Why I'm No Longer A Mormon

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What's good and not-so-good about Mormonism, from someone who knows from personal experience everything you'd want to know about Mormonism.

CHAPTERSPublished Min.
1*Lay off the poor Mormons!
2Resignation letter to the Mormon Church
3*RACISM Quotes from Established Mormon Leaders
4Mean things said by Mormon leaders against non-Mormon Believers
5Pagan occult worship symbols
6The Mormon Follies
7Mark Twain On The Book Of Mormon1.31.3
8U.S. Commissioner Of Education Agrees with Mark Twain0.92.2
9Tithing Settlement Letter2.64.8
10God the Father had sex with Mary, say B.Y. and J.S.4.29
11Shocking Temple Vows0.89.8
12Mormon/Utah Social Statistics1.611.4
13Book Of Abraham, Complete and Proven Fraud314.4
14Instructions on Masturbation From a Guide to Mormon Youth3.217.6
15Smithsonian Institute statement on the Book Of Mormon4.622.2
16Temple nightmare for boy1.223.4
17ex-mormon girl harassed by parents0.724.1
18Daughter became a different person2.526.6
19Forcing people to see the truth?0.627.2