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All who try to live righteous lives will suffer persecution and testing. You are being tested to see if you respond to disaster with love. If you're not suffering strong persecution, you're not living a righteous life.

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73 SCRIPTURE SECTIONS on the theme of Tribulation/Purification/testing

    Interactive Timeline
  1. Preachers Send True Believers To Court & Jail
  2. Never Worry At All Over Human Courts & Rulers
  3. Yahshua Predicts His Own Death & Resurrection
  4. Yahshua Opens Seal #5: Martyrs Die & Rest
  5. False Religion Drowns The Earth In Blood
  6. Rogue Rulers Beat, Then Release The Apostles
  7. Your Family May Kill You If You Follow Jesus
  8. Suffer For Doing Good, Not For Doing Evil
  9. Thugs Throw Daniel's Friends Into The Fire
  10. Weak Judeo-Christians Betray The Saints
  11. Babylonians Steal Camels, Murder Workmen
  12. Yahshua Predicts Persecution For You & Him
  13. Accept Your Future: Torture & Persecution
  14. The Mob Again Attempts To Murder Paul
  15. Super-Angel Predicts The Greek Empire's Fall
  16. Pervert King Herod Kills James & Jails Peter
  17. Lying Jews Drag Paul To A Roman Court
  18. You're Being Tested; Handle It Brave, Rightly
  19. Messiah Praises & Rebukes Christian 'Smyrna'
  20. True Believers Endure Murderous Hardship
  21. Every True Believer Suffers Cruel Persecution
  22. Saul (Paul) Consents To Poor Stephen's Murder
  23. The Illegal High Priest Arrests The Apostles
  24. Jews Rush In And Get Paul Nearly Murdered
  25. The Evil Israelites Murder Prophet Zechariah
  26. Your Life Comes From YAH's Word, Not Your $
  27. Jews Stir The War-God's City Into A Riot
  28. A Curse On ‘Judeo-Christian’ Oppressors
  29. Isaiah Explains How Suffering Purifies You
  30. Jeroboam Kicks YAH's Priests Out Of N. Israel
  31. Fake Christians Abandon The Real Christians
  32. Paul Addresses Jerusalem's Temple Mob
  33. Rejoice In Suffering & Trials & Rejection
  34. The Builders Set Watch Against The Invasion
  35. True Believers Suffer Horribly In This World
  36. Your Loving Creator Calls You Home
  37. Jesus Predicts His Death & Resurrection
  38. David Sings of Being Captured By Palestinians
  39. Stand Strong; Never Be Scared Of Your Enemies
  40. The More Pigs Harm Us, The Brighter We Shine
  41. A Prefiguration Of The Messiah's Death
  42. YAH Lifts Humble People High
  43. Babylonians Cast DaniEL Into The Lions’ Den
  44. The Babylonian Torturers Heat The Fire To Melt Steel
  45. Angels Command John To Measure The 'Temple'
  46. Suffer For Doing Good; Accept Libel & Slander
  47. Yahshua Predicts His Death
  48. Paul Addresses The Jews in Rome
  49. Jeremiah Prays Voicing Jerusalem's Repentance
  50. David Nearly Dies Of Cruel Oppressive Attacks
  51. Paul Says His Final Goodbye To His Companions
  52. Cops Tear Jerusalem Apart Hunting For Peter
  53. David Thirsts For YAH Like A Deer Hunts Water
  54. Evil Schemers Attack David For Doing Good
  55. Christ Helps AnaniYAH Restore Saul's Sight
  56. The Girl's Owners Get Paul & Silas Beaten
  57. A Voice Tells Abraham To Cook His Son!
  58. Rogue Jews Stir Up The Crowd To Kill Paul
  59. Job Defends Himself Against Bildad's Attacks
  60. True Disciples Persevere To Nurture Converts
  61. Job Defends Himself Against ELiphaz's Attack
  62. Mordecai Informs Esther of Haman's Evil Plot
  63. YAH Purifies Us With Struggles
  64. Joyfully Accept Challenge And Pain
  65. Asaph Laments The Desolation Of Judea
  66. Evil Sanballat Plans His Multi-Army Attack
  67. Job Tries To Shut Up His Religionist Ex-Pals
  68. Paul's Slave Ship Wrecks On The Isle Of Malta
  69. Idol-Town's Thugs Conspire To Kill Paul & Co.
  70. Job Answers ELiphaz' False Accusations
  71. From His Dungeon-Cell, Paul Sends An Envoy
  72. Trapped Paul Sends Envoys With YAH's Message
  73. Atheism Causes Empty Hedonism And Addiction


430 SCRIPTURES on the theme of Tribulation/Purification/testing

  1. Matthew 5:10 Blessed are the [people] whom [oppressors] chase [down and persecute] for being righteous, 😇. The Kingdom of Heaven belongs to [sufferers].
  2. Luke 6:23 Every day [when men hurt you,] rejoice, 😇! Dance! Leap for joy! See! [Every pain you endure for me on earth piles more] treasure on your vast reward in heaven. [Today's world] hates my followers, the same way its ancestors hated and tortured [YAH's] prophets. [But like the ancient prophets, you too eventually forget all your worldly troubles, 😇. You live on to enjoy an eternity of bliss and power.]
  3. Matthew 10:17 😇, beware of humans! They'll deliver you up to councils, [local courts]. They'll [physically, mentally, emotionally, and/or spiritually] scourge/whip/beat & flog you in their [educational and religious institutions].
    note: Lit: synagogues. Don't be naive. People will impugn your motives and smear your reputation.
  4. Matthew 10:18 Because [you represent] me, [soldiers and/or policemen] come to bring you [to trial] before governors and kings, to witness to them and [to] the Nations.
    note: Your obedience to Yahshua brings you into conflict with the world's so-called ‘laws.’ Conflict Of Law rages between Ecclesiastical Law vs. Commercial Law. Get happy when people haul you before their civil ‘authorities.’ Without knowing it, they've done YAH's will, giving you a platform for trumpeting the Kingdom news!
  5. Matthew 24:9 Then [jealous mankind] arrests you [for obeying me], 😇. [Even your fellow Judeo-Christians] send you to be tortured! They kill you, 😇! All nations come to hate you, 😇, because you carry my Name-Authority, [not theirs].
    note: Great news, Jeezus! Can we go to the church volleyball camp-out now? They're gonna teach us to say the pledge of allegiance!
  6. Matthew 26:68 The [mob of religionists bury YahShua under a flurry of punches]. They mock him. They scream, “Prophesy to us, you [false] Messiah! [Tell us which one of us just] hit you!”
  7. Matthew 27:30 The soldiers spit on YahShua. They grab the stick [from his hand]. They beat him on the head.
  8. Mark 13:11 Now, 😇, when [cops, rabble and soldiers] lead you [under arrest] and hand you over [to judges], never worry beforehand about what you'll say. Don't premeditate, 😇. [Don't study legal procedure out of worry. Don't anxiously rehearse speeches for legal confrontations.] Rather, say whatever [words YAH] gives you when the time comes. For it won't be you speaking, 😇, but [YAH's] Sacred Spirit.
    note: Keep silent in explicit legal confrontations, as well as minor confrontations with people in the office, at a park, or a church.
  9. Luke 9:58 YahShua answers the [La-z-Boy christian], “Foxes have holes, and sky-birds have nests, 😇. But [I,] the [highest] ‘Son of Adam’ [have] nowhere to lay [my] head.”
    note: Follow Christ and you're gonna be sleeping outside sometimes, on cold, hard, wet rocks.
  10. Luke 12:11 And, 😇, when the [worldlings and religionists] bring you before the [punitive councils of] educational institutions, and judges, and ‘authorities,’ take no thought how or [with] what [defense] you will answer, or what you will say:
  11. John 16:33 😇, I've spoken these [truths] to you so that, united with me, you can have peace. In this world-system you WILL suffer tribulation, 😇. But take heart! I have overcome the world!”
    note: Past-tense. The Messiah already won your battles over 2000 years ago. You'll be at your victory celebration before you know it.
  12. 2nd Corinthians 4:17 [Even being beaten, jailed and murdered is a] light and momentary pressure, 😇. [Torture] achieves for us [believers] an eternal glory that far outweighs all [the] anguish [the world has ever seen].
  13. 2nd Corinthians 12:10 So I accept [the] weaknesses, insults, hardships, persecutions and distress that I suffer for the Messiah. For when I'm weak, 😇, then I [get] strength [from YAH].
  14. 2nd Timothy 3:12 Yes, 😇. Everyone who lives [a] sacred [separatist life as a member of the political Body of the] Messiah (YahShua) eventually suffers persecution.
  15. 1st Kings 22:27 —Tell [the jailers], king [Ahab] commands, ‘[Lock] this [prophet] in the prison, to eat suffering for food, and distress for water, until I [ride home] in peace.’”
    note: In other words: “Deny Micah food and water. Torture him several times a day”.
  16. 2nd Chronicles 18:26 King [Ahab] continues, “Order [the governor] to throw [MicaYah] into the prison, and to feed him only a starvation [diet] of [rotten] bread and [dirty] water, until I return [from battle] in health.”
    note: False leaders persecute true prophets.
  17. Job 1:11 —But stretch out your hand now. Strike everything Job has. Then he'll curse you to your face.”
  18. Mark 8:31 YahShua begins to reveal [his immediate future] to his disciples: [I,] the ‘Son of Adam’, [soon] suffer many tortures. The [Jewish] elders, the chief priests, and the religious writers [and lawyers] reject [me]. They assassinate [me]. But after 3 days, [I] rise again.”
    note: ‘3 [literal, complete 72-hour] days’ = buried on Wednesday sundown as the special Passover ‘Sabbath’ begins, then raised Saturday evening as the normal 7th-day Sabbath ends and the work week begins.
  19. Mark 15:20 The soldiers [get sick of] mocking YahShua. [So, 😇,] they strip off the purple [robe] from his body. [They] put his own clothes on Him. They lead him outside to nail him to a stake.
  20. Luke 21:12 But before all those [disasters happen, 😇, you disciples get arrested by religious, political and commercial villains]. They seize you. They persecute you. They hand you over to [courts and educational & religious juridical councils. They throw you] into prisons. They haul you [to trial] before kings and rulers. [All] because [you only obey my Authority and you insist on using my Name: YahShua].
  21. Luke 22:44 YahShua's agonized prayers grow severe, 😇. Sweat & blood drip out [of his pores]. [Red drops] fall [from his skin] to the ground.
    note: Hematohidrosis is a condition in which capillary blood vessels that feed the sweat glands rupture, causing them to exude blood, occurring under conditions of extreme physical or emotional stress.—Dr. Freddrick Z., ‘Hematidrosis‘ Severe mental anxiety activates the sympathetic nervous system to invoke the stress-fight or flight reaction to such a degree as to cause hemorrhage of the vessels...—Indian Journal of Dermatology
  22. Acts 5:41 The [wounded, bruised] disciples [sprint out of] the Sanhedrin, spinning around with joy because [YAH] counted them worthy to suffer shame [to advance] YahShua's Name-Authority.
  23. Romans 8:36 As [David] writes, “In their [war against YAH, the worldlings] massacre [us true believers] 24/7/365. [The infidels] count us as sheep [in their] butcher-pens.”
    note: Sheep for the slaughter. On judgment day you'll learn that Satan used your tax dollars to murder innocent saints, to steal children from believing parents, to create a world-matrix of slave-drones.
  24. 2nd Corinthians 11:25 3 times [thugs] beat [me] with bats. Once [a mob] stoned me. 3 times I suffered shipwreck. I spent a night and a day drowning in the open sea, 😇.
    note: Pain and torture is what you sign up for when you become a disciple of Jesus. Not church bake-sales and pot-luck suppers.
  25. 2nd Corinthians 11:26 In my many [missionary] travels I live in constant danger from rivers and floods, from bandits, from my own [Jewish] countrymen, from beast-nationals, 😇. I face danger in city streets, peril in the desert, death on the high-seas, treachery among false ‘Christian brothers.’
    note: Still wanna be a missionary of ‘Christ?’ Or maybe you'd rather be a missionary of the New World Order, like the rest of the pharmaceutical-political shills. Their benefit package is the best in the world. In the afterlife, however, the tables turn.
  26. 2nd Corinthians 11:27 I toil in weary exhaustion, 😇. [I live] wracked with pain. [I] often stay up all night on watch waiting for murderers to attack me. In hunger and thirst, I routinely fast for long stretches, in the cold, [nearly] naked, [exposed to snow, rain, hail, wind. I wear more holes than clothes!]
    note: REAL Christians go through REAL pain for the gospel. Have you gone through any REAL pain for the gospel?
  27. Hebrews 11:25 [Moses] chooses to suffer affliction with the people of [YHVH] the Eloah, over enjoying the pleasures of sin for a [this life's fleeting] ‘season’.
  28. Hebrews 11:37 [Villains] stone many of us [believers] with [rocks], saw us in two, tempt us, slay us with swords. Many faithful people wander [the earth] in sheepskins and goatskins: destitute, afflicted, tormented, 😇.
  29. Apocalypsis (Revelation) 6:9 The Lamb opens the [book's] 5th seal, 😇. Under the altar I see the souls of [martyrs whom persecutors] murdered for [heralding] the word of [YHVH] the Eloah, and for telling [what they'd seen and heard].
    note: Bearing their testimony.
  30. Apocalypsis (Revelation) 6:10 [The martyrs] cry with a loud voice, 😇, praying, “How long, [YHVH] Adonai, holy and true, until you judge and avenge our blood on the [murderous] earth-dwellers?”
  31. Apocalypsis (Revelation) 12:17 The dragon [fumes] with anger [at] the “woman.” He [flies off, 😇,] to make war with the remnant of [the woman's] seed: [we saints] who guard the commandments of YAH, and [who] bear the evidence [proving that] YahShua [the] Messiah [is king of the universe].
    note: We are part of the group personified here as the "woman" whom the dragon hates and wars against, if we: 1) keep the commandments of YHWH as preserved in the Hebrew scriptures, (as opposed to the 'Jewish' counterfeit,) and 2) guard and speak the actual testimony of Yahshua as preserved in the Newer Testament scriptures, (as opposed to its Christianite churchianity counterfeit).
  32. 1st Kings 19:10 [EliJah] replies, “I've been very zealous for [you,] YHVH Elohim over armies. But the sons of Israel have forsaken your covenant. They've thrown down your altars. They've slain your prophets with the sword. Only I, just me, am left. And [Jezebel's soldiers are] hunting my life, [dying] to take it away.”
  33. NehemiYAH 4:11 And our adversaries mock, “The [Hebrews] will fail to learn [about] or [even] see our invasion. We'll rush into their midst! We'll murder them! That'll make their work stop!”
  34. JeremiYAH 11:19 I've lived like a lamb or an ox whom [butchers] haul to the slaughter, 😇. I've stayed clueless to the devices the [religionists] scheme against me. They [whisper], “Let's destroy the tree with its fruit. Let's cut off the [true prophet] from the land of the living, so his name never again comes to [darken humanity's] mind.”
  35. JeremiYAH 38:6 So the [palace administrators] seize JeremiYah {YAH-Rises}. [They haul him] to the prison-yard. They cast him into the dungeon of the king's [evil] son (MalchiYah {YAH's-King}). They lower JeremiYah with ropes into a waterless, muddy cistern, 😇! He sinks into the mud.
    note: Spread false religion, you get applauded. Spread YAH's true Word, and you eat mud.
  36. Daniel 3:19 Nebuchadnezzar [boils over in] fury. His face [turns demon-purple. His former respect vanishes to murderous rage] against Shadrach, Meshach and Abed-Nego. The Emperor screams, commanding the [soldiers,] “Heat the [execution] furnace 7 times hotter than normal!”
  37. Daniel 3:21 [Huge warriors lunge at the Hebrew boys.] The soldiers rope-tie the [Hebrew] men ([fully clothed] in their cloaks, their pants [tunics], and their turbans, and their other clothes). [The thugs run to] throw the [boys] into the middle of the blazing hot furnace, 😇!
  38. Daniel 3:22 The Emperor [screams] for the [stokers] to super-heat the furnace. The soldiers carry Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego up [the furnace-stairway. They toss the boys into the furnace's mouth!] Flames of fire [lick up] and [burn the soldiers] to death!
  39. Daniel 7:21 I watch as this [arrogant little] horn [attacks &] makes war against [YAH's] holy [separated people], and prevails against them.
    note: By the 20th century, true Christianity had been defeated and *almost* completely removed from planet earth, leaving only a few straggling persecuted and marginalized prophets, surrounded and attacked by authority-less preachers guarding the white-washed tombs of false money-driven churches owned by the world-system. See Revelation 13:7.
  40. Daniel 11:31 [Epiphanes barks his order. Greek] armed forces rush [south into Judaea]. They seize the [Jewish] sanctuary [as their] stronghold. They pollute [YAH's temple. They] forbid the daily [food preparation. Thus they starve out the priests, the helpless and the worshipers. Greek soldiers slaughter men, women and children on the Sabbath. They install a statue of Zeus (theos) in the Holy Temple. They sacrifice a pig on the Holy Altar,] causing the abomination that brings desolation.
    note: See 1 Macc 1:44-54. Sacrificing a pig on the altar is the same sin as feeding people hot dogs (pureed dead pig anus) at a church picnic. It's an abomination. This prophecy finds cyclical repetition throughout history. See Matt 24:15 and Dan 9:27. Wherever you see dead pig flesh willfully eaten and served by people who claim to serve the Almighty, it's highly likely that those people are imposters without authority. This history repeats itself: in 2020, demon-posessed leaders worldwide forbade the group-celebration of sabbaths, specifically targeting all 3 major Hebrew feast-weeks, even in Israel! Such lockdowns are prime, unmistakable end-times trigger events. Even worse than sacrificing pigs is the injection into human flesh of of aborted-baby cells and infected monkey-kidney pus, key ingredients in the the mandated vaccines.
  41. Daniel 11:35 And some [believers] who understand [YAH's will] still fall, to test them, and to purge them [of evil], and to make them pure [as the driven snow]. This [testing] continues until the end [of the world, because YAH has] so appointed.
    note: This is a pivotal transition verse. Here the story moves on to the end-times. Many scholars mistake the end of Daniel 11 as continuing to refer in error to Antiochus Epiphanes.
  42. Amos 9:9 Watch! I command [angels to] jolt-to-and-fro, sifting the house of Israel in a worldwide sieve [of persecution] among all Beast-nations, like [farmers] sift corn in a strainer. Yet not the smallest [good] grain falls [to waste] upon the earth.
    note: Yah shakes out all sin. Not one pure-hearted Israelite fails to inherit eternal life. But millions of spiritualy-impure Israelites perish forever.
  43. Matthew 10:23 So when the [evil religio-political leaders and their goons] persecute you in one city, 😇, you flee into another [town]. For I tell you the rock-solid [truth]: [I,] the ‘Son of Adam’, visibly return before you [disciples] finish [traveling] through all the towns of Israel.
    note: This has a double meaning: (1) Yahshua came back quickly after he was killed, and (2) The people of "Israel" are so stubbornly opposed to recognizing Yahshua as their Messiah, and there are so vanishingly few people spreading the real gospel of salvation (that comes only through enduring to the end), that it takes 2000+ years until the Jews have all even given a hearing to the true Gospel.
  44. Matthew 13:20 And the stony ground on which the farmer plants seed represents people who hear [YAH's] word, and at once with joy receive it, 😇.
  45. Matthew 23:34 You watch, [religionites]: I keep sending to you prophets, wise men & [true] Law experts. You kill & impale some of my messengers. You [mentally, emotionally and physically] scourge some of my emissaries in your educational & religious institutions. [You] persecute my [holy ones. You chase saints like runaway criminals] from city to city.
    note: Yahshua is quoting YAH's words from [the Apocryphal] Esdras 1:32 and 2:32. Generation after generation, religious people of all classes treat YAH's real workers like dirt. Preachers murder us with lynch mobs. Hypocrites hound us with abuse.
  46. Mark 4:7 Some seed[s] fall among thorn-bushes. [Brambles] grow up. They strangle the seedlings. So the seedlings [fail to] yield any [grain] fruit.
  47. Mark 13:9 You must [constantly] stay on your guard, 😇! For [if you do what I say, corrupt mankind, especially religious and political leaders], soon arrest you, 😇. They hand you over to courts and councils. They beat you, 😇. [They physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually abuse you] in [religious & educational institutions]. [Cops and soldiers] drag you, 😇, [to face mockery & trial on false accusations in the judgment halls of] governors & kings. [All] because [you refuse to raise your right hand to swear oaths of loyalty to them. All because] you obey no man except me. [In these legal confrontations,] you, 😇, witness to, and testify against, the [world and its evil Satanic leaders].
    note: Arrest is the believer's opportunity to tell the world about Christ.
  48. Mark 14:65 Some [council members] start spitting on YahShua. [Religionists] slap a bag over YahShua's face. They beat YahShua with their fists, 😇. They mock Him, screaming, “Prophesy! [Guess who hit you!]” The [‘church’ security] guards join in slapping [and punching] YahShua.
    note: ‘Who hit you that time, you prophet?‘
  49. Luke 4:2 [In that hostile desert,] the Devil tempts YahShua for 40 days. All that time YahShua eats nothing at all, 😇! When the 40 days are over, YahShua [lies] starving.
  50. Luke 18:32 [The religionists hand me,] the ‘Son of Adam,’ over to [Roman] beast-nationals. [Jews and Romans alike] mock [me]. [They] treat [me] shamefully. [They] spit on [me].
  51. Acts 5:40 The [Jewish] council agrees with GamaliEl {El's-Reward}. The council calls the apostles. The [religionists flay, scourge, thrash, punch and] beat the [Christians]. The council [again] commands the apostles, “Never speak in the Name [& Authority] of YahShua!” Then the council lets the [bleeding] apostles go.
  52. Acts 8:1 Saul [Paul] stands there [at the stoning], consenting to Stephen's murder, 😇! Starting that day, a great persecution [flares up like wildfire] against the ekklesia at Jerusalem. [Killers] scatter all the [believers] throughout Judaea and Samaria. Only the [12] apostles [stay bold enough to face certain death in Jerusalem].
    note: Salt leaving the saltshaker.
  53. Acts 12:3 [Pedophile-king] Herod sees that killing James {Heel-Grabber} pleased the Jews. So (during the Feast of Unleavened Bread) Herod proceeds to seize Peter {Rock}.
  54. Acts 20:23 I only know that the Sacred Spirit warns me in every city, saying that prison and persecution face me.
  55. Acts 22:4 So I persecuted [the followers of] this [Christian] ‘Way’ to the death. [I] bound [believers in chains]. I delivered both men and women into prisons.
    note: “The Way” refers to the followers of Yahshua and his teachings.
  56. Acts 22:20 So when the [Jews] shed the blood of your martyr Stephen, I was [there] standing by. I consented to Stephen's death! I guarded the clothing of the [murderers] who slew him.’
  57. Acts 26:10 And [opposing YahShua] is just what I did in Jerusalem: On the authority of the [rogue] chief priests I put many of [YAH's] sacred-ones in prison. Then when [our goon squads] put the [saints] to death, I cast my vote [to murder] them!
    note: Paul admits that he conspired to murder many saints.
  58. Acts 26:11 Often, in every synagogue, I punished people who separated [from the world-system]. I tried to force them to blaspheme. In my obsession against [Christians,] I even traveled [thousands of miles] to foreign cities to persecute them.
  59. 1st Corinthians 4:11 😇, to this very hour we [apostles] hunger [and] thirst. We roam naked [dressed in rags]. [We suffer] torturous abuse. We enjoy no fixed dwelling place. [Society shuns us apostles as despised homeless vagrants!]
    note: Christ's true missionaries get ignored by the churches, left without support. Meanwhile, decoy-missionaries do the devil's tasks, such as trapping people in the world's financial, legal and pharmaceutical dependency systems. The charlatans get all the funding they need.
  60. 1st Corinthians 4:13 [People hurl] slander [at us, 😇]. We answer kindly. [People] to this day [treat us like decaying, diseased corpses of criminals,] the scum of the earth, the refuse of the world.
    note: Believers were (and are) in the eyes of the world powers, condemned criminals (noxii), slaves, captives, deserters with no chance of survival from certain butchery in the arena, either at the hands of gladiators or from wild animals. Heaven's ambassadors are these noxii; despised, hated, brutally subjected to prolonged, humiliating death. Like the noxii, the apostles lie homeless, naked or nearly naked (4:11). The apostles get treated like 'refuse and scum' (4:13). Into burn-pits, trash-collectors threw the decomposing dead bodies of the noxii after they died in Gladiatorial spectacles. We [true believers] are the ‘low and despised things of the world’ through which Yah has chosen to prove his wisdom to the world (1:25-28). None of these descriptions match anyone in paid leadership at any church building you're likely to see.
  61. 2nd Corinthians 6:5 😇, we [true Christians] get beaten and thrown in jail. We face angry mobs. We work to exhaustion. [We] endure sleepless nights [on watch, waiting to be attacked]. We [starve for days] without food.
    note: While fake Christians play on their electronic devices.
  62. 2nd Corinthians 11:23 Are [your paid liar preachers] ministers of [the] Messiah, 😇? (I'm still mocking their foolish bragging.) I'm more Messiah's servant that they are: I've worked harder, [had thugs] beat me [to a pulp] more times than anyone could count, been imprisoned [while the liars lay on their couches stuffing their faces]. I've survived many [successful and attempted] murders!
    note: Who are you gonna' help, listen to, obey and emulate?
  63. The well-paid liar preacher with dentist-fresh teeth, a nice clean suit, and a big house on the hill?
  64. Or the real prophet who's in and out of jail, always between homes, with cuts on his face, teeth knocked out, stumbling like a zombie ripped apart by wild beasts?
  65. Your choice determines your eternal destiny. And you're probably making the wrong choice.
  66. 2nd Corinthians 11:24 😇, five times the Jews [scorpion-whipped] me with [the deadly] “forty lashes minus one.”
    note: 39 lashes you might survive. 40 and you're dead.
  67. 2nd Corinthians 11:33 But, 😇, I escaped [the murderous governor, the king, and their army]. [I] climbed through a window. [A believer] lowered me down the wall in a basket!
    note: There. You can follow me and the Messiah to a torturous penniless death. Or you can follow the wallets of fancy-pants paid liar preachers. Your choice.
  68. 1st Thessalonians 2:14 Like you, 😇, YHVH’s Judaean Ekklesiae are [parts of the political body of] YahShua the Messiah. You [Greco-Roman] brothers follow in the footsteps of the Judaean believers. You suffer the same [persecution] (from your countrymen) that the Judaean believers [suffered] from the Jews.
  69. Hebrews 2:10 For it's right and proper, 😇, that in bringing many [of earth's] children to glory, [YHVH] (from Whom and by Whom all things exist) makes the captain of [humanity's] salvation a perfect leader, perfected through suffering.
    note: Again clearly stating that YHVH created the universe.
  70. Hebrews 11:35 Some believing women receive their loved ones resurrected from death. Still other believers endure torture, preferring to die rather than turn from YAH to escape [suffering]. These martyrs place their hope in the resurrection to a better life.
    note: paraphrase
  71. Hebrews 11:36 Many believers live mocked, their backs cut open with whips. Many [of us] lie chained in dungeons, 😇.
  72. 1st Peter 2:19 For it's commendable, 😇, when a man endures grief, suffering wrongfully, because he wants to obey Elohim.
  73. 1st Peter 4:12 Beloved 😇, don't think it's strange that YAH allows fiery trials to come and test you. Nothing bizarre is happening to you.
  74. Apocalypsis (Revelation) 2:10 Fear none of the [ordeals] you'll suffer, 😇. Look: the devil casts some of you [believers] into prison, so that [YAH] can test [and purify] you. You will endure tribulation [for] ‘ten days.’ Be faithful [right up] to [your] death. THEN I give you a crown of life.
    note: ‘Ten days’ may be symbolic language for ‘a plenitude of days.’ That is, all the days of your life you endure some form of trouble.
  75. Apocalypsis (Revelation) 6:11 [Angels] give white robes to each of the martyrs. Then [YahShua] says to [the martyrs,] “Rest for a little while, until [persecutors] murder all of your fellow-servants. [YAH] has destined [many of] your brothers to be killed as you were.
    note: YAH planned for you churchgoers to be crucified. But you got a job, a mortgage, and the mark of the beast instead.
  76. Deuteronomy 8:5 You must also consider in your heart, that like a man training his son, YHVH your Elohim is disciplining you, 😇.
  77. 1st Kings 18:4 (For when Jezebel {Baal-Seeker} [had earlier] cut [down most of] the prophets of YHVH, ObadiYah {Obey-YAH} [risked his life]. He smuggled 100 prophets [out of Samaria]. He hid them in 2 groups of 50 in [2] caves. He supplied them with food and water.)
  78. 2nd Kings 6:14 So [the Syrian Emperor] sends horses and chariots and a huge army [80km southwest to capture EliShua]. They approach the [north Israeli] city [of Dothan] by night. They completely surround it.
  79. 2nd Chronicles 24:21 But the [evil populace] conspires against [ZechariYah]. At the commandment of king [JAHoash,] they stone [the prophet] with rocks in the courtyard of YHVH's temple!
  80. Esther 7:4 —We've been sold, I and my people. [Your armies now amass] to destroy, kill, exterminate [us]. If we'd [merely] been sold as contract-slaves and bondwomen, I'd be holding my tongue. But this distress can never be compensated for. [The killing of my people will irreparably] damage [your] royal [Empire].”
    note: Killing the Jews will destroy any empire. No matter how bad the Jews are, harming them is an affront to YHVH himself.
  81. Esther 7:5 The Emperor growls to queen Esther, “Who is the [villain]? Where is the man who dared presume in his heart to [kill you and your people]?”
    note: Prime Minister Haman immediately soils his royal britches. He pees his Imperial underpants.
  82. Job 1:17 While that messenger [stands screaming], yet another messenger [storms] up [to Job. The messenger cries,] “The Chaldeans formed 3 [raiding] bands. They fell upon [your] camels and carried them away! Worse, they murdered [all your] workers with the ‘bite’ of the sword. I alone escaped to tell you!”
  83. Job 3:26 I have no peace, no quietness. I [enjoy] no rest. Yet turmoil keeps coming.”
  84. Psalms 22:16 Dogs surround me. The wicked mob enclose me. They pierce my hands and my feet.
    note: Likely a prophecy of the crucifixion.
  85. Psalms 22:18 [My enemies] part my garments among them. They cast lots, [gambling] for my clothes.
    note: Likely a prophecy of the crucifixion.
  86. Psalms 57:4 I'm a panting-animal surrounded by giant-lions. I lie down on a [bed of] fire, 😇. Adam-spawn [gnash] me with their spear-teeth and arrow-fangs. [They stab me] with their sharp sword-tongues.
  87. Psalms 116:15 YHVH views his kind-ones as his precious, [priceless children]. [So pity the fools who] kill [believers].
    note: #2623 chaciyd implies both kindness and separation from the evil world-system.
  88. IsaiYAH 48:10 Look, 😇. I refine you. But instead of melting you like silver, I try you in the furnace of oppression.
    note: In the crucible of humiliation.
  89. JeremiYAH 15:10 [Jeremiah laments,] “Woe, my mother. You birthed me, a man [whom YAH calls to stir societal] controversy, a man [whose beliefs bring] contention to the whole earth! I've never been a [greedy interest-taking] lender. I never even borrow. Yet every [human] short-changes [and curses] me.
  90. JeremiYAH 37:21 So king ZedekYah {YAH's-Right} commands [his brutes] to cage JeremiYah {YAH-Rises} in [the palace] prison-yard, and to give [JeremiYah] a daily bread-cake from the bakers’ street, until the siege comes to exhaust all the food in the city. So JeremiYah stays in the prison-yard.
  91. Lamentations 3:52 Without cause, my enemies viciously chase me, 😇, like [I'm] a bird [they crave to devour].
  92. Ezekiel 3:8 Watch me place your bold face against their faces, your hard forehead against their foreheads, 😇.
  93. Ezekiel 34:6 My sheep wander through all [earth's] mountains, [stranded] on every high hill. Yes, my flock [lies] scattered over the entire face of the earth, 😇. No one searches or follows after them.”
  94. Daniel 3:23 Meanwhile, these 3 [brave Hebrew] men (Shadrach, Meshach and Abed-nego,) tumble down, tied in ropes, into the middle of the blazing hot furnace, 😇!
  95. Daniel 6:17 [Soldiers] bring a [huge] stone. They lay it on the mouth of the [lion's] den. The Emperor, [crying,] seals [the cave entrance] with his own signet [ring], and with the signet [rings] of his lords; [guaranteeing] that the death sentence against DaniEl can't be escaped.
  96. Daniel 8:11 This [Roman horn-power] exalts itself so [obscenely that it] fights [YHVH], the Chief of [heaven's] host. [This little horn-power] rips off [Jerusalem's] daily [provisions for Hebrew health, educational, welfare and spiritual services]. [The horn] throws down [YAH's ] sanctuary.
    note: Little Horn-Power = Rome. Little in the sense of being small-minded. But vast in military force. Rome destroyed Jerusalem's temple in AD70. Even worse, to this day, the Romanized world-system destroys true believers (the real temple of YAH's spirit).
  97. Daniel 11:33 [YAH's few remaining] wise people instruct many [saints in how to avoid falling for pagan benefit-traps]. Yet the [wise-ones] get [betrayed by their fellow ‘believers.’ So wise believers] fall by the sword, or [die in] flames, or [rot in] slave-camps, or [starve. Pagans and their appeasers] rob the [holy-ones] of [everything they need to sustain life. This oppression goes on for] many days.
    note: Hasidean Jews resisted pagan encroachment, as do the Hasidic [holy] Jews today dancing in New York's streets while NYC cops push them into jail. Real Jews and real Christians suffer death rather than make contracts with pagans. So there are currently almost no authentic Jews nor authentic Christians on planet earth. Every bite that goes into most peoples' mouths comes directly from slave-contracts with the world-system. (Did you ever think about what atrocities you agreed to when you signed that application for a bank account or a driver's license?)
  98. Jonah 1:4 But YHVH hurls [a] great wind over the [Mediterranean] sea, 😇! A mighty tempest [stirs] the waters. The ship starts cracking into shards [of teakwood]!
  99. MicaYah 3:3 [Oppressor-leaders] devour the flesh of [YAH's] people. [Pigs] flay the skin off of [separatist-saints]. [Dogs] crunch [holy] bones. [Criminals] chop [righteous people] into pieces. [Good people die] like carnage in a pot, like meat floating in a caldron.
  100. Malachi 3:3 [The Messiah] sits [on heaven's judgment seat] refining [angels and people]. He's like a purifier of silver. [He] cleans up the heirs to [the Priesthood of] Levi {Uniter}. [The Messiah] strains, [extracts & clarifies leaders] like [a metallurgist refines] gold and silver. So we [saints] become champions, 😇. We [defy death]. We approach YHVH's throne [of supra-atomic fire] to offer [him our meager] righteous [acts].
  101. Matthew 2:13 After the wise men depart, the angel of YHVH appears to Joseph {Increaser} in a dream. [The angel] says, “Arise. Take [YahShua] (the child) and his mother. Flee into Egypt. Stay there until I bring you word. For Herod will hunt for [YahShua] the child, to assassinate him.”
  102. Matthew 16:21 From that time forward, YahShua begins to clarify to his disciples how he [is destined to] go to Jerusalem and endure much suffering at [the hands of] the [hypocritical religious] elders and chief priests and religious-writers & lawyers. [YahShua tells the disciples (but the disciples fail to understand) that those religious drones of Satan] are going to assassinate YahShua, and that 3 days after his murder, [YAH] will raise him to life.
  103. Matthew 17:23 [Judaea's religious & governmental hypocrites, backed by the masses,] soon come to murder [me, 😇]. But 3 days later [YAH] raises [me from the dead].” The disciples [cry,] overwhelmed with sadness.
    note: Yahshua predicted his death in code, calling himself the ‘Son of Adam.‘ Just like us, the disciples focus on death, not resurrection. We should be living our lives in hope of resurrection. Instead, we live in ‘bondage to the fear of death’.
  104. Matthew 20:19 Then [the religionites] arrest [me,] the ‘Son of Adam.’ [They whip me in chains.] [Their] beast-national [Roman soldiers] mock, scourge & impale [me]. Yet, the 3rd day [after they kill me, I] rise again.”
    note: Christ didn't rise on Easter morning, math-challenged Christianites.
  105. Mark 15:18 The [demon-possessed] soldiers stare, 😇, mock-saluting YahShua, “Hail, King of the Jews!”
  106. Luke 24:26 [Didn't the prophets foretell that] the Messiah would have to suffer [total rejection, torture and death] before entering His glory?”
  107. John 19:6 The chief priests and [their] guards see YahShua. They cry out, screaming, “Impale him, crucify him!” Pilate shouts to the [Judaean mob], “You take YahShua and impale him! I find no charge against him.”
  108. John 21:18 I tell you the rock-solid truth: During [these] your younger years you clothe yourself. You walk wherever you want. But [soon] you grow old. You stretch out your hands. Someone else dresses you. [They] carry you where you least want to go — [to inverted crucifixion].”
  109. Acts 5:21 The apostles hear & obey [YAH's] angel. So they enter [Jerusalem's] Temple early in the morning. [They defy death by] teaching [‘heresy’]. Meanwhile, [Judaea's] high priest meets with his associates. He calls the [ruling] council together with the whole senate of the Elders of Israel. He sends [soldiers] to the prison to bring the apostles to [their sham-trial].
  110. Acts 14:19 Then some Jewish [thugs race their war-horses south into Lystra] from Antioch and Iconic {Idol-Town}. The [thugs] win over the crowd. So the [crowd] stones Paul! They drag him outside the city. [There they leave him] for dead, 😇.
    note: Here it's not clear whether Paul was actually dead. He was definitely injured badly enough to be declared dead.
  111. Acts 17:6 Failing to find Paul and Silas {Woodsman}, the mob drag Jason {Curer} and other [Christian] brothers to the rulers of the city, crying, “These [men] who have turned the world upside down have now invaded [our city]!
    note: True Christianity turns the world upside down. False Christianity milks the world for tithing donations.
  112. Acts 22:22 The crowd listens to Paul until he says this, 😇. Then they raise their voices. [They] scream, ‘Rid the earth of Paul! He's not fit to live!’
  113. 1st Corinthians 4:10 We [prophets] barrel ahead full-speed for [the] Messiah's sake. But (in [obeying] the Messiah,) you [procrastinating pew-warmers sit, scared,] cautious, [inactive], 😇! We [apostles struggle in] weakness, while you [worldly christians wield] force. You [part-time, corrupted 'Christians' bask in worldly society's] honor. While we [full-time messengers of the Messiah wallow] in humiliation.
    note: Compromising religionites masquerade as Christ's followers. Fools become famous and rich pseudo-Christian leaders and celebrities. The true prophets get despised by the masses. Fakers employ and court the support of military and police powers. Real Christians get beat up and killed by cops and soldiers.
  114. 1st Corinthians 4:12 We [apostles] labor. We work with our own hands, 😇. [People] revile us. Yet we bless them. [People] persecute us. Yet we [patiently] suffer.
  115. 2nd Corinthians 11:32 In Damascus, the [Syrian] governor, acting under [orders from] king Aretas, kept the city under the guard of a garrison commanded to arrest me, 😇.
    note: That's the political ‘power’ you get for being a servant of the Messiah. Instead of rising to fame as a celebrity evangelist, preaching to stadium crowds and dining with Heads Of State, you get to flee from murderous soldiers prowling day and night sniffing for your blood. Still wanna' follow Jesus?
  116. Ephesians 6:20 [The religionites bribed politicians to pay soldiers to throw me in prison to punish me for speaking the Good News.] I'm an ambassador in chains. Pray that [despite dungeons and torture,] I [keep] fearlessly declaring the Good News, speaking as I must, [as YAH wants].
    note: Murderers frequently breathe down true Christians' necks, while fire-bound pew-warmers sit in smug safety.
  117. Philippians 1:29 For [YAH] gives you, 😇, the privilege of serving the Messiah, not only by believing in Him, but also by suffering for Him.
  118. 2nd Timothy 2:9 In this work of heralding the Good News, I suffer so much trouble that [soldiers] tie me in chains like an evildoer! But nothing ever binds the Word of [YHVH] the Eloah, 😇. [YAH's Word flies freely throughout the earth.]
    note: When you really teach YAH's pure word, unforeseen obstacles hem you in. People whom you thought were on your side suddenly leave you for dead. Doors slam in your face. Sometimes you get thrown in jail. But the word runs free. It does more than you could do even if you weren't straitjacketed by the Devil's political, religious and economic systems.
  119. Hebrews 11:38 The world is not worthy of these people of faith. They stumble in deserts, mountains, dens, [caves and] holes in the ground, 😇.
  120. 1st Peter 2:21 [YAH] calls you, 😇, to endure torment for doing good, because our Messiah also suffered for us. He left us a [painful] example. You should follow in YahShua's [torturous] footsteps.
    note: To the extent possible, Yahshua got along with people. But when the time was right, he refused to even speak to worldly leaders, let alone obey them.
  121. 1st Peter 4:1 Just as the Messiah suffered in the flesh for us, 😇, arm yourselves with the same mind. The believer who [continues the dangerous journey of faith after he] has physically suffered [torture for his faith] is finished with sin.
  122. Genesis 49:23 The archers fiercely attack [Joseph], shooting at him with hatred and persecution;
    note: See Amos 6:6.
  123. Exodus 8:32 But Pharaoh yet again hardens his heart, 😇. He [again] refuses to let [YAH's] people go!
  124. 1st Kings 18:13 Has no one told [you,] my lord, what I did when [Queen] Jezebel {Baal-Seeker} murdered [almost all] the prophets of YHVH—how I hid 100 of YHVH's prophet-men in groups of 50 in [two] caves, and [I] supplied them with bread and water?
  125. 2nd Chronicles 11:14 [North Israeli rebel commando] Jeroboam {Nation-Wrangler} and his sons kick the Levites out from executing priestly duties [for] YHVH. So [north Israel's priests] abandon their pasture-lands and their property. They flock [south] to Judea, [primarily] Jerusalem.
    note: Just like the communist United States, China, France, and all the United Nations strip authority from churches today.
  126. Esther 3:12 [Lord Haman] calls in the Imperial lawyers. He dictates [his genocidal orders to them]. Scribes engrave every word Haman commands. On the 13th day of the 1st month [of Xerxes’ 12th year of reign], [messengers on racing war-horses] speed these orders to the royal commanders, and to the governors ruling over every province [in the Medo-Persian Empire], and to the chiefs of every [conquered] people of every province. [Scribes write the order] in each [conquered nation's] official script. [Translators make] separate copies in each people-group's common language. Every [page] is signed in the name of Emperor [Xerxes,] and sealed [in red candle-wax] with the Emperor's [signet] ring [on Haman's fist]!
    note: An extremely well-coordinated perfect storm of disaster for the Jews. 13 is the number which symbolically represents deception.
  127. Esther 4:16 "Go. Gather together all the Jews present in Suza. Fast for me. Starve [yourself. Don't eat] food or drink for 3 days, night or day. I and my maidens will likewise fast. Then I'll illegally walk into the Emperor's [throne-room]. If he kills me, I'll die [with a clean conscience, knowing I did my best to save my Hebrew people].”
  128. Esther 8:3 Esther yet again [risks her life to] address the Emperor [without permission]. She falls down at his feet. She begs him with tears, “Please abolish the evil [genocide] decree [published by] Haman the Agag-spawn! [Please] thwart the evil massacre plot he devised against [us] Jews!”
  129. Psalms 39:11 When you rebuke [us] humans to correct our evils, you shrivel up [our] beauty like we're moths [eaten by flame]. Every man is a puff [of nothing].
  130. Psalms 56:6 [My persecutors] huddle in secret haunts, 😇. They mark my steps. They lurk in ambush to [suck out] my [last] breath of life.
  131. Psalms 69:4 I have more haters than I have hairs [left] on my head! For no reason, [cabals of] powerful enemies stronger than my bones plot to exterminate me. They fraudulently [force] me to return [treasures] I didn't steal!
  132. Psalms 69:21 The [monsters] feed me poison instead of choice-food. To [worsen] my thirst, they make me drink vinegar.
    note: The ‘food‘ in your local grocery store is poison.
  133. Psalms 74:5 [Like loggers cutting trees in a forest, pagan brutes] gain world-fame by swinging axes over their heads as they chop down the priceless woodwork [in your temple]!
  134. Psalms 102:8 My haters strip [my dignity] all day long, 😇. They rave sworn-oaths [to destroy me].
  135. Psalms 109:3 They surround me 360° with hateful insults. They devour me for no [reason].
  136. Psalms 124:4 [Life's] waters overwhelm us. River[s of persecution] rush [to crush] our life-breath.
  137. IsaiYAH 27:9 [The winds of punishment] purge [us spiritual descendants] of Jacob. The [bitter] fruit of [discipline] takes away [our] sin, 😇. [YAH] crushes all [pagan] altar stones to pieces of dust. [He] knocks down all Easter-steeples and idol-images.
  138. IsaiYAH 28:26 [😇, your] Elohim sentences [you] to whippings to teach [you to avoid death, not because he likes beating you].
  139. IsaiYAH 30:20 Yes, YHVH gives you the ‘bread of adversity’, and ‘the water of affliction’, 😇. But guidance no longer hides from you. Your eyes see [YAH's] living-water-word.
  140. Lamentations 3:10 [YAH attacks] me like a bear lying in wait. Like a lion, [he pounces from his] secret [hiding] place.
  141. Ezekiel 3:25 But watch out, son of Adam. The [evil ones] will tie you with ropes to keep you from going out [to evangelize] the people.
    note: Like 2020's global lockdown orders which defined public evangelism and church as ‘non-essential’ forbidden activity, punishable by incarceration and fines.
  142. Daniel 2:13 The decree trumpets [across Babylon,] “Kill all the wise-men!” Executioners rush [into the bedrooms of] DaniEl {El-Judges} and his friends. [The attackers drag the Hebrew boys out of bed, down the halls, bumping down the stairs, scraping their faces down the rocky street, to the public execution square. The soldiers lay the sages’ necks on the chopping blocks] to murder them.
  143. Daniel 3:20 The Emperor commands the most mighty warriors in his army, “Tie up Shadrach, Meshach and Abed-Nego. Throw them into the burning fiery furnace!”
  144. Jonah 2:3 [Why'd you] hurl me into the deep heart of the sea?! Floods, billows, currents surround and bury me! Waves [of filth] sweep over me!”
  145. ZechariYAH 10:9 I scatter-plant [my people] among [earth's] nations. Then, 😇, in far countries, [my saints] remember me. They nourish up their children [in my word. So I help them] return [to me].
    note: This explains the historically frequent Diasporas of Jews and Christians.
  146. Matthew 10:25 It's enough for the student to emulate his teacher, and the slave resemble his master, 😇. Since the [blind religionites] call [me,] the master of the house, “Beelzebub [Lord-Of-The-Flies],” how much more will [infidels] insult [you] members of [my] household?
  147. Matthew 17:12 And I tell you, 😇, that EliJah [JAHn] has already lived [and died]. [The religious ‘experts’ were too blind to] recognize that JAHn was the long-awaited ‘EliYah.’ [So] the [religionists] persecuted, [insulted and helped to kill JAHn]. Their evil hearts craved [his death]. And JAHn's murder is just a taste of what [I] the ‘Son of Adam’ come soon to suffer at the hands [of those religious hypocrites, the spawn of Satan].”
  148. Mark 9:49 For [YAH] salts everyone with fire, 😇, just like [priests always] season smoke-roast [meat for communal feasts] with [purifying] salt.
    note: This analogy refers not to post-death purgatory but to mortal testing.
  149. Acts 5:18 [The religionists pay the police to] seize the apostles. [So soldiers throw] the [apostles] into the public prison, 😇.
  150. Acts 18:12 [During this time, when Roman officer] Gallio serves as the [Emperor's] deputy over Achaia {Greece}, the Jews wage a united attack against Paul, 😇. They [drag] him into the [court] judgment seat.
  151. Acts 22:18 I see Adoni [YahShua] warning me, ‘Quick! Race out of Jerusalem. [The Jews] will reject your testimony about me.’
  152. Acts 22:19 I answer, ‘Master, the [Jews] know that in [scores of] synagogues I imprisoned and beat everyone who believed in you:
  153. Acts 22:23 The mob cry out, 😇. [They] tear off their cloaks. [They] throw dust into the air.
  154. Acts 22:24 The Colonel commands [the soldiers] to take Paul into the fort, [then] to interrogate him by torture-scourging, to learn why the mob are shouting so [violently] at [Paul].
  155. Acts 28:17 3 days later Paul calls together the leaders of the [Roman] Jews. They assemble. Then Paul says to them, “Men and brothers, I've never committed any [offense] against [our] people. Nor [have I violated] the ethics of our fore-fathers. Yet [the priests] imprisoned me in Jerusalem. Then they handed me over to Roman [death-squads]!
    note: Paul taught against penile circumcision. Yet he did nothing against the traditions of his fore-fathers in the faith of Abraham. This means that penile circumcision was not what Abraham & YHVH meant by the words: # 5243 namal & #4135 muwl.
  156. Acts 28:22 But we want to hear what your views are. For we know that people everywhere are talking against the [cancerous growth of this dangerous] cult [called Christianity].”
    note: Since the beginning, people who follow the commandments of Yahshua are everywhere spoken against. The world tolerates popular “ChristenDumb” because it is a commercially lucrative perversion of Yahshua's teachings. Church is designed to make people wealthy and safe on their way to eternal fire.
  157. Romans 11:3 "Adonai [YHVH], the [Israelis] keep killing your prophets, and tearing down your altars. I'm left alone. And they're trying to assassinate me too!”
    note: 1 Kings 19:10,14
  158. 1st Corinthians 4:9 For I perceive that [YHVH] the Eloah keeps placing us apostles last. [We're] like men condemned to die [in the public arena]. We've become a spectacle before the whole universe, to angels and men.
    note: True messengers of the Creator march trailing the parade. Everyone stands around and stares at us persecuted believers, like they're watching an accident in the street.
  159. 2nd Corinthians 4:12 Death is working to kill us [hard-core disciples]. While inside you [new believers], life is springing up, remaking you, 😇.
    note: When you see how we flourish under threat of certain death, just to bring you the Good news of eternal life, you choose to have the kind of life that sings praises on the way to the execution stake. People being hounded to death are not normally happy. So when other people see us facing persecution with joy, they become convinced that we really live in spiritual connection with the Creator. So they choose to follow the Messiah. You don't really know who someone is until you see what they do when their life is threatened.
  160. 2nd Corinthians 6:4 But as servants of Elohim we [leaders] test ourselves in every way, 😇. We frequently endure troubles, hardships and distresses.
    note: Fake believers sit on their soft couches and watch TV.
  161. 2nd Corinthians 6:9 [The world-system] ignores us [true believers, 😇]. But [YAH] recognizes us. [We dance] alive on the edge of death. [Brutes] beat [us within inches of our lives]. Yet [we] refuse to die.
  162. Colossians 1:24 I'm glad that it's my carcass rotting here in this jail, getting beat up, to bring the Good News to believers like you, 😇. We believers must endure a ton of suffering in this world. The kind of [brutal] torture the Messiah lived and died through [awaits you]. I welcome the chance to take my share in completing the Ekklesia's part of that persecution.
  163. Hebrews 10:33 At times you [Christian Hebrews] got exposed to public ridicule, deprived and beaten. And at times you stood up with and supported other [people] suffering the same [tortures].
  164. Hebrews 11:26 Moses (like Christ) cherishes being rejected. [He spurns] all the treasures in the vast Egyptian Empire! Moses lives looking ahead [through eyes of faith] to [the end] times. YAH eventually pays [Moses] a far greater reward [than any human power can pay, 😇].
    note: Rejection = riches. Remember, you're getting richer when you get mistreated and marginalized by people who should applaud your insight and hard work.
  165. James 1:12 Every human who endures temptation gets blessed, 😇. After he passes the test, he receives the crown of [eternal] life [which] Adonai [YHVH] promises to all [beings] who love Him.
  166. James 5:10 Brothers, think about the [ancient Hebrew] prophets. They spoke in the name of the Adonai [YHVH]. YAH's prophets are great examples of how to be patient when you, 😇, suffer through afflictions.
    note: It takes patience to reject the world's oath-bound benefits. All true prophets refuse to bow to the world-system in order to get material comforts.
  167. 1st Peter 4:2 😇, graduate [from talk-religion]. Willingly bear [pain, scars, abuse, beatings, lashes, stabbings, broken bones & spit-in-your-face from your former friends and loved ones and church members]. [Suffer] for your faith. Then you no longer live your fleeting lifetime in the flesh, chasing human lusts. You live to accomplish the will of ELohim.
  168. 1st Peter 4:16 Yet if you suffer as a ‘Christian,’ never be ashamed, 😇. Instead, praise [YHVH] the Eloah for the privilege [of being abused].
    note: ‘Christian’ is a title which worldlings laid on Messianic Hebrews.
  169. 1st Peter 4:19 So you, 😇, will suffer [no matter how righteous you are]. [YHVH] the Eloah has decided [to test you]. You must trust YAH to safeguard your bodies and spirits. [Even during torture,] continue to do good for your faithful Creator.
  170. Apocalypsis (Revelation) 11:2 [The angel continues,] “But don't measure the courtyard [surrounding] the temple, because [YAH temporarily] gave it to the Gentile [nations] who will trample the Holy City for 42 ‘months.’
    note: 42 symbolically represents 4+2 = 6, the number of godless man.
  171. Genesis 22:1 [About 45 years] passes, 😇. [An] ‘elohim’ tests Abraham {Father-Of-Billions}. [It] says to him, “Abraham.” Abraham replies, “Look, [here] I [am].”
    note: Notice that YHVH's name is not mentioned in this verse. A being only identified as ‘elohim’ probed/troubled/tried Abraham. Since the word ‘elohim’ can refer to any powerful being, it is not necessary to believe that this was YHVH playing this highly controversial trick on Abraham and his son. YHVH STOPS Abraham from killing his son.
  172. Deuteronomy 8:2 Always remember the long journey YHVH your Elohim led you on these [last] 40 years in the wilderness, to humble you, to test you, to show what's in your heart, [to prove] whether you would keep His commandments or not.
    note: The people could eat meat. But only at feasts at the Sanctuary. So if they chose not to attend services, they went hungry. They griped, like alcoholics at a Rescue Mission, who choose to go hungry rather than sit through worship music in order to get food.
  173. Judges 2:22 [I'll leave the pagans] neighboring [you, 😇,] so I can demonstrate [the difference between] the Israelites [who] keep [My] ways and walk in them, like [those of your] fore-fathers who guarded [My Law], vs. [the fakers who] willfully [reject My Law].”
  174. 2nd Kings 6:13 So [Syria's king growls], “Go spy out [EliShua's] location. I'll send [soldiers to arrest] him [and drag him here].’ A [watchman] says, “I [recently] saw [EliShua] in Dothan.”
  175. NehemiYAH 2:19 But then [Governor] Sanballat {Bramble-Bush} (from Beth-Horon {Cave-House}), and his [evil] Ammonite servant TobiYah {YAH's-Goodness}, and Geshem {Shower} (the Arabian), hear [that we Hebrews are working]. They laugh us to scorn. They jeer at us. They scream, “What are you doing?! You're rebelling against the Emperor!”
  176. Esther 4:7 Mordecai tells Hatach everything: “[I refused to worship Haman.] So Haman took a [mind-boggling] sum of money from the royal treasuries to fund an international world-war to destroy [us] Jews!”
    note: Again, Haman does not have enough silver in his personal bank account to fund this world-war, stretching across Europe, Africa, the Middle-East and Asia. Haman is TAKING a huge sum of money from the royal treasury, presumably with the promise of paying it back [and then some] from plundering the Jews in 127 countries.
    #8254 shaqal =
    to suspend or poise (especially in trade):--pay, receive, spend, weigh.

  177. Job 1:18 While that messenger [writhes screaming, a 4th] messenger [crawls] up. [He moans], “[Job, while] your sons and your daughters [sat] eating and drinking wine in their oldest brother's mansion…
  178. Job 9:17 For he's breaking me with a tempest-of-horrors! He multiplies my wounds without cause!
  179. Job 16:13 [God's] armies of archers surround me on every side. [He] slices open my kidneys! He completely destroys me. He pours my bile out onto the ground.
  180. Job 17:6 [YAH] makes my [name] the rabble's curse-word. They use my face as their spittoon.
    note: or: “they beat my face like it's a tom-tom.”
  181. Psalms 69:10 I wail [in lament]. I humble my body by starving myself. [The tyrants point to my sad skinny frame] as proof of my dishonor.
  182. Psalms 69:12 Every [bigshot] who sits [to judge cases] inside the [court] gate decrees [verdicts] against me. And [out in the street,] I'm the drunkards' ditty.
  183. Psalms 69:19 You keep seeing me suffer embarrassment, shame and dishonor. My hordes of adversaries [humiliate] me right in front of your face!
  184. Psalms 69:26 [Pigs] chase down [and persecute people] you've already punished. The [villains] gossip about the grief of your wounded [saints].
  185. Psalms 83:4 The [power-brokers] say, “Come, let's cut off the [Hebrews' hopes] of being a nation. Slice the name of Israel forever out of history.
    note: When someone asks you, “What's your nationality?”, tell them you're not a member of any United Nations' member state; rather, you're a citizen of the Kingdom of Heaven. Watch them laugh and/or run away, especially in church.
  186. Psalms 86:14 Oh Elohim, [stop these] arrogant [men from constantly] rising to [fight] me. Assemblies of violent men chase down my life-breath. They totally ignore you.
  187. Psalms 89:51 Your haters strip [your dignity], YHVH. They [trip] the footsteps of [us,] your anointed [people].
  188. Psalms 116:3 The sorrow-ropes of death surround me, 😇. The pain-clamps of Sheol {The-Grave} grab hold on me. I face vice-grips of grief [wherever I go].
  189. Psalms 119:71 I improve when [the world] beats me down. [Opposition] goads me to learn Your mandates.
    note: Nothing educates like dramatic controversy.
  190. Psalms 119:84 How many more days [can I,] your servant, [live under this torture]? When will you execute judgment on the [thugs] who hunt me down?
  191. Proverbs 29:10 All bloodthirsty [people] hate [all] upright [people], 😇. [Murderers] seek [to end] the live[s] of [all] just [people].
  192. Ecclesiastes 7:14 Make the best of your good days. Then, in [your] day of adversity, consider [this]: Elohim purposely sends both [happiness to delight you] and [trouble to test and improve you]. So you never know what's going to happen next, 😇!
  193. IsaiYAH 59:15 Yes, honesty [has] fallen [dead], 😇. If [you] depart from evil you make yourself prey [for the beast-nations to devour]. Heart-broken, YHVH watches, eyeing [our world drowning] in injustice.
  194. JeremiYAH 26:15 —But know for certain, that if you put me to death, you will irrevocably bring innocent blood upon yourselves, and upon this city, and on its inhabitants. For YHVH really has sent me to you to speak all these words into your ears.”
  195. JeremiYAH 38:9 “My lord [and] king, the [nobles] keep wreaking ruin by everything they do. They're [torturing] the prophet JeremiYah! They've hurled him into a [muddy] dungeon cistern! He's about to die from hunger down there. There's [virtually] not a [scrap] of bread left in the city.”
  196. JeremiYAH 51:51 [Yes, 😇,] we [Hebrews] pale at the insults [the world flings at us]. [Confused] shame covers our faces. Strange [pagans] invade the sanctuaries of YHVH's temple.
  197. Lamentations 3:13 [YAH] pierces my heart with the arrows from His quiver, 😇.
  198. Lamentations 3:53 My enemies cut off my life in the dungeon. They throw rocks over me, 😇.
  199. Lamentations 3:63 Watch the [persecutors]. [Whether] they're sitting down or standing up, [cursing] me is the music [score of their lives].
  200. Daniel 3:11 [So soldiers] must throw everyone who fails to fall down and worship [the idol] into the middle of a burning fiery furnace.
    note: There is no natural way to survive in man's world-system while obeying YAH. You will have to depend on the world-system or depend on YAH's miracles.
  201. Daniel 3:13 Then Nebuchadnezzar (in his raging fury) commands [soldiers] to summon Shadrach, Meshach and Abed-Nego. Soldiers [track down and shove] these [Hebrew] men before the Emperor.
  202. Matthew 16:22 Peter {Rock} takes YahShua aside and starts rebuking him: ‘Never, Adoni! The [religionists] will never [beat and murder] you!’
  203. Matthew 21:35 But the renters [share-croppers] seize the land-owner's servants, 😇! The ingrates beat one servant. [They] kill another. [They] stone another.
    note: Decoy Judeo-Christians murder every prophet YAH sends to help them, then and now.
  204. John 19:1 So [tax-czar] Pilate [orders the Roman soldiers to] seize YahShua and flog him with [metal flesh-tearing scourges], 😇!
    note: An unlawful beating of an uncondemned man. Just like they beat you unlawfully when you do what Yahshua did.
  205. Acts 8:3 Saul [and his soldiers and police] launch out. They destroy the ekklesia. They break into every house. They drag men and women [out] and lock them up in prison, 😇!
  206. Acts 9:21 All Saul's hearers [rave,] amazed, 😇. They exclaim, “Isn't this Saul who destroyed the people in Jerusalem who called on this Name (‘YahShua’)? Didn't Saul come here intending the same destruction: to drag all such [believers] as prisoners to the chief priests?”
  207. Acts 12:1 [Meanwhile, Judea's pervert] ‘king’ Herod stretches out his [military] hands to persecute various [groups of YahShua's called-out people, aka the] Ekklesia, 😇.
    note: Herod was an incestuous transvestite pedophile.
  208. Acts 16:23 The bats tear Paul and Silas’s skin [into stripes of blood and meat, 😇]. The judges throw Paul and Silas into prison, [screaming] at the jailer, “Keep these [terrorists] securely [chained, or we'll detach your head]!”
  209. 1st Corinthians 11:32 But when [YHVH] the Adonai judges us, [he's] disciplining us, 😇, so that [He] won't [have to] condemn us along with the [evil people of the] world-system.
  210. 1st Timothy 4:10 So we [believers] work and suffer. [We] struggle [for spiritual progress through physical hardship. We focus not on our bodily comfort, 😇, but] on trust in [YHVH] the self-existent Eloah. He's [in some sense] the rescuer of all men. But [in the] special, [eternal] sense, [he's the savior] of [we people] who [actively] believe [in him].
    note: Or: ‘the living Elohim.’
  211. 1st Peter 1:7 [Metallurgists] test gold by fire [to prove its] genuineness. Faith is much more precious than perishable gold. So, 😇, [YAH] must purify your trust [in him]. He tests [you] with fire, so [he can] show [that] your faith [is] worthy of praise, honor and glory on the day [YAH] again physically reveals YahShua the Messiah to the world.
  212. 1st Peter 3:15 [Purge all fear from your heart, 😇.] Fill your heart (like a holy sanctuary) with the [Spirit of] Almighty Eloah, YHVH [the commander of angel armies]. Then, [even when your enemy's sword points at your neck,] stay ready to humbly and courteously give an answer to every man who asks you for the reason why you [live] filled with hope.
    note: Rejoice that the world and its false churches hate you and your Savior and they want you both dead.
  213. 1st Peter 5:10 YHVH the Eloah, the [source] of all grace, calls us [believers] to [live forever in] His eternal glory [as a part of the political ‘Body’ of] YahShua the Messiah. YHVH will establish, strengthen, restore, and perfect you, 😇. But first you have to suffer for a while.
  214. Bel and the Dragon 1:32 In this den [prowl] 7 lions, 😇. Every day the Babylonians usually feed these lions two dead [human] bodies, and two sheep. But for 6 days the lions get no food, to ensure that they devour DaniEl.
  215. 1 Maccabees 2:30 [With these secessionists] flock their children, their wives, and their cattle. They flee [the] increasingly horrible affliction [Greek soldiers] inflict on the [Jews].
  216. 2 Maccabees 7:4 The [servants] immediately heat the pans [red hot]. The king [screams to his executioners,] “The first [Hebrew] to speak, cut out his tongue. [Then] cut out every [organ] in his body. Do it [all] while his brothers and his mother look on.”
  217. 2 Maccabees 7:13 Still the executioners murder the 3rd [Hebrew brother]. Then they similarly torment and mangle the 4th [brother as his mother and 3 brothers look on, weeping].
  218. Genesis 22:2 [This testing elohim] says, “Now, take your son, your only [legitimate] child Isaac {Laughter}, whom you love. Journey into the land of MoriYah {Seen-By-YAH} [Provided-By-Yah]. There, on one of the mountains I'll point out to you, cook [Isaac] as an ascension-gift!”
    note: A test. But due to the slipperiness of the word ‘elohim,’ not necessarily a test from YHVH. Christ was crucified on one of the Moriah mountains.
  219. 2nd Samuel 23:15 There David {Love} grew so thirsty he moaned, “Oh, I wish someone would give me a drink of the water from the well by the gate at Bethlehem {Bread-House}!”
  220. 2nd Chronicles 18:25 Then [north] Israel's king [Ahab barks], “[Soldiers,] arrest MicaYah! Carry him back to Amon {Skill} the governor of the [capitol] city, and to JAHoash {JAH-Fired}, [my] royal prince.”
  221. Ezra 4:21 —So immediately publish [these, my] commandment[s]: make those [Jewish] strongmen stop [working]. [Jerusalem] city can't be re-built until I give further orders.
  222. NehemiYAH 4:2 Sanballat {Bramble-Bush} addresses his conspirators, including the army [Generals] of [pagan] Samaria {North-Israel}. He [shouts], “What are these feeble Jews doing? [Are you going to let them] fortify themselves, and sacrifice [animals to gain power from their god]? They can't finish this [in one] day. [Don't let them] recycle burned stones out of [Judea's] trash-heaps. [Then they'll never finish rebuilding their city.]
  223. Esther 3:10 [Drunk] Emperor [Xerxes, the most powerful man in the world,] takes his [signet] ring off his hand. He gives [the ring] to the Jews’ nemesis: Haman (the son of Hammedatha {Troubler-Of-Law}, the descendant of [evil mutant king] Agag).
  224. Esther 4:1 Soon Mordecai figures out [that his obedience to YAH's Laws has brought the entire Hebrew nation into danger of imminent death]. So, [in a fit of terror and grief,] Mordecai rips apart the clothes he's wearing. He wraps [his body] in sacks. [He dumps] ashes over his head. He staggers out into the middle of the [Capitol] city. He cries with a loud, bitter wail!
  225. Job 1:14 Then a messenger [rides his race-horse] to Job. [The messenger shouts], “[Your] oxen were plowing. [Your] donkeys were feeding beside the [oxen].
  226. Job 7:1 Aren't [we] mortals [mere] draftees into [spirit] war on earth? Aren't [our] days [laborious,] like those of hired hands?
  227. Job 9:18 He won't even let me breathe. He's drowning me with misery!
  228. Job 13:25 You torment me like a leaf whipping [in the wind]! You chase me like dry stubble [in a fiery-tornado]!
  229. Job 14:22 Pain wracks the flesh of [every] human. Wailing overcomes each [man's] life-breath.”
  230. Job 16:12 [One day] I'm living at ease. Then [God] squashes me to bits. He grabs me by the neck. He shatters me. He sets me up for [heavenly] target [practice]!
  231. Job 16:14 [YAH keeps] smashing me open [for fun]. Every day he rips new holes [in my body]. He thunders upon me like a giant [warrior. He beats me into the dust]!
  232. Job 19:22 You [friends], like El, keep [chasing me down,] persecuting me. Why?! Are you not satisfied to [see] my body [destroyed]? [Now you want to crush my spirit?]
  233. Job 23:10 Yet [YAH] knows [every] path that I take. He's testing me. But I'll come out [good] as gold.
  234. Job 27:2 “As Elohim lives, he's denying me justice. The Almighty keeps making my life bitter.
  235. Job 30:15 Terrors whirl upon me. [Nightmares] chase my soul like [evil east] wind. My salvation passes away like a cloud.
  236. Psalms 22:7 Everyone who sees me laughs me to scorn. They jut out their lip[s in derision]. They shake their heads [to shame me].
  237. Psalms 22:13 The [bulls] tear me [apart] with their mouths, like ripping, roaring lions.
  238. Psalms 31:13 I hear hordes of whisperers slandering [me, spreading] fear on every side, 😇. They assemble to conspire against me. [They scheme] to steal my life-breath.
  239. Psalms 35:15 Yet [my enemies] brighten up [when they see] me limping. They amass as one [anti-Hebrew army]. Yes, the strikers join forces against me. Before I know it, they rip me [apart]. They never stop!
  240. Psalms 35:16 Sin-soiled slanderers, faces-stuffed [with shame], gnash their teeth [at me everywhere I go].
  241. Psalms 38:19 My lying enemies [radiate with] life. They're strong [as hurricanes]. My haters multiply [like cockroaches].
  242. Psalms 39:3 My heart burns hot within me, 😇. [My] fire-rage [skyrockets] while I think [about the persecution I'm suffering]. So I let fly my tongue. [Then the crooks recycle my every word into bullets they shoot back at me.]
  243. Psalms 42:7 [Through] abyss after abyss [I fall]. My face up toward you, I scream through chasms. All your billows and breakers [of torment] crash over me.
  244. Psalms 42:9 I ask El {God} my rock, “Why do you forget me? Why do I [have to] stagger [through life] pressed into ashes by haters?”
  245. Psalms 66:10 Elohim, you keep testing us. You [put us through] trials, like a [metallurgist] assays silver.
  246. Psalms 71:10 My enemies hiss [threats] against me. They conspire together. They lie in ambush, [panting] to [snuff out] my life-breath.
  247. Psalms 88:7 Your scalding [rage] crushes me. You keep beating me down with your every breaking [wave]. Selah {Dramatic-Break}.
  248. Psalms 102:10 [YAH], your indignation and your fire-rage [consume me]. You lift me up to hurl me down.
  249. Psalms 119:56 Guarding your principles makes my life this [strange mixture of horrible rejection punctuated by celebratory dancing].
  250. Psalms 119:69 Arrogant [power-brokers] smear me [with slander]. Still I guard your mandates with my whole heart.
  251. Psalms 119:95 Violators conspire to ambush me, to hurl me off the straight-and-narrow [cliffside] path, because I venerate your blueprints [for life].
  252. Psalms 124:3 In a flash, the [evil-ones] swallow us up when their fire-rage flares against us.
  253. Psalms 129:1 [A song of ascents:] '[Jerks] have been kicking me around ever since I was young, 😇.’ (Shout it out, Israel!)
  254. IsaiYAH 28:24 😇, does a farmer plow [ground every] day, [when all he really wants to do] is plant? Does he [spend his whole life] opening his soil, breaking dirt-clods? [No. So YAH's not going to plow you down forever, 😇.]
  255. IsaiYAH 28:25 After a [farmer] smooths out [his] ground, doesn't he then scatter and bury seeds, and plant wheat in rows, and [arrange] barley and spelt in their sections? [Similarly, YAH is turning your mess into a harvest, 😇.]
  256. JeremiYAH 29:26 [Your lying letter said,][ZephaniYah,] YHVH promoted you to [high] priest in place of [high] priest YAHoyada {YAH-Knows}. So [execute] your duties in the temple of YHVH: imprison and chain in stocks every lunatic who claims to be a prophet.
  257. Lamentations 3:11 [YAH] drags me off my path. He tears me to pieces, 😇. He [leaves] me desolate [& helpless].
  258. Lamentations 3:12 [YAH] bends his bow. He sets me as a mark for [his] arrow.
  259. Lamentations 3:17 You, [YAH] banish my soul far away from peace. I forget [all hope of] prosperity.
  260. Mark 10:38 YahShua answers [James & JAHn], “You [punks] don't know what you're asking! Can you drink from the cup [of death] that I'm drinking? [Can you withstand] immersion in the baptism [of torture] which [YAH calls] me to undergo?”
  261. Acts 9:2 Saul petitions the [rogue] high priest for letters [addressed] to the synagogues in Damascus, guaranteeing that if Saul finds any [believers from YahShua's] “Way” [as the Ekklesia is called,] Saul [will get legal backing and police support] to bring the believers, male and female, as prisoners to Jerusalem [for execution].
  262. Acts 9:24 But [spies tell] Saul about the [assassination] plot, 😇. Day and night [religionist murderers] keep close watch on the city gates in order to kill Saul.
  263. Acts 12:4 Herod arrests Peter, throws him in jail, then stations four 4-man squads of [killer] soldiers to guard him. Herod intends to bring Peter out for public [sham] trial after Passover, 😇.
    note: Herod was celebrating Easter (Ishtar), a pagan festival. The King James Version woefully mistranslates Pascha as "Easter".
  264. Acts 12:19 Herod commands [his soldiers to turn the city upside down] looking for Peter {Rock}. Yet [all the pervert-king's men] fail to find him. Herod cross-examines the police [who had been guarding Peter]. [Then Herod] commands soldiers to murder the guards! Then, [scared out of his mind,] Herod [flees northwest in a royal stealth-carriage] from Judaea downhill to [coastal] Caesarea [Maritima]. [He hides] there a while, 😇.
  265. Acts 13:50 But the Jews stir up the devout women of high standing, and the chief men of [Antioch] city. These [leaders] raise persecution against Paul & Barnabas {Prophet-Child}. The [jerks] banish the [disciples] from their region.
  266. Acts 17:8 By [belching] these [slanderous lies,] those lewd fellows throw the people and the rulers of the city into an uproar, 😇.
  267. Acts 19:30 Paul [tries] to appear before the crowd, 😇. But the disciples [hold] him back, [fearing the mob will massacre him].
  268. Acts 20:19 [I keep] slaving for the Master in total humiliation. [I live] drowning in [seas of] tears, 😇. [I'm nearly crushed by the constant] trials crashing down on me from the plots of the [unbelieving] Judeans.
    note: A true Christian life is an odyssey of pain, not a padded-pew snooze.
  269. Acts 21:30 The whole city rises up, 😇! The people come running from all directions. The mob seizes Paul. They drag him from the temple. They immediately [slam] shut the gates [to keep Paul from escaping back to the sanctuary. He ducks rocks flying at his head]!
  270. Acts 27:41 The ship strikes a sandbar. It runs aground. The front sticks fast, un-moveable. The back [of the ship] smashes to pieces in the pounding surf, 😇!
  271. Romans 15:3 For even [the] Messiah abstained from gratifying himself, 😇. Instead, he [willingly walked into the nightmare king David lamented about]: ‘[YHVH,] the [jerks] (who revile you) keep [hurling] insults down on me!’
    note: Psalm 69:9
  272. 2nd Corinthians 1:8 Brothers, we want you to be informed about the trouble which [attacked] us in Asia. [The religionists] pressured us beyond measure, above our strength [to endure], so much that we despaired of life itself.
  273. Galatians 1:13 For you've heard, 😇, of my past exploits in Judaism. Beyond measure I persecuted the Ekklesia of YHVH [the ELoah]. I wasted [thousands of innocent Christian lives].
  274. Galatians 6:17 From now on, let no man rip my [heart with these religious disputes and accusations, 😇]. For I bear in my body scars [from being beaten to prove my loyalty to] Master YahShua.
    note: #4742 stigma stig'-mah from ‘stizo’ (to stick, i.e. prick); a mark incised or punched (for recognition of ownership), i.e. scar of service: mark.
  275. Apocalypsis (Revelation) 9:9 The locusts sport breastplates like iron, 😇. Their wings roar like chariots [pulled by battalions] of horses running to battle.
  276. Prayer of AzariYAH 1:23 [As the 3 young Hebrews pray,] the king's servants, who threw [AzariYah and his friends] in the fire, keep on making the oven hotter, [throwing in] rosin, pitch, rope, and fire-wood.
  277. Genesis 43:8 Judah {Celebrated} says to Israel his father, “Send the boy with me. We'll get packed and go [buy grain], so that we, you, and our little ones won't [starve to] death.
  278. Numbers (Journeys) 21:14 Corroborating this account, 😇, the “Scroll of the Wars of YHVH” witnesses [Israelites fighting: “a] whirlwind at Waheb [in Moab], and [nearly drowning trying to pass] the roaring [white-water] rapids at Arnon.”
  279. 1st Samuel 26:4 David sends out spies to verify that [the army] hunting him is led by [his own father-in-law, king] Saul.
  280. 2nd Chronicles 11:13 Throughout [north] Israel, the [Hebrew] priests (including the Levites) defect [south] from all their territories to [work for Judea's king] Rehoboam {Nation-Builder}.
  281. Esther 3:9 —If it pleases [you,] Emperor, let [me] write a decree of destruction against the [Hebrews]. I'll authorize the royal treasurer to disburse 10000 talents [375 tons] of silver to fund the [genocide] “operation.’”
    note: A mind-boggling sum, approximately the value of 500 luxury mansions. Or, "I will [plunder the dying Jews]. Then I'll dump 375 tons of [Israel's] silver into the hands of the accountants in charge of the operation, to bring it into your royal treasuries."
  282. Esther 3:15 [Sprinters] race the [attack-order] posts out [across Europe, Asia, Arabia and Africa]. The Imperial rush-order hastens the [runners] on. [Haman] publishes the decree in the citadel of Susa. Emperor [Xerxes] and [Lord] Haman sit down to drink. [From the royal balcony, they watch] the city of Susa descend into confusion. [The city is heavily populated with Jews intermarried with Persians.]
  283. Esther 4:2 [Mordecai staggers and crawls] all the way to the gate of the Imperial [Palace. The guards stick their spears in Mordecai's face. They shout, “We know you're the Queen's favorite. But no one] can enter the Emperor's gate clothed in sacks!”
  284. Esther 4:6 So Hatach [runs from the palace] to Mordecai. [Hattach sees him writhing in the dirt, sobbing] in the city street in front of the royal [court] gate.
  285. Esther 4:8 Mordecai hands [chamberlain] Hatach a copy of the words in the [royal] decree published at Suza, ordering every [citizen and soldier in the Empire] to exterminate [all] Jews. Mordecai begs, “Hatach, run! Show this [page] to Esther. Explain it to her. Command her to [risk her life to] enter the Emperor's [throne-room]. [She must] beg him, plead with him, to [abolish his genocide order against] her people!”
  286. Esther 4:13 Mordecai commands [Hatach] to answer Esther, “Don't imagine that you can escape [destruction because you're the Queen] in the royal family-palace! [Lord Haman will assassinate you, after he murders us other] Jews.
  287. Esther 4:14 —If you stay [frightened into] silence now, then [YHVH] will stand up for the Jews. [He'll miraculously send foreign troops or pestilence or fire from heaven to destroy the Persians.] But [as punishment for your acquiescence,] you'll [die] and your father's family [will be destroyed]. Who knows? Perhaps [risking your life to] save your [Hebrew] people [from a genocidal attack] is the reason [YHVH] let you become Queen [of the largest Empire in history]!”
  288. Esther 8:5 [Through her tears], Esther begs, “If it pleases [you] Emperor — if I've found favor in [your] sight — if my suggestion seems right before [you, my] king — [if] I'm pleasing in [your] eyes, let [your scribes] write [a decree]. Revoke the decrees that Haman the son of Hammedatha {Troubler-Of-Law} the Agag-spawn devised and wrote, [ordering your armies] to destroy the Jews in all [127] countries of [your] Empire.
  289. Esther 8:6 How could I endure seeing such disaster overcome my people? How could I bear watching the destruction of my [national] family?”
  290. Esther 9:24 [Fathers tell their children about how] Haman the son of Hammedatha {Troubler-Of-Law}, the Agag-spawn, the enemy of all the Jews, devised [genocide] against the Jews to destroy them. [Haman] cast ‘Pur,’ that is, lots [like dice, to set a day] to consume all Jews by crushing [their dead bodies into the dust of Persia].
    note: World war broke out because one ‘unpatriotic’ Jew refused to show allegiance to the Imperial Prime Minister. Do you pledge allegiance to a pagan government today? Do you teach your children to do so? Pledging allegiance is a sin.
  291. Job 10:6 [No. You live in eternity.] So why are you seeking [to punish every last] guilty [moment of mine]? What makes you dig around to find my [little] sins?
  292. Job 12:9 Who doesn't know that the hand of YHVH created this [unfair world]?
  293. Job 13:21 Stop [smacking me] with your hand. Stop tormenting me! I'm terrified [of you]!
  294. Job 13:26 You draw up bitter charges against me. You force me reap [penalties] for my youthful mistakes.
  295. Job 14:18 [You smash me into] decayed [dirt] like a mountain falling to nothing. [You kick me like] a pebble from [your road].
  296. Job 16:8 You've shriveled me [head to toe], as a warning [that disaster can strike a righteous man]. Yet [these hypocrites] see emaciation eating my face as proof of my guilt.”
  297. Job 19:11 [YAH] stokes up his fire-breathing rage to [murder] me. He counts me as his [mortal] enemy.
    note: Not true.
  298. Job 19:12 [YAH's angelic] raiding parties converge. They tower [their siege-works] over me. They build war-camps around my [ragged] tent-body.
  299. Job 30:16 My life-breath bleeds out on my [chin]. The days of affliction seize my [dying] life.
  300. Job 30:18 [The angel of death] wraps, twists me, grips me by the collar of my shirt.
  301. Job 30:26 I look for good. But evil comes. I wait for light [to dawn]. Instead, darkness falls [on me].
  302. Psalms 13:4 [Don't let] my enemy brag, “I've prevailed against 😇!” Don't let my my oppressors spin around [with rapturous emotion, rejoicing] over my downfall.
  303. Psalms 31:15 My lifespan lies in your hand, [YHVH]. Rescue me from the fists of my enemies. They're chasing me down [to murder me]!
  304. Psalms 37:12 [But today,] the lawbreaker schemes to [destroy] the good-guy. [The criminal] gnashes down his teeth on the [kind-hearted victim].
  305. Psalms 38:16 I'm crying, ‘Never let [my attackers] dance over my [grave]. Keep my foot from slipping while they twist me [in torture].’
  306. Psalms 44:16 Revilers and blasphemers [fill my ears with their shrieking] voices. Avengers and enemies stare me down.
  307. Psalms 55:3 [I'm overwhelmed by] shouts from my haters. Faces of evil press [down on me]. I'm panting, [clawing,] slipping into their fire-breathing ambushes.
  308. Psalms 56:2 [Manipulative, hostile] spies gulp me down for breakfast. Arrogant hordes consume me!
  309. Psalms 59:4 [Even when] I do nothing wrong, [evildoers] run to amass [ambushes to murder me]! Awake to help me, [YAH]. Look!
  310. Psalms 66:12 You let [mean] men ride over our [Hebrew] heads. We trudge through fire. We [swim] through [raging] water. But [after we learn our lesson,] you bring us out into a rich home.
  311. Psalms 69:7 [I serve only you, not the world powers. For this] I bear [public] embarrassment, [like a naked bum]. Shame covers my face.
  312. Psalms 74:8 The [invaders] brag in their hearts, “Let's tyrannize all the [Hebrews]!” Soldiers burn up all the worship-sites of Elohim throughout the [promised] land!
  313. Psalms 78:64 Our priests fall under slashing-swords, 😇. [Soldiers steal our] wives. [Pagan rapists violate Hebrew wombs, while torturer-chiefs] forbid [our brides from] weeping.
  314. Psalms 83:3 [Your foes] plot crafty, coordinated [assaults] against your people. The [infidels] conspire to [annihilate] your treasured [saints].
  315. Psalms 90:15 Light up our days with [jubilation] to counter-balance the affliction you've [made us] suffer all our years of disaster.
  316. Psalms 105:25 Then [the Egyptians'] hearts flip back to hating [YAH's] people. [The leaders of Egypt] conspire to deceive [YAH's] servants.
  317. Psalms 119:78 Drain [the blood from the faces of] the snobs who torture me because I refuse to stop publishing your revelations.
  318. Psalms 119:107 [The world] beats me down to dust. Revive me, YHVH, as you promised.
  319. Ecclesiastes 1:13 I've [always] given my heart to use wisdom to seek and expose [all the facts] about everything everybody does under heaven. [I comprehend] the distressing work Elohim has given to [us] brats of Adam. [Adversity] disciplines [us, 😇].
    note: Your character develops and shows itself by the way you react to bad situations. YAH has to make your life difficult at times, to train you to react in love and kindness to things not going your way. You are what you DO under pressure.
  320. IsaiYAH 66:5 Hear the word of YHVH, you [saints] who tremble at his command[s]. Your brothers hate you, 😇. They cast you out because [you follow] my name-authority. They [mock you and beat you]. They taunt, “Let's see YHVH [show his] glory [by saving this jerk from our torture]!” Yet [in time] your [life] brightens up, 😇. [Soon your persecutors die] in shame.
  321. JeremiYAH 20:7 [Jeremiah lifts his beaten head to the sky. He cries,] “Oh YHVH, you persuaded me. And I acquiesced. You hold me fast. You win. I'm [the city's] daily blood-sport. Everyone mocks me.
    note: Not ‘deceived.’
  322. JeremiYAH 37:20 —So hear now, please, my ruler, the king: let my petition fall before your face. Don't send me back to secretary Jonathan's [torture] house. I could die there.”
  323. Lamentations 1:7 [Now,] in the days of her affliction and her miseries, [suddenly] Jerusalem remembers all her pleasant [blessings] she enjoyed in the good-old days, 😇. Her people fall into the enemy's power-fist. So no one helps her. Her adversaries eye her. They mock at her [desire to rest on her] sabbaths.
  324. Lamentations 1:21 [My torturers] hear me moan. But no one comforts me. When my enemies hear of my trouble they all cheer, glad [to see] you [punish me, YHVH]. [But] you'll bring [on them] the [Judgment] day you promised. [My attackers come to lie destroyed] like me.
    note: Jer 25:17-26.
  325. Lamentations 3:16 [YAH] breaks my teeth with gravel-stones, 😇. He covers me with ashes.
  326. Lamentations 3:46 All our enemies open their mouths [to rail] against us [liars].
  327. Lamentations 3:47 Fear and trap[s] rush over us [frauds], [bringing] desolation and destruction.
  328. Jonah 1:5 The [wet] sailors tremble, terrified. Each man cries out to his [personal] god. The shipsmen toss heavy cargo overboard to make the ship easier for them to control. Meanwhile, Jonah, down below inside the hold, lies fast asleep.
  329. Matthew 27:27 Then the governor's soldiers push YahShua into the governor's palace. They get the entire brigade to crowd around YahShua [for some fun & torture, 😇].
  330. Acts 9:13 AnaniYah answers, “Master, I've heard many reports of this man [Saul], [and] what [terrible] evil he wreaks on your separatist-saints at Jerusalem.
  331. Acts 9:16 I'll show Saul what great [tribulations] he must suffer [to publish my name and to walk in my sole] authority.”
  332. Acts 16:20 The girl's masters [drag] Paul and Silas {Woodsman} to the magistrates. [The slave-masters lie,] “These [dirty] Jew men are throwing our city into an uproar!
  333. Acts 17:5 But some Jews [refuse to] believe, 😇. Moved with envy, they round up crude, lewd characters. [They] form a mob. The [mob] incite a riot in the city. The [Jews] assault the house of Jason {Curer}. [The thugs] intend to haul Paul & Silas {Woodsman} out to [die by the hands of] the [murderous] crowd.
  334. Acts 20:29 For I know that after I leave, savage wolves come to enter in among you, 😇. [They] ravage [YAH's] flock [of believers].
  335. Acts 28:20 [Rather, I want to evangelize the Emperor for the] same reason I asked to see and talk with you [Jews]. [My persecutors] locked me in these chains [for broadcasting] the hope of Israel: [resurrection from the dead].”
  336. Apocalypsis (Revelation) 1:9 😇, i, JAHn, am your brother, [your] companion in tribulation, [your fellow-heir of both] the Dominion of, and the patient [suffering we face by following] YahShua, [YAH's] Messiah. On the [western Turkey's penitentiary] island called Patmos, [Roman soldiers have imprisoned] me for [proclaiming] the Word of [YHVH] the Eloah. [My specific ‘crime’ is] bearing testimony [that] YahShua [is YAH's] Messiah, [the ultimate sovereign authority infinitely higher than any Caesar].
  337. Wisdom of Solomon 3:5 After the minor discipline of this [grievous life], [YAH] greatly rewards [righteous people,] because Elohim tested them, and found them worthy for himself.
  338. Deuteronomy 8:16 [YHVH] fed you in the wilderness with mystery manna unknown to your ancestors, so He could humble you, and test you, to do you good in the long run.
  339. Ezra 4:1 Soon the adversaries of [the tribes of] Judah {Celebrated} and Benjamin {Right-Hand-Son} hear that the formerly-exiled [Hebrew] slaves have re-built [Jerusalem's] temple to [honor] YHVH, Israel's Elohim.
    note: Right after joyful praise comes the attack of enemy demons. Joyful communal praise is a bomb dropped on Satan's capitol city.
  340. Esther 4:5 Then Esther calls for Hatach, one of the royal chamberlains whom Xerxes appointed to attend her. Esther commands Hatach to [run] to Mordecai {Pure-Myrrh}, to [find out] what's [upsetting him], why [he's rolling around in the street crying like he's dying]!
  341. Job 6:4 The arrows of the Almighty poke through me. Their poison drinks up my spirit. The terrors of [the] ELoah set themselves in array against me.
  342. Job 7:18 Why do you examine mankind all day [every day], and test [us] at every moment?
  343. Job 12:8 Speak to the earth. It'll show you. The fish of the sea will clear up [your confusion. It's not fair when a shark eats a minnow. But that's life.]
  344. Job 13:22 [Stop beating me up.] Then I'll answer [for my sins]. Or at least let me speak. Then you tell me [why you're torturing me]!
  345. Job 13:27 You lock my feet in stocks. You surveil and trace every step I take. You inspect my footprints [for evidence of crime].
  346. Job 16:11 Elohim surrenders me to the evil-one. He hurls me into the fists of wicked [jerks].
  347. Job 19:9 He stripped me of my glory. [He's] ripped the crown from my head.
  348. Job 21:5 Look at me, [fault-finders]! [Stand there] stunned with your hand[s] over your mouth[s]!
  349. Job 23:5 I'd learn [YAH's] reasoning. He'd answer me. He'd explain [why I'm suffering]. I'd [finally] understand.
  350. Job 23:15 So I'm terrified to face [YAH]. Every time I think of him, I [shudder] in fear.
  351. Job 23:16 El makes my heart faint [in weakness]. The Almighty [makes] me tremble.
  352. Job 34:23 El {God} never lays upon man more judgment than the [man] deserves.
  353. Psalms 17:3 You keep testing my heart. You visit me in the night. You've heated [me up to melt out my sin]. I'm resolved that my mouth won't disobey [you any more].
  354. Psalms 22:12 Crowds of bulls surround me. [They] circle me [for the kill], like the stoutest oxen in Bashan {Fruitful}.
  355. Psalms 35:7 For no reason, [my enemies] hide net[s] over pit[s] to snare me. Without cause, they dig traps to [snatch away] my life-breath.
  356. Psalms 41:5 My enemies maliciously [hiss] about me, ‘When will he die? [We want] his name [to] perish!’
  357. Psalms 42:3 My tears [dribble in my mouth, 😇. They're my only] food day and night. My [betrayers] continually mock me. They ask, “Where is [this] Elohim of yours? [Where's the ‘god’ who gets you out of jams?]
  358. Psalms 42:5 [YHVH], why are [you] stomping [out] my life-breath? You're raging [war] on me! [I keep telling myself,] ‘Wait for Elohim. Hold out your hand to His [majestic] face. [Keep on begging] for salvation.’
  359. Psalms 44:17 We didn't betray your covenant. We never forgot you. So [why] did all of this [disaster] rain on us?
    note: David imagines he's innocent like Job.
  360. Psalms 54:3 Non-Hebrews rise up against me, 😇. Terrifying [oppressors] chase me down [like I'm] an animal. They totally ignore Elohim. Selah {Dramatic-Break}.
  361. Psalms 56:1 Stoop down [from heaven to help] me, Elohim. Day [after day], human-animals [do their best to] inhale me, [to] devour my blood, [to] crush my [skull].
    note: This song requires arranging by a skilled music director. To the tune of, or in the style of: ‘A Dove in Distant Cashew-trees’, a reference to David fleeing from persecutors, including from his demon-possessed rebel son Absalom. David wrote this song after Palestinians captured him in winepress-town (Gath). See 1Sa 21.
  362. Psalms 71:11 The [terrorists] whisper, ‘ELohim has forsaken him. Chase him down. Grab him. [Take him out into the desert. Smash his head with a boulder.] No one's gonna' rescue him.’
  363. Psalms 74:10 How long will you [let] the adversary laugh [at you and us], Elohim? Will the enemy blaspheme your name for ever?
  364. Psalms 74:22 Rise up, Elohim! Fight the cause of your [people]. Never forget how these sickening [invaders] strip [your dignity] day after day!
  365. Psalms 83:2 Look, [YHVH]! Your enemies rage [like the waves of the sea]. Your haters keep rearing up [to murder us Hebrews].
  366. Psalms 89:50 YHVH, never forget [how the world's] powerful nations insult your servants. See how I carry their blasphemy like [an anvil] on my chest.
  367. Psalms 119:117 Brace me. Lift me out [of the danger I incur by] constantly honoring your orders.
  368. Psalms 119:143 [Assassins] rush to grab me in death-squeezes, [simply because] I adore your instructions.
  369. Psalms 124:5 Raging floods [of arrogance] drown our lives.
  370. Psalms 129:3 [Pagan] ‘plowmen’ plow on my back, 😇. [They stab me] with long [deep] furrows.
  371. IsaiYAH 48:11 [To protect my own reputation], I [refine you], 😇. I [drill out your] pollution. I refuse to surrender my glorious [children] to alien [demon-gods].
    note: The bookstore translations of this verse make no sense. They make the Almighty seem stupid and vain.
  372. JeremiYAH 18:20 Do [you want these criminals] to pay me evil for good? They dig pit[s to kill] my life-breath. Remember that I stood before you to speak good for them, to turn your fire-rage away from them.
    note: It is our earthly destiny to receive evil for the good we do. Get used to pain, saints!
  373. Lamentations 3:9 [YAH] encloses my way with blocks of stone, 😇. He twists my paths.
  374. Lamentations 3:15 [YAH] stuffs me with bitterness, 😇. He fills me up with [poison] wormwood.
  375. Lamentations 3:54 Waters flow over my head, 😇. I [wail], “I'm cut off [from life].”
  376. Matthew 11:2 [Meanwhile,] JAHn [(Yohannon the Immerser) hangs rotting in shackles, bitten by rats & leeches, locked up] in [false-king Herod's] dungeon. [Through the prison bars,] JAHn hears the news that YahShua is [roaming the country, healing and teaching. So] JAHn sends 2 of his own disciples to YahShua.
  377. Matthew 21:46 So the [serial killer preachers] conspire to grab and arrest YahShua, 😇. But they fear [vengeance from Judea's massive] crowds. Because the crowds [know] that YahShua is [YAH's] prophet.
  378. Matthew 24:19 😇, what dread those days bring for pregnant women & nursing mothers!
  379. Matthew 24:20 Pray [to YHVH] that you, 😇, won't have to run away [from torture] during the winter or on a Sabbath!
  380. Matthew 26:62 The high priest rises. He asks YahShua, “Are you never going to answer? What is this testimony that these witnesses are bringing against you?”
  381. John 18:28 It's early in the morning, 😇. The [guards] lead YahShua from Caiaphas to the [Roman] hall of judgment. The Jews refuse to enter the [pagan] judgment hall, lest they become [ritually] defiled and barred from eating the passover [feast].
    note: Classic hypocrisy: Religionists have no problem murdering the Son of the Creator. Yet they writhe in great moral compunction about going into a worldly court during a religious holiday.
  382. John 21:21 Seeing [me], Rock asks YahShua, “Adoni, what about [JAHn? Doesn't he have to get tortured and killed too?]
  383. Acts 4:4 However, (about 5000) people listen to [Rock's] Word. [So they put] faith [in YahShua].
    note: If you give up all of your possessions and money, you may get the ability to spontaneously heal incurable people. If you get thrown in jail, you might convince a lot of people to believe. Are you ready to give up everything and go to jail?
  384. Acts 9:30 Saul's friends learn of the murder plot, 😇. So they smuggle Saul out of Jerusalem, take him to Caesarea, and ship him off to [his hometown of] Tarsus.
  385. Acts 14:5 Idol-Town's [evil] people and leaders, both beast-nationals and Jews, execute a [secret] attack plan to violently abuse the [believers] then stone them [to death].
  386. Acts 14:6 The apostles find out about the [plot to kill all christians], 😇. So the [apostles] flee [south] to the Lycaonian [Wolf-Land] towns of Lystra and Derbe and to the surrounding country.
  387. Acts 16:24 The jailer, obeying this order, thrusts Paul and Silas {Woodsman} into the inner prison, 😇. He fastens their feet in the stocks.
  388. Acts 17:9 The rulers collect security [bail money] from Jason {Curer} and the other (believers) [to ensure these believers will return to court], 😇. Then the rulers release the [believers].
  389. Acts 18:2 Paul [goes to] meet a Jew named Aquila {Eagle}, [a man] born [by the sea] in Pontus, [in Asia Minor]. Eagle and his wife Priscilla {Ancient-One} have recently fled [east] from Italy because [inept Roman Emperor] Claudius issued an [evil] decree expelling all the Jews from Rome, 😇. Paul [hikes across Corinth] to see Eagle & Priscilla.
  390. Acts 19:23 About that time there arises a great furor against [the Christian movement, which everyone calls] “The Way.”
  391. Acts 19:33 The Jews push Alexander {Man-Defender} to the front [of the theater]. Factions in the crowd egg Alexander on. Alexander beckons with his hand, trying to make his defense to the throng.
  392. Acts 21:27 The [men's] 7 days [of purification] near completion, 😇. Suddenly some Jews from Asia spy Paul at the temple. They whip up the whole crowd! They seize Paul.
  393. Acts 27:14 But soon a wind of hurricane force, called Euro-clydon (Northeaster) [rocks] our ship, 😇!
  394. Acts 27:26 Nevertheless, we have to run aground on an island.”
  395. Acts 27:27 On the [storm's] 14th night, the [hurricane continues to] drive us [west] across the Adriatic Sea, 😇. Midnight [passes]. [Our] sailors sense we're approaching land.
  396. Acts 28:19 But [rogue] Judaeans objected [to my release]. Then I [felt] compelled to call [an audience with] Caesar. [Of course I'm] not accusing my [Israeli] nation of anything. [I would never use the worldly courts to point weapons at my persecutors.]
    note: Paul did not appeal to Caesar for Judicial relief. Paul decided to present the Gospel to the most powerful mortal in the world. This is a very important distinction. For Paul to have appealed to Caesar for relief would mean that Paul tried to use the worldly courts to enforce his rights, which is not true. This is because worldly courts mete out justice at the point of a gun, through threats. We believers can't use force to protect our rights. So we can't go under the jurisdiction of the worldly powers to gain control of their policemen. Paul clarifies that he is not the one prosecuting the court case.
  397. 2nd Corinthians 4:11 [We believers spurn all authority that does not come from] YahShua. So our lives lie at constant risk, 😇. Yet [our calm boldness in the face of police, judges, depots and Satan's rich religionists] makes YahShua's life all the more evident in us, 😇.
  398. 1st Thessalonians 2:18 We [apostles] have always wanted so much to come to you [new believers]. I, Paul, ventured [out toward you] more than once. But the Adversary [Satanas] stopped us.
  399. 1st Thessalonians 3:1 We [apostles] could no longer stand the persecutors preventing us from communicating with you [new believers]. But the Adversary [Satan] would not let us visit you ourselves. So, we stayed trapped in Athens.
  400. 1st Thessalonians 3:3 We sent you [baby Christians] a guide, so that no one would get rattled by these persecutions. You know, 😇, that [YAH] appointed us [believers] to these trials. [So we] must go through them.
  401. 1st Thessalonians 3:4 Truly, when we [apostles] stayed with you [new coverts], we kept telling you that our enemies would make us suffer. As you know very well, the tribulations came.
  402. 2nd Thessalonians 1:5 [YHVH] the Eloah always [eventually] uses such persecution to show his justice by making you worthy of his Dominion, for which you, 😇, are suffering.
    note: Persevering through suffering purifies you. It proves that you really wanted to enter YAH's Kingdom, that you didn't just come to Jesus for free benefits.
  403. Philemon 1:1 Hello, dearly beloved co-worker Philemon {Friend}! It's me, Paul. [I'm here in Rome, chained in jail. Our] brother Timothy {YAH's-Treasure} is with me. [We're writing to you on smuggled papyrus. We intended to come to see you. But worldly ‘authorities’ illegally beat us. They threw us] in prison for [terrifying rich religious hypocrites. We warned the city about] YahShua, YAH's Messiah, [the Redeemer who soon comes to throw the hypocrites into the eternal fire and smash the Nations under His feet]!
    note: No wonder the pigs threw Paul in prison, with that radical subversive message! Before Paul, a [Roman] slave was considered subhuman, entitled to no more consideration than an animal.-Sarah Ruden, Paul Among the People (2010) Paul insists that slaves are equal with freemen, and that once the slave gives his life to Christ, the slave should be set free to serve Christ. The Roman population was 50% slaves. This letter shook the entire foundation of the Roman economy.
  404. 1st Peter 3:17 For it's better, if the will of [YHVH] the Eloah allows, that you, 😇, suffer for doing good, than for doing evil.
  405. 1st Peter 4:14 If you get reviled [abused/insulted/rejected/hated] for [acting and speaking in] the name [and authority] of Messiah, you're blessed, 😇! [This means that] the glorious Spirit, the Spirit of YHVH, rests on you.
    note: The scoffers are not insulting you. They speak evil of the Glorious One who glorifies you because you glorify Him.
  406. Wisdom of Solomon 2:19 [The criminals continue,] “Let's examine [the righteous man] with spite and torture, so we can test his meekness, and measure his patience.
  407. Wisdom of Solomon 2:21 [Criminals] imagine such [horrible, slanderous, predatory] ideas, because they're deceived. Their own wickedness has blinded them.
  408. Prayer of AzariYAH 1:15 We now have no prince, or prophet, or leader, or ascension-feast, or [animals to] slaughter, or qurban [present to offer you], or incense, or place to [hold sacred feasts] before you, and to find mercy.
  409. Prayer of AzariYAH 1:24 So that the flame shoots up, 49 cubits [73 feet] above the furnace.
  410. Job 13:20 [Job turns his face to the sky:][YAH,] I'll face you openly, if you stop doing two things:
  411. Job 16:7 [ELohim keeps] wearing me out.” [Job lifts his head to the sky. He screams] “You destroyed my family!
  412. Job 19:6 [You] know that [YHVH the] Eloah has overthrown me. He's trapped me in his net.
    note: Not the full picture.
  413. JeremiYAH 30:7 Wow, 😇! What a massive, unprecedented [invasion] day looms: the season of turmoil for Jacob's [descendants]. But [I eventually] save [them] out of it.
  414. Acts 27:28 The crewmen drop a plumb-line. They find the water 120 feet deep. A little further, they ‘sound’ again, 😇. They find the water 90 feet deep.
    note: 1 Fathom = 6 feet. Most worldly measurements are based on the number of man: 6.
  415. Ephesians 3:13 So please don't lose hope because I suffer for you, 😇. My pain [leads to the time when YAH gives you his] glory.
  416. Philippians 1:30 You, 😇, are going through the same struggle[s] you know I keep going through. As you keep hearing, I struggle on.
  417. Wisdom of Solomon 3:6 [YAH] tests people like [a metallurgist] assays gold in a furnace. And [YAH] receives [righteous people with joy,] like [your nostrils] receive the [delicious] aroma of a smoke-roast.
  418. 2 Maccabees 7:15 Then the [executioners drag] the 5th [brother] into [the torture pit]. They mangle him [as his mother and two remaining brothers watch].
  419. Ezra 4:8 [Finally, evil] regional chancellor Rehum {Compassion} and Shimshai {Sunny} (the law-secretary) write [another] anti-Jerusalem letter to Emperor Artaxerxes {Truthful-Ruler}.
  420. Psalms 132:1 YHVH, remember [the promises you made to bless the dynasty of] David {Love}. [Reward] all the hardships [he suffered].
    note: This appears to be good king Hezekiah praying for YAH's protection and for a son to be born to Hezekiah's childless Queen.
  421. 1st Corinthians 16:9 [YAH] has opened to me a great door for effective work. But many [religionists and worldlings] oppose me.
  422. Deuteronomy 29:16 (For you [Israelites] know how we lived in [misery in] the land of Egypt. And [you know] how we trudged through the nations you passed by.
  423. Job 5:6 Affliction doesn't come up from the dust. Nor does trouble spring out of the ground.
  424. Colossians 4:18 I, Paul, write this greeting with my own hand, 😇. Remember that [soldiers] hold me [here in Rome] in chains. [I pray that YAH's] unmerited-favor stays with you. [And that's the way] it is!
    note: Remember that doing what Jesus commanded gets you persecuted, not promoted, in the world. Amén.
  425. Judith 5:14 [YHVH] brought the Hebrews to mount Sinai, and Kadesh-Barnea {Wilderness-Of-Wandering}. He cast forth all the surviving [Israelites] into the wilderness [for 40 years].
  426. 1st Corinthians 15:31 Every day I [face] death to bring you, 😇, more of the glory that comes from our unity with YahShua, the Messiah, our Master.
    note: Greek: kata day i am from dying by the more of yours (YOUR-more) boasting which I-am-having in messiah Yahshua the Master of us.
  427. Wisdom of Solomon 2:17 Let's [probe to] see if [the righteous man's] words are true. Let's see what will happen to him in the end.
  428. Susanna vs. The Elders 1:30 So Suzanna comes [to trial] with her father and mother, her children, and all her kindred.
  429. Acts 16:35 At daybreak, the judges send their soldiers [to the jail], ordering “Let those men [Paul and Silas] go.”
  430. Job 26:1 Then Job answers [Bildad's half-truths]:
  431. John 3:24 (This is before [false-pervert-king Herod] throws JAHn [the Immerser] into prison, 😇.)
  432. 2nd Corinthians 13:6 But I trust you'll see, 😇, that we [apostles] ourselves don't fail the test [of faith].
  433. 1 Maccabees 6:18 [Over in Israel,] about this time the people in the tower shut up the Israelites around the sanctuary. [The traitors] keep trying to harm the Israelites, to strengthen the beast-nations.


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  11. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer

  13. A Ways To Go
  14. The Waiting Room