Father-Led Home Education

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DAD, kick empty-nester Mommy and Babysitter-Teacher out of the classroom. Get your kid reading, writing and knowing the bible fast so he can get to work helping YOU!

CHAPTERSPublished Min.
1Fire the teacher who slows down your child's learning0.20.2
2Dad, Quit Your Slave-Job & Work At Home0.20.4
3Get Your Kid's Mouth Offa Your Wife's T*t0.10.5
4Use A Computer Testing Tool To Measure & Enforce Daily Progress0.20.7
5Use An Interactive Visual Bible Education Tool0.20.9
6Explain The Rest Of The Subjects While You're Working & Playing0.31.2
7The Goal: 12-Grade Scoring By 8th Grade0.31.5
8Invest In Your Child's Interests0.21.7
9Acrostic Thank You Notes2.94.6
10Choose Your Educational Style1.66.2
11 Sex Ed Math28.2