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The strongest man to ever live fights the toughest tyrants of all: the lust and rage in his broken heart.

CHAPTERSPublished Min.


1Adaptation Source


2Palestinians Enslave The Rogue Israelis0.90.9
3SunRay's Dad Fails To Impregnate SunRay's Mom0.41.3
4SunRay's Mom Cries, Fails Again To Have A Baby0.31.6
5An Angel Predicts SunRay's Birth0.72.3
6SunRay's Mom Runs And Tells SunRay's Dad0.12.4
7SunRay's Mom & Dad Do It, & It Works0.83.2
8The Angel Again Visits SunRay's Mom-To-Be1.24.4
9The Angel Ascends In Fire1.25.6
10SunRay's Mom Gives Birth To SunRay0.25.8
11SunRay Grows Up Handsome, Strong, Blessed0.76.5
12SunRay Gets Waves Of Amazing Spirit Power1.68.1
13SunRay Disobeys Parents & Lusts For A Pagan0.48.5
14SunRay Demands His Dad Buy The Forbidden Girl0.79.2
15SunRay Hikes His Mom & Dad Down To Palestine0.29.4
16SunRay Rips Apart A Lion0.39.7
17SunRay Has Relations With The Bad Girl0.29.9
18SunRay Skips Back Home From His Evil Tryst0.110
19Time passes0.310.3
20SunRay Eats Honey From The Lion's Carcass0.711
21SunRay Throws A Big Pagan Wedding Feast0.511.5


2230 Spies Track SunRay0.411.9
23SunRay Bets The Pagans Can't Solve His Riddle112.9
24SunRay Sees The Pagans Can't Grok His Riddle0.813.7
25Pagans Force SunRay's Wife To Steal The Secret0.714.4
26SunRay's Wife Pressures Him For 7 Days0.314.7
27SunRay Gives Up The Riddle0.214.9
28SunRay's Wife Tells The Answer To The Pagans0.115
29The Pagans Solve The Riddle0.215.2
30SunRay Goes On A Murder Rampage0.215.4
31SunRay Throws Bloody Clothes At Wedding Spies0.115.5
32SunRay Stomps Home0.215.7
33[Time passes.]015.7
34SunRay's Dad-In-Law Gives SunRay's Wife Away0.816.5
35SunRay Catches 30 Jackals0.116.6
36SunRay Makes 150 Tar-Stick Torches0.116.7
37SunRay Ties Torches Into The Jackals' Tails0.116.8
38SunRay Sends The Jackals Running Wild0.217
39Jackal-Fire Burns All The Philistines Own0.317.3
40A Witness Rats SunRay Out As The Arsonist0.117.4


41The Philistines Burn SunRay's Wife0.317.7
42SunRay Massacres The Philistines In Revenge0.418.1
43Philistines Attack Judah In Boomerang-Revenge0.218.3
44Men Of Judah Learn That War Is SunRay's Fault0.218.5
453000 Men of Judah Rush To SunRay At Hawk Rock0.118.6
46The Jews Arrest SunRay0.719.3
47The Jews Drag SunRay Up From Hawk Rock0.119.4
48SunRay Murders 1000 Palestinians w/ A Jawbone1.320.7
49SunRay Brags About The Jawbone-Massacre0.821.5
50God Opens A Water-Spring For SunRay To Drink1.823.3
51SunRay Leads Israel For 20 War-Torn Years0.123.4
52SunRay Sneaks Down To Enemy Gaza023.4
53SunRay Sleeps With A Whore In Gaza0.323.7
54A Tattle-Tale Spy Rats SunRay Out0.424.1
55SunRay Sees Philistines Amass At The Gates0.524.6
56SunRay Boffs Pagan Whores 'Til Midnight0.625.2
57SunRay Runs Out & Rips Off Gaza's City Gates126.2
58SunRay Runs Up. Then Downs The Palestinians!1.327.5
59SunRay Falls In Love At First Sight Of Delilah1.228.7
60SunRay And Delilah Make Love In A Pool0.529.2
61SunRay 'Loves' Delilah In A Wine Vat0.830


62Warlords Bribe Delilah To Get SunRay's Secret1.231.2
63SunRay Tells A Decoy Secret: Bowstrings1.132.3
64The Bowstring Plot Fails To Trap SunRay0.933.2
65SunRay Plants Decoy Secret #2: Fresh Ropes0.633.8
66The Fresh-Rope Attack Fails0.734.5
67SunRay Plants Decoy Secret #3: Hair-In-Loom1.235.7
68SunRay Busts The Wall W/ His Hair In The Loom1.236.9
69Delilah Wears SunRay Down & Steals His Secret1.338.2
70SunRay Brings Delilah Home0.338.5
71SunRay Sees Delilah Call The Warlords0.338.8
72Delilah Drugs SunRay0.339.1
73Delilah Shaves SunRay's Head0.739.8
74Delilah Tortures SunRay0.340.1
75The Philistines Blind & Jail SunRay040.1
76SunRay's Hair Starts Growing Back0.140.2
77Philistines Sacrifice In Their Fish-God Temple1.541.7
78Jailers Haul SunRay To The Temple Feast/Orgy0.241.9
79SunRay Demolishes The Temple, Killing Himself1.943.8
80SunRay's Dad Digs Him Out Of The Rubble0.244
81SunRay's Family Carries Him Back To Israel0.144.1
82SunRay's Family Bury Him0.344.4


83End Title Card