Rapid Script Development

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Follow this simple roadmap to develop your production-ready script in the fastest possible time, to eliminate brain-fog, writer's-block, and barf-draft cleanup.

CHAPTERSPublished Min.
2Write A Blockbuster Title2.82.8
3Pick A Genre & Subgenre4.67.4
4Pick Your MPAA rating0.27.6
5Pick This Script's One & Only โ€œDear Viewerโ€2.19.7
6Identify Your Protagonist110.7
10Write A Lightning-Fast Synopsis1.613.3
11Inciting Incident0.313.6
12Act 2 Kickoff013.6
13Midpoint World-Rocker0.113.7
143rd Act Kickoff0.614.3
15Rough Step-Outline0.414.7
16Roller-Coaster Check0.315
17Fill-In Outline Steps0.515.5
18Write A โ€˜Fightโ€™ Inside Each Scene3.218.7
19Choose Temp Music For Each Scene4.222.9
20Write Each Scene, Listening To The Temp Music022.9
21Write Few Events, Then Stretch Them In Slo-Mo0.723.6
22Record Your Voice Speaking The Scene023.6
23Clarify All Modified Verbs And Nouns023.6
24Causal-Continuity Check023.6
25Active Protagonist Check0.223.8
26Protagonist POV Check023.8
27Resistance Check023.8
28Check Your Spelling & Punctuation1.625.4
29Trim the front and end of each scene025.4
30Visuality Check0.325.7
31Specificity Check025.7
32Consolidate Characters0.726.4
33Re-use Locations0.526.9
34Intra-Scene Causality-Check0.127
35Emotion Check1.328.3
36Arc Check028.3
37Profanity and Offensiveness Elimination0.328.6
38Brevity Check2.531.1
39Brevity Guidelines1.432.5
40For Brevity: Use The 6-Word Story technique0.332.8
41Re-Record The Entire Script032.8
42Optional: Drag In Sound Effects032.8
43Optional: Mix a Presentation Of Your Script032.8
44Pitch it! It's good!032.8
45Unusual And Conflict-Oriented Character Names1.133.9
46Can A Mistake-Filled Screenplay Win An Oscar?2.636.5