SELL TO YOUR MEDIA BUYER as your Media Buyer Wants you to sell to THEM

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How to be a very profitable servant in the most ego-centric business in the world: the media industry. Humbly & diligently put yourself inside the head of your media buyers at the world's largest media corporations, & win BIG by giving THEM what THEY want!

CHAPTERSPublished Min.
1How To Sell Screenplays And Songs
210 Success Rules For Selling Screenplays & Songs
3How To Sell Screenplays & Songs Part 2
4Advice On Contacting Music Supervisors
5Identify Your Motivation
8PART I Why Media Buyers Buy CHAPTER 1A What Media Buyers Want26.438.1
9Chapter 1B: Your Media Buyerโ€™s Goals and Objectives17.155.2
10CHAPTER 2 What Media Buyers Really Want37.592.7
11CHAPTER 3 How Media Buyers Perceive media asset value and Risk52144.7
12CHAPTER 4 The Cause and Effect of media asset value53.2197.9
13CHAPTER5 The value of Media Buyer Relationships44.7242.6
14PART II How Media Buyers Buy CHAPTER6 The media sales Processโ€” Redefined28.5271.1
15CHAPTER7 Anatomy of a Buying Decision45.4316.5
16CHAPTER 8 Reverse-Engineering the Media Product Buying Process62.5379
17CHAPTER 9 Elevating the Media Product Buying Process57.6436.6
18CHAPTER 10 Accelerating the Media Product Buying Process44.1480.7