A Monotheistic Interpretation of the Trinity Doctrine

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An attempt to stop the petty fighting between Monotheists and Trinitarians.

CHAPTERSPublished Min.
1 When Discussing the Trinity, Draw A Picture!
2How NOT to draw a picture of the Trinity
3 Renowned Christian Leaders Disavow The Trinity
4Trinitarians And Strict Monotheists: Let's All Be Brothers2.22.2
5Words that don't exist in the scripture are fictions13.2
6John 1:1 - As seen by A Monotheist1.34.5
7 John 1 as Translated by 24 Translations15.319.8
8In what sense does Yahushua = Elohim (God)?1.120.9
9The Son gets his glory from the Father5.526.4
10YHVH = King, Yahshua = PRINCE1.928.3
11Define What you Mean By "Trinity," Or Avoid The Word3.631.9
12The Son and Father are one, like the Believers are one3.535.4
13Equivalence of Son and Father? John 5:18-243.338.7
14Your Word/Memory Is "You" Yet Distinct from You4.142.8
15The Beginnings & Endings of Epistles Are Monotheistic4.347.1
16MONOTHEISM: If the Apostles had taught the Trinity, they would have been stoned2.249.3
17Jesus Speaks In The Father's Authority In The Book Of Revelation3.152.4
18New Testament Verses Supporting Strict Monotheism5.758.1
19Athanasian Trinity Is A Mind-Control Device6.564.6
20MONOTHEISM: holy or heresy?18.883.4
21MONOTHEISM: Phil 2:6 disproves strict Monotheism? Think again...2.686
22MONOTHEISM: A Monotheist dissects a Trinity seminary lesson9.895.8
23MONOTHEISM: Athanasian Creed = Roman Catholic Mush4.2100