Troy and Genie Fight For YOUR Right To Travel

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Lessons Troy & Genie learn as they fight, sometimes tragically, heroically, and sometimes comically, to increase your right to travel freely around the globe, without the 'Mark Of The Beast.'

CHAPTERSPublished Min.
1 Airline Angel and the Escape From Amerika
2You Can Enter The U.S. Without Biometric Passports
3We Fight To Travel Back Overseas To The Mission
4 Homeland Security Chief Gets Us A Boat Ride
5Fighting To Travel Back To Do Haiti Aid
6 Miracle Mystery Man Gives Us A Car
7What Does The Right To Travel Have to Do With Christianity?
9 Fundmental Laws: Your Right To Travel Without A Passport3.88.6
10Legal Questions And Answers29.237.8
11General Right To Travel Case Citations6.444.2
12 Flying Out Of The 3rd World Without Biometric Passports4.448.6
13 Returning to "Homeland Insanity" Without A Biometric Passport9.257.8
14 Cop Stops Genie; Genie Zips her Lips10.968.7
15 License, registration, and insurance- 3 traps2.971.6
16 Travel Control Is Just Part Of The One-World Money System6.978.5
17You Do Not Need To Show I.D. To Fly0.679.1
18How You Feel During The Fight For The Right To Travel1.880.9
19American Airlines Declares War On The Kingdom of Heaven2.783.6
20 The Consul General2.986.5
21Homeland Security Cops Reveal That Buying and Selling Is The Issue, Not Travel288.5
22 Letter To Amish Bishop re: Biometrics and private boats2.691.1
23 What Is A Passport?3.194.2
24What Freedom in Christ Really Means2.997.1
25Biometric Passport Is one Of The Marks Of The Beast1.898.9
26 Right To Drive Without A State License7.5106.4
27What Is A License?1.2107.6
28You Need No More License To Drive A Car Than A Horsecart3.9111.5
29Driver's Licenses Are Necessitated By Contract, Not By Law1.8113.3
30How To Use The Roads Without A License1.5114.8
31Automobile vs. Motor Vehicle: What's the Difference?3117.8
32The DMV Can Deny You A Licence, But They Can't Deny Your Right To Drive4.6122.4
33Court Citations On Rights In General1.4123.8
34Mission Trips Without Passports2125.8
35Counsel to Flyers Who Object to Biometric I.D.7.3133.1
36An Example of Due Process1.1134.2
37 True Kingdom Missionaries Have Always Been Hampered In Travel2.3136.5
39Travel Denial Evidence Collection Form