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Statistics and insights proving that the entire world's population, like a frog in a slowly-heated pot, has been gradually deceived into becoming enslaved in demonic, insane debt-schemes that will result in the end of the world.

CHAPTERSPublished Min.
1The FrogPot Principle
2Mass Legal Hallucination : The Whole World Is Decieved
4Total Credit Market Debt
5Total Household Debt
6Dollar Erosion
7 Old Macdonald lost his farm
8 Little Miss Muffet
9 You Are Boiling in a Frog-Pot of Invisible Contracts
10 All the Gold On Earth Equals Less Than 1/4 of the U.S. National Debt
11Dictionary: New Words for a New World Order
12 Property Tax Is A Neighborhood Association Fee
13How to get out of paying property tax
14 How did Property tax develop?
15War = Debt = Tax
16The Cost of War to the American Taxpayer
17Unbacked Paper Money is Financial Suicide2.22.2
18Simple Explanation Of Why The Economy Will Crash0.62.8
19FAQ on getting out of invisible contracts3.26
20The United States is bankrupt and you're Servicing the debt by your labor28
21American Taxes - Beyond Insanity1.79.7
22America by the numbers: No. 1?7.817.5
23The $44 Trillion Abyss2.820.3
24 You do not own "your" land or your house!1.221.5
25 Is Your Home Your PRIVATE Property? No.1.623.1
26 The 23RD CHANNEL1.324.4
27You Forfeit Your Rights When You Apply For Licenses0.925.3
28Billy Joel Laments America's Fall1.326.6
298th Grade Test From 18954.831.4
308th Grade Test From 1895 -Answers46.577.9
318th Grade Test From 1895 -Geography Answers26.8104.7
32Think economics, not elections2.2106.9
33DEBATE: A "Christian" nation?4.9111.8
34Notice Of Recission and Denial Of Benefits