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Who Is Yahshua?

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Joshua = JAHshua = YAHshua = Jesus, all the same name.

Yahshua is the proper name usually mispronounced: "Jesus."
(YahShua is a slight contraction of the Hebrew name: 'YahOshua' or 'YahUshua.')
Yahshua is the man whom the New Testament refers to as "the Word of YHVH" placed in a human body, therefore in a sense the 'son' of YHVH.
Being Yah's 'son' does not mean that Yahshua is literally YHVH, or even a clone of YHVH. Jews and Muslims rightly point out that such ideas, common as they may be, totally contradict the Shema, the foundation of Biblical thought.)

Yahshua appears in some English-language Bibles as: 'Jesus.'
("Jesus" is a name devolved from "Yahushua" through centuries of linguistic mangling.)

Yahshua is Strong's Greek #2424, equivalent to Strong's Hebrew #3091: Yhowshuwa`/ Yhowshua {yeh-ho-shoo'-ah}; joining #3068 (YHVH) & #3467 (Yasha); meaning Jehovah-saved; Jehoshua (i.e. Joshua.)

Yahshuah's name is a concatenation of
  • 'Yah' (short for YHWH, as in halleluYAH)
  • and 'shua', which means salvation.

  • To say 'Yahshua' means to say
    YAH saves us in all sorts of areas, for instance: self-defense, war, marriage, etc.
    We do not have to fight, YAH saves us.

    There have been many other men named Yahshua.
    The man who took over after Moses was also named Yahshua, or in modern English, 'Joshua.'

    Note that in the bible none of Yahshua's disciples ever call him by his name. They always call him by a reverential title like "Master" or "Lord."

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