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Contact High

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Blunt, a famous singing Pot-rights activist, gets a "Contact-High" from Teresa, a drug-cop's virgin daughter. Teresa flies Blunt to a Haitian orphanage, where Blunt gets a true "Contact-High" helping kids. Blunt starts a concert series: Haiti Aid Live.

CHAPTERSPublished Min.


1Cast of characters


2Blunt sings a hilarious Dope song at a Pot Party0.10.1
3Blunt Scores Weed At The Homeless Shelter, Meets Teresa0.50.6
4Teresa Sees Blunt Wow The Crowd At A Pot-Aid Meeting1.21.8
5Blunt Takes Teresa To Dinner0.22
6Blunt Goes All-Out to Win Teresa's Heart0.12.1
7Teresa's Drug Cop Dad 0.22.3
8Teresa Defies Cop Dad, Sneaks Out To see Blunt0.22.5
9Teresa Struggles To keep from having sex with Blunt0.63.1
10Teresa & Blunt Make Out Big Time3.16.2
11Teresa's Dad Busts Teresa, sends her to Haitian Orphanage0.87
12Blunt Schemes To meet Teresa In Haiti0.87.8


13Teresa Flies To Haiti, Sends emails & photos to Blunt0.38.1
14Blunt Smuggles Pot Seeds Onto The Plane08.1
15Blunt Flies To Haiti Alone, Runs over a kid1.89.9
16Teresa Shows Blunt The Refugee Camps110.9
17Blunt goes to the Mountains to teach the Haitians to grow pot0.111
18Haitians Burn Forest and Blunt's Weed with it0.211.2
19Blunt Gets A Real Contact High Holding a Haitian orphan0.611.8
20Orphan girl teaches Blunt to sing 0.111.9


21M.C. Oui helps do Blunt's 1st Concert in Haiti011.9
22Jezi O Me Shai La (Concert)011.9
23Blunt pulls a trapped string out of the butt of a Haitian orphan0.712.6
24Here Comes The Sun (Concert)012.6
25Come Together (Concert Song)012.6
26Imagine (Concert)012.6
27Drug-Cop Dad Busts Blunt2.114.7
28Give Peace A Chance (Concert)014.7
29A Day In Haiti's Life (Concert)014.7
30Cop-Dad Lays Guilt Trip on Teresa1.516.2
31MaleLiAmWe (Concert)016.2
32Orphans join hands of Blunt and Cop-Dad0.616.8
33Gettin better (Concert)016.8
34M.C. Oui breaks in and steals all the Haiti Aid money and gear0.217


35Blunt Gets superstars to help with Haiti Aid live0.217.2
36A Hard Day's night (Concert)017.2
37I Wanna Hold Your Hand (Concert)017.2
38Haiti / Hey Jude (Concert)017.2
39Blunt and Teresa marry0.117.3
40Blunt & Teresa Party with the Jamaican rasta men0.117.4
41All You Need Is Love (Concert)017.4