Money Secrets Of Jesus

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What Would Jesus Do With Money? Not what most 'Christians' do, that's for sure.

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1Manage What You Have
2Take Nothing From The Nations
3Derive your Security from investing in needy people
4How A Priest Handles Taxes
5Break Out Of The Income / Investment Trap
6Owe no man anything
7Do not participate in central benefit schemes
8Your Job Is To Find People Worthy of Your Generosity
9Sell Your Possessions AND Give To The Poor
10Cooperate with the Miraculous
11Settle Disputes Immediately
12Make no contractual promises
13Use ONLY 3rd party testimonials
14Do right, and prepare for the windfall
15Ask, and you shall receive
16Fire the Unproductive
17Be neither employee nor employer
18Do the work of Him Who sends You
19Do nothing in Your Own Name
20Pay in Gold and Silver (and other substance) not paper money77
21*Never become legally liable for your church's debt29
22Successful Philanthropy: A 'Simple' Secret Recipe2.911.9
23*Who We Give Money To5.217.1
24*Business Principles14.531.6
25Ethical Business Ideas1.132.7
26Live Without Taking Income Or Asking For Money1.334
27Forget Real Estate: Live In A Van!0.934.9
28How Can You Live Without Insurance?2.437.3
29Middle-Class Is Below The Poverty Line1.338.6
30You are rich
31Appendix: Trusts are better than corporations or personal-name contracts
32Comments About Money and Jesus
33Appendix: Real Estate Investing Principles
34Appendix: Real Estate Investing Part 2
35Appendix: Designs for Kingdom Of Heaven Coins
36Reference Coin Designs