Screenplay ~~- Prince Avarice!

Prince Avarice Demands: Gimme my MONEY!

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The Prince groans, β€œI'm boring; my prank bone's grown weary
Hasmonian teasing stinks drolly skrunk dreary
I've stolen grab smashed up most everything here
I'm dying for change, a breath of fresh beer”

Avarice yells, β€œDaddy-O, gimme' my Money
I'm sickly tired of you, Chrissy and Mummy
I'll fly on high where my grass shines mean greener
Me' girlsies snoot cuter, me' cows moo meat leaner

We'll stomper the world, me' Thugglies and me
THEY'RE my REAL family.
Thugs love me, you'll see.”

King Authrock wipes a tall tear from his eye,
β€œBeloved Son Avarice, don't scream β€˜goodbye’
The world is a jungle, cruel boot-abusing
You'll die bamboosled, you'll suffer bad bruising”

Avarice yells, "Quiet, you looney old man
Just gimme my money, fast as you can!"