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5 SCRIPTURE SECTIONS on the theme of Solitude

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  1. Nobody Respects Christ's Privacy
  2. Christ Escapes The Religious Bigots
  3. Yahshua Prays Alone In The Desert
  4. YahShua Escapes To Teach In The Wilderness
  5. Christ Prays In Gethsemane (Oil-Press) Garden


22 SCRIPTURES on the theme of Solitude

  1. Matthew 14:23 After YahShua sends away [his horde of fans], he climbs up onto a mountain by himself to pray. Evening falls. YahShua [prays] there alone.
  2. Luke 6:12 A short time [passes, 😇]. YahShua climbs a [remote] mountain. He spends the whole night praying to [YHVH] the Eloah.
    note: Can you stay up all night praying alone? Can you even pray for 30 minutes without falling asleep?
  3. Mark 6:46 [Finally] YahShua gets the crowd dispersed, 😇. Then he runs uphill [from the shore]. He climbs a mountain to pray.
  4. Luke 5:16 So YahShua often withdraws to solitary places to pray, 😇.
  5. Mark 1:35 The next morning YahShua wakes long before daybreak. He travels out alone into the wilderness. [There] he prays.
  6. Luke 9:28 About 8 days pass, 😇. YahShua takes Peter {Rock} and JAHn & James {Heel-Grabber}. The [3 men] climb a mountain to pray.
  7. Matthew 14:13 YahShua hears of [JAHn's murder]. So YahShua secretly leaves [Nazareth]. He boards a boat. [He sails] to a deserted place far from [all] people. The people hear where YahShua has gone. So they [flock out of] the [region's] towns. They chase after YahShua on foot.
    note: Sails or rows.
  8. John 6:3 YahShua climbs a mountain. He sits with his disciples. [They overlook the Heathen-Circle region.]
  9. Matthew 14:22 Immediately YahShua makes his disciples get into a boat. They sail before him toward the other side [of Heathen-Circle Lake]. Meanwhile, YahShua sends away the multitudes.
  10. Luke 4:42 At daybreak, YahShua [hikes] out to a solitary place, 😇. The people come looking for him. They try to keep him from leaving them.
  11. Mark 6:47 Night falls, 😇. The [disciples’] ship floats in the middle of the lake. Meanwhile, YahShua [prays] alone on the mountain.
  12. Matthew 21:17 [YahShua sees his disciples preparing to fight to the death against the murder-crazed religionists. So] YahShua [storms] away from [the corrupt temple]. He [rides] out of the City [Of ‘Peace’]. [He trots] into Bethany [olive-town]. He spends the night there.
  13. Luke 9:10 YahShua's apostles return [from their faith journey]. They tell YahShua [about] all the [healing and heralding] they've been doing. YahShua takes his disciples [away from the town]. They [hike] away privately into a deserted area (near a town called Bethsaida [Fishing-House]).
  14. Luke 22:39 YahShua leaves [the city of murder-conspirators and spies]. Continuing his custom, he [hikes] to Olive-Mountain. His disciples follow him.
  15. Mark 13:3 YahShua [hikes to] Olive-Mountain. [He climbs it.] He sits facing [Herod's] temple.
  16. Mark 11:19 Evening falls. YahShua [and his disciples escape] from the city. [They evade their assassins.]
    note: They leave to avoid being murdered by the religionists.
  17. Matthew 17:1 6 days later, YahShua takes Peter {Rock} and (the brothers) James & JAHn. [YahShua] privately leads them up onto a high mountain.
  18. Matthew 15:29 YahShua leaves [northern Palestine's coastal region of Tyre & Sidon]. [He] treks [back southeast] along Heathen-Circle Lake [Galilee]. Then YahShua [hikes] up onto a mountainside. He sits down.
  19. John 10:40 YahShua again [escapes Jerusalem. He teleports] far away beyond the Jordan [river] to the [pagan] place where JAHn first baptized. YahShua [briefly] stays there.
  20. John 18:1 YahShua speaks these words, 😇. Then [he runs] with his disciples across the stream [that flows in winter] through the Kidron {Ash} Valley. They enter [the grove of trees called] Gethsemane {Oil-Press} Garden.’
    note: The same stream where ancient king David fled from his rebel son Absalom.
  21. John 8:1 YahShua climbs up Olive-Mountain.
  22. John 1:28 (This incident happens at Bethabara {Ferry-House}, a village east of the Jordan River, where JAHn baptizes [people, 😇].)
    note: Many translations say ‘Bethany’.


2 SONGS on the theme of Solitude

  1. Quiet Place (Secret Garden)
  2. Silent Moment


2 ARTWORKS on the theme of Solitude

  1. Green Forest Walk
  2. Solitude Icon


2 REVIEWS OF MEDIA on the theme of Solitude

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