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What Does 'Adonai' Mean?

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Adonai is the proper Hebrew word translated into the reasonable but lifeless English drone-word: 'Lord' (Lard.)
Adonai means, "Highest possible sovereign," and therefore only applies to YHVH the Father.
Adonai has diminutive forms, applicable to the Messiah, that mean "Lord" and "Master," such as "Adoni and "Adon."

Say Adonai over and over again and you'll love it more each time!

Is there any more beautiful sounding word that can grace your tongue?

'Adonai' rolls from the mouth like sweet honey, with royal power.

'Adonai' carries the meanings of:

Greek only has one word for Lord: Kurios.
"Kurios" in Greek can refer to
English as well uses only one word for Lord:
"Lord Mick Jagger" has the same title as "Lord Jesus."
In context you must decide whether Lord /Kurios refers to Yahshua or the Father.

Taken in context, a clear English way to translate Kurios when referring to Jesus would be to call him "Master Jesus."

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