Short Story ~~- You Don't Know Who I Am

Riddler Boy and Riddler Girl

Rejection 1831 Characters =~1.8Min. Reading Time
Riddler Boy's teacher said he was retarded.
Riddler Boy said, "You don't know who I am."

Riddler Boy got punched out on the playground.
The other boys said, "You're ugly and weak."
Riddler Boy said, "You don't know who I am."

The Riddle Girl cried when the girls said she was too fat, or too skinny.
She said, "You wouldn't say that if you knew who I am!"

The mean children laughed at Riddler Boy, "You got funny colored skin!"
Riddler Boy said, "You gonna' regret that when you find out who I am!
I could be-
the next Dr. Einstein, who invented space-time
The hidden Prince of Saudi Arabia, richer than you'll ever dream-"

They said, "Yeah- but you're NOT!"

Riddler Girl threw her arm around Riddler Boy and said, "Ooohhh- you boys are gonna be sorry you said that. You don't know who we ARE!

I could very well be-
The First Woman to land on the moon!
the first woman King!"

Riddler Boy said, "The King!
The greatest athlete in the history of planet Earth!
A shape shifter from the planet Zultan come to eat you and your parents!"

The group all huddled closer, mouths dropping open in wonder, "Who are you two, really?"

Riddler Boy said, "The secret of who I am is even better than all of that stuff we just told you put together.
But you don't deserve to know it.
Because I am...
something unique in all the universe- never been before or since...

I am...
The flash of light in the eye of the Creator"

They said, "Stop talking in riddles... Who are you!?"

He said, "I AM..."

Their mouths dripped in anticipation like they hadn't eaten in days, like the answer was a big juicy steak they wanted to eat.

Riddler Boy and Girl shouted together, "I am-
not telling you!"

And the Riddlers laughed and ran off to enjoy their beautiful Earth.