Screenplay ~~- Prince Avarice!

Thugglies Terrorize The Kingdom of Hasmonia

964 Characters =~1Min. Reading Time
Prince Avarice growls, snooty, cocky, hog-smuggly
He hangs with his gang: β€œThe Hasmonian Thugglies”
Thugs leap to break furniture, quarrel, punch, fight
Thugs steal kiddies' candies on black moonless nights

Thugs cruise through wild countryside hooty hot howling
Kicking cool kangaroos, shooting frown scowling
Thugs scare wee children asleep in their beds
Thugs thump thum' night owls' big hooting howl heads;

throw rocks through windows
Thugs break into stores
Thugs light fire to doo-doo at peoples' front doors
Thugs laugh at glum look in nice peoples' wide eyes
When they step out to stomp in thugs' β€œpoo-poo surprise!”

So townspeople scream, "For these prattle crime pranks
We'll break out our paddles β€” AVARICE NEEDS A SPANK!"
How they bop clop him - they swattle bat smack him

But Avarice likes yum attention it racks him -
His horrible habits plum won't go away
He pranks every night and nets spanks every day