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Counterfeit Judeo-Christian Religion
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An affable, strange International TV preacher has finally gone off his nut and barricaded himself in his broadcasting station on the outskirts of Jerusalem with a few brainwashed devotees threatening to begin the 7 year Apocalypse by detonating 20 Megaton Nuclear devices, bought from ex-Soviet-army scientists, in each of his broadcasting centers all over the world.

He runs the show with the entire world watching, calling it the "doomsday revival" -
he has seen a vision in which God crowns him "king of angels" for bringing the entire world to it's knees, repenting, and confessing faith in his god.
And the prayer lines are ringing off the hook!
The UN assembles a special intelligence force to determine if the bombs are real, to infiltrate the preacher's network of associates to see how deep his web of influence goes, and to stop the preacher at any cost.

Leading this special investigation team is a gentle, hardworking, female CIA investigator who still believes in the basic goodness of people.
She has no particular religious biases and just wants to find the Truth.

She however is forced to work alongside a NSA operative who pursues any lead through the preacher's rolodex like a witch-hunter.
Believing that all religion is evil, he uses his U.N. carte-blanche to imprison, illegally interrogate by experimental chemical and psychological means, and beat many people whose only guilt was to have shaken hands with the preacher on his TV show.
Later we learn the secrets that motivate his monomania- the NSA operative is hiding his own terrible wounds of a childhood in which he was ritually abused by the leaders of his deranged mother's Appalachian snake-handling cult.

The female investigator must keep the witch-hunter from adding his own madness to the preacher's, while disarming the preacher's "Doomsday Revival."

In the end nothing is as is seemed to be - the world of religion, like human nature, is filled with good and evil, swirling and mixing in unpredictable and startling ways.