12Mid3Epilogue1.6346.89.410.311.714.61617.118.320.221.4232525.627.728.732.433.635.63737.938.940.344.445.246.647.849.551.152.554.156.85859.963.364.465.667.368.869.973.675.27778.28081.983.184.485.489.690.991.892.993.8959696.697.299101.9104.1106.1106.5108108.6110.5111111.6112.2113.9 Death Fear Hope WIN! President Warns U.N. AMR Is A Global EpidemicBaby Charity's Parents Conceive Her In LoveIn The Womb, Charity Grows w/ Probiotic PalsDoctor Delivers Baby Charity But Her Mom DiesNurse Nazzi Cruelly Vaccinates Baby CharityNurse Nazzi Evicts GrandMother From HospitalGrandma Charité Feeds Baby Commercial FormulaDoctor Forbids Goat Milk, Pushes LaxativesBaby Charity Gets Sick On Every Baby FormulaBotched Vaccine Kills Jacqueline's Baby GirlCharité Steals Dodd's Car, Rams Sgt. PharmaGrandma Charité Gets Goat Milk From The AmishCharité Escapes w/ Baby Charity, Crashes CarCharité Flees To Keep Charity From Jacqueline4 Years Later: 'Amish-Doctor' Charité BustedCharity, Charité & Jock Escape Thru HillsJock & Charity & Grandmother Injured At RiverDoctor Pumps Little Jock Full Of AntibioticsJock, Charity & Charité Sicken In The I.C.U.Charity Runs From Her Grandmother's FuneralLittle Jock & Charity Share Their 1st KissJacqueline Separates Jock From CharityCharity & Jock Grow Up In Forbidden Love15 Year Old Charity Escapes To See Jock RaceBad Cheerleader Feeds Jock A Bad Hot DogMikeRobe & Flora Battle Hot-Dog SalmonellaCharity Sneaks Probiotic Goo Into Jock's RoomJock & Charity Dance, Angering CheerleaderJock's Mom Invites Charity On African MissionJock Flies Charity & Jacqueline to AfricaJacqueline Passes Out Antibiotic LollipopsJock & Charity Nearly Kiss In The TentJacqueline Abandons Charity In AfricaCharity & Nurse Nazzi War For Mission ControlCharity & Little Anthony Trap Nurse NazziDr. Ruffian & President Mbezyl Bust CharityDoctor Admits His Con, Tries To Kiss CharityDoctor Dumps Charity's Probiotics In ToiletCharity Dumps The Antibiotics In The LatrineCharity Flies To U.S. Extradited & ConvictedCharity's Dad Dies Of Apparent EmbarrassmentCharity Buries Her Dad, Goes To Cruel SchoolThe School Watches Jock Race On TVJock Kisses Cheeariah, Gets MononucleosisThe Whole School Humiliates CharityCharity Sees Jacqueline Bring Jock Home SickCharity Sneaks Yogurt To Jock's Room; BustedDoctors Hack On Jock & Force Charity To WatchDoctor Ruffian Rudely Rips Out Jock's TonsilsEvil Nurse Nazzi Revenge-Vaccinates CharityJacqueline & Sgt. Bulldoze Charity's HomeCharity Reads Jock's Unsent Love LettersCharity Disguises Herself As A NurseJock's Last Good Microbes Hide In AppendixDoctor Ruffian Stupidly Yanks Jock's AppendixDr. Ruffian Makes A Pass At Disguised CharityCharity Sneaks In Jock's Room, Gets ArrestedJacqueline Feeds Charity's Probiotics To JockJock Wakes; Doctors Take All The CreditJock's Mom Breaks Charity Out Of JailJacqueline Confesses To Dr. Ruffian's MurdersCharity Heals Jock On The Amish FarmJock & Charity Ruin Dr. Ruffian At OlympicsCharity Reveals Nazzi's Crimes To Sgt. PharmaSergeant Pharma Suits Charity In A ParachuteCharity & Jock Seize Clinic From Nurse NazziCharity Saves The Africans With ProbioticsAnthony Races Jock; Charity & Jock KissMicro-Heroes Marry, Have HoneyMoon & BabiesProbiotic Army Dances A Victory ChantNurse Nazzi Floats Toward Alligator WaterfallNurse Nazzi Survives Drowning, Vows RevengeAn interactive dramatic plot map of the movie: The ProBiotics The ProBiotics: Dramatic Plot Mapfit