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Antique Attack

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A girl stranded at night in an antique mall must outsmart its evil owners to save herself and her family.

CHAPTERSPublished Min.




2Antsy Nancy Drives Her Mom Nuts0.20.2
3Mom Drags Antsy To The Car0.20.4
4Antsy Jumps From The Car, Sees Sue Ratly0.20.6
5Antsy Enrages The Amish Community0.20.8
6Banished, Antsy Wanders Into The Coffin-Room0.21
7The Amish Hay Cart Runs Over Antsy's Mom0.21.2
8The Police Rush Antsy To Her Dad0.21.4
9Antsy's Dad Falls Into Depression0.21.6
10Antsy Sees A Loan Shark Haul Her Dad Away0.21.8
11Antsy Wakes Up Alone, Has Scary Fantasies0.22
12Antsy Celebrates Being Home Alone0.22.2
13Antsy Nearly Burns The House Down0.22.4
14Firemen Come To The Door With Grandma0.22.6
15Grandma Drags Antsy To The Antique Mall0.22.8
16Grandma Buys Antsy A Bonnet And Amish Dress0.33.1
17Antsy Steals Grandma's Money0.23.3
18Antsy Pays For A Butch Haircut & Clothes0.23.5
19Antsy's Grandma has a heart attack0.23.7
20The store closes0.23.9


21Antsy Wakes, Terrified0.24.1
22Antsy Pigs Out And BB-Shoots The Antiques0.24.3
24Shark & His Goons Send In Sue Ratly0.24.7
25Sue Ratly Furious Over The Mess0.24.9
26Police Confusion0.25.1
27Antsy flees sue. Shelves Collapse. Scorpion0.25.3
28Sue Ratly Stalks Antsy With A Sword & Spear0.25.5
29Antsy Throws A Lit Lantern On Sue's Head0.25.7
30Sue Ratly Shoots Flaming Bows And Arrows At Antsy0.25.9
31Antsy In Wheelbarrow Crashes On Sue Ratly0.26.1
32Antsy Runs Away0.26.3
33Antsy repents0.26.5


34Antsy Shops For Food, Cop Chases Her0.26.7
35Antsy Steals A Car and Crashes Into The Store0.26.9
36Antsy Escapes, but Shark Catches her0.27.1
37Shark Drags Antsy Back To The Antiques Mall0.27.3
38Antsy Confesses and Begs For Mercy0.27.5
39Shark Prepares To Kill Antsy0.27.7
40Antsy Shoots The Bad Guy's balls0.27.9
41Antsy Slings A Bag Of Marbles Into Shark's Face0.28.1
42Antsy Falls0.28.3
43Shark Slips On The Marbles0.28.5
44Sue Ratly Runs In Mad, Falls on the Marbles0.28.7
45Antsy Runs away in Triumph, Crashes in Manure0.28.9
46Antsy chunks a manure shovel in Sue's face0.29.1
47Antsy Smashes Shark With An Old Drum Set0.29.3
48Antsy Slips On A toy train0.29.5


49Antsy Demolishes Sue With A Tricycle0.39.8
50Shark Traps Antsy In A Safe-Room0.210
51Antsy Chunks Vinyl records at Shark0.210.2
52Antsy Smashes Sue Ratly 0.210.4
53Antsy Gloats, Trips on Rocking Horses0.210.6
54Antsy Smashes Shark in the Face w/ Trumpet0.310.9
55Antsy Goes Out The Window, Sue Grabs Her Foot0.211.1
56Sue And Shark Fight Over Killing Antsy0.211.3
57Antsy Escapes On A Tractor; Sue Takes Control0.211.5
58Antsy Knocks Goons & Her Dad In The River0.211.7
59Antsy & Sue Triumph Over The Sharks, Save Dad0.211.9
60The Cops Roar Up, Arrest Shark & His Goons0.412.3
61Antsy & Sue wheel Grandma From Hospital0.212.5
62Sue Ratly Marries Dad0.212.7
63Antsy & Sue Hammer-Bust Dad Out Of Concrete0.313


64Antsy & Sue Roar Over The Hills0.213.2


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