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What is a Birth Certificate?

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A Birth Certificate is a warehouse receipt for a human being who is the state's property.

A birth certificate is prima facie evidence of intent to secure government benefits and services, such as:
* 'Free' public schooling
* Welfare
* 'Free' state-funded medical care
* Registration in the census
* Government loans and bankruptcy mediation
* Custody and support mediation services in the event of divorce
* Right to claim national identity and protection in a port or foreign state (passport)
* Protection of the police and military
* Right to gain an SSN to get employment
and many more...

The government provides all of these significant, costly services, and the entire system hangs on another 'free' service: creating, keeping, organizing, and verifying hundreds of millions of these very precious birth certificates.

Also, your child's birth registration, (by well-settled custom and usage), is assumed to give the state a controlling equity interest in your child.
This equity interest in your child is like the interest the government gains by the registration of your car or your real estate.
That's why all of those registration certificates are printed on "bank note paper," like other commercial securities.

The birth certificate is thus a prime contractual nexus by which government agents assert the right to control the choices of the 'custodial' parents in areas such as the child's discipline, education, nutrition, and medicine.
In the agent's view, which is supported by millenia of Roman and Babylonian Civil Law, the state is the child's supreme parent, and the Mom and Dad are subordinate 'custodians' and 'caregivers.'
The Birth Certificate provides the necessary documentation, such as 'residential' address, full names, signatures, and identification information, to assert the state's rights over the state's children.