritance and the [next-of-kin's] right to buy [out the current land-lease]. So buy it for yourself.” I immediately see that this [ridiculous offer to buy war-torn real-estate fulfills] YHVH's prediction.
    note: YAH helps you buy land if you need land to do his will. But he doesn't want you shackled with PITI: principal, interest, taxes and insurance. YAH may tell you to buy land when no one else is buying, in the middle of a war zone.
  269. JeremiYAH 33:12 YHVH-Commander-Of-Armies foretells, “In this ruined country, bereft of man, robbed of livestock, I restore [green pastures] in all [your] towns. There shepherds come to homestead. They let their flocks lie down [in peace].
  270. JeremiYAH 50:19 Eventually I bring Israel back to his homestead. He returns to feed on Carmel {Fruiting-Garden}, and the Bashan {Fruitful} [pastures]. His life-breath fills with [health and joy] on mount Ephraim {Double-Fruit} and [the hills of] Gilead {Witness}.”
  271. Ezekiel 28:26 [Eventually Jacob's repentant children] settle confidently in [the promised land]. They build houses. They plant vineyards. Yes, 😇, the [Hebrews] live secure, after I execute judgments upon all the haters who live around them. Finally everyone realizes that I am YHVH {the-Omnipotent} Elohim.”
  272. Ezekiel 47:11 But [YAH] leaves the miry muddy marshes and mud flats unhealed, so the people can gather salt [inland instead of traveling to a sea].
    note: A metaphor for some ingrates refusing to repent, even during the best of blessings.
  273. Ezekiel 47:14 Divide the land fairly and equitably to all [Hebrews]. I lifted up my hand [in oath] to give this [land] to your forefathers. So this land will fall to each [true spiritual Israelite] by lot.
  274. Hosea 2:8 [Israel] still hasn't acknowledged that it was I [YHVH] who gave her [everything she has:] the grain, the wine, the [pure] oil. I multiplied her silver and gold, which [she] donated to [the priests of the false god] Baal {The-Lord}.”
  275. Hosea 13:5 I cared for you, 😇, in the wilderness, in the land of [terrible] drought [& burning heat].
  276. Jah-El 2:22 Never fear, you beasts of the field. [Watch your] desert pastures spring forth in verdant green, 😇. [See your] trees bear fruit. [Watch your] fig tree and [your] vine yield their strength.
  277. Jah-El 2:23 Dance and spin for joy, you children of the shining mountain of peace! Celebrate in [the Spirit of] YHVH your Elohim, 😇. YAH [comes to] hand you the spring rain in just the right amounts. YAH [longs to] send [you] downpours of spring and autumn rains as He did [long] ago.
  278. ZechariYAH 4:9 [YAH] promises, “The hands of [the people YAH] delivered from Babylon laid the foundation of this temple. [Their] hands will [also] finish it. You know that YHVH-Commander-Of-Armies reaches out [to help his humble people].
    note: Literally refers to Zerubbabel.
  279. ZechariYAH 10:6 [YAH continues,] [Watch] me give mastery & strength to the house of Judah {Celebrated}. I [always eventually] save the family of Joseph {Increaser}. I set [my saints] down in their safe home. I lavish compassion on [my people], 😇. The [castaways] become [strong,] as though I had never cast them off. For I (YHVH your Eloah) eternally respond to [the cries of my humble children].
  280. Mark 6:9 [YahShua says,] “Wear sandals. But don't take extra clothes.”
  281. Luke 22:12 [The owner of the house] shows you a large furnished upper room. There prepare [for us to eat my Last] Supper.”
  282. John 17:7 Now [my disciples] have learned that everything you've given me comes from you, [YHVH].
  283. John 21:8 The other disciples row [to YahShua] in a [lifeboat], dragging the netted fish. (They're not far from land, only about 100 yards, 😇.)
  284. Genesis 2:16 YHVH Elohim gives Adam this instruction: “You may freely eat from every tree of the garden [of pleasure]
  285. Genesis 24:40 Abraham {Father-Of-Billions} answered me, “YHVH, before whom I walk, will send his angel with you. He'll prosper your journey. You'll choose a wife for my son from my [Hebrew] kindred, from my father's house.”
  286. Genesis 46:28 [Jacob] sends Judah {Celebrated} ahead to Joseph {Increaser}, to get directions to Goshen. [Judah comes back with the directions. So Jacob's caravan heads back north.] At last, 😇, their wagons pull into [the green] land of Goshen.
    note: Goshen aka Tanis is probably Land Of Zoan, confirmed in archaeological records to have been the extreme north Egyptian home of Semite non-Egyptians. Goshen may mean ‘cultivated farmland’ and/or ‘approach’, as in the Egyptian land you enter from the north.
  287. Exodus 6:4 [I] established a covenant [with the Israelites]. I've alloted [them the] land of Caanan {Lowland}, the [fertile] country [where Abraham, Isaac and Jacob] migrated around as foreigners.
  288. Exodus 13:5 Soon YHVH brings you [north] into the land of the Canaanite {Mercenaries}, the Hittite {Sons-of-Terror}, the Amorite {Mountaineers}, the Hivite {Villagers} and the Jebusite {Threshers}, [the land] he swore to your fore-fathers he'd give you—a land gushing milk and honey. From then on you celebrate this [Passover] holiday every [first] month [of spring].
  289. Exodus 16:35 So, 😇, the descendants of Israel eat manna for 40 years, [as they wait to caravan] into a [fertile] inhabited land. They munch manna right up ‘til [1451 B.C., when] they [finally] straggle up [north] to the border of the land of Canaan {LowLand}.
  290. Exodus 17:5 YHVH replies to Moses, “Go on ahead of the people. Bring the leaders of Isra’el with you. Take your staff in your hand, the one you used to strike the river [Nile]. Go [now].
  291. Leviticus 26:9 [Obey me. Then] I turn [my smiling face] toward you, 😇. I multiply your people. [I] fulfill my covenant with you.
  292. Numbers (Journeys) 13:26 The [spies] run up to Moses, and to Aaron, and to the whole community of the people of Israel [camped there at] Kadesh {Sanctuary} in the wilderness of Paran {Gleam}, 😇. [The spies jump up and down, raving] to the [leaders] and to the whole population [about the awesome territory]! [As proof of the land's abundance, the spies] show the [Israelites] the fruit from the [Promised] land. [Moses takes a bite of a grape. His mouth floods with the unbelievable burst of refreshing fruit flavor!]
  293. Numbers (Journeys) 14:7 [JAHshua & Caleb] address the whole [representative] community of the sons of Israel. [The two men cry,] “The land we passed through to search is a super, exceptionally awesome country.
  294. Numbers (Journeys) 21:16 Next, from [the Arnon River] the [Israelites] journey to Beer {Well}, (the well about which YHVH said to Moses, “Gather the people together. Then I'll give them water.”)
    note: This Beer {Well} is somewhere along the Moabite/Amorite border.
  295. Numbers (Journeys) 32:4 The very country which YHVH struck, [killing its demon-spawned inhabitants] before the stunned faces of us, the 2 million people of Israel, is perfect cattle-land. And [boy, do we,] your servants have cattle!
  296. Deuteronomy 1:8 Look, 😇! I set before you the Promised Land! Go in and possess that country [which I] YHVH swore to give your fore-fathers (Abraham {Father-Of-Billions}, Isaac {Laughter} and Jacob) and to their Seed [the Messiah] after them.’
    note: Paul says this Seed (singular) = the Messiah.
  297. Deuteronomy 2:5 Don't meddle with the [Red-Man's clan]. For I won't give you any of their land — not so much as a [place to put your] foot. I gave Mount Seir {Rough} to Esau for his [descendants to] own [until their future destruction].
  298. Deuteronomy 2:12 The Horite {CaveMen} once lived in Seir {Rough}. But the descendants of Esau {Rough-Red} dispossessed the [Cavemen]. [Esau] destroyed the [Horites]. [He wiped them] out of sight, 😇. Then [the Red-Man's clan] settled in the [pagans' caves]. Similarly, [we] Israelites [are moving into] to the land we own, because YHVH gave [it to us].)
    note: Esau indiscriminately murders the CaveMen. In contrast, YHVH himself selectively, surgically kills Israel's foes. (YAH leaves every innocent foreigner alive.)
  299. Deuteronomy 3:5 All these cities sport high fortified walls, gates and bars, 😇. Plus YAH hands us a huge number of unwalled towns.
  300. Deuteronomy 3:13 The rest of Gilead {Monument-Mound}, and all of Bashan {Fruitful}, that is, the kingdom of Og {Round}, I gave to the half-tribe of Manasseh {Sweet-Forgetting}. ([Note, 😇:] The whole region of Argob {Stony}, including all of Bashan, form the ‘Land Of Giants.’)
  301. Deuteronomy 6:10 YHVH your Elohim is bringing you into the land He swore to [give] your fore-fathers, (to Abraham {Father-Of-Billions}, to Isaac {Laughter}, and to Jacob {Heel-Grabber}). [YAH is] awarding you [a land filled with] large, flourishing cities, which you did not build—
  302. Deuteronomy 6:11 [a land peppered with] houses full of all [sorts of] good things, which you didn't furnish, including drilled-wells [and cisterns] which you didn't dig, [and] vineyards and olive trees which you didn't plant. Soon you'll have eaten your fill.
  303. Deuteronomy 11:10 For the land you're invading to possess is not [dead] like the land of Egypt, from where you emigrated. There, you had to [prepare the ground,] plant seeds, and haul water on foot to irrigate even a [little] herb garden.
  304. Deuteronomy 11:12 YHVH your Elohim cares for this [Promised] land. The eyes of YHVH your Elohim stay always upon it, from the beginning of the year, every [day] ‘til the end of the year, 😇.
  305. Deuteronomy 12:10 You [Israelites] soon come to cross over [the] Jordan [river] to dwell in the land YHVH your Elohim gives you to inherit. He gives you rest from all your surrounding enemies. So you live in safety.
  306. Deuteronomy 19:8 As YHVH your Elohim swore to your ancestors, He soon enlarges your territory, 😇. [He] gives you all the land he promised to give to your fore-fathers.
  307. Deuteronomy 20:14 But the women, and the tots, and the cattle, and everything in the city, all its [non idolatrous] treasure, you can adopt for yourselves. [Rescue the women & children from the horrible abuse they were suffering.] You'll consume the goods of your enemies. YHVH your Elohim [will] give them to you [without you ever raising one carnal weapon].
  308. Deuteronomy 25:19 But now YHVH your Elohim is giving you rest from all your surrounding enemies. YHVH your Elohim is giving you ownership of the [pagans'] land as an inheritance. [Using praise-power,] you'll blot out the remembrance of Amalek {Blood-Licker} from under heaven.”
    note: Not in any way a command to commit violence. Simply a statement of fact.
  309. Deuteronomy 29:6 Instead of eating bread, drinking wine, or drinking hard liquor, you [thrived on YAH's miracle food]. [This proves] that I [represent] YHVH your Elohim.
  310. Deuteronomy 32:49 [YAH] says, [Moses,] you hike up onto this Abarim {Beyond} mountain range. [Ascend] mount Nebo {Babyl-god}, in the land of [incestuous] Moab, facing Jericho {Moon-Spirit}. Overlook the land of Canaan {LowLand}. I'm giving it to the children of Israel to own.
    note: See similar Num27:12-14.
  311. Deuteronomy 34:2 [YHVH shows Moses:]
  312. all [the territory that the tribe of] Naphtali {Wrestler} [comes to seize],
  313. and the land [the half-tribe of] Ephraim {Double-Fruit} [seizes],
  314. and [the land that the half-tribe of] Manasseh {Pain-Eraser} [seizes],
  315. and all the land [the tribe of] Judah {Celebrated} [seizes],
  316. [all the way] to the [Mediterranean] sea;
  317. Deuteronomy 34:3 Then [YHVH directs Moses’ gaze south of Jerusalem to] the Negev, including the [huge] valley encircling Jericho {Moon-Spirit} (the city of date-palm trees) [out] to Zoar {Tiny-Town}.
    note: Zoar = the village Lot left to go up the mountain where he impregnated his daughters.
  318. Joshua 1:3 I'm giving you every place on which the sole[s] of your feet tread, as I promised Moses.
  319. Joshua 1:13 “Remember [that] YAH's servant Moses commanded you: ‘YHVH your Elohim has given you rest. He has granted you this land.’
  320. Joshua 21:19 So, 😇, in total, the priestly descendants of Aaron get 13 cities complete with pasturelands.
  321. Ruth 1:6 Then, [weeping in] the country of Moab, Naomi {Pleasure} hears how YHVH has come to the aid of his people [the Jews] by giving them bread. So Naomi {Pleasure} rises up with her daughters-in-law [Ruth & Orpah] to return from Moab-land [to Judea].
  322. Ruth 4:14 Then [Bethlehem's] women say to Naomi {Pleasure}, “Kneel [and adore] YHVH. He [paired] you today [with] a [redeeming] kinsman. May Boaz’ [name and your children's] name[s] become famous in Israel.
    note: Ruth's descendants include Solomon, David and Jesus.
  323. 1st Samuel 21:3 So now what can you lay your hands on? Hand me five loaves of bread, or whatever you have available. [I'm starving!]
  324. 1st Kings 17:11 [The widow runs] to fetch [EliJah's water]. He calls to her, saying, “Please bring me a piece of bread in your hand.”
  325. 1st Chronicles 4:40 [There the Simeonites] find fat, good pasture in a wide, quiet peaceful land where the [descendants] of Ham {Hot-Head} have [thrived] for ages.
  326. 1st Chronicles 16:18 [YAH] says, ‘To you, [Jacob,] I give the land of Canaan {LowLand} as your designated heritage.’
  327. 1st Chronicles 22:11 [David continues,] “Now, my son [Solomon, I pray that] YHVH sticks with you, and prospers you, [and that he enables you to] build the temple of YHVH your Elohim, as He predicted about you.
  328. 2nd Chronicles 6:15 —You keep on keeping the promise[s] you made to your servant David {Love} my father. [What you] spoke with Your mouth, to this day, you keep fulfilling with Your [loving] hand [of power].
  329. Ezra 7:22 [Give the Hebrews] up to 100 talents [660 pounds] of silver, and up to 100 cors [600 bushels] of wheat, and up to 100 baths [600 gallons] of wine, and up to 100 baths of oil, and salt without [limit].
    note: This is war-crimes reparation, not a government handout. Never take benefits from worldly government. However, if a "government" burns down your church building, you can let them pay to rebuild it.
  330. NehemiYAH 9:8 —You looked [over the earth]. You found [Abraham's] heart faithful to you. So [you] made a covenant with him. [You promised] to give [him] the land of the Canaanite {Mercenaries}, the Hittite {Sons-Of-Terror}, the Amorite {Mountaineers}, the Perizzite {Plainsmen}, the Jebusite {Threshers}, and the Girgashites {Wanderers}. (That is, [you promised] to give the [land] to [Abraham's] seed-children). You've performed your promise, [not because we're righteous, but] because you're righteous.
  331. NehemiYAH 9:22 —Plus, you gave the [Israelites] kingdoms and nations. You allotted them land to the farthest frontiers. So they possessed the land of [king] Sihon {Tornado}, and the land of the king of Heshbon {Intelligence}, and the land of [fat giant] Og, king of Bashan {Fruitful}.
  332. NehemiYAH 9:23 —You multiplied [ancient Israel's] children like the stars of heaven. You brought them into the land [You] promised their fore-fathers [they would] enter to own.
  333. NehemiYAH 11:1 So [we] leaders of [Israel's returned exiles] settle in at Jerusalem. The rest of the [asylum seekers] cast lots. 1 in 10 of them settle in Jerusalem (the sacred city). The other 90% move on to live in [Judea's] other towns.
  334. Job 29:19 My root[s] fan out to [drink] lake-waters. Dew sleeps all night upon my branch[es].
  335. Job 36:16 [YAH] constantly woos you, [Job,] out of the jaws of distress into wide-open safety. Instead of [torture, YAH] offers you comfort. He [wants to] fill your table with [life's] richest feast.
    note: EliHu is again oversimplifying his case. The devil woos people with lures of comfort, abundance and pleasure. YAH often leads us into physical danger, discomfort and hunger.
  336. Job 36:31 [Light and darkness] symbolize [YAH's] justice. [Through rainfall], he gives abundant food to [us] people [he loves].
  337. Job 37:6 YAH commands the snow, [“Fall! Cover] the earth!” His mighty [arm hurls] sprinkles [that turn to] overwhelming rains [on our heads].
  338. Job 38:27 Can [you, 😇,] satisfy desolate wasted ground? [Do you make] the bud of the tender herb spring forth [to see the sun]?
    note: If you can make a viable seed from nothing, I'll be impressed with your scientific abilities.
  339. Job 38:39 Can you hunt prey for [earth's] lion[s], 😇? [Can you] fill the appetites of [millions of] tiger cubs?
  340. Job 38:41 Who provides meals for the raven, when his hungry young ones cry to Elohim as they flutter [starving in their nests]?”
  341. Psalms 16:5 YHVH is my allotted inheritance, 😇, my cup [of provision]. [YAH] maintains my future.
  342. Psalms 18:50 [YAH] gives great deliverance to his [delegate] king, 😇. [YAH] shows mercy to his Chosen-one ([me,] David {Love}), and to his [other] seed-children for evermore.
  343. Psalms 48:2 The Great King beautifully situates his city [of peace] beside lofty Mount Zion, the joy of the whole planet.
  344. Psalms 60:6 [Long ago,] Elohim decreed this sacred promise, 😇: [I'm evicting the pagans from the region of] Shechem {Neck} and the valley of Sukkot {Tent-Town}. I'm measuring and apportioning [these and other lands to house people who serve me].
  345. Psalms 68:9 You, O Elohim, keep wafting plentiful rain down [from the sky], to refresh [us,] your weary heritage [family].
    note: You pour out rain in sky-buckets. You morph our thorny cactus wilds into oases of delight.
  346. Psalms 68:15 [The leaping, spinning women continue to sing: “YAH is giving us Hebrews the] mountain of Elohim! The hill[s] of Bashan {Fruitful}! The towering fruit-filled ranges [are ours to keep forever]!
  347. Psalms 68:16 [All] other mountains [on earth] look, jealous-eyed, at [Zion], the towering mountain Elohim takes as his dwelling. There YHVH lives enthroned forever.
  348. Psalms 68:19 —Kneel [and adore] YHVH, the power [who] frees [us], 😇! Day after day he carries our slave-loads.” Selah {Dramatic-Break}.
  349. Psalms 73:28 My bounty comes not from [socio-economic whoredom, but] by drawing near to Elohim. I always flee-for-protection in you, Adonai YHVH. I'm racking up a tally of [miraculous ways you help me] work [with you to rescue oppressed people].
  350. Psalms 78:25 We humans eat food [served by] angels, 😇. [YAH] sends us all we can eat.
  351. Psalms 78:26 With his breath of driving power, YAH turns our [evil, blighting] east [winter] wind into a warming southern breeze, 😇.
  352. Psalms 78:28 [YAH] casts [food] down in the middle of our camp[s], 😇, all around our houses.
  353. Psalms 78:29 So we eat, 😇. We stuff our [bellies]. [YAH] gives us what we beg for. [His angels] deliver [it] to our [doors].
  354. Psalms 78:54 [YAH] ushers us [Hebrews] to the border of his sanctuary [built around] mount [Zion], the [government headquarters which] his power-hand won [for us, 😇].
  355. Psalms 78:55 [YAH] drives out the beast-nations before our [stunned, singing] faces, 😇. He apportions the land to us in surveyed [lots]. He lets us, Israel's tribes, dwell safely in our [own] homes.
  356. Psalms 80:8 You journeyed [with] us, [your human] vine, out of Egypt. You drove out the beast-nationals [before our stunned, singing faces]. You planted [us Hebrews in the holy land].
  357. Psalms 80:9 You cleared the ground for [us]. [You] deepened our roots. Soon we filled the [whole] country.
  358. Psalms 103:2 Kneel [and adore] YHVH, breathing-creature. Never forget all [the] benefits he [gives you, 😇].
  359. Psalms 104:11 [Earth's springs] give [a] drink to every beast of the field, 😇. [YAH even lets dangerous, kicking, un-tame-able] wild donkeys [like us] quench [our] thirst!
  360. Psalms 105:12 [😇, see our ancestors,] few in number, a tiny gaggle of strangers. [They caravan] through [vast pagan lands].
  361. Psalms 105:44 Then [YAH] gives the [Hebrews] the lands of the beast-nations. The [Israelis] inherit [infrastructures which] many people-groups labored [to build, 😇].
  362. Psalms 107:37 [We believers] sow fields, 😇. [We] plant vineyards. [YAH] yields us a fruitful harvest.
    note: We true Hebrews grow food. We never waste our time in cursed industries like illicit 'insurance', phony 'medicine', unlawful 'law', brain-draining 'education', defenseless 'defense', and repugnant 'religion'.
  363. Psalms 111:5 [YAH] keeps giving food to everyone who fears him, 😇. He continually remembers every promise [he makes].
    note: lit. covenant
  364. Psalms 111:6 YAH continually shows his people the power of his actions, 😇. He proves that he'll give [us believers the land and wealth of] the beast-nations as our heritage.
  365. Psalms 119:90 [Give me] your multi-generation-spanning integrity. Establish [me like] the earth that withstands [the ravages of time].
  366. Psalms 132:15 I abundantly bless the [food] supplies [of the City-of-Peace]. I satisfy her poor [people] with bread.
  367. Psalms 147:9 YAH gives [every] beast his food. [YAH nourishes] crying raven-chicks.
  368. Proverbs 10:3 YHVH never starves the life-breath of righteous-beings, 😇. But [YHVH] hurls away the coveted [treasures] of evil [people].
  369. IsaiYAH 37:30 [Isaiah says to Hezekiah,] 'Here's the proof [that YHVH will protect this (Jerusalem) city from Assyria]. This year you [Israelites] get to eat only what grows up by itself. Then next year you eat what springs up from that. But 3 years [from now] you plant crops and harvest them. You [finally] tend vineyards and eat their fruit.
  370. IsaiYAH 60:7 [YHVH predicts,] [The people] of Kedar {Darkness} drive all their flocks to you, 😇. The strong [rams] of Nebaioth {Fruitless} serve [as] delightful [food for] your feasts. [Arabian and African meats] smoke-roast on my altar as I glorify my splendid temple.”
  371. IsaiYAH 60:11 So your gates stay forever open. They never shut day nor night. Constantly men haul to you, 😇, the resources of the beast-nations, delivered by their kings!
  372. IsaiYAH 60:13 The glorious [riches] of Lebanon's [snow-white mountains] flow to you by truckloads, 😇. Their fir, pine and cypress [trees] come to beautify my sanctuary site, my glorious [platform].
  373. IsaiYAH 65:9 I always bring forth seed-children from Jacob's line, 😇. [Saints descended] from [ancient whoremonger] Judah {Celebrated} become heirs of my mountains. My elect [people] inherit [Zion]. My servants eventually dwell there.
  374. JeremiYAH 14:22 Among the vain [leaders & gods] of the beast-nations, can anyone give rain? Can the skies shower [the earth] without [help from you,] YHVH our Elohim? [No!] So we wait for you [to forgive us. We hang powerless] while you make [the] universe [work].”
  375. JeremiYAH 31:14 I satisfy [My] priests' life-needs with choice-nutrition. My people [glow,] rich in my goodness,” promises YHVH.
  376. JeremiYAH 32:22 —You keep giving [us] this land, which you swore to [our] fore-fathers you'd give us: a land gushing milk and honey.
  377. JeremiYAH 33:13 From the towns of the hill-country, to the cities of the Shefelah {Valley}, to the cities of the south, to the north-land of Benjamin {Right-Hand-Son}, and everywhere around Jerusalem, in every city in Judea, flocks again rise to pass under the hands of [shepherds] counting [sheep],” reveals YHVH.
  378. Ezekiel 20:42 Finally you grasp that I am YHVH {The-All-Powerful-Future-Maker}, when I bring you [back] into the land of Israel, into the country I lifted up my hand [in promise] to give to your forefathers.
  379. Ezekiel 47:18 On the east edge draw [a line south] between Hauran {Cavern} and Damascus. Trace [the east side of] Gilead {Monument-Mound}. Follow Israel's [current] territorial border. Continue on [south] to the eastern [Dead] sea. That defines [Israel's true] east border.
  380. Ezekiel 47:19 For the [Promised land's] Negev {SouthLand} boundary, continue southward from Tamar {Tall-Palm} to the Meriboth-Kadesh {Waters-of-Strife} in Kadesh {Sanctuary}. Then [measure west] along the Vadi {Riverland} of Egypt to the great [Mediterranean] sea. That defines [Israel's proper] southern border.
  381. Ezekiel 47:20 The great [Mediterranean] sea forms the [promised land's] west edge [all the way from Egypt north] to a [western point] opposite Hamath {Joined-Walls}. That defines [Israel's true] western boundary.
  382. Ezekiel 48:18 On the [southern] border of the dedicated sacred government [land tract, pasture] flanks the city-area. [This pasture] runs the [north-south] length [of the city-area]. [The pasture] extends along the dedicated sacred [government land] tract for 10 thousand [cubits] [3 miles] eastward, and 10 thousand [cubits] [3 miles] [west] seaward. Produce [from these fields] serves as food for the people [who] serve the city.
  383. Daniel 10:18 Again, a man-like [supernatural] being [flies to me]. He revives me.
  384. Jah-El 2:19 Yes, 😇, YHVH answers his people, [When you repent,] you see me send you corn, wine and purified-oil to satisfy you. I no longer surrender you to disgrace [and shame] among the beast-nations.
  385. Jah-El 2:26 You, 😇, come to eat in plenty. [You live] satisfied. [Then you publicly, wildly] rave the name of YHVH your Elohim, who deals wondrously with you. [YAH's] people never again lie bled-pale [in shame].
  386. ZechariYAH 1:17 Cry on, [prophet]! Proclaim, ‘YHVH-Commander-Of-Armies promises, “My cities soon reemerge. They come to overflow [and multiply] with prosperity!” Announce, ‘YHVH still comforts Zion! YHVH still chooses the City-Of-Peace!’
  387. Mark 6:35 Late the following afternoon, YahShua's disciples straggle to him. [They] say, “We're WAY out in the [barren] wilderness. It's far too late [for these thousands of people to travel home to get food].
  388. Mark 6:36 [So, Master YahShua, please] send the people away. Have them go into the country around here, and into the villages, to buy themselves food. They have nothing to eat.”
  389. Mark 6:38 YahShua answers his disciples, “How many loaves do you have? Go and see.” [The disciples rush to check their food bag.] They answer, “[We have] 5 loaves [of bread] and 2 fish.”
  390. Mark 8:7 [YahShua's disciples find] a few small fish, 😇. YahShua blesses the fish. Then YahShua commands [his disciples] to set the fish before the crowd.
  391. Mark 8:19 After I broke the 5 loaves and fed 5000 [men], how many baskets full of food fragments did you collect?” The disciples answer YahShua, “12.”
    note: Yahshua can get bread just by blinking. He's not concerned about food.
  392. Luke 9:13 But YahShua challenges his disciples, “You give food to the crowd.” The disciples answer, “We only have 5 loaves and 2 fish. How can we go buy food for all these people?”
  393. Luke 9:14 (The crowd numbers about 5000 men [plus women and children, 😇].) YahShua answers his disciples, “Have the crowd sit down in groups of about 50 each.”
  394. Luke 22:11 —Then you say to the owner of the house, ‘The Master [sent us to] ask you, “Where is the guest-chamber, where I'll eat the passover with my disciples?”'
  395. John 6:5 YahShua lifts up his eyes. He sees a large crowd flocking toward him. YahShua asks Philip {Horse-Lover}, “Where will we buy bread for these people to eat?”
  396. John 6:9 "A boy here has 5 barley loaves and 2 small fish. But that's nothing to a crowd this size.”
  397. John 6:10 YahShua says, “Tell the crowd to sit down.” The crowd sits down on the [comfortable] grass covering the mountainside. (There are about 5000 grown men [plus women and children] in the crowd.)
  398. Acts 7:5 YHVH gives Abraham {Father-Of-Billions} zero inheritance in this [promised] land, not even a [square-foot] for Abraham to set his foot on. Yet YHVH promises to give this land to Abraham for a possession, and to Abraham's ‘seed’ after him, although Abraham at that time has no children.
  399. Acts 7:45 Later JAHshua leads our ancestors to carry that tent into the lands of the beast-nations. YHVH drives out [the pagans] before our fathers' faces. [So our ancestors live there in Caanan] up through the days of David {Love}.
    note: Joshua = JAHshua = YAHshua = Jesus, all the same name.
  400. Acts 13:19 YHVH [goes on to] hurl 7 [pagan] nations out of the land of Canaan {LowLand}. Then YAH apportions the Caananites’ land to the Israelites by lot, [like flipping coins].
    note: Paul here clarifies that YHWH himself destroyed/evicted the 7 pagan nations. Their eviction was not the work of human war, but PRAISE warfare, like the fall of Jericho. You sing, shout, march, etc. Then YAH vanquishes your enemies. There's no such thing as a Christian militarist. The weapons of our warfare are NOT carnal.
  401. 1st Peter 2:3 😇, you've had a taste of how gracious Master [YahShua] is.
    note: ‘Taste and see Adonai is good.’
  402. Genesis 2:10 A river springs forth from [the region of] Eden {Pleasure}. It waters the [pleasure garden]. From there the river parts into four headwaters:
    note: This section clearly establishes the Garden Of Eden as not merely a mythical allegory but a literal physical location in ancient NorthEast Africa.
  403. Numbers (Journeys) 7:8 [Moses entrusts] 4 wagons and 8 oxen to the sons of Merari {Bitter}, to [help] them do their [sacred government] jobs under the [guiding] hand of Ithamar {Palm-Coast} the son of [High] priest Aaron.
  404. Numbers (Journeys) 26:53 [YAH's angel] says, “Divide the inheritable-land among [the tribes] in proportion to their populations reflected in [today's] head-count.
  405. Numbers (Journeys) 32:40 So Moses gives [the land of] Gilead {Witness} to Machir {Salesman} (the son of Manasseh {Sweet-Forgetting}). So [Machir's family] settles there, 😇.
  406. Numbers (Journeys) 34:2 [YAH's angel] says, “Command the people [who plan to rule with Me]. Say to them, ‘When you move [west] into the land of Canaan {LowLand}, this describes the territory that will fall to you as an inheritance: the [entire] country of Kena‘an as defined by the [following] borders:
    note: The promised land belongs to the people who obey and propagate YAH's Laws. Merely having some claim to Isaac's bloodline gives you zero rights in the promised land.
  407. Numbers (Journeys) 34:13 So Moses commands the people of Israel, saying, “The following describes the land you will receive by [random] lot. YHVH commands [me] to assign [this land] to the nine tribes, and to the half-tribe [of Ephraim], [who are going to live across the river from where we now stand].
  408. Deuteronomy 3:8 Out of the fists of [Og and Sihon] (the two [pervert] kings of the Amorite {Mountaineers}) [YAH] yanks the land on this [east] side of the Jordan [river], from the Arnon {Raging} river to Mount Hermon {Seclusion}.
    note: And gives it to us.
  409. Deuteronomy 11:31 Soon, 😇, you'll cross over [the] Jordan [river] to go in to take the land YHVH your Elohim gives you. You'll own it. You'll dwell [safely] there.
  410. Joshua 1:4 Your territory comes to extend from the Negev [desert south of Jerusalem] up [north] to [the white mountains of] Lebanon, and [on the east] from the great [Syrian] river Euphrates (including the land of the Hittite {Sons-Of-Terror}) to the great [Mediterranean] sea facing the [Western] setting sun.
  411. Joshua 11:16 So, 😇, JAHshua seizes all the [promised] land, [including] the hill-country, and all the Negev {Southland}, and all the land of Goshen {Cultivated}, and the [Jordan] valley, and the Aravah {Plain}, and the mountain of Israel [Sinai], and the Shefelah {Palestine's-Coastal-Slope}.
  412. Joshua 12:6 Moses (the servant of YHVH) and the people of Israel expelled [Og & Sihon's demon-infested people], 😇. Then Moses (the servant of YHVH) awarded ownership of [their land] to Reuben's tribe, Gad's tribe and the half-tribe of Manasseh {Sweet-Forgetting}.
  413. Joshua 12:7 The following is a list of the names of the worldly kings whom JAHshua and the sons of Israel cast out on this (West) side of the Jordan [river], from Baal-Gad {Lord-Of-Fortune} in the valley of Lebanon {White-Peaks}, [all the] way to mount Halak {Bare}, which ascends to Seir {Rough}, 😇. JAHshua gives [the following lands] to the tribes of Israel to own, one region per family.
  414. Joshua 17:15 So JAHshua answers [Joseph's selfish descendants], “Since you're a gigantic tribe, if mount Ephraim is too narrow for you, [hike] up to the wood country. Chop down [trees to make houses] for yourselves there in the land [previously ravaged by] the Perizzite {Plainsmen} and the Rephaim {Giants}.”
  415. Joshua 18:5 The [explorers] will divide the [promised land] into 7 parts: [the tribe of] Judah {Celebrated} will live in their southern territory. The descendants of Joseph {Increaser} will live in their territory north [of Judea].
  416. Joshua 18:6 So survey the land into 7 regions. Bring those [geographic maps &] descriptions here to me. Then I'll cast lots for you here, before YHVH our Elohim, [to formally assign land parcels to each clan].
  417. Joshua 18:11 First [JAHshua throws] the lot [parceling land to] the clans of the tribe descended from Benjamin {Right-Hand-Son}. Benjamin's lot comes out placing their border[s] between the clans of Judah {Celebrated} and the clans of Joseph {Increaser}.
  418. Joshua 19:50 Obeying the word of YHVH, the Israelis give JAHshua the city he requested: Timnath-Serah {Piece-Of-The-Sun}, in [the] hills of Ephraim {Double-Fruit}. So, 😇, JAHshua builds up the city. He lives there.
  419. Joshua 19:51 The [above, 😇, describes] the land-inheritances which [high] priest ELeazar {El's-Aid}, and JAHshua (the son of ‘Eternity’), and the head fathers of the tribes of the people of Israel allot as inheritance[s] using [the sacred] lot. [This process occurs] in Shiloh {Tranquil}, before YHVH, at the entrance to the Meeting Tent. Thus the [Israelites] finish dividing the [promised] country.
  420. Judges 1:18 [The tribe of] Judah {Celebrated} goes on to take the [coastal] cities and territories surrounding Gaza {Strength}, Ashkelon {Market}, and Ekron {Uprooter}.
  421. 1st Chronicles 16:19 [Poor ancient Israel] consists of a mere few straggling strangers in the [vast promised land].
  422. Ezra 1:11 In all, [Cyrus {Sun} returns] 5,400 gold or silver utensils. Sheshbazzar brings all of these treasures [to Babylon's loading docks. Reliable men load the treasures onto camels]. Then the exiles ride out [~700km southwest] from Babylon to Jerusalem.
  423. Psalms 47:4 For us [believers] to inherit, [YAH] selects [a resting place], the glorious [abode he gave] his beloved Jacob. Selah {Dramatic-Break}.
  424. Psalms 60:7 —Gilead {Monument-Mound} is my [land]. [The land of] Manasseh {Sweet-Forgetting} is mine. [The land of North-Israel, aka] Ephraim {Double-Fruit} is my armored-helmet. [Israel's leading southern tribe,] Judah {Celebrated}, is my lawgiver.
  425. Psalms 68:10 You give us [believers] stable life in the [Promised Land]. You provide wonderful [bounty] for [our] humble [poor] people.
  426. Psalms 104:21 Young lions roar, chasing their prey, seeking their meat from Elohim.
  427. Psalms 105:9 [YAH always keeps] the covenant he made with Abraham {Father-Of-Billions}. [YAH similarly keeps] his oath to Isaac {Laughter}.
  428. Psalms 105:10 [YAH] confirmed [his covenant] to Jacob as [binding] law, an everlasting covenant to [protect and provide for] Israel [and for Israel's spiritual descendants].
  429. Psalms 105:11 [😇, flash back to YAH] promising [Abraham], “I'm gifting you the land of Canaan {LowLand} as your allotted inheritance.”
  430. Ezekiel 47:15 The following are the [promised] land's boundaries: on the north edge, [trace a line east] from the great [Mediterranean] sea through Hethlon {Swath} to the entrance of Zedad {Side};
  431. Ezekiel 47:17 So [Israel's true northern] border runs [east] from the [Mediterranean] sea to Hazar-Enan {Spring-Town} at the border of Damascus, with the border of Hamath {Joined-Walls} to the north. The above defines [Israel's proper] north border.
  432. Ezekiel 48:1 [YAH's angel continues,] “Here is the list of the tribes of Israel [and the territory each eventually receives]. The territory of Dan {Judge} lies in [Israel's] extreme north. Its boundary line follows the Hethlon {Swath} road to the entrance to Hamath {Joined-Walls}. [Dan's north border] runs on [east] to Hazar-Enan {Spring-Town} on the border of Damascus, with Hamath to the north. Dan's territory [extends all the way across the land of Israel from] east to west.
    note: Jacob's 2 wives' sons' tribes go nearest the temple center of the Promised land. The concubines' sons' tribes get land out in the boonies. A well-drawn map would replace most of the words in this chapter.
  433. Ezekiel 48:8 Immediately south of Judah's [territory], a consecrated [strip of] land 25000 cubits [8.33 miles] long extends as far east and west as the tribal territories, with [YAH's] Temple at the center.
  434. Ezekiel 48:24 Directly south of Benjamin's [tribal] region, [the tribe of] Simeon {Listener} gets one [portion of land] which likewise extends from [Israel's] east edge to the [Mediterranean] sea.
  435. Luke 5:2 By the lake-shore, YahShua sees [tied] two boats (left there by fishermen gone to wash their nets).
  436. John 6:7 Philip {Horse-Lover} answers YahShua, “200 pieces of silver [8 months’ pay] would not buy enough bread for everyone in this crowd to get 1 mouthful.”
  437. 1st Corinthians 1:7 Now you, 😇, have every [spiritual] gift [you need to endure your struggles]. [So patiently] wait for [YAH] to [physically] reveal our Master YahShua, [the] Messiah.
  438. 1st Corinthians 3:22 Paul, Apollos, Cephas {Peter-The-Rock}, the world, life, death, all things present, [and] all things to come, all [belong to] your [heavenly Father].
  439. Judith 5:16 And the Hebrews cast forth before them the Canaanites, the Perezites, the Jebusites, and the Sychemites, and all the Gergesites. So the Hebrews dwelt in that country for many [decades].
  440. Exodus 13:11 [Soon], as YHVH swore to you and your fore-fathers, YHVH [will] bring you into the land of the Kena‘ani. [He'll] give [their land] to you.
  441. Numbers (Journeys) 7:7 [Moses] entrusts 2 wagons and 4 oxen to the sons of Gershon {Refugee}, [to help them in their sacred government] duties.
  442. Numbers (Journeys) 34:8 [Then] from Mount Hor {Looming-Peak}, mark a line to the entrance of Hamath {Joined-Walls}. This border extends to Zedad {Side}.
  443. Numbers (Journeys) 34:9 Then [your north] border stretches to Ziphron {Fragrance}, finally terminating at Hazar-Enan {Spring-Town}. That [completes the description of] your north border, 😇.
  444. Numbers (Journeys) 34:10 Next, mark your eastern border from Hazar-Enan {Spring-Town} to Shepham {Bare-Spot}.
  445. Deuteronomy 1:7 Turn [south]. Resume your journey. [Get a complete look at the southern part of the land you'll inherit.] Hike to the hill-country of the Amorite {Mountaineers}, and to all the [landmarks] near there. [Explore] the Arabah {Plains}, the hills, the Shephelah {Valley}, the Negev {South} [of Jerusalem]. [Venture west] to the [Mediterranean] sea-side. [Caravan] through the land of the Canaanite {Mercenaries}. [Then trek north] to Lebanon, [then east all the way] to the great [Syrian Euphrates] river.
  446. Deuteronomy 3:16 To the Reubenites and to the Gadites I allotted [the land stretching] from Gilead {Monument-Mound} all the way to the Arnon {Raging} River [Gorge, which is] the middle of the [Arnon] valley, thus delineating a border that extends to the Jabbok {Gushing} river, which itself forms the border of the [territory held by the inbred] descendants of Ammon.
  447. Deuteronomy 3:17 The [Reubenites and the Gadites get] the Arabah {Plains} with the Jordan [river as] a border, [stretching] from [Galilee aka] Kinneret {Harp-Shaped-Plain} all the way [south] to the sea of the Arabah (the Dead/salt sea) at the foot of the eastern slopes of Mount Pisgah {Slice}.
  448. Deuteronomy 4:48 [The following address occurs after the Israelites capture all the land] from Aroer {Exposed}, [a city] by the bank of [the] Arnon {Raging} River, [all the way] to Mount Zion, aka [steep, snow-sheeted Mount] Hermon {Seclusion}
  449. Joshua 5:11 Right away, the day after the Passover [feast], the [Israelites] start eating the produce of the Land [of Caanan]: unleavened bread-cakes [Matzah] and roasted [ears of] grain.
  450. Joshua 5:12 Then, the day after the Israelites eat the grain produced by the land [of Caanan,] manna stops [falling from the sky, 😇]. So, that year, the [Israelites enjoy] eating from the fruit of the land of Canaan {LowLand}.
  451. Joshua 12:8 [The Israelite land-seizure extends through] the mountains, and the valleys, and the plains, and the springs, and the wilderness, and the south country: [all the land of] the Hittite {Sons-Of-Terror}, the Amorite {Mountaineers}, the Canaanite {Mercenaries}, the Perizzite {Plainsmen}, the Hivite {Villagers}, and the Jebusite {Threshers}!
  452. Joshua 13:32 [Thus Joshua confirms the list] of the countries Moses distributed [to the cattle-barons] as inheritances in the plains of Moab, on the far [east] side of [the] Jordan [river], near Jericho {Moon-Spirit}.
  453. Joshua 15:11 [Then Joshua draws Judah's] border running out northward along the north-slope of Ekron {Uprooter}, then to Shikron {Drunk-Town}, then passing along to Mount Baalah {Mistress}, then out to JabneEl {Built-By-El}, finally terminating at the [Mediterranean] sea-coast.
    note: Drunk-Town (Sychar/Shechem) is where Christ meets the slutty ‘woman at the well’.
  454. Joshua 15:12 So, 😇, [Judah's] Western border is the great [Mediterranean] sea. The foregoing completely describes the outer territorial borders of the various clans of the tribe of Judah {Celebrated}.
  455. Joshua 15:20 [Joshua awards] the [following massive] land-inheritance[s] to the tribal clans descended from Judah {Celebrated}:
  456. 2nd Chronicles 20:8 [You] settled [our ancestors] here [in your Promised land]. They built you a sanctuary here to [honor] your Name-authority.
  457. Psalms 16:6 [YAH] gives me a delightful [spiritual] territory, 😇. I enjoy a beautiful [heavenly] inheritance.
    note: Not an endorsement of materialistic estate-building.
  458. Psalms 61:5 Elohim, appreciate my gifts. Award me the heritage [you give to] beings who revere your Name.
  459. Psalms 87:4 Mark [my words, 😇]: Egypt and Babylon [eventually] acknowledge [Jerusalem as YAH's throne on earth. In time,] Palestine, Tyre {Rock-Port}, and Cush {Ethiopia} become [Jerusalem's] baby-states.
    note: The commercial copycat translations always translate this whole chapter and especially this verse as gobbledegook nonsense.
  460. IsaiYAH 66:11 Drink [Jerusalem's] milk, 😇! Sate yourself on her compassionate “teats.” Luxuriate in her overflowing splendor.
  461. Ezekiel 45:6 To the [south] of the sacred reserve, measure off a city-section 25000 cubits [8 miles] long by 5000 [cubits] [1.5 miles wide]. There any descendant of Israel can [live].
  462. Ezekiel 47:13 Adonai YHVH predicts, “The following are the boundaries by which you will allot the land proportionally to the 12 tribes of Israel: The [descendants of] Joseph {Increaser} get two portions [corresponding to Joseph's two sons].
  463. Ezekiel 47:16 [Continue tracing east through] Hamath {Joined-Walls}, Berothah {Cypress}, Sibraim {Double-Hope} (which lies between the border of Damascus and the border of Hamath {Joined-Walls}), [to] Hazar-Hatticon {Middle-Village}, which lies near the border of Hauran {Cavern}.
  464. Ezekiel 48:15 [South of the sacred Temple area,] allot an additional strip of land ~8.3 miles long by ~1.7 miles wide for public use: homes, pasturelands and common lands, with [a] city at the center.
  465. Ezekiel 48:23 The remaining tribes [get land south of the principal priest's area]. First, [the tribe of] Benjamin {Right-Hand-Son} gets one [portion of land] that [stretches] from the [promised land's] east side to its west side.
  466. Numbers (Journeys) 32:19 For we, [unlike our brothers], won't inherit [any land] on the west side of the Jordan [river], because our inheritance has fallen to us on this side of the Jordan [river], eastward.”
    note: These cattle-barons choose to prioritize wealth (from cattle-herds) over spirituality. They reject the opportunity to live in the land of blessing within the community of faith. Thus they become the first to fall into exile (See 1 Chronicles).
  467. Numbers (Journeys) 34:7 The following describes your north border: from the Great [Mediterranean] Sea, mark a line to Mount Hor {Looming-Peak};
  468. Deuteronomy 10:7 From [Mosera we Israelites] journey to Gudgodah {Cleft-Rock}; and from [Cleft-Rock] to Jotbath {Sweet-Land}, a land wet with [luscious] rivers.
  469. Deuteronomy 26:3 Next, 😇, go to the then-current priest. Say to him, “Today I declare to YHVH your Elohim that I've come to the land YHVH swore to our fore-fathers He'd give us.”
  470. Deuteronomy 29:8 So we received the [dead pagans'] country. We gave it as an inheritance to the Reubenites, and to the Gadites, and to the half-tribe of Manasseh {Sweet-Forgetting}.
  471. Joshua 12:3 [Israel also gains the land] from the Arabah {Desert-Plain} east to Lake Galilee, and [south]east to the sea of the Arabah {Desert-Plain}, (the Salt/Dead Sea), on the way to Beth-Jeshimoth {House-of-the-Deserts}, to the southland under the springs [on the slopes] of Mount Pisgah {Slice}.
  472. Joshua 13:2 This is the land that still remains [for Israel to occupy]: all the territory of the Philistines {Palestinians}, and [of] all [the descendants of] Geshur {Bridge}
  473. Joshua 13:7 So now, [Joshua,] distribute this [Western] land as an inheritance to [Israel's] 9 tribes and to the [western] half [of the] tribe of Manasseh.”
    note: East of the Jordan [river], to [the tribes of] Reuben, Gad and a portion of Manasseh, Moses assigned territories which they had requested (Numbers 32:5). West of the Jordan [river], Joshua assigned (to Judah, Ephraim and the rest of Manasseh) territories which they had conquered. The tribe of Manasseh thus came to be divided into two parts by the Jordan [river], each part referred to as a half-tribe (chatzi-shevet) of Manasseh, the part lying east of the Jordan being referred to as the half-tribe of Manasseh in Gilead. - Wikipedia
  474. Joshua 13:17 [Reuben also gets the capitol city of] Heshbon {Intelligence}, with all her cities in the plains; Dibon {Longing}, and Bamoth-Baal {Heights-Of-The-Lord}, and Beth-Baal-Meon [Baal's-Shrine-Temple];
  475. Joshua 13:21 And [the Reubenites get] all the cities on the [East bank's] plateau, plus the whole kingdom of Sihon {Tornado} king of the Amorite {Mountaineers}, who reigned in Heshbon {Intelligence}, whom Moses cast out [as he cast out] the [evil] princes of Midian {Brawler}: (Evi [Wish], Rekem {Colorful}, Zur {Rock}, Hur {White}, and Reba {Square},) Sihon's country-dwelling dukes.
  476. Joshua 13:23 The Jordan River marks the western boundary for the tribe of Reuben {Look-a-Son}. The foregoing [list of] names of cities and villages describes the inheritance divided up between the families of the [tribe] of Reuben.
  477. Joshua 13:25 —including the territory around Jazer {Helpful}, and all the cities of Gilead {Monument-Mound}, and half [of] the land of the [inbred] spawn of Ammon, as far as Aroer {Juniper}, which faces Rabbah {Plenty};
  478. Joshua 15:1 So, 😇, [Joshua rolls] the lot-stones. The various clans of the tribe descended from Judah {Celebrated} get [all the land] stretching to the border of [Red-Man's] Edom in the Zin {Crag} Desert, toward the Negev in [Judea's] far south.
    note: One map would be worth these 1000 words.
  479. Joshua 15:5 [Judah's] east border begins the salt sea; then it runs all the way [north] to the outpouring of [the] Jordan [river]. [So Judah's] north border starts at the bay of the [Dead] sea at the [south] end of [the] Jordan [river].
  480. Joshua 15:8 [Then Judah's] border runs up the valley of the son of Hinnom to the south side of the Jebusites' [city,] Jerusalem. Then [Judah's] border rises to the top of the mountain that lies opposite the Hinnom Valley [on the] west, at the north end of the Valley of the Rephaim {Giants}.
  481. Joshua 15:21 [Judah gets] the [following] extreme southern cities, near the border of Edom: Kabze'El {El-Gathered}, Eder {Array}, and Jagur {Lodging}.
  482. Joshua 16:1 [Joshua rolls the] lot [stones again, 😇]. The [sacred lot draws the territory] of the descendants of Joseph {Increaser} from [the] Jordan [river valley], near Jericho {Moon-Spirit}, at Jericho's eastern water-spring, to the wilderness that runs up from Jericho throughout Mount Beth-El {House-Of-El};
    note: Imagine Joshua rolls the supernatural stones onto a big map, and the stones burn the border lines into the map.
  483. Joshua 16:4 So, 😇, Joseph's descendant-tribes (Manasseh {Sweet-Forgetting} and Ephraim {Double-Fruit}) take their land-inheritance[s].
  484. Joshua 18:2 [JAHshua notes that] there remain among the descendants of Israel 7 tribes who haven't yet settled their [land] inheritance, 😇.
  485. Joshua 18:12 Benjamin's northern border begins at [the] Jordan river. Then the border runs up alongside Jericho {Moon-Spirit} on the north side. It continues up westward through the mountains, arriving at the wilderness of Beth-Aven {House-Of-Vanity}.
  486. Joshua 19:1 [Joshua's] 2nd [Shiloh] lot shoots out favoring Simeon {Listener}. (The lot grants land to each family of the tribe descended from Simeon.) Their land inheritance falls within the [macro-region previously] inherited by Judah {Celebrated}.
  487. Joshua 19:9 Thus, 😇, Simeon's land-grant forms an enclave within the land inherited by [the tribe of] Judah {Celebrated}. [Fair enough,] because the land inherited by the [tribe] of Judah proves too big for [Judah to manage]. So the people of Simeon get their inheritance within the [land of Judah].
  488. Joshua 19:16 The land surrounding the aforementioned cities, with their villages, describes the [land] inherited by the various families of the people of Zebulun {House}.
  489. Joshua 19:17 Next, [Joshua's] 4th [Shiloh] lot shoots out favoring Issachar {Reward}, [thus] assigning [land to] the various families in Issachar's tribe:
  490. Joshua 19:49 The sons of Israel finish dividing the [tribal] borders of their land-inheritances, 😇. Then the Israelis award a land-inheritance to (Nun's son) JAHshua.
  491. Joshua 22:7 Note that to the [Eastern] 1/2 of the tribe of Manasseh, Moses gave land-ownership in Bashan {Fruitful}, [East of the Jordan river]. But to the [Western] half [of Manasseh's tribe], JAHshua gave [land] among their relatives on the West side of the Jordan [river]. Accordingly, when JAHshua sends the [Cattle-barons] away to their tents, he blesses them:
  492. Joshua 22:9 So the [cattle-baron] descendants of Reuben {Look-a-Son}, and of Gad {Troop}, and of the [Eastern] half-tribe of Manasseh turn [from the western Hebrew crowd]. The [cattle-barons] travel [east] toward the country of Gilead {Monument-Mound}, to their own land, which they got via the grant YHVH [sent] via the hand of Moses. [They] leave the bulk of the people of Israel at Shiloh {Tranquil}, in the land of Canaan {LowLand}.
  493. 2nd Chronicles 31:19 Finally, to wrap up the distribution [of ministry resources] to all genealogically-verified Levites and [to] all male priests, [the managers assign food-shares] to the enrolled descendants of Aaron ([that is,] priests living in the pasture-lands surrounding the various [priestly] towns).
  494. Ezra 1:9 The [following is an] inventory [of the treasures which Babylonians stole from YAH's temple]: 30 gold dishes, 1000 silver pans, 29 knives;
  495. Ezra 1:10 —30 gold basins, 410 matching silver bowls, and 1000 miscellaneous articles.
  496. Psalms 87:1 [😇, long ago,] on the sacred mountains [of Judaea, YAH established] the foundation [of his City of Peace].
    note: A psalm by a writer named Korah, or more probably, a song written for Korah's descendants to perform. This piece of dancing, shouting instrumental-vocal music commemorates the bringing of the Ark of the covenant into Jerusalem.
  497. Proverbs 30:7 [YAH,] two things I pray to you; please don't deny them to me before I die:
  498. Ezekiel 48:2 Asher's [tribal] territory lies [immediately] south of Dan's and also extends [across Israel] from east to west.
  499. Ezekiel 48:3 Naphtali's [tribal] territory lies [just] south of Asher's [land], and also extends [across Israel] from east to west.
  500. Ezekiel 48:7 Similarly, from the [southern] border of Reuben's [tribe], the territory of [the tribe of] Judah {Celebrated} stretches from the east side to the west side [of the promised land].
  501. Ezekiel 48:12 This special land allotment for [righteous priests] is the most sacred land of all. Next to it lies the land where the [not so righteous] Levites live.
  502. Ezekiel 48:16 This [inhabited] area measures 4,500 cubits [~1.5 miles] along each of its sides: north, south, east and west.
  503. Ezekiel 48:25 Directly south of Simeon's [tribal] region, [the tribe of] Issachar {Reward} gets one [portion of land] which likewise extends from [Israel's] east edge to the [Mediterranean] sea.
  504. Ezekiel 48:27 Directly [south] of Zebulun's [tribal] region, [the tribe of] Gad {Troop} gets one [band of land] which likewise extends from [Israel's] east edge to the [Mediterranean] sea.
  505. Ezekiel 48:28 Gad's southern territorial border stretches [west] from Tamar {Tall-Palm} to Mariah-Kadesh {Waters-Of-Strife} in Kadesh {Sanctuary}, then on [West] to the Vadi {River-lands} of [Egypt], then on [west to] the great [Mediterranean] sea.
  506. 1st Corinthians 10:3 And all of those [Hebrews] ate the same spiritual [miraculous manna] food, 😇.
  507. Numbers (Journeys) 34:4 From the [Dead Sea], your border turns and runs south of the ascent of Akrabbim {Steep-Of-Scorpions}. Then it passes on to Zin {Crags}. From [Zin, your land] extends south to Kadesh-Barnea {Wilderness-Of-Wandering}, then on to Hazar-Addar {Ample-Village}, then on to Azmon {Boney}.
  508. Numbers (Journeys) 34:5 From Azmon {Boney}, your border-line runs straight to the river [Vadi] of Egypt, to finally end at the Mediterranean Sea.
  509. Numbers (Journeys) 34:11 From Shepham {Bare-Spot} your border descends to Riblah {Fruitful}, on the east side of Ain {Fountain}. Then [your] border descends all the way to the slope east of Lake Kinneret {Harp-Lake}.
    note: Lake Kinneret, aka Lake Galilee, where the Messiah later performs many miracles.
  510. Numbers (Journeys) 34:12 From [Lake Kinneret,] follow down the Jordan River ‘til it flows into the Dead Sea, 😇. Thus concludes the complete geographical definition of your territory, [the property of those who will rule with Elohim].”
    note: Here ends YHVH speaking. The next verse is Moses talking.
  511. Deuteronomy 1:20 So I say to you, “You've [finally] reached the hill-country of the Amorite {Mountaineers}. YHVH our Elohim now gives us this [land]!
  512. Deuteronomy 3:15 And I gave [the region of] Gilead {Monument-Mound} to Machir {Salesman}.
  513. Deuteronomy 4:49 —plus the whole plain on this [East] side of the Jordan [river], all the way east to the [Dead] Sea of the Arabah {Desert-Plain}, below the slopes of [jagged Mount] Pisgah {Slice}.
  514. Joshua 12:2 [First, Israel vanquishes evil] Sihon {Tornado}, king of the Amorite {Mountaineers}. (Sihon lived in Heshbon {Intelligence}. He ruled from [the city of] Aroer {Exposed}, on the bank of [the] Arnon {Raging} River. [Sihon's land included] half of Gilead {Witness}. [Sihon's land extended] from the middle of the [Arnon] river to the Jabbok {Gushing} river, the territorial border of the [inbred] spawn of Ammon.)
  515. Joshua 13:3 —from Sihor {Dark}, facing Egypt, all the way north to the borders of Ekron {Uprooter} (considered Canaanite {Mercenary} country), [ruled by] five Philistine war-lords: Gaza {Strength}, and the Ashdothite {Ravagers}, the Eshkalonite {Marketers}, the Gittite {Pressers}, [Ekron's] “Eradicators,” plus the Avvim {Over-throwers};
  516. Joshua 13:4 From the south [going north, you Israelites still have to settle] all the land of the Canaanite {Mercenaries}, and Mearah {Cave} (now belonging to the Sidonian {Fishermen}), to Aphek {Fortress}, to the borders of the Amorite {Mountaineers};
  517. Joshua 13:5 And [you've yet to settle] the [hill] country of the Giblite {Ropers}, and all of [white] Lebanon, toward the [Eastern] sun-rise, from Baal-Gad {Lord-Of-Fortune} under Mount Hermon {Steep} to the entrance to Hamath {Joined-Walls}.
  518. Joshua 13:8 [Joshua recognizes that] the [eastern half of the tribe of Manasseh and the] Reubenites and the Gadites received the inheritance which YHVH's servant Moses awarded them on the east side of [the] Jordan [river], in the exact [places and land-sizes] Moses allotted them.
  519. Joshua 13:9 [The Cattle-Barons' Land stretches] from Aroer {Exposed}, on the edge of the Arnon Valley, [including Arnon] city on the [raging] river, including the whole plain from Medeba {Quiet-Waters}, to Dibon {Pining}.
  520. Joshua 13:10 [The Cattle-Barons get] all the cities of Sihon {Tornado} king of the Amorite {Mountaineers} (who reigned in Heshbon {Intelligence}) to the border of the [inbred] spawn of Ammon;
  521. Joshua 13:11 And [the cattle-barons get] Gilead {Monument-Mound}, and the territory of the Geshurite {Bridgers} and the Maachathite {Pressers}, and all [of] Mount Hermon {Steep}, and all [of] Bashan {Fruitful} as far as Salcah {Walk}.
  522. Joshua 13:15 And [Joshua confirms that] Moses gave land-grants to the various clans of the tribe descended from Reuben {Look-a-Son}.
  523. Joshua 13:24 [Joshua also confirms that] Moses gave the following land-inheritances to the various clans of the tribe descended from Gad {Troop}:
  524. Joshua 13:27 —and in the valley [Gad gets] Beth-Aram {High-House}, and Beth-Nimrah {Leopard-House}, and Sukkot {Tent-Town}, and Zaphon {Hiding-Place}, the rest of the kingdom of Sihon {Tornado} king of Heshbon {Intelligence}, [with the] Jordan [river] as its [western] border all the way to the edge of the sea of Kinneret [Lake Galilee]. [Gad gets all this land] on the far [east] side of [the] Jordan [river].
  525. Joshua 13:28 The above, 😇, [sums up] the land-inheritance [Moses awarded] the various clans of descendants of Gad {Troop}, [including] cities and their villages.
  526. Joshua 13:30 [Manasseh's eastern] territory stretches from Mahanaim {Double-Camp}, to encompass Bashan {Fruitful} and the whole kingdom of Bashan's ex-king [fat giant] Og {Round}, and all the towns of Jair {Goldshine} in Bashan: 60 cities, 😇!
  527. Joshua 13:31 [Manasseh also gets] half of Gilead {Monument-Mound} and Ashtaroth {Easter} and Edrei {Power-Arm}, (cities [Moses] received out of the kingdom of [fat giant] Og {Round} in Bashan {Fruitful}). All this [land] gets held by the [east-dwelling] half of the descendants of Manasseh's son Machir {Salesman}.
  528. Joshua 14:3 For [before he died,] Moses awarded inheritable-lands on the [east] side of [the] Jordan [river] to [Israel's] two [cattle-baron] tribes (and half of [Manasseh's] tribe). But to the Levite [priests], [Moses] allotted no [personal] inheritable-lands.
  529. Joshua 15:2 [Judah's] southern border starts at the far shore of the Dead [Salt] Sea, from the bay facing southward.
  530. Joshua 15:4 From Karkaa [in Palestine, Judah's border] passes toward Azmon {Boney}, then runs out to the [Vadi] river of Egypt. Thus [Judah's] southern border terminates at the [Mediterranean] seacoast.
  531. Joshua 15:9 From the top of the [Giants'] hill, [Joshua] draws [Judah's] border to the fountain of the water of Nephtoah {Open-Wide}, then out to the cities of mount Ephron {Fawn}. Next, [Joshua] draws [Judah's] border to Baalah {Mistress}, aka Kirjath-Yearim {City-Of-Forests}:
  532. Joshua 15:24 [And Judah gets] Ziph {Flow}, Telem {Break}, and Bealoth {Mistresses};
  533. Joshua 15:30 And [Judah gets] ElTolad {El-Generates}, Chesil {Fatty}, and Hormah {Banishment};
  534. Joshua 15:32 And [Judah gets] Lebaoth {Lionesses}, Shilhim {Shoots}, Ain {Fountain}, and Rimmon {Pomegranate}: all 29 cities, 😇, with their villages.
  535. Joshua 16:2 [Joseph's border] runs out from Beth-El {House-Of-El} (aka Luz {Nut-Tree}), then passes along to the borders of Archi {Long} to Ataroth {Crowns};
  536. Joshua 16:5 And [Joshua recognizes] the [following] territory as the inheritance of the various clans of the descendants of Ephraim {Double-Fruit}: their eastern border runs from Ataroth-Addar {Crowns-Of-Plenty} to Upper Beth-Horon {Cave-House};
  537. Joshua 16:6 [Then Ephraim's] border runs out westward [toward the Mediterranean sea], with Michmethah {Hidden-Town} on the north, [in Palestine]. Then [Ephraim's] border turns eastward, passing Taanath-Shiloh {Approach-To-Tranquility} on the east, [then out] to Janohah {Quiet};
  538. Joshua 16:7 [Then Joshua draws Ephraim's border] down from Janohah {Quiet} to Ataroth {Crowns}, out to Naarath {Girl}, coming to Jericho {Moon-Spirit}, and terminating at [the] Jordan [river].
  539. Joshua 16:8 [Ephraim's] border runs out westward from Tappuah {Apple} to the Kahan {Cane} river. It ends at the [Mediterranean] sea. The foregoing, 😇, [describes] the land-inheritance [which Joshua apportions to] the various clans of the tribe descended from Ephraim {Double-Fruit}.
  540. Joshua 16:9 [Joshua also allots] Ephraim's [tribe] some cities & towns with surrounding villages in the [territory] inherited by the [Western] half [of the] tribe of Manasseh.
  541. Joshua 17:2 [Then Joshua throws] a lot to allot land to the various remaining clans of the descendants of Manasseh: the descendants of Abiezer {Helpful-Father}, Helek {Inheritance}, Asriel {Right-Of-El}, Shechem {Neck}, Hepher {Explorer}, and Shemida {Name-Of-Knowing}, all [large] families of male descendants of Manasseh the son of Joseph {Increaser}.
  542. Joshua 17:5 So, 😇, to [the tribe of] Manesseh the [lot assigns] 10 [Western] land-portions, in addition to the land[s] of Gilead {Monument-Mound} and Bashan {Fruitful} on the far [East] side of [the] Jordan [river];
  543. Joshua 17:11 Within the [tribal] territories of Asher and Issachar, [the people of] Manasseh settle 3 regions including the areas of Beth-Shean {House-Of-Ease} and Ibleam {Devouring-People} and their towns, [plus] the settlements and towns of Dor {Home}, Endor {Forever-Fountain}, Taanach {Sandy}, and Megiddo {Rendezvous}.
  544. Joshua 18:13 Then [Benjamin's] border-line passes toward Luz {Nut-Tree} (on the south side of Luz) aka Beth-El {House-Of-El}. Then the border descends to Ataroth-Adar {Crowns-Of-Magnificence}, near the hill on the south side of Lower Beth-Horon {Cave-House}.
  545. Joshua 18:14 [JAHshua] draws [Benjamin's] border-line turning from [its north] western [seaward] corner, then heading southward from the hill south of (and facing) Beth-Horon {Cave-House}. [Benjamin's border] line ends at Kirjath-Baal {City-Of-The-Lord}, aka Kirjath-Yearim {City-Of-Forests}, a city belonging to the descendants of Judah {Celebrated}, thus forming [Benjamin's] Western border.
  546. Joshua 18:15 Then [Benjamin's] southern border extends from the extreme edge of Kirjath-Yearim {City-Of-Forests}, extending out to the source-waters of Nephtoah {Open-Wide}.
  547. Joshua 18:23 And [Benjamin gets] Avim {Overthrow}, Parah {Cow}, and Ophrah {She-Fawn};
  548. Joshua 18:24 And [Benjamin gets] Chephar-Haammonai {Inbred-Village}, Ophni {Mouldy}, and Geba {Flower-Hill}; 12 cities plus their [surrounding] villages, 😇:
    note: Ophni = modern Jifna.
  549. Joshua 18:28 And [Benjamin gets] Zelah {Limp}, Eleph {Ox}, Jebusi {Thresh} aka Jerusalem, Gibeah {Flower-Hills}, and Kirjath {City-Of-Forests}: [in all,] 14 cities plus their [surrounding] villages. That, 😇, sums up the [land] inherited by the various clans of the descendants of Benjamin {Right-Hand-Son}.
  550. Joshua 19:3 And [Simeon gets] Hazar-Shual {Jackal-Village}, Balah {Worn-Out}, and Azem {Bone};
  551. Joshua 19:6 And [Simeon gets] Beth-Lebaoth {House-Of-Lionesses}, [and] Sharuhen {Abode-of-Pleasure}, [comprising] 13 cities with their villages, 😇;
  552. Joshua 19:7 [and Simeon gets] Ain {Fountain}, Rimmon {Pomegranate}, Ether {Abundance}, and Ashan {Smoke}; four cities and their villages;
  553. Joshua 19:8 And [Simeon gets] all the villages surrounding these cities, as far as Baalath-Beer {Mistress-Well} [aka] Ramath {Height} of the Negev {SouthLand}. The [above, 😇, describes] the [land] inheritance [Joshua allots to] the various clans of the tribe descended from Simeon {Listener}.
  554. Joshua 19:10 [Joshua's] 3rd [Shiloh] lot comes up favoring the various clans of the people of Zebulun {House}. The border of their inherited [land begins] at Sarid {Survivor};
  555. Joshua 19:15 [So, 😇, the tribe of Zebulun gets] Kattath {Little}, Nahallal {Bush-Pasture}, Shimron {Guardian}, Idalah, and Bethlehem {Bread-House}: 12 cities, plus associated villages.
  556. Joshua 19:22 [Issachar's] territory reaches to Tabor {Fragile}, Shahazimah {Pride}, and Beth-Shemesh {House-Of-The-Sun}, then finally to [the] Jordan [river], [encircling] 16 cities and their associated villages, 😇.
  557. Joshua 19:23 That sums up the cities and associated villages inherited by the various clans of the tribe descended from Issachar {Reward}.
  558. Joshua 19:32 [JAHshua's] 6th [Shiloh] lot shoots out favoring the people of Naphtali {Wrestler}. [So,] to the various clans of descendants of Naphtali, [JAHshua grants the following lands]:
  559. Joshua 19:35 And [the Wrestler-tribe gets] the fortified cities of Ziddim {Sides}, Zer {Rock}, and Hammath {Hot-Springs}, Rakkath {Spit}, and [Galilee aka] Kinneret {Harp-Shaped-Plain};
  560. Joshua 19:38 And [Naphtali gets] Iron {Terror}, and Migdal-El {Tower-of-El}, Horem {Secluded}, Beth-Anath {House-Of-Eyes}, and Beth-Shemesh {House-Of-The-Sun}: 19 cities with their villages, 😇.
  561. Joshua 19:39 The foregoing, 😇, describes the cities and associated villages in the [land] inherited by the various clans of the tribe descended from Naphtali {Wrestler}.
  562. 1st Chronicles 6:57 So [YAH gives] the sons of Aaron the following cities in Judea: Hebron {Society} (a city of refuge), and Libnah {White-Tree} with her surrounding land, and Jattir {Plenty} and Eshtemoa {Hear-&-Obey}, with their pasture-lands.
  563. 2nd Chronicles 31:16 Without [prejudice based on] genealogy, the [managers] give daily resources to all enrolled male [priests] 30 years of age or older. This empowers the [priests] to do their respective duties in their [local] sanctuaries.
    note: Some translations: 3 years...
  564. NehemiYAH 11:3 Most of [our returning] Israelis re-inhabit the cities of Judaea. They move back into their [ancestral] lands. That includes priests, Levites, Nethinim {Gifted-Ones} and the descendants of Solomon's workers. Meanwhile, the following leaders live in the region of Jerusalem:
  565. Psalms 87:2 YHVH loves the gates of [shining mount] Zion, the home of Jacob's [descendants].
  566. Psalms 87:3 City of the Eloah, [the world's bards] sing [hymns to] your splendor. Selah {Dramatic-Break}.
  567. Psalms 87:5 Man after man will brag of being born [beneath Mount] Zion, 😇. The Most High [ELohim] himself establishes [the City Of Peace].
  568. Ezekiel 48:4 Likewise, on the [southern] border of Naphtali [Wrestler's] land, Manasseh's [tribal] region extends across [Israel] from East to West.
  569. Ezekiel 48:13 The land allotted to the [not especially righteous] Levites measures the same size and shape as that belonging to the [more righteous] priests: ~8 miles long by ~3 miles wide. So each of these portions of [government] land measures 25000 cubits long by 10000 cubits wide.
  570. Ezekiel 48:26 Directly south of Issachar's [tribal] region, [the tribe of] Zebulun {House} gets one [portion of land] which likewise extends from [Israel's] east edge to the [Mediterranean] sea.
  571. Numbers (Journeys) 34:3 Your south quarter will extend from the wilderness of Zin {Crags}, close to the border of [the Red-Man's south-land]: Edom. The eastern terminus of your southern border lies at the end of the Dead Sea.
  572. Numbers (Journeys) 34:6 Your western border stretches all the way to the Great [Mediterranean] Sea, 😇.
  573. Joshua 13:18 And [Reuben gets] Jahazah {Stomp}, and Kedemoth {Starting-Point}, and Mephaath {Luminescent};
  574. Joshua 13:19 And [Reuben gets] Kirjathaim {Double-City}, and Sibmah {Spice}, and Zareth-Shahar {Splendor-of-the-Dawn} (on the mountain in the valley);
  575. Joshua 13:20 And [the tribe of Reuben gets] Beth-Peor {House-Of-The-Hungry-God}, and [the] slopes of Mount Pisgah {Slice}, and Beth-Jeshimoth {House-of-the-Deserts};
  576. Joshua 15:3 From [the Dead Sea, Judah's border] runs out south of the Maaleh-Acrabbim {Scorpion-Ascent}; [then the border] passes along to Zin {Crags}, ascends up south of Kadesh-Barnea {Wilderness-Of-Wandering}, passes along to Hezron {CourtYard}, up to Adar {Ample}, then heads straight to Karkaa {Ground-Floor};
  577. Joshua 15:7 [Judah's northern] border continues up from the valley of Achor {Trouble} toward Debir {Oracle}. Then [it] continues up northward, facing Gilgal {Wheel}, that is, opposite the ascent to Adummim {Red-Spots}, on the south side of the Vadi [River-Valley-Gorge]. [Then, 😇, Judah's] border passes to the waters of En-Shemesh {Fountain-Of-The-Sun}. [Judah's border] ends at En-Rogel {Traveler's-Fountain}.
  578. Joshua 15:25 And [Judah gets] Hazor-Hadattah {Fresh-Village}, Keriot {City-Buildings}, and Hezron {CourtYard} aka Hazor {Hamlet};
  579. Joshua 15:26 [And Judah gets] Amam {Gathering-Spot}, Shema {Heard}, and Moladah {Birth};
  580. Joshua 15:27 And [Judah gets] Hazar-Gaddah {Village-Of-Female-Fortune}, Heshmon {Opulent}, and Beth-Palet {House-Of-Escape};
  581. Joshua 15:29 [And Judah gets] Baalah {Mistress}, Iyim {Desert-Ruins}, and Azem {Bone};
  582. Joshua 15:31 And [Judah gets] Ziklag {Fortress}, Madmannah {Dunghill}, and Sansannah {Stick};
  583. Joshua 15:33 And in the [western] Shefela {Foothills} [Judah gets]: Eshtaol {Prayer}, Zoreah {Wasp} & Ashnah {Ancient};
  584. Joshua 15:34 And [Judah gets] Zanoah {Remote}, En-Gannim {Fountain-Of-Gardens}, Tappuah {Apple}, and Enam {Double-Fountain};
  585. Joshua 16:3 [Then Joseph's border] runs down westward to the coast of Japhleti {JAH-Rescues}, to the border of Lower Beth-Horon {Cave-House}, [then] on to Gezer {Cut-Land}. [Joseph's line] terminates at the [Mediterranean] sea.
  586. Joshua 17:7 Thus, 😇, the territory of Manasseh spans from Asher's [land] to Michmethah {Hidden-Town}, opposite Shechem {Neck}. [Manasseh's] border runs south to include the settlements of Ein-Tappuah {Apple-Tree-Fountain}.
  587. Joshua 17:8 [The tribe of] Manasseh settles the land [around] Tappuah {Apple}. But [Apple-Town] (on Manasseh's border) stays [the property of] the descendants of Ephraim.
  588. Joshua 17:10 So the land south [of Kanah ravine] belongs to [the tribe of] Ephraim, while the land to the north [of the ravine] belongs to [the tribe of] Manasseh, with the [Mediterranean] sea as [both tribes’] western border. [The territories of Manasseh and Ephraim] meet together at [the land of] Asher {Happy} on the north, and at [the land of] Issachar {Reward} on the east, 😇.
  589. Joshua 18:16 [Then Benjamin's] border-line runs down to the foot of the mountain that lies facing the Ben-Hinnom valley, north of the Valley of the Rephaim {Giants}. [Then Benjamin's line] continues down the Hinnom Valley, to the south slope of [Jerusalem, previous capitol-city of the] Jebusi {Threshers}. Then [the line] descends to En-Rogel {Traveler's-Fountain}.
  590. Joshua 18:19 [Then Benjamin's] border passes alongside Beth-Hoglah {Partridge-House} heading north, 😇. The border terminates at the north bay of the salt sea (at the south end of [the] Jordan [river]), thus forming [Benjamin's] southern boundary.
  591. Joshua 18:20 The entire Jordan [river] forms Benjamin's eastern border, 😇. The above describes the borders surrounding the [lands] inherited by the various clans of the descendants of Benjamin {Right-Hand-Son}.
  592. Joshua 18:21 So the various clans of the tribe descended from Benjamin {Right-Hand-Son} receive the following cities: Jericho {Moon-Spirit}, Beth-Hoglah {Partridge-House}, and the valley of Keziz {Chop};
  593. Joshua 18:22 And [Benjamin gets] Beth-Arabah {Desert-House}, Zemaraim {Double-Fleece}, and Beth-El {House-Of-El};
  594. Joshua 18:25 [And Benjamin gets] Gibeon {Flower-Hills}, Ramah {Heights}, and Beeroth {Wells};
  595. Joshua 18:26 And [Benjamin settles] Mizpah {Watch-Tower}, Chephirah {Covered-Village}, and Mozah {Suck};
  596. Joshua 18:27 And [Benjamin gets] Rekem {Colorful}, IrpeEl {El-Heals}, and Taralah {Shaker};
  597. Joshua 19:2 [Simeon's land] inheritance includes Beer-Sheba {Well-Of-Seven}, [aka] Sheba {Seven}, and Moladah {Birth};
  598. Joshua 19:4 And [Simeon gets] ElTolad {El-Generates}, Bethul {Broken-By-El}, and Hormah {Banishment};
  599. Joshua 19:5 And [Simeon gets] Ziklag {Fortress}, Beth-Marcaboth {Chariot-Place}, and Hazar-Susah {Cavalry-Village};
  600. Joshua 19:12 [In the other direction, Zebulun's] boundary line runs east of Sarid {Survivor} toward the [Eastern] border of Chisloth-Tabor {Fragile-Flanks}, then out to Daberath {Ordered-Pasture}, then up to Japhia {Bright};
  601. Joshua 19:30 [So Asher also gets] Ummah {Conjunction}, and Aphek {Fortress}, and Rehob {Wide-Open}: 22 cities, 😇, plus their villages.
  602. Joshua 19:31 The [aforementioned] cities and associated villages describe the land-inheritance [acquired] by the many families of the tribe descended from Asher.
  603. Joshua 19:33 [Naphtali's] territory stretches from Heleph {Exchange}, from Allon {Oak} to Zaanannim {Load-Up}, and Adami {Earthy}, Nekeb {Dell}, and JabneEl {Built-By-El}, to Lakum {Barricade}, [in Palestine]. [Naphtali's line] stretches to [the] Jordan [river], 😇.
  604. Joshua 19:36 Plus [Napthtali gets] Adamah {Soil}, Ramah {Heights}, and Hazor {Hamlet};
  605. Joshua 19:40 Next, [Joshua's] 7th [Shiloh] lot shoots out favoring the various clans of the tribe descended from Dan {Judge}.
  606. 1st Chronicles 6:62 And to the families descended from Gershom {Refugee}, [YAH allots] 13 [ministerial] cities in Bashan {Fruitful} from the [territories of] the tribe of Issachar {Reward}, the tribe of Asher {Happy}, the tribe of Naphtali {Wrestler}, and the tribe of Manasseh {Sweet-Forgetting}.
    note: Does your nation have any cities devoted to ministry?
  607. Ezekiel 45:7 The governing [priest] will [manage the symmetrical] portions [of land] on the east and west sides of the gifted sacred [temple] area and the [south] city-owned sector. The [governing priest's land protectorate] will extend from [the temple area] out east and west to the tribal areas on each side of the sacred zone.
    note: Translations vary wildly on this verse. The basic idea is that priestly work is not just preaching. It requires a great deal of resources. But not personal possessions.
  608. Ezekiel 48:5 Likewise, on the [southern] border of Manasseh's land, Ephraim's [tribal] region extends from East to West across [Israel].
  609. Ezekiel 48:6 Likewise, on the [southern] border of Ephraim's [territory], the land of [the tribe descended from] Reuben {Look-a-Son} stretches all the way from the east side to the west side [of Israel].
  610. John 6:8 One of YahShua's disciples, Andrew {Manly} (Simon Rock's brother) says to YahShua:
  611. Exodus 26:13 The extra cubit [half yard] of curtain on each side of the tent's length will hang over the sides of the Tent [as an eave] to cover it.
  612. Joshua 13:29 [JAHshua then confirms] Moses’ grant of land-inheritance to the various families of the half-tribe of Manasseh. The [Eastern-settling] descendants of Manasseh own [the following land]:
  613. Joshua 15:6 [Judah's] border stretches up to Beth-Hogla {Partridge-House}, then passes along the north [side] of Beth-Arabah {Desert-House}. [Judah's] border continues up to the stone [laid by] Bohan {Thumb} the son of Reuben {Look-a-Son};
  614. Joshua 15:10 [Judah's] border curves westward from Baalah {Mistress} to Mount Seir {Rough}. Then it passes along the north side of mount Jearim {Forests} (aka Chesalon {Fertile}), then down to Beth-Shemesh {House-Of-The-Sun}, and then to Timnah {Grabber};
  615. Joshua 15:22 The tribe descended from Judah {Celebrated} [also inherits]: Kinah {Dirge}, Dimonah {Longing}, and Adadah {Festival};
  616. Joshua 15:35 [And Judah gets] Jarmuth {Heights}, and Adullam, Socoh {Fenced}, and Azekah {Farms};
  617. Joshua 15:36 And [Judah gets] Sharaim {Double-Gates}, Adithaim {Double-Prey}, Gederah {Corral}, and Gederothaim {Two-Corrals}: 14 cities with their villages, 😇.
  618. Joshua 15:37 [And Judah gets] Zenan {Pasture}, Hadashah {Fresh}, and Migdal-Gad {Tower-of-Fortune};
  619. Joshua 15:38 And [Judah gets] Dilean, Mizpah {Watch-Tower}, and JoktheEl {Obey-El};
  620. Joshua 15:39 [And Judah gets] Lachish {Harvest}, Bozkath {Hill}, and Eglon {Calf-Jump};
  621. Joshua 15:40 And [Judah gets] Cabbon {Hilly}, Lahmam {Food-Bread}, and Kithlish {Man-Wall};
  622. Joshua 15:41 And [Judah gets] Gederoth {Walls}, Beth-Dagon {House-Of-The-Fish-God}, and Naamah {Pleasure}, and Makkedah {Herd-Mark}; 16 cities with their villages, 😇.
  623. Joshua 15:42 [And Judah gets] Libnah {White-Tree}, Ether {Abundance}, and Ashan {Smoke};
  624. Joshua 15:43 And [Judah gets] Jiphtah {He-Will-Open}, Ashnah {Ancient}, and Nezib {Station};
  625. Joshua 15:46 [And Judah gets all the land] from Ekron {Eradication} all the way [west] to the [Mediterranean] sea, [and] every area around Ashdod {Ravager-City}, plus the [related] villages:
  626. Joshua 15:47 —and [Judah gets] Ashdod {Ravager-City} with her towns and her villages, [and] Gaza {Strength} with her towns and her villages, as far [south] as the Vadi {River} of Egypt, terminating [west] at the great [Mediterranea] sea, 😇.
  627. Joshua 15:48 And in the mountains, [Judah gets] Shamir {Sharp-Diamond}, Jattir {Plenty}, and Socoh {Fenced};
  628. Joshua 15:49 And [Judah gets] Dannah and Kirjath-Sannah {City-of-Branches} aka Debir {Oracle};
    note: Or ‘city of the [prophetic] book.’
  629. Joshua 15:50 And [Judah gets] Anab {Fruit}, Eshtemoh {Hear&Obey}, and Anim {Fountains};
  630. Joshua 15:51 And [Judah gets] Goshen {Cultivated}, Holon {Sandy}, and Giloh {Open}; 11 cities with their villages, 😇.
  631. Joshua 15:52 [And Judah gets] Arab {Ambush}, Dumah {Silence}, and Eshean {Support};
    note: Dumah = dumb (mute).
  632. Joshua 15:53 And [Judah gets] Janum {Sleepy}, Beth-Tappuah {Apple-House}, and Aphekah {Fortress};
  633. Joshua 15:54 And [Judah gets] Humtah {Bottom-Land}, Kirjath-Arba {City-Of-The-4-Giants} (aka Hebron {Society}), and Zior {Tiny}: 9 cities with their villages, 😇.
  634. Joshua 15:55 [And Judah gets] Maon {Abode}, Carmel {Fruiting-Garden}, Ziph {Flow}, and Juttah {Jut};
  635. Joshua 15:56 And [Judah gets] JezreEl {El-Plants}, Jokdeam {People-Burning}, and Zanoah {Remote};
  636. Joshua 15:57 [And Judah gets] Cain {Lance}, Gibeah {Flower-Hills}, and Timnah {Grabber}; 10 cities with their villages, 😇;
  637. Joshua 15:58 [And Judah gets] Halhul {Whirl}, Beth-Zur {Rock-House}, and Gedor {Corral};
  638. Joshua 15:59 And [Judah gets] Maarath {Clearing}, Beth-Anoth {House-Of-Answers}, and Eltekon {El-Is-Straight}: 6 cities with their villages, 😇:
  639. Joshua 15:60 [And Judah gets] Kirjath-Baal {City-Of-The-Lord} (aka Kirjath-Yearim {City-Of-Forests}), and Rabbah {Plenty}; two cities with their villages, 😇.
  640. Joshua 15:61 In the wilderness, [Judah gets] Beth-Arabah {Desert-House}, Middin {Brawler}, and Secacah {Fenced};
  641. Joshua 17:9 Then [Joshua draws Manasseh's] boundary on south to the Kanah {Cane} Ravine. The [hereinafter-described] towns of Ephraim end up among the towns of Manasseh, [because] Manasseh's border lies on the northern side of the [Cane] ravine. [From there, Manasseh's border runs west] to its terminus at the [Mediterranean] sea.
  642. Joshua 18:17 [Then Joshua draws Benjamin's borderline] curving north, then running on to En-Shemesh {Fountain-Of-The-Sun}, continuing on toward Geliloth {Circles}, which faces the ascent to Adummim {Red-Spots}. Then [Benjamin's line] descends to the stone of Bohan {Thumb} (the son of Reuben {Look-a-Son}).
  643. Joshua 19:13 Then [Zebulun's border] passes Eastward to Gittah-Hepher {Wine-Press-Well}, [then] to Ittah-Kazin {Judge-Time}. [Then Zebulun's border] runs to the mark [of] Rimmon {Pomegranate}, [then] to Neah {Motion};
  644. Joshua 19:14 Then [Zebulun's] north border turns to Hannathon {Favored}. [Zebulun's border] terminates in the valley of Jiphthah-El {El-Opens}.
  645. Joshua 19:18 [Issachar's] border includes JezreEl {El-Plants}, Chesulloth {Fattnened}, and Shunem {Quiet};
  646. Joshua 19:19 And [Issachar gets] Hapharaim {Pits}, Shion {Ruins}, and Anaharath {Gorge};
  647. Joshua 19:20 And [Issachar gets] Rabbith {Multitude}, Kishion {Hard Ground}, and Abez {Gleam};
  648. Joshua 19:21 And [Issachar gets] Remeth {Height}, En-Gannim {Fountain-Of-Gardens}, En-Haddah {Fierce-Fountain}, and Beth-Pazzez {House-Of-Propagation};
  649. Joshua 19:25 Asher's territory includes Helkath {Smooth}, Hali {Trinket}, Beten {Womb}, and Achshaph {Fascination};
  650. Joshua 19:27 [There Asher's border-line] turns toward the [Eastern] sun-rise, to Beth-Dagon {House-Of-The-Fish-God}. [Asher's land] reaches to Zebulun {House}, and to the valley of Jiphthah-El {El-Opens}, near the north side of Beth-Emek {Valley-House} and NeiEl {Moved-By-El}, then north to Cabul {Sterile}.
  651. Joshua 19:28 And [Asher gets] Hebron {Society}, and Rehob {Wide-Open}, and Hammon {Warm-Spring}, and Kahan {Cane}, all the way to greater Sidon {Fish-City};
  652. Joshua 19:29 From [Fish-City, Asher's Border-line] turns to Ramah {Heights}, and [on] to the fortified city [of] Tyre {Rock-Port}. Then [Asher's border-line] turns to Hosah {Hopeful}, terminating at the [Mediterranean] sea, including Achzib {Freeze-Drought}.
  653. Joshua 19:34 [At the river, Napthtali's] border-line turns west to Aznoth-Tabor {Fragile-Flat-Tops}, then runs out from there to Hukkok {Engraving}, reaching
  654. to Zebulun {House} on the south,
  655. and to Asher {Happy} on the west,
  656. and to Judah {Celebrated} at [the] Jordan [river] on the East.
  657. Joshua 19:37 And [Naphtali gets] Kedesh {Sanctum}, Edrei {Power-Arm}, and Ein-Hazor {Fountain-Village};
  658. Joshua 19:41 The territory [Dan] inherits includes Zorah {Wasp}, Eshtaol {Prayer}, and Ir-Shemesh {Sun-City};
  659. Joshua 19:42 And [Dan gets] Shaalabbin {Fox-Holes}, Ajalon {Deer-Field}, and Jethlah {High-Destiny};
  660. Joshua 19:43 And [Dan gets] Elon {Trunk}, Thimnathah {Allotted}, and Ekron {Uprooter};
  661. Joshua 19:44 And [Dan gets] Eltekeh, Gibbethon {Hilly-Spot}, and Baalath {Mistressship};
  662. Joshua 19:45 And [Dan gets] Jehud {Jude}, Bene-Berak {Sons-of-Lightning}, and Gath-Rimmon {Pomegranate-Winepress};
    note: ‘Jude’ is shortened from ‘Judah’ which comes from the word ‘Yadad’ which means to throw your hands in the air in a celebration of gratitude.
  663. Joshua 19:46 And [Dan gets] Me-Jarkon {Pale-Water} and Rakkon {Thin} (including the area facing Japho {Bright-And-Beautiful}).
  664. Joshua 19:48 😇, the above [list of regions,] cities & villages sums up the land inheritance [Joshua allots] the various families of the tribe descended from Dan {Judge}.
  665. 1st Chronicles 6:54 The following is a list of the territories settled by the descendants of Aaron: the 1st lot falls to the families of the K'hati [clan]:
    note: This list reflects a society architected to place health, law, education and the arts within the spiritual sphere. In contrast, the atheistic nazi state around you has seized control of health-care, law and education.
  666. 1st Chronicles 6:55 To [the K'hati's, YAH] awards [the city of] Hebron {Society} (in the land of Judea) and the pasture-lands surrounding it.
  667. 1st Chronicles 6:56 But [YAH] assigns the fields and villages around [Hebron] city to Caleb {Battle-Cry}, son of Jephunneh {Ready}.
  668. 1st Chronicles 7:29 [Ephraim's territory] along the borders of the land of the descendants of Manasseh {Sweet-Forgetting} include: Beth-Shean {House-Of-Ease} and her towns, Taanach {Sandy} with her towns, Megiddo {Rendezvous} with her towns, and Dor {Home} with her towns. The descendants of Israel's son Joseph {Increaser} settle in these areas.
  669. NehemiYAH 11:25 Out in the villages and their fields, some descendants of Judah {Celebrated} settle at Kirjath-Arba {City-Of-The-4-Giants}, and in its villages, and at Dibon {Longing}, and in its villages, and at JekabzeeEl {El-Gathers}, and in its villages.
  670. NehemiYAH 11:26 [Jews also settle] in [towns named] JahShua {YAH-Saves}, Moladah {Birth}, and Beth-Phelet [House-Of-Escape].
  671. NehemiYAH 11:27 And [Jews settle] at Hazar-Shual {Jackal-Village}, and at Beer-Sheba {Well-Of-Seven}, and in its villages;
  672. NehemiYAH 11:31 Descendants of Benjamin {Right-Hand-Son} from Geba {Hillock} settle in Michmash {Hidden}, and Aija [Ai], and Beth-El {House-Of-El}, and surrounding villages;
  673. NehemiYAH 11:28 —and [Jews settle] at Ziklag {Fortress}, and at Mekonah [Base], and in its villages;
  674. NehemiYAH 11:29 —and [Jews settle] at Ein-Rimmon [Pomegranate-Fountain], and at Zareah [Wasp-Sting], and at Jarmuth {Heights},
  675. NehemiYAH 11:32 — and at Anathoth {Answer-Town}, Nob {Fruit}, AnaniYah {YAH-Covers},
  676. NehemiYAH 11:33 — & Hazor {Hamlet}, Ramah {Heights}, Gittaim {Double-Wine-Press},
  677. NehemiYAH 11:34 — & Hadid {Peak}, Zeboim {Splendid}, Neballat [Fool's-Secret],
  678. Baruch 1:8 At the same time when Joachim received the utensils of the house of Adonai, that were carried out of the temple, to return them into the land of Judaea, the 10th day of the month Sivan, namely, silver vessels, which Sedecias son of JosiYah {Founded-By-YAH} king of Yada {Knowing} had made,


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