Finding And Keeping Your Creative Soul

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Do you feel like a lost artist in a world of commercial drones, like a freedom-fighter trapped in the death-star of a Borg-collective? There's hope. You can stay sane, un-blocked, sure of what your creative works are meant to do to help others.

CHAPTERSPublished Min.
1Branding YOU
2Personality & Temperament Type
3Shelf Life of your Work
4Corporate or Indie?
5Your Network (friends)
6Care and Feeding of your Subconscious
7What are you going to do with the money
9The 80/20 Principle = Your Success
10People WANT to know about YOU
11Handling Success
12Handle Criticism: Turn your weakness into strength
13*The Joy of Self-Control
14Quit Any Day job you hate
15There are No Christian Companies
16Keeping what you make
17Hollywood Helps You Find Your True Unique Skill
18Perfectionism / Self-Criticism
19Free Yourself From Ego and Find Your Generosity
20Greatness Seeks greatness0.40.4
21Avoid companies whose products go 'Out Of Print'0.91.3
22Feed the right Dog34.3
23Success Secrets0.64.9
24How To Evaluate Songs for your personal listening Library1.56.4