The ProBiotics

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Teenage Charity teams up with micro-superheroes to save her true-love Jock from the antibiotic-crazy world!

CHAPTERSPublished Min.


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4President Warns U.N. AMR Is A Global Epidemic0.80.8
5Baby Charity's Parents Conceive Her In Love1.72.5
6In The Womb, Charity Grows w/ Probiotic Pals1.13.6
7Doctor Delivers Baby Charity But Her Mom Dies3.57.1
8 Nurse Nazzi Cruelly Vaccinates Baby Charity3.110.2
9Nurse Nazzi Evicts GrandMother From Hospital1.111.3
10Grandma Charité Feeds Baby Commercial Formula1.612.9
11Doctor Forbids Goat Milk, Pushes Laxatives3.516.4
12Baby Charity Gets Sick On Every Baby Formula1.718.1
13Botched Vaccine Kills Jacqueline's Baby Girl1.219.3
14Charité Steals Dodd's Car, Rams Sgt. Pharma1.420.7
15Grandma Charité Gets Goat Milk From The Amish2.423.1
16Charité Escapes w/ Baby Charity, Crashes Car1.424.5
17 Charité Flees To Keep Charity From Jacqueline1.926.4
184 Years Later: 'Amish-Doctor' Charité Busted2.428.8
19Charity, Charité & Jock Escape Thru Hills0.729.5


20Jock & Charity & Grandmother Injured At River2.632.1
21Doctor Pumps Little Jock Full Of Antibiotics1.133.2
22Jock, Charity & Charité Sicken In The I.C.U.4.737.9
23Charity Runs From Her Grandmother's Funeral1.439.3
24 Little Jock & Charity Share Their 1st Kiss2.441.7
25Jacqueline Separates Jock From Charity1.743.4
26Charity & Jock Grow Up In Forbidden Love144.4
2715 Year Old Charity Escapes To See Jock Race1.245.6
28 Bad Cheerleader Feeds Jock A Bad Hot Dog1.647.2
29 MikeRobe & Flora Battle Hot-Dog Salmonella4.952.1
30Charity Sneaks Probiotic Goo Into Jock's Room153.1
31 Jock & Charity Dance, Angering Cheerleader1.654.7
32Jock's Mom Invites Charity On African Mission1.456.1
33Jock Flies Charity & Jacqueline to Africa2.158.2
34Jacqueline Passes Out Antibiotic Lollipops1.960.1
35Jock & Charity Nearly Kiss In The Tent1.761.8
36Jacqueline Abandons Charity In Africa1.863.6


37Charity & Nurse Nazzi War For Mission Control3.366.9
38 Charity & Little Anthony Trap Nurse Nazzi1.468.3
39Dr. Ruffian & President Mbezyl Bust Charity2.470.7
40 Doctor Admits His Con, Tries To Kiss Charity4.174.8
41Doctor Dumps Charity's Probiotics In Toilet1.376.1
42Charity Dumps The Antibiotics In The Latrine1.477.5
43Charity Flies To U.S. Extradited & Convicted2.179.6
44Charity's Dad Dies Of Apparent Embarrassment1.781.3
45 Charity Buries Her Dad, Goes To Cruel School1.382.6
46The School Watches Jock Race On TV4.687.2
47 Jock Kisses Cheeariah, Gets Mononucleosis1.788.9
48 The Whole School Humiliates Charity2.291.1
49Charity Sees Jacqueline Bring Jock Home Sick1.492.5
50Charity Sneaks Yogurt To Jock's Room; Busted2.194.6
51 Doctors Hack On Jock & Force Charity To Watch2.497
52Doctor Ruffian Rudely Rips Out Jock's Tonsils1.498.4
53Evil Nurse Nazzi Revenge-Vaccinates Charity1.599.9
54 Jacqueline & Sgt. Bulldoze Charity's Home1.1101


55 Charity Reads Jock's Unsent Love Letters5.2106.2
56Charity Disguises Herself As A Nurse1.5107.7
57Jock's Last Good Microbes Hide In Appendix1108.7
58 Doctor Ruffian Stupidly Yanks Jock's Appendix1.3110
59 Dr. Ruffian Makes A Pass At Disguised Charity1111
60 Charity Sneaks In Jock's Room, Gets Arrested1.4112.4
61 Jacqueline Feeds Charity's Probiotics To Jock1.1113.5
62Jock Wakes; Doctors Take All The Credit0.8114.3
63Jock's Mom Breaks Charity Out Of Jail0.6114.9
64 Jacqueline Confesses To Dr. Ruffian's Murders2.2117.1
65Charity Heals Jock On The Amish Farm3.6120.7
66Jock & Charity Ruin Dr. Ruffian At Olympics2.7123.4
67 Charity Reveals Nazzi's Crimes To Sgt. Pharma2.3125.7
68 Sergeant Pharma Suits Charity In A Parachute0.4126.1
69 Charity & Jock Seize Clinic From Nurse Nazzi1.9128
70Charity Saves The Africans With Probiotics0.6128.6
71 Anthony Races Jock; Charity & Jock Kiss2.2130.8


72Micro-Heroes Marry, Have HoneyMoon & Babies0.6131.4
73 Probiotic Army Dances A Victory Chant0.5131.9
74Nurse Nazzi Floats Toward Alligator Waterfall0.7132.6
75Nurse Nazzi Survives Drowning, Vows Revenge0.1132.7


76Optional End Title Cards
77Character Key
78Yogurt Commercial Music Video Script
79Famous Deaths From Infection
80Soundbites On Antibiotic Resistance
81Are You A Super-Bug Breeder? (InfoGraphic)
82Useful probiotic Websites
83Probiotics Can Help With SIBO
84Stories With Similar Production Concepts
85Pfizer Kills African Children
86Alternatives to Antibiotics and Anti-Parasitics