On The Sacred Name of YHVH and Yahshua

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Shocking revelation of the true Names of your Creator & His Messiah - names which for thousands of years the devil & his lying religious scribes have erased from history to keep you from touching the exciting, liberating, dangerous power of HaShem.

CHAPTERSPublished Min.
1Warning: Misuse of The Sacred Names Could Get You Killed0.50.5
2 Who is Y H V H?5.76.2
3Y H W H is a variant spelling of Y H V H0.16.3
4 Greek Ho Theos (the God) = YHVH (The Father)5.511.8
5 Who Is Yahshua?1.713.5
6Yeshua or Yahshua?2.916.4
7 What Does 'Adonai' Mean?1.117.5
8YahUshua or Yahshua? Is The 'U' Important?0.718.2
9WHO is Elohim?1.920.1
10'LORD' = BAAL1.121.2
11'Jesus' May Be The Name Of A Pagan God3.925.1
12Amen is the Name of a False Pagan God4.729.8
13Does Your Bible Handle God's Name Right?0.530.3
14 'God' is the Name of a Pagan God, So Why Say 'Gawd?'1.431.7
15Why Do Commercial Bibles Ban The Creator's Name?1.132.8
16Allah means Al ilΓ‘h, THE [only] God2.235
17What’s in a Name? (Jesus/Yahshua)4.539.5
18 A Wealth Of Info From Ancient Hebrew47.286.7
19Discussion About Scriptures On The Creator's NAME8.495.1
20 Jesus' REAL Name is Yahshua5.2100.3
21Learn and Speak the Hebrew Words: YHWH and Elohim1.3101.6
22More On The Name YHWH2.5104.1
23Does the Name in which you pray or refer to the One True God matter?1.2105.3
24How To Pronounce Yahweh YHWH13.5118.8
25Can We Say "God" And "Jesus" To The Uneducated?1.3120.1
26Dios/Theos = Zeus, the Greek Sun God0.9121
27Pat Robertson Also Supports The Sacred Names1.1122.1
28Greek translation / mutilation of the Name of The One True Elohim and His Son2.6124.7
29Why Does The Greek New Testament Say "Jesus" and "God"?0.9125.6
30Is 'Abba' YHVH's Name?0.5126.1
31YAH's relation to Sumerian gods1.7127.8
32Nazarenes and the Name of YHWH
33More on The Name BAAL/LORD Substituted for Y H V H
34The Name and The News