Unpublished Screenplay ~~- Monster Universe


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The monsters live in a monster-like universe, nothing like a human universe - an unpredictable and wild universe of spirit, created by the combined imaginations of all the children on earth.
Everything in the monster universe is a photographic negative: everything which in our reality is bright, is dark in the monster universe. And everything that would be dark in our universe, is light in the monster universe. (Brightness values are inverted in the monster universe.)

After Millennia of expansion, the monster-universe begins imploding because human children are becoming increasingly jaded and desensitized and imagination-less because they've been raised watching T.V. and playing violent video games.
So no matter how much the monsters terrify the children, the monster-universe keeps shrinking.
One monster is marginalized by his peers and his society because he generates no terror, because his territory is the Amish, whose children have very little fear, since they have been raised away from the world, in an Amish community, never exposed to video games or T.V., nor war-culture, fear-mongering, junk-food-selling propaganda.

Instead of scaring the child, the outcast-monster starts inspiring this one special Amish child's imagination by painting a storybook.
The Amish leaders scold the Amish child for idle "dreaming," and "breaking the 2nd Commandment by making graven images of idols" and sent back into the field to work. But the child secretly steals a bucket of blood from the butcher shop and with it, draws an amazing story-painting on the back wall of the Amish barn, behind the rows of hay.
The rebel-monster sees promising increase in the brightness of the monster universe.
Since all light in the monster universe is inverted, this increase in brightness appears to be a descent into darkness.

The marginalized monster proposes the radical heresy that the monster-universe is sustained by imagination, not by fear - and that rather than terrify their enemies (the children) with nightmares, the monsters should love the children by inspiring them with lucid creative dreams.

The Monster-Hitler, fearing that the lack of fear will cause the universe to implode, brings down all the force of the war-state against this rebel.
The entire monster-culture calls for the death of the rebel.

The monster-soldiers throw the rebel into jail, where he meets a fellow-prisoner chained to the wall, a girl who has also been teaching a human child to be creative.
She too knows that the descent into darkness is merely the beginning of a trip into reversing the negative light values of the monster universe, and that only by passing through complete darkness will their universe become bright.

About this time, the Amish leaders discover the boy's wild paintings in blood of the alternate universe, and take the boy to an exorcism.

Against all odds, the iconoclastic monster-hero and his love manage to break out and rebel against the entrenched establishment lies.

The two lover-heroes stimulate the imaginations of the children by entering the children's dreams and planting the suggestion in the kids' minds that they:
  • turn off their T.V.'s,
  • invent games to play outside,
  • write and draw humorous and creative stories
  • design and build stuff in maker-spaces
  • and make their own movies.

The lover-hero-monsters form a band of rebel-monsters who stimulate the imaginations of children of all over the earth.

The monster universe gets darker and darker, until it is total blackness.

Then - to the total shock of the fear-mongering, war-state/war-god worshiping leader-monsters and the brainwashed rabble who follow them, the monster universe gets bigger and brighter.
The monster population lives and thrives in the light of the children's flowering imaginations.

Message: imagination creates life. Humor wins over fear.