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59 SCRIPTURE SECTIONS on the theme of Redemption

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  1. Yahshua Saved Us From Fear & Death & Slavery
  2. Yahshua's Death Provided Your Path To Healing
  3. YAH Repairs Us So We Can Withstand Eternity
  4. YahShua Predicts His Resurrection & His Reign
  5. Take Your Get Out Of Devil-Jail Free Card
  6. Yah Sent His Son To Rescue Us: That's Love
  7. Micah Foresees Israel's Redemption
  8. All Men Need To Know The Messiah Redeemed Us
  9. Release All Debt Every 7 Years
  10. YAH Promises To Revive Israel After The War
  11. The Messiah's Death Was A Slave-Exchange
  12. YAH Has Redeemed Us Believers From Darkness!
  13. YHVH Ultimately Redeems His Remnant People
  14. Micah Foresees The Messiah Leading You Home
  15. The Last Supper: Passover Preparation Day
  16. Obey, And You Can Escape The Previous Curses
  17. YAH Will Free You, And Give You New Life
  18. Countless Martyrs Will Never Again Suffer
  19. YAH Finally Restores His Purged Exile People
  20. Yahshua Redeemed You From Satan's Slave Camp
  21. YHVH Rebukes Sinning Israel
  22. Messiah Died To Snatch Us From Satan's Hand
  23. YAH Always Restores A Repentant Remnant Group
  25. YAH Promises To Redeem You, His Repentant One
  26. YAH Promises To Restore Israel After The Pain
  27. Forgive All Debts Every 7 Years (Jubilee)
  28. YAH Predicts The 1948 Repatriation Of Israel
  29. YAH Ultimately Saves His Children
  30. YAH Eventually Saves A Statistical-Few Saints
  31. YAH Re-Assembles His Scattered People
  32. YAH Promises To Return Israel To The Exiles
  33. Hebrew Real Estate Law
  34. Repent; Then YAH Will Eventually Rescue You
  35. The North Israelis Spit On Hezekiah's Invite
  36. YAH Rescues JAHshua and Lifts Him High
  37. YAH Predicts Israel's Coming Aliyah (Return)
  38. Jeremiah Foresees Israel's Repatriation
  39. YAH Promises To Restore Israel
  40. Isaiah Foresees End-Times 'New Jerusalem'
  41. Pharaoh Throws His Butler & Baker Into Jail
  42. Only A Tiny Fraction Of Israelis Enter Heaven
  43. YAH Foretells Global Christian Missions
  44. YHVH ReAffirms His Promises To Redeem Israel
  45. YAH Foretells The Repatriation Of Israel
  46. YAH Predicts Israel's Complete Restoration
  47. YAH Promises To Repopulate Israel's Mountains
  48. YAH Promises To Restore Fallen Israel
  49. YAH Always Heals & Helps His Repentant People
  50. YAH Foretells The Restoration Of Jerusalem
  51. To Save Us, The Messiah Let Satan Murder Him
  52. Yahshua Fulfilled The Symbolic Mosaic Rites
  53. The Judges Beg Paul & Silas To Leave Town
  54. Moses Releases FirstBorns From Sacred Duty
  55. Paul Sends Encouragement & Clarity to You
  56. Cleansing Ashes From A Red Heifer's Remains
  57. Christ Won Us Back From His Killer, Satan
  58. Instructions For Consecrating People & Wealth
  59. Paul Asks Philemon To Free His Runaway Slave


449 SCRIPTURES on the theme of Redemption

  1. Matthew 6:12 And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors.
  2. Mark 10:45 For even [I,] the ‘Son of Adam’, came not to be served, but to serve you, 😇, and to give [my] life to ransom many [people from Satan's slave-jail].”
    note: Yahshua's life was a RANSOM given to a kidnapper (Satan). Or to use another metaphor, a price paid to a slave-owner (Satan) to buy back the human-slave-race. Yahshua's life was NOT a blood-sacrifice to YHVH. YHVH never ever wanted any blood sacrifice offered to him. YAH wants you to give your best food to make wonderful sacred feasts. And if you decide to slaughter animals, YAH wants you to pour out the blood on the ground to make fertilizer, not to drink blood as a pagan ritual.
  3. Romans 3:24 Since YahShua [the] Messiah ransomed us [from the slave-master devil], we're free for YHVH to graciously fix us, 😇.
    note: See song: Fix You.
  4. Romans 8:1 [YAH] never condemns anyone who lives connected [to] YahShua [the] Messiah, 😇[IF] they walk [through life], not following the ‘flesh,’ but obeying [YAH's] Spirit.
    note: See song: No Condemnation. People usually only quote the first half of the ‘no condemnation’ verse. The majority of translations just leave the 2nd part out, because it may be an inserted paraphrase of the subsequent verses, which clarify that only by walking through life in the Spirit do we stay in the realm of ‘no condemnation.’ If we ‘walk’ in sin, we enter condemnation, no matter what sinner's prayer we moaned.
  5. Hebrews 2:14 😇, since the “children” [whom YAH wishes to redeem] have flesh and blood bodies, YAH's Word took on a flesh and blood body, [a man named YahShua]. Thus through dying, YahShua destroyed the devil who held the power of death.
  6. Matthew 20:28 😇, be just like [me,] the ‘Son of Adam.’ [I] came not to be served, but to serve. [I] give [my] life as a ransom, [the “price” (in a sense) that will buy back billions of people from their slave-owner: Satan].
    note: The ‘Ransom View Of The Atonement’ is not a theory. It's a fact. The lie that 'God The Father' needed to see his son's blood shed in order to forgive humanity, is not a doctrine. It's a demonic nightmare, a horror story invented by the blood-sucking devil.
  7. Luke 15:24 For this son of mine lay dead, 😇. But now he’s alive again! He [wandered] lost. But now he's found!’ So the [whole neighborhood] launches into a celebration.
  8. Luke 22:19 YahShua [grabs a] loaf. He gives thanks [to YAH]. He breaks the [bread]. He hands the bread fragments to his [12] apostles. He says, “This [bread symbolizes] my body. [In less than 24 hours I] give [my body to ransom you from Satan]. So [you, my disciples, wherever you are, should continue to break bread together] in memory of me, 😇.
    note: Until Satan murders YahShua, Satan the accuser holds legal rights over his human prisoners. Yahshua ‘buys you back,’ in a sense, by allowing the Satan-possessed religionists to pay the Romans to break his body, resulting in Satan's conviction for murder of YAH's innocent son.
  9. John 10:11 I am the good shepherd, 😇. [A] good shepherd lays down his life for [his] sheep.
    note: Yahshua didn't lay down his life to please YAH's sense of ‘justice’ with a sickening blood sacrifice. YahShua died to provide iron-clad lawful justification for stripping Satan's slaves [the human race] from Satan's evil hand.
  10. 1st Timothy 2:6 At the crucial moment of history, YahShua gave his life as a ransom [to redeem] all [people from Satan's ownership].
    note: However, most people return to their slave-master, Satan.
  11. Hebrews 2:15 YahShua thus freed [us mortals] who'd lived in bondage all [our] lives, slaves to [our] fear of death.
    note: Until you get YAH's spirit inside you, everything you do is motivated by your snake-like survival instincts. Only when you stop fearing death can you truly love everyone.
  12. 1st Peter 2:24 YahShua himself bore our sins in his own body on a tree [trunk], so that we would die to sins and live for righteousness. By YahShua's wounds, you, 😇, became healed.
  13. Exodus 20:2 [I] YHVH Elohim, brought [you out of the] land [of] Egypt, [the] house [of] bondage. ב
  14. IsaiYAH 53:5 [The Messiah] gets wounded, [pierced] by our transgressions, 😇. Our depravities crush him. The [devil's] punishment [illegally] falls on [the Messiah. Yet by providing lawful justification for dethroning Satan, this unjustifiable murder of the Innocent-One brings] peace & well-being [to us believers. By allowing the devil's servants to paint the Messiah's body in razor-whip-stripes, welts, black-and-blue bruises &] wounds, [the Messiah buys] healing [for us, his disciples].
  15. IsaiYAH 53:6 All we [members of the human flock] keep going astray like lost sheep, 😇. We all [break ranks. We go AWOL.] We ‘turn-about-face’, [seeking] our own paths. YHVH places [the Messiah like a defense advocate or arbitrator between Himself and] the evil/perversity/depravity of all of us.
    note: Sick translations imply that YHVH needs to punish people in order to love them. YHVH did not lay upon Yahshua all of our sins. The Hebrew word 'Paga' does not primary mean 'lay'. Paga means 'intercession:' #6293 page : to impinge, by accident or violence, or importunity:--come between, entreat, fall (upon), make intercession, lay, light (upon), meet (together), pray, reach, run.
  16. IsaiYAH 53:10 Yet YHVH bends. [He allows Satan to] crumble [the Messiah's body] with suffering, to commit [Christ's] flesh to guilty [butchers] like [a sin-offering to be flayed and devoured]. Yet [the Messiah rises from death. He] sees his spirit-seed-children. [YHVH eternally] extends [the Messiah's] days. The will of YHVH prospers in [YahShua's] hand.
    note: Wrong translations of Isaiah 53:10 beget the scripture-ripping theology that ‘god finds it good and pleasing to punish innocent people’. This sick doctrine leads to a church that imitates its false god by supporting evil wars (Iraq, Vietnam, Crusades) and evil policies that punish innocent people (the war on drugs, the war on ‘terror,’ war on ‘illegal immigration’).
  17. Luke 21:28 So when these [disasters] begin to elapse, 😇, look up. Lift up your heads. For your redemption draws near.”
    note: You obedient believers are about to be liberated! The day dawns when YAH sets you free [from the world-socialist Satan-system]!
  18. Acts 20:28 So keep watch over yourselves and [over] all the flock over which the Sacred Spirit has made you overseers, 😇. Feed [YAH's Word to] the Ekklesia of [YHVH] the Eloah. He's ransomed [them from the devil] with his own [son's] ‘blood.’
    note: Unlike the popular but nonsensical Athanasian translations, the CJB, NRSV and GNT render this verse properly to refer to YahShua as YHVH's ‘blood-relative’. YahShua is not ‘The Eloah’. YHVH is.
  19. Romans 4:25 Our offenses [gave Satan power over us, 😇]. [Satanic priests] handed YahShua [to] murderers. But [YAH] raised YahShua [to life]. So [YahShua can lawfully seize us out of Satan's slave-jail as if we were] innocent.
    note: Imagine a murderer kills you and all your loved ones. You die on the operating table. Then the doctors bring you back to life. Then you go to the guy who killed you. You demand everything he owns in exchange for not killing him in revenge. More than fair. Humanity sold themselves as slaves to the devil. The devil had the Messiah killed. Now the Messiah owns everything the devil used to own. You are a slave. When you get born again, the Messiah confiscates you from Satan, as part of the terms of Satan's continued existence. It's all extremely logical. Everything the bible teaches makes perfect sense. It's church drones who turn the bible into mumbo jumbo.
  20. Romans 5:8 But this shows how much [YHVH] the Eloah loves us, 😇: While we were still screw-ups, [YAH's] Messiah died [to snatch] us [from Satan's slave-herd].
  21. Colossians 1:20 [The War-God spilled YahShua's] blood on the [execution] stake. So YahShua [brought us, YahShua's disciples, into the Kingdom of] peace. YahShua remanded all [Satan's] possessions (including us) to [the lawful unilateral control of] YAH. YahShua restored everything in earth and everything in heaven to YAH's [Kingdom].
    note: YAH lawfully stripped all evil powers of any slave rights they lawfully held over human beings, because those powers conspired to kill Yahshua. “...all the broken and dislocated pieces of the universe--people and things, animals and atoms--get properly fixed and fit together in vibrant harmonies, all because of Yahshua's death, his blood that poured down from the Stake.”-E.P.
  22. 1st Peter 2:25 For you [humans] were [lost] sheep wandering astray, 😇. But now you've returned to [YahShua,] the Shepherd who watches over your souls.
  23. Apocalypsis (Revelation) 21:4 YHVH comes to wipe away all tears from [his redeemed peoples'] eyes, 😇. No more death, nor sorrow, nor crying, nor pain [ravages the saints]. For the old [order of] things has passed away.’
    note: The old world and its evils vanish forever. All disobedient people lie dead. Saints who suffered for their righteous deeds get comforted. Preachers, don't quote this at the funerals of wicked jerks. This comfort is only available to saints who lived out obedience to YAH's commands on earth, which is statistically just about nobody. Almost exclusively from this verse, people get the erroneous ‘pie-in-the-sky’ assumption that we face no struggles in the afterlife. In reality, the challenges of this life prepare us for even greater struggles in eternity. We, like Christ and like the archangels Michael and Gabriel, will continue to face enemies, and dangerous missions, and demonic beings tempting and infuriating us. We'll need even greater perseverance. So what this verse means is that there will be a ‘safe-zone’ for people in the afterlife. But the safe-zone is not necessarily the best part of eternity.
  24. Exodus 12:23 For YHVH soon overruns [the land] to execute the [oppressive] Egyptians. But when YHVH sees the blood on [your] lintel and on [your door's] two side posts, he skips over [your] door. He prevents the Slaughtering [Angel] from invading your houses to kill you.
  25. Exodus 12:51 [That's how after 430 years,] it [finally] happens, 😇. That very day, YHVH brings the descendants of Israel, tribe by tribe, out of the land of Egypt!
  26. IsaiYAH 1:18 “Come on, 😇! [Let's] reason [together]”, pleads YHVH. [I can turn] scarlet-sins snow-white; crimson-red [stains] wooly-white.”
  27. IsaiYAH 11:12 [YahShua] hoists a banner for the nations [to flock to]. He assembles Israel's outcasts. He gathers together dispersed Judean [refugees] from the four corners of the earth.
  28. IsaiYAH 30:26 In your future, 😇, the moon shines brighter than [today's] sun. The sun puts out 7 times more light, like the light of 7 days. The day comes when YHVH binds together his shattered people. He heals [our] stab-wounds.
  29. Ezekiel 37:14 I come to put my spirit in you, 😇. So you live. I place you in your own land. Then you grasp that I YHVH speak and perform your [future].” [That's a] promise [from] YHVH {The-Omnipresent-Sovereign}.
  30. John 1:29 The next day JAHn [the Immerser] sees YahShua striding toward him. JAHn shouts, “Look! [There's YahShua,] the Lamb of [YHVH] the Eloah, who takes away the sin of the world!
  31. John 10:17 This is why my Father [YHVH] loves me, 😇. I [voluntarily] lay down my life [to help people]. So I'll pick my life back up again.
    note: Yahshua has always had super-powers beyond imagination. The miracle is that he resisted the urge to use his powers to save his life. Notice that Jesus does things to merit his Father's love. Your Father in heaven loves you if your actions are lovable.
  32. John 10:18 No man [can] take my life from me. [For 32 years, religionists and their soldiers have been trying to murder me. Yet they never lay a finger on me. I evade human weapons at will. But] I'm [going to let them kill me. I] lay my life down by my own free will. I have power to lay my life down. And I have power to pick up my life again, 😇. I receive this authority from [YHVH] my Father.”
    note: Do you have the power to turn off your ‘fight- or flight’ response?
  33. John 17:2 You've given [me] authority over all [living beings]. So [I] can give eternal life to everyone You've given [me].
  34. Acts 7:10 YAH delivers Joseph {Increaser} out of all his tribulations. YAH gives Joseph favor and wisdom in the sight of Pharaoh king of Egypt. So Pharaoh makes Joseph governor over Egypt, including [over] Pharaoh's entire [royal] household!
  35. Acts 26:18 Open their eyes. Turn them from darkness to light, from the power of Satan to [YHVH] the Eloah, so they can receive forgiveness of sins, and [win] an inheritance among the [believers] who are sanctified by faith in me.’
  36. Romans 8:2 So I live united with YahShua (the Messiah). [I let YAH's] Spirit [help me obey YAH's] law, 😇. [Obedience] frees me from being addicted to sin and death.
    note: Live free from the control of sin & death. And free from verdicts punishing sin.
  37. Ephesians 2:13 But now, 😇, in union with the Messiah (YahShua,) you beast-nationals (who for ages lived far [from Israel]) have been brought near [into YAH's family] by the ‘blood’ of the Messiah.
    note: ‘Blood’ means: Yahshua's death destroyed Satan's power, in a sense buying you back from the devil, paying a ransom for you. Not a blood sacrifice to Jehovah, as is wrongly claimed by clueless theologians.
  38. 1st John 3:16 Here's how we perceive the love of [YHVH] the Eloah: YahShua laid down his life [to lawfully confiscate] us [from the convicted-murderer devil's asset pool]. So, 😇, we [believers] ought to lay down our lives for [our true Christian] brothers.
    note: or, “for our human brothers.”
  39. 1st John 4:10 This defines love, 😇: we [humans keep on] failing to love YHVH. Yet he [keeps on] loving us. That's why [YAH] sent his son to be the [ultimate ‘ransom’] payment. [YahShua allowed Satan to kill him, to invalidate the bondage we incurred to Satan by] sinning.
    note: Satan is the warden of Prison Planet Earth. Satan was our rightful warden because of the crimes of us, our ancestors, and the leaders to whom we pledged allegiance. Our prison doors flew open when Satan killed the righteous Yahshua. As part of the punishment for murdering Yah's perfect Son, YAH stripped Satan of his power to hold us mortals. So [YAH] gave us a pass out of Satan's slave-nations into heaven's Kingdom. The cell door swings wide-open. But most inmates choose to sit inside rather than to run free.
  40. Apocalypsis (Revelation) 5:9 Then, 😇, the [elders and creatures] sing a new song [to YahShua, the Lamb]. [They] call, “You are worthy to take the scroll, and to open its seals, because [you let Satan] slaughter you[r physical body]. Thus, by [shedding] your blood, you redeemed us [believers] for YHVH, out of every kindred, language-group, people-tribe and nation.
    note: Redeemed = ransomed. Satan owned consensual jurisdiction over the human race, but lost it when he murdered the sinless Messiah.
  41. Genesis 8:13 On the 1st day of the 1st month of [Noah's] 601st year [of life], the waters finish drying up off the earth. Noah removes the ark's [weather-proofed] window-covers. He looks. He shouts, “Wow! The face of the ground is dry!”
    note: The Hebrew New year's day marks 5 other important scriptural events, such as the dedication of the temple.
  42. Genesis 45:5 Don't grieve anymore. [Don't be] angry with yourselves for selling me into [slavery]. Elohim sent me [ahead of] you to save [millions of peoples'] lives.
  43. Genesis 50:20 You guys planned my ruin. But Elohim meant it all for good, to create the [miracle] that to this day has been keeping [millions] of people alive.
  44. Exodus 3:17 I promised [your forefathers], ‘I eventually bring your [descendants] up out of the affliction of Egypt, to the land of Canaanite {Mercenaries}, the Hittite {Sons-Of-Terror}, the Amorite {Mountaineers}, the Perizzite {Villagers}, the Hivite {Campers}, and the Jebusite {Grain-Threshers}. [I take you] to a land that gushes milk and honey.’
  45. Exodus 12:14 [Passover] day will be a memorial holiday for you, 😇. You must celebrate a [passover] feast honoring YHVH throughout [all] your generations. You must keep [the passover] feast by regulation, forever.
    note: The Passover commandment preceded the Sinai covenant. Therefore it is binding upon all Christians right now. Celebrating the Passover is NOT optional. Forget Easter -- keep the Passover.
  46. Exodus 12:17 [Always] guard the Feast of Unleavened Bread [Passover] in commemoration of the day I brought your tribes out of the land of Egypt. Always celebrate this day in every generation, 😇, by law, forever.
    note: Christians, get out your flat bread. However, flat biscuits don't have to be boring and tasteless like most Matzah. Flat biscuits can be just as delicious as puffed-up bread. Falafel, for example.
  47. Exodus 12:22 Take a bunch of hyssop [leaves]. Dip [them] in the basin [you used to catch the lamb's] blood. Then strike the lintel and the two side posts [of your front door] with the blood from the basin. Then, none of you go out the door of [that] house until morning.
    note: Still a current commandment. How's goat-slaughter gonna play in your nice white neighborhood?
  48. Exodus 12:27 Answer [your perplexed onlookers, ‘This blood commemorates] the [night of] slaughter we call ‘YHVH's passover’, when [YAH] skipped over the houses of the descendants of Israel in Egypt — when he smashed the Egyptians, but saved our families.’” [Hearing this,] the [Israelite] people bow their heads. They [fall down on their faces,] worshipping [YHVH].
    note: family=bayith=home. You know you're in a pagan territory when your church teaches your children to run around the church yard hunting 'Ishtar Eggs,' while you have to fear a visit from the cops if you follow YHVH's Passover instructions.
  49. Exodus 12:28 So, 😇, the descendants of Israel go [to their corrals]. They do exactly as YHVH commanded [them via] Moses and Aaron.
    note: Obey rhymes with Okay. Obey YAH and things go Okay.
  50. Exodus 21:30 However, the dead victim's relatives may accept a [ransom] payment from the owner of the bull to compensate for the loss of life. The [bull's] owner has to pay whatever [amount] the [surviving relatives] demand, 😇.
    note: A perfect prefiguration of the redemption of humanity. Satan, the bull-god, allowed his ‘bulls,’ (the false religionists and their military drones,) to murder Yahshua, YHVH's Son. As punishment, YHVH demanded that Satan release his human slaves. Satan had to comply. That's why you, although a [clueless] slave to Satan, can go free. Your jail-cell door is swinging wide-open. Will you choose to walk out? Death penalties are at least in some cases commutable.
  51. Leviticus 25:23 Land can't be sold in perpetuity, 😇. The land is Mine. You are foreigners [in the world], on a journey with Me.
    note: This forbids the business of real estate, which is why realtors need licenses. Permanent land sales are unlawful.
  52. Deuteronomy 15:1 At the end of every 7 years, release everyone [in your society] from their debts, 😇.
    note: Jubilee is designed to prevent the development of a moneylender-class.
  53. Deuteronomy 15:3 [Hebrew] creditors aren't obligated to forgive the debts of [unrepentant pagan] foreigners [who are not their neighbors, 😇]. But [every 7 years] you have to release any debt your fellow [Hebrew or neighbor] owes you.
    note: ‘Jubilee’ is a statute designed to limit and dis-incentivize commercial money-lending.
  54. Judges 16:22 But the hair of SunRay's head starts growing back out of his shaved [head].
  55. Psalms 49:7 Not [even the richest man] can in any way buy back [even one of] his relative[s] [from Satan's grasp, 😇]. Nor [can he] give Elohim a ransom to [save] himself [from eternal death].
  56. Psalms 49:8 (For the redemption of [a human] soul is priceless, 😇. [No payment] ever suffices.
  57. IsaiYAH 10:17 [In time,] Israel's dying light bursts into a [wild] fire. [Israel's] Holy-One [jets down] like flame. [He] burns [the evil world]. He devours [humanity's] ‘buckthorns’ and ‘briers’ in a single day, 😇.
  58. IsaiYAH 42:7 [I call you, 😇,] to open [all] blind eyes, to bring [all] prisoners out from the [devil's] lockup, to [lead] all trapped dungeon-dwellers out of the house-of-darkness.
  59. IsaiYAH 51:14 In a flash, [I] release [you] exiled slave[s]. [You] escape from dying in the pit [of ruin]. [I] won't [let you] starve to death.
  60. JeremiYAH 31:16 YHVH decrees, “Restrain your voice from weeping. [Keep] your eyes from [streaming] tears. Your work will be rewarded, 😇,” promises YHVH. “You'll come back home from the land of the enemy.
  61. Ezekiel 37:11 Then, 😇, [YAH] says to me, ‘Son of Adam,’ these bones [represent] the entire house of Israel. You [always] see them whining, “Our bones are dried-up! Our hope lies lost. We're butchered to pieces!”
  62. Hosea 2:15 [Watch] me restore [Israel's ancient] vineyards to her. I transform the Valley of Achor {Trouble} into the Gateway Of Hope, 😇! [Watch Israel] sing&shout [in her homeland], like [she shouted] in the days of her youth, like [she jumped] on the day she [marched] up out of the slave-land of Egypt.
  63. MicaYah 4:1 Yet [look toward earth's] Last Days, 😇: the mountain of YHVH's [human] temple rises. It stands established at the top of [earth's] mountains, exalted above [all] hills. So [earth's] people stream to it.
    note: Jerusalem's temple mount is now the most important and coveted sacred site on earth. And Jews can't even walk on it.
  64. MicaYah 4:6 YHVH decrees, [See, 😇! Envision the coming] day when I gather the limping girl-child, when I re-construct the abandoned, exiled, dispersed [nation] I afflicted.
  65. MicaYah 5:3 [YHVH] keeps delivering [rogue Jews] up [to their adversaries]. But [look into the] future, 😇! [Israel,] in labor to bear young, gives birth [to YahShua the Messiah]. Then [Israel's] remnant-saints, [the Messiah's] brother-disciples, pour [with us saints] onto [the grain basket of] the [faithful Israeli] children who rule with Elohim.
  66. ZechariYAH 3:4 [YAH's Angel] eyes [JAHshua]. [The angel] orders the [angels] who stand facing him, “Strip the filthy [feces-smelling] garments from [JAHshua's body].” [The Angel says] to JAHshua, “Look. I cause your depravity to pass from you. I clothe you with new body-armor.
  67. John 6:39 And this is the will of Father [YHVH] who sent me: that I never lose one of all [the souls] He gives me. I'll raise [all my faithful followers] up [to life] on the ‘Last Day.’
  68. John 11:52 [But YahShua dies to redeem] more than the Judaean nation, 😇. Rather, [through his death which results in YAH stripping the human race from its slave-master Satan,] YahShua gathers together into one [holy nation] all [us] children of [YHVH] the Eloah [who were and are] scattered abroad.
    note: See 1 Pe 2:9, Holy Nation.
  69. John 13:1 [It's] now [just] before the Passover feast, 😇. YahShua knows that his time has come—[time] to leave this world [and go] to [reign with YHVH] the Father. YahShua always loved His own [obedient followers] in the world, 😇. And YahShua [continues to] love them right to the ultimate end. [He] pays [his life to ‘ransom’ them from Satan's legal stranglehold].
  70. Romans 5:6 For when we, 😇, were completely powerless, at just the right moment, [the] Messiah died [to ‘buy’ us] wicked [people back from Satan].
    note: Literally, Satan owned the human race free-and-clear, having tricked the human-race into selling their souls to him. So Yahshua, a totally innocent man, allowed Satan to murder him. Then, as a penalty, YHVH seized all the assets Satan owned, including us. Then YAH awarded those assets to his son, the risen Yahshua.
  71. 1st Corinthians 6:11 Some of you used to [commit these sins]. But [now] the Spirit of [YHVH] our Eloah has washed and sanctified you, 😇. [YAH declares] you innocent [as long as you live] in the Name-Authority of [our] Master YahShua.
  72. Colossians 1:13 Father [YAH] has delivered us [believers] from the jurisdiction of darkness, 😇. [He's] transferred us into the Dominion of His dear son [YahShua].
    note: Jurisdiction = oath-bound authority.
  73. Colossians 1:14 Through YahShua's ‘blood,’ we [believers] have redemption, 😇! We're free from sin-guilt!
    note: Yahshua in a sense ransomed our freedom with his blood. But his blood was not a ‘sacrifice’ to his Father. We once lay under the ownership and control [jurisdiction] of evil sin-punishing powers. But when those evil powers murdered Yahshua, they lost all of their assets, including us believers.
  74. Colossians 1:22 The evil powers lost their control over you, 😇, when they stuck those execution nails in YahShua's fleshly body and killed him. YAH is telling you to walk away from those evil powers. They have no lawful control over you. YAH is guarding you with love in his eyes. If you stay in repentance, no one can accuse you. No one can convict you. Because of YahShua's death, YAH has made you his friends, in order to bring you holy, pure, and faultless into His presence… IF:
    note: Paraphrase. Your jail cell door is swinging wide open.
  75. Hebrews 2:17 For this reason, 😇, [YAH] had to make YahShua like his [human] brothers in every way, so that YahShua could become a merciful and faithful [human] High Priest in service to YHVH, and [so] that YahShua could [give his life to destroy the power of the devil who had enslaved all] people [as punishment for] their sins.
    note: Because Satan conspired to kill a righteous Man who had never done one thing wrong, Satan lost all of his rights over all men, like a corrupt prison-warden gets fired, convicted and jailed for killing an innocent inmate. Anyone who follows the devil now is doing so of his own free will. Today's sinner can't blame his fall on Adam.
  76. Hebrews 10:10 Rather, 😇, [YAH's] will is that we [all] separate [from the devil. Satan lost his direct power over us when] YahShua the Messiah offered his body one [time to save] all [people who are willing to go free under YAH's authority].
  77. Hebrews 10:12 In contrast, once for all time, this man [YahShua] yielded [his body for the devil] to slaughter. So, 😇, [as punishment for murdering Christ, the devil lost his power to punish our] sins. Then [YahShua] sat down on the right hand of YHVH.
  78. Apocalypsis (Revelation) 7:14 I answer the elder, “Sir, you know.” The elder answers me, “This [crowd of people] came out of great tribulation. [They] washed their ‘robes,’ making them white with the ‘blood’ of [YahShua] the Lamb.
  79. Genesis 45:27 So, 😇, [Joseph's brothers] tell their [near-dead] father Jacob every word Joseph {Increaser} spoke to them. [Old] Jacob looks up. He sees the wagons Joseph sent to carry him. So [Jacob's] spirit revives.
  80. Exodus 6:1 YHVH replies, “Moses, watch [what I] do to Pharaoh. With hot force, Pharaoh comes to push the [Israelites] away. With violent hands Pharaoh eventually shoves the [Hebrews] out of his land.”
  81. Leviticus 25:9 Sound the Trumpet of Jubilee on Yom Kippur [covering day], the 10th day of the [Hebrew year's] 7th month. Sound trumpets in all the land, 😇.
    note: 10 days after Rosh Hashana, that is, near the end of September. (‘Sept’ means 7.)
  82. Leviticus 25:16 If the number of years remaining [before the next Jubilee] is large, you raise the price, 😇. [Conversely,] if [the Jubilee is coming in just] a few years, you lower [the price], because [you're not buying Real Estate]. What [the seller] is really selling you is the number [years] of [potential] crop-production before [the next Jubilee].
  83. Leviticus 25:28 If the Lessor lacks sufficient means to get back his land-rights, then what he “sold” will remain in the hands of the tenant-in-possession until the year of Jubilee. In Jubilee, the tenant vacates the land. Then the Lessor returns to his property.
  84. Leviticus 25:49 [The debt-servant's] uncle (or his uncle's son) can buy back [the debtor's labor-rights], as can any of the debt-servant's close relatives. Or, if the [debtor] becomes able, he can buy himself out of [indentured servitude].
    note: This is the essence of the ransom view of the atonement. We sold ourselves to the devil. Then Yahshua in a sense bought us back.
  85. Deuteronomy 15:2 Here's how [Jubilee year] works, 😇: Every creditor who lends anything to his neighbor must forgive the debt. The Creditor can't demand repayment from his neighbor or relative. [Debt freedom] is why [Jubilee year] is called “YHVH's release.”
    note: Of course, for bankers, Jubilee is about as desirable as A.I.D.S.
  86. Judges 13:5 Conceive; bear a son. No razor may come on [your boy's] head. The child will be a Nazir {Holy} [man dedicated to serve] Elohim. From the womb he'll start to rescue Israel out of the Palestinian fist.”
  87. Job 42:17 So Job dies, 😇, old and full of [wonderful sunny] days.
  88. Psalms 34:22 YHVH ransoms the lives of his servants, 😇. He condemns no one who flees-for-protection in him.
  89. Psalms 116:16 Oh YHVH, I'm your servant now, your slave, the son of your maid-servant. You explode my shackles.
  90. IsaiYAH 49:8 YHVH promises, “I answer your [prayers] with perfect timing, 😇. In your day [of greatest] desperation, I surround you. I rescue you. [I lift you to my fortress of safety in the wide-open plains of heaven.] I preserve you. Through you, I give [my] covenant to [earth's] people. [Together we] stabilize the earth. [We] restore disintegrated ancestries to their [reforested] heritage [lands].
  91. Ezekiel 34:13 So I bring my [sheep] out from the [world's] people, 😇. I gather them from [earth's open] countries. I bring them to their own land. I feed them on the mountains of Israel, by rivers, and in every habitable place in the country.
  92. Hosea 6:1 [The repentant remnant say,] “Come on, [saints]! We're returning to YHVH. YAH tore [the infidels] to pieces. But He'll heal us, 😇. [YAH] strikes [whoever needs to die]. But He'll wrap us [survivors] up [in healing blankets. He'll bandage our wounds.]
  93. Hosea 11:10 [Eventually, the remnant of Israel] come to walk following [me] YHVH. [I] roar like a lion, 😇. At [my] roar, the children [of the remnant] stream, trembling from the West, [running from the sea to Jerusalem].
    note: See Zech 8:7. This prophecy lay dead for 1878 years until it was fulfilled in 1948.
  94. Amos 9:14 [Watch me] return the exiled slaves of my people who will rule with Me. [See my remnant-people] re-build their desolated, [wasted] cities. [Saints] inhabit [Israel's towns]. [Innocents] plant vineyards and drink the wine, 😇. [See holy workers] plant gardens, and eat their fruit.
  95. Amos 9:15 [Watch me] plant My people upon their [own] soil, 😇. [In the end,] no one ever again plucks [saints] up out of the land I give them,” promises YHVH your Elohim.
  96. MicaYah 4:7 Watch me (YHVH) resurrect the crippled-girl [Israel] into a remnant-population. I re-convene your far-off castaway [vagabonds] into a strong nation. See me reign over the [true Israel] on mount Zion forever.
    note: The final fulfillment of this prophecy began in 1948.
  97. ZechariYAH 6:8 [The angel] cries to me, teaching me, saying, “Look, 😇! Watch these [horses] race to the north country to quiet my [angry] spirit in that dark, gloomy, hidden land.” [War causes the Babylonian Emperor to release his enemy prisoners, the Hebrews.]
    note: Or, the horses go north to bring my peaceful Spirit to that evil land. Whatever the ‘horses’ do causes the Hebrew exiles to return to Jerusalem.
  98. ZechariYAH 10:8 I whistle to [summon my people, 😇. I] gather [your remnant stragglers]. I ransom [you repenters]. [I] multiply my [little group of salvaged refugees]. You grow as numerous as any of [My] ancient people.
    note: The Hebrew word ‘Padah’ means ‘Ransom’, thus expressing the much-neglected but factually correct ‘Ransom View of the Atonement.’
  99. Malachi 4:2 But watch, 😇! To you [saints] who fear My name-Authority, the Sun of righteousness rises. [He] radiates healing in [his] wings. Then you and your friends, 😇, run out [from history's nightmare]. You frolic like calves [leaping] from [nasty] stalls.
  100. Mark 14:24 YahShua says to his disciples, “This [wine represents] my blood, [which tonight & tomorrow I voluntarily allow pagan soldiers to] pour out, to seal the New [Global] Covenant [between YHVH and His many people].
    note: After the devil's henchmen murder Yahshua, the devil loses all his lawful power over people. So people are free to enter the family of YAH, bound in a Covenant of love between Father and sons. Such a familial covenant is far superior to the Sinai Covenant, which is a list of rules which slaves must obey. In contrast, the New Covenant is based on voluntary obedience that comes from love of the Creator who sent Yahshua to defeat the devil who binds the human race in slavery. Both covenants require adherence to the same principles of Law. It's the motivation that differs.
  101. John 3:14 [Remember] that [ancient] night in the wilderness when Moses lifted up the serpent [nailed to a stick? Everyone who looked at the serpent got healed and lived. Moses was acting out a preview of the day when] the [Romans] lift up [me], the ‘Son of Adam,’ [into the air like I'm a snake nailed to a wooden pole].
  102. Acts 7:34 —I have indeed seen the affliction of my people in Egypt. I've heard their groaning. I've come down to deliver them. So go. I send you [back] into Egypt.”
  103. Romans 3:25 [To] nullify [our deals with the devil], [YHVH] the Eloah allowed YahShua [to die as a murder victim of Satan. Satan's resulting criminal conviction] wiped away [the jurisdictional authority Satan had to punish all the] sins [we humans] ever committed. [YAH in a sense] covers you, 😇, when you [actively, fruitfully, faithfully] live as someone freed [from the devil's power by] YahShua's “blood.”
    note: Yahshua's death did not “satisfy YHVH's wrath against us.” Such terrible, illogical translations are damaging to faith in our loving Creator. Every criminal dies for his own crimes. The devil had a legal right to the ownership of human beings. By stubbornly sinning, we ‘sold’ ourselves to him. But because the devil instigated the murder of the only truly righteous man who ever lived, YHVH, the father of the murdered innocent Messiah, assumed the legal right to take away all of Satan's legal rights. So the death of a righteous man (symbolically his ‘blood’) bought your key out of your jail cell. So you can walk free of the devil. So long as you don't voluntarily walk back into the devil's cell.
  104. Romans 5:9 Since YahShua's [innocent] ‘blood’ freed us [from Satan, the most powerful evil being in the universe], 😇, how much more [easily] will [following] YahShua's [perfect example] save us from [our] orgiastic [sinful] passions!
    note: What's normally translated ‘God's Wrath’ is simply #3709 orge = desire (as a reaching forth or excitement of the mind), i.e. violent passion. Without any textual basis, most Bible translators insert the word “God's” anger/wrath. The translators add the word “God” because they want you to think that Yahshua's death was a blood sacrifice to appease YHVH. That is nonsense. The truth is simple and elegant: Satan murdered the innocent Messiah. So Satan lost his legal control of the human race.
  105. Romans 5:11 So we [believers jump for] joy. Because [YHVH] the Eloah [guided] our Master YahShua, [the] Messiah, to trade [his physical life for our freedom].
    note: The word usually wrongly translated here ‘atonement’ or ‘reconciliation’ means ‘exchange.’ (2643 katallage 2644 = exchange (figuratively, adjustment.)) Yahshua let the devil kill him so that the devil would lose lawful control over us, his slave-race. YAH gave Satan a choice: be erased from existence, or surrender any humans who want to live free from the bondage of sin. Confused translators want you to share their sick blasphemous fantasy that Yahweh killed his son because Yah ‘can't forgive anyone unless somebody bleeds to death.’ Yucch!
  106. 1st Corinthians 15:3 😇, I've passed on to you the most important [scriptural truths] that [other leaders] passed on to me: how [YAH's] Messiah died [to rescue us humans from Satan, to whom] our sins [had enslaved us]. The Scriptures [predict] all of this [verbatim].
  107. Galatians 1:4 [YahShua always] follows the will of our Father [YHVH] the Eloah {Supreme-Deity}. [So] YahShua gave himself [as a ransom] for our offenses, 😇. Thus he rescued us from this present evil world-system.
    note: World means not ‘earth,’ but the system of rules and authority of man over man, all controlled by Satan. Religion and politics dominate the world-system. YAH sets us loose from the world powers, if we diligently stay out of their binding agreements.
  108. Titus 3:3 For we [apostles] ourselves were also once foolish, disobedient, deceived, 😇. [We] served various lusts and pleasures. [We] lived in malice and envy. [We stunk,] odious, [like pig poop]. [We] hated one another.
  109. Hebrews 7:27 YahShua is unlike [all] other high priests, 😇. YahShua never needs to cook butchered [feast-meat] every day [to] cover his own sins first and then the sins of [other] people. YahShua [gave] his [body as the ultimate slaughter] once and for all, when he offered himself [as bait to catch Satan in the crime of murdering an innocent man. That murder cancelled Satan's lawful power over the human race.]
  110. Hebrews 9:12 [YahShua] obtained [permanent] eternal redemption for us [believers], 😇. Then YahShua entered in once [and for all time] into [heaven's most] holy place, not because [he carried] the [symbolic] blood of goats nor calves, but [because he'd shed] his own [real] lifeblood [to destroy his murderer's authority over us].
    note: However, Christ did not offer himself as a blood sacrifice to appease his father's wrath.
  111. 1st Peter 1:19 😇, [YAH] ‘bought’ you [from the devil] with the priceless ‘blood’ of [the] Messiah. [YahShua] is a perfect lamb. He doesn't have any flaws at all.
    note: Satan duped the human race into becoming his slaves. Then Satan killed Jesus, the only truly innocent human who ever lived. So YAH stripped Satan of his assets, which included the human race. YAH awarded those assets to Jesus. Metaphorically, you can say Jesus ‘bought’ us with his blood. That doesn't mean Jesus was a human sacrifice to YHVH.
  112. Genesis 15:14 Then I'll condemn that [Egyptian] nation, whom (your seed-children) will serve. Then (your seed-children) will come out [of Egypt] with great wealth.
    note: Exodus occurs 430 years after this promise, but 400 years from Isaac's birth. 215 years of traveling + 215 years of slavery = 430 years.
  113. Genesis 45:7 So Elohim sent me ahead of you to preserve your posterity on the earth—to save your lives with this amazing rescue.
    note: Even more amazing because the Messiah is born from the line Joseph saved. Yahshua's life exactly mirrors Joseph's life, but on a supra-cosmic scale.
  114. Genesis 47:11 So Joseph {Increaser} settles his father and his brothers. On Pharaoh's authority, [Joseph] gives [Jacob private] property in the land of Egypt, in the best [farmland in the] country, the “land of Raamses {Born-By-Ra}.”
  115. Genesis 48:11 Israel says to Joseph {Increaser}, “I never expected to see your face. Yet look: Elohim has shown me your seed-children!”
  116. Exodus 12:26 Your children are going to ask you, 😇, “What do you mean by [painting our doorway red]? [Are you nuts?]
  117. Exodus 15:13 In your loving-mercy you lead forward the people you redeem. In your strength, you guide [us] to your holy home.
  118. Leviticus 25:25 If anyone of your kin falls into difficulty and sells [a lease to] a piece of [family] property, then the next of kin can come and buy back the property [rights his] relative sold.
  119. Leviticus 25:50 The debt-servant and his creditor-master count the time from the year the debtor sold [his labor rights], up to the Year of Jubilee. The buy-back price is set according to the [usual and customary] wages of a hired hand for that number of years.
    note: This shows that we're talking about limited indentured servitude, not actual slavery.
  120. Leviticus 25:55 For the people of Israel are [really] My workers, 😇. They are my obeyers whom I [repeatedly] extract from Egyptian territory. I am YHVH, your Uber-Master.
    note: The devil cannot permanently harm you if you are YAH's child. The true spiritual people of Israel are comprised exclusively of the people who obey YHVH by maintaining their separation from Greco-Roman-Egyptian commercial culture.
  121. Leviticus 26:13 I am YHVH your Elohim. I bring you out of Egyptian territory, so that you don't [die] as their slaves. I shatter the bars of your yoke, 😇, so you can walk upright.
    note: Wearing a yoke makes you stoop over. Jurisdictional bonds make you a hunch-backed cripple.
  122. Numbers (Journeys) 3:50 The amount of silver [Moses] accepts to [release] the [273] firstborn Israelite boys [from sacred government service] amounts to 1365 shekels, weighed by the sanctuary's [definition of a] shekel.
    note: The total amounts to about the price of 1 new basic modern house. Only about the price of a day's minimum wage labor for each family. Not oppressive in the least. This charge was barely more than symbolic.
  123. 2nd Chronicles 6:37 —When [we hebrews] come to our senses in the land where [oppressors] carry us as slaves; when [we] turn and pray to you in the land of captivity, [when we] say, “We've sinned, we've done wrong, we've dealt wickedly,” [please redeem us].
  124. 2nd Chronicles 30:9 —For if you turn back to YHVH, your brothers and your children will find compassion from the [oppressors] who led them away as prisoners. [Your families] will return home into this land. For YHVH your Elohim is gracious and merciful. He'll never turn his face away from you, if you return to him.”
  125. NehemiYAH 9:27 —So you delivered us into the hand[s] of our enemies. They oppressed us. Then, in [our] time of trouble, we cried to you. From heaven, you heard us. In your limitless mercies, you gave us rescuers. They saved us out of our enemies' fist[s].
  126. Esther 7:3 Queen Esther's [hands shake. Her lips tremble. She flashes a terrified glance at Haman.] Then she answers, “If I've found favor in your sight, O king — if it pleases [you,] Emperor… grant me my life—this is my petition. And spare my people — this is my desire.
  127. Psalms 126:2 [YAH] fills our mouth[s] with laughter. [He fills] our tongue[s] with songs, 😇. The beast-nations [rave], “YHVH achieves awesome feats for [his people]!”
  128. IsaiYAH 1:9 If YHVH-commander-of-angel-armies had not left [alive] a very small remnant [of people], we would have been [all dead, vaporized] like Sodom and Gomorrah, 😇.
  129. IsaiYAH 27:12 [Eventually the] day dawns when YHVH threshes out his ‘grain’ [people]. From the [north head of the Euphrates] river [ ~700km south] to the Vadi of Egypt, [YAH] gathers you [refugees] one-by-one. [YAH rescues every true spiritual] child of Israel.
  130. IsaiYAH 27:13 On that [great] day [of redemption, Gabriel's] trumpet blasts, [calling us believers home, 😇. We exiles] on the verge of death in ‘Assyria’, and [we] outcast [believers wallowing] in ‘Egyptian territory’, all stream to [the City Of Peace]. [We] prostrate [our bodies in worship on YHVH's] holy mountain.
    note: Assyria = the land of "Success", i.e. the commercial world that worships fame and money. Egypt = the world economic system, as represented by the pyramid on the back of the US $1 bill.
  131. IsaiYAH 48:20 [Run] forth from Babylon, 😇. Flee the Chaldean [oppressor]. Call, shriek, sing! Declare [freedom] to the ends of the earth. Shout, ‘YHVH redeems his cheating servant!’”
    note: Cheating = Lit: Jacob.
  132. IsaiYAH 49:17 [Eventually] your children rush home [to you], 😇. [Today] destroyers turn your [life] into a desert. But in time, the [ravagers] flee far from you.
  133. IsaiYAH 51:11 —So eventually YHVH's ransomed [saints] come back [home]. Shout-singing, [we] flock to Zion. Ever-shining [joy] rests upon [our] head[s]. [YAH] makes us sparkle [with] radiance. Sorrow and mourning flee away.
  134. Ezekiel 11:17 So say, ‘Adonai YHVH promises, “I always eventually gather you [repentant Israeli exiles] from [among] the [world's] minions. I come to re-assemble you from the countries where [invaders] scattered you. I give the land of Israel [back] to you.
  135. Ezekiel 36:36 Finally the beast-nations left surrounding you realize that I YHVH build [earth's] ruined [places], 😇. [I] re-plant [the world's] desolate [fields]. I YHVH foretell and achieve [regeneration].”
  136. Hosea 2:21 YHVH keeps promising: [See] the coming day, 😇, when I sing & shout [redemption orders] to the heavens, and the heavens sing & shout [new life orders] to the [dead] earth.
  137. Hosea 11:11 [😇, watch my redeemed remnant] tremble like bird[s] [flying north] from Egypt. [In time my people rush] like dove[s] escaping the Assyrian northland. See me place [my children] safely [down to] live in their houses," promises YHVH.
  138. Amos 9:8 See, 😇! The eyes of my Adonai YHVH [peer] inside the sinful kingdom. [YAH comes to] exterminate her from off the face of the earth. Yet YHVH promises, “I won't utterly exterminate [ancient] Jacob's family-line.
  139. MicaYah 5:8 Among the beast-nations, this ‘remnant of Jacob’ becomes the center of the [universe's] multitudes of people-groups: a lion among the beasts of the wildwood [forest,] a tiger in its prime among flocks of sheep. If [we saints] were to invade [a planet, we] could trample down and tear everything [in creation] to pieces. No one could rescue [a victim from the powers we resurrected holy-ones come to control].
    note: We will have virtually unlimited powers in the afterlife. That's why we have to learn self-control now.
  140. MicaYah 7:17 Like serpents, [our enemies] lick up dust. Like earth-worms, [our mockers] skulk from their holes. [Lawbreakers shake in] terror of YHVH our Elohim. [Your] horrified [persecutors bow] to you, 😇.
    note: A promise for YAH's faithful, humble remnant-people.
  141. Luke 4:19 YHVH [sends me here] to herald [that this is finally the centuries-awaited] ‘year of his favor.’”
    note: Isaiah 61:1,2. This year YHVH takes pleasure in setting free His people by destroying the devil's power.
  142. Romans 3:26 To show his righteousness, [YAH allowed YahShua to ransom us]. [YAH] is the just One who overhauls [people] who trust [their lives to] YahShua.
  143. Romans 5:10 We, 😇, were [YAH's] enemies. Then [our slave-owner Satan got convicted for] murdering [YAH's] son. [Satan's conviction frees us to] reunite with [YAH]. So YahShua's spirit-life leads us further into salvation, [which equals] unity with [YAH].
  144. 2nd Corinthians 5:15 YahShua died [to ‘ransom’] all people [from his murderer, humanity's slave-master, the devil]. So, 😇, living people should no longer live for themselves. They should live [to obey] YahShua, who died then rose again.
  145. Ephesians 1:7 [😇, by uniting with] YahShua, we [believers gain] redemption. [When] YahShua [let the devil's henchmen spill his] blood, [YAH confiscated us, the devil's property]. So we get unlimited freedom from [the devil, the punisher of] our sins. The riches of YAH's and YahShua's mercy are limitless.
  146. Colossians 1:21 So YahShua also reconciles you, 😇, to YAH. All you [believers] used to be alienated from YAH. Your wicked works twisted your minds, [making you] into [antagonistic and hostile] enemies of YAH, [slaves of Satan].
  147. Hebrews 9:26 YahShua didn't have to continuously suffer since the foundation of the kosmos, 😇. Just once, now in the end of the [Pre-Messianic] age, YahShua appeared [on earth] to [allow the devil's henchmen to] slaughter him. [The devil's resultant murder conviction] canceled [the devil's power to punish our] sin[s].
    note: To cancel sin means to fix our mistakes.
  148. Hebrews 13:12 So YahShua, in order to separate [his] people [from Satan's control], suffered outside [Jerusalem's city] gate. [There he allowed demon-filled thugs to spill] his [innocent] blood.
  149. 1st Peter 1:18 You know that YahShua redeemed you from the vain habits you received by tradition from your ancestors, 😇. [That behavior landed you in the Devil's slave camp.] Yet YahShua paid a ransom [to buy you back from the devil's hand]. [YahShua] gave up his own priceless perfect loving [mortal] life. [He suffered] the torture of unmerited death. YahShua [could not, and] did not buy you with mere corruptible junk like gold or silver. [The devil wants your soul. He's not impressed by worthless money.]
  150. 1st John 2:2 YahShua is the redemption for our sins, 😇. Not just for us [believers] only. [YahShua offers to pay for] the sins of the whole world.
    note: ‘Redemption’ is a synonym for ‘expiation’ or ‘atonement.’
  151. 1st John 3:5 And you know, 😇, that YahShua showed up [on earth] to take away our mistakes. There never was, is, nor will be sin in YahShua.
    note: Yahshua never sinned. He didn't deserve the slightest penalty from the devil, much less the death penalty. So [YAH] stripped all power from the devil.
  152. Genesis 8:19 Every beast, every creeping thing, every bird—whatever moves upon the earth—one kind after another, [all] emerge from the ark [into the sunshine], 😇.
  153. Genesis 40:3 Pharaoh [orders his soldiers] to throw the head-baker and the head-butler in jail in the penitentiary run by [Potiphar {Ambassador-Of-Ra}] the head of the [royal] guard—the same prison where Joseph {Increaser} works behind bars, 😇.
  154. Exodus 12:13 The blood thus marks the structure you inhabit. When I see the blood, I skip over you. When I strike the land of Egypt, this plague of death avoids raining down to destroy you.
    note: The passover symbolizes Yahshua's murder, for which our prior slave-master (Satan) was convicted and stripped of us (his prior slave-assets).
  155. Exodus 12:24 You and your descendants must keep this law. [Paint your doorposts and lintel of your front door with fresh lamb's blood] every spring.
    note: Still a commandment for anyone born into (or engrafted into) Israel. Doesn't make any difference whether you're a party to the Sinai covenant, because this commandment precedes the Sinai covenant. The goal of the commandment is to make you stand out from your neighbors. And you WILL stick out like a sore thumb if you're bold enough to paint your doorframe blood-red! Because your neighbors subcontract slaughter to professional butchers, they live in denial that eating meat means spilling blood. So they're horrified by any show of blood. Some vegetarian Hebrews use beet-juice in place of lamb's blood.
  156. Leviticus 25:10 Set this 50th year apart [from all others, 😇]. Proclaim independence in all the land for all its inhabitants. Jubilee! Return every [debtor] man's possessions. Return every [indentured] man to his family.
    note: Debt freedom. Those who sold their lands to pay off debts, get their lands back. This stops the polarization of wealth. Jubilee ensures a middle class. Jubilee limits the money-lending industry. A practical balance here: people can sell themselves into indentured servitude, but not into perpetual slavery.
  157. Leviticus 25:24 So when you “sell” your land, [it's effectively a long-term lease, 😇]. You must [allow the seller to reserve] the right of re-purchase [aka redemption].
    note: Selling land is really leasing. The state charges taxes to protect your ownership by forbidding the real owner and his family from re-claiming the land that's theirs. In the U.S. ‘Civil’ war, the North got around this by simply killing southern landowners to steal their land, as the imported Americans stole the land from the migratory native Americans.
  158. Leviticus 25:31 But houses in villages which have no wall surrounding them get treated like the fields of the country, 😇: [their lessor] may buy them back at any time. And they'll revert [to their lessor] in the jubilee-year.
  159. Leviticus 25:54 Even if [the Israeli debt-servant] has not been redeemed by any of these procedures, he still goes free in the year of Jubilee — he and his children with him.
  160. Numbers (Journeys) 14:31 But your little ones, who you claimed would be kidnapped [if you entered the promised land,] I'll bring them in. They'll know [& enjoy] the country you've forfeited.
  161. Deuteronomy 7:8 [Solely] because YHVH loved you, YHVH extracted you [from the Satan-nations] with a mighty hand, 😇. [YAH] wanted to keep the oath he swore to your fore-fathers. [So he] redeemed you out of the house of bond-men, from the grip of Pharaoh king of Egypt.
  162. 2nd Samuel 19:15 So king [David] returns [west] as far as [the] Jordan [river]. [The elders of] Judea flock to Gilgal {Wheel} to go to meet the king, to ferry [him] over [the river].
  163. 2nd Chronicles 6:25 —From the heavens, hear [us]. Forgive the sin[s] of your people Israel. Bring the [dispersed Hebrews] back to the land you gave to them and to their ancestors.
    note: Fulfilled yet again at the end of World War 2.
  164. 2nd Chronicles 6:30 —Hear [our cries] from heaven, your dwelling place. Forgive [us]. Pay back to every man whatever his [previous good] conduct [deserves]. You know [every man's] heartbeats. Only you see [inside] the hearts of the children of Adam.
  165. NehemiYAH 9:28 —But after we enjoyed rest [from invasion], we again perpetrated evil in your face. So you left us dominated in [the] hand[s] of our enemies. At last we repented. We cried to you. Again you heard us from heaven. Many times you've mercifully delivered our [nation].
  166. Esther 8:2 The Emperor takes off his [signet] ring, which he'd stripped from Haman's [dead hand]. He gives the ring to Mordecai. [Queen] Esther appoints Mordecai [as owner] over Haman's estate. [She awards Mordecai the office of Imperial Prime Minister left vacant by] Haman's [death].
  167. Psalms 32:1 😇, happiness [fills your life] when [an authority] lifts the guilt of your rebellions [off your back], when [a redeemer] pays your [unpayable] penalties.
    note: A maskil [instructional song] by David.
  168. Psalms 126:1 YHVH reverses the slavery of Zion's [people], 😇. [YAH] makes us [ex-captives soar into freedom] like dream-walkers.
  169. IsaiYAH 4:2 But in that [destruction] YHVH plants a beautiful, glorious “tree” [of people]. In time, the earth yields amazing, lovely fruit, 😇: survivors who come to rule with El {Power}.
    note: Israel = people who will rule with ELohim.
  170. IsaiYAH 55:13 [You, 😇,] a [beautiful, valuable] ‘fir-tree’, grow out of the [world's] ‘thorn-patch.’ The [evil] ‘brier-hill’ sprouts [flowerful] ‘myrtle-tree’ [believers]. [This] everlasting sign [of your] unbreakable [redemption] brings fame to YHVH!
  171. IsaiYAH 58:12 The [seed-children] who spring from you, 😇, come to build ancient ruins. You raise up the foundations of many generations. People call you, “The Repairer of Fractured [Walls], The Restorer of Living Paths.”
  172. IsaiYAH 60:4 Lift up your eyes all around [you, 😇]. Watch the whole [world] gather themselves together to come to you, [Israel]. Your sons stream [home] from far. [See] your daughters carried [home] on their nanny-nurses' hips.
    note: In 1949 Israel became a recognized nation again after nearly 2000 years of exile.
  173. IsaiYAH 60:14 [See] the sons of your persecutors come bowing to you, [New Jerusalem]. Everyone who despised you falls down at the soles of your feet, calling you, ‘The city of YHVH, the Zion {Shining-Peak} of the Holy One of Israel.’
  174. IsaiYAH 60:21 All your people become righteous, 😇. They permanently inherit the earth. [Spiritual Israel] flourishes. [She's] the branch I plant, the splendid work of my hands.
  175. IsaiYAH 61:4 [I see the future, 😇: YAH's people] rebuild [earth's] ancient ruins. They raise up long-destroyed [towns]. They repair wasted cities [that have lain] desolate for many generations.
  176. IsaiYAH 62:2 [In the end,] the beast-nations see your righteousness, 😇. All kings [gawk in awe at] your glory. They call you by a new name, given [to you] by the mouth of YHVH.
  177. IsaiYAH 62:5 With [the joy of] a young man marrying a virgin, your [lost] children re-join [your family]. Like the groom brightens up over [his] bride, your Elohim shines over you, 😇.
  178. IsaiYAH 66:20 So, 😇, from all nations, the [heathen] finally bring all your brothers as offerings to YHVH. [Hebrews ride] on horses, in chariots, in wagons, on mules, and on swift-dancing [cars], to my holy mountain [above] Jerusalem,” promises YHVH. [Simultaneously,] the ‘sons of Israel’ bring offerings in clean vessel[s] into YHVH's temple.
    note: ‘Kirkaroth’ means wheeled-cars, not animals. This predicts the aliyah (repatriation of Israel) which has been in progress since 1949.
  179. JeremiYAH 16:15 [Israelis come to] say, ‘YHVH lives. He repatriated the ‘sons of Israel’ from the land of the [Babylonian] north, and from all the [other] lands where he drove them.’ [Yes, eventually] I [YHVH] come to bring my [repentant remnant-people] back into their land I gave their fore-fathers.
  180. JeremiYAH 29:10 YHVH promises: “Finish your 70 years [of slavery] in Babylon. Then I'll come to you. I'll perform my awesome promises to you. I'll bring you back to [Jerusalem].
  181. JeremiYAH 29:14 YHVH says, “I want you to find me, 😇. I come to reverse your slavery. I eventually gather you [repenters] from all the beast-nations, from all the [4 winds] where I've driven you,” promises YHVH. “I bring you back into the country from where I let [soldiers] drag you away as slaves.
  182. JeremiYAH 30:3 Look, 😇: the days approach,” promises YHVH, “when I return my exiled people to [north] Israel and Judea!” YHVH foretells, “I [eventually] move the [Israelites ~650km] back to possess the land I gave their fore-fathers.”
    note: Fulfilled in 1948.
  183. JeremiYAH 30:10 So never fear, 😇, my dear obedient [descendants of] Jacob,” says YHVH. “Never get depressed, Israel. See [your future]: I come to save you from [your] distant [exile]. I repatriate your seed-children from their land of slavery. Jacob's [family] return. They rest in quiet peace. No one makes [them] afraid.
  184. JeremiYAH 30:19 [Israelites] parade with hands thrown high in thanks, shouting playfully. I multiply them into a huge glorious population!
  185. JeremiYAH 31:13 [Hebrew] dancing virgins come to shine. Choice-young-men and elders [work] together. I turn their mourning into elation. I comfort them. I brighten them up in their sorrow.
  186. JeremiYAH 32:37 Yet YHVH (Israel's ELohim) predicts [restoration] for this city: “Watch me gather [suffering Israelis] out of all the lands where I drove them in my spiraling, fire-breathing, shrapnel-crackling fury, 😇. I come to bring [my people] back to this [amazing] country. I restore [believers]. [Repenters] eventually dwell in safety.
    note: Commercial translations replace active, cinematic nouns and verbs (twist, crack, snort, fire) with repetitive abstractions: “and my anger, and my fury, and my rage.” Badly translated bookstore bibles put you to sleep.
  187. JeremiYAH 33:6 Yet [in time,] watch me bring [Israel] long-lasting health, 😇. I eventually cure [my people]. I unveil their future filled with peace and stability.
  188. JeremiYAH 40:12 So all the Jews [in hiding] return [to Israel]. They [stream] out of all the places [where Babylon's invasion forces] chased them. The [Jewish refugees] re-emigrate to the land of Judaea, to [governor] GedaliYah {Great-YAH} in Mizpah {WatchTower}. They soon gather tons of wine and summer fruits, 😇.
  189. Ezekiel 5:3 But [to symbolize the ‘remnant’ people whom I'll save from war,] save a few [hair strands]. Tie them up in your clothes.
  190. Ezekiel 12:16 But after the sword, the famine, and the plague [decimate Israel], I leave a few [Israeli] men [alive,] so that among the beast-nations where they go, the [survivors] can confess all their abominations, once they realize I am YHVH {Living-Omnipresence}.”
  191. Ezekiel 14:22 Yet [one day in your future you, 😇,] see me leave in [Judea] a remnant-population, both sons and daughters [of Israel]. I bring [saints] out [of disaster]. Watch [repenters stream] forth to [seek] your [prophetic guidance]. You watch the [repenters'] life-paths and actions [improve]. You eventually feel comfort concerning the ruin I rained on Jerusalem. [At last] you [come to] understand every consequence I bring upon [my people].
  192. Ezekiel 20:34 Then, [after you learn your lesson,] I bring you [repentant saints] out from the [world's] people, 😇. I gather you out of the countries where you [lie] scattered. With [my] mighty hand, with [my] outstretched arm, [I] pour out my fire-fury [on your captors].
  193. Ezekiel 36:33 Adonai YHVH foretells, “The day comes when I finish cleansing you from all your perversities, 😇. I fill your cities with [inhabitants]. [You] rebuild the wastes.
  194. Ezekiel 36:34 [Men return] to cultivate your desolate earth, 😇. All passerbys' [jaws drop], stunned at the sight [of your Promised Land rising from] ruin.
  195. Ezekiel 39:27 I bring [my people] back out of the [world's] hordes. I gather [my beloved] out of their enemies’ lands. [By rescuing Israel,] I distinguish myself in the sight of many nations.
  196. Ezekiel 39:28 Finally the [Israelis] realize that I am YHVH their Elohim, [the father] who deports them [into captivity] among the beast-nations, and the [father] who gathers them to their own land, not leaving one [of my people] behind [in slavery].
  197. MicaYah 4:10 Writhe in agony, [evil] daughter of [mount] Zion. Labor to give birth, like a [bad] woman pushing out a [righteous] baby. For now [I,] YHVH, drive you out of the city to dwell in the field. I exile [you hypocrites] to Babylon. From there I come to save your [repentant descendants]. [I eventually] redeem [righteous Israelis] from the hand of your enemies.”
  198. MicaYah 6:4 I brought you up out of the land of Egypt. I ransomed you out of the slave-house, 😇. I sent Moses, Aaron and Miriam {Bitter} to guide you.
  199. ZechariYAH 3:5 [Angels,] I order [you] to place a clean turban upon [JAHshua's] head.” While the angel of YHVH stands [overseeing,] the [worker-angels] wrap a clean head-dress around [JAHshua's] head. They clothe [JAHshua] with fine robes.
    note: Never make fun of people who wear turbans. Don't insult them by calling them rag-heads. YHVH himself puts turbans on the heads of those he blesses.
  200. ZechariYAH 8:8 Watch me bring home [my remnant exiles] to dwell in the midst of [the] City-Of-Peace. [Watch all repentant people] become my people. I become their Elohim {Sovereign}. [I guide them in] truth and righteousness.”
  201. Mark 12:11 YHVH achieves this marvelous [miracle before] our [stunned] eyes!’”
    note: Psalm 118:22, 23
  202. Luke 1:68 ZachariYah prophesies, “[I] kneel [to] Adonai [YHVH,] the Eloah of Israel. For YAH visits and redeems his people.
  203. Luke 24:21 —We [fools] trusted that YahShua was going to be the redeemer of Israel. But [throw that fantasy away]. Our [Messiah's been dead and rotting] for 3 days.
    note: heavily paraphrased.
  204. Romans 5:15 There's a [black and white] contrast between [Adam's] offense and [YahShua's] free gift, 😇! One man [Adam's] bad choice [leads trillions] of his descendants [to eternally] die. Conversely, [YHVH] the Eloah's unmerited favor (his gracious gift of the one man, YahShua [the] Messiah,) overflows into [eternal life for countless saints].
  205. Romans 9:29 As IsaiYah says, “If Adonai [YHVH] Almighty had not left us [Israelis] a seed [population,] we would've ended [up dead] like Sodom, [nuked] like Gomorrha, 😇!”
    note: Isaiah 1:9
  206. Romans 11:24 [YAH] cut you [Christians] out of a naturally wild [human] olive tree. Then, 😇, contrary to [your evil] nature, he grafted [you] into [Israel,] an olive tree [YAH] cultivated [through millennia of prophetic guidance]. So how much more readily will [YAH] re-graft the [Jews], the natural branches, [back] into their own [Hebrew] olive tree!
  207. Ephesians 4:8 So the Psalmist predicts, “[The Messiah] ascends up on high. He leads a crowd of captives. He gives [priceless] gifts to humans.”
    note: (Psalm 68:18)
  208. Hebrews 9:14 So just think, 😇, how much better [YahShua's] ‘blood’ purifies our hearts from deeds that lead to death. Now we [saints] stand [free to] serve [YHVH] the living Eloah! Through the [power of YHVH] the ELoah's eternal Spirit, the [perfect, sinless] Messiah offered himself [to be slaughtered like a] flawless [lamb].
    note: Yahshua was not sacrificed to YHVH, as if his blood appeased YHVH's sense of justice, as is often claimed by mentally sick ChristenDummies. Yahshua laid down his own life to do something YHVH wanted done. Major distinction.
  209. Hebrews 10:19 So, dear brothers, we [active believers] can boldly [leave the devil's kingdom to] enter heaven's Most Holy Place because YahShua, [our new master, let our previous slave-master spill his] blood.
    note: Brothers includes sisters. See song: We Go Boldly.
  210. Hebrews 10:20 For us [believers], YahShua opened a new way into the Most Holy Place, 😇: a living way, through the [split] ‘curtain’; that is, through YahShua's own body.
  211. 1st Peter 1:20 😇, long before [Yah] founded the Cosmos, [He] chose [the Messiah] to redeem you. Now in [earth's] final epoch, to help you, YAH sent YahShua to the earth for all [beings] to see.
  212. 1st John 2:12 I write to you, little children, to [remind you that YAH] has freed you from your sins, since [you spiritually connected to YahShua,] the [Sovereign] Authority [over the universe].
    note: Sins = errors, misses. Authority= onoma = name.
  213. Genesis 30:25 After Rachel {Ewe} births Joseph {Increaser}, Jacob {Cheater} says to Laban {Whitey}, “Send me on my way, so I can go to my own place, my country, [to recover my lost fortune].
  214. Exodus 12:25 When you come to the land YHVH will give you, as He promised, you are to continue [putting lamb's blood on your front doorways each Spring].
  215. Exodus 12:34 So, 😇, the [Israelite] people pack up their bread-dough before [they have time to] leaven it. [They carry] their kneading-bowls tied to their clothes and hoisted on their shoulders.
  216. Exodus 30:10 Once every year, [on the 10th day of the 7th month], upon the horns of [the incense altar], Aaron will wipe the blood of the [feast-animal the people have] donated [to express their remorse over their] sins. Annually [down] through [all] your generations, [the priest] will cover [with blood the horns of the incense altar]. [This ritual] is supremely sacred to YHVH, [because it prefigures the murder of the Messiah].”
    note: Again, “cover” = “kaphar,” which doesn't translate to the slippery, amorphous english word, "atonement."
  217. Leviticus 25:15 [If you buy land, 😇,] calculate the purchase price based on the number of years since the last Jubilee. [The seller should] set the sale price on the basis of the number of harvests remaining until the next Jubilee. [Then the land reverts to the seller's family.]
    note: In Hebrew law, land can't be sold. It can be leased, but for no longer than 49 years. This makes Real Estate a criminal profession. That's why it requires a license, which is state permission to do something unlawful, illegal or a trespass.
  218. Leviticus 25:26 So, 😇, your family can buy your land-rights back from the tenant-in-possession, regardless of whether you [personally] are broke, or rolling in dough.
  219. Leviticus 25:27 You pay (to the current tenant who leased the land) a sum to compensate him for the years remaining until the next Year of Jubilee, when you would have recovered your land anyway.
  220. Leviticus 25:51 Suppose there are many years until the Year of Jubilee. Then for his freedom, the debtor must pay a [correspondingly] larger percentage of the price the creditor-master paid for the [debtor's labor-rights].
  221. Leviticus 25:52 Conversely, if there remain only a few years until the year of Jubilee, then the creditor-master and the debtor-servant will add up the [smaller] number of years and use it to compute the [corresponding] price the debtor pays to buy back [his labor rights].
  222. Deuteronomy 30:3 Then YHVH your Elohim reverses your captivity, 😇. He takes compassion on you. YHVH your Elohim [swoops down]. He gathers you from all the beast-nations where He scattered you.
  223. Deuteronomy 30:4 Your [people] get driven out to the far side of the sky. Yet from there YHVH your Elohim eventually gathers you. He races there to fetch you, 😇.
  224. Joshua 24:5 [400 years later,] I sent Moses and Aaron. I plagued Egypt. [You know] what I did among them. Finally I brought your [ancestors] out [of slavery, 😇].
  225. NehemiYAH 1:9 But if you, 😇, turn to me, and guard my commandments, and live them —even if [your enemies] cast some of you out to the uttermost reaches of the heaven[s]— I'll gather [you] from there. I'll return [you] to the place I've chosen to set my Name-Authority.’
  226. Esther 8:1 On that day Emperor Xerxes awards the estate of [evil] Haman (the Jews’ [now deceased] enemy) to Queen Esther. And Esther reveals [to the Emperor] that Mordecai [is her cousin and her adoptive father]. So Mordecai comes into the Emperor's [throne-room to speak with the Emperor].
  227. Psalms 31:5 Into your hand I commit my life-breath, YHVH. [You're the] El {Power} [who gives the universe its] stability. Ransom me.
  228. Psalms 102:20 [YAH] hears [all] groaning prisoner[s]. [YAH] releases death-row [inmates] scheduled for execution.
  229. Psalms 106:46 So YAH makes the [Israelites] pitied by all the [oppressors] who'd carted them [off] as captives.
  230. Psalms 136:24 [YAH keeps smashing our chains,] breaking us away from our enemy-captors. He stoops down to permanently [rescue us], 😇.
    note: lit. adversaries.
  231. IsaiYAH 1:26 [YAH promises,] “I come to restore your judges. [They'll govern] like [Israel's best] ancient [heroes], 😇. I'll [give] you counselors like [you had in Israel's] infancy. Then [people] will [again] call you, ‘The city of righteousness, the faithful city.’
  232. IsaiYAH 1:27 [The country surrounding shining Mount] Zion can only get redeemed by [doing] justice. [Zion's] repentant people [must prime the pump of salvation by performing] righteous acts, 😇.
    note: Zion gets saved when [she] treats others fairly. Those who are sorry for their sins get saved when they do right. Zion cannot be redeemed by military might.
  233. IsaiYAH 10:21 The ‘remnant’ [saints] return [from slavery], 😇. Jacob's stragglers [flock] back to [YHVH], the mighty El {Power}.
    note: Remnant returning = Isaiah's son's name: ‘Shear-Jashub’.
  234. IsaiYAH 14:1 [After Babylon falls,] YHVH again showers mercy on Jacob's [line], 😇. [YAH] still chooses Israel. He sets them [back] in their own land. [Many] non-Hebrew [Christians] engraft [into Israel]. They cling to Jacob's family.
  235. IsaiYAH 35:2 [Israel] shoots out buds, 😇. She spreads her wings. She dances in circles, shout-singing. [YAH] gives [Israel] the glory of Lebanon's [cedar-filled white mountains], the excellency of Carmel {Fruiting-Garden} and Sharon {Plains}. [Israel] again sees the glory of YHVH, the excellency of our Elohim.
  236. IsaiYAH 43:1 But now YHVH who creates you and forms you says, “Jacob [a.k.a.] Israel, never fear. I redeem you. I call you by your name. You are my [beloved child], 😇.
    note: The name “Jacob” signifies rebel north Israel, and deception. The name “Israel” signifies our redeemed future. The two names characterize the double-nature of every mortal spirit.
  237. IsaiYAH 43:6 I command the north [countries], ‘Surrender [my people].’ [I command] the south [countries], ‘Hold no [Hebrew] back. Bring my sons from afar. [Repatriate] my daughters from the ends of the earth.
  238. IsaiYAH 52:3 YHVH says, 😇, you sold yourselves for nothing! So [I'm] buying you back without money.”
  239. IsaiYAH 52:8 [Envision the coming day] when YHVH restores Zion, 😇. Your watchmen raise the call! With one voice they scream-for-joy! They see [heaven's messengers] face to face!
  240. IsaiYAH 60:9 [YAH answers,] [In the future,] all the continents [and islands] band together, led by the ships of Tarshish {Gem}. They bring your sons from afar, laden with silver and their gold, to the [place of] authority of [me,] YHVH your Elohim, the Holy One of Israel, who glorifies you, 😇.
  241. IsaiYAH 60:15 You [Israel] have been forsaken and hated to the point that no human passed through you. Yet I make you, 😇, an eternal excellency, the joy of many generations.
  242. IsaiYAH 66:14 😇, when you see [YAH restore Jerusalem], your heart brightens up, 😇! Your bones flourish like herbs. YHVH [opens] his hand to [help] his obeyers. But he [closes his fist to pound] his fury on his enemies.
  243. JeremiYAH 3:14 Turn [to me], backsliding brats,’ begs YHVH. ‘I'm your Master, 😇. I come to retrieve you, 1 from a [doomed] city, 2 from a [dying] clan. I bring you to [bright shining mount] Zion.
  244. JeremiYAH 3:18 “In the [final] days, 😇, the house of Judah {Celebrated} walks [hand-in-hand] with the house of [rebel north] Israel. Together they stream out of the north-lands [Russia, north-America, Europe, China, etc.] to the land I gave as an inheritance to your [Hebrew] fore-fathers.
    note: Fulfilled in 1949.
  245. JeremiYAH 23:8 Instead, [people come to exclaim,] ‘YHVH lives! He brought [the Jews] up [out of bondage]. He led the seed-children of the house of Israel out of the north [Babylonian empire], and from every [other] country where [he] drove them. At last they dwell on their own ground!’”
    note: Fulfilled since 1948.
  246. JeremiYAH 30:18 YHVH decrees, “Watch: I eventually bring Jacob's captive [descendants] back to [their] tents. I take mercy on [their] homes. [They] rebuild [Jerusalem] city on her [rubble] heap. [They] restore the palace[s] where they belong.
  247. JeremiYAH 31:28 I spied on [Israel], [eager] to pluck up [their evil], to break down [their organized-crime], to throw down [their wicked establishment], to destroy [their conspiracies], to afflict [their villains]. Correspondingly, I come soon to watch over them, to build [their society], to plant [them in their homeland],” promises YHVH.
  248. JeremiYAH 32:44 Men come to buy [war-ravaged] fields for silver, 😇. They sign and seal sale-documents. [Notaries] take witness-statements [to confirm sales]. [Life blooms,] from Benjamin's [north] land, to the regions around Jerusalem, throughout the cities of Judea, up into all [your] mountain towns, down in the cities of the [Jordan river] valley, and on into the [Edomite] cities south [of Judea]. [Watch:] I eventually repatriate [your] exiled slaves,” promises YHVH.
  249. JeremiYAH 33:8 Eventually I cleanse [my people] from all their destructive [psychoses] which [led] them to stray from me. I come to pardon all their [past] perversities that derailed their [lives] into constant treason against me.
    note: YAH won't punish you for past sins which you've left behind.
  250. JeremiYAH 33:10 YHVH predicts: “Voices of joy eventually [return] to ring in the ears of [millions] in this [war-torn] country that you now denounce as ‘desolate, devoid of man, robbed of animals.’ [Only for a while will I leave] the cities of Judea (including the streets of Jerusalem) abandoned, without man, without inhabitant, without beast.
  251. JeremiYAH 41:14 So all the people (whom IshmaEl dragged away captive from Mizpah {WatchTower}) turn. [They] race [west] to JAHohanan {YAH-Favored}.
    note: Note that there is zero indication that Johanon fought Ishmael at all. No descriptions of violence occur in this account. Text incl. “the son of Kareah.”
  252. JeremiYAH 49:6 Yet in the end I bring [some redeemed, reformed] sons of Ammon back from slavery,” promises YHVH.
  253. JeremiYAH 52:16 But guard-captain NebuzarAdan leaves some of the [Judean] country's poor people to [work as] vinedressers and farmers.
    note: YAH destroys the evil establishment. Then he awards the country to the paupers the bigwigs oppressed!
  254. Ezekiel 6:8 Yet I leave a remnant [Israeli population alive] among the beast-nations, so you can have some [survivors] who escape the sword. They scatter throughout [earth's] countries.
  255. Ezekiel 16:53 I eventually reverse the slavery that Sodom and her daughter-populations suffer. Similarly, I end the exile of Samaria and her daughter-cities. I repatriate their captives. Your [Jewish] captives [come] streaming home in the middle of the [redeemed pack].
  256. Ezekiel 28:25 Adonai YHVH continues, “I eventually gather the house of Israel from the people among whom they [lie] scattered. In the end, the eyes of all beast-nations [look up to] me in sacred-reverence. Finally the [Israelis] dwell [safe] in their land which I awarded to my servant Jacob.
  257. Ezekiel 29:13 Yet Adonai YHVH adds, “At the end of 40 years I gather the Egyptians from the people-group[s] among whom [I] scattered them.
  258. Ezekiel 36:4 So you [people of] the mountains of Israel, hear the word of the Adonai YHVH. Adonai YHVH announces [restoration] for [Israel's] highlands, and her hills, and her rivers, and her valleys, her desolate wastes, and her cities that lie forsaken, who became plundered jokes to the surviving beast-nations all around [her].
  259. Ezekiel 36:8 Meanwhile, O mountains of Israel, you soon shoot forth your branches. You yield your fruit for my people Israel. Their return looms at hand.
  260. Ezekiel 36:11 I come to proliferate man and beast upon you. They throng, many and fruitful. I resettle your [population] in your old towns. I [bless] you more bountifully than ever before! At last you grasp that I am YHVH {The-Eternal-Provider}.
  261. Ezekiel 36:35 They exclaim, ‘This once-desolate land has bloomed like the garden of Eden {Pleasure}! The wasted, deserted, demolished cities rise to become inhabited fortresses!’
  262. Ezekiel 36:37 Adonai YHVH continues, “The [true] family of Israel [always] eventually return to seeking my guidance. So, in answer to their [prayers], I multiply their people like a flock [of sheep].
  263. Ezekiel 36:38 Like flocks of holy [people who] stream to Jerusalem for her annual feasts, so [Israel's] wasted cities come to fill with herds of humans, 😇. Finally the [worldlings] recognize that I am YHVH {Creator-of-time}.”
  264. Ezekiel 37:21 Then say to [your watchers], ‘Adonai YHVH predicts, “Watch me recover the sons of Israel from among the beast-nations where they [lie] scattered, 😇. I convene them from all directions. [I] bring them into their own land.
  265. Ezekiel 39:25 Adonai YHVH continues, “Then I bring Jacob's captive [descendants] home. I take mercy on the whole house of Israel. I jealously [guard] my sacred name-reputation.
  266. Ezekiel 39:26 Finally the [Israelis] finish bearing the shame of all the treacherous atrocities they threw at me. Finally they dwell safely on their [own] ground. No one makes them afraid.
  267. Hosea 14:7 [The redeemed-remnant] return [to the land of Israel, 😇]. They dwell [safely] under [my protective] shadow. They revive like grain [after a tornado]. They grow, budding like [fruitful] vines, [wafting] fragrance like wine from Lebanon {White-Forest}.
  268. Jah-El 3:17 😇, watch Me, YHVH your Elohim, [return to] dwell on my holy shining mountain. See the City of Peace permanently fill with YAH's holiness, nevermore profaned by footsteps of perverted, [wandering, adulterous heathen idolaters].
  269. MicaYah 5:7 Jacob's surviving [spiritual descendants] morph into a ‘dew.’ [We] descend from YHVH to [irrigate] many nations, like [sky] showers upon [earth's] herbs. [Saints form] a [refreshing rain] that man can neither hold back nor provide nor control, [a pervasive global life-giving force] which never waits [for orders from] the sons of men.
  270. ZechariYAH 1:16 So YHVH says, ‘In my compassion, I return [to] reassemble my temple in the City-of-Peace.’ YHVH-Commander-Of-Armies foretells, [Rebuilders] come to stretch measuring lines over Jerusalem.’
  271. ZechariYAH 2:6 Come back, you whom I scattered to the 4 winds of heaven! Flee from northland [captivity],’ beckons YHVH.
  272. ZechariYAH 3:2 [The Angel of] YHVH says to the adversary, “YHVH rebukes you, Satan! YHVH rejects [your corrupt accusations]. [YAH] chooses the City-Of-Peace. [Hebrews are] like a firebrand [YHVH] snatches and rescues out of [judgment's] flames!”
  273. ZechariYAH 9:7 [See the ultimate future, 😇:] I take away [humanity's] blood [guilt, the unclean meat that stinks] in [men's] mouth[s]. I [clean] the abominations out from between [mankind's] teeth. In the end, everyone [who] survives [lives] for [Israel's] Elohim. Judea's [enemies become her] allies. Ekron's [uprooting troops] vanish into [extinction like Jerusalem's ancient founders], the [arrogant] Jebusite {Threshers}.
    note: Your Creator wants you to floss your teeth. Regular flossing adds an average of 6 years to the human lifespan. All the usual-suspect translations botch this verse, in their myriad ways.
  274. ZechariYAH 9:11 By the blood of the [Messianic] covenant, I free your prisoners from dying in a dry [dusty] dungeon [planet].
    note: No bookstore translation explains this verse. The devil spills the Messiah's innocent blood. So you (who give your life to the Messiah) get to go free from the devil's prison planet. You enter eternal life. This is a statement of the ransom view of the atonement. Or: by the blood of the covenant [I made with] you. Literally: moreover you in·blood-of covenant-of·you
  275. ZechariYAH 10:10 I restore [my people] from Egyptian territory, 😇. I convene them from Assyria. I bring them to the [promised] land. Gilead {Monument-Mound} and Lebanon's [white mountains] run out of room for all [my repatriates].
    note: True today.
  276. Matthew 27:15 Following his annual custom, the governor [decides] to set free one prisoner, whomever the festival crowd asks for.
  277. Mark 15:6 Now, 😇, Pilate [remembers] his custom of releasing to [the Jews] one prisoner (whomever the Jews request) during the [Passover] feast.
  278. Luke 1:69 YAH now raises up a ‘horn’ of salvation for us: [a mighty Deliverer], a descendant of [YAH's] obeyer: David {Love}.
  279. Acts 7:7 YHVH predicts, “I come to judge the nation [of Egypt for] enslaving the Israelites. Then Abraham's ‘seed’ [children] rush out [of Egypt] to serve me in this country [Israel].”
    note: Genesis 15:13,14
  280. Acts 13:39 Through [becoming united with] YahShua, everyone who [lives a life of active] belief becomes justified from every [sin] you could not be acquitted of by [obeying] the law of Moses, 😇.
  281. Hebrews 9:15 YahShua's death makes him the New Covenant ‘Reconciler.’ YahShua's murder deeply offended YAH. So YAH stripped the devil of the authority to punish sinners for violations of the First [Sinai] Covenant. So [we] redeemed people [whom YAH] calls can receive [YAH's] promised eternal inheritance.
    note: Paraphrase. From YAH's viewpoint, any free being who wants to punish sin can mete out the penalties specified in the Mosaic Law. Punishing egregious sin is a human right. The devil, trapped on earth, reveled in exercising his right to punish sinners. But the devil went too far. He murdered the only sinless man who ever lived. So YAH stripped the devil of his right to punish you. Still, if you opt to move into the devil's jail cell with him, he'll make you his woman.
  282. Hebrews 9:23 [Foreshadowing YahShua's death, Moses told priests to symbolically] ‘purify’ the earthly [worship] tent and everything in it — which were copies of things in heaven — with [drops of] animal blood. [This practice prefigured] heaven's [justice against the devil coming to be satisfied] by [YahShua's] powerful [blood], 😇.
    note: Yahshua forfeited his mortal life-blood to reclaim us sinners from our status as the legal property of (Yahshua's murderer) the devil.
  283. 1 Esdras 5:2 With the [traveling Hebrews, Emperor] Darius sends 1000 horsemen. The [horsemen] bring the [Hebrews] all the way back to Jerusalem safely, as [the Hebrews] sing and dance to musical [instruments, including] tambourines and flutes.
  284. Genesis 5:29 Lamech {Force} calls his [son's] name ‘Noah’ {Rest}, saying, “[Noah will] comfort us in our [grievous] work and toil of our hands, [labor] caused by YHVH's curse on the ground.”
    note: 5118 nuwach noo'-akh or nowach {no'-akh}; from 5117; quiet:--rest(-ed, -ing place). 5117 nuwach noo'-akh to rest, i.e. settle down; literal and figurative, (to dwell, stay, let fall, place, let alone, withdraw, give comfort, etc.):--cease, be confederate, lay, let down, (be) quiet, remain, set down.
  285. Genesis 15:12 The sun starts setting, 😇. Abram {High-Father} falls into a deep sleep. Suddenly horror and great darkness fall upon Abram.
    note: This is a unilateral contract, meaning it is an unconditional promise, not voidable by Abram's actions. Therefore Abram's role in the contract-signing is totally passive - Abram merely sees YHVH's actions in a dream. See Gal 3:20.
  286. Leviticus 25:29 If someone sells a dwelling in a walled city, he has one year after the date of sale in which to buy it back. For a full year he enjoys this right of redemption.
    note: Condominiums, apartments, small city houses, shops, etc.
  287. Leviticus 25:30 But if the seller doesn't buy back the house in the walled city within one full year, then it becomes forever established as the buyer's property, [able to be passed to] all his future generations [of children, or sold, as he chooses]. The seller then is barred from reclaiming the property in the jubilee-year.
    note: Under the Hebrew Law, property in developed areas is treated differently than property in rural areas.
  288. Leviticus 25:32 However, at all times Levites retain the right to buy back their property in the cities [YAH] assigns to them.
    note: No exception for whether the city is walled or not.
  289. Leviticus 25:33 If someone pays a Levite for [a house] in a Levite-owned town, the “sold” house still reverts to [the Levite] in the Jubilee, because the houses in the cities of the L’vi’im are their tribe’s [only] property among the people of Isra’el.
    note: Levites can't own normal "real estate" because they need to stay separated and dedicated to their priestly work.
  290. Leviticus 27:31 But you can buy back your tithed [produce] by giving the [priests] 120% of its value, 😇.
  291. Numbers (Journeys) 3:46 Since there were 273 more (firstborn males from Isra’el) than male Levites, let [the non-Levitical parents] ‘buy’ their [offspring back from government service]:
    note: 260+13.
  292. Numbers (Journeys) 3:47 For each of the [boys who want out of sacred government service,] collect five shekels [of silver from their parents. Add that money to the sacred government fund.] (Use the sanctuary's [definition of a] shekel, which equals 20 gerahs.)
  293. Numbers (Journeys) 3:48 To Aaron and to his sons, entrust the money [the parents pay to buy] these boys [out of government service].”
  294. Numbers (Journeys) 3:49 So, 😇, Moses accepts the silver [the parents pay] to buy [the 273 extra non-Levite] boys [out of the sacred government ‘draft’]. [Moses] entrusts that [silver] to the Levites.
  295. Numbers (Journeys) 18:16 You must honor all requests from anyone who wants to “buy” [out of government service] their firstborn [human] devotee that's 1 month old [or older]. You [simply charge the father/owner the small sum of] 5 shekels [2 ounces] of silver using the sanctuary [definition of a] shekel, which weighs 20 gerahs.
    note: This money goes into the work of running the sacred government.
  296. Numbers (Journeys) 19:5 Then, 😇, under the high priest's oversight, someone burns the [remains of the red] heifer: her fur, her skin, her blood, her intestines, including the poop - burn it.
    note: The ambiguities in the words "basar" [flesh/skin/fat] and "shachat" [slaughter/serve] preclude us from saying that all the meat was burned up. Scan down 2 verses to verse 7 and see the word "basar" referring NOT to meat, but to "skin." Probably, as in other cases, the useable meat was removed and cooked and eaten, then the unused parts were burned. Senseless sacrifice is unknown to the Hebrew Law.
  297. Numbers (Journeys) 19:6 Then the priest grabs cedar wood, hyssop [leaves] and scarlet [thread from a scarlet worm]. He throws [these symbolic items] into the middle of the burning heifer.
    note: Hyssop, ‘lowliest of plants,’ grows in crevices.
  298. Deuteronomy 6:23 [YAH] brought us out from that [slave-land], so that he could bring us in and give us the land He promised to our fore-fathers, 😇.
  299. 2nd Samuel 19:10 AbShalom (the [fool] we anointed [king] over us) lies dead in battle. So [let's] send orders [to all of Israel] to bring king [David] back [west to Jerusalem]!”
  300. 2nd Samuel 19:17 With Shimei {Famous} run 1000 men from [the tribe of] Benjamin {Right-Hand-Son}, including Ziba {Station} (the steward of [ex-king] Saul's dynasty) with [Ziba's] 15 sons and his 20 servants. Eastbound, they cross [the] Jordan [river] to meet king [David].
  301. Ezra 7:23 —Whatsoever [YHVH] the Eloah of heaven commands, make it be quickly & exactly executed [to restore] the temple of the Eloah of heaven. For why should [YAH] be angry against the realm of [me,] the Emperor, and [my] sons, [for war-crimes committed by my predecessor Nebuchadnezzar]?
  302. Job 16:19 [Job cries to his accusers:][You] watch, [hypocrites]! My witness [waits] in heaven. [The most] high will testify [in my favor].
  303. Job 33:24 Then [YAH] graciously says to [us heavenly messengers,] ‘Rescue the [sinner] from his fall to the grave-pit. Here is the ransom [to buy back the sinner's life from Satan].’
  304. Job 33:30 [YAH does all he can] to pull [sinners'] souls back from the grave-pit, to irradiate [you evildoers] with the light of life.”
  305. Psalms 14:7 Oh, 😇, I [see the future when] Israel's [savior stands in triumph on mount] Zion! YHVH brings back his freed-slaves. [Resurrected patriarch] Jacob spins [in overwhelming joy]! Israel shines [with happiness]!
  306. Psalms 25:22 Elohim, redeem Israel from [all our] troubles.
  307. Psalms 44:26 Rise! Storm [down to] help us! [Show] your [unmerited] kindness. Buy us back [from our slave-masters].
  308. Psalms 69:18 Draw my life-breath [to your healing arms]. Buy me [out of trouble]. Ransom me from my enemies.
  309. Psalms 78:35 We remember that ELohim is our ‘rock.’ The supreme El {Power} is the only [being] who buys us back from [slavery], 😇.
  310. Psalms 107:3 [😇, broadcast how YAH] gathers [his oppressed people] from [all] countries: from the east, west, north and south.
  311. Psalms 107:20 [YAH] sends his word. [It] heals the [the sinner]. [YAH] provides-an-escape from [Satan's] pit of destruction.
  312. Psalms 130:8 El {Power} [eventually] comes to buy us [saints out] of all [the death-penalties which] our perversities [brought upon us], 😇. [We penitents] come to rule with [YAH].
    note: Israel = those who will rule with EL.
  313. Psalms 136:23 [YAH] remembers us [believers even] at our lowest [beaten-down] state, 😇. He bends [past] eternity [to help us].
  314. IsaiYAH 43:3 For I am YHVH your Elohim, Israel's sacred Sovereign, your Savior. [In the future,] I give Egypt as your ransom. [I trade] Cush {Ethiopia} and Seba {Nubia} [to buy] you [back from Babylonian slavery].
    note: The Persian successors of Emperor Cyrus received Egypt, Ethiopia, and Nubia in exchange for Israel's freedom.
  315. IsaiYAH 43:4 You're precious in my sight, 😇. I honor you because I love you. So I give men to [buy] you [out of servitude]. I barter [other] nations for your life.
  316. IsaiYAH 43:7 [Return] everyone who is called by my name.’ I create [Israel] for my glory. I form him. Yes, I [repeatedly] make him.
    note: In 1948 Israel again became a recognized nation, after 1900 years of persecuted wandering.
  317. IsaiYAH 44:28 [YAH] says of [Persian Emperor] Cyrus {Sun}, “He is my shepherd. He comes to perform everything I want [him to do].” [YAH] says to the City-Of-Peace, [I'm] rebuilding you.” [YAH says] to [Jerusalem's] temple, [My workers soon] re-lay your [destroyed] foundation.”
    note: Cyrus/Koresh means "father". The temple here refers not primarily to any building, but to the body of believers. Jerusalem refers not primarily to a piece of Mediterranean real estate, but to the global population of peacemakers.
  318. IsaiYAH 45:25 YHVH eventually fixes all Israel's [true] seed-children, 😇. They rave [HalleluYahs]! [They sing crazy-praise!]
  319. IsaiYAH 57:14 [I] shout, ‘Rebuild! Lift up [my holy city]! Prepare the way. Take the stumbling-block out of the path of my people.’”
  320. IsaiYAH 60:10 Foreigners' sons build up your walls. Their kings serve you, 😇. For in my fire-rage I spank you. But then I delight to embrace you [with mercy].
  321. IsaiYAH 62:12 [😇, people] come to call you, “The holy people, the redeemed [nation of] YHVH.” You're renamed: “Sought out—a city no [longer] forsaken.”
  322. IsaiYAH 65:10 Sharon {Plains} eventually [reverts into] a homestead for flocks. The valley of Achor {Trouble} [blooms into] a place for herds to lie down in, [a resting home] for my people who [continually] seek me.”
  323. IsaiYAH 66:8 Who has heard of such a wonder, 😇? Who has seen such [miracles]? Can the earth be made to bring forth [a populace] in one day? Can a nation instantly be born? [Yes. Shining Mount] Zion [does] go into labor. Then immediately she brings forth her children.
  324. JeremiYAH 3:16 YHVH promises, “You [Hebrews] come to multiply. You fill the earth, 😇. In the days [of redemption, you] no longer whine, ‘[We need] the ark of the covenant of YHVH.’ [You end up so blessed that] you forget about commemorating [the ark]. You don't miss it. You never visit [its replicas]. You [ignore all that meaningless babble about] building another ark.”
    note: Only fools and shysters go around trying to raise money to rebuild Solomon's temple on the Dome Of The Rock in Jerusalem. The believers = the temple.
  325. JeremiYAH 23:3 “But eventually I gather the remnant of my flock out of all countries where I've driven them. I bring them back to their folds. They [grow] fruitful. They multiply.
  326. JeremiYAH 23:7 So watch, 😇: the days approach,” YHVH foretells, “When [Jews] upgrade the [old] motto: ‘YHVH lives! He brought the sons of Israel up out of the land of Egypt.’
  327. JeremiYAH 28:6 [True] prophet JeremiYah prays, “[May that prophecy] come true. YHVH, perform [what you promised]. YHVH, execute your words you've prophesied. Bring [back] the utensils of [your] temple, and everyone [whom evil soldiers] carried away captive. Return [them ~650km southwest] from Babylon to [Judaea].
  328. JeremiYAH 30:17 [Eventually] I restore health to you, 😇. I heal you of your wounds,’ promises YHVH. ‘They called you ‘Outcast, Zion, whom no man [even] looks for.’
  329. JeremiYAH 31:2 YHVH continues, “The people who survive the sword [of war] find grace in the wilderness. I [finally] bring Israel to rest, 😇.”
  330. JeremiYAH 31:8 Watch me bring [Israeli refugees] from [all] countries north [of Israel], 😇. I gather them from [all] earth's coasts. With them [I repatriate] the blind and the lame, the pregnant [woman] and other women carrying children. A great assembly returns to the [promised land].
    note: Fulfilled since 1948.
  331. JeremiYAH 31:10 Hear the word of YHVH, beast-nations. Declare [YAH's law] in all far-flung continents, 😇. [Sing], ‘[YAH] scatters [rogue] Israel. But he eventually gathers [us repenters]. [YAH] keeps [us safe], like a shepherd [guards] his flock.’
  332. JeremiYAH 31:22 For too long you've flitted around hiding [in sin], you backsliding daughter!” [Jeremiah continues:] YHVH comes to create a new [pattern] on earth, [as fresh and striking as] a woman guarding a warrior.
    note: All translations struggle to make sense of this verse. Hebrew transliteration: ‘...that he-created Yahweh new-thing in·the·earth female she-shall-surround master.’
  333. JeremiYAH 31:23 YHVH-commander-of-armies (Israel's Elohim) foretells, [Soon] I come to reverse [Israel's] slavery. Then, in the land of Judaea and in its cities, people coin the following saying: ‘[I pray that] YHVH [keeps on] blessing you, Oh home of justice, sacred mountain.’
  334. JeremiYAH 31:27 [Then] YHVH says, “Watch: in coming days, I ‘plant’ the House of [north] Israel and the House of Judea with ‘human-seed’, and animal-‘seed.’
  335. JeremiYAH 31:31 YHVH foretells, “Watch, 😇: the days approach when I cut a new covenant with the ‘house’ of [north] Israel, and with the [southern] ‘house’ of Judah {Celebrated}.
  336. JeremiYAH 31:32 YHVH reveals, [This New Covenant] will differ from the covenant I made with [your] forefathers in the day I grabbed them by the hand to bring them out of the land of Egypt, 😇. I was a husband to [Israel]. But they voided my [Mosaic] covenant.
  337. JeremiYAH 31:38 YHVH foretells, “Watch, 😇: the days approach when [Jews] rebuild the metropolis [of Jerusalem] in [my] honor. [Buildings rise to stretch west] from the tower of HananeEl {El-Favors} to the [city's] Corner-gate.
  338. JeremiYAH 32:15 For YHVH Commander-Of-Armies, the Elohim of Israel, predicts: [Jews] will one day own houses and fields and vineyards in this [war-blighted no-man's] land.’”
  339. JeremiYAH 32:40 I make a [new] eon-enduring covenant with [my people]. I never turn away from them. [I keep] doing them good. I put awe of me in their hearts. So they never again run away from me.
  340. JeremiYAH 32:41 Yes, I shine benefits [down] on [my repentant nation]. I plant [true believers] firmly in this land with all my heart and all my soul.”
  341. JeremiYAH 32:42 For YHVH says, “I brought all this great punishment upon this populace [for their good]. Similarly, I come to bring upon them all the blessings I've [ever] promised them.
  342. JeremiYAH 39:14 These officials bring [soldiers] to extract JeremiYah from the guards' quarters. Then the [officials] commit [Jeremiah] to [Israeli leader] GedaliYah {Great-YAH} the son of AhiKam {Rising-Brother} the son of Shaphan {Secret-Keeper}. GedaliYah takes [Jeremiah] home [to Mizpah {Watch-Tower}]. So [Jeremiah] comes [back] to live among [his Hebrew] people.
  343. JeremiYAH 41:16 Then JAHohanan {YAH-Favored} (and all the heads of the work-forces with him) take all the remaining people they recover from IshmaEl (the murderer of GedaliYah {Great-YAH}). [JAHohanan] leads this [group of Babylonian] mighty men of war, [plus Israeli] women, children and officials. [They stream] back [southwest] from the flower-hills to MizPah.
    note: Here and in v18: the son of Kareah, the son of NethaniYah [Given-By-YAH], the son of AhiKam [Rising-Brother]
  344. JeremiYAH 48:47 Yet in the last days, I restore Moab's [repentant, redeemed] captives,” promises YHVH. (Here ends this judgment [against] Moab.)
  345. JeremiYAH 49:39 “Yet eventually, in [earth's] end days, I repatriate [some redeemed, repentant] captive slaves to Elam {Hidden-Country},” promises YHVH.
  346. JeremiYAH 52:31 Judea's ex-king JeconYah [rots in Babylonian] prison for 37 years, 😇! Finally, on the 25th day of [~February, the] 12th month [of the year], Babylon’s Emperor Evil-Merodach {Man-Of-Marduk} [celebrates] the first year of his reign by ‘lifting up the head’ of JeconYah, ex-king of Judea. The [Emperor] brings [JeconYah] up out the dungeon!
  347. Ezekiel 11:18 In the end, 😇, [repentant exiles] return [home] to rid [the promised land] of all the filth and all the abominations in it.
  348. Ezekiel 20:35 I whisk you into [areas] deserted [by other] nations. There I plead with you face to face.
  349. Ezekiel 20:41 I eventually accept your [repentance], 😇. [I enjoy] the peaceful aroma [of your cooking food for feasts in my honor], when I bring you out from the [world's] people, [when I] gather you out of the countries where [your sins] scattered you. [Your repentance] causes the beast-nations to view me as sacred.
  350. Ezekiel 20:44 In the end you recognize that I am YHVH {the-Omni-temporal-Sovereign}, when I fix you to protect my Name-reputation, even though your wicked ways and corrupt practices [deserve death,] house of Israel,’ says Adonai YHVH.”
  351. Ezekiel 29:14 I bring home the captives of Egypt. I help them return to the land of Pathros {Upper-Egypt}, into the land of their birth. They live there as a humble kingdom.
  352. Ezekiel 29:21 “In that coming day I bud-forth the power-horn of the house of Israel. I open your [prophetic] lips in the center of [your society. Finally [your brother Israelis] listen to you prophet(s).] Finally the [world] comprehends that I am YHVH {the-omnipotent-source-of-all-reality}.”
  353. Ezekiel 36:10 I multiply men upon you. [I reestablish] the whole house of Israel. [I] repopulate all her cities. [I] rebuild her wastelands.
  354. Ezekiel 36:12 Yes, I bring men [back] to walk upon you, [Promised Land]. My people, [the family of] Israel, possess you. You become their inheritance. At last you stop bereaving them [of life].’
  355. Ezekiel 37:23 [My people] never again defile themselves with their idols. They trash their abominations. They lay down all their transgressions. I lift them out of all their sin-houses. I cleanse them, 😇. So they live [as] my people. I become their [chosen] Elohim {Sovereign}.
    note: This prophecy still awaits fulfillment.
  356. Ezekiel 37:26 I go on to make a [renewed] covenant of peace with [united Israel]. This everlasting covenant [protects all Hebrews]. I place them. [I] multiply them. I set my sanctuary in their midst for evermore.
  357. Ezekiel 39:29 I never hide my face from [my people] after that. I pour out my Spirit on the house of Israel,” says Adonai YHVH.
  358. Hosea 1:10 [But look into the] future: [see] the population of the children of Israel become like the sand of the sea, which [man] never measures nor numbers. So in the place where [today I] say to [rogue] Israel, ‘You are not my people,’ there [people & angels] come to say to [Israel's descendants], ‘You are the sons of the living El {Power}.’
  359. Hosea 1:11 See the children of Judea and the children of [north] Israel gather together and choose [Me as their] one head: a great day, [as if the massacred innocents rise up in vibrant life to] overflow the ground of JezreEl {El-Plants} [where invaders murdered them thousands of years before].”
    note: paraphrase
  360. Hosea 2:22 [See] the earth sing & shout [life] into [dead] seeds, 😇! [See] the wine and the oil sing and shout, ‘[Thank you YAH for] planting the [now-fruiting] seeds [of redemption]!’
    note: Jezreel = YAH plants.
  361. Hosea 2:23 [😇, watch] Me plant [my Holy Nation] for myself in the earth. I come to show mercy to her who had been untouchable. I sing to those who were not my people, “You are my people, 😇.” [Hear] them cry back, “You, [YHVH], are my Elohim {Sovereign-Authority}.”
  362. Hosea 6:2 In [what feels like] a couple of days, YAH will bring us [believers] back to life, 😇. Like [Jonah rising on] the 3rd day [after his death,] YAH will raise us up. We'll live in [the light of] YAH's [loving] face.
    note: Jonah was actually dead in the big fish.
  363. Hosea 6:3 😇, we're going to know YHVH. We'll pursue [ever deeper relationship] with [Him]. As sure as the rising sun, YAH comes [from heaven to save us repenters]. He'll dawn on us, as spring rain showers flow [life-giving] water to the [parched] earth.”
  364. Hosea 14:5 [See the future, 😇:] I become [healing] dew to Israel. [They] blossom like a lily. [They] shoot down [deep] roots like [the towering cedars and the foothill-spurs of the] Lebanon {White-Forest} [mountains].
    note: lit: he blossoms...
  365. Hosea 14:6 [Your] branches spread, 😇. [Your] beauty shines like an olive tree. [Your] smell [changes from death-rot] to the [fresh clean cedar] scent [of the] Lebanon {White-Forest} [peaks].
  366. Hosea 14:8 [😇, envision the redeemed survivors from the tribe of] Ephraim {Double-Fruit} saying, “I have nothing to do with idols!” [Then] I, [YHVH], hear and believe [them]. So I say, “[I am a tree that stays green for you all year, 😇:] all your fruit comes from Me.”
  367. Jah-El 2:25 [Watch YAH] restore to you, 😇, the ‘years’ devoured by the locust, the cankerworm [grub], the caterpillar [beetle], and the palmer-worm [larvae]. [YAH's] great [destroying insect] army, which [He] sent among you, [vanishes after your nation repents].
  368. Jah-El 3:1 😇, envision the days, the coming season when I, YHVH, repatriate my exiled slave-people to the City Of Peace, [your true home country].
    note: This began to be fulfilled in 1948.
  369. Amos 9:11 [See] the [future] day, 😇, when I rebuild the falling tent of David {Love}. I repair its breaches. I raise up [David's] demolished ruins. I re-construct [the City of Peace] as in the days of ages past.
  370. MicaYah 7:11 See [your] bright future, 😇: [Workmen] rebuild [Israel's] [protective] wall[s]. [Envision] the day when your borders extend [to fill the earth].
  371. MicaYah 7:12 [😇, look forward to the] day when [your exiles] return to you from the once-fortified cities of Assyria. [Saints flock home from] the besieged fortresses of Egypt. [Repenters cross] the [Euphrates] river. [They stream home] from sea to sea. [Innocents fill valleys from] from mountain to mountain.
    note: Saints stream to Israel from the world's denuded, destroyed territories.
  372. Nahum 2:2 YHVH comes to restore Jacob's splendor, Israel's majesty. [Redemption revives our] drained, barren, decayed vine [branches].
  373. ZephaniYAH 3:19 [In the] land bled-pale, time undoes [all] affliction. [YAH] saves [all] cripples. [He] gathers [our Hebrew] exiles. [He firmly] plants [us believers, 😇]. We [live to] praise [YAH's] fame.
  374. ZephaniYAH 3:20 [Redemption] Day comes, 😇! Time [to] assemble! [All earth's people] join to [sing] praise to [YAH's] name. [We] shout, “[YAH] buried [our] slave-masters [right before our eyes]! See! YHVH [does what He] promises!”
  375. ZechariYAH 2:1 Again I lift my eyes to peer [into invisible spiritual realities]. [Suddenly I] see a man with a measuring line in his hand.
  376. ZechariYAH 2:4 [The 2nd angel] says [to the first,] “Run. Tell this young man [Zechariah], ‘The City-Of-Peace comes to hold millions of men and cattle. Its population spills far outside the city walls;
    note: City-Of-Peace = New Jerusalem.
  377. ZechariYAH 6:3 White horses [pull] the 3rd chariot. Powerful dappled grey racing horses pull the 4th chariot.
  378. ZechariYAH 6:10 [YAH] predicts, [Because of the actions of the ‘chariots and horses’], Heldai {Fleeting}, TobiJah {Jah-Is-Good} and JediYah {Jah-Knows} soon come [home to Jerusalem, bearing riches] from Babylon. [Zechariah,] accept [gifts from] these [returned] exiles. Then, immediately [that same day,] go into the house of JosiYah {Founded-By-YAH}, son of ZephaniYah {Hidden-By-YAH}.
  379. ZechariYAH 6:15 [Watch repentant Israelites and Gentile converts] from far away stream [back to Jerusalem] to help rebuild YHVH's temple. You know that YHVH-Commander-Of-Armies reaches out to make [redemption] happen. So, 😇, diligently obey the voice of YHVH your Elohim {Sovereign}.”
    note: Daniel 2:44, 45
  380. ZechariYAH 8:13 House of Judah {Celebrated} and house of [north] Israel, just as you devolved into curse[s] among the beast-nations, [watch] Me save you: [watch] yourselves become [universal] blessing[s]. Never fear. [Make] your hands strong & steadfast.”
  381. ZechariYAH 9:12 [Be free and safe, 😇!] Return to [heaven's fortress] strong-hold, you prisoners [locked in hopeful] expectation. [Envision the future:] I promise to restore double [blessings] to you, 😇.
  382. ZechariYAH 13:1 [😇, see] the coming day: [YHVH] opens wide a fountain for the house of David {Love} and the inhabitants of Jerusalem {City-Of-Peace}. [YAH's Word washes away Israel's] sin and filthiness.
  383. Luke 2:30 —For my eyes have seen [YahShua], your salvation.
    note: Yahshua = Yah's salvation.
  384. John 11:51 This prophecy [that YahShua will die to save the entire nation] comes through [the murderer] Caiaphas via his [stolen] position as high priest. Caiaphas doesn't think of this prophecy himself, 😇. [YAH] inspires [Caiphas] to predict [the crucifixion].
    note: An instance of a murderous false prophet speaking a true prophecy.
  385. John 12:33 YahShua says ‘lift up,’ to signify what kind of death he will die, 😇: [torturous impalement on a pole].
  386. Acts 16:39 The magistrates come and escort Paul and Silas {Woodsman} from the prison, begging them to leave the city, 😇.
  387. Romans 5:16 Again, the gift [YahShua gave us] is the antidote for the damage done by [Adam's] sin, 😇. [Adam's] one error triggered judgment from which flows [humanity's] condemnation. [YahShua's] gift followed [our] many offenses. Yet [his gift] gives us the [opportunity to become] righteous.
  388. Romans 5:17 Adam's one-man offense [initiated the global] reign of death, 😇. Even more importantly, YahShua ([the] Messiah's) one-man [ransom] brings us into the kingdom of life. IF we [trust YAH enough to let his] overwhelming gift of grace [lead us down the path to] righteousness.
  389. Romans 5:18 [The fallout from Adam's] one bad choice brought a death-sentence to all [humans, 😇]. Similarly, one [man's] righteousness puts the free gift of life-giving justification [within the reach] of all people.
    note: Including women. Women are men: wombed-men.
  390. Romans 5:19 [Adam's] disobedience [started a cascade of sin that] turned trillions of people into sinners, 😇. Similarly, because one [man, YahShua] obeys [YAH], many [sinners] become righteous.
  391. 1st Corinthians 1:18 For the message about [Christ's intentionally dying on an] execution-stake [seems like] foolishness to [people] who lie perishing. But when we, 😇, [face execution bravely, as YahShua did, we show that we have] the power of Elohim who is saving us.
    note: Stake=stauroo, often mis-rendered ‘cross.’
  392. 1st Corinthians 1:30 YAH [hooked] you up with YahShua the Messiah, 😇. [YahShua] gives you [walking, breathing] wisdom from [YHVH] ELohim [to help] you [through life]. [YahShua is our power connection to] righteousness, sacredness and redemption!
    note: Every good thing that we have--right thinking and right living, a clean slate and a fresh start--comes from YHVH through our connection to Yahshua, YAH's Messiah.
  393. 2nd Corinthians 5:14 For the Messiah’s love has hold of us [apostles], 😇. We're convinced that one man [YahShua] died to [rescue] all mankind [from slavery to Satan]. (All mankind was already [spiritually] dead. [We all] need redemption in order to live eternally.)
    note: Paraphrase.
  394. 2nd Corinthians 5:21 This sinless man [YahShua] bore [Satan's wrath as if YahShua were a criminal, thus nullifying the devil's jurisdiction]. So now, 😇, by joining with YahShua, we [believers] can fully share in Elohim’s righteousness.
    note: Jesus was not ‘made into sin.’ That's not in the Greek, because it doesn't make any sense. It just sounds religious so deluded Christianite translators and their brain-damaged followers keep repeating it.
  395. Galatians 3:13 The Messiah has redeemed us [saints], 😇, from the curses the Torah pronounces. [YahShua temporarily] became ‘cursed’ on our behalf, as [Moses] writes, “Everyone who hangs on a tree is cursed.”
    note: (Deuteronomy 21:23)
  396. Philemon 1:18 If [your slave] ever wronged you, or owes you anything, charge me for it.
  397. Hebrews 10:14 By one single gift, 😇, YahShua made whole, [fully redeemed and rescued from debt,] those [of us believers] whom [YAH] purifies and sets-apart [from the evil world-system].
  398. 1st Peter 3:18 For the Messiah suffered for [our] sins, 😇: a just [man dying] to [save us] unjust [sinners]. That's how YahShua [redeemed us from the devil: to] bring us into [the pure Dominion of YHVH] the Eloah. [Murderers] put YahShua to death in the flesh. Yet YAH's Spirit brought [him back] to life.
  399. Exodus 18:1 Meanwhile, Moses’ father-in-law (Jethro {Superior} the priest of Midian) hears about everything Elohim did for Moses and for his people Israel—how YHVH [finally] brought Israel out of Egypt, 😇!
  400. Leviticus 27:2 [YAH's angel] says, “Instruct the people of Israel! Tell them, ‘If any of you make a special promise to set apart [his child or servant] to serve Me, here is how much it will cost to set that person free from the promise to serve:
    note: Paraphrase. Most translations make no sense of this verse.
  401. Leviticus 27:5 To buy [out of avowed service in My sanctuary] a child between 5 to 20 years old, pay 20 shekels for a male. For a female, pay 10 shekels.
    note: Females are equally valuable. However, females get pregnant, suffer monthly periods, lift less weight, distract men, etc. So in this particular job they get less work done than males. Hence the lower price.
  402. Leviticus 27:6 And [to buy out of avowed sanctuary service] a child between 1 month to 5 years old, pay 5 shekels of silver for a male, and 3 shekels of silver for a female.
  403. Leviticus 27:15 If a donor consecrates his house, yet later he decides to buy back the house, he can pay the estimated value set by the priest, plus 1/5 (20%). Then the house reverts to the donor's ownership.
  404. Leviticus 27:18 [Conversely,] if you consecrate [your land to holy use] after the [Jubilee], the priest estimates the [buyback] value according to the number of years until the next Year of Restoration [Jubilee]. [He] sets a [correspondingly] reduced price.
  405. Numbers (Journeys) 8:18 [But since some of you objected,] I'm [substituting] the Levites [to work in My sacred government in place of] all the firstborn [males] of the people of Israel.
  406. Numbers (Journeys) 19:4 Then [high] priest ELeazar {El's-Aid} takes a bit of the red cow's blood on his finger. He sprinkles some of this blood toward the front of the congregational tent 7 times.
  407. Numbers (Journeys) 19:9 [Soon the fire burns down, 😇.] Then an uncontaminated man gathers up the [now sanitary] ashes of the heifer. He stores them up outside the camp in a clean place, awaiting the community of the people of Israel to use [them in the manufacture of] “water of separation” used in [ritual and antimicrobial] purification from sin.
    note: Ash is an alkaline disinfecting agent. The World Health Organization recommends ash as an alternative to soap. Soap commonly contains pig fat.
  408. Job 33:29 Look, [Job]: once, twice, three times: El {God} works all these [wonders to redeem] man.
  409. Psalms 51:18 Heal [us Hebrews]. Make us your shining-mountain of delight [once again]. Rebuild the walls of [the] City-Of-Peace.
    note: Lit. Zion, Jerusalem.
  410. Psalms 74:2 Remember [us]! [We're] your community. You purchased us [Hebrews from the world-system] long ago. [We're] the trunk of your [human] family tree. You bought Mount Zion to be your [earthly] home.
  411. Psalms 102:21 YHVH [redeems sinners, so they'll] conspicuously declare his name, [filling] the city-of-peace with [wild, improvisational] applause.
    note: or: “declare the name of YHVH beneath Mount Zion.”
  412. Psalms 130:7 Israel, hope in YHVH. YHVH eventually bends down his neck to [give his people] never-ending redemption.
  413. Proverbs 21:18 😇, criminals who pillage do-gooders end [up] paying [the price to set] righteous [people free].
  414. Ezekiel 16:55 When your sister-nations (Sodom and her daughter-cities) return to their former [homes], and Samaria and her daughter-cities return to their former [states], then you [Judea] and your daughter-cities return to your former [homeland].
  415. ObadiYAH 1:17 Mount Zion [shines, a monumental, guiding pillar] of deliverance for [Israel's] holy remnant [people]! The house of Jacob repossesses its stolen inheritance of delight!
    note: King Saul defeats the Edomites in the late 11th Century B.C. 40 years later, King David & general Joab defeat the Edomites in the ‘valley of salt’, (prob. near the Dead Sea). Edomite prince Hadad escapes south to Egypt. After David's death, Hadad returns to Israel. He starts a failed rebellion. He straggles north to Syria (Aramea). Edom remains a vassal-state of Israel. David (& Solomon) place governors over the Edomites. Israel divides into 2 kingdoms. Edom becomes a dependency of Judea. In the time of Jehoshaphat (c. 914 BC) the Tanakh mentions a king of Edom, probably an Israelite appointed by Judah. The inhabitants of Mount Seir, in conjunction with Ammon & Moab, invade Judea. The invaders turn against each other. They all die. Edom revolts against evil king Jehoram. Edom elects a king of its own. AmaziYah attacks and defeats most of the Edomites, seizing Selah. In the time of Nebuchadnezzar II the Edomites help plunder Jerusalem and slaughter the Judaeans. So Hebrew prophets denounce Edom.
  416. ZechariYAH 2:2 I ask, “Where are you going?” The measuring-man answers me, “To measure Jerusalem; to see its width and length.”
  417. ZechariYAH 2:12 [See the coming day, 😇, when] YHVH occupies Judea, his choice holy land. [YHVH] still chooses the City-Of-Peace.
  418. Luke 2:31 [YAH,] you've prepared [YahShua, your salvation] for all people-groups to see.
  419. Romans 11:12 So, 😇, the fall of the Jews [brings] riches for the world. The diminishing of the Jews brings wealth to the beast-nations. So the [Jews' full restoration] stands to bring much greater treasures!
  420. Romans 11:27 For this, 😇, is [a promise of] My covenant with the [Israelites]: I come to take away their sins.”
    note: (Isaiah 59:20,21; 27:9; Jeremiah 31:33,34)
  421. 1 Maccabees 5:23 Simon {Listener} rescues the Hebrews in Galilee, and in Arbattis, with their wives and their children, and all their [possessions and animals]. Simon takes them [under his wing]. He brings them [south] into Judaea, [dancing] in spiraling joy.
  422. Leviticus 27:7 [To ‘buy’ the elderly] of 60 years or more [out of avowed sanctuary service], pay 15 shekels for a male, and 10 shekels for a female.
  423. Leviticus 27:19 If you decide to redeem the dedicated field, you must pay the land's value as assessed by the priest, plus 20 percent. Then the field again belongs to you.
  424. Leviticus 27:24 [The donor can use the field in the meantime. But] in the year of Jubilee, the [donated] field returns [not to the donor, but] to the original [ancestral] owner, the [ultimate] possessor to whom the land always truly belonged.
  425. Numbers (Journeys) 19:10 Then the man who gathers the ashes (of the heifer) washes his clothes, 😇. [Everyone considers him potentially] contaminated for the rest of the day. This statutory process applies to the people of Israel, and to any foreigners staying among them, forever.
  426. Romans 11:15 [YAH's] rejection of [rogue] Jews leads to reconciling the world's [repenters to the kingdom of heaven]. So when [YAH] accepts [repentant] Jews, the dead [spring] to life, 😇!
  427. Galatians 3:27 All of you who live immersed in [the] Messiah's [authority] live ‘clothed’ with [the life of] Christ himself.
    note: Baptism here refers to total Spirit-union with Yahshua, not just dunking in water.
  428. Philemon 1:17 So if you are in fellowship with me, welcome your [old “useless” ex-slave] as you would welcome me, [your brother and spiritual leader].
  429. Philemon 1:19 I Paul write this [letter] with my own hand. [It's not a forgery. I'm offering to ‘buy’ [your slave] from you [to free him]. (Please, as payment, consider] that you owe me your very life.)
    note: Philemon owes Paul his life because Paul was the messenger who brought to Philemon the news of salvation.
  430. Baruch 5:5 Arise, [people of] Jerusalem. Stand on high, and look out toward the east, and see the Holy One [fulfill] his promise to gather your children from the west to the east. See them rejoice, commemorating Elohim's [goodness.]
  431. Leviticus 27:4 To buy a female [out of avowed service in my sanctuary], you pay 30 shekels.
  432. Leviticus 27:13 If the donor chooses, he can repurchase the [unclean animal] by paying 120% of the price you priests set.
  433. Leviticus 27:16 When you dedicate to YHVH a piece of your ancestral property, [the priest] assesses its [buyback] value by the amount of seed required to [plant it]—fifty shekels of silver for an area [that produces] five bushels of barley seed.
    note: Land is worth only the sum total of what it produces. A piece of land doesn't become valuable by being pretty, or large.
  434. Leviticus 27:20 But if the donor doesn't buy back the field before [the priest] sells the field to someone else, the donor loses the right of redemption, 😇.
    note: You can't transfer your right of redemption.
  435. Leviticus 27:27 If the [male firstborn] is from an unclean animal, then the owner can buy it back for 120% of the price the [priests] value it at. But if [the owner chooses not to] buy back [the baby animal], then the [priest] can sell it for whatever price the priest chooses.
  436. JeremiYAH 30:4 YHVH goes on to speak the [following] predictions about [north] Israel and Judea:
  437. ZephaniYAH 3:10 From beyond the rivers of Cush {Ethiopia}, [YAH's] suppliants, his dispersed daughters, bring [Him] offerings.
  438. Philemon 1:16 Onesimus {Useful} was your slave. [The nation around you considers Onsesimus to be your property to dispose of as you wish, Philemon.] But now your slave has become a beloved brother, especially to me, and moreso to you. [He's] both your brother in the human race, and in [spiritual union with] the Adonai!
  439. Hebrews 9:16 In order for a Last Will and Testament to function, 😇, the being who writes the Will must die. [The New Covenant is like the Messiah's Last Will and Testament.]
    note: In this will, Yahshua states that He wants anyone under His authority to be free from the devil's power. When Yahshua arose, YAH took away all the devil's authority and gave it to Yahshua. So any of the devil's slaves can volunteer to come under Yahshua's protection and authority.
  440. 2 Maccabees 1:29 Plant your people back in your holy place, as Moses predicted.
  441. Leviticus 27:3 You can buy out of my service a man 20-60 years old by paying 50 (sanctuary-standard) shekels of silver [1.25 pounds].
  442. Leviticus 27:17 If you dedicate [your] land immediately after a Year of Restoration [Jubilee], the full [buyback] price applies.
  443. IsaiYAH 4:3 Soon anyone left in Zion or in Jerusalem will be called ‘sacred’ [just because] they're recorded among the living [souls] in the City-Of-Peace.
  444. Hebrews 9:17 A Will goes into effect only upon death, 😇. A Will has zero force while its maker remains alive.
  445. Susanna vs. The Elders 1:60 With that, the whole assembly cries out with a loud voice, praising, [shouting,][YHVH] Elohim, [you] save everyone who trusts in [You]!”
  446. NehemiYAH 7:7 [These men led the exiles home:] Zerubbabel {Born-From-Babylon}, JahShua {YAH-Saves}, NehemiYah {YAH's-Comfort}, AzariYah {YAH-Helps}, RaamiYah [YAH-Shakes], Nahamani [Sigh-Of-Consolation], Mordecai {Pure-Myrrh}, Bilshan, Mispereth [Enumeration], Bigvai {In-My-Body}, Nehum [Comfort] and Baanah {Force}.
  447. 1 Maccabees 5:45 Then Judah [the Hammer] gathers together all the Israelites in the country of Gilead {Witness}, from the least to the greatest, including their wives, and their children, and their posessions, a very great host, to allow them to emigrate [to safety] in the land of Judaea.
  448. ObadiYAH 1:20 Exiled children of Israel, held prisoners by armies, return to seize the land of the Canaanite {Mercenaries}, all the way to Zarephath {Refinery}. The captives of Jersualem (previously held in Sepharad) take over the cities south [of Judea].
    note: Idumaeans controlled the [Arab] lands east and south of the Dead Sea. Hence the Book of Psalms says, “Moab is my washpot; over Edom I cast out my shoe.” Hebrew congregations would not receive descendants of a marriage between an Israelite and an Edomite until the 4th generation. In Rabbinic Literature, Edom becomes associated with Rome. Starting with the propaganda of the Bar Kokhba revolt, Edom becomes a slang word for Rome. Diaspora Italian Jews especially associated Rome with Edom.
  449. 1st Chronicles 9:10 The following priests [move back to Jerusalem]: JedaiYah {YAH-Knows}, JAHoiarib {JAH-Contends} and Jachin {Establisher},


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