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Prayer is talking to your Creator. A true believer prays many hours a day, talking to someone who is invisible. Prayer may ONLY be directed at YHVH, and in Yahshua's Name. Jesus does not want you to pray to him. Never pray to Mary or anyone who's dead.

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33 SCRIPTURE SECTIONS on the theme of Prayer

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  1. The Lord's Prayer: A Perfect Prayer BluePrint
  2. How To Pray (The Lord's Prayer)
  3. True Believers Do Miracles Greater Than Jesus
  4. Pray In Secret; Don't Play The Religion Show
  5. In The Garden, Messiah Prays To Escape Death
  6. Ask For What YAH Wants To Give You
  7. Pray & Boldly Evangelize All The Time
  8. Work, Spin, Pray, Rejoice, Encourage, Forgive
  9. Isaiah Prays For YAH To Rescue Us, His People
  10. Isaiah Begs Yah To Miraculously Fix The World
  11. YAH Gets You Out Of Your Death-Squeezes
  12. Hezekiah Begs Yah To Evict The Assyrian Army
  13. The Prayer Of Jabez
  14. Moses Begs To Cross To The Promised Land
  15. YAH Gives You Everything You Rightly Ask
  16. Attacked Judeans Rave Crazy Praise To YHVH
  17. Hezekiah Prays For YAH To Defeat Assyria
  18. The Messiah Opens The 7th & Last Seal Of Doom
  19. David Sings As He Hides In A Cave (1Sa 22)
  20. King David Begs YAH To Fight Off His Enemies
  21. YHVH, Rescue Us From Arrogant Attackers
  22. King Solomon Prays To Dedicate YAH's Temple
  23. Asaph Cries In Pain, Fearing That God Is Dead
  24. Moses Gets YHVH To Relent For YAH's Own Fame
  25. Nehemiah Prays, Starves, Weeps For Days
  26. Solomon Prays Inside The Supernatural Cloud
  27. The Massive Nation Moves Again
  28. Asaph Begs Yah To Restore Israel From Defeat
  29. Moses Summarizes The Journey From Mount Sinai
  30. David Prays For YHVH's Help Against His Enemy
  31. Pain Makes us Humble So We Can Hold Authority
  32. The Israelis Pray To YHVH For Protection
  33. Greet, Pray, Kiss, & Read Together


315 SCRIPTURES on the theme of Prayer

  1. Matthew 6:9 So, 😇, pray like this: “Our Father [YHVH] in the [highest] heaven, [I pray that everyone treats] your Name-Authority [as] sacred.
    note: 4 great free versions of Lord's Prayer songs: Lullaby Dramatic Rock Reggae
  2. Matthew 6:13 And lead us not into temptation. But deliver us from [all] evil. For yours is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, forever. Amén.
  3. Luke 11:2 YahShua answers his disciples, “When you pray, 😇, say: ‘Our Father in heaven, [we pray that people] honor your Name-Authority [YHVH], and that your Kingdom [Dominion] advances, and that [people] actively-live your will on earth, as [celestial beings] do in heaven.’
    note: 4 great free versions of Lord's Prayer songs: Lullaby Dramatic Rock Reggae
  4. Mark 11:24 So I say to you, 😇: Whatever things you desire, when you pray, believe that you are receiving them. Then you'll have them.
  5. Luke 11:9 So I tell you, 😇: Keep asking, and you eventually receive. Keep seeking, and you eventually find. Keep knocking, and [YAH] eventually opens door[s] for you [to run through].
    note: ‘Ask, and [eventually the deepest desires of your heart] will be given to you; seek, and [someday] you will find [what you're really looking for]; knock, and [eventually the door] will be opened for you.’
  6. John 14:14 If you, 😇, ask [for] any [blessing] that's within my Name-Authority, I achieve it.
  7. John 16:24 Until now you haven't asked [YHVH] for anything in my Name-Authority. Start asking, 😇. [Then keep on asking.] Then you receive. [YAH] crams your joy-net full!
  8. Matthew 18:19 Again I tell you, 😇: if 2 [or more] of you [disciples] agree on earth regarding anything [you] ask together, [YHVH] my Father in heaven eventually achieves it for you.
    note: Of course, the request must be in accordance with YHVH's will. Two men fully in the will of YHVH, with no master-servant relationships with the world-system, are the most powerful thing on the planet. So the devil and all his demons are working overtime to make sure that no two dedicated disciples of Yahshua ever get near each other, because the fire-to-dynamite reaction would blow bleeding holes in the devil's chest.
  9. John 14:13 [I, YAH's] son, [want] to bring glory to [my] Father [YHVH]. So whatever you [my servants] ask that's within my name-authority, I do it, 😇!
  10. Luke 18:7 [Do you see, 😇?] Elohim avenges his own chosen [people] who cry day and night to Him. [But] he [allows them to suffer for a while to purify them].
    note: YAH actually avenges you. You mess your life up when you avenge yourself.
  11. 1st Thessalonians 5:17 😇, pray non-stop.
    note: Never stop praying. Pray continually. Pray all the time.
  12. JeremiYAH 33:3 “Call to me, 😇. I'll answer you. I'll show you great and mighty wonders beyond your imagination!”
    note: Seeds Family Worship (Seeds Of Courage 2004) includes a good scripture-memory song built on this verse.
  13. Matthew 6:5 And when you pray, 😇, never [pray] like the hypocrites. They love to pray standing in the synagogues [or churches] and on street-corners, to be seen by men. I tell you the rock-solid [truth, 😇], the frauds are collecting the [only] wages [they're ever going to get].
    note: Religiots won't be getting any payment in heaven. They're collecting their treasure now.
  14. Matthew 6:6 But you, 😇, when you pray, go into your closet. Shut your door. Then pray to [YHVH] your Father, who is unseen. Eventually your Father (who sees in secret) openly rewards you.
  15. Matthew 6:8 😇, never in any way resemble a [prattling church talker]. For [YHVH] your Father knows everything you need, before you ask him.
    note: Don't be a boring wordy preacher! Did you hear Jesus, preachers?
  16. Luke 11:1 Later, YahShua prays. Then one of his disciples asks him, “Master, teach us to pray like JAHn [the Immerser] taught his disciples.”
  17. Luke 23:42 The repentant criminal [groans] to YahShua, “Adoni, remember me when you come into your Kingdom.”
  18. John 16:23 And [after I ascend to heaven,] NEVER ask me [for] anything, 😇. I tell you the rock-solid truth: Ask anything (within my name-authority) from [YHVH] the Father, and he gives it you, 😇.
    note: NEVER pray to Jesus. That's a direct command. Jesus commanded you NOT to pray to Him. You can always tell who knows their Bible in church, because those who don't, say all those pretty prayers to Jesus. Instead, pray to YAH in Yahshua's name. Don't ask for cars and houses. Ask for what YAH already wants to give you: love, joy, peace, patience... self-control, etc.
  19. Numbers (Journeys) 11:2 [Of course,] the people cry to Moses. So Moses prays to YHVH. [YAH turns off] the fire.
  20. Numbers (Journeys) 14:14 [If you kill the Israelis,] the [Egyptians] will [slander you] to the inhabitants of the [Promised] land. [It'll confuse the pagans into thinking you're a sick, evil, capricious god.] For the [pagans] have heard that you, YHVH, are among this [Israeli] population, that you YHVH [talk] “eye to eye” [with Hebrews], that your cloud stands over the [Hebrews], and that you go before them by day in a pillar of cloud, and in a pillar of fire by night.
    note: An appeal to YHVH's reputation and honor is one of the best ways to get your prayers answered.
  21. Numbers (Journeys) 14:15 So if you kill this whole nation in one stroke, then the [other] nations who've heard of your fame will [misunderstand your loving nature]. So they'll slander you.
  22. Numbers (Journeys) 16:22 So [Moses & Aaron] throw themselves face-down [on the dirt]. They cry, “El, Eloah over the spirits of all flesh: Just because one man [Korah] sinned, will you burst out in rage [against] the whole crowd?”
  23. 2nd Kings 19:16 —YHVH, bow down your ear. Hear [my prayer]. YHVH, open your eyes. See [my tragedy]. Mark the insults Sennacherib sent to taunt [you,] the living Elohim.
  24. 1st Chronicles 4:10 Jabez {Sorrow} calls on the Elohim of Israel, saying, “Oh, please bless me. Enlarge my territory. Keep your hand with me. Keep me from evil, so [disaster] doesn't hurt me!” So Elohim grants [Jabez] what he requested.
    note: Materialistic people love the ‘enlarge my territory’ bit. Real Christians want the fruits of the holy spirit (love, joy, peace, etc.) True believers don't care about territory. Disaster grows your spirit-fruits. A big estate swells your pride.
  25. 2nd Chronicles 1:7 So that night, to Solomon {Peace-Man}, Elohim appears. He says, “Ask me for what [you want me to] give you.”
  26. Psalms 50:15 Call me every day [you get in] a tight-squeeze, 😇. I'll rescue you. Then you'll glorify Me.”
  27. Psalms 51:11 Don't hurl me away from Your face! Never take Your sacred Spirit from me.
  28. Matthew 7:9 😇, is there anyone among you who, when his child asks for bread, gives his child a stone instead?
  29. John 16:26 Then you ask [YHVH for what you desire that's within] in my name-authority. I'm not telling you that I'll pray to [YHVH] the Father for you, 😇.
    note: Do not pray to Jesus or Mary. Ask YAH directly. Use the authority that Yahshua delegated to you. Ask for things Yahshua wants you to have, like patience. Don't ask for things that YAH doesn't need you to have, like sports-cars.
  30. Ephesians 6:18 In [Sacred] Spirit, always keep on praying every kind of prayer and supplication. Stay alert, 😇! Totally persevere in your petitions for all holy [saints] everywhere.
    note: Our prayers are for people who stay holy, that is, separated from the world-system. Name-only "Christians" unite with the world through bank accounts and contracts and national membership. Such fake believers won't pray for holy ones. Fake believers persecute, kill and ridicule real believers.
  31. Philippians 4:6 Don’t worry about anything, 😇. Rather, thankfully declare your requests to YHVH via prayer.
    note: In such verses, church goons mindlessly repeat synonymns like ‘prayer and petition.’
  32. Deuteronomy 3:26 But YHVH stays angry with me [because of your sins and because I set such a bad example] for you [Israelites]. So he refuses to hear [and grant my prayer]. YHVH says to me, “Enough from you, [Moses]! Speak no more to me about it!
    note: In fact, Moses got to see everything he wanted to see as soon as he died: he went to the REAL promised land of which the land of Israel is a mere shadow.
  33. Deuteronomy 9:20 YHVH [fumes,] especially angry with [the idolatrous ring-leader] Aaron. [I see YAH is] ready to destroy him. So I immediately pray for Aaron. [So YHVH relents.]
    note: But Yah eventually kills Aaron.
  34. Deuteronomy 9:28 [If you kill us, then] the [people of the] land from where you rescued us will mock [you, taunting], ‘YHVH was too weak to bring [his people] into the land he promised them. He hated the [Israelis anyway]. That's why He brought them out [of Egypt]: to kill them in the wilderness [and drink their blood for fun]… Ha HA!’
    note: Effective prayer takes into account YAH's own interests. Other-centeredness shows your appreciation for the big picture.
  35. Psalms 138:3 [Every] day I cry to you, [YAH]. [You] answer me. [You] embolden my life-breath [with an infusion of your] power.
  36. IsaiYAH 37:14 HezekiYah {Strength-From-YAH} receives the letter from the hand of [Sennacherib's] messengers. He reads it. [Immediately] HezekiYah [runs] up to the temple of YHVH. He spreads [out the letter] before YHVH.
  37. IsaiYAH 65:24 Watch, 😇: before [my people] call, I answer. While they're still speaking, I understand [what they're praying for].
  38. Daniel 9:3 So I set my face toward YHVH the Eloah {Supreme-Being}, to seek [His counsel] through praying, pleading, fasting from food, wearing rough [penitential] burlap, kneeling and dusting my body in the ashes.
    note: Pray like Daniel. You'll get better answers. Daniel 9:3, 4, 7, 15, 16, 17 & 19, are among 134 verses where Sopherim (wise-guys) admitted they intentionally cut ‘YHVH’ and pasted in ‘Adonai.’ (See Ginsberg: Massorah.) No commercial translation fixes this error. Also, the definite article ‘the’ appears before the divine title ‘THE ELoah,’ to clarify that we're talking about YHVH, the Most High. The commercial translations criminally remove the article here, as they do over 486 times in the New Testament. (They misrender ‘HO Theos’ (THE God) as merely ‘God’). Yahshua refers to this phenomenon as ‘the lying pen of the scribes.’
  39. Matthew 20:32 YahShua stands still, 😇. He calls the blind men. He asks, “What do you want me to do for you?”
    note: Tell YAH what you want Him to do for you. Maybe He'll do it. What have you got to lose? It costs nothing to ask. Ask everyone,“What do you want me to do for you?” Then you'll understand how people perceive you. And you'll always have plenty of work.
  40. Luke 22:41 YahShua [walks] about a stone's throw away from the apostles. He kneels down, 😇. He prays:
  41. John 15:7 😇, if you live in me, and my commands live in you, ask whatever you want. Then [YAH] will do it for you.
    note: To be in union with Yahshua is to stop wanting stupid trivialities. When you start asking for things that are worth having, to help others, you get your prayers answered. If you keep asking for nice goods to pile up and distract you from helping people, you might get a nice house, 2 nice cars, a good job, and a wonderful school in an upscale neighborhood: all gifts from your father the devil.
  42. 1st Timothy 2:8 I long [for all] humans everywhere to pray, lifting up holy hands, without no rage and no doubt, 😇.
    note: Fake Christians raise their hand to honor the judge and the flag, but keep their hands to their sides in worship! "Holy hands" means, in part, NEVER raising your arm to swear an oath to a worldly judge, nor swearing a pledge of allegiance. Rather, you should raise your hands in prayer and praise, even in public, in school, at work, at the store, in the street, in your front yard.
  43. Hebrews 5:7 During the days of YahShua's life on earth, he offered up prayers and pleas with loud cries and tears to [YHVH], the One who could save him from death, 😇. [YAH] listened to YahShua because of [YahShua's] reverent submission.
  44. 1st John 5:15 We [active believers] know that YHVH hears us, 😇. So whatever we ask [for with correct motivation, we get]. We know that we [eventually come to] possess whatever we petition [YAH] for [if it's in our long-term best interest].
    note: YAH gives us what we really desire. But He runs our requests through His long-range vision of what we really need. So His ‘yes’ answers sometimes look unrecognizable in our present limited perspective. YAH doesn't give you employee contracts, a Social Insurance Number, nor other such bondage. Those come from the devil.
  45. Genesis 24:12 [Abraham's manager] prays, “O YHVH Elohim of my master Abraham {Father-Of-Billions}, please send me speedy success today. Show kindness to my master Abraham.
  46. Exodus 32:12 —Why should the Egyptians slander [you], taunting, ‘[YHVH deceptively] hauled the Israelites out into the mountains to kill them, to incinerate them off of the face of the earth!’? [Please] turn from your fierce fire-rage. Refrain from [raining] this disaster against your people.
    note: Always ask YHVH to promote his reputation by helping you.
  47. Exodus 33:17 YHVH answers Moses, “I'll do this favor that you asked, because you've found [unmerited] grace in my sight. I know you by name.”
    note: or, “I know you honor my authority.”
  48. Exodus 34:9 Moses prays, “If now I've found [unmerited] favor in your sight, YHVH, please, my Adonai, I beg You, go [to the promised land] with us, even though [we're] a stiff-necked [rebellious] populace. Pardon our perversity and our sin. Accept us as Your own [family].”
  49. Deuteronomy 9:19 [So I fast and pray for you ingrates for 40 days. I sob in] terror of the furious fiery sorrow [that fuels] YHVH to crack off and destroy you. [Amazingly,] YHVH listens to me again!
  50. 2nd Samuel 12:17 The elders from [king] David's family get up [in the middle of the night]. They [rush] to [David in the palace. They] lift him up from the [nursery floor]. But he [clings to the ground]. He refuses to eat food with them.
  51. 1st Kings 3:5 In Gibeon {Flower-Hills} YHVH appears to Solomon {Peace-Man} in a dream by night. Elohim says, “Ask [for] whatever [you want] me to give you.”
  52. 1st Kings 18:37 Hear me, O YHVH. Hear my [prayer,] so [that] these people can know that you are YHVH Elohim, and that you are turning their [wicked] hearts back to you.”
  53. Job 13:15 [YAH] may kill me. Yet I run for refuge in him. I plead to his face, [not yours, for mercy].
  54. Psalms 55:17 Evening, morning and noon I [oscillate between] praying [quietly like a humming bee or a mourning dove,] vs. shouting [in rage to YAH]. [Either way,] he hears my call, 😇.
  55. Psalms 69:15 Don't let the slime-surge engulf me. Don't let the [human] swamp swallow me up! Never let the [quicksand] pit clamp her mouth over me.
  56. Psalms 90:13 Turn back [to us], YHVH. How long [must we believers suffer]? Sigh [in compassion] to your servants.
  57. Psalms 118:19 Throw open the [sanctuary's] gates, right-walkers. I'll race through them as I throw [my hands into the air to thank] YHVH.
    note: In this praise-dance, rows of people raise their hands in contagion for king David to run through. If the preacher would race into the sanctuary, the pew-sitters might listen to at least the first couple of minutes of his blah-blah.
  58. Psalms 120:1 In my death-squeeze I cry to YHVH, and he hears me, 😇.
    note: Written in lament of Sennacherib's siege of Jerusalem. See 2Ki 19:3.
  59. Psalms 123:2 As [a] servant eyes [his] masters’ hand, as a maiden eyes her mistress’ hand, our eyes beg YHVH Elohim, “Bend-down to [rescue] us [persecuted saints].
  60. Proverbs 15:29 YHVH [stays] far from villains, 😇. But he hears [the] altruist's [every whispered] prayer.
  61. IsaiYAH 51:9 [Isaiah continues,] “Awake! Awake, power-arm of YHVH! Clothe yourself with strength! Rise [to] slay [arrogant] Rahab {Egypt-The-Whore-Monster}. Pierce the dragon, as in the ancient days, in the generations of ages-past.
  62. IsaiYAH 64:9 YHVH, please don't incinerate us with your red-hot-poker [of rage]. Drop our evil into [your eternal sea of] forgetfulness. Please look down and see all us [repenters] as your people. [We] beg you!
  63. IsaiYAH 64:12 So YHVH, please let loose your [compassion]. Break your silence. [Stop] raking us [fallen Judeo-Christians] into [war's] coal-ashes.
  64. JeremiYAH 14:11 Then YHVH says to me, “Stop praying for [me] to reward this [perverted] populace.
  65. JeremiYAH 29:12 Call on me, 😇. Go [around town] praying to me. I listen to you.
  66. Daniel 10:3 For 3 whole weeks I eat no desirable food. I refuse to let meat or wine enter my mouth. I [even] decline to oil my skin [to relieve the dry desert chafing].
    note: Trans-dermal nutrition is a way to get some nutrients even though you're fasting.
  67. Matthew 7:10 😇, if your child asks for a fish, will you [feed] him a snake?
  68. Luke 18:1 YahShua tells his disciples another [punchy visual] story, to motivate them to always keep praying and never lose heart.
  69. John 9:31 —Now we know that [YHVH] the Eloah doesn't listen to sinners. Rather, Elohim hears everyone who worships [& respects Him] and does His will.
  70. John 17:1 Then YahShua lifts up his eyes to heaven. [He] prays, “Father [YHVH], the hour [for my death] has come. Glorify [me,] your son, so that [I] your son can glorify you [in] return.
  71. John 17:9 I pray for [My disciples]. I don't pray for the world-system. Instead [I pray] for those [followers] you've given me. Because they're yours.
  72. 1st Timothy 5:5 A true poor lone widow trusts in [YHVH] the Eloah. [She's not out dating.] Night and day she keeps worshipping and praying [for YHVH to help her and other people].
    note: #4335 proseuche refers to worshipful prayer, not merely a petition. Most translations say ‘petitions and prayers’, which are the same thing, making Paul sound needlessly repetitive. Each scriptural word is important and uniquely meaningful.
  73. 1st John 5:14 And this, 😇, is the confidence we have in YHVH: if we ask any request that accords with His will, He hears us.
    note: Ask for something appropriate, and you get it. But it's gotta be a righteous request (and says James, from a righteous motivation). YHVH doesn't give you mortgages, insurance policies, prescription drugs, or divorces. You get those from the Satan State.
  74. Apocalypsis (Revelation) 8:3 Another angel [flies] to stand at the altar [before YAH's throne, 😇]. This angel holds a golden incense-bowl. [YAH] gives this angel abundant incense. The angel [burns the incense] (along with the prayers of all [YAH's] Holy [saints]) on the golden altar before YAH's throne.
  75. Exodus 32:32 But now, if you will, [please] forgive their sin. But if not, remove my name from the book where you wrote [the names of the people you're going to kill].”
  76. Numbers (Journeys) 16:46 So Moses [yells] to Aaron, “Grab a firepan! Dump some [of heaven's] fire in it from the [holy] altar. [Then] put incense [in the firepan]. Then run quickly to the crowd. [Pray for YHVH] to cover their [sins]! Anger is pouring out from YHVH! The plague has started!”
  77. Deuteronomy 3:23 Then, 😇, I immediately [drop to my knees]. I beg YHVH [for mercy]:
  78. Deuteronomy 9:25 So, [back to the Mount Sinai story:] I fall down [on my face] before YHVH for 40 days and 40 nights, as I'd prostrated myself the first time. [I pray for you Israelis,] because YHVH said He wanted to destroy you.
  79. Deuteronomy 10:10 So [the reason you're alive is because] I [again] stayed on the mountain, just like the 1st time, [fasting] for 40 days and 40 nights. YHVH again listened to me [begging for your lives] that [whole] time. [That's why] YHVH didn't waste you [Israelites like He wanted to].
  80. 1st Samuel 7:8 So the sons of Israel [beg] SamuEl {Heard-By-El}, “Don't stop crying to YHVH our Elohim for us! [Beg] Him to rescue us out of the Palestinian power-fist.”
  81. 2nd Samuel 22:7 In my distress I [scream], “YHVH!” I cry to my Elohim. [Up] in His [heavenly] temple, He hears my voice. My cry penetrates His ears.
  82. 2nd Samuel 24:17 [King] David sees the angel striking the [numbered] people. David prays to YHVH, [crying], “Look, I sinned [by cataloguing individual humans]. I committed a wicked [crime]. But these sheep, what have they done? Please let your hand [war] against me, and against my father's family.”
    note: The people signed up for national ID numbers. That's what they did wrong. ID-numbers birth interest-bearing loans which birth war which births tyranny. Witness the collapse of the U.S. dollar since the institution of Social "Security" Numbers.
  83. 1st Kings 8:54 Then [king] Solomon {Peace-Man}, on his knees with his hands spread up to heaven, finishes praying all these prayers and pleas to YHVH. [Then Solomon] gets up from facing YHVH's altar.
  84. 2nd Kings 19:14 [King] HezekiYah {Strength-From-YAH} receives this [intimidating] letter from the hand of [Sennacherib's] messengers. [HezekiYah] reads it. [Beads of fear-sweat drip from his forehead.] He [staggers] up into YHVH's temple. He spreads out [the death-threat letter] before YHVH.
  85. 2nd Chronicles 20:18 [King] JAHoshaphat {JAH's-Judgment} bows his head. His face [lays on] the ground. All [the] Judaeans, [including] the inhabitants of Jerusalem, fall before YHVH, worshiping YHVH.
  86. NehemiYAH 9:32 —So now, [You] our Elohim: the great, the majestic, and the terrifying El {Power}, loyal in covenant and love, don't view as trifling all this trouble that keeps flooding on us [Hebrews]. Our kings, leaders, priests, prophets, ancestors and all your people [have suffered] since the dawn of the Assyrian Emperors to this day.
  87. Psalms 3:4 I cry to YHVH [at the top] of my voice, 😇. He answers me from his sacred mountain. Selah {Dramatic-Break}.
  88. Psalms 31:22 Nervous, hasty, I whine, ‘I'm axed! I'm [dying] before your eyes!’ But I pray to you. You hear my crying voice.
  89. Psalms 55:16 [While my ‘friends’ fall to Satan,] I keep calling, ‘Elohim!’ Eventually YHVH saves me, 😇.
  90. Psalms 70:1 Fast, Elohim, rescue me! Please rush to help me, YHVH.
  91. Psalms 116:1 I love YHVH, 😇. [He] hears my begging voice.
  92. Psalms 116:2 [YAH] bends his ear to [hear] me [crying], 😇. So I call on him as long as I live.
  93. Psalms 119:41 Bend down your neck to [lift] me [out of human quicksand], YHVH. Order [your archangel] to rescue me.
  94. Psalms 119:108 I beg you: accept the [prayers] my mouth blurts. YHVH, goad me [to enact] your rulings [despite overpowering politico-religious-military-industrial opposition].
  95. Psalms 142:1 😇, I cry loud [prayers] to YHVH. [I] thunder to YHVH when I pray.
  96. IsaiYAH 37:4 —The Assyrian Emperor sent his servant the Rabshakeh to taunt the living Elohim. Maybe YHVH your Elohim will hear and overturn the [commander's] boasts. YHVH your Elohim hears [the Assyrian's challenge]. So lift up your prayer for [our small] remnant [of Jews] left [in Judea].”
  97. IsaiYAH 37:15 Then HezekiYah {Strength-From-YAH} prays to YHVH.
  98. IsaiYAH 37:21 Then IsaiYah (the son of Amoz) sends [messengers] to HezekiYah {Strength-From-YAH}. The [messengers] say, “YHVH (Israel's Elohim) says, [I hear] you praying, [asking] me to fight Assyria's Emperor Sennacherib.’
  99. IsaiYAH 55:6 Seek YHVH while it's possible to find him, 😇. Call on him [now], while he's nearby.
  100. Lamentations 3:56 You heard my voice [before]. Don't close your ear to my sighs, my cries.
  101. Jah-El 1:14 Proclaim a holy fast, 😇. Call a solemn assembly. Gather the elders and all the inhabitants of the land into the house of YHVH your Elohim. Cry out to YHVH!
    note: Calamity should result in religious gatherings. Instead, the Satanist world leaders lock down the churches and synagogues!
  102. Mark 14:32 YahShua & his disciples arrive at an [olive grove] named Gethsemane {Oil-Press}.” YahShua says to his disciples, “You all sit here, while I pray.”
    note: How fitting: "Oil-Press" is the place where the pressure was so great that the Messiah sweated blood.
  103. Mark 14:39 Again YahShua [stumbles] away. He prays [to YHVH]. [He] repeats his pleadings [to escape torturous death].
  104. Colossians 4:2 Keep up [your] praying, 😇. Stay watchful [and alert]. [Sing] prayers [that overflow] with thanksgiving.
  105. 1st Timothy 2:1 I urge you, 😇: start and fuel everything you do with prayer, worship & thanks. Ask YHVH to [help] all people.
    note: Give thanks for the bad people in your life. This is one of the infamous 'prayer and supplication' verses where church-drone translators drop the ball. They simply chain synonyms (KJV, CJB, NASB, GNT) or eliminate the redundant words altogether (NIV, MSG). The synonyms ‘prayer’, ‘supplication’, and ‘intercession’ fail to convey the 3 separate concepts represented in this verse. And of course, ‘supplication’ and ‘intercession’ and ‘petition’ are, to the average reader, impenetrable Christianese.
  106. Apocalypsis (Revelation) 8:4 The smoke of the burning incense rises up (with the prayers of the Holy Ones) from the hands of the angel who stands before [YHVH] the Eloah.
  107. Numbers (Journeys) 10:35 When the ark sets forward, Moses shouts, “Rise up, YHVH! Scatter your enemies! [Make] everyone who hates you flee from your [fire-spitting] face!”
  108. Deuteronomy 26:15 Look down from your holy habitation, from heaven. Bless your people Israel, and the land you gave us. [It's] just like you promised to our fathers: a land that gushes milk and honey!”
  109. 1st Kings 18:42 So [evil king] Ahab goes off, [intending] to eat and drink. Meanwhile, EliJah {JAH-Is-El} hikes up to the top of [mount] Carmel {Fruiting-Garden}. There he casts himself down upon the ground. He kneels with his face [on the dirt] between his knees.
    note: Saints pray while sinners eat.
  110. 2nd Kings 19:20 Then [the prophet] IsaiYah (the son of Amoz) sends [messengers] to HezekiYah {Strength-From-YAH}. [The messengers] say, “YHVH Elohim of Israel says, ‘I've heard you praying. You asked me to oust Sennacherib, Emperor of Assyria.’
  111. 2nd Chronicles 6:21 —Yes, listen to the bended-knee prayers of [me] your servant, and of your people Israel, which they'll [continue to] make toward this site. Hear from your dwelling place, [high] in heaven. When you hear [us], [please] forgive [us].
  112. 2nd Chronicles 6:39 —From [your] heavens, your [true] dwelling-place, hear our prayers and pleas. Uphold [our] cause. Forgive your people who've sinned against you.
  113. 2nd Chronicles 30:27 Then, 😇, [after 14 days of party-praise,] the Levitical priests rise. They bless the people. [YAH] hears their voice[s]. Their prayer[s] soar up to His holy dwelling place, the highest heaven.
  114. 2nd Chronicles 32:20 So king HezekiYah {Strength-From-YAH} and the prophet IsaiYah (the son of Amoz) pray and cry to [YAH in] heaven.
    note: Singing, praying & crying out to heaven beats all the weapons in the world.
  115. 2nd Chronicles 33:13 [Manasseh's] prayers move YAH's heart. [YAH] hears his plea. [So YAH] returns [Manasseh] to rule in Jerusalem. So Manasseh {Sweet-Forgetting} recognizes that YHVH is Elohim.
  116. Psalms 31:16 Shine your face on [me,] your servant. Save me, [a sinner]. [Show] your [extravagant] kindness.
  117. Psalms 35:23 Jump up, my Elohim! Awake to vindicate me, Adonai. [Fight] my [impossible] battle.
  118. Psalms 38:21 Please don't abandon me, YHVH. My Elohim, stay close to me.
  119. Psalms 54:1 Elohim, save me, [to honor] your name. Sail me straight [up] to victory.
    note: This is a maskil [instructional song] which king David wrote for Jerusalem's temple music director to arrange and direct with stringed instruments. David [wrote this] when the people of Zif ratted him out to evil king Saul by saying, “David is hiding with us”. ‘On Neginoth’, meaning, ‘to be performed on slammed-drums’, or ‘relating to smitings.’ David may have written this song at Keilah citadel. (See 1Sa 23.)
  120. Psalms 54:2 Hear my prayer, O Elohim. Lean [your] ear to the whispers [falling from] my mouth.
  121. Psalms 74:11 Why [do you] withdraw your hand [from planet earth]? [Let me see] your power-fist! Take it out of your shirt!
  122. Psalms 77:1 I cry, “Elohim! Elohim!” ['til I rag out] my voice. He stretches his ear [down] to me.
    note: Asaph wrote this song for a skilled music director to arrange for the amazing musical-prophet Jeduthun to play on one or more of his many instruments. The psalms of Asaph need to be sung in Hebrew to get the structure and to understand the flow of thought. For instance this verse is a reggae song like this: qul·i al - aleim u·atzoqe qul·i al - aleim u·eazin al·i Which equates to the English: “I cry out, ‘Elohim!’ I shout “Elohim!” He bends his ear (to me).”
  123. Psalms 77:2 On death-squeeze day I beat-feet to YHVH. My [praying, begging] hands stretch [up] to his [face. I twist in pain] in the night. I can't sleep. I refuse all mortal comfort, 😇.
  124. Psalms 77:3 I tally [up my torments to] Elohim. I scream. I negotiate. My spirit-breath swoons [in agony].
  125. Psalms 106:23 So [YAH] proposes to destroy the [Israelis]. But Moses, [YAH's] chosen [prophet,] steps between [the Israelites and YAH's angry] face. [Moses] pacifies [YAH's] fire-rage. [So YAH relents] from destroying [Israel].
  126. Psalms 119:94 I'm your [child]. Free me [from the bandit-infested gully of humanity's evil]. I'm scrambling to get on your roadmap.
  127. Psalms 119:147 I beat the sun to the dawn, crying for your [direction], hoping for [the fulfillment of] your promise [to help me].
  128. Psalms 123:1 [YHVH], I lift up my eyes to you who dwell in the [highest] heavens.
    note: A song of ascents
  129. Psalms 143:1 Hear my prayer, YHVH. Give [your] ear to my pleas. Show your stability and moral-integrity by the way you answer my [prayers].
  130. IsaiYAH 64:1 Oh, [YHVH,] I wish you would tear the heavens. Rush down [to earth]! Melt the mountains before your face.
  131. Daniel 10:12 Then [the superman says] to me, “Never fear, DaniEl: from the 1st day that you set your heart to understand, and to humble yourself before your Elohim, [YAH] heard your words. I came [to earth] because of your prayer.
  132. Matthew 13:36 [After telling his allegories,] YahShua sends the multitude away, 😇. YahShua [walks] into [a] house. YahShua's disciples flock to Him. They beg, “Clarify to us the parable of the weeds of the field.”
  133. Acts 1:24 The disciples pray, “Adonai [YHVH], you alone know the hearts of all men. [Clearly] show which of these two [men] you've chosen.
  134. Acts 12:12 Peter {Rock} sees [that the angel has jailbroken him]. [So Peter runs] to the house of Mary (JAHn-Mark's Mom). There many people [lie] praying together, 😇.
    note: Without days of ‘prayer support,’ Peter might have rotted in jail.
  135. Ephesians 1:16 I always mention you in my prayers, 😇.
  136. 1st Thessalonians 5:25 Brothers, keep praying for us [persecuted saints].
  137. Judith 9:12 I pray to you: Please, O Elohim of my father, Elohim of the inheritance of Israel, Adonai of the heavens and earth, Creator of the waters, king of every creature, hear my prayer:
  138. Genesis 24:42 So I came today to the spring. [There I] prayed, “O YHVH, Elohim of my master Abraham {Father-Of-Billions}, if you will, please grant success to the mission I'm on;
    note: He remembers the prayer, but inexactly, which is what real people do.
  139. Genesis 32:9 Jacob prays, “YHVH, Elohim of my father Abraham {Father-Of-Billions}, Elohim of my father Isaac {Laughter}, you said to me, ‘Return to your country, to your relatives. Then I'll prosper you.’
  140. Exodus 8:12 So Moses & Aaron [walk] out of Pharaoh's [palace, 😇]. Moses cries, “YHVH, [please remove] the frogs [you] sent against Pharaoh.”
  141. Exodus 8:30 So Moses goes out from Pharaoh's [throne-room]. [Moses] prays to YHVH.
  142. Exodus 18:19 Now listen now to my advice. I'll give you counsel, and Elohim will be with you. You [ask] Elohim to help [your] people. Bring their causes to Elohim.
  143. Exodus 28:29 So whenever Aaron enters the holy place, he'll carry the names of the children of Israel in the “judgment breastplate” over his heart, [the symbolic place of love], to continually remind [him to pray for his people] before YHVH.
    note: Make a prayer list and daily pray for the people you care about.
  144. Numbers (Journeys) 10:36 Then, when the [ark] rests, Moses [shouts], “Return, O YHVH, to the many thousands of [descendants of] Israel!”
  145. Numbers (Journeys) 14:13 Moses [begs] YHVH, “[Don't annihilate the Israelites, or] the Egyptians will hear [about] it. [Egyptian spies have tracked Israel ever since] (in your might) you brought [our] nation up from [Egypt].”
    note: The Israelites and Egyptians were emotionally (and genetically) interwoven through friendships and forbidden relationships.
  146. Numbers (Journeys) 27:15 Moses [resists the urge to argue his own case. Rather] he begs YHVH [to help others]:
  147. Joshua 7:9 The Canaanite {Mercenaries} and all the [evil] inhabitants of the land will hear [we're cowards]! They'll surround and attack us. They'll cut off our name from the earth! What would that do for Your great Name?”
    note: Good prayer presents your petition from the point of view of who you're praying to. What's in it for them?
  148. Judges 15:18 [His throat] sore & thirsty, [SunRay] screams at YHVH, “[I'm] your servant. You've given this great victory into my hand. Now you're [gonna’ let me] die of thirst, to fall into the power-fist of the ‘un-trimmed’ [Pagans]?”
  149. 1st Samuel 1:13 (Hannah speaks in her heart; only her lips move. No one hears her voice. So Eli assumes she's drunk.)
  150. 2nd Samuel 2:1 [Soon] after [Saul's death], David {Love} consults YHVH. [David] asks, “Should I travel up [from Palestine] into any of the cities of Judea?” YHVH replies, “Go up.” David asks, “Where will I go?” [YHVH] answers, [Go] to Hebron {Society}.”
  151. 1st Kings 8:28 —Yet please respect this prayer and plea from [me,] your servant. YHVH my Elohim, [please] listen to the appeal I, your servant, cry to your face today.
  152. 1st Kings 8:30 —Yes, listen to the pleas of [me,] your servant, and of your people Israel, when we pray toward this [temple] site. Hear [our cries] in heaven, your [true] dwelling place. And when you hear, forgive [our sins].
  153. 1st Kings 8:59 —And [I pray that] these words I've [prayed], [my] pleas before YHVH, will stay close to YHVH our Elohim day and night [forever], so he'll uphold the cause[s] of [me,] his servant, and the cause[s] of his people Israel, at all times, [day by day] no matter what it takes.
  154. 2nd Kings 19:4 —Maybe YHVH your Elohim will hear all the threats of [the] Rab-Shakeh {Chief-Field-Officer}, whom his controller the Assyrian Emperor sent to reproach the living Elohim. [Maybe] YHVH your Elohim will prove wrong the [lies] He's heard. So lift up your prayer for [us] few remaining [Judaeans].’”
  155. 1st Chronicles 16:11 Seek YHVH, 😇. [Receive] his strength. Chase his presence nonstop.
  156. 1st Chronicles 29:10 Then David {Love} kneels to YHVH before the massive crowd. David sings, “[Countless beings will] bless you, YHVH Elohim of Israel our father, forever and ever.
  157. 2nd Chronicles 6:13 Solomon [stands] in the midst of the court [on] a brass scaffold he's made. (It measures 5 cubits [8.5 feet] long, 5 cubits wide, and 3 cubits [5.25 feet] high.) He kneels down on his knees before the complete assembly of Israel's [leaders]. He spreads up his hands toward heaven.
  158. 2nd Chronicles 6:20 —Keep your eyes open [to us Hebrews]. [Watch] this ‘house’ day and night. Watch [over] the place where you promised to establish your name-authority. Listen to the prayer[s] your servant[s] pray toward this [temple].
  159. 2nd Chronicles 6:29 —Then whatever prayers or pleadings any human makes (of all your people Israel, each one aware of his own pain, his private grief,) [if they] spread forth [their] hands toward this temple, [heal them].
  160. 2nd Chronicles 7:15 My eyes never close. My ears [stay forever] attentive to the prayer[s people utter] in this place.
  161. 2nd Chronicles 20:9 [Our ancestors] prayed, ‘When evil comes upon us, whether the sword, punishment, pestilence or famine, if we stand in your presence in front of this temple, (the [seat] of your Authority) — if we cry to you in our affliction, then [please] hear and rescue [us]!’
  162. 2nd Chronicles 20:26 Then, on the 4th day [of plunder], the [Jews] congregate together in the valley of Berachah {Blessing}. There they kneel [in praise to] YHVH. That's why the name of that place to this day is, “The valley of Berachah {Blessing}.”
    note: Like most religionites today, these Jews spend days plundering before they worship.
  163. NehemiYAH 1:6 —Please let your ear now attend [my cry]. Open your eyes [to me]. Hear the prayer which I, your servant, pray to your face now, day and night, for your obeyers, the people of Israel. [We] confess [our] sins. We Israel-spawn keep sinning against you. Both I and my father's family keep missing [the mark].
  164. NehemiYAH 1:11 So Adonai, I beg you, turn your [listening] ear to the prayer of [me,] your servant, and to the prayer[s] of [all] your servants who desire to revere your Name-Authority. Please advance [me] (your obeyer) today. Grant [me] mercy in the sight of this man, [Emperor Artaxerxes {Truthful-Ruler}].”
  165. Esther 4:17 So Mordecai runs down the road. [He gathers all the Jews in the vast Imperial Capitol city. They pray and fast from all food and liquid for 72 hours,] as Esther commanded [Mordecai].
  166. Job 5:8 I'd seek EL, [if I were you, Job]. I'd commit my cause to Elohim.
  167. Psalms 4:1 Faithful Elohim, answer me when I call. I keep falling into distress. Yet you keep giving me liberty. Keep having mercy on me. Hear my prayer.
    note: A song for the Chief sacred Musician to arrrange to be accompanied by stringed instruments.
  168. Psalms 6:9 YHVH listens to my cry [for help], 😇. YHVH receives my prayer(s).
  169. Psalms 18:6 In my distress I call on YHVH. I cry to my Elohim. In his [heavenly] temple, he hears my voice, 😇. My cry comes before Him, into His ears.
  170. Psalms 21:2 You give [me my royal] heart's desire. You never withhold [any reasonable] request from [my] lips. (Selah {Dramatic-Break}.)
  171. Psalms 25:18 Look upon my depression, [my] pain. Forgive all my sins.
  172. Psalms 27:7 Hear, YHVH. My voice keeps crying, “Have mercy on me. Answer me!”
  173. Psalms 28:2 Hear my crying voice. I'm wailing to you. [I'm] lifting up my hands [in desperation], facing your holy sanctuary.
  174. Psalms 28:6 😇, kneel [and adore] YHVH. He [always] hears my pleading voice. [So he'll hear yours, 😇.]
  175. Psalms 31:1 YHVH, I flee-for-protection in you. Never abandon me to shame. Rescue me, [not because I'm good, but] to [show] how good you are.
    note: A song written by David, “for·the·one-making-it-permanent“. This phrase may refer to a chief music arranger, or to the Creator.
  176. Psalms 31:2 Stretch your ear down [from heaven] to [hear] me. Rush! Rescue me! Be my cliffside-fortress, my impenetrable palace. Save me!
  177. Psalms 35:3 Unsheathe [your] javelin. Block the paths of the [scum] who hunt me. [Turn] my [dying] breath to a shout of victory!
  178. Psalms 44:23 Wake up, Adonai! Why do you sleep [through our pain]? Rise up! Don't cast us away forever.
  179. Psalms 55:1 Lean [down] your ear to [hear] my prayer, O Elohim. Never hide yourself from my cries-for-help.
    note: An instrumentally-accompanied song written by king David for the music director to arrange and conduct. See 2Sa 15-17 to understand David's painful motivation for writing these lyrics: David's prince Absalom led the country in murderous revolt against David. In the latin vulgate, Jerome reinterprets this psalm as “the voice of Christ against the chief of the Jews and the traitor Judas.” Psalm 55 has even been cross-interpreted as the voice of king David's daughter, princess Tamar wailing after her brother prince Amnon raped her.
  180. Psalms 60:5 Rip [us,] your beloved [obeyers, up from the war-zone]. Free [us] with your power-hand. See us! Hear my [cry]!
  181. Psalms 65:2 All flesh-creatures eventually come to [face] you, the One [being] who hears [all] prayers.
  182. Psalms 66:19 Still, in reality, Elohim [always] hears me, 😇. He bends down [from heaven] to [hear] my praying voice, [even when I've sinned].
  183. Psalms 71:12 Elohim, stay close to me! Rush to help me, my Sovereign! Hurry!
  184. Psalms 80:4 YHVH, Elohim over [all] armies, how long will your [anger] smolder against your peoples' prayer[s]?
  185. Psalms 80:14 Come back, we beg you, Elohim over armies. Look down from heaven. See [our devastation]. Come tend [your] vine.
  186. Psalms 86:7 In the [dark] day of my death-squeeze I [always] call on you. [I know] You eventually [always] answer me.
  187. Psalms 86:16 [Please] turn to me. Have mercy on me. Give your strength to your servant. [My mother,] your handmaid, [prayed for me every day. Answer her prayer!] Save her child!
  188. Psalms 88:2 Let my prayer reach your face. Stretch down your ear. [Hear] my scream[s].
  189. Psalms 88:13 So I keep hollering for your [help], YHVH. I accost you with prayer morning [through night]:
  190. Psalms 102:1 [Please] hear my prayer, YHVH. Let my cry reach you.
    note: The following is the prayer of a sufferer, faint, weak, pouring out his lament to YHVH.
  191. Psalms 109:26 YHVH my Elohim, please help me! Save me in your infinite mercy.
  192. Psalms 119:49 Remember the promise[s you've made] to [me,] your servant. [You're] my [only] hope.
  193. Psalms 119:76 Please, bend down to give [me] (your obeyer) a sigh-of-relief, like you promise.
  194. Psalms 119:116 [YAH,] prop me up like you promised, so I can live. Don't bleed my hope [dry].
  195. Psalms 119:146 I'm crying [to] you. Free me, so I can [live] to guard your warnings [for mankind].
  196. Psalms 119:149 YHVH, bend down [in compassion] to hear my voice. Give me life, not condemnation.
  197. Psalms 119:156 [Rain down] your whole arsenal of compassionate [actions], YHVH. Give me the [good] life you prophesied [that your followers would live]!
  198. Psalms 130:2 YHVH, hear my voice. Prick up your ears. [Listen] to my prayer-cry.
    note: YHVH, not 'Adonai', same as v.6.
  199. Psalms 134:1 Look, 😇! Kneel [and pray to] YHVH, all you servants of YHVH. [In this dark and scary world,] you're night-watchmen in the house of YHVH.
  200. Psalms 140:6 I pray to YHVH, “You are my Elohim: hear my crying voice, YHVH.
  201. Psalms 141:1 YHVH, I keep crying to you. Rush to me. Bend your ear to my voice. I'm crying to you!
  202. Psalms 141:2 [Allow] my prayer to rise to your face like incense. [Accept] my uplifted palms like [priests accept my] evening [meal] donations.
    note: Minchah = food allotment, not "sacrifice".
  203. Psalms 142:2 I pour out my complaint to [YAH's] face. I show him all my troubles:
  204. Psalms 145:18 YHVH stays close to everyone who calls upon him, [near] to all [us beings] who cry to him in truth, 😇.
    note: The Creator stays near to people who live in truth, as opposed to fakes who live in religious sham-shows.
  205. Psalms 145:19 YAH fulfills the [true inner heart] desire[s] of all [beings] who fear him, 😇. He hears [every penitent's] cry. He frees [us believers].
  206. IsaiYAH 26:16 YHVH, [we believers] keep seeking you in our troubles. Bowed beneath your discipline, we pour out our pleas.
  207. IsaiYAH 33:2 [Isaiah continues praying,] “Oh YHVH, bend-down to [help] us [saints]. We twist [in agony, waiting for your] power-arm to [hurl in] the dawn of our salvation. [End] our long, crushing [night].
  208. IsaiYAH 33:3 [YAH,] shout [your war cry]! Send [the enemy] masses fleeing from the tumult [of angel armies swooping down from heaven to defend us innocents]. Rise up. Demolish the beast-nations.
  209. IsaiYAH 38:3 [The king croaks], “YHVH, I beg you, remember now how I've walked before you in truth, wholeheartedly. I've done what's good in your sight.” Then HezekiYah {Strength-From-YAH} sobs, wailing.
  210. IsaiYAH 62:7 😇, give [YAH] no rest until he restores Jerusalem and makes it the applause of the [whole] earth.
  211. IsaiYAH 63:15 Look down from [highest] heaven, [YAH]. See from your glorious, sacred home. Where is your zeal and your strength, the sounding of your heart? Bend down [to help us believers. Show your limitless compassion]. Don't hold back [your mercy].
  212. JeremiYAH 14:9 Why [stand back] like a man in shock, a warrior powerless to rescue [us victims]? Please, YHVH, [come back to] live at the center of our [society]. We're [the nation] called by your name. Please don't abandon us!“
  213. JeremiYAH 14:21 [Protect] your reputation. Don't spurn us. Avoid disgracing your glorious throne. Remember your covenant with us [Hebrews]. Don't break [it].
    note: Pray for YAH to honor his own priorities. Look at things from his point of view. YAH, like everyone else, likes that.
  214. JeremiYAH 37:3 [Evil] king ZedekYah {YAH's-Right} sends Jehucal {Potent} the son of ShelemiYah {Thank-You-Gift-To-YAH} and ZephaniYah {Hidden-By-YAH} (son of priest MaaseiYah {Work-Of-YAH}) to the prophet JeremiYah. They say, “Pray to YHVH our Elohim for us. Now!”
  215. JeremiYAH 42:2 They say, “We beg you, accept our request. Pray for us. Ask YHVH your Elohim to save our tiny remnant [population whom the invaders] pared down from millions to this ragtag few your eyes are looking at.
  216. Daniel 9:17 [We're no good. But] You, YHVH, are great. So, our Elohim, hear your servant's prayer. [Hear my] pleadings. Light up your face over your desolate sanctuary.
  217. Daniel 9:23 At the beginning of your pleadings, [YHVH shouted] out [a] commandment. So I [flew here] to show you [the future of the human race,] because [YHVH and the host of heaven] greatly love you, [Daniel].
  218. Jah-El 2:17 Priests who serve YHVH, weep. [Drop to your knees among the common people] between the [temple's] vaulted portico and its altar. 😇, cry, “Spare your people, YHVH! Don't surrender your heritage to disgrace! Don't let the beast-nations rule over your children! Why should people taunt among the nations, ‘Where is the Elohim {Sovereign} [of the Hebrews]?’”
  219. Matthew 26:36 Then YahShua & his disciples walk to a garden called Gethsemane {Oil-Press}. YahShua says to his disciples, “Sit here while I go pray nearby [in solitude].”
  220. Matthew 26:44 YahShua [staggers away from] his disciples, 😇. He prays [to YHVH] a 3rd time, saying the same words.
  221. Mark 5:18 [So, 😇,] YahShua climbs back into the boat. The man who had been possessed by the ‘legion of demons’ begs YahShua, “Let me go with you.”
  222. Luke 1:10 A huge crowd of [Jerusalem's] worshipers stand praying outside of the temple. [Inside,] ZachariYah [stands] lighting [holy] incense.
  223. John 11:42 —I know You always hear me. So I say this because of the people standing here, to help them trust that You sent me [to earth].”
  224. Acts 10:31 This [angel] says, ‘Cornelius, [YHVH] the Eloah hears your prayer. He remembers your gifts to the poor.
  225. Acts 12:5 So Peter {Rock} stays [chained up under heavy] guard in prison, 😇. Meanwhile, the ekklesia prays non-stop for YHVH to [rescue Peter].
  226. Acts 20:36 Paul speaks this [blessing and warning, 😇]. Then [he] kneels down. [He] prays with all the disciples.
  227. Acts 27:35 Then Paul picks up some bread. [He] faces all the ship's men. [He] gives thanks to [YHVH] the Eloah. [Paul] breaks the bread. He begins to eat.
  228. Ephesians 3:14 So, 😇, I bow my knees to [YAH,] the Father [of our Master YahShua the Messiah].
  229. Philippians 1:4 I always pray for you, 😇. I make my requests [to YAH] with [a heart full] of joy.
  230. Colossians 1:3 For you, 😇, we [missionaries] always pray, giving thanks to [YHVH, who is] the Eloah [over], and [the] Father of, our Master YahShua [the] Messiah.
    note: YHVH is Yahshua's Elohim. This is clear in the Greek but not in any other English translation.
  231. 1st Thessalonians 3:11 Now we [leaders] pray that [YHVH] our Father (the Eloah himself) and YahShua, the Messiah, our Master [soon miraculously release us from jail] and direct us right to you.
  232. 2nd Thessalonians 1:11 So we [apostles] keep on praying for you, 😇, that [YHVH] our Eloah keeps making you worthy of the life to which he called you. And we pray that [YHVH], by his power, completes every good plan you make, and makes successful every action your faith inspires you to take.
  233. Philemon 1:4 Every time your name comes up in my prayers, 😇, I say, ‘Oh, thank you, YHVH!’
    note: YHVH=the Eloha.
  234. 1st John 5:16 If any man sees his brother perpetrate a mistake which doesn't [irrevocably] lead to [eternal] death, he should ask, and [YAH] will give [the sinner a grace period of] life (unless the sin was a crime that leads [irrevocably] to [eternal] death). [Blasphemy against YAH's Spirit] is a sin that [irrevocably] leads to [eternal] death, 😇. I never say that a believer should pray [to reverse] that [verdict].
    note: Accusing YAH's prophets of being filled with the devil's spirit = blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. The ‘sin unto death’ (that John doesn't even pray about) is not referring to transgressions of the Law of Moses for which Moses purportedly specified a death penalty. Many murderers and prostitutes repent and become great people of faith.
  235. Judith 4:13 So [YHVH] Elohim hears the [Israelites'] prayers. [In mercy,] He looks upon their afflictions. He sees the populace throughout Judea, including Jerusalem, fast for many days before the sanctuary of [YHVH] Adonai Almighty.
  236. 1 Maccabees 3:44 The [Jewish] congregation gathers together to make ready for battle, to pray, to ask [YHVH for] mercy and compassion.
    note: Hammer forgets that the Hebrew scriptures command him to pray for and give food and drink to his enemies.
  237. 1 Maccabees 4:10 So now let's cry to heaven! Maybe Adonai [YHVH] will have mercy on us, and remember the covenant of our fathers, and destroy this army before our face today.
  238. Exodus 40:27 [Then] Moses burns aromatherapeutic incense [aromatic spices] on [the altar], as YHVH commanded him.
  239. Deuteronomy 9:26 So, 😇, I pray to YHVH, crying, “O Adonai YHVH, don’t destroy your people, your inheritance! You redeemed them through your greatness. You brought them out of Egypt with [your] mighty power-hand!
  240. Deuteronomy 9:27 Remember your servants, Abraham {Father-Of-Billions}, Isaac {Laughter} and Jacob {Heel-Grabber}. Overlook the stubbornness of this population, their wickedness, their wrongs.
  241. Deuteronomy 9:29 The [Israelites, however wicked,] are still your inheritance, [YHVH]. [They're] your people whom you brought out [of bondage] by your mighty power, by your outstretched arm.”
  242. Judges 20:27 The sons of Israel inquire of YHVH. For in those days the ark of the covenant of Elohim rests there [at Beth-El].)
  243. 1st Kings 8:29 —Please open your eyes toward this temple night and day, toward this place of which you predicted, ‘My name-authority will [rest] there.’ [Please daily] listen to the prayer[s] which your servant[s] pray toward this [temple].
  244. 1st Kings 8:49 —In heaven, your dwelling place, hear [our] prayers and pleas. Uphold [our] cause.
  245. 1st Kings 8:52 [Please keep] your eyes open to the plea of your servant, and to the pleas of your people Israel. Listen to every cry we send to you.
  246. 2nd Chronicles 6:19 —So [please] respect [my] prayer. [I'm] your servant. [I'm] begging! O YHVH my Elohim, listen to the cries and the prayer[s] which [I,] your servant pray before you.
  247. 2nd Chronicles 6:40 —Now, my Elohim, I beg you, [keep] your eyes open and your ears attentive to the prayer[s people utter] in this place.
  248. 2nd Chronicles 6:42 —O YHVH Elohim, never turn away the face of your anointed [servant]. Remember the mercies [you promised give to] David your obeyer, [and to us, his descendants].”
  249. 2nd Chronicles 20:5 So [king] JAHoshaphat {JAH's-Judgment} stands in YHVH's temple, in front of its new courtyard. The congregated [people] of Judea (including Jerusalem) surround the [king].
  250. Job 10:20 Aren't my days almost over? So stop [the pain]! Leave me alone, so I can take a moment's comfort.
  251. Job 13:3 I [can] pray to the Almighty [without your help]. I long to reason with Elohim.
  252. Psalms 5:2 Listen to my crying voice, my King, my Elohim. I pray to [no one but] you.
  253. Psalms 5:3 [Every] morning you hear my voice, YHVH. At dawn I'll [always] look up, directing my prayer to you.
  254. Psalms 22:19 Stay close to me, YHVH, my strength. Rush to help me.
  255. Psalms 27:8 [YHVH], I hear you say, ‘Seek my presence.’ My heart responds, ‘YHVH, I'm searching [in the dark, dying] to [see] your face.’
  256. Psalms 61:1 Oh Elohim, hear my cry. Prick up your ears. [Listen to] my prayer.
  257. Psalms 67:1 Elohim, [please] stoop-down [in mercy] to [help] us [abused believers]. Bless us. Make [your] face radiate [healing] upon us. Selah {Dramatic-Break}.
    note: An instrumentally-accompanied song requiring arrangement and leadership from a skilled music director.
  258. Psalms 80:1 [YHVH, you sole] Shepherd of Israel, you who lead [us children of] Joseph {Increaser} like a flock, you who dwell between [myriad] cherubim, stretch [down] your ear [to hear us praying Hebrews]. Shine [down] your love [on us].
    note: Asaph wrote (or transcribed) this instrumentally-accompanied song to be arranged and conducted by a master director of music at Jerusalem's temple. It's to the tune of, or in the style of an earlier ancient classic song called ‘Lilies of the Covenant’.
  259. Psalms 80:3 Turn back [to] us, Elohim. Shine your face [on us. Make us] safe.
  260. Psalms 80:17 Drop your hand to shelter-over [Israel,] the ‘man’ [built by] your power-hand, your [best and] brightest ‘child of Adam.’
    note: Asaph's assumption that Israel represents the best of humanity is highly dubious. Israel is sometimes pictured as the bratty runt that nobody else wanted.
  261. Psalms 84:8 [Please,] YHVH Elohim [over] armies, hear my prayer. Elohim of Jacob {Heel-Grabber}, stretch [down] your ear [to me]. Selah {Dramatic-Break}.
    note: YAH blessed Jacob when Jacob was a mess. So YAH can bless us messes.
  262. Psalms 86:6 YHVH, [please] cup [your hand around your ear to] hear my prayer. Prick up your ears. [Stop ignoring] my crying screams.
  263. Psalms 99:6 Moses and Aaron [served] among [YAH's] priests. SamuEl {Heard-By-El} [led ancient luminaries] who call[ed] upon [YAH's] Name. They cried to YHVH. He answered them. [So let's call YAH too, 😇.]
  264. Psalms 108:6 Rescue your beloved [people, YAH]. Save [us] with your strong hand. Answer my [cry].
  265. Psalms 118:25 Save [us] now, I beg you, YHVH. YHVH, please, finally send us success!
  266. Amos 7:5 Then I say, “Sovereign YHVH, stop, I beg you! Who could restore little Jacob to life [after such a terrible destruction]?”
  267. Habakkuk 3:2 YHVH hears [the world's] fearful rumors, 😇. [So] he energizes into action today [as] in legendary times! [YAH continues to] demonstrate [both] His fire-rage [and his] mercy!
  268. Acts 3:1 One day, at [3 P.M.,] the hour of prayer, Peter {Rock} and JAHn [sneak] up to [Jerusalem's] temple.
  269. Acts 8:24 Simon [the sorcerer] answers Peter {Rock}, “Pray to Adonai [YHVH] for me, so none of these [disasters] you've predicted crash on me.”
  270. Romans 1:9 I serve [YAH]. With [all] my spirit, [I herald] the Good News of his Son. [YAH] is my witness that without fail I always mention you [Romanized believers] in my prayers, 😇.
  271. Romans 15:31 Pray that [YAH] rescues me from the unbelievers in Judaea. And [pray] that the separatist-saints in Jerusalem accept my service(s).
  272. Judith 4:15 With ashes on their head-dresses, [the priests] cry to [YHVH] Adonai with all their power, [praying] for Adonai to look graciously upon the whole house of Israel.
  273. Ecclesiasticus (Sirach) 51:11 I praise your name continually. I strike [stringed instruments] and throw [my hands high in thanks.] And so [you] hear my prayer.
  274. Susanna vs. The Elders 1:42 Then Susanna {Lily} cries out with a loud voice. She prays, “O [YHVH], everlasting Elohim! You know all secrets. [You] know all things before they exist.
  275. Susanna vs. The Elders 1:44 [In heaven,] the Adonai [YHVH] hears Susanna's voice.
  276. 1 Maccabees 3:46 So the Israelites assemble themselves together. They march to Maspha, opposite Jerusalem. (Maspha was the place in Israel where the [huge congregation] had earlier prayed [for victory].)
  277. 2 Maccabees 1:5 [I pray] That [Yah will] hear your prayers, and stay at one with you, and never forsake you in [your] time of trouble.
  278. 2 Maccabees 3:20 the whole [assembly] prays, holding their hands toward heaven.
  279. Exodus 30:36 Beat some of the [incense] very small. Put some of it facing the “testimonial [ark]” in the congregational tent, where I will meet with you. You must treat this [incense] as quintessentially sacred.
    note: The incense signifies prayers.
  280. 1st Samuel 1:12 Time passes. Hannah continues praying before YHVH. [High priest] Eli watches her mouth.
  281. NehemiYAH 9:4 Then the Levites: JahShua {YAH-Saves}, Bani {Built}, KadmiEl {Presence-Of-El}, ShebaniYah {YAH-Prospers}, Bunni {Built}, SherebiYah {YAH-Brings-The-Heat}, Bani {Built}, and Chenani {Planted}, stand up on the [temple] stairs. They cry with a loud voice to [ask mercy from] YHVH their Elohim.
  282. NehemiYAH 13:14 [And I pray,] “Oh my Elohim, remember [that] I [restored Judea's temple workers]. Never wipe out the good deeds I've done to [help your] servants [run your] santctuary, my Elohim.”
  283. Psalms 10:17 YHVH, you hear the longing[s] of [all] humble [people]. You prick up your ears. You [respond with action that] reaffirms [our] heart[s].
  284. Psalms 17:1 Hear [my] righteous [cause], YHVH. Prick up your ears at my cry. Give [your] ear to my prayer from my [relatively] honest lips.
  285. Psalms 17:6 I keep calling on you, EL {Higher-Power}. You always hear me. Incline your ear to me. Hear my prayers.
  286. Psalms 25:1 I lift up my soul to you, YHVH.
  287. Psalms 25:21 Preserve me with [your] integrity and goodness. I'm waiting for you.
  288. Psalms 72:20 😇, here end the [recorded] prayers of David {Love}, the son of Yashai (Jesse).
  289. Psalms 83:1 Break your silence, Elohim. Stop hiding [from me]. Don't be quiet, El {Power}.
    note: A priest named Asaph (probably working in Jerusalem during Jahaziel's reign) writes this psalm for the autumn Tent-Fest, referencing a 'winepress' used in that celebration to make grape juice. The psalm records a prayer which YHVH answered in 2 Chr 20:14, 19-21, where, in response to the Jews' heartfelt praise, YAH supernaturally destroys a multinational coalition of armies similar to the armies currently attacking modern Israel.
  290. IsaiYAH 21:12 [I] the watchman reply, “Morning comes. But night [will return]. If you're asking [for YAH's word], then pray [to him]. Repent. Come [into YAH's kingdom].”
    note: This is a paraphrase of the literal hebrew as traditionally pointed: He-says one-guarding he-arrived morning and·moreover night. If you-are-petitioning petition-you! Turn-back-you! come-hither-you! The traditional reading implies that Isaiah gives no answer, i.e. that he answers "Dumah" (silence) with what amounts to silence, as if to say that the Edomites are too spiritually "deaf" to merit an answer from a prophet.
  291. Habakkuk 3:1 [The following, 😇, is a] free-form hymn [written by the] hugging prophet [Habakkuk {Hug}]:
  292. Romans 10:1 Brothers, my heart's desire and prayer to [YHVH] the Eloah for Israel is that they can be saved.
  293. 2nd Corinthians 1:11 Add your help by praying together for us [missionaries]. The more people pray, the more people there will be to give thanks when [YAH] answers their prayers for us.
  294. 1st Thessalonians 1:2 We [missionaries] always thank [YHVH] the Eloah for all of you [new believers]. We mention you, 😇, in our prayers.
  295. Hebrews 13:18 Pray for us [authorities. We want] our consciences to [stay] clear, 😇. We want to live honorably in everything we do.
  296. Judith 6:18 The [Israelis] fall down and worship [YHVH] Elohim.
  297. Judith 6:21 From the assembly, [Governor] UzziYah {YAH's-Strength} takes [General] Achior to his house. [UzziYah] throws a feast for the [local Israeli] elders. All that night they call on [YHVH] (the Elohim of Israel) for help [to repel the onrushing Assyrian invasion].
  298. 1 Maccabees 5:33 So Hammer [rides] out behind the army with 3 companies [of soldiers] sounding their trumpets and crying in prayer.
  299. 2 Maccabees 7:37 But I, as my brothers, offer up my body and life for the laws of our fathers, begging Elohim to speedily stoop-down [in mercy] to our nation; and that you by torments and plagues may confess, that he alone is Elohim;
  300. Exodus 30:7 Every morning, Aaron will burn aromatherapeutic incense [with sacred-fire]. When he dresses the lamps, he'll burn incense on [the altar].
  301. 2nd Chronicles 1:5 Instead [of the ark, in Flower-Hills, in the front of YHVH's tent, David] installed the [enormous] brass [cooking] altar built by BezaleEl {Shadow-Of-El} the son of Uri {Flame}, the son of Hur {White}. There Solomon {Peace-Man} and the congregation [pray,] seeking [YHVH].
  302. Job 8:5 Just earnestly seek EL {God}. Plead to Shaddai {Almighty}.
  303. Psalms 132:10 [Fulfill] your [promises to] your servant (David {Love}). Never turn away the face[s] of your anointed [people].
  304. ZechariYAH 7:2 The townspeople of Beth-El {House-Of-El} send a [delegation of] men [headed by] Sherezer and Regem-Melech {King's-Heap} to beg before YHVH.
  305. Matthew 17:14 YahShua & his disciples walk up to the crowd. A man staggers up. He kneels down to YahShua.
  306. Acts 10:9 About noon the following day, as the commander's servant and soldier [ride] on their journey, they draw close to the [beautiful seaside town of Joppa]. [Meanwhile] Peter {Rock} climbs up on the housetop to pray.
    note: Noon = the 6th hour of daylight. History repeats itself: in Joppa, ancient Jonah refuses to witness to Assyrians, and 1st-Century Peter shrinks from hanging out with non-Jews.
  307. Ecclesiasticus (Sirach) 36:1 Have mercy on us, Adonai, Elohim over all. See us.
  308. 2 Maccabees 7:38 —and that [after the deaths of] me and my brothers, the Almighty's fire-rage (which [He] justly brought upon our nation) may cease.
  309. Psalms 5:1 YHVH, turn [your] ear to my words. [Please] pay attention to my groaning [ramblings].
    note: A song which David intended for the director of sacred music to arrange to be accompanied by flutes.
  310. Romans 15:30 Brothers, I ask you (through the authority of our Master, YahShua [the] Messiah, and for the love of [YAH's] Spirit,) to join me in my struggle: pray to YHVH for me.
  311. Prayer of AzariYAH 1:2 Then AzariYah stands up, and prays, (opening his mouth in the middle of the fire:)
  312. 2 Maccabees 1:6 And now we're here praying for you.
  313. Numbers (Journeys) 9:9 [Moses falls to his knees, 😇. He bows his face to the ground in front of all the people.] So YHVH instructs Moses:
  314. Judith 4:9 Every man of Israel cries to Elohim with great fervency. With great vehemency they humble their souls.
  315. 1 Maccabees 3:50 The Israelites cry with a loud voice toward heaven, saying, “What should we do with these [sanctuary articles]? Where can we take them?


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