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33 SCRIPTURE SECTIONS on the theme of Praise

    Interactive Timeline
  1. The Messiah Triumphantly Enters Jerusalem
  2. Praise Loud, Mobile, In Public, Jumping, Joy
  3. King David Ditches His Praise-Hating Nag-Wife
  4. Praise YAH With Every Kind Of Music, Esp LOUD
  5. Rave Your Praise Like A Madman
  6. 7th Day: JAHshua Signals The Praise-Warriors
  7. Innumerable Heavenly Multitudes Praise YHVH
  8. Throw Your Hands In The Air To Thank YAH!
  9. A Cool Hebrew Dance, Lifting Heads & Hands
  10. YAH Orders: 'Take The Fortress Of Jericho'
  11. Dance, Jump, Screech, Go Nuts Praising Yah
  12. King David's Song For His Palace Dedication
  13. Shake The World With PowerPraise, Like Nature
  14. Praise-Warriors Circle Jericho For 6 Days
  15. David Describes How & Why He Praises Wildly
  16. A Synagogue Ruler Begs Jesus To Heal His Girl
  17. End-Times Song Thanking YAH For Saving You
  18. David Cries To Re-Experience YAH's Spirit
  19. Praise W/ Radical, High Energy (Praisercise)
  20. David Risks Dethroning To Go Wild In Praise
  21. King David Commands You To Loudly Praise YAH!
  22. Philistines Massacre Israelis & Capture Ark
  23. Solomon Commands You To Wildly Praise YAH
  24. Praise Teams Rain Destruction On Perverts
  25. A Prayer For Freedom To Wildly Dance & Sing
  26. David Writes A Psalm For The Ark Inauguration
  27. Crazy-Praise YHVH Wherever & Whoever You Are
  28. David Prays In Desperation, Encouraging Us
  29. King David Recommends YAH's Protection To You
  30. The Universe & Beyond Praise YAH
  31. Who & Where You Are, Kneel To Adore YHVH
  32. First-Grain Harvest Ritual Of Praise & Thanks
  33. The 3 Young Men Praise Their Creator As One


319 SCRIPTURES on the theme of Praise

  1. Luke 2:14 "[Give] glory [to YHVH], [the] Elohim in [the] highest [heaven]. And on earth, [I pray for] peace [and] good will to [flow] to [all] humans.”
    note: Or, ‘may peace be given to those YAH is pleased with on earth!’
  2. 2nd Samuel 6:14 [The feast ramps up into a praise-frenzy.] David {Love} dances and shouts with all his might. He lifts his face [up to] YHVH [in heaven]. [He flaps around,] strapped with a linen vest.
    note: Praise is a mighty, athletic, scandalously-riotous event, not a white-bread sunday snoozer. Mahalath Leannoth = dancing with shoutings. See 1Chr 15:25-29.
  3. 2nd Samuel 6:15 So David {Lover} and the whole shouting, trumpet-blasting population of Israel usher the ark of YHVH up [the streets] to the [sacred tent mount].
  4. 2nd Samuel 6:21 So David {Love} [shouts at] Michal {Brook}, “I [danced] before YHVH, who chose me over your father, over [your Dad's] whole family. [YHVH] appointed me, [not them,] ruler over the people of YHVH, over Israel! That's why I'll [always dance like crazy]! [I'll] celebrate in YHVH's face ['til I die]!
  5. Luke 19:37 YahShua approaches the [intersection] where [Jerusalem's] road descends from the Mount of Olives. The whole multitude of disciples launches into rejoicing. They shout praises to [YHVH] the Eloah. They cheer for all the mighty miracles they've watched [YahShua perform].
  6. Luke 19:38 [The crowd sings], “Blessed is [YahShua,] the King who comes [to earth] in the name-Authority of [Adonai] YHVH! [YahShua makes] peace between heaven [and earth]! [YahShua brings us the] Glory of [YHVH, the] highest [Elohim]!”
    note: Presumably the disciples said, ‘in the name of YHVH,’ since this would be the correct Old Testament quotation of (Psalm 118:26).
  7. Luke 19:40 YahShua answers the religionites, “I tell you: if these disciples keep quiet, the stones will immediately cry out [shouts of praise].”
  8. Apocalypsis (Revelation) 14:7 This [flying] angel calls with a loud voice, “Fear [YHVH] The Eloah, 😇. Give glory to Him. His hour of judgment [finally] arrives! Worship [YHVH] who made heaven, earth, the sea, and [all] springs of water.”
    note: This might apply to Yahshua as well.
  9. Numbers (Journeys) 14:21 But [I'm not going to forego punishing the Israelis just to save my reputation]. As truly as I live, all the earth [eventually] fills with [holy people and angels] glorifying [Me,] YHVH.
  10. Joshua 6:13 Again the 7 priests bearing the 7 shofar-trumpets [march] on in front of the ark of YHVH. They keep on blowing the trumpets. Strong [men parade] in front of the [priests]. Gathered [hordes] follow the ark of YHVH. On and on the priests march, blowing the rams' horns.
  11. Joshua 6:16 Finally, the 7th round, when the priests blow the trumpets, JAHshua [yells] to the people, “Shout! YHVH has given you the city!
  12. Psalms 48:1 YHVH [towers,] colossal, 😇! So rave his [praise] with power! [Rumble] the city of our Elohim! [Shake] his holy mountain!
    note: The bookstore translations of this verse are so weak, lame, and inaccurate it breaks your heart. Halal = shine wild raving praise.
  13. Psalms 68:4 Stroll [your town] singing to Elohim, thwacking strings [to honor his] authority. Raise [people's awe of YAH] who rides upon the heavens. [Sing] his name: ‘JAH!’ Jump for joy beneath his [smiling] face, 😇!
    note: So, obviously, the bible commands us to sing YHVH's name, not to merely sing “God”. Ps. 68:4 is nearly a one-verse praise-recipe. Nothing in this verse suggests the use of a church building, a hymnal, pews, church-clothes or a pulpit.
  14. Psalms 146:1 HalleluYAH! [Roar bright loud shouts of public praise to] YHVH, meat-creature 😇!
    note: #1984 HALAL : to be CLEAR, to shine; make a show, boast; be (clamorously) foolish; rave madly; celebrate; commend, glory, give (light), praise, rage, [spread] renown. Scientology uses mind-control to bring falsely-called “CLARITY” to people. We Hebrews praise YHVH to get truly CLEAR so we can bring real CLARITY to the world.
  15. Psalms 150:6 Every [creature] who draws breath, [make a fool out of yourself by publicly] acclaiming YHVH! HalleluYAH [is a verb]! [Let's do it!]
  16. Matthew 15:31 YahShua heals so miraculously, 😇, that the crowds [rave]. They [gawk,] stunned to see mute people speaking, maimed people growing back perfect intact new body parts, crippled people jumping up and walking, and blind people seeing! So [both the healed] people [and the spectators] glorify [YHVH], the Eloah of Israel.
  17. Luke 2:13 Suddenly, 😇, a vast host of other [celestial beings] — the armies of heaven — appear with the angel, all praising [YHVH] the Eloah:
  18. Apocalypsis (Revelation) 5:13 I hear every creature in heaven, on earth, under the earth, on the sea and in the sea, calling, “Blessing, honor, glory and power [flow] to [YHVH] who sits upon [heaven's] throne, and to [YahShua] the Lamb, forever and ever!”
    note: The lamb (YahShua) and the ‘one on the throne’ (YHVH) are two different but united beings, not two-thirds of a 3-headed god-monster.
  19. Apocalypsis (Revelation) 19:6 Then I hear what sounds like the voice of a great multitude, like the rushing of many waters, like the pounding of mighty thunders. [It] calls, “Alleluia! [YHVH] Adonai Eloah omnipotent reigns!”
    note: This verse is popularized in the excellent Michael W. Smith song “Agnus Dei.”
  20. Genesis 48:12 So Joseph {Increaser} brings his boys out from between [his Dad Jacob's] knees, 😇. [Then Joseph] bows his body down, his face to the earth, [worshipping YHVH].
  21. Exodus 15:1 Moses and the children of Israel hike [up the shoreline from the Red Sea, 😇]. [They] parade [singing] this song to YHVH, shouting in call [and response]: “I parade [singing] to YHVH, [the] triumphant [and] glorious [One]! He throws the [enemy] horse and its rider into the sea!
    note: See Deut 32, Rev 15:3.
  22. Numbers (Journeys) 31:6 Then Moses sends out the [musical] host, 1000 of every tribe, [led by] Phinehas the son of [high] priest ELeazar {El's-Aid}, amassed with the holy [temple] instruments and trumpets in [their] hands for blowing [praise to YAH].
    note: Notice that no weapons are described here. Only holy utensils and trumpets. YHVH never commands his holy people to kill others. Instead, we shout “Aleluia” before our enemies, inviting YHVH to rain down his judgment on them.
  23. Numbers (Journeys) 31:7 As YHVH commanded Moses, the [relatively small host of musicians and singers] assembles. They face the [huge multi-national army of at least 5 kingdoms of] Midianite {Brawlers}. The [Israelis blow their trumpets. They shout. Suddenly, 😇,] all the [enemy] males drop dead!
    note: The weapons of our warfare are NOT carnal. Yet they are mighty enough to pull down fortresses.
  24. 2nd Samuel 6:22 —And [from now on] I'll [dance] more wildly than I did today, until [even] my own eyes view myself as humiliated! And those servant-girls you [insulted] will hold me in honor.”
  25. 2nd Chronicles 30:21 So, for 7 days, the descendants of Israel congregate at Jerusalem. They [finally] celebrate the Feast of Unleavened Bread [Passover]! They light up [the city] with overwhelming [joy]. All day every day, Levites and their [fellow] priests [jump, dance, and] rave [the name of] YHVH. They [sing] with [majestic] force [while playing] instruments to [honor] YHVH.
  26. NehemiYAH 8:6 Ezra {Aid} blesses YHVH, the great Elohim. All the people answer, “Amén, Amén,” lifting up their hands. Then they bow [down]. They worship YHVH with their faces to the ground.
  27. Psalms 7:17 I throw [my hands in the air, 😇, to thank] YHVH for his righteousness. [It reaches to the sky.] I thwack [guitar strings] to [honor] the Name of YHVH most high.
    note: Yadah = "throw hands", not merely "give thanks". Zamar = strike [strings while singing], not merely "sing praise".
  28. Psalms 18:49 So I throw [my hands in the air to thank] you, YHVH. [In the faces] of the beast-nationals [who hate you], I'll [always] keep striking [guitar strings, singing praises] to your Name-Authority.
  29. Psalms 33:1 Shout for joy, 😇. [Swim] in YHVH's [Spirit], you straight [laced people]. It's beautiful when righteous people [lose their pride. Dance around in] wild [public praise-parties]!
    note: “Thillah” is wild, embarrassing praise. If you're not getting bruises and nearly passing out from exhaustion and dizzyness, you're not praising hard enough. Proper praise is so athletically dangerous that it would invalidate most church liability insurance contracts.
  30. Psalms 47:5 YHVH Elohim ascends [his throne] as [the angels] shout and [fill heaven with] trumpet-blasts.
  31. Psalms 66:1 😇, split [the ears of] the whole planet [with shouts of joy] to Elohim!
    note: King David wrote this instrumentally-accompanied strolling-song for presentation by a skilled conductor/arranger.
  32. Psalms 68:3 Righteous-ones, brighten-up! Jump for joy, [your heads to the sky, your] faces up toward Elohim. Cheer with glee, 😇!
    note: Pews hinder you from obeying this verse. Most churches would kick you out the door for obeying it.
  33. Psalms 68:33 [Publicly, loudly dance-sing] to [YAH] who rides upon the heavens beyond the ancient sky & outer-space. Look, 😇! [YAH] sends out his voice [like] mighty thunder!
  34. Psalms 89:16 Get us [believers] spinning [wildly] all day, [celebrating] your name-authority, 'til your justice skyrockets [us out of jail, YAH].
  35. Psalms 96:4 For YHVH is infinite. [So His praise] should be an awesome rave-show that inspires more terror than any other leader [or god can elicit].
    note: The churchy nonsense ‘greatly to be praised’ doesn't begin to express the power of this verse. YHVH is heavy [Gadol]. So his praise should be heavy, as in 'heavy metal'.
  36. Psalms 109:30 😇, I lunge my hands [into the air as I thank] YHVH with screams! I [make halleluYah] hullaballoos right in the middle of [any] crowd.
    note: Church people delude themselves into thinking they do what the bible says, when they've never done so in their lives and wouldn't dare to. Lifelong pew-warmers go to their graves never once having done anything the bible commands regarding praise.
  37. Psalms 138:1 [YHVH], I throw [my hands in the air to thank] you with my whole heart! Right in the face of [every judge, lawmaker, king or power in the universe,] I thwack [guitar strings while I shout] rave-songs about you.
    note: Halal = make a fool of yourself when you praise. That's a divine command, not a suggestion.
  38. Psalms 149:2 Israel, shine-with-joy because of your Maker. Children of Zion, spin [around in wild glee. Joyously celebrate the reign of] your King.
    note: 1523 giyl = to spin round (under the influence of violent emotion). You can't obey this command in a pew.
  39. Psalms 149:5 Kind-saints, jump for joy. [Bask in heavenly] splendor. Screech for joy [even when you go to] bed, 😇.
    note: It's not necessary to sing well to praise. YAH more than tolerates your screeching: he commands you to screech!
  40. Psalms 150:2 Wildly-acclaim YHVH for his mighty acts, 😇. Rave [over] him with [bright energy that] reflects his overwhelming grandiosity.
  41. IsaiYAH 43:21 —I'm squeezing you, my people, into shape, 😇. So recount [my wonders] in [improvisational halleluJah] hullaballoos.
    note: thillah = wild acclaim.
  42. IsaiYAH 65:18 So brighten up, 😇! Spin around! [Celebrate] the future-of-futures I'm creating [for you]. Watch me create a populated city of peace that whirls [like a galaxy], shining up [the universe with joy]!
    note: Whirl/spin = praise-dance in circles so hard you fall down dizzy. See song: You Shine Me Up!
  43. Lamentations 3:41 😇, let's lift up our heart[s], and our hands, to [thank YHVH] Elohim in the heavens.
    note: Raising your hands in worship is a COMMANDMENT from the bible. It's not just an option. Just standing there pretending to be the chosen-frozen paralyzes your lymphatic system. Sedentary behavior is a major cause of spiritual and physical cancer in ChristenDUMB.
  44. Mark 11:8 Many people spread their clothes in the road [for YahShua's donkey to walk on]. Other people cut down [green] branches off the trees. They spread the [twigs] in YahShua's path [to honor him as Judaea's King].
  45. Luke 5:26 The crowd [gasps, 😇,] totally amazed. Awestruck, they praise [YHVH], the glorious Eloah. They exclaim, “We've never seen anything like what [YahShua did here today]!”
  46. Luke 24:53 [Over the ensuing months] the disciples spend all their time [risking their lives] in the temple, praising and blessing [YHVH] the Eloah, [braving the murder plots of the assassins who murdered their Master]. Amén.
    note: The disciples courageously go to the very center of power run by Yahshua's assassins. Then they stay there, dancing, raising a holy ruckus in their killers' faces.
  47. 1st Timothy 1:17 [😇, your new life can give] honor and glory for ever and ever [to YHVH, the] Sovereign, eternal, immortal, invisible, supremely wise Eloah! That's reality!
    note: Amén. The Greek does not translate directly into English. Previous attempts (such as the KJV) include lots of inserted words.
  48. Apocalypsis (Revelation) 5:14 The 4 [heavenly] creatures answer, “Yes!” Then, 😇, the 24 ancients fall down [on their faces]. They worship [YHVH] who lives forever and ever.
    note: Literally, ‘the one living into the eons and eons.’
  49. Joshua 6:3 [March] around [Jericho,] that city filled with belligerent [warmongering] mortals. Circle the city once on each of the following 6 days.
    note: Illogical warmongering traditions call the Israeli marchers ‘men of war’ (belligerent mortals) when that's exactly what YHVH got rid of in the previous chapter (#5)!
  50. Joshua 6:15 Then, on the 7th day, the [praise-team] rises early, around day-break. They circle the city as before. But today and only today, they [repeat the march] 7 times, 😇!
  51. 1st Samuel 4:5 [The priests carry] the ark of YHVH's covenant into their [war] camp. All [the] Israelis yell [for joy]. The shout [rings out] so tremendously that the earth shakes [under their feet], 😇!
    note: True biblical praise often shakes the ground. Church praise usually puts you to sleep.
  52. 1st Chronicles 16:25 YHVH's greatness [deserves the world's most] vehement, showy praise-hullabaloos [that make people] fear him above any other authority.
    note: YAH does not deserve the boring, timid, pantywaist nonsense that passes for ‘music’ in most churches.
  53. 1st Chronicles 16:31 Heavens, flash! Earth, whirl! Men, challenge the beast-nations. [Shout in their faces,] “YHVH reigns!”
    note: The "let the" disease infects most translations of this and similar verses, sapping all the power.
  54. Ezra 3:13 So the people can't tell the noise of the shriek[s] of joy from the noise of the weeping of the [elders], 😇! The people belt out such deafening shout[s], the noise [makes people jump] miles away.
    note: Does your church or synagogue praise that loud? So loud you need earplugs to keep from going deaf from the un-amplified sound of the celebrants' voices? Why not?
  55. Psalms 30:4 Kind-ones, strike [up the band for] YHVH. Throw [your hands in the air to thank him, 😇]. Commemorate his sacred [perfection].
  56. Psalms 63:5 [You always] satisfy my soul with overflowing [living water, infinitely] richer [than the finest foods]. So my mouth keeps raving [about] you with shouts [of joy echoing] from my lips.
  57. Psalms 69:34 Heavens and earth rave [praise to YAH. So you should too, 😇. Angels dance with the] roaring-sea [filled with] gliding [creatures].
  58. Psalms 96:2 Parade [the streets singing] for YHVH. Kneel [to] his name-authority. Proclaim his salvation day after day, 😇.
    note: You can't parade in pews. The devil put the pews in your church to physically block you from praising as the bible commands. Wake up!
  59. Psalms 105:3 Shine [glorious sound & light] on [YAH's] sacred Name. Brighten up, you hearts who seek YHVH!
  60. Psalms 119:164 That's why, 7 times every day, I stage a wild yet skilled show of public acclaim trumpeting your clean, clear, [perfect] executive-orders, YAH.
    note: To “Hallelu-Yah” is to stage a shiny, clear, embarrassing public praise hullabaloo in YAH's honor. 7 times every day, King Hezekiah spent his nation's money and manpower to stage extravagant, expensive “aleluia” shows. Hezekiah's neighbors and officials felt this was an extreme, annoying waste of time, as would your neighbors and co-workers.
  61. Psalms 149:1 HalleluYAH, 😇! [Raise the roof!] Sing new song[s] to YHVH. [Shout] his crazy-wild [praise] amidst a flash-mob of [other] kind-hearted-people.
    note: The modern “flash mob” is one of the most accurate depictions of what the Bible means by the word:
    praise = #1984 halal:
    be clear; shine; make a show, boast; be (clamorously) foolish; rave; celebrate; exhaust yourself in absurd motion, commend, glory, give (light), go mad, rage, spread fame.
    The ideal flash mob is brisk, time-sensitive, energetic, participative, organized, coordinated, communal, clear, lawful, exuberant, eye-catching, head-turning, loud, musical, physical, expressive, public, spectacular, life-changing, unforgettable. Pretty much everything a church praise service is NOT.

  62. Psalms 150:1 [Throw a] HalleluYAH [hullaballoo every day], 😇! Embarrass yourself [by ecstatically praising] Elohim on the [earth], his [global] sanctuary. [Praise him so loud you] light up the Sacred-Sky of his power.
    note: No need to enter a building to praise. Praise everywhere you go.
    praise = #1984 halal:
    be clear; shine; make a show, boast; be (clamorously) foolish; rave; celebrate; exhaust yourself in absurd motion, commend, glory, give (light), go mad, give in marriage, rage, spread fame.

  63. IsaiYAH 24:14 These few survivors lift up their voice[s] [in ear-splitting songs of praise]. They celebrate YHVH's majesty. Their shining [shouts of joy] roar [over the seas].
    note: Generally interpreted as Christianity thriving in the west.
  64. IsaiYAH 29:19 Meek [saints come to] overflow with shining-joy, 😇. Needy children-of-Adam spin around [wildly dancing], immersed in the [spirit] of Israel's sacred sovereign.
  65. IsaiYAH 29:23 [YAH predicts], “After the [purge, the ancient patriarch Jacob looks down from heaven]. He sees his children, the work of my hands. They come to flock all around [Jacob as far as the eye can see]. [They] honor my name-authority. They extol [me,] Jacob's sacred sovereign. [Judeo-Christianity at last] reveres Israel's ELohim {Sovereign}.
  66. Matthew 21:8 [YahShua rides toward Jerusalem.] A massive crowd spreads their clothes in the path in front of YahShua's donkey-colt. [Thus they honor YahShua as Israel's Messiah and King.] Other people cut down branches from trees. They spread the branches [to soften and adorn] YahShua's [royal] path.
    note: This same fickle public screams for Yahshua's death a few days later, when they figure out that Yahshua has no ‘axe to grind’ with the pagan Romans — that Yahshua's enemies are the religious leaders who falsely claim to represent YHVH. Likewise, today's Judeo-Christian ‘leaders’ are the biggest obstacle to your gospel work.
  67. John 12:13 A huge crowd of Passover celebrants grab branches of palm trees. They run out to meet YahShua, crying, “Free us [from the Romans] now, blessed King of Israel. [You're the savior] who comes in the name of Adonai [YHVH]!”
    note: Hosanna means something like ‘Free us now,’ not ‘praise God.’ Why bible translators can't figure that out, who knows. All you have to do is look it up. These people were praising Yahshua because they saw Him as their military leader who would evict the Roman-controlled money-grubbing priest-class. This text should say, ‘the name of YHVH,’ because it's a quotation from the Old Testament (Psalm 118:25,26). It doesn't because either the Greek New Testament texts have been tampered with, or 1st-century Jews had been taught not to say YAH's Name.
  68. Apocalypsis (Revelation) 4:10 Then the 24 elders fall down before [YHVH] who sits on the throne. They worship Him who lives forever and ever. [They] cast their crowns before [YAH's] throne.
  69. Apocalypsis (Revelation) 7:11 All the angels stand encircling YAH's throne, around the elders and the 4 beasts. Before YAH's throne, the angels fall on their faces. [They] worship [YHVH] the Eloah.
  70. Apocalypsis (Revelation) 15:3 These [victorious separatists] sing the song of Moses the servant of YHVH, and the song [of YahShua the] Lamb. [They shout], “Your works are Great and marvelous, Adonai Elohim Almighty! Your ways are just and true, King of [all] sacred-beings!
    note: Moses and the Lamb are in harmony. No separation exists between the fundamental principles of the Older & Newer Testaments.
  71. Apocalypsis (Revelation) 15:4 O Adonai [YHVH]! Who [dares do anything] but fear you and glorify your Name? For You alone stay [eternally] separate [from evil]. All nations eventually come and worship before You [now] that [your] righteous actions [since the creation of the universe] shine [plain to see]!”
    note: Ha Shem = The Name = YHVH
  72. Apocalypsis (Revelation) 19:5 A voice [echoes] out of YAH's throne, calling, “Praise [YHVH] our Eloah, all you his servants, [all] you [beings] (small and great alike) who fear Him!”
  73. Genesis 14:14 When Abram {High-Father} hears that [the OverLord] has taken his nephew [Lot] captive, [Abram] grabs [musical instruments]. With these, he arms his 318 worship-trained servants (born in his own house). They pursue [Overlord Chedorlaomer's massive armies north through Israel] to [the land of] Dan {Judge}.
    note: The servants were trained [chaniyk] in worship of YHVH, not in war. Think: battle of Jericho. There is no natural way that 318 migrants with no known battle experience could defeat the Overlord's 5 armies, except by praising YHVH and having YHVH strike the soldiers dead. 318=53/6 (the # of man).
  74. Exodus 15:21 Miriam {Bitter} sings [and shouts in call & response with her fellow ladies], “Sing to YHVH, [the] towering, triumphant [Creator]! He throws the [war] horse and its [evil] rider into the sea!”
  75. Exodus 18:10 Jethro {Superior} [shouts], “Kneel [and adore] YHVH. He delivered you out of the power of the Egyptians, out of the clutch of Pharaoh! [YAH] rescued [His] people from under the hand of the Egyptians!
  76. Exodus 34:8 Moses rushes to bow his head to the earth, 😇. He [keeps] bowing to [YAH].
    note: Do you rush to bow your head to the earth when you pray? Why not?
  77. 1st Chronicles 29:11 You, O YHVH, own [all] greatness, and [all] power, and [all] glory, and [all] victory, and [all] majesty. For everything in the heaven and in the earth is yours! The kingdom is yours, YHVH. You [stand] exalted as head above all.
  78. Psalms 9:1 YHVH, with my whole heart, I throw [my hands in the air to thank] you. I'll never stop heralding all your marvelous feats.
  79. Psalms 22:22 [Despite fierce opposition,] I'll keep declaring your Name [YHVH] to my brothers. I'll keep [embarrassing myself by shouting] Halelu [YAH to] you in the middle of public gatherings.
  80. Psalms 24:7 Lift up your head[s], you [spirit] gates. Raise up portals to eternity, so the glorious King can come in [to you].
    note: Probably a set of dance motions in which the dancers lift up their heads, then throw their hands into the sky in thanks, inviting YAH to come into their hearts. As normally quoted, this verse is religious gibberish. The Good News Translation starts to hint toward a good translation but it drops words: Fling wide the gates, open the ancient doors, and the great king will come in.
  81. Psalms 34:1 I kneel [and adore] YHVH anytime, [anywhere, 😇]. [Spontaneous hullaballoos of praise] keep [shooting from] my mouth.
    note: David wrote this Psalm in relation to the time when he fled from murderous king Saul to receive sacred bread from a priest named Ahimelech. (1Sa 21) Halal = a wild, clear, foolish praise show. Thillah = spontaneous halal.
  82. Psalms 48:10 Elohim, we'll [shout a wild] cheer-show [so loud we shake] the ends of the earth with the infinite [power of] your Name! [Our praise is an echo of] your power-hand [which thunders] justice [throughout the universe]!
    note: Thillah = wild improvisatory cheering. The cruddy bookstore translations reduce thillah to ‘praise’.
  83. Psalms 56:4 So, 😇, I clearly yet wildly shout-sing YAH's word amidst the [hostile, Satanic] public. [Praise puts] me securely ‘inside’ ELohim, [my living fortress]. [So] I refuse to [live] in fear. What can [walking hunks of] meat do to my [eternal spirit? Nothing.]
    note: Halal = a clear, yet foolish, clamorous public praise show.
  84. Psalms 63:4 So I'll kneel to you [every day] of my life. I'll [keep] lifting up my palms [shouting] your Name, [wherever I go, no matter what anyone thinks or says, even if they call me ‘weird’ or arrest me].
    note: Raising your hands to praise YAH is a courageous and subversive act. In pagan societies, they ask you to raise your hands to swear oaths. YAH says NOT to do that, but to raise your hands to praise him in public places like parks, your workplace, your front yard, your school, in airports, in courthouses, in front of the police station, as you walk down the street, not just in church. Are you brave enough to do that? David was.
  85. Psalms 98:7 [The] sea and everything in it roar [praise to YAH. So should] the globe and all [us] who live in it, 😇.
  86. Psalms 98:8 [Earth's] water-rapids clap their ”hands” while the hills screech [in joy beneath] YHVH's face. [So we believers should screech and clap too, 😇.]
  87. Psalms 134:2 [Stop thinking about what other people think about you, 😇. Get bold!] Lift up your hands, sacred-ones! [Get your body into praise and prayer!] Drop to your knees [before] YHVH.
    note: OK, guys. When you go to a worship service, stop being so timid and proud. Lift your hands in the air! Drop to your knees! It's a commandment! Change your bodily position, not just once, but again and again. Praisercise is great for your health. And it's essential to your spiritual life. You'd [sinfully] raise your hand to worship a judge in secular court. Exercise or die!
  88. Psalms 135:1 You, 😇! Rave [for] YHVH! You! Shout the Name of YHVH! You servants of YHVH, Celebrate Him! [Right now!]
    note: For context see 2Ch 7. Halal = crazy, wild, foolish clamor, not merely ‘praise’.
  89. Psalms 135:3 😇, rave [about] YHVH. YHVH is awesome! Strike [guitar strings while you sing & dance] to [spread] his Name-Fame. [Praisercise] is fun!
  90. Psalms 138:2 I keep prostrating [my body] toward your holy temple. I throw my hands [high to glorify] your name-fame. [I honor] your loving-kindness, your truth, your overwhelming command-authority.
  91. IsaiYAH 6:3 The [seraphim] shout, proclaiming [in awesome chorus], “YHVH-commander-of-angel-armies defines sanctity, purity and morality, 😇! [The] earth is a [tiny] spillover from [YAH's infinite] splendor.”
  92. IsaiYAH 12:4 On the day [the whole world finally serves YahShua,] you come to sing, “Thrust-your-hands [in the air to honor] YHVH! Shout his Name [in the world's busy streets]. Publicize [YAH's] actions among [all] people. Alert [everyone] that YAH's Name towers above [all authorities].
  93. IsaiYAH 30:29 Your song of sacred celebration comes to light up the night. Your heart [dances] with flutes up the mountain of YHVH, the rock of Israel.
  94. IsaiYAH 42:12 [All surviving worldlings eventually] glorify YHVH, 😇. [So] trumpet HalleluYAHs to every coast.
  95. IsaiYAH 49:13 [The believers sing,] ‘Shout-for-joy, heavens! Spin-in-ecstasy, earth. Break forth into screeches of joy, [everyone on all] mountains! YHVH comforts his people. [He] keeps showing mercy to his afflicted [believers].’
    note: Shout sing heavens, spin around o earth, Mountains erupt in melody. 'cause Yahweh keeps comforting his people, and loving us up out of our distress.
  96. Matthew 21:16 [The religionites] scream at YahShua, “Do you hear the [blasphemy] these [peons] keep bleating?” YahShua [yells back to the red-faced hypocrites], “Yes. Have you never read, ‘[YAH] trains the mouths of children & babies to cry out perfect praise?’”
    note: (Psalm 8:2)
  97. Luke 1:46 Mary [sings/shouts], “My soul sings! [YHVH] the Adonai is magnificent!
  98. Luke 7:16 Great fear sweeps the crowd, 😇. They glorify [YHVH] the Eloah, exclaiming, “A great prophet has risen up among us!” and, “[YHVH] the Eloah has come to help His people!”
  99. Luke 24:52 The disciples worship YahShua. Overflowing with joy, they [race] back to Jerusalem.
    note: Worship = proskeuno: lick the hand, prostrate oneself in homage (do reverence to, adore). Notice that Yahshua did not command the disciples to worship him. He only commanded them to worship YAH. So the disciples' very first move after Jesus left them was to make a mistake that has tainted Christianity ever since. Christ does not want us to worship or pray to him. He wants us to worship and pray to his Father: YAH.
  100. Hebrews 13:15 So, 😇, through [our connection to] YahShua, let's rush [breathless, panting,] to continually offer YHVH [not pagan-style animal sacrifices, but enthusiastic] praise: ‘fruit’ from [our] lips. [Let's publicly] acknowledge YAH's Name-Authority.
  101. Apocalypsis (Revelation) 7:10 The [innumerable heavenly] multitude cry with a loud voice, 😇. [They] shout, “Salvation [belongs] to [YHVH] our Elohim who sits upon the throne, and to [YahShua the] Lamb.”
  102. Apocalypsis (Revelation) 19:1 [Then, 😇,] I hear a great voice: [billions of] people in heaven sing, “Alleluia! Salvation, glory, honor and power [flow forever] to Adonai [YHVH] our Eloah!
  103. Apocalypsis (Revelation) 19:4 [Heaven's] 24 elders and the 4 creatures fall down and worship [YHVH] the Eloah who sits on the throne. [The elders and creatures] cry, “Amén! Alleluia!”
  104. 1 Maccabees 4:55 So all the [Israeli] people fall on their faces, worshiping and praising [YHVH] the Eloah of heaven for giving them good success.
  105. Genesis 24:26 [Abraham's manager] bows his head [then prostrates his body to the ground in] worship to YHVH.
  106. Genesis 24:27 The manager shout-sings, “Kneel [and adore] YHVH, Elohim of my master Abraham {Father-Of-Billions}. [YAH] never denied my master his kindness and faithfulness. YHVH led me right down the road to the house of my master's brothers!”
  107. Exodus 15:2 YAH is my strength and [my] melody! [YAH] is always saving me. [YAH] is my only El, [the] Elohim of my father. I [forever] celebrate him, 😇. I [always] exalt him.
    note: Strongs#3050: YAH. Yod-Hey, signifying eternality. This is the first instance in the scripture of this contraction of YHVH. Salvation = Yshua.
  108. Joshua 6:4 In front of the ark, 7 priests will carry 7 rams’ horn-trumpets [shofars]. On the 7th day you'll circle the city 7 times. Then the priests will blow the trumpets.
  109. Joshua 6:9 Strong [men] rush in front of the trumpet-blowing priests. Gathered people trail the ark. On [march] the priests, blowing the trumpets.
    note: Strong = #2502 chalats, usually rendered ‘armed men’. Gathered = #00622 acaph, oten rendered ‘rear-guard’.
  110. 1st Kings 8:22 Then, in the presence of the whole congregation of Israel, Solomon {Peace-Man} kneels before the altar of YHVH. [Solomon] spreads his hands out [and up] toward heaven.
  111. 1st Chronicles 16:4 Then [David] appoints [the following] hand-picked Levites to serve [the nation by praying while] facing the ark of YHVH, and to record [important information], and to throw [their hands in the air], raving [praise to] YHVH, Israel's Elohim.
    note: Praise is a wild, fun 24/7/365 operation to be taken seriously and funded, not a half-baked 1-hour-a-week snooze-fest.
  112. 1st Chronicles 16:29 Give YHVH the glory due his Name-Authority. Lift your gift. Come face him. Worship YHVH in the beauty of separation [from the world-system].
  113. 1st Chronicles 16:33 Trees of the forest, screech [for joy]! [Stretch up to] YHVH's face! He comes to judge the earth.
  114. 1st Chronicles 16:34 Hands [up everybody]! [Thank] YHVH. He's awesome. His mercy lives forever.
  115. 1st Chronicles 16:41 [King] David expressly appoints the [above-named musical] leaders (including Heman {Faithful} and Jeduthun {Applauded}) to throw [their] hands [in the air] to [thank] YAH for his eternally-enduring mercy.
  116. 1st Chronicles 23:30 And [the Levites] work [singing] every morning and every evening. They throw [their hands in the air in thanks]! They [don't merely sing]. They RAVE [praise to] YHVH!
    note: Just as your own family should do every today. Don't just "praise". Rave. Don't just 'give thanks'. Throw your hands in the air. Makes a big difference.
  117. 2nd Chronicles 15:14 With a loud voice, and with shouting, with [blasting] trumpets, and shofars, the [crowd] 7 times [professes loyalty] to YHVH.
  118. 2nd Chronicles 20:19 The Levites, descendants of Kohath, and descendants Korah {Ice}, stand up. They rave [crazy-praise] to YHVH Elohim of Israel. [They shout-sing] at the top of their blasting voices!
    note: halal = "crazy praise show", not just "praise".
  119. NehemiYAH 12:24 The following head Levites lead their relatives in [clamorous celebrations of] praise, [throwing their hands in the air to] give thanks: HashabiYah {YAH-Thinks}, SherebiYah {YAH-Brings-The-Heat}, and JahShua {YAH-Saves} (the son of KadmiEl {Presence-Of-El}). As commanded by David {Love} the man of Elohim, [the vocalists sing antiphonally,] choir opposite choir.
    note: The Hebrew words 'halal' and 'yadah' mean raving, foolish, wild shows of praise, with hands thrown in the air. It's a crime to translate these words as merely "praise" and "thanksgiving".
  120. Psalms 9:11 Strike [strings, 😇. Publicly sing songs] to [honor] YHVH. [He lives permanently] enthroned on [heaven's mountain of all majesty]. Confront all people-groups with [musical shows recounting YAH's miraculous] feats.
    note: Lliterally: in Zion. ‘Zamar’ means not merely ‘sing praises,’ but ‘strike up the band!’
  121. Psalms 13:6 [That's why, 😇, even at death's door,] I [never stop] walking [the town singing] to YHVH. He always [eventually] loads me [up with blessings]!
    note: Shiyr = strolling minstrelsy, not mere singing. Walking the streets and courts singing. It's fine to go to church. But it's essential to walk the streets singing.
  122. Psalms 18:46 YHVH lives, 😇! Kneel [before] my Rock, [the] exalted Elohim who liberates me!
  123. Psalms 21:1 [I] the king light up by your power, YHVH. [I] wildly spin [around to celebrate] your saving [us believers]!
    note: David wrote this psalm for [Jerusalem's] chief sanctuary musician to arrange for presentation at sacred festivals. #1523 Gheel = spin violently, not merely “rejoice”.
  124. Psalms 22:26 Lowly [worshippers] eventually eat and [rest] satisfied. Everyone who seeks YHVH makes a foolish [hullaballoo when praising] him. May their [humble] hearts live forever.
    note: Proud posers petrify in their padded pews. Real worshippers rush to lose their public dignity.
  125. Psalms 28:7 YHVH is my strength and my shield, 😇. My heart races-for-refuge in him. So he helps me. [He makes] my heart jump for joy. [That's why] I walk the streets [wildly] singing, throwing my hands in the air [to thank him].
    note: Notice how active are these Hebrew words compared to the common English translations. Faith is action, not mere ‘belief’. Belief and obedience form a mutually-enhancing feedback loop.
  126. Psalms 35:10 My every limb shouts in [dancing body-language], ‘Who compares to you, YHVH? You rescue [us] humble [believers] from unbeatable [foes]. [You snatch us] poor victims from [the jaws of invincible] ravagers.’
  127. Psalms 35:18 [Despite crushing opposition,] I'm continuing to throw my hands in the air to thank you. [I dance] even in the middle of conspiratorial mobs. I throw wild-hullaballoos [of praise to you] amidst the most powerful assemblies [in the world].
  128. Psalms 40:3 [YAH] puts [fresh] new songs in my mouth, wild bursts of praise to [honor] our Elohim. [Millions of people] see [how YAH rescues me]. In awe, they run-for-refuge in YHVH.
  129. Psalms 43:4 Take me to the altar of Elohim. [There] I'll spin around with [your] strength, lit up [with joy], strumming a [celestial] harp, throwing my hands [in the air to thank] you, my Sovereign Elohim.
  130. Psalms 51:15 YHVH, open wide my lips. Let my mouth confront [the world] with [wild, improvisatory] acclamations in your [honor].
    note: #8416 thillah = extreme, wild, full-body, spirit-filled pentecostal euphorias of praise. Not merely ‘praise’. Sopherim changed 'YHVH' to 'Adonai' in this and hundreds of other verses.
  131. Psalms 56:10 [Encased] in ELohim's [spirit], I'll live to clearly-shout-sing his words, 😇. [Guarded] in Elohim's heart, I'll keep on crazy-raving his commandments amidst the [murderous] hordes.
    note: Paraphrased from the root words: Elohim halal dabar YHVH halal dabar. dabar= word or commandments or plans. halal = foolish, wild, yet clear public praise show. Halal-praise creates a spiritual force-field, a barrier that evil forces can't pierce. Through halal, you enter the Creator's being, a spirit-zone infinitely larger and more durable than our natural universe.
  132. Psalms 59:17 [As thugs aim their guns to kill me,] I'm striking strings, singing [praises to you, my source of supernatural] strength: “Elohim is my high-tower, 😇!” “Elohim bends his neck [down to pick me up]!”
  133. Psalms 71:23 My lips [always] jump for joy when I strike [guitar strings, serenading] you. You redeem my life-breath.
  134. Psalms 95:6 Come on, let's bow down, faces [to the ground, 😇]. Let's kneel before YHVH who made us.
  135. Psalms 96:9 😇, prostrate [your body on the ground before] YHVH's sacred beauty. Whirl [like the] whole earth twirls [in awe] of [YAH's] face.
    note: 2342 chuwl khool or chiyl {kheel}; to twist or whirl (in a circular or spiral manner), i.e. (specifically) to dance in awe. Again, ancient Hebrews knew the earth spins. And they knew that people should spin in worship, not sit petrified in pews.
  136. Psalms 97:12 Shine in YHVH's [Spirit], you righteous [people]! 😇, throw your hands in the air to commemorate [YAH's] sacredness.
  137. Psalms 100:4 Enter the gates [of] YAH's [heavenly sanctuary] with hands thrust high in thanks, 😇. [Run] into his [heavenly] courts with spontaneous outbursts of embarrassingly-loud praise. Stick your hands [in the air]. Kneel to YAH's authority.
    note: #8416 thillah = improvisatory halal. Halal = embarrassingly wild praise. Praise is a full-contact body sport. Pews exist to prevent praise, to make the meaning of “hallelujah” irrelevant.
  138. Psalms 106:12 The [Israelites momentarily] believe [YAH's] words, 😇. They song-parade around, applauding [Him].
    note: #7891Shiyr means ‘song-parade’, not just ‘sing’.
  139. Psalms 106:48 😇, kneel [and adore] the Adonai {Sovereign} Elohim of Israel from eternity past to eternity future. All [you] people [shout] ‘Amén.’ HalleluYAH [is a verb]!
  140. Psalms 145:21 My mouth will [forever] trumpet acclaim to YHVH. All you meat-creatures, kneel to his sacred Name-Authority, for [all] ages into eternity.
  141. Psalms 147:12 People of peace, blare [praise to] YHVH! [From earth's] shining [mountaintops], go wild [praising] your Elohim, 😇.
    note: shabach = loudness. halal = crazy-praise. Jerusalem = (populace/city) founded on peace. Zion = conspicuous shining mountain.
  142. IsaiYAH 6:4 At the sound of these [angel] voices, the [celestial] doorposts [and thresholds] shake, 😇. [Heaven's] ‘temple’ fills with smoke.
  143. IsaiYAH 63:7 😇, memorialize YHVH's loving-kindnesses! Shine-with-applause to YHVH. [Sing with enthusiasm that] matches [the brilliance of] every [blessing] YHVH ever showered on us. [Rave] about the great goodness he [lavishes on] the family of Israel. He keeps flooding his compassions on us [saints. He] endlessly stoops-down [from heaven] to [nurture and protect us].
  144. Daniel 2:20 DaniEl {El-Judges} shouts [as he runs down the palace streets toward the Imperial throne-room. He sings,] “Kneel [and adore] the Name of [YHVH] Elohim forever and ever! [All] wisdom and power [belong to YAH]!
    note: Risking his life for praising the forbidden God.
  145. Luke 8:40 On the other side of the lake, the crowds receive their long-awaited YahShua with open arms, 😇.
  146. Apocalypsis (Revelation) 7:12 [The angels praise YAH, singing] “Yes, 😇! Unshakeable blessing, glory, wisdom, thanksgiving, honor, power and might belong to [YHVH] our Eloah for ever and ever!”
    note: Amén!
  147. Ecclesiasticus (Sirach) 43:30 When you glorify YHVH, exalt him as much as you can. He far exceeds [any praise you can give him.] So when you exalt him, stretch out all your strength, and never get tired, for you can never go far enough.
  148. Joshua 6:12 Then, on the [2nd] morning [of the siege], JAHshua gets up early. Again the priests lift up the ark of YHVH.
  149. 1st Samuel 4:6 The Philistines hear the noise of [Israel] shouting. The [Philistines] exclaim, “What's all that ear-splitting shouting about in the Hebrew camp?” Then the [Philistines] figure out that the ark of YHVH has come into the [Israeli war] camp.
  150. 2nd Samuel 22:50 So I'll [always] thank you, YHVH. [Right in front] of the beast-nations [who hate you], I'll [always] strike [guitar] strings [as I shout praise] to your Name-Authority.
  151. 1st Kings 5:7 [King] Hiram {White} hears these [encouraging and enriching] words from Solomon {Peace-Man}. [Hiram] immediately brightens-up. He [jumps] for joy. [he yells], “[Everybody] kneel to YHVH today! [YAH] gave David a wise son [to rule] over his great nation!”
  152. 1st Chronicles 16:32 Roar, sea and ocean-dwellers! Jump for joy, fields and field-dwellers!
  153. 1st Chronicles 29:20 Then David {Love} [shouts] to the massive crowd, “Now kneel [to] YHVH your Elohim.” So the whole throng kneels [to] YHVH, [the] Elohim of their ancestors. They bow down their heads. They prostrate [their bodies] before YHVH, and [before] king [David].
  154. NehemiYAH 12:38 Meanwhile, the other [horde of] hand-waving [thanks-givers] parade [around the city in the] opposite [direction]. I [Nehemiah] follow this [choir]. Half of [the crowd of celebrants] follow me, atop the [city] wall. [We parade] from beyond the Tower of the Furnaces to the Broad-Wall.
  155. Psalms 8:2 Out of the mouth[s] of children and babies you send praise-power [to destroy] your enemies. [Praise-war] annihilates all [the world's] hater[s] and grudge-holder[s].
    note: Unless you become like a little child, you cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven.
  156. Psalms 9:14 Save me, so I can tally up [wild, improvisatory praise] shows [honoring] you at the gates of [Jerusalem,] the daughter-city [beneath] Zion-mountain. I whirl around [dancing so hard my clothes fall off]!
    laudatory, improvisational halal. Halal = wild, clear, foolish praise.
    Gheel = spin violently, not merely "rejoice".

  157. Psalms 26:7 [I keep] singing loud songs [of thanks], throwing [my hands in the air,] recounting all your wondrous feats!
  158. Psalms 26:12 YHVH plants my foot on level ground, 😇. [So] even in [public] crowds, I kneel [and adore him].
  159. Psalms 34:2 My life-breath boasts [about] YHVH. Humble [people] brighten up when they hear [me shout praise].
  160. Psalms 34:3 Publicize YHVH with me, 😇. Let's skyrocket his name-fame together.
  161. Psalms 44:8 We [saints] boast [about] you all day long, [YHVH]. Age [after age] we throw our hands [in the air to acclaim] your name-fame. Selah {Dramatic-Break}.
  162. Psalms 66:2 Strike [up the band to] honor [YAH's] name-authority, 😇. [Shake the ground with the] weight of [your improvised] hullaballoos [of praise to] him.
    note: thillah = spontaneous clapping ‘halal’ (wild, foolish, bright-shining praise-show).
  163. Psalms 66:4 All the earth will [eventually] prostrate [themselves to] you. [Even your worst enemies] come to strike [strings] to [honor] you. [All beings eventually] strike [up the music] to [applaud] your Name-authority.” Selah {Dramatic-Break}.
  164. Psalms 66:17 I cry to [YAH] with my mouth. I lift [his fame] high with my tongue, 😇.
  165. Psalms 69:31 [Wild public praises] delight YHVH more than [donating] oxen, or [cooking] muscular, horned, hoofed bull[s at sacred feasts], 😇.
  166. Psalms 69:32 Humble [poor people] see [me, the king, putting on a foolish praise-show]. So they brighten-up. Your heart springs back to life when you tread [the streets chasing] Elohim's [spirit], 😇.
  167. Psalms 96:7 Honor YHVH, you families of [the human] race. Recognize YHVH's splendor and strength, 😇.
  168. Psalms 99:5 😇, exalt YHVH our Elohim. Bow [your face to the ground] at His footstool, because He stays separate [from the evil world].
  169. Psalms 102:18 Record [this song] for future generation[s], 😇. Population[s] yet to be created one day rise to go wild [praising] YHVH, [shouting these lyrics].
  170. Psalms 111:1 [Shout] Hallelujah, 😇! [Rave! Shake the ground! Don't rot in a pew!] I throw [my hands in the air to thank] YHVH with my whole heart, both in the assembly of straight-[laced] [elites], and [out] among [all] congregated [crowds].
    note: David again trumpets a challenge to pew-sitters everywhere. Praise is a full-contact body sport. The devil installs pews in churches to prevent biblically-relevant praise from ever happening. Praise should frequently be so loud and powerful that it terrifies bystanders.
  171. Psalms 117:1 Rave-praise [to] YHVH, all you beast-nations. All you people, [shout] loud triumphant [songs honoring YAH's victories]!
    #7623 shabach
    i.e. (specifically) loud; figuratively, to pacify; commend, glory, praise, triumph.
    Halal = wild, clear praise.

  172. Psalms 148:3 [The] sun and moon shine [in] tribute to [YAH]. All the stars of light [flash to reflect his glory].
  173. Psalms 149:7 [Praise-power] executes vengeance on the beast-nations. [Biblical street-raves trigger spirit-forces that rain] punishments on [bad] people.
    note: Praise is your weapon.
  174. Psalms 149:8 [With songs, we believers] bind [pagan] kings with chains. [When we hail YHVH, arch-angels lock evil] ‘nobles’ in fetters of iron, 😇.
  175. Psalms 149:9 [By praise-power, we] execute the judgments [Moses] wrote [to condemn] the [heathen]. All YAH's kind-ones hold the honor [of changing history through engaging in public worship spectacles]. So, 😇, go wild [acclaiming] YAH [in the streets]!
    note: HalleluYAH = crazy-praise for YAH.
  176. IsaiYAH 12:5 —Thwack [instruments] to [honor] YHVH. [Celebrate] his soaring-achievements. [Spread] awareness of [his miracles] throughout the earth.
  177. JeremiYAH 20:13 [Jeremiah leaps, singing in the faces of the jeering crowd:] “Sing to YHVH! HalleluYah! He [always eventually] delivers the helpless [saint's] life-breath from the ruiner's fist!” [Jeremiah's accusing finger points at the governing priest's furious face.]
  178. JeremiYAH 33:11 [Your land comes to resound with] bright calls, grooms' whispers, brides' shouts, choruses of worshipers yelling, ‘Thrust your hands [in the air to thank] YHVH-Commander-Of-Armies! YHVH is amazing! His mercy endures for ever.’ [Envision Israel] dancing, hands held high, [running] into YHVH's temple. I [always eventually] restore this country from slavery. They wind up [blessed] as [ever] before,” promises YHVH.
    note: #08426 Todah means to thrust your hands in the air in adoration. “Todah” is often translated ‘sacrifice of praise’, a ridiculous KJV church-speak botch that means nothing and just makes the religionites who say it sound stupid.
  179. Mark 14:6 YahShua says, “Leave [this generous woman] alone. Why are you bothering her? She's done a beautiful thing for me.
    note: The beautiful thing Mary Magdalene did for Yahshua was NOT marry him and give him children, as the ridiculous Merovingian fable purports.
  180. 1 Maccabees 4:24 Then the Israelites travel home, singing songs of thanksgiving, praising Adonai [YHVH] in heaven: “because [YAH] is good; because His mercy endures forever...”
  181. Genesis 26:25 So Isaac {Laughter} builds an altar [to cook feasts to honor YHVH] there [in Beer-Sheba]. He calls upon the name of YHVH. [Isaac] pitches his tent-camp there. There Isaac's workers dig a well.
  182. Genesis 33:20 There, 😇, [on Shechem {Neck} ridge,] Jacob erects an altar. [He] calls it ‘El-Elohe-Israel {Israel's-Mighty-Eloah}.’
  183. Exodus 25:8 Lead the people [to] make Me a sacred tent [sanctuary, free of worldly distractions,] where I can stay among them.
    note: Not a giant temple. Merely a humble segregated and sheltered area set aside for worship, healing and education. If Moses was happy with a migratory tent, then there's no valid reason why churches should go into debt to build buildings and to acquire land.
  184. Numbers (Journeys) 15:20 [Every year,] the 1st time you make dough [out of your new harvest grain,] bake a pierced cake, 😇. Lift it up [in front of everyone as you publicly praise YHVH. Ritually] lift [the cake] the same way you lift the donations [of grain from your] threshing-floor[s].
    note: Holes in the cake facilitate even-baking. And the holes prefigure the Messiah's pierced hands and feet.
  185. Numbers (Journeys) 31:5 So, 😇, the Israeli multitudes [each pick and] send a man [to staff the invading praise team]: 1000 from each tribe. [Thus forms] a mass of 12 thousand [singers].
    note: “Tsaba” (host) is often here wrongly translated “armed for war”. As in Abraham's supernatural defeat of Chedorlaomer's empire, this is a massively undermanned praise team that, through song, invites YHVH to rain down destruction on the wicked.
  186. Joshua 6:14 Again, the 2nd day, the [Hebrew Praise-team] circles the city once. Then they go back into the [Israeli] camp. Same for each of the 6 days.
  187. Judges 5:3 Listen, you kings! Give [me your] ears, you princes! I'm parading, [singing] to YHVH; I'm striking [musical instruments] to [honor] YHVH Elohim of Israel.
  188. 1st Kings 8:17 —It was in the heart of my father David {Love} to build a temple to [glorify] the reputation of YHVH Elohim of Israel.
  189. 1st Chronicles 15:25 So [king] David and the elders of Israel and the [nation's] thousand-man-group-leaders travel to joyfully bring the ark of the covenant of YHVH out of the sanctuary of Obed-Edom and up [several miles to Jerusalem].
  190. 1st Chronicles 16:23 [So] stroll [around your cities] singing to YHVH, all the earth. Proclaim his salvation day after day!
  191. 1st Chronicles 16:36 Kneel to YHVH Elohim of Israel forever and ever.” Then all the people [shout], “Amén! HalleluYAHWeH!”
  192. 2nd Chronicles 6:7 [Solomon continues], “Now it was in the heart of my father (David) to build a temple to [promote] the fame of YHVH Elohim of Israel.
    note: David's temple was more than just a church building used a few hours a week to host B-rate music and boring lectures. David's temple was a full-time, 24/7/365 house of praise music, scriptural instruction, charity, healing, feasting and prayer.
  193. 2nd Chronicles 6:8 But YHVH said to my father (David), [I know] you [dreamed] in your heart of building a temple to [promote] my fame. You did well to plan that in your heart.
  194. 2nd Chronicles 6:14 [King] Solomon {Peace-Man} [sings], “O YHVH Elohim of Israel, there is no Elohim like You in the heaven, nor in the earth. You [alone perfectly] keep [your] covenants. [You alone] show [infinite] mercy to Your servants who walk before You with all their hearts!
  195. NehemiYAH 1:10 Now the [repatriated Jews] are your servants, your people who you keep redeeming by your great power, with your almighty hand.
  196. Psalms 5:7 But [you, YHVH, love] me. In your infinite mercy, you adopted me into your family. So in awe of you, I'll keep prostrating myself to [you] in your holy sanctuary.
  197. Psalms 9:2 I'll [forever] brighten up and jump for joy in you[r Spirit]. I'm [always] singing praise to your Name, [YHVH] SHaddai {Most-High}.
  198. Psalms 21:13 Rise high, YHVH, on [the winds of] your strength, [while] we [believers] parade [around singing], thwacking [guitar] strings, [proclaiming] your power.
    note: Shiyr = stroll around singing. Zamar = strike strings. Praise-parades through your town are the very essence of what church should be. Not locking your congregation in the religious refrigerator called a church building.
  199. Psalms 22:23 You, 😇, who fear YHVH, go-wild [praising him]. All you ‘seed-children of Jacob’, glorify him. Revere him, all you ‘seed[s] of Israel.’
    note: Halal = ‘wild raving show of praise’, not merely ‘praise’.
  200. Psalms 22:25 [YAH,] your [spirit] fills me with applause, right in the middle of [every] vast public assembly. I fulfill my vows before everyone who fears you.
  201. Psalms 24:9 Lift up your heads, you [spirit] gates! Lift up [your hands as] portals to eternity, 😇, so the King of glory will come in [to you].
    note: Again, probably dance motions.
  202. Psalms 26:8 YHVH, I love your sanctuary, where your life [glows], the place where your honor dwells.
  203. Psalms 29:1 Give YHVH [his due] acclaim, you offspring of El {The-Ultimate-Power}. Rave about YHVH's glory and strength.
    note: These are the lyrics to an instrumentally-accompanied song written by David.
  204. Psalms 29:2 😇, give YHVH the prestige due his Name-fame. Get down on your face before YHVH. Honor his unparalleled [sacred perfection].
  205. Psalms 30:1 YHVH, I rocket [your praise into the sky]. You keep drawing me up [from the waters of death]. You deny my foes the joy of [seeing] me [die].
  206. Psalms 35:28 Get my tongue singing about your justice, improvising wild-praise shows about you all day long [for the rest of my life].
    note: #8416 thillah = a wild improvised halleluyah hullaballoo.
  207. Psalms 41:13 Kneel [and adore] YHVH, Israel's Elohim, for all time and eternity, 😇. [YAH stands] sure and faithful.
    note: lit: #543 'amen aw-man.
  208. Psalms 63:7 You always [come] to help me. [So] in the shadow of your wings I screech [praise songs like a little bird].
    note: It doesn't matter what your singing sounds like. [YAH] loves screeching as long as it's heartfelt.
  209. Psalms 66:8 Kneel [to] our Elohim, you people. Yell [out wild spontaneous] praise in [every] ear, 😇.
  210. Psalms 68:34 😇, acclaim Elohim's strength, his majestic [reign] over Israel, his might that [towers above] all heavens.
  211. Psalms 70:4 [Send] your bright [life-energy to] light up everyone who seeks you. Let we (who love your salvation) [live] to [shout], “Spiral Elohim's [fame to the sacred sky]!”
  212. Psalms 71:6 From the womb, you've been the [only] one propping me [up]. You're the one who popped me out of my mother's belly. [That's why] I continually [bust out in wild improvised songs to] acclaim your [greatness].
    note: Not mere ‘praise’ but: #8416 thillah teh-hil-law'.
  213. Psalms 71:8 All day, [every day,] you fill my mouth with songs raving about your sparkling [glory].
  214. Psalms 71:15 All day my mouth proclaims your justice, recounting [the limitless ways you] set us [believers] free.
  215. Psalms 79:13 Let us, your people, [the] sheep of your pasture, throw our hands [high in thanks] forever. [Let us survive to] mount [wild shows of] raving [praise to honor you] through all generations.
  216. Psalms 96:8 Give YHVH the glory due his name-fame. Bring a gift [of your presence], 😇. Rush into his [royal] courts.
    note: Not a plea for money. Bring your talent. Give yourself completely to YAH.
  217. Psalms 96:11 The heavens shine-bright. The earth spins [around wildly]. The sea and everything in it roar [praise to YAH. So should we, 😇.]
    note: Here (in approximately 1000BC) the Bible clearly states that the earth spins:
    #1523 giyl / gheel / gull
    to spin round.
    2700 years later, Newtonian physics arrived at the same conclusion. Whales sing intricate, stylized compositions — some longer than symphonic movements — performed in medleys that last up to 22 hours. The songs of humpback whales can change dramatically from year to year, yet each whale in an oceanwide population always sings the same song as the others. How, with the form changing so fast, does every whale keep the verses straight? Biologists … show that hump-backs, like humans, use rhyme.—NewsWeek The 4 hebrew words in this sentence produce an acrostic spelling out the name of YHVH.

  218. Psalms 96:12 The fields and everything in them jump for joy, 😇. All the trees of the forests creak-for-joy. [So should we.]
  219. Psalms 107:15 Oh, 😇, [I] wish [people] would throw [their hands in the air to thank] YHVH for his kindness, for the marvelous feats [he performs to help us] brats of Adam!
  220. Psalms 115:18 [In contrast,] we [believers live on to] kneel [and adore] YHVH from this moment out through eternity, 😇. Hallelu-YHVH!
    note: Halal = make a hullaballoo!
  221. Psalms 118:15 Right-walkers' dwellings [echo] with squawking calls [extolling YAH's] salvation: “YHVH's right hand performs valiant [feats]!”
    note: Righteous people make noise in praise and prayer. The ‘frozen-chosen’ aren't chosen at all. Just frozen.
  222. Psalms 119:62 Twisting in my dark night, I rise to throw [my hands in the air to] thank you for [giving me] moral judgment.
    note: fend off the temptation to use my powers to destroy my evil foes.
  223. Psalms 122:4 Here Israel's tribes, the tribes belonging to YHVH, ascend [to the temple] to witness to [the world] by throwing hands [in the air in thanks] to the name of YHVH.
  224. Psalms 132:7 [My ancestors shouted,] “Let's rush into YAH's [festival] tents. Let's prostrate [our bodies] at his footstool!”
    note: People say they go to worship, but they never get down on their faces. #7812 shachah means to get your face on the ground.
  225. Psalms 132:9 Clothe your priests with righteousness. [Inspire] your kind-ones to screech [shouts of joy].
  226. Psalms 135:2 You, 😇, [don't just] stand there [like frozen-chosen with your hands pegged to your side] in the house of YHVH. In the courts of our Elohim's temple, [lift up your hands]!
  227. Psalms 135:21 😇, conspicuously kneel [and adore] YHVH. [Shout from the top of shiny Mount] Zion. [Honor YAH, the Universal Sovereign] who dwells in the City-of-Peace. HalleluYAH!
    note: lit: Zion, jerusalem. HalleluYAH = rave, shout, celebrate the name of YAH.
  228. Psalms 136:2 😇, throw your hands [in the air to thank YAH,] the Elohim {Authority} [above all] gods. His kindness [stretches past] forever!
  229. Psalms 145:2 I'll kneel to you every day [of my life]. As long as [you let] me live, I'll go wild [praising] your name-authority.
    note: halal = crazy yet clear praise.
  230. Psalms 145:3 YHVH is great, 😇! Go bonkers [in public] yelling [praise to him]! His greatness is unsearchable.
    note: halal = crazy praise
  231. Psalms 148:1 😇, go hysterical praising YAH! [HalleluYAH!] Heavens [explode in celebration] of YAH. Cheer [for YAH] from [earth's mountain] tops!
    note: Halal = crazy but clear praise.
  232. Psalms 148:2 All [YAH's] angels — all his heavenly masses [of deputies] — go wild [dancing from universe to universe across time and space in YAH's service].
  233. Psalms 148:4 😇, the heavens [above] outer-space [venerate YAH]. The waters of our sky [flow to glorify him].
  234. Psalms 148:11 Kings of the earth, and all people; princes, and all judges of the earth, [bow to YAH].
  235. Psalms 148:12 Young men and maidens, old men and children, [throw daily praise parties honoring YAH].
  236. Psalms 149:6 Exalt Elohim with your mouth[s]. Put the two-edged sword [of YAH's Spirit-word] in your hands, 😇.
  237. IsaiYAH 12:6 —Shine & shout, you [believers] who dwell [beneath mount] Zion. [Publicize] the sky-high-greatness of [YHVH], Israel's sacred sovereign [who lives] in your heart.”
  238. IsaiYAH 25:1 YHVH, my [sovereign] Elohim, I [live to] boost your [maligned] reputation. [Against bitter opposition,] I lift-my-hands [in the streets] to thank you for your constant amazing marvels. Your ancient counsels undergird all reality.
  239. IsaiYAH 44:23 Join the heavenly [party], 😇! Shout-for-joy over YHVH's feats! Split-the-crowd's-ears, you lowly earth[lings]. Break out in hullabulloos, you mountains and forest[s]. [Get] every tree [rocking]! For YHVH keeps redeeming Jacob's [spiritual family]. [YAH] glorifies himself [by saving true] Israel.
  240. JeremiYAH 31:7 YHVH commands you, 😇, “Shriek with glee over [the coming redemption of] Jacob's [descendants]! Shout-brightly among [Israel,] the head [over all] beast-nations! Rave [wild praise] for [all the earth] to hear! Say, ‘Oh YHVH, [thank you for] saving your people, the survivors of Israel.’
  241. Luke 2:20 The shepherds return [to their flocks in the field]. [They] glorify and praise [YHVH] the Eloah for allowing them to hear and see [the newborn Baby King,] exactly as the angelic host miraculously predicted they would, 😇!
  242. Acts 4:24 When the [believers] hear Peter & JAHn's experience, they lift up their voices as one to [YHVH] the Eloah. They cry, “Adonai [YHVH], Eloah who made heaven, earth, the sea, and all they contain:
  243. Acts 7:46 David enjoys YHVH's favor. [So] David asks to [build] a [stone] Temple for [YHVH], the Eloah of Jacob.
    note: David built and staffed and funded a tent-sanctuary where YAH's words could be transmitted 24/7/365 through song, dance and celebrations. Solomon made this building grander and more permanent. Most churches only open a few boring hours a week.
  244. Ephesians 3:21 [I pray that] throughout all ages, for ever and ever, the Ekklesia gives YAH glory for [giving us] YahShua the Messiah. [That's the way] it [must] be, 😇.
    note: Amén.
  245. Apocalypsis (Revelation) 11:16 The 24 elders (who sit on their thrones before [YHVH] the Eloah) fall upon their faces. [They] worship [YHVH].
  246. Prayer of AzariYAH 1:3 "[I] kneel [beneath] you, O Adonai [YHVH] Elohim of our fathers: your name is worthy to be praised and glorified for evermore:
  247. Numbers (Journeys) 15:21 [Down through] all your generations, [in praise] to YHVH, lift some of the first dough you make [each grain-harvest season, 😇].
  248. Numbers (Journeys) 18:26 [YAH's angel] says, “Instruct the Levite [priests]. Say to them, “When you receive the tithes I've ordered the people of Israel to pay you [to replace] your [lost] inheritance-rights, then [repeatedly] lift up a [symbolic] portion of 1/10 of the tithes [in thanks to] to YHVH.
    note: This 1% of GNP goes straight to the priests as pay. The rest is used in government benefit programs, feasts, etc.
  249. Joshua 8:30 Then, 😇, to [honor] YHVH Elohim of Israel, JAHshua builds an altar on [barren] mount Ebal {Baldy}.
  250. Joshua 10:38 Then JAHshua returns, 😇. [He leads] the whole [nation] of Israel to [the fortress of] Debir {Oracle}. [Israel] overcomes [Debir through praise power].
  251. 1st Chronicles 16:28 Give [your allegiance] to YHVH, you people-groups [of earth]. [Extol] YHVH's glory and strength.
  252. 1st Chronicles 16:39 [David continues to let high] Priest Zadok {Righteous} (and [Zadok's] priest-brothers) [work] in the [sacred] tent of YHVH at the high-shrine in Gibeon {Flower-Hills}.
  253. NehemiYAH 9:5 Then these Levites: JahShua {YAH-Saves}, KadmiEl {Presence-Of-El}, Bani {Built}, HashabniYah {Thought-Of-Yah}, SherebiYah {YAH-Brings-The-Heat}, HodiYah {Majesty-Of-Yah}, ShebaniYah {YAH-Prospers}, and PethahiYah {YAH-Opens}, shout, “Stand up and salute YHVH your Elohim! [He lives] forever and ever! [YHVH, we] adore Your glorious Name. [Your authority is] higher than any blessing or praise [can reach].
  254. Psalms 22:3 You, Sacred [King,] enthroned on the applause of Israel—[HELP ME]!
  255. Psalms 61:8 [Leave me alive] to strike [up the band to praise] your Name forever. [Help me] keep my word every day.
  256. Psalms 68:24 😇, see [hebrews hordes] parading, marching [in] Elohim's sacred strength!
  257. Psalms 68:26 The assembly kneels [to venerate] YHVH Elohim, [the] fountain of Israel's [strength].
  258. Psalms 86:12 YHVH my Elohim, I [intend to] keep throwing [my hands in the air to thank] you with all my heart. I'll glorify your name for evermore.
  259. Psalms 89:52 [Save us, and we'll] kneel [and adore you,] YHVH, [our] sure foundation, for eons [into eternity].
  260. Psalms 99:9 Exalt YHVH our Elohim, 😇. Prostrate [your body to the ground] facing his holy mountain. For YHVH our Elohim is sacred.
  261. Psalms 103:1 Kneel [and adore] YHVH, breathing-creature[s]. From [your] deepest heart, kneel to his sacred Name-authority, 😇.
    note: An instrumentally-accompanied song of acclamation by, or pertaining to, king David.
  262. Psalms 103:22 [I command] all YHVH's creations everywhere throughout his dominion to kneel [and adore] YHVH. Kneel [to] YHVH, breathing-creature[s]!
  263. Psalms 135:20 Kneel [to] YHVH, house of Levi {Uniter}. You, 😇, who fear YHVH, adore YHVH.
  264. Psalms 145:1 I'll never stop exalting you [YHVH], my Elohim, O king. I kneel to your everlasting authority.
  265. Psalms 145:10 YHVH, every [creature] you've made lifts paws [to praise] you. [We,] your kind-ones, kneel to you.
  266. Psalms 145:11 [Every being] will [eventually] boast of the glory of your kingdom. They'll rave about your power.
  267. Psalms 148:7 Wild-raves [flow to] YHVH from the earth, from sea ‘monsters’ [deep in] watery-depths, 😇.
  268. Psalms 148:9 Mountains, and every hill; fruitful trees, and all cedars [sing to honor YAH].
  269. Psalms 148:10 Beasts and all cattle; creeping [reptiles] and flying birds [show YAH's glory], 😇.
  270. Habakkuk 3:3 [YHVH The] Eloah storms [from] Teman {Southland}! [The] Sacred [One descends from] Mount Paran {Gleam} [in Arabia]. — Selah {Dramatic-Break}. Grandeur covers [the] heavens, 😇! [So] fill [the] earth [with] applause [to YHVH]!
  271. Acts 7:47 But [David's Son] Solomon {Peace-Man} [actually] builds [YAH's] temple.
  272. Apocalypsis (Revelation) 4:9 Those [4] creatures give glory and honor and thanks to [YHVH] who sits on the throne, who lives for ever and ever.
  273. Prayer of AzariYAH 1:32 [I] kneel [beneath] you who see [into the deepest] depths, [you] who sit above the cherubim, praised and exalted above all forever.
  274. Exodus 24:1 [YAH's angel] commands Moses, “You, Aaron, Nadab {Volunteer}, Abihu {Father-Serving-YAH}, plus the [most responsible] 70 elders of Israel, hike up to [approach] YHVH. Worship [him] from a distance.
  275. 2nd Chronicles 6:2 —But [YHVH], I've built a temple for you to stay in. [So please] stay here forever.”
    note: Solomon knew that YHVH doesn't need a house; YHVH is everywhere at all times. Churchians often like to use this "Lord's house" idea to run up a building debt. There are no commands whatsoever in the New Testament indicating that building programs are sanctioned by scripture. However, building religious facilities is not necessarily a sin.
  276. Psalms 104:1 Kneel [and adore] YHVH, breathing-creature[s]. Oh, YHVH my Elohim, you [tower] beyond great. You [stand] clothed with honor and majesty.
  277. Psalms 106:5 [Let me live] to see your chosen [people experience] abundant [life,] so I can brighten-up your nation with glee. [Let me live] to [jump and shout] “HalleluYah” with your heritage-people.
  278. Ephesians 1:12 Our [freewill choice to actively] trust in the Messiah brings praise to YAH's majesty, 😇.
    note: The stars of the heavens bring glory to YAH. But we believers shine brighter, because we have freedom to choose.
  279. 1st Peter 5:11 [The host of heaven give] YHVH glory and dominion for ever and ever. [Nothing can change] that!
    note: (Amén.)
  280. Tobit 3:11 So Sara prays toward the window, saying, “[I] kneel [before] you, O Adonai my Elohim. Your holy and glorious Name is blessed and honorable for ever. Let all your works praise you forever.
  281. Prayer of AzariYAH 1:33 [I] kneel [beneath] you [who sit] on the glorious throne of your kingdom, praised and glorified above all forever.
  282. Prayer of AzariYAH 1:61 You who will rule with EL, kneel [beneath] the Adonai: praise and exalt him above all forever.
  283. Psalms 118:28 [YAH,] my Elohim, I [keep] throwing [my hands in the air to praise] you. You're my El {Strength}. I'll exalt you [forever].
  284. Psalms 135:19 Kneel [and adore] YHVH, family of Israel. Kneel [and adore] YHVH, family of Aaron.
    note: i.e. brotherhood of priests.
  285. Galatians 1:5 [For redemption and everything else, YHVH the Father deserves] absolutely [all] glory, 😇, age upon age, [forever].
  286. Prayer of AzariYAH 1:29 "[We] kneel [beneath] you, O Adonai [YHVH,] Elohim of our fathers. [Angels will] praise and exalt [you] above all forever.
  287. Prayer of AzariYAH 1:31 [I] kneel [beneath] you in the temple of your holy glory. [You will be] praised and glorified above all forever.
  288. Prayer of AzariYAH 1:34 [I] kneel [beneath] you [who glow] in the Sacred-Sky of heaven: above all, praised and glorified forever.
  289. Prayer of AzariYAH 1:35 Oh, all you creations of YHVH, kneel [beneath] the Adonai: praise and exalt Him above all for ever,
  290. Prayer of AzariYAH 1:46 All you fog-banks and snow-storms, kneel [beneath] the Adonai: praise and exalt him above all forever.
  291. Prayer of AzariYAH 1:60 Oh you children of men, kneel [beneath] the Adonai: praise and exalt him above all forever.
  292. 2nd Chronicles 6:9 But don't build [my] temple. Your son, soon to come forth out of your reproductive-organs, he will build the temple for my Fame.’
  293. Prayer of AzariYAH 1:40 O you sun and moon, kneel [beneath] the Adonai: praise and exalt him above all forever.
  294. Prayer of AzariYAH 1:41 O you stars of heaven, kneel [beneath] the Adonai: praise and exalt him above all forever.
  295. Prayer of AzariYAH 1:42 O every shower and dew, kneel [beneath] the Adonai: praise and exalt him above all forever.
  296. Prayer of AzariYAH 1:44 O you fire and heat, kneel [beneath] the Adonai: praise and exalt him above all forever.
  297. Prayer of AzariYAH 1:45 O you winter and summer, kneel [beneath] the Adonai: praise and exalt him above all forever.
  298. Prayer of AzariYAH 1:47 O you nights and days, kneel [beneath] the Adonai: bless and exalt him above all forever.
  299. Prayer of AzariYAH 1:48 O you light and darkness, kneel [beneath] the Adonai: praise and exalt him above all forever.
  300. Prayer of AzariYAH 1:49 O you ice and cold, kneel [beneath] the Adonai: praise and exalt him above all forever.
  301. Prayer of AzariYAH 1:50 O you frost and [hail], kneel [beneath] the Adonai: praise and exalt him above all forever.
  302. Prayer of AzariYAH 1:51 O you lightning-flashes and clouds, kneel [beneath] the Adonai: praise and exalt him above all forever.
  303. Prayer of AzariYAH 1:53 O you mountains and hillocks, kneel [beneath] the Adonai: praise and exalt him above all forever.
  304. Prayer of AzariYAH 1:57 All you whales and other creatures who move in the waters, kneel [beneath] the Adonai: praise and exalt him above all forever.
  305. Prayer of AzariYAH 1:59 Oh all you beasts and cattle, kneel [beneath] the Adonai: praise and exalt him above all forever.
  306. Prayer of AzariYAH 1:62 O you priests of YHVH, kneel [beneath] the Adonai: praise and exalt him above all forever.
  307. Prayer of AzariYAH 1:63 All you servants of YHVH, [kneel to] the Adonai: praise and exalt Him above all forever.
  308. Prayer of AzariYAH 1:37 O you angels of YHVH, kneel [beneath] the Adonai: praise and exalt him above all forever.
  309. Prayer of AzariYAH 1:38 O all you waters above the sky, kneel [beneath] the Adonai: praise and exalt him above all forever.
  310. Prayer of AzariYAH 1:43 O all you winds, kneel [beneath] the Adonai: praise and exalt him above all for ever,
  311. Prayer of AzariYAH 1:52 Oh, earth, [kneel before] the Adonai: praise and exalt him above all forever.
  312. Prayer of AzariYAH 1:54 Oh, all you things that grow in the earth, kneel [beneath] the Adonai: praise and exalt him above all forever.
  313. Prayer of AzariYAH 1:55 O you mountain-ranges, kneel [beneath] the Adonai: Praise and exalt him above all forever.
  314. Prayer of AzariYAH 1:56 O you seas and rivers, kneel [beneath] the Adonai: praise and exalt him above all forever.
  315. Prayer of AzariYAH 1:58 O all you sky-birds, kneel [beneath] the Adonai: praise and exalt him above all forever.
  316. Prayer of AzariYAH 1:64 O you spirits and souls of the righteous, [kneel and pray to] the Adonai: praise and exalt him above all forever.
  317. Prayer of AzariYAH 1:36 O you heavens, extol the Adonai : praise and exalt Him above all forever.
  318. NehemiYAH 12:33 — and AzariYah {YAH-Helps}, Ezra {Aid}, and Meshullam {Allied}
  319. NehemiYAH 12:34 [and] Judah {Celebrated}, and Benjamin {Right-Hand-Son}, and ShemaiYah {YAH-Hears}, and JeremiYah {YAH-Rises}.


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  41. Earth Maker
  42. Yahshua: Name Above All Names
  43. Praise Yah (Psalm 150)
  44. Aleluia Con La Chi! Chi-a! Chi-Le! Chi-U! Chi-Jah!
  45. Hasta Tí Te Doy!
  46. Father, I Adore You
  47. Praise Your Name (Parody Of Beatles' Carry Yhat Weight)
  48. Alabaré Alabaré Alabaré
  49. Thank You For Letting Me Praise Your Name Again
  50. He Is The Best!
  51. Our God Is Red Hot
  52. Dulce! (Azucar) (Parody Of Archie's Sugar Sugar)
  53. We Come to Praise You
  54. Los Murros De Jericho
  55. Shout To Yahweh (was Shout to the Lord)
  56. I See You
  57. Oh, How I Love Yesu (Jesus)
  58. That's The Way Uh huh Uh huh We Praise Him Uh huh Uh huh
  59. Scripture Rock Music (Rock n Roll Music)
  60. Rise and Shine
  61. Got to Get You Into My Life
  62. Clap your hands — Stomp your feet
  63. Thank You
  64. Alabaré (Rock Around the Clock parody)
  65. Scarborough Fair (Are You Going?)
  66. I Wanna' Praise Yahweh
  67. Mary's Song
  68. Walking in the Light
  69. Hey Jesus You're So Fine
  70. Give him some Loving (parody of Gimme Some Lovin')
  71. Earthquake
  72. Faithfully (Parody Of Journey's Faithfully)
  73. Praisin' Yah's a Good Time (Parody Of It's Always A Good TIm
  74. Halelalelalelujah
  75. I Will Sing A New Song (parody of U2's 40)
  76. Enter His Gates
  77. Christian March Praise Chants
  78. Ha, La, La La
  79. Parody of Cab Calloway's Minnie THe Moocher
  80. No Other God
  81. Carnival Of Venice (Parody)
  82. A - w - e! — S- o - m - e!
  83. Who rocks the house?
  84. Aleluia (Parody Of Wipeout by The Surfaris)
  85. Ja Te Alabare (We Gon' Praise Your Name)
  86. Hey You Jesus Fans!
  87. Glory
  88. Halelalelalelelujah
  89. Que Lindo Se Ve El Pueblo De Dios
  90. Trip
  91. hosanna
  92. Cristo esta Aquí tambien
  93. Rock of Ages
  94. enter his gates


12 CHAPTERS on the theme of Praise

  1. Brash Sings 'Come on All Y'all Animals'
  2. Angels Sing In The Sky
  3. Praise = Praisercise
  4. Shy Little Piano Girl Becomes Cheerleader
  5. How To Celebrate the Tent Festival (Feast Of Tabernacles)
  6. Preparing For Worship IS Worship
  7. Worship = Moving Your Feet, Hands, & Mouth
  8. Exercise = Praise
  9. Nebuchadnezzar Delivers Global Praise Proclamation
  10. Song Suggestions
  11. Salaam Sees A Vision Of Akil's Sports As Worship
  12. Salaam Forces Akil To Street-Run Singing Praise


4 ARTWORKS on the theme of Praise

  1. Flying Praiser
  2. Praise Icon
  3. Sunset Dance
  4. Horn Mouth


6 REVIEWS OF MEDIA on the theme of Praise

  1. Hillsong: Let Hope Rise

  3. Hip Hop Hymns

  5. Cry The Name
  6. Damascus Road
  7. All I Need
  8. We Will Glorify