On Marriage and Divorce

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Insight from the scriptures and from the authors' lives, as to what makes a good marriage, and how and why to avoid the absolutely demonic and impermissible horror of divorce.

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1G's Mom and Dad Get Divorced
2Our Fellowship's Policy On Divorce & Remarriage
3 How To Have S-x (How To M_ke L_ve)
4Honey, Let's M*ke L*ve: No, Slow, Grow, & Go!
5 Her Hot-Rod-Bod Is A Bunch of Goo-tubes
6BUY Your right to criticize With * 9 * Compliments
7 Marriage Is Private, NO PRIEST, NO LICENSE
8 A Pastor Explains Why You Should Never Get A Marriage License
9Private Agreement vs. Marriage License?
10 A Court Clerk Explains Why You Should NOT Get A Marriage License
11 "Ceremonial Marriage License" Trap
12Divorce does not solve marriage license problem1.31.3
13Quick Answers about the fantasy of 'Re-Marriage"3.44.7
14Premarital Sex : Quick Answers26.7
15Quick Answers About Divorce1.38
16 Dear Loved One, Please Don't "Remarry" That Divorced Guy 2.910.9
17divorce: Porneia-Divorce refers to incestuous relationships2.413.3
18divorce: Covenants Can Never Be Broken417.3
19 Adultery Does Not Cancel Your Wedding Vows!4.621.9
20Proof The Bible Says Wives Can Never Divorce Their Husbands3.725.6
21Divorce: Should 'remarried' couples divorce?1136.6
22Divorce: Remarriage is adulterous polygamy3.740.3
23divorce: You ended your un-scriptural "marriage" to the divorcee, but now what?1.341.6
24divorce: Return to First Spouse?2.343.9
25divorce: What to do if your spouse Cheats2.346.2
26Divorce: What TO DO After re-marriage?2.648.8
27divorce: The Vow is Inviolable2.451.2
28divorce: YHVH Hates Divorce, With Papers or Without!2.153.3
29Do not Vote/Lobby for "Marriage Amendments"1.554.8
30 No Oath - No Lie Wedding Vows256.8
31 Divorce Facts and Analysis2.559.3
32Divorce and ReMarriage in The Bible4.163.4
33Divorce: How to cope with an unbelieving spouse467.4
34How to understand your mate0.868.2
35What makes a marriage?0.468.6
36The Husband Program