The Baby-Making War

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2 sisters fight for their cheating husband's love in a baby-spawning race: a down & dirty winner-take-all cat-fight that births the 12 tribes of Israel. The story of Rachel, Leah, & Jacob, full of jealousy, sin, murder & true love.

CHAPTERSPublished Min.


1Cast Of Characters


2Isaac Marries Rebekah0.80.8
3Isaac & Rebekah Try But Fail To Make Babies1.32.1
4Baby Jacob Pops Out, Holding Red-Baby's heel0.93
5Harry & Cheater Grow Up At Odds1.14.1
6Jacob Buys Red-Man's Inheritance For Soup1.75.8
7Isaac Grows Old, Famine Rages, Esau takes Slut wives3.59.3
8Jacob & Rebekah Embezzle Esau's Inheritance615.3
9Jacob Risks his Life By Staying Near Esau1.717
10Jacob Runs For Life, Escaping Red-Man's Rage1.518.5
11Jacob Sees The Stairway To Heaven2.721.2
12Jacob Sees His True Love Rachel, Kisses Her2.423.6


13Jacob Negotiates Bethrothal to Rachel1.525.1
14Jacob Works 7 Years To Marry Rachel1.226.3
15Laban Knocks Out & Hides The Drunk Rachel1.127.4
16Jacob, Drunk, Boinks Leah Instead Of Rachel0.828.2
17Jacob Wakes Up Hung-Over, Sees Leah, screams1.429.6
18Jacob Marries Rachel0.830.4
19Jacob Finally Makes Love To Rachel0.631
20Jacob Works For Laban another 7 years0.431.4
21Leah prays and YAH opens her womb so she conceives1.432.8
22Leah Conceives And Births 4 Sons To Jacob2.134.9
23Rachel Gets Jacob To Screw Her Timid Handmaid2.437.3
24 Jacob Boinks Leah's Slave-Girl (Zilpah)0.738
25Jacob Screws Leah's Slave-Girl Again0.638.6
26Leah Buys Jacob's Stud-Rights For Mandrakes2.541.1
27Leah Births Dinah; Jacob & Rachel Keep Kissing0.741.8
28Rachel Births Super-Cute Baby Joseph1.142.9
29Jacob Asks Laban To Let Him Leave1.944.8


30Jacob Tricks Laban, Selectively Breeding Goats1.946.7
31Laban's Family Gets Murderously Enraged0.547.2
32YAH Orders Jacob To Return Home To Isaac0.647.8
33Jacob Talks Rachel & Leah Into Running Away350.8
34Rachel Steals Laban's Idols0.351.1
35Jacob's Caravans Toward Isaac's Far Land1.152.2
36Laban & His Armed Thugs Hotly Chase Jacob153.2
37Whitey (Laban) Overtakes & Confronts Jacob1.955.1
38Laban Searches Rachel's Tent; She Tricks Him1.456.5
39Laban and Jacob Make A Pact of Peace4.460.9
40Whitey (Laban) Rides His Camel For Syria0.461.3
41Angels Fly Past Jacob. Everyone Says He's Nuts0.962.2


42Jacob Sends Flocks As A Peace-Gift To Esau466.2
43Jacob Sends His Family & Stuff Across A River0.466.6
44Jacob Wrestles A Supernatural Being All Night2.969.5
45Esau, With 400 soldiers, Intercepts Jacob3.573
46Jacob And Esau The Red-Man Part In Peace0.473.4
47Jacob & Leah & Rachel Journey To Neck Ridge0.974.3
48Prince Shechem 'Rapes' Dinah1.275.5
49Levi & Simeon Con Neck Men Into Getting Cut2.578
50Simeon & Levi Trick-Circumcise & Massacre Men2.780.7
51Israel's 11 Sons Massacre Neck-Ridge's People3.183.8
52Jacob Flees Under Supernatural Guard To Bethel2.886.6
53Yah Appears To Jacob, Blesses Him1.688.2
54Rachel Dies Birthing Benjamin; Tribe Bury Her1.789.9
55Jacob & Leah & Family Ride Into The Sunset0.590.4