All Commands of Yahshua (Jesus)

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Every command that Jesus ever spoke, briefly listed and explained. Jesus said if you want to go to heaven, you have to do these things, so it's worth your time to memorize them.

CHAPTERSPublished Min.
2Love YAH, heart, mind, soul, and strength
3Love your neighbor (anyone near you) as yourself
4Hate The Life That The Evil World-System Offers You
5Obey The Golden Rule
6Keep the Commandments of the Father as Spoken by Christ
7'Love your enemies.' (Luke 6:27)
8Do good to the people who hate you. (Luke 6:27)
9Do not commit adultery. (Matt 19:18)
10Don't entertain lustful thoughts
11Give Up Sex (If You Can)
12Do not kill, stay angry or insult anyone
13Do not steal. (Matt 19:18)
14Avoid Committing Fraud (Mark 10:19)
15Never bear false witness. (Matt 19:18)
16Bless those that curse you (Luke 6:27)
17Pray for those who despitefully use you. (Luke 6:27)
18Turn the other cheek
19Give the bully double what he demands
20Flee When Persecuted
21Never Seek Restitution
22Lend, yet do not ask for to be repaid, nor charge interest
23Leave your worldly work (job) and follow him
24Do Yahweh's Work
25Do Not Control Others, Especially Don't Institute A "Judeo-Christian Government"
26Do Not Serve as Judge, Prosecutor, Jurist, or Executioner0.80.8
27Hate Fame/ Fortune, the Goddess of Wealth and Prosperity0.21
28Call no one on earth 'Doctor,' 'Teacher', 'Rabbi'0.61.6
29Call no man on the earth 'father', 'sir', 'sire', etc.0.42
30Don't be called 'Masters' 0.22.2
31Never Let Anyone (TV, Church, Government) Fool You0.32.5
32Never Build Monuments To Killer-Heroes0.63.1
33Beware Mixing Religion With National Politics1.24.3
34Do Not Participate In Legal Judgments or Politics0.14.4
35Pay Taxes If Lawfully Due, Also Sometimes When Not1.76.1
36Choose Positions Of Dishonor0.16.2
37Don't respect worldly leaders, movies, music, etc.0.16.3
38Reject All Government Benefits In Devotion To Yah1.88.1
39Never Honor Corrupt Mortals; Seek Heaven's Honor0.28.3
40Admit That The World-System, Even Christendumb, is Evil0.48.7
41Execute No Punishment, Especially No Capital Punishment0.18.8
42Tell People To Leave The Evil World System And Enter Righteousness0.39.1
43Do Not Fight In The Wars Of Men0.29.3
44Prepare To Be Hated & Killed For Speaking & Doing Christ's Orders0.39.6
45 Daily Carry And Expose The Weapon Which Will be Used To Kill You1.310.9
46Don't Fear Murderers, Rapists, Terrorists, Bombers, etc.0.111
47Fear And Respect Yahweh, The Only Killer Who Matters0.111.1
48Honor your father and your mother. (Matt 19:18)011.1
49 Speak Only The Words Of Your Father In Heaven0.912
50Come Drink Yahshua's Living-Water Words0.112.1
51Be Spirit born (Begotten From Above)0.512.6
52Read Yah's Every Word To Live0.413
53Do Not Charge Commercially For Your Ministry Or Products0.213.2
54Honor Marriage As A Direct (Non-Governmental) Covenant0.413.6
55Do Not Divorce; And Don't Marry Divorced People0.414
56Don't cause your spouse to commit adultery by separating0.414.4
57Divorce Only Your Fiancee, Relative, A Same Sex Human, Or A Beast0.915.3
58Do Not Manipulate Yah To Do Your Will0.115.4
59Bring the Truth To the Poor Free Of Charge015.4
60'Heal the Brokenhearted.' (Luke 4:18)015.4
61Set People Free (In All Ways)0.515.9
62Open The Eyes of The Blind. (Luke 4:18)015.9
63Set Free The Innocent Who Are Incarcerated0.116
64 You, yes you: Sell your possessions & give to the poor4.320.3
65Sell all your possessions and give to the poor4.925.2
66Give to every man that asks of you. (Luke 6:30)0.625.8
67Give money away0.326.1
68Give up and forsake everything you have0.626.7
69Give alms (gifts to the needy) in secret026.7
70Stay financially poor13.640.3
71Do not seek or store, treasures, wealth and property0.240.5
72Deny yourself0.140.6
73Surrender your earthly life0.140.7
74Do not focus on having a home on this earth0.140.8
75Do not want, desire, or covet anything of the earth0.241
76Don't think about food0.641.6
77Don't think about clothes0.141.7
78Preach that the Creator's doors are open and he is welcoming repentant sinners with open arms041.7
79Seek and herald the kingdom of Yah (Luke 4:43)0.241.9
80Do not force-mix Old Covenant and New0.442.3
81Teach only to people who want to hear0.242.5
82Stay humble0.142.6
83Stay hungry, by eating light and fasting0.142.7
84Nurture a hunger and thirst for righteousness042.7
85Avoid entertainment, idle humor, pleasure, gain and comfort0.242.9
86Live in mourning0.143
87Be Merciful0.143.1
88Be a peacemaker0.143.2
89Rejoice when you are persecuted0.743.9
90Do not be a man pleaser who seeks people's praise0.144
91Be salt (Matt 5:13)044
92Be light (Matt 5:14044
93Do not decide by appearances: find the facts0.144.1
94Condemn not044.1
95You absolutely MUST Forgive0.544.6
96Be reconciled before you pray0.344.9
97Make peace quickly with an enemy0.245.1
98Pay off all debts immediately; incur no debt0.345.4
99Swear no oaths1.146.5
100Don't Resist Evil people0.146.6
101Seek to be perfect0.146.7
102Fix yourself; Do not major on others' faults 0.146.8
103Pray in secret. (Matt 6:6)046.8
104Fast in secret. (Matt 6:16)046.8
105Do the Father's will; you can't be saved unless you do it0.247
106Do what Yahshua said to do0.147.1
107Don't think calling Jesus 'Lord' Gets you saved0.247.3
108Beware of people. (MT.10:17)0.447.7
109When arrested do not plan a speech0.147.8
110Die for Yah and His Son0.147.9
111Submit humbly to the Yoke of Yahshua0.148
112Do not speak foolish, nasty, idle words0.148.1
113Beware of worry and the deceitfulness of riches0.248.3
114Do not have anything to do with false teachers; don't even fight them0.448.7
115Pass on the keys of the kingdom (these commandments)0.148.8
116You must become like a child0.249
117Watch (Matt 24:42)049
118Feed the people the Gospel (Matt 24:45)049
119Stay separated, sober, and hungry0.149.1
120Use it or lose it0.249.3
121Feed the hungry049.3
122Clothe the naked049.3
123Visit the sick 049.3
124Visit the prisoners 049.3
125Help foreigners in your land049.3
126Be careful what you listen to0.249.5
127Shake the dust off your feet when leaving people who refuse Yah's words0.249.7
128Do not teach man made traditions0.350
129Don't let the war-hype control you0.250.2
130Show hospitality and affection0.450.6
131Love much; you will be forgiven much 0.150.7
132Let your light shine0.351
133Hear the word of Yah and do it. (Luke 8:21) 051
134Be kind to children0.351.3
135pray for fellow harvest laborers0.151.4
136Be as gentle as a lamb among wolves0.151.5
137Do not fuss when offered food0.151.6
138Know Yah0.452
139Worship only YHVH, not Jesus0.352.3
140LORD'S PRAYER: Pray to the Father, not to "Jesus" (Luke 10:2)052.3
141Teach the Father's name: "YHVH" (pronounced Yahweh, Yahovah, Yah, etc.)0.252.5
142Pray for his Kingdom to come to the earth0.352.8
143Pray for his will to be done on the earth. (Luke 10:2)052.8
144Pray for your simple daily bread. (Luke 10:3)052.8
145Pray for your sins to be forgiven (Luke 10:4)052.8
146Pray to see the way out of temptations. (Luke 10:4)052.8
147Ask and it shall be given. (Luke 10:9)052.8
148Seek and you shall find. (Luke 10:9)052.8
149Knock and the door shall be opened to you.0.253
150Ask for a portion of Father's spirit0.153.1
151Gather people to Yahshua0.153.2
152Do not repeat your past sins0.553.7
153Hear the word of Yah and keep it. (Luke 10:28)053.7
154Keep your eyes focused only on the Father0.253.9
155Clean the inside and outside of yourself0.154
156Do not hoard, lock away or sell knowledge; give freely0.254.2
157Tell men about Yahshua054.2
158Never deny Yahshua0.154.3
159Never blaspheme against the Father0.154.4
160Be firmly convinced of Yahshua's words054.4
161Be ready; prepare for the Master's return0.254.6
162Invite the Poor to your meals, gatherings, homes0.154.7
163Leave your comfort zone and actively invite all people0.355
164Be an innocent child0.255.2
165Seek out the lost ones0.255.4
166Speak all the time about the KINGDOM of YAH0.455.8
167Press into the kingdom055.8
168Feed beggars earthly food and spiritual food0.256
169Meekly confront those who offend you0.156.1
170Ask in faith0.256.3
171When you Pray be humble, not pompous056.3
172Prepare for delay before the Master returns0.456.7
173Work hard for Yah or lose it all0.256.9
174Be Patient0.157
175Stay Calm0.157.1
176Stay peaceful and cheerful in tribulations0.257.3
177Avoid the last pit-fall (pride)0.357.6
178Preach repentance and forgiveness of sins to all nations in Yahshua's name0.157.7
179Do not preach condemnation, but rescue0.358
180Do not worship Yah with rituals0.158.1
181Teach about being ransomed, not about 'blood sacrifice'1.359.4
182Teach that Yahshua, (and his spirit-words), are the only door to the father0.459.8
183Approach the Sabbath (rest) rationally, not religiously0.560.3
184Honor the son0.160.4
185Labor for eternal things not earthly0.260.6
186Do the Will of Yah0.461
187Eat, breathe, sleep, do, and live the words of Yahshua0.261.2
188Lovingly obey his words and take in his spirit (eat his flesh and drink his blood)0.261.4
189Learn what's true by testing the Father's commands0.261.6
190Do not seek your own fame, but YHVH's0.161.7
191Do not remain a slave of sin0.161.8
192Keep on obeying (it leads to life)0.161.9
193Love with the kind of love Yahshua lived0.162
194Love Yahshua (by doing what he said)0.262.2
195Live in Yahshua and bring glory to the Father0.162.3
196Live in Yahshua's love0.162.4
197Be Yahshua's Friends by keeping these commands0.162.5
198Be Yahshua's family by keeping these commands062.5
199Pray to the Father in Yahshua's name0.162.6
200Do not be offended by Yahshua or the Gospel0.162.7
201Go and teach the whole world to obey these commandments0.463.1
202Keep obeying or you don't love him0.964
203Things Jesus Never Commanded0.364.3
204Compiled by Robert Roberg064.3
205Why Christ Calls You To Quit Your Worldly Job7.972.2
206The World [vs. the earth] by Richard Anthony1385.2