On Health

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Health secrets from the Amish, the hippies, the Bible and from learned masters from all over the earth, with a focus on natural miracles that brought Genie and Troy back from near death, both in America and in the 3rd world.

CHAPTERSPublished Min.
1โญโญโญโญ Goat Milk Baby Formula Recipe
2More Answers To Mother's Questions About Raw Goat Milk
3Baby Not Gaining Weight
4โญโญโญโญ Comfrey: YAH's Alternative to Antibiotics For Skin Diseases and Burns
5โญโญโญโญ Natural Cough Remedies
6โญโญโญโญ Aloe : Love Lubricant From Heaven
7โญโญโญโญ How Dare We Post this Racy Aloe Lubricant Info Here?
8Natural Sources Of Potassium For Lowering Blood Pressure3.83.8
9A Multifactorial, Natural Approach To Lowering Blood Pressure 8.312.1
10Under-Reported Complications of Blood Pressure Medications1.813.9
11How We Conquer Kidney/ Urinary Tract Infections316.9
12โญโญโญ Baking Soda (Sodium Bicarbonate) Is Your Deodorant / Anti-Perspirant Miracle From The Bible0.417.3
13โญโญโญโญ How to Make Cream Cheese To Feed The Malnourished4.421.7
14โญโญโญ Why You Get Sicker Eating Healthy Greens1.723.4
15Verses On Healing Personalized For Your Sick Friend1.725.1
16Make your own natural toothpaste!227.1
17โญโญโญ You need Calcium, but you're being blocked2.229.3
18Letter To Loved One Regarding Her Elective Hysterectomy Decision332.3
19Natural Alternatives To Root Canals335.3
20Worldy Food vs. Earthly Food3.739
21Natural Termite Control12.751.7
22Natural, Non-Toxic Pesticides0.151.8
23โญโญโญ Genie: SALUD NATURAL: Una historia de curaciรณn3.755.5
24โญโญโญ Uses for Urine (pee)2.457.9
25The Writer Of Les Miserables Praises Humanure (Composting Toilets)0.658.5
26Things that Could Help Unclog Your Ear0.258.7
27Sacred Feasts & Healing Massage Are Connected2.561.2
28Stay Away From Doctors if at all possible3.164.3
29Possible Natural Cures For Pneumonia1.966.2
30Natural Mosquito repellents0.366.5
31Natural bedding0.667.1
32OPERATION JOSEPH IN EGYPT - Dry Food Storage0.867.9
33natural remedy for stomach pain0.268.1
34Alternatives to Chemotherapy and Radiation for Cancer1.269.3
35How to make natural sanitary napkins0.469.7
36The Living Food Secret0.670.3
37Sanguinaria-Mint Mouthwash Recipe3.473.7
39Mouth and tongue sores, cankers1.675.5
40How You Can Trap Rats Even If you Have No Money0.676.1
41Where There Is No Doctor0.576.6
42Things You Want Removed From Your Water1.778.3
44Natural Remedy for Ovarian Cysts1.280.7
45Genie's music as a sleep Aid0.280.9
46Women's Safety Tips4.685.5
47THE Water FAQ 41.3126.8
48CDC, EPA Issue Drinking water Guidance For People with Weakened Immune Systems 4130.8
50Ten Lies About Health3.7136.8
52The 10 most useless operations3.6143.1
53โญโญโญ THE TOP 10 MEDICAL MYTHS2.8145.9
54How To Relieve Your Psoriasis - Naturally1.7147.6
55How To Break Your Coffee Addiction0.3147.9
56In The Beginning: The Creation Of Food1.9149.8
57Holistic Dentist discusses Diagnosing the Root Causes of Illnesses23.3173.1
58Mercury In Fish (notes)1174.1
59Iron overload tests0.3174.4
60Home Water Quality and Safety61.2235.6
61Carbon Water FIlters0.6236.2
62Natural Allergy Treatments
63Ear Candles / Ear Candling
64Plants which are said to improve air quality
65amalgam removal, dental mercury notes
66Toxic Teeth, Toxic Body, re: Mercury fillings