Short Story

Hell Dream

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A boy visits a fire & brimstone church. The preacher scares the boy into accepting Jesus, using images of a Dante's Inferno-like Hell. The boy suffers nightmares, and wakes up screaming. His Mom & Dad challenge the preacher for spiritually abusing the boy.

CHAPTERSPublished Min.
1Church Meeting Fire & Brimstone Preacher0.90.9
2Going to Sleep1.12
3*The Dream From Hell2.14.1
4Boy breaks free from the nightmare of hell0.54.6
5Mom & Dad Explain & Comfort59.6
6Boy Wants To Kill Preacher2.912.5
7SKIT: Preaching The Good News Of Hellfire0.913.4
8SKIT: A Jack Chick-like unbiblical drama about hell0.513.9
9Top Theologians Debunk Conscious Eternal Torment720.9
10Hell Is A Pagan Concept, Not A Christian Idea1.222.1