Killing The Cancer of Worship Licensing

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How your ministry music & media team can easily ward off attacks by commercial money-grubbers digging their greedy fingers into your bona-fide, nonprofit worship activities. And how you can help support bona-fide creators of worship music.

CHAPTERSPublished Min.
1Goals Of This Amicus Brief
2All You Have To Do To Use Copyrighted Materials In Worship
3*Open, Shut. Case Closed.
4Save The Baby
5Attorney Letter Protecting Your Church From Nazis
6Short Lawyer Letter Protecting your Ministry
7List Of Church Defenses Against A Copyright Claim
8Supreme Court Tests Related To Worship Copyright Freedom
9The RFRA Beats Any Worship-Licensing Challenge
10Provident Music Executive Introduces Us To Worship Copyright Licensing
11The Future State Asst. Attorney General And I Debate Worship Licensing
12I Become Part Of A Leading 1st Amendment Law Team
13Manhattan Music Ministries Just Says No To Worship Copyright Licensing4.44.4
14*The U.S. Copyright Act Specifically Allows Religious Use Of Copyrighted Works1014.4
15The Laws Of God Trump The Laws Of Man1.816.2
16Your Church Is Not Required To Pay CCLI (Christian Copyright Licensing)3.419.6
17Does The Bible Command Churches To Pay Copyright Licenses For Copies Used In Worship?1.421
18Is Copying Music In Preparation For Worship A Crime?2.923.9
19No 'Law' Can EVER Make Worship Subject To Licensing3.127
20Is My Church Going To Get Sued Over Worship Music?2.929.9
21Priority In Settling Conflicts Of Law433.9
22The Burden Of Proof Is On The Licensing Salesman2.336.2
23Community Bible Study Does Not Require CCLi Licenses2.638.8
24Licenses Destroy Rights4.343.1
25Does Using Copyrighted Music In Worship Violate U.S. Law?1.844.9
26Attendance Based Pricing = Worship Licensing1.346.2
27Church 'Fair Use' Goes WAY beyond School 'Fair Use'8.654.8
28Church Licensing Is CopyWrong: It Relies On Void, Vague Reasoning2.457.2
29Music Rehearsal Display Copies are Also Copyright-Free1.558.7
30Preparing For Worship IS Worship1.360
31Churches ARE In Some Ways Above The Law0.660.6
32What To Do With A Church Copyright Licensing Letter1.962.5
33When Your Church Should Consider Paying A Licensing Fee For Music2.364.8
34The Cost Of A Copyright Lawsuit Also Prevents A Church From Being Sued2.667.4
35Failed Lawsuits Against Churches for Alleged copyright violations370.4
36Church Music Copying Legal Scenarios4.875.2
37Government Must Leave Religion As It Finds It1.376.5
38More Q & A About CCLi And Other Copyright Collection Agencies8.585
39A Brief History of Church Music Licensing3.988.9
40Copyright Is Part Of A Secular Humanist Religion1.690.5
41Outside Of Religious Activity, A Church Is Similar To A Nonprofit Organization2.192.6
42How Can A Religious Publisher Survive The Internet Age?2.394.9
43How To Really Help A Scripture-Songwriter2.497.3
44A Sample Letter To Your Favorite Writers1.999.2
45Why Popularity Algorithms Fail To Reward Spiritual & Artistic Merit2.5101.7
46The Copyright Act Never Intended To Inhibit Worship1.1102.8
47Just Being A Minister Doesn't Make You Above The Law1.2104
48The Historicity Principle Of First Amendment Primacy13.6117.6
49Are The Licensing-Pushers Intentionally Lying To Churches?1.6119.2
50The 2-Prong Test Applied To Worship Music Copying6.5125.7
51If Government can't punish worship copying, what can it punish?3.7129.4
52It Is Not American To Worship The State1.3130.7
53Faith = Actions = Conduct = Free Exercise5.6136.3
54Deciding Which Worship Copies Are Illegal Would Hamstring Government3.8140.1
55A Good Judge Will Dismiss A Church Copyright Lawsuit1.6141.7
56The Purpose Of The Copyright Act1142.7
57So Can Anybody Just Copy Anything And Call It Religion?1.2143.9
58Precedents For Asserting A Free Exercise Claim vs. A Licensing Demand15158.9
59The Establishment & Free Exercise Clauses Are HOLINESS Laws3.5162.4
60Inside Of Worship, Intent Is The Law1.8164.2
61Copyright Cannot Trump Ancient Ecclesiastical Custom1.1165.3
62The 'Theft' Analogy Is A Red Herring2.6167.9
63Will You Help Me Sue A Church?1.5169.4
64A Sensible Church Copyright Policy2171.4
65You don't need a license to record your service2.4173.8
66Termination Of License Letter1.3175.1
67The Poppy Flower Church Garden Analogy1.9177
68State Sovereign Immunity Is A Mirror Of A Minister's Immunity1.3178.3
69Don't Buy Your Ministry A License From CVLI!3.1181.4
70Broadcasting Videos Including Copyrighted Works Is Not Necessarily Illegal1.4182.8
71If You Sue Over Worship Copyrights, You Pay ALL the Attorney's Fees1.1183.9
72If Your Church Does Infringe, The Law Allows For Leniency3186.9
73The CCLi we'd like to see1.2188.1
74Can I Post Copyrighted Bible Studies Online?3191.1
75Are You Trying To Destroy CCLi?0.7191.8
76The U.S. Supreme Court Says Religion Comes First!8.7200.5
77Bye, Bye, CCLI1.5202
78Alternate Business Models For The Ex-Worship-Licensor1.9203.9
79Throw That Ad In The Trash!0.1204
80Just Because You Receive Money Does Not Make Your Ministry Commercial1.1205.1
81Churches: Ignore BMI, ASCAP, And Everyone Like Them2.3207.4
82Stop The Copyright Nazi's3.6211
83Further Reading1.7212.7
84notes: The Establishment Clause As A Structural Limit On Government Power10.4223.1
85notes: Copyright Exemptions for NonProfit Performances4.3227.4
86Other Maxims Of Law Relating To Worship Copying Freedom9.4236.8
87No Law Can Block You From Harmlessly Exercising Your Unfettered Rights5.4242.2
88You Can Share Out-Of-Print Works2.8245
90All Our Content Is Free of Charge, Royalty-Free, No License Needed
91Questions About Copyright & The Kingdom Of Heaven
92Share Our Music, like Amanda Palmer's Music
94Copyright Is A State-Created Privilege, Not A Fundamental Right
95Can we make a nonprofit product incorporating your music?
96If we like one of your tracks what do we need to do to secure use of it for our product?
97Do you allow copying?
98If we like one of your tracks what do we need to do to secure use of it?
99Common Sense - This Is A Web Page, Not Legal Advice