True Stories From The Jungle (Mission Journal)

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More trauma Troy & Genie suffer trying to save the 3rd world.

CHAPTERSPublished Min.
1*Needs Of Neglected Children At The Music Monastery
2Beating My Head Against the Wall of AmeriChristianISM
3What we learned from the Death Threats
4Comments on the Death Threat Account
5Defining The Mission1.91.9
6Frequently Asked Questions1.43.3
7Long Term Plans1.44.7
8Supplies Graciously Provided0.24.9
9Clothes-Making 3rd-world Mission1.36.2
10The AmeriChristians Unite ... To Do Nothing At All5.711.9
11Tarantula Hotel0.712.6
12Beaten Slashed Wife with Club-foot Boy0.813.4
13The Reality of 3rd-world Orphan Adoption5.719.1
1412 Year Old Street "Orphan"2.621.7
16*I see America's Missionaries... WHERE ARE YAH'S MISSIONARIES?2.425
17Dying, Let's Go Home To America1.126.1
18Rescued by Mennonites1.427.5
19*Leaving the Mennonite Farm5.332.8
20Struck By Lightning234.8
21*The Killer Storm0.735.5
22Peanut Refugees1.136.6
23Letter from a Visiting Friend describing the Mission Base1.638.2
24Jungle Mission Diet0.839
25*The wife-killer at the door at midnight1.740.7
26Feral Children (Human Animals)1.642.3
27Baby Plays With The Killer's Machete1.243.5
28*Black Men Want Your Phone245.5
29You wake up in the morning and you...2.147.6
30Testing The Limits Of Voluntary Poverty1.449
31A Life Of Independence (Tour Of The Monastery)1.550.5
32*Child-Mother Beats Girl for Playing Sex-Games4.555
33How To Help People Without Doing Evil1.956.9
34Hole In The Skull0.957.8
35The Roof Flies Off2.660.4
36Drummer Stabbed1.461.8
37Fighting Haitian Fires: I Become The Government3.365.1