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More answers to interesting questions that don't fit neatly into any other category.

CHAPTERSPublished Min.
1Who is this website for?
2How To Write Computer Code (Even If You're Not A Programmer)
3How to Rip From the Complete Works DVD
4DVD not playing correctly?
5Links to More Troy and Genie Gifts For You
6Links to all albums, even the out of print and unfinished ones
7Letter of Apology to Offended Viewer (humor)
8Return and Refund Policy
9Amish Questions
10Treat People Like Dogs
11 Land Scouting Checklist
12 You Have Talent in Media, You Can Make Money In Real Estate
13 Self-Sufficiency; 100 items That Disappear First in Calamities
14Licensing our music for noncommercial, small number 1.31.3
15Bulk Ordering1.93.2
16Other Ways to Get Our Work14.2
17Why Children's ministry is the most effective way to change the world5.69.8
18Programming Warmth and Connection into Group meetings2.812.6
19Photoshop Secrets113.6
20What of your songs are nonreligious?1.415
21What are videotrax?116
22How to move to farm country218
23How To Castrate Animals321
24Korean Thank You Notes & Compliments0.321.3
25Links to Buy Troy and Genie's CD's from CDBABY1.222.5
26You May Have A Stressful Job if...0.322.8
27Sixteen Things That it Took Me 50 Years to Learn - by Dave Barry
29What do you think about when working on a new album?
30Lights for a nice warm natural flesh tone?
31Nixon's Final Remarks At The White House
32Flat-roof design building notes
34English Is Tough . . . Poem (Long)
35Lifebase Web Description