Independent Media Internship Guidelines

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Graduate programs and finishing schools use this set of rules and processes to move students from school to professional work in the media industry.

CHAPTERSPublished Min.
1Focus On Doing Good Through Media Work0.80.8
2All The Rules Amount To One Word: Synergy0.81.6
3Self-Promotional Goals For Interns12.6
4Self-Awareness Goals For Interns1.23.8
5Holistic Health Goals For Interns1.14.9
6Media Ministry Internship Agreement2.37.2
7Necessary Equipment For Media Interns18.2
8Software For Media Development Interns0.78.9
9Why Does The Worker Give A 1 Month Notice?19.9
10Guidelines for Video Product Editing0.410.3
11Legal House Rules for a Living / Working Group0.310.6
12Sample House Rules: CLEANLINESS2.312.9
13Our Policies On Onsite Sex And Porn3.416.3
14Sample House Rules: COMMUNICATION1.617.9
15Sample House Rules: Work habits2.320.2
16Sample House Rules: COMPUTER & EQUIPMENT USE222.2
17Sample House Rules: Office Protocols3.425.6
18Sample House Rules: You Getting Paid631.6
19How Should I Prepare To Assist Your Work?1.232.8
20Your Media Career Demands Spiritual Strength2.235
21Why You Should Test Your Psychological Type / Personality5.940.9
22Want To Work In Media? Get A Mentor / Internship2.243.1
23Mission Statement Of The Media Mission
24Titles Are Earned, Not Bestowed
25OLD DOCUMENT: Intern/ Assistant Program
26Can I get this sort of education at my own home or at other studios