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Every true believer must be a peace activist, not merely hoping for world peace, but actively fighting the evil status-quo that breeds and supports war.

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13 SCRIPTURE SECTIONS on the theme of International Peace

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  1. Isaiah Predicts Messiah's Perfect Global Rule
  2. David Despises Warmongers, Loves Peace
  3. Spies Plan To Attack Pacifist Separatist Farm
  4. General Joab Gets Sheba The Rebel Beheaded
  5. Babylon's Emperor Releases Judea's Slave-King
  6. YAH At Last Institutes Permanent World Peace
  7. Isaiah Foresees YHVH Healing & Blessing Egypt
  8. The Creator Delights In Humble People
  9. Moses Leads Israel To Sukkot (Tent-Town)
  10. International Peace-Making
  11. North Israel & Judea Re-Unite To Fight Syria
  12. King Solomon Buys Temple Building Supplies
  13. King Asa Destroys Idolatry. So Judea Prospers


80 SCRIPTURES on the theme of International Peace

  1. MicaYah 4:3 YAH comes to judge among billions of people, 😇. YAH rebukes & corrects strong [stubborn] nations far and wide. The [earth-dwellers] beat their swords into plowshares. [Ex-warriors] bend their spears into pruning-hooks. Nations [permanently stop] lifting up swords against [enemy] nations. Earthlings never again learn [the art of] war.
    note: YHVH settles international disputes. He arbitrates between strong nations across the globe. All wars stop. Military training comes to an end. No one ever again gets interested in devising clever ways to kill their brother man.
  2. 2nd Samuel 1:27 [Earth's] mighty [warriors lie] fallen! — The weapons of war destroyed!”
    note: Or, "The weapons of war are useless."
  3. IsaiYAH 2:4 [In the end,] YAH judges among the beast-nations, 😇. He corrects [trillions] of people. So they beat their swords into plowshares. [They melt] their spears into pruning hooks. No nation lifts up [a] sword against [any other] nation. They never again learn [the art of] war.
  4. Psalms 46:9 [YAH] makes wars cease to the end of the earth, 😇. He breaks the [tyrant's] bow [and arrows]. [YAH] cuts the [dictator's] spear [in two]. [YAH] burns the [world's] cars [and trucks and tanks] in the fire [from his mouth].
  5. IsaiYAH 50:11 [YAH warns,] “Watch [out], all you fire-starters, you [militarists] who surround yourselves with incendiary-missiles. [You] walk [to your deaths] in the light of your [war] fire. [You burn] in the sparks you kindle. With [one strike of] my [omnipotent] hand, you [warmongers] collapse in agony.”
    note: War solves nothing. It destroys the loser and bankrupts the victor. The only way to stop war-crime is to teach children stories and songs that reflect biblical morality.
  6. Psalms 120:7 I'm for peace, 😇. Yet [no matter what] I say, the [warmongers around me bang the drums] of war.
    note: That's a description of the SataNation around you. They may claim to be Christian. But their actions (lawsuits, politics, economics, competition, divorces, war) show that they worship the god of war.
  7. IsaiYAH 11:9 [The world finally accepts YAH's Messiah. Then] no one hurts nor destroys [anything or anyone] on all my [war-torn] sacred [hills surrounding Jerusalem]. The earth comes to overflow with the knowledge of YHVH, like waters cover the sea [floor].
  8. IsaiYAH 11:7 Eventually the cow and the bear feed [side-by-side]. Their young ones lie down together. The lion eats straw like the ox, 😇!
    note: The return of global vegetarianism.
  9. Luke 14:32 [Suppose, 😇, that the besieged king calculates that he can't beat the invading king's army.] Then while the [invading] king is still a long way away, the [diligent] king sends an ambassador. He asks for terms of peace.
  10. 2nd Samuel 20:22 So the woman [runs back] to all [her] people [inside Fort Abel. She tells them] her wise plan. They cut off the head of Bichri's brat (Sheba). The [woman] throws the [neck-bleeding head] out to [General] Joab. [Sheba's bloody ugly mug clunks across the ground to Joab's feet. So Joab] blows a trumpet. [Judea's army] retreats from the city. Every man [returns] to his [own] home. Joab returns [~80km south] to Jerusalem. [There he reports the victory] to king [David].
  11. Psalms 20:8 People [who trust in war-making equipment] get taken down, 😇. They fall while we [who sing YHVH's Name] get raised and stood upright.
    note: Context is critical here. This is an extreme anti-war, anti-military, pro-spiritual-warfare statement.
  12. IsaiYAH 9:5 Eventually [we peaceful survivors hurl] every warrior's mud-stained combat boot and every blood-rolled battle-fatigue into our fires [as fuel], 😇.
  13. Hosea 2:18 [😇, see] the coming day when I seal a covenant for [my future-kings] with [all] field-animals and [all] sky-birds, and with the creatures creeping on the soil … when I break the bow and the sword and [remove] warfare from the earth [forever]… when I make [my people] lie down [safely] trusting [Me to protect them from all terrors].
  14. Psalms 147:14 [YAH] makes peace within your borders. He fills you with the finest grain-foods, 😇.
  15. Deuteronomy 17:16 Never let any king multiply [the number of war] horses in his [stables], 😇. Never cause the people to return to Egypt to stock [the central government with more] horses. YHVH commanded you to never again return to Egypt [nor to Egypt's warlike ways]!
    note: Never allow a central government to stockpile military apparatus.
  16. Judges 18:7 So the 5 [spies happily] ride off, [feeling secure in the false-preacher's blessing]. They ride up [90km north] to [lush, green] Laish {Lion-Land}. They see [farmers] there living carefree in quiet confidence like [their neighboring] Sidonian {Fish-Fighters}. No restraining magistrate [governs nor taxes] the land. No [tyrants] shame [Laish's people] in any way. The [spies] watch the [farmers work their land] detached from the Sidonians. The farmers conduct neither business [nor communication] with any [outside] people.
    note: These peaceful farmers may have assumed they were under the protection of the Sidonians. Laish=Tel Dan, a beautiful, fertile region beneath mount Hermon, from which water drains to the Jordan river and on into Lake Galilee.
  17. 1st Kings 22:17 MicaYah replies, “I foresee all Israel's [warriors] scattered on the hills, like sheep without a shepherd. So YHVH orders [you], ‘These [soldiers] have no master. Let them all return to their homes in peace [before they all get slaughtered].’”
    note: “No master” = a scalding denial of Ahab’s authority. Authority is as authority does.
  18. Luke 3:14 The soldiers likewise ask JAHn, “What should we do?” JAHn answers the soldiers, “Do violence to no one. Never falsely accuse anyone. Be content with your pay. [Don't extort money.]
    note: This is not merely a command to refrain from using excessive force. As 1st century believers completely understood, this command puts the soldiers in a conflict of Law: The military oath obligates soldiers to do violence on command. But YAH's prophet commands the soldiers to never do violence. So the only option for a disciple of Jesus is to quit the military. This is basic, elementary Christianity. If your church doesn't get it, they're clueless.
  19. MicaYah 5:10 YHVH decrees, [See the future] Day when I terminate the genetic line of your over-bred war-horses. I destroy your chariots [and tanks and submarines and war-ships and fighter-bombers and missiles].
    note: YAH ends war on earth.
  20. 1st Chronicles 22:9 See [your future, David]: to you [BathSheba] soon births a son. He becomes a man of peace. I give him rest from all his surrounding enemies. You name him Solomon {Peace-Man}. During his [reign,] I give peace and quietness to Israel.
    note: Solomon is a name based in "Shalom."
  21. 2nd Kings 25:28 [Emperor Evil-Merodach {Man-Of-Marduk}] speaks kindly to [JAHoakin]. He sets [JAHoakin's] throne above the throne of the [other vassal] kings with him in Babylon.
  22. Genesis 26:31 [Isaac and AbiMelech] get up early in the morning, 😇. They completely, [7-times, convince] each other [that they both intend to coexist peacefully. Then] Isaac sends [AbiMelech's party home]. They leave him in peace.
  23. 2nd Samuel 20:19 —I'm one of the peaceful and faithful [people] in Israel. [Why] are you trying to destroy a mother-city in Israel? Why do you want to swallow up YHVH's heritage-land?”
  24. Exodus 13:17 Then, 😇, after Pharaoh lets the [Israelite] people go, Elohim leads them [north]. But [YAH avoids] the nearby [western] roads in [extreme southern] Palestinian territory. Elohim says, “[We'll go east, the long way around, to avoid] a Philistine [attack]. War would make [our] people flee back to Egypt.”
  25. Judges 18:9 [Dan's spies] answer, “Pack up! Let's ride up [and fight] against [the people of Laish]. We've seen the land, and, wow, it's awesome! Don't just sit there! Don't be lazy! Go! Invade! Occupy [their] land!
  26. 2nd Chronicles 14:6 Asa also builds fortified cities in Judaea. The country enjoys rest. Asa [fights] no war in those years, because YHVH gives Asa peace.
  27. 1st Kings 5:6 So [please] appoint [your loggers] to cut cedar trees from Lebanon {White-Mountain} for me. My workers will [work] beside your choppers. To compensate your [loggers], I'll pay you whatever wages you set, because [everybody] knows there's no one around who has the timber-cutting skill of [you] Sidonian {Fishermen}.”
    note: Flattery gets you everywhere. Appreciate the guy's skill and he may give you a discount, since he won't have to telegraph his worth through his high-prices.
  28. 1st Kings 22:44 And JAHoshaphat {JAH's-Judgment} makes peace with the [evil] king of [northern] Israel.
  29. IsaiYAH 19:23 Eventually the [middle-east sees a new] dawn [of international peace], 😇. A highway stretches from Egypt to Assyria. Assyrians migrate to Egypt, and vice-versa. Egyptians and Assyrians, [history's mortal enemies, come to] work together.
  30. 2nd Chronicles 14:7 So Asa announces to [all] Judeans, “We sought YHVH our ELohim. So the land still [lies in peace] before us. So let's build [our] cities. [Let's] surround them with walls, towers, gates and bars [to passively prevent attacks]. We sought [YAH]. So he gives us rest on every side. [Let's keep it that way.]” So Judea builds and prospers.
    note: International peace comes only from seeking YHVH. No nation in the world is currently seeking YAH. So war and famine will ravage the earth until doomsday.
  31. 2nd Chronicles 18:2 Some years later [JAHoshaphat rides his chariot 30km north from Jerusalem. He gallops] down to [meet evil north Israeli king] Ahab {Father-Friend} in Samaria. There Ahab butchers [and cooks hundreds of] sheep and oxen for a [feast in honor] of [JAHoshaphat] and his entourage. Then [Ahab] persuades [JAHoshaphat] to caravan [~50km east] with him to [fight Syria] at Ramoth-Gilead {Witness-Heights}.
  32. 2nd Chronicles 20:30 So [king] JAHoshaphat's realm [dwells] quietly. His Elohim gives him rest all around.
  33. Deuteronomy 20:11 If the [distant pagans] eventually respond to you in peace, and they open [their city gates] to you, then [YAH won't kill them]. In time all of those [millions of] people will pay taxes to you, and work for [the good of Israel].
    note: This is NOT a command to put people into forced labor! Solomon became so wealthy and powerful that all the nations around him voluntarily paid tribute to Israel in return for benefiting from their association with Israel.
  34. 1st Chronicles 18:10 [King] Tou also [suffers from] Hadarezer's attacks. [So Tou] sends his son ([prince] Hadoram) [~270km south] to king David, to ask how David is doing, and to congratulate him for overcoming and evicting Hadarezer. [Tou's son] brings David all kinds of utensils of gold, silver and brass [to buy support].
  35. Deuteronomy 20:12 But if [the pagans] refuse to make peace with you, and instead wage war against you, 😇, then besiege [their city not with weapons, but with praise, like at Jericho].
  36. 2nd Samuel 2:28 So [Judean General] Joab {JAH-Dad} blows a trumpet. All [his warriors] stand still. They stop chasing the [north] Israeli [army]. They [temporarily] stop fighting.
  37. Deuteronomy 20:10 When your [praise teams] approach a [distant pagan] city to fight [in spiritual warfare] against its [child-abusing, demonic establishment], first call out [your offer of] peace to it, 😇.
    note: Imagine Jericho. Marching, singing, shouting HalleluYah, blowing trumpets.
  38. IsaiYAH 19:24 The day arrives when Israel forms a 3-way [cooperative-group] with Egypt and Assyria. [Their friendship] blesses the entire earth.
    note: Still unfulfilled, despite repeated attempts at Middle-East peace.
  39. Deuteronomy 2:26 [Moses continues,] “So, from the [Palestinian] wilderness of Kedemoth {Starting-Point}, I send ambassadors with words of peace to Sihon {Tornado} king of Heshbon {Intelligence}:
  40. Genesis 26:33 Isaac {Laughter} calls [the area where he made peace with AbiMelech and where his servants found water], ‘Shebah {Seven}.’ That's why, 😇, to this day, the name of the city [that grew up there] is ‘Beer-Sheba {Well-Of-The-Seven}.’
  41. Genesis 26:26 Then AbiMelech {Father-King} travels from [the plains of] Gerar with his friend Ahuzzat {Siezure} and with his chief army General Phichol {Mouth-of-the-Nation}. [They ride up] to [meet with Isaac].
  42. 2nd Kings 25:27 On the 27th day of the 12 month of the 37th year since [the Babylonians] enslaved Judea's king Jahoachin {YAH-Establishes}, Babylon’s Emperor Evil-Merodach {Man-Of-Marduk-The-War-God} begins [his] reign. He lifts up the [sad] head of Judea's king JeconYah by [releasing him] from prison.
  43. 1st Kings 5:9 —My loggers will cart the [logs] down [west] from [the snow-white] Lebanon [mountains] to the [Mediterranean] sea. Then I'll ship the [logs south] by sea on float-rafts to whatever destination you choose. Then [my workers] will separate the logs into [classes]. Finally you'll receive them. Then you'll grant my wishes by providing food for my royal household.”
  44. 1st Kings 22:2 In the 3rd year [of peace], Judea's king JAHoshaphat {JAH's-Judgment} [rides his chariot north] down [Judea's hills] to [meet with north] Israel's [criminal] king [Ahab].
  45. Judges 3:11 Finally, 😇, the land rests [from war for] 40 years. [Then] Hunter's son OthniEl {Force-Of-El} dies.
  46. JeremiYAH 31:6 The day dawns when watchmen on [rebel] mount Ephraim cry, “Mount up, 😇! Let's [ride south] to ascend [Mount] Zion. [We'll reunite with our war-torn Judean brothers. Together] we'll [worship] YHVH our Elohim.”
  47. IsaiYAH 60:18 Violence ceases to be heard in your land, 😇. Wasting and destruction vanish from your territory. You [come to] name your walls: “YeShua {Wide-Open-Safe-Zone-Of-Freedom}”, and your gates: “Tehillah {Acclamation} [to YAH].”
  48. Deuteronomy 2:29 —([I'm only asking that you treat us as well as] did the [belligerent] sons of Esau {Rough-Red} who live in Seir {Rough}, and the [incestuous] Moabites who live in Ar {Watch-Fortress}.) [Just let us] pass over [the] Jordan [river] into the land YHVH our Elohim gives us.”
  49. IsaiYAH 36:3 So the following [Judean officials ride] out to [negotiate with] the [attackers]: palace administrator Eliakim {EL-Raises} (the son of HilkiYah {YAH's-Inheritance}), [royal] secretary Shebna {Grower}, and royal record-keeper Joah {YAH-Brother}, and the son of Asaph {Gatherer}.
  50. IsaiYAH 19:25 YHVH-Commander-Of-Armies blesses [international cooperation, 😇]. He [sings], [I] bless Egypt my people, and Assyria, the work of my hands, and Israel, my heritage-nation.”
    note: This prophecy ruffles the Jews' feathers.
  51. 1st Kings 5:8 So [king] Hiram {White} sends [his envoys] to [king] Solomon {Peace-Man}, saying, “I've considered your requests. I'll do everything you desire to provide your cedar-logs and fir-logs [for your temple].
  52. Deuteronomy 2:27 [I beg,][Please] let me [and my 2 million people] pass through your land. [We'll] trudge along on the highway. We'll turn neither to the right hand nor to the left.
  53. 1st Kings 5:10 So [king] Hiram {White} sells [king] Solomon {Peace-Man} all the cedar logs and fir logs [Solomon] wants, 😇.
  54. 1st Kings 5:11 [King] Solomon {Peace-Man} pays Hiram {White} 20 thousand ‘cors’ [125,000 bushels] of wheat for food for [Hiram's royal] household, plus 20 ‘baths’ [115,000 gallons] of pure [mortar-bruised olive] oil. Then Solomon repeats this payment to Hiram {White} year after year.
  55. 1st Kings 5:12 And [more important than building materials,] YHVH gives Solomon {Peace-Man} wisdom, as YAH promised [he would]. [This wisdom helps maintain] peace between Hiram {White} and Solomon. The two [kings] make a peace-pact together.
    note: Not clear whether this treaty is merely a declaration of peaceful intent or an unholy union. Tyre later breaks this peace-treaty and is cursed in Amos 1:9.
  56. Joshua 22:30 Priest Phinehas {Snake-Mouth} (and his [West] Israeli million-man leaders and thousand-man supervisors) hear the [eastern Cattle-Barons] voice their offer [of peace]. The [west-siders beam,] happy [to have avoided a civil war].
    note: A soft answer turns away wrath.
  57. Psalms 122:6 😇, pray for the peace of Jerusalem, [the so-called “City Of Peace”]. Those who love [the people of peace] come to prosper.
    note: Physical Jerusalem is just real estate. The true Jerusalem is the population of peacemakers.
  58. Psalms 85:8 😇, I'm [confident of] the verdict YHVH the El {Power} will [deliver] to [our] ears. He'll decree peace for his people, his kind-ones. But let's never flip back again into folly.
  59. 1st Kings 5:1 King Hiram {White} of Tyre {Rock-Port} hears that [the Israelis] have crowned Solomon king in place of [David, Solomon's] father. So [Hiram] sends his envoys [~100km south to congratulate] Solomon, since Hiram had always been friends with [king] David.
  60. Judges 18:8 So [Dan's spies] gallop back to their relatives in Zorah {Wasp} and Eshtaol {Prayer}. Their tribesmen ask, “Tell us [what you spied on your journey]!”
  61. 1st Kings 22:1 3 years pass without war between [Highland] Syria and Israel.
  62. 1st Samuel 14:46 Then Saul relents from chasing the Philistines. So the Philistines [retreat]. [They limp west] back to their territory.
  63. 1st Samuel 7:14 [YAH] restores to Israel all the cities the Philistines [robbed] from Israel, from [southeast] Ekron {Uprooter} all the way [northwest] to Gath {Wine-Press}. Isra’el rescues all this territory out of the ‘fist’ of the Palestinians. And [to the east,] Israel enjoys peace with the Amorite {Mountaineers}.
    note: Ekron lies only 24 miles West of Jerusalem.
  64. 1st Kings 22:49 So [Ahab's brat, northern Israel's criminal king] AhaziYah {Seized-By-Yah} makes an offer to JAHoshaphat {JAH's-Judgment}: “Let my servants go with your servants in [other] ships.” But JAHoshaphat [wisely] declines [to partner with evil king AhaziYah].
  65. 2nd Samuel 20:18 [The wise woman] says, “In the old days they'd often say, ‘If you want to settle an argument, ask advice at the city of Abel.’ [This town has a long history of conflict-resolution.]
  66. 2nd Chronicles 11:3 [YAH] says, “Command [peace] to Solomon's brat, Judea's king Rehoboam {Nation-Builder}, and to all Israelites [among the tribes of] Judah {Celebrated} and Benjamin {Right-Hand-Son}.
  67. 1st Chronicles 19:2 David’s servants [ride east from Jerusalem on their mission] to go comfort [king] Hanun. [They cross the Jordan river. They gallop] into the territory of the inbred spawn of Ammon.
    note: This is 19:2b.
  68. 1st Chronicles 19:19 The servants of Hadarezer {Hadar-Is-Help} see that Israel is getting the best of them. So Hadarezer makes peace with [king] David. [His subjects] become David's laborers. And the Syrians never again help the [inbred] spawn of Ammon.
  69. Judges 18:16 The 600 of Dan's tribesmen stand strapped with their weapons of war at the [shrine's] entrance-gate.
  70. 1st Kings 5:2 So Solomon {Peace-Man} sends [his royal purchasing agents ~100km north] to [king] Hiram {White}.
  71. Judith 3:1 So the [Mediterranean coastal-dwellers] send ambassadors to Holofernes to beg for peace.
  72. Daniel 4:1 [Time passes. Babylon's Emperor goes insane for 7 years. Then, in 454BC, he delivers this global proclamation: “From] The Emperor Nebuchadnezzar, to all peoples, races and language-groups who dwell in all the earth. Peace be multiplied to you.
    note: Daniel is probably 59 years old at this point. In Persia, Astyages' Empire is building strength to take over the Babylonian Empire.
  73. IsaiYAH 16:1 [As a token of alliance with] the king [of] the country [of Judah, Moab's refugees at the] Sela {Crag-Mount} wilderness send lambs to [Jerusalem. These Moabites respectfully address Jerusalem as]: “the mountain of Zion's daughter.”
    note: Feed your enemies. Or they might eat you.
  74. Judges 9:55 The men of Israel see AbiMelech {Father-King} dead. So they all run to their [homes].
  75. 2nd Chronicles 15:19 So, 😇, no more war [reaches Judaea] until the 35th year of Asa's reign.
    note: Peace comes from repentance.
  76. 2nd Chronicles 11:5 So [evil king] Rehoboam {Nation-Builder} dwells in Jerusalem. He builds cities for defense [throughout] Judaea.
  77. 1st Chronicles 18:2 Then [king David] evicts [the perverted establishment of] Moab. So the Moabites become David's servants. They bring him tributes.
  78. 1 Esdras 1:27 YHVH Elohim didn't send me out [of Egypt] to fight you. My war is upon [the people of] Euphrates. Now YHVH is with me. Yes, YHVH is with me speeding me forward. So retreat from me. Don't fight against YHVH.”
  79. Joshua 14:15 ([Note to 😇:] the old name of Hebron {Society} had been Kirjath-Arba {City-Of-The-4-Giants}, named after “Arba”, a giant [ancient hero] among the Anakim {Stranglers}.) Finally the [Promised] Land rests from war.
  80. 1 Esdras 1:26 But the king of Egypt sends [messengers] to JosiYah {Founded-By-YAH}, saying, “What do I have to do with you, O king of Judaea?


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