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Human companionship is helpful and sublime, but ephemeral. Your only reliable companions are YHVH and His Messiah.

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23 SCRIPTURE SECTIONS on the theme of Companionship

    Interactive Timeline
  1. Prince JAHnathan & David Part
  2. Jonathan Betrays His Dad-King To Save David
  3. Be Humble
  4. You Need Some Companionship
  5. JAHnathan & David Renew Their Alliance
  6. YHVH Indicts Fallen Israel For Sloth & Crime
  7. Ruth Leaves Moab For Israel
  8. Jonathan & David Make A Protection Pact
  9. David & Jonathan Plan A Lie To Fool King Saul
  10. Paul Closes His Letter With Love + Peace
  11. Moses Has A Pow-Wow With Aaron
  12. David Flees From King Saul's Murderous Rage
  13. Paul Encourages You & Joyfully Prays For You
  14. Moses' Wife's Relatives Abandon Israel
  15. EliShua Follows EliJah On His Final Journeys
  16. Timothy: A Model Selfless Christian Worker
  17. Paul Writes Again to Comfort You Who Love YAH
  18. Paul Longs To Visit Rome's Persecuted Saints
  19. Paul Sends A Helper Back Home To Horse-City
  20. John Sends You Secret-Coded Greetings
  21. Help And Work Hard With Other Disciples
  22. Believers Are Supposed To Cheer Each Other Up
  23. Paul Longs To See Fellow Believers


117 SCRIPTURES on the theme of Companionship

  1. 2nd Samuel 1:26 Pain [seizes] me [when I wake up and remember] that you're dead, my brother JAHnathan {JAH's-Gift}! You were the best [companion] in my life. Your friendship to me was a miracle, easily beating the eros of women.
    note: Jonathan and David were NOT homosexual lovers. David is saying that sex is meaningless, and true friendship is priceless and hard to find.
  2. Proverbs 18:24 A man's ‘friends’ can do him [great] harm. [Yet, in heaven, you, 😇,] have a [loving] friend who sticks closer than any brother.
  3. Ecclesiastes 4:9 Two [people cooperating fare] better than one [loner]. Their [teamwork] nets a good reward for their labor, 😇.
  4. Ruth 1:16 But Ruth {Friend} cries, “Don’t press me to leave you, or to stop following you. For wherever you go, I will go. And wherever you stay, I will stay. Your people will be my people. Your Elohim will be my Elohim.
  5. 1st Samuel 18:1 By the time David finishes speaking to [king] Saul, the soul of [Saul's son] JAHnathan {JAH's-Gift} fuses with David's soul. [From that moment until his death,] JAHnathan cares about David like he cares about his own self.
    note: Jonathan and David were heterosexuals who found greater permanence and substance in their relationship with each other than in their relationships with women. If they'd been homosexuals, they probably would have broken up, because no man likes being dominated by another man for very long. Jonathan was about 20 years older than David.
  6. 1st Samuel 20:41 As soon as the boy leaves, David rises from his hiding place. [He runs to JAHnathan] from the south. David falls, his face to the ground. He bows himself 3 times. He [and JAHnathan] kiss each other [on the cheeks]. They weep together, until it becomes too much for David, [because he knows that one of them will soon die].
  7. 2nd Corinthians 13:12 Greet one another with a holy kiss, 😇.
    note: A non-sexual hug with a kiss near the cheek, but not on the lips.
  8. Ruth 1:17 —Where you die, I'll die. There I'll be buried. [Companionship with you] is [the life] YHVH will give me. [Nothing but] death will separate you and me.”
    note: Usually translated as an imprecatory oath, though the literal text reads more as a prophecy than a death-oath-curse.
  9. 1st Samuel 18:3 Then JAHnathan {JAH's-Gift} and David {Love} make a covenant [of lifelong friendship. They express that] they'll give their lives to [save each other].
    note: paraphrase
  10. 1st Samuel 20:17 Then JAHnathan gets David to 7 times [declare his intent to protect JAHnathan's family]. This [shows that] the [two men] love each other like they each love their own souls.
  11. Amos 3:3 Beings who want to travel together have to get along with each other, 😇.
    note: Paraphrase. YAH is saying, ‘We have no agreement. So I am not with you. Your leaders and your commoners have agreed to walk in a life of institutional crime.’ Do not be ‘unequally yoked.’ In order to go to heaven and live with YAH you have to have shared intentions, a meeting-of-the-minds. Agree, set appointments and show up and work with Your creator. ‘Do two people walk hand in hand if they aren't going to the same place?’
  12. John 3:29 [YahShua] is the ‘groom’ who gets the ‘bride.’ [I'm like] the groom's friend. [I] stand at the groom's side. [I] love to hear him speak. [How could I, YahShua's ‘best man,’ be jealous of my best friend? His success is] why my cup of joy is running over!
  13. 1st Samuel 18:4 [To show his sincerity, Prince] JAHnathan {JAH's-Gift} takes off the [royal] cloak he's wearing. He gives it (along with his [priceless] armor, sword, bow and belt) to David.
  14. 1st Samuel 22:23 —Stay with me. Fear nothing. For whoever seeks my life seeks your life. I'll guard you.”
  15. Proverbs 27:6 The enemy deceives [you] with kisses, 😇. Friends puncture [your pride-bubbles] to build your [character].
  16. Proverbs 27:10 😇, on the day[s] when [life] rakes you [over the coals], don't pass up your friend, nor your father's friend, to voyage to your relative's house. A nearby neighbor helps [you] more than a faraway brother.
  17. Ecclesiastes 4:10 For if [one companion] falls, the other lifts up his fellow. But woe to whoever lies alone when he falls, 😇. He's got no one to help him up.
  18. Ecclesiastes 4:11 Likewise, 😇, if two [people] lie [down] together, they enjoy heat. But how can one loner [keep himself] warm?
  19. Ecclesiastes 4:12 One [guy who stands alone] gets beaten up by [an attacker]. But two men can overcome [most one-man] attacks. [Three companions fare even better, 😇.] A triple-braided cord is tough to break.
  20. Exodus 4:16 [Aaron will] speak for you to the [Egyptian and Israelite] people. He'll function for you like a mouth. You'll be his [messenger] from Elohim.
  21. 1st Samuel 20:4 So JAHnathan says to David, “Whatever your heart desires, I'll do it for you.”
  22. 1st Samuel 23:18 [David & JAHnathan] make a peace-agreement before YHVH. [Then] David stays in the woods. Meanwhile, JAHnathan sneaks back to his palace.
  23. Exodus 17:12 But Moses’ hands grow heavy, 😇. So [Aaron & Hur {White} roll over] a boulder. They set it under Moses. [Moses] sits on it. [“Aaah, that's better,” Moses sighs.] Then Aaron and Hur hold up Moses’ hands, Aaron on one side and Hur on the other. This way Moses’ hands stay steady until sunset.
  24. Leviticus 25:14 Sell products to your neighbor, 😇. Buy from your neighbor's hand. Never oppress one another:
    note: This is a condemnation of the global marketplace. You should always favor local trade, even if the price is cheaper elsewhere.
  25. 1st Samuel 14:7 [JAHnathan's] armor-bearer replies to him, “Do everything that's in your heart. Stretch out. You'll see: I'm with you. Follow your heart.”
  26. 1st Samuel 23:16 [Meanwhile,] Saul's son JAHnathan [defects] from [Saul's war-camp]. [Jonathan] travels to [meet] David in the woods. [There JAHnathan] strengthens [David's] hand [by praying with him] to Elohim.
  27. 2nd Samuel 19:33 King [David] says to Barzillai, “Cross [the country. Come west to live] with me in Jerusalem. I'll give you [everything you need].”
  28. 1st Kings 1:4 This gorgeous girl cherishes king [David]. She nurses [and serves and befriends] him. But the king doesn't [romantically lay with her, like he would with his wife].
  29. Job 2:11 Soon Job's 3 friends hear of all this evil [Satan] sent upon him. So, each from his [house], into [Job's region] they rush:
  30. ELiphaz {Gold-god} from Teman {Southland},
  31. Bildad {Baal's-Love} from Shuach {Dell},
  32. and Zophar {Skip} from Naamah {Pleasure}.
  33. They all arrange to meet together [with Job. They intend] to mourn with him, to comfort him.
  34. Numbers (Journeys) 32:22 —Later, after the [pagan occupants of the Promised] land [lie] subdued before YHVH, then you can return, guiltless before YHVH, and before Israel. THEN YHVH will recognize your ownership of this [Eastern] land.
  35. Judges 1:3 Judah's [leaders] say to their relatives, [the leaders of the tribe of] Simeon {Listener}, “Ride up with us into the territory [YAH] allotted to us. [Help us] overcome the Canaanite {Mercenaries}. In return, we'll ride [to do the same] with you in your [promised land].” So, 😇, [the men of] Simeon ride with [the men of] Judah {Celebrated}.
  36. Ruth 1:14 Again [Naomi's daughters-in-law (Ruth & Orpah)] lift up their voices. They sob. [Finally] Orpah kisses [Naomi] her mother-in-law [goodbye]. [Orpah returns south to Moab. But Ruth grabs onto Naomi.] Ruth won't let go of her.
    note: Because the girls had married Jews, the girls were facing racist and nationalist hatred in Moab. These ladies really had nowhere to go.
  37. Ruth 1:18 Naomi {Pleasure} sees that Ruth {Friend} [has her heart set] on staying with [Naomi for life]. So Naomi stops [urging] Ruth [to stay living in pagan Moab].
  38. 1st Samuel 20:13 [JAHnathan continues to David,] “If I fail to warn you, YHVH [can punish me with worse abuse than Saul intends to inflict on you]. If it pleases my father to do you evil, then I'll alert you. I'll send you away, so you can [flee] to safety. [I pray] YHVH stays with you, as he [once stayed] with my father.”
  39. 2nd Kings 2:2 EliJah {JAH-Is-El} says to EliShua {El's-Salvation}, “Wait here, please. YHVH is sending me to Beth-El {House-Of-El}.” Elisha answers, “As YHVH lives, and as your soul lives, I'll never leave you.” So the [2 prophets] walk [together] down to BethEL.
  40. 1st Chronicles 12:18 Then [YAH's] spirit floods over Colonel Amasai {Load}. He [cries], “We are yours, David {Love}. We're on your side, you son of Yashai (Jesse). Shalom! Peace to you, and peace to your helpers. For your Elohim helps you.” So David receives [Saul's defectors]. He makes them captains of his [rebel] band.
  41. 1st Chronicles 19:12 [Joab shouts to Abishai], “If the Syrian [mercenaries] prove too strong for me, then you'll help me. Conversely, if the Ammon-spawn [fight] too powerfully against you, then I'll help you.
  42. Proverbs 17:17 A friend loves at all times, 😇. A brother is born [to help you weather] adversity.
  43. Exodus 4:27 [Meanwhile,] YHVH says to Aaron, “Go into the wilderness to meet Moses.” So Aaron [escapes Pharaoh's slave camp]. He journeys [100km southwest across the Red Sea from Egypt] to the [desolate] ‘mount of Elohim.’ [There Aaron] meets [Moses]. [Overcome with emotion, Aaron] kisses [Moses' cheek, 😇].
    note: Aaron either made an amazing, dangerous escape followed by a torturous journey, or YHVH teleported him to Horeb. Horeb and Sinai are reportedly two peaks of the same mountain in the Southeast Sinai peninsula. Today the candidate mountains are called Mount Catherine and Mount Jebel-Musa.
  44. Ruth 1:10 The [young widows, Ruth & Orpah cry] to Naomi {Pleasure}, “[We won't leave you.] We'll go with you to [live with] your [Jewish] people.”
  45. Ruth 1:15 Naomi {Pleasure} says, “Look, [Ruth]: your sister-in-law has gone back to her [Moabite] people, and to her [pagan] gods [and leaders]. You turn around. Follow your sister-in-law.”
  46. 1st Samuel 9:25 Later SamuEl and [young] Saul [ride] down from the high-shrine into the city. They climb up onto the [roof] of SamuEl's sanctuary. [There] they talk.
  47. 1st Samuel 10:26 So Saul [rides] home to Gibeah {Flower-Hills}. [He] travels with a band of valiant men whose hearts Elohim had touched.
  48. 1st Samuel 20:8 [I] work for you. [I'm not your boss.] But please do me the kindness [of executing the plan I've just laid out. So honor] the covenant that you made with me. YHVH [is our witness]. If I'm guilty, kill me yourself. Never surrender me to your father.”
    note: Difficult translation.
  49. 1st Samuel 20:9 JAHnathan replies, “[Heaven forbid!] If I knew for sure that my Dad was determined to harm you, I'd warn you.”
  50. 1st Samuel 20:10 Then David {Love} asks JAHnathan {JAH's-Gift}, “Who'll tell me if your father answers you roughly?”
  51. 1st Samuel 20:11 [Prince] JAHnathan answers David, “Come. Let's go out into the field.” So they [both walk] out into the field.
  52. 1st Samuel 20:12 There JAHnathan prays, [facing] David, “O YHVH Elohim of Israel, [help me] sound-out my father tomorrow or the [next] day. And if I see [Saul is showing his] good [side] to David, then [help me] send proof of that to [David].”
  53. 1st Samuel 20:16 So [prince] JAHnathan {JAH's-Gift} makes a covenant [to protect] David's family. [Jonathan prays:][May] YHVH force David's enemies [to pay for their crimes].”
  54. 1st Samuel 20:42 So [prince] JAHnathan says to David, “Go in peace, since (in the name of YHVH) we've both [7 times] declared [our intent] for ‘YHVH [to guard and witness the peace-pact] me and you, and between my seed-children and your seed-children forever.’” So David gets up. [He runs] away. [Meanwhile,] JAHnathan [rides his war-horse back] into the city.
  55. 1st Samuel 27:12 So [king] Achish trusts David. [Achish] assumes, “David made his Israeli people hate him so much, he'll be my servant forever!”
  56. 2nd Samuel 15:33 [To save his friend from likely assassination, King] David says [to Hasty], “If you travel onward with me, you'll become a burden to me.
  57. 2nd Samuel 19:31 Next, Barzillai {Iron-Heart} from Gilead [rides] down from Rogelim {Washers}. [Barzillai] crosses [the] Jordan [river] with king [David] to escort him [west] across [the River Valley].
  58. 2nd Kings 2:4 EliJah {JAH-Is-El} says, “Elisha, wait here please. YHVH is sending me [east] to Jericho {Moon-Spirit}.” Elisha replies, “As YHVH lives, and as your soul lives, I won't leave you.” So Elisha and EliJah hike to Jericho.
  59. 2nd Kings 2:6 EliJah {JAH-Is-El} says, “Elisha, please wait here. YHVH is sending me to [the] Jordan [river].” Again Elisha says, “As YHVH lives, and as your soul lives, I won't leave you.” So the two [prophets rush] on [down east to the river].
  60. 2nd Kings 10:15 [JAHu gallops off] from the [sheep-shearing barn]. He sees Rider's son JAHonadab {JAH's-Volunteer} coming to meet him. [JAHu] greets [JAHonadab]. [JAHu] asks him, “Is your heart true [to me], like my heart is with your heart?” JAHonadab answers, “It is.” [JAHu replies,] “If so, give me your hand.” So [JAHonadab] gives [JAHu] his hand. [JAHu] pulls [JAHonadab] up beside him into the chariot.
    note: Rider = Rekhav/Recab.
  61. Daniel 2:17 Then DaniEl {El-Judges} runs [back] to [the execution block in front of] his quarters. He explains [the dilemma to] his companions: HananiYah {YAH-Favored}, MishaEl {Who-EL-Is} and AzariYah {YAH-Helps}.)
  62. Luke 1:39 Quickly, Mary jumps up. She [rides a donkey] to [ZachariYah's] town in the hill country of Judea.
  63. Luke 1:40 Mary [runs in the door of] ZachariYah's house. She greets Elisabeth.
  64. Luke 24:29 But the 2 men press YahShua by begging, “Stay with us! It's almost evening. The day is way spent.” So YahShua goes into [the house-tent] to stay with the 2 [previously arguing] disciples.
  65. Romans 1:12 I mean [that] I want you and I to be mutually encouraged by each other's faith, 😇.
  66. Philippians 1:5 [I thank YAH] because you, 😇, have worked with me in proclaiming the Good News from the very first day [you believed] until now.
  67. Philippians 1:8 YHVH can witness how greatly I long for you all with the tender compassion YahShua the Messiah [shows his disciples].
  68. Philippians 1:26 When [YAH miraculously springs me out of jail alive and] I return to you [Philippians, all of us (who live] united with YahShua the Messiah) will throw a huge overflowing joy celebration!
  69. Philippians 2:22 But you know Timothy {YAH's-Treasure} has proven himself. Like a son with his father, Timothy has served with me to advance [the spread of YAH's] amazing revelations.
  70. 2nd Timothy 1:4 I remember your tears, 😇. My [heart] aches to see you. [When we reunite, your presence] will fill me with joy.
  71. Numbers (Journeys) 10:29 [Time passes, 😇.] Moses says to Hobab {Hug}, the son of Moses’ Midianite father-in-law Reuel {El's-Friend}, “We're going to the place of which YHVH foretold, ‘I'm giving [a fine land] to you.’ So come with us. We'll do you good. YHVH continues to promise awesome blessings to Israel.”
    note: Raguel = Reuel = Jethro.
  72. Romans 1:10 [Every day] I beg that somehow if Elohim is willing, I [can] finally now succeed in journeying to you.
  73. Philippians 2:19 I have faith that Master YahShua will soon help me to send Timothy {YAH's-Treasure} to you [Philippians,] so Timothy can return to [Rome's prison] bring me comforting news about how you all are doing.
  74. 1st Thessalonians 2:17 Siblings, [the religionists] tore us [apostles] away from you (in body, not in heart). Out of our intense longing, we've made every effort to see your faces. [But we rejoice that our enemies can only keep us apart] during this brief [life on earth].
  75. 2nd Timothy 4:9 [Timothy,] quick, race here [to Rome. Help] me [send the gospel out from this dungeon].
  76. 2nd John 1:12 I have so much to write to you, 😇! [But to shield our locations and movements from the government-sponsored terrorists who keep assassinating us Christians], I won't write with paper and ink. I hope to come to you and speak face-to-face. Then [YAH] will cram our [hearts full] of joy!
  77. 3rd John 1:14 But I trust [YHVH to send] me [to] see you soon. Then we'll speak face-to-face. [I pray] peace flows to you, 😇. Our friends salute you. Greet each of our friends by name.
    note: The Ecclesia works face to face. There's a limit to what persecuted believers can do through electronic and written communication.
  78. Numbers (Journeys) 10:31 [Moses] urges [Hobab], “I beg you, don't leave us — You know where we should camp in the desert. You can be our ‘eyes [and ears]’.
  79. Judges 17:7 One day, up [to Micah's private temple] walks a young Levite [priest] from Bethlehem {Bread-House} in Judaea. The man lodges with [Micah].
  80. 2nd Kings 2:1 [As YHVH prepares to] take EliJah {JAH-Is-El} up into heaven by a whirlwind, EliJah [hikes east] from Gilgal {Wheel} with EliShua {El's-Salvation}.
  81. 1st Corinthians 16:18 These [believers] refreshed my spirit, just like they [refresh] yours. I want you to show appreciation for [faithful, helpful believers] like them.
  82. 2nd Corinthians 2:2 For if I made you sad, 😇, how could you cheer me up?
  83. 2nd Corinthians 13:13 All the separatist-saints salute you, 😇.
  84. 2nd Timothy 1:17 When [“Profit-Bearer”] was in Rome, he [risked death and social rejection]. He very diligently sought me out. [He] found me [rotting in a dungeon].
  85. 2nd Timothy 4:11 Only Luke is with me. [Timothy,] bring Mark with you, because Mark has proved a very useful helper in ministry.
  86. 2nd Kings 25:23 All the leaders of [Judea's] armies (and their men) hear that the Babylonian Emperor has made GedaliYah {Great-YAH} governor. Immediately they flock with their men to [plan a revolt with] GedaliYah at Mizpah {WatchTower}. [Attending leaders include]: IshmaEl {El-Hears} the son of NethahiYah {Given-By-YAH}, and JAHohanan {YAH-Favored} the son of Careah {Baldy}, and SeraYah {YAH-Wins} the son of Tanhumeth {Compassion} from Netophath {Distillery-Town}, and JaazaniYah {Heard-By-YAH} the son of a Maachathite {Presser}.
  87. Acts 9:43 [So] Peter {Rock} stays in Joppa {Beauty} for a long time. [He lodges] with a leather-tanner named Simon {Listener}.
  88. Romans 15:24 So I plan to visit you [Romans] as I pass [west] to Spain. You [can] assist me on that journey, after you fill [up my love-tank] for a while.
  89. Romans 15:32 [And pray that if it's] Elohim's will I can travel to you with joy. And that we'll refresh each other's [courage and enthusiasm].
  90. 2nd Corinthians 7:6 Yet [YHVH] the Eloah, who comforts downcast [people], encouraged us [missionaries] by bringing [persecuted brother] Titus [to visit us].
  91. Ephesians 6:21 So that you [Ephesians] know how I am and what I'm doing, Tychicus {Bullseye-Hitter} is coming to tell you everything. Tychicus is a beloved brother and a faithful worker, hard-wired to the Master.
  92. Ephesians 6:22 I sent this brother to you [Ephesians] to let you know how we [Christian prisoners] are getting along, and so he can comfort your hearts.
  93. Philippians 2:24 I have confidence in [YHVH] the Adonai, that He'll soon [spring me out of prison] to come to see you [believers in Philippi].
    note: If my torturers let me out of jail, or I escape.
  94. Philippians 2:28 So I'm very eager to send [this devoted brother] back to you [Philippians]. I know you'll rejoice when you see him. [Your joy] will lighten all my sorrow.
  95. 1st Thessalonians 2:1 Brothers, you know our visit to you was not in vain.
  96. Philemon 1:12 I'm sending your [slave] —who is my very heart— back to you. So receive and welcome him.
  97. Hebrews 13:19 I particularly urge you, 😇, to pray that [YAH] quickly restores me to you.
  98. Joshua 15:28 And [Judah gets] Hazar-Shual {Jackal-Village}, Beer-Sheba {Well-Of-Seven}, and BizjothJAH {Despised-By-Jah};
  99. 1st Chronicles 12:20 So [David rides ~25km south] to Ziklag {Fortress}. There [the following] squadron commanders from [the tribe of] Manasseh [defect] to [David]: Adnah {Pleasure}, JAHozabad {YAH-Endows}, JediaEl {Knower-Of-El}, MichaEl {El-Is-Incomparable}, JAHozabad {YAH-Endows}, Eli-Hu {His-El}, and Zilthai {Shady}.
  100. Acts 10:6 —Peter {Rock} is staying with a leather-tanner named Simon {Listener}, whose house lies by the sea-side.”
    note: KJV also says: ‘Peter shall tell you what you ought to do.’
  101. Acts 11:25 Then Barnabas {Prophet-Child} journeys [west] for Tarsus [Turkey], to look for [his long lost friend,] Saul [aka Paul].
  102. Romans 15:23 But now it's no longer my place to [herald] in [Asian, Greek & Arab] regions. For many years I've longed to come to [visit] you.
  103. Romans 15:28 As soon as I've [risked my life to] deliver this ‘fruit,’ I plan to come see you [believers] in Rome on my way to Spain.
  104. 1st Corinthians 16:6 Maybe I'll stay with you awhile, or even spend the winter, so you can help me on my journey, wherever I go.
  105. 1st Corinthians 16:7 This time I don't want to make just a short visit and then go right on. I want to come and stay awhile, if [YHVH] the Adonai lets me.
  106. 2nd Corinthians 7:3 I don't say this to condemn you, 😇. I've said before that you [new believers] have such a place in our hearts that we [apostles] would live or die with you.
  107. Galatians 1:18 [I spent] 3 years [heralding the gospel far from Judea]. Finally I [trudged back] up [south] to Jerusalem to see Peter {Rock}. I stayed with Peter for [a mere] 15 days.
  108. 1st Thessalonians 3:6 But finally Timothy {YAH's-Treasure} has returned to us [apostles] from you, bringing good news about your faith and love. [He] tells us that you remember us lovingly. [You're] always longing to see us, just as we long to see you.
  109. Philemon 1:13 [Philemon,] I wanted to keep [your slave] with me to fill in for you, to be my hands and feet [while I remain] in chains for [heralding] the Good News.
  110. Ecclesiasticus (Sirach) 6:14 A faithful friend is a strong defense. Everyone who finds such a [friend] has found a treasure.
  111. 1st Corinthians 16:17 I'm glad Stephanas {Crowned}, Fortunatus {Fortunate} and Achaicus {Grecian} arrived, because they provided [me with] what you couldn't give me.
  112. Hebrews 13:23 I want you to know that [YAH] finally [sprung] our brother Timothy {YAH's-Treasure} out of jail. If Timothy comes here [to me] soon, I intend to bring him with me to see you [Hebrews].
    note: True believers go to jail. Fake, whitewashed Christians lounge on couches.
  113. 2nd Corinthians 1:16 I'd planned to visit you on my way to Macedonia {Northern-Greece}, then to [hike] back to you, and then to have you send me on my way [back] to Judaea.
  114. 2nd Corinthians 2:13 My spirit was restless, because I didn't find my [Christian] brother Titus. So, 😇, I said good-bye to the [believers in Troy]. Then [I hiked] on to Macedonia {Northern-Greece}.
  115. Philippians 2:23 So I hope to send Timothy to [consult with] you [Philippians] as soon as I see how things go with me, [whether the thugs kill me, torture me, or finally let me out of jail].
  116. Philippians 2:25 Meanwhile, I thought I should send Epaphroditus {Devoted-to-Aphrodite} back to you [Philippians]. He's my true brother, fellow-worker and fellow-soldier, your messenger you sent to help me in my need.
    note: Epaphroditus' name signifies that he had been raised in a pagan family.
  117. Titus 3:12 [Titus,] when I send Artemas [Gift-of-Artemis] or Tychicus {Bullseye-Hitter} to you, be diligent to [hike across the country] to [help] me at Nicopolis [Nike-Town]. I plan to spend the winter there.
  118. 1 Maccabees 5:25 There they meet with the Nabathites, who come to Hammer and JAHnathan in a peaceful manner. The [Nabathites] tell [Hammer and JAHnathan] everything that had happened to their brothers in the land of Gilead {Witness}.
  119. 1st Corinthians 16:4 If it's right for me to go also, the men will go with me.
  120. 1st Corinthians 16:21 I, Paul, write this greeting in my own hand, 😇.
  121. 2nd Corinthians 8:16 I thank [YHVH] the Eloah for making Titus as devoted to you [new believers] as are we [apostles].


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  8. Bathroom Buddy
  9. Someone like you (needs someone like me)
  10. Yah will be your Friend (Parody Of Friends Will Be Friends)


14 CHAPTERS on the theme of Companionship

  1. Greatness Seeks greatness
  2. Air Force Family In Korea
  3. All The Rules Amount To One Word: Synergy
  4. Puttin' The ‘Band’ Back Together
  5. Jackie Tries To Woo GymGirls Away From Hank
  6. Jackie Takes The 4 Angry Athletes With Her
  7. Hank Credits Jackie With His Stars' Success
  8. King David Assembles His Troops
  9. King David Hugs IronHeart & Crosses The River
  10. Everyone lives happily-ever after
  11. The Children Fall In Love With The Monster
  12. Power-Walks With Her
  13. Unexpected Friends Rescue
  14. Helen Meets Helo


1 ARTWORKS on the theme of Companionship

  1. Companionship Icon


37 REVIEWS OF MEDIA on the theme of Companionship

  1. Toy Story 3
  2. Mrs. Brown
  3. Starman
  4. Toy Story 2
  5. The Secret Life Of Pets
  6. Before Sunrise
  7. The Adventures Of Rocky and Bullwinkle
  8. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
  9. The Other Guys
  10. The Departed
  11. You Can Count on Me
  12. Ernest & Celestine
  13. The Giant King
  14. Bull Durham
  15. Cars 2
  16. Shanghai Knights
  17. AristoCats
  18. My Dog Skip
  19. Charlotte's Web
  20. We Are The Hartmans
  21. Lassie : Best Friends Are Forever
  22. Madagascar
  23. My Giant
  24. High School Musical 2
  25. Barrio
  26. Take A Leap Of Faith
  27. The Muppet Movie
  28. Bless The Beasts and The Children
  29. The Road To El Dorado
  30. High School Musical 3
  31. Air Bud 2 Golden Receiver
  32. The Tailor Of Gloucester
  33. How The West Was Fun
  34. The Three Musketeers (Animated)

  36. If you want to win a man to your cause, first convince him t

  38. No One is Alone
  39. Brother's Keeper