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How Big Pharma pays their fearnographer media drones to scare the whole world into illogically locking down, wearing muzzles, and destroying the global economy in mindless reaction to alleged viruses that pose no significant threat to healthy people.

CHAPTERSPublished Min.
1 Psychiatrist Andrew Kaufman & RFK Jr. On Forced Vax
2 Troy Casey Bikini Mask Freedom LA Rally Movie
4Jacobson v Mass. Fails To Justify Mass Quarantine & Vaccination
5 You Are Healthy Until Proven Sick
6Political & Medical Control Can't Stop Viruses
7Viruses Are The Healthy Body’s Friends
8Brave New World Exposes Big Pharma's Evils
9 How The Bible Says To Fight Corona Viruses
10 Media Fearmongers Hype Death Reports
11 Burn That Nasty Face-Mask!
12Quarantine Lockdown Protest Songs
13Fascist Government Health Advice
14Why Face Masks Don't Work
15 The Single Most Important Pandemic Statistic
16 The True Meaning Behind The Corona Virus Hype
17Clarifying Order Against Future Mass Quarantine
18Subliminal Messaging Hidden In Plain Sight