P.G. (Prince GrizzlyBeard v. Princess Grizzly)

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The worldโ€™s snobbiest Princess fights to steal back her Kingdom from her tyrannical ex-boyfriend.

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1*Princess Grizzly Audio Movie (Audiobook)
2Poster Concepts For Princess Grizzly
3*Princess Grizzly's Story In 1000 Characters
4Prince GrizzlyBeard In <2 Short Pages


5Princess Fria Runs From The Queen's Lecture2.22.2
6Princess Fria & Prince Escape The Festival24.2
7Queen Catches Child-Princess & Prince Kissing2.76.9
8Queen Makes Princess Fria Kiss Her Reflection4.411.3
9*Queen Isix & Princess Sing 'Put Up Your Cage'2.213.5
10Teen Princess Fria & Queen Isix Mock Peons2.516
11Princess Fria Snubs Every Princely Suitor2.518.5
12King Victim & Queen Isix Fight Over Princess1.520
13Queen Isix Apparently Dies Of Consumption1.921.9
14Princess Fria Mocks Prince GrizzlyBeard5.527.4


15Singer SongMan Sings 'Would You Marry Me?'2.329.7
16King Victim Forces Princess Fria To Marry3.232.9
17King Victim Strips Princess Fria of Her Crown436.9
18Princess Fria HiJacks Singer's Donkey Cart3.740.6
19Singer Saves Fria From Jumping Off A Cliff1.241.8
20Singer SongMan Sings Princess Fria 'Beautiful'1.943.7
21Rocky Scratch Diagnoses Fria's Digestion3.547.2
22Princess Fria Demeans Singer To Pesky Brats1.448.6
23Singer & Princess Fight Over Animal Buys250.6
24Princess Fria Breaks Her Nose Training Animals2.753.3
25Brat Spies On Showering Princess Fria1.154.4
26Singer Tries To Love, But Ends Up In The Barn2.456.8


27Princess Fria Buys Her First Democratic Votes1.858.6
28Princess Tries To Train A Rooster Not To Crow1.760.3
29Singer Sings Princess Fria A Spurned Love Song2.462.7
30Singer Helps Princess Succeed At Crafts1.163.8
31Princess Seduces Crowd w/ Democratic Promises1.865.6
32Starving Princess Sees Termites Under Her Bed3.268.8
33Singer Feeds Princess Fria Termite Burgers2.271
34Banished, Singer SongMan Goes On Tour0.971.9
35Princess Fria Tends Comatose Pygmy Goat0.972.8
36Pygmy Goat Attacks Princess Fria1.173.9
37*Brats Attack Princess Fria, Kill her Animals376.9
38Prince GrizzlyBeard Buys Fria's Dead Animals0.877.7
39Princess Fria Smashes 'Mother' In The Mirror1.679.3
40Cut Princess Fria 'Buys' A Sick Cow1.180.4
41Princess Fria Milks Skinny Cow, Then it Dies!1.281.6
42GrizzlyBeard Parades To Help Furious Fria3.284.8
43Princess Fria's Home Economics Go Broke0.585.3
44Princess Fria Accidentally Kills Silky Rooster1.186.4
45General's War Horse Destroys Fria's Bowls0.687


46Prince GrizzlyBeard Eyes Fria's Demise0.487.4
47BlackJack Kicks Princess Fria To Near-Death0.888.2
48Mad Princess Fria Barbecues BlackJack0.588.7
49Singer SongMan Sends A Letter & Silver Coins1.990.6
50Princess Pays Debts, Buys Building Supplies0.591.1
51Princess Fria Remodels The Shack0.591.6
52Princess Fria Learns To Up-Keep The Farm0.592.1
53Princess Fria Builds A Water-Stove0.492.5
54Princess Fria Wins The Town's Votes & Respect0.993.4
55*Princess Burns Down The Shack & The Village1.795.1
56The Electorate Refuse To Pay Fria Taxes196.1
57Princess Fria Becomes A Castle Grunt-Maid1.197.2
58Princess Refuses To Cheat On Singer w/ Prince3.2100.4
59Poor Pauper Fria Serves Food At Castle Feast1.6102
60*GrizzlyBeard Sings I Love Your More Than Life1.7103.7
61*GrizzlyBeard Reveals The Amazing Twisty Truth2.4106.1
62*Prince Reveals Pain Fria Gave Him In Childhood3.5109.6
63*Princess Fria Marries Prince GrizzlyBeard2111.6
64The Newlyweds Run Through The Fields, Happy!0.4112


65Princess Fria Births Prince's Big Hairy Baby0.2112.2


66Grizzly Baby / Big Hairy Baby Song Lyrics
67End Credit Gag: Fria Makes Amends For Wrongs