About The Cinematic Bible

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Information about the intense, hard-hitting, never-boring bible translation by a Hollywood Screenwriter.

CHAPTERSPublished Min.
1What Textual Bases Does The Cinematic Bible Use?
2WHAT IS THE __Cinematic__ BIBLE?
3 The Bible is a movie
4Leaders Rave About Personalized Bibles
5Genie Introduces You To Troy's Cinematic Bible
7Read The Bible In A Week0.71.4
8God's WORD is a movie, not a sermon0.72.1
9A Bible Written For Filmmakers & Game Writers2.74.8
10Who This Bible Offends1.56.3
11 Why Do We Need Another Bible Translation?2.79
12Bad Bible Translator: A Short Film Script110
13The Y H V H . NAME Translation Is A Law Journal of The Bible0.710.7
14 KJV Errors Fixed in this Bible4.815.5
15 What Makes A Dream Bible Translation6.221.7
16A Cross Between A Scholarly Bible And A Hollywood Screenplay1.623.3
17Cinematic Bible FAQ3.426.7
18A Bible Scholar Explores The Cinematic Bible329.7
19The Bible is an Anti-Religious book2.332
20Themes From Thompson Chain30.562.5
21Comments From Cinematic Bible Readers1.463.9
22Why The Bible Is Worth Your Time13.577.4
23Another list of themes2.479.8
24God does not speak in poor-quality Greek2.782.5
25Verily verily I say unto you... sucks0.583
26The Cinematic Bible's Hebrew Theological Base2.485.4
27AKV Back copy text1.286.6
28Why Translate the Bible in 'Screenplay-Time"?6.192.7
29What does 'Tabernacle of the testimony' mean?0.993.6
30Reference Materials Used In This Translation295.6
31Bible Statistics2.698.2